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Hie Commercial, Union City, Tenn.
FRIDAY, MAY 26, 1922.
Produce Buyers.
Another produce firm in . Union
City has been organized. Jimmie
Dyer and W. H. Riley have formed
a partnership at the old Davidson
etand, where they are now engaged
In business. These gentlemen are
well known and Mr. Dyer Js an old
time poultry dealer. They will move
along in the march ol business in
Union City.
W. C. T. U.
The W.C.T.U. will meet with' Mrs.
Seid Waddell at 3 o'clock Friday,
June 2, with Mrs. Chas. Miles, lead
er. ,
Opening song.
Scriptural lesson, Matt. VIII: 1-18.
y Mrs. Chas. Miles.
Prayer by Mrs. Brummel.
Paper by Mrs. W. J. Caldwell,
State Superintendent Medical Tem
perance. Discussion.
Reading by Miss Sarah Chapel.
Social hour.
. -
People are Organizing' for Craig and De
termined to Elect a . Congressman to
Serve the People and Not Himself. -
Eighteen Years, They, Say, is Long Enough-for any One Man
to Hold Public Office.
Ripley, Tenn. .May 3. Some of
Mr. W. W. Craig's friends mei Mon
day night and perfected an organiza
tion which will spread out all over
Lauderdale County in the near fu
ture . and similar organizations are
being rapidly built up throughout
the entire Ninth District all intent
upon doing the things necessary to
further his candidacy for Congress.
Mr, Craig is meeting with much en
couragement wherever he goes. The
general trend of the times is toward
Tire Value
for Owners
Ford Cars
We sought a fabric tire larger than average
obtain greater air space, thus guaranteeing ful
comfort and longer life,
We took on Mason Maxi-Miles, believing
distinctive tire would fully meet the insistent
mand of customers for a tire beyond question
to value.
We know now how happy was our choice.
of drivers of light cars claim Maxi-Mile to be the
most satisfactory, high quality tire they have ever
The Ford factory at Detroit now use Mason Maxi
Mile as standard equipment on cars and trucks
That indicates exceptional tire value.
Equip with Masons.
Factory Branch: Memphis, Tenn.
The Mason Tire & Rubber Co., Kent, 0.
With Every Mason Tire Sold During May
Notice to the Ladies
'Trie season for Non-rustable, Cloth-covered
buttons is now here. There is nothing neater or -more
desirable for dresses than buttons made in
solid or combination colors.
Buttons made and Guaranteed not to,
rust, on white, non-rustable metal
moulds. ,
Mail orders given prompt attention.
Mrs. G. D. Capps
"a change" and a change for the
better. But for a long term in of
fice Mr. Wilson's peace treaty would
never have been defeated. Senator
Lodge has been in office so long that
he had gained a strangle hold. It
isn't best that one man should be in
office for so long custom prevents
our President from serving over 8
years even old Joe Cannon is retir
ing voluntarily because he knows it's
best for his district. If 18 years in
office and $130,000.00 has just now
fitted Mr. Garrett to lead, then turn
him out now for he has spent these
many years and much money oppos
ing government aid for good roads
downvhere while the down-easterners
and far westerners have been build
ing them with our money. The peo
ple want a Congressman who will
seek beneficial aid for the Ninth Con
gressional. District and not so much
political preferment for himself.
Hero-worshipers have about all died
out in this section.
Service is the order of the day.
What have you done for your dis
trict?" is the question for Mr. Gar
rett to answer and not "Look at ME."
This is an age of unselfish service.
The real men in Congress as well as
in the world at large are striving
hard to see what they can do for
some one else. There are men in of
fice and out of office in the United
States who have done many bene
ficial things for the nation and their
respective communities within the
last 18 years. A progressive thought
put into words, a campaign for so
cial, agricultural or financial better
ment, an unselfish act of any kind
do "you find Mr. Garrett doing a
thing of this kind? Suppose he was
inclined to serve in a similar manner
as many men-of-service have done,
suppose he spent his spare time (an
investigation will show that he has
plenty of it) doing something for his
district, then he might claim politi
cal preferment. Mr. Pierce served
14 years and Mr. Garrett asked the
people to turn him out because he
had been there so long. They did
it and Mr. Garrett has spent all the
time since 18 years playing poli
tics to keep himself there. What's
the use for the ambitious young man
to educate himself and strive to rise
to a higher plane, if you are going
to keep one man in the same office
all his life. Eighteen years is enough
for any one man the people are de
termined to give some one else a
chance. Vote for W. W. Craig for
Congress. Adv.
Farmers are quite busy planting
corn. There is a fair prospect for a
good wheat crop
Some changes have been made
with our merchants. Alexander, Hef
ley & Jones, formerly Alexander, Lo
gan & Ford, have been very busy
getting their stravborries to market
this week. They have had some
trouble getting help, as everyone is
The W. M. N. Ladies had an 'en
tertainment at Mrs. F. B. Preuett's
last Wednesday. All the guests had
to give -one penny for each inch,
waist measure, which afforded some
amusement. After which there were
nice refreshments of angel foodcake
and strawberries.
We hear that Woodland is fortu
nate in-procuring for another year
the services of Miss Mary BiTd Purs-
ley as principal. Miss Ruth Burrus as
teacher in the intermediate room and
Miss Sallie Kate Brevard for the pri
mary work.
A cemetery association was organ
ized last Saturday at Antioch on the
occasion of decoration. President,
John Crawford; secretary and treas
urer, Chas. Harris. Committee, N.
W. Whipple, Jas. Marshall, Wm. Jor
. Class Recital.
Miss Nona Jones announces a re
cital by her class at the Methodist
Church on -Monday night, May 29.
Public cordially invited.
Owing to the fact that I am called
away, if my accounts are not settled
at once, I'll be forced to put same in
the hands of an officer. Dr. Roper.
V Light-Six z0z
112-inch whnlban
( , ' . . Cord Tire Standard Equipment
THE Studebaker LIGHT-SIX will
appeal to every buyer who wants
a low-priced car that will be satisfac
tory in performance, appearance, com
fort and endurance.
And in addition to its recognized supe
riority in these essentials, the LIGHT
SIX carries refinements found only on
more expensive cars.
The LIGHT-SIX is equipped with cowl
ventilator operated from the instru
ment board; cowl parking lights; inside
and outside door handles and large
rectangular pfcite-glass .window in rear
curtain. A thief-proof transmission
lock, which reduces the rate of insur
ance to LIGHT-SIX owners 15 to 20
per cent, and cord tires are also stand
. .ard equipment
Long, semi-elliptic springs (50-inch in
I rear; 36-inch in front) and soft, gen
uine leather upholstered cushions, nine
inches deep, provide unusual comfort
Its 40-horsepower motor delivers
ample power for the hard pull. And
vibration is practically eliminated by
Studebaker's method of machining the
crankshaft and connecting rods.
The intrinsic value of the LIGHT-SIX
is unmatched at anywhere near the
price because Studebaker does not
.- skimp on materials or workmanship
but uses the best It is built complete
in the most modern and complete
automobile plant in the world, making
possible its low price of $1 045, f. b.
Studebaker has been building quality
vehicles and selling them at fair prices
for nearly three-quarter of a century
and is the largest builder of six-cylinder:
cars in the world.
Tomring, $1045 ; 3-Pauenger Roadster, $1043; Coape-Raaditer, $1375;
Sedan, $1750. All price f. o. b. factory.
The Thrifty Citizen Who
Caught the Plugged Nickel
CylTR. BROWN had swallowed his lunch and had
CS paid his bill. Cautiously he counted his change.
"Here!" he said, sharply, "Take back this plugged
nickel and give me a good one!"
They couldn't
Mr. Brown walked proudly out
fool old Brown.
But old Brown had fooled himself.
Brown's day was heavy and dull.
He lacked "pep." There was a
mid-afternoon drowsy spell wneri
he needed to be awake the direct
and natural result of heavy, starchy
breakfasts and lunches, taken on
faith and without question as to
value just because the food looked
and tasted like food.
Thousands of shrewd business
men who count their change, take
their food for granted.
That's what builds up the sani
tarium business, and puts the tired
"all -done" feeling into the mid
afternoon of a business day.
Grape-Nuts is a scientific food
whose delicious, appetizing flavor
and crispness are an introduction to
well-balanced nourishment a
nourishment easily and quickly as
similated, so that body, brain and
nerves are well fed and kept free
of the stored lip poisons left by so
many ill-selected foods.
Served with cream or goodj milk,
Grape-Nuts is a complete food, al
ways ready, always a delight to the
taste and always a safe selection'
for the man who thinks his stomach!
is entitled to some of the same pro-)
tection he gives to his pocket.
Grape-Nuts The Body Builder ,
"There's a Reason"
Made by Postum Cereal Company, Inc., Battle Creek, Mich.
All who are Interested in Shady
Grove Cemetery will please meet at
the church Sunday afternoon at 3
o'clock for the purpose of organizing
a cemetery association. Rev. E.s M.
Mathis will preach.
Local Color.
"Uncle Eph, how come yuh aluz
stahts at de east end ob yoh cawn
rows and hoes toward de west?"
"I's follerin' some advice I done
hear a man read once out ob a book."
"Which advice! What de book
say?" - 1
"Westward hoe!" Nashville Ten-nessean.
Nancy Hall, Florida Yam and Porto Rico Potatoes and beds
inspected by State Inspector and passed , as being free from
any disease. 1000 to 4000, 81.85; 5000 to 9000, 11.75; 10,000
or over, $1.65 per 1000.
Nancy Hall and Florida Yam Slips, not inspected, but dipped
in a solution or corrosive sublimate, $1.00 per 1000; cash with'
order. Phone 302-J.
J. B. AKIN & SON, Union City, Tenii.
The Commercial, $1 a Year

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