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Jno. T. Walker f& Co.
Established Insurance Agency for 25
years. We can supply your Insurance
needs. ; - ,
BOTH PHONES Union City, Tenn.
lie Commercial,, Union City, Tenn
FRIDAY, JUNE 9, 1922.
wad a at i3Tn.rtrtl "Rii ink-sir tnur-
Bj lng car very cheap for cash or trade.
X J. V. Averitt. 10
I FOR SALE Red Rock Tomato
.''Plants, 15c per 100, $1.25 per 1,000.
n'M. R. Powell, W. Church and 6th
8. streets. 8-4tpd
i FOR SALE Two yearling Short
sahorn bulls; by the best and raised
T Phone 558-J. H'4t
e .,; , - : : ,
T.OST A Kelly KDnngneiu com
tire, 35x4, with rim, lost between
tt'i nu., on.1 Wiilf-nn 'Mntifv this
UU1UU u.iv ... '
office. 11-11
FOR SALE-rrUnion Carbide, suita
ble for private lighting " systems, in
any amount. Wm. Warmuth, at
Union City, Boiler & Repair Shop. 9tf
FOR SALE New six-room cot
tage on High street, all modern con
veniences. Price $3000. Apply to
T. R. Reynolds; Union City Lumber
Co. ' 6-tf
attachment fits all sewing machines,
price $2. Checks 10c extra. Lights
Mail Order House, Box 127, Birming
ham, Ala. 10-4tpd
cottage In Obion. Ten-big lots on
good street, $1000, one-third cash,
balance in one and two years at 6
per cent. W.ould consider Ford car
as part of the cash payment.
11-lp F. R. MAY, Obion, Tenn.
Messrs. Herbert Sanders and Hen
, ry Williams, with the Bowers stores,
Memphis, are here for a few days
Mrs. Othq Beck, Mrs. Sue Cherry
and Mrs. Herbert Tisdale have re
turned from a visit to Washington
City. v ;
Big reduction in price of the
best Garden Hose at Wehmans. Save
your garden and flowers before it it
too late.
Mr. Coble Walker leaves this week
a s salesman in Louisiana for the
Jackson Company, selling ladies' gar
ments. . ,
Mr; and Mrs. Bob Rogers, Mr.' and
Mrs. W. P. Rogers and Miss Mary
- Clive Lannom motored to Memphis
Hot weathert demands G. & E.
Electric fans for your comfort. Our
prices have bpen reduced and our
stock is complete. Wehman's.
Rev. R. L. Norman, Presiding El
der of the Lexington District, Lex
ington, Tenn., was here a few hours
last Friday.
Miss Sara Agnew left this week
to enter George Peabody College,
Nashville, for some special work in
summer school.
Miss Irene Walton, of New Orle
ans, will be here next week to visit
in the home of Mrs. Fannie Reeves,
East Main street.
We have the very Porch Swing
you have been wanting and the price
is cheaper than you can buy else
where. Call Wehman's.
Mrs. C. T. Humphrey and little
daughter, Mignon, are in Jonesboro,
Ark., visiting Mrs. Humphrey's sister,
Mrs. T. J. Slagle.
Frank Cape, of Hickman, Ky., was
operated on at Nailling Hospital
Thursday afternoon for gangrenous
perforated appendicitis.
' Miss Vivien Woodrow, who has
been teaching near State Line, leaves
Saturday for New York City to take
a special course in music.
rCliarlie Chaplin and Jackie Coo
gan in "THE KID," will be at the
Reynolds next Monday and Tuesday.
Don't fail to see it. Prices, 10 and
20 cents..
Misses Mabel and Louise Luten are
returning this wetfk from Knoxville,
where they have been in school in
the University of Tennseee.
Miss Katherine Richards is ex
pected home Saturday from the Bap
tist Memorial Hospital, Memphis, af
ter a very successful operation for
The women will rave over Ru
dolph Valentino in "The Sheilt."
Why buy inferior paints and run
the risk of having them peel off when
you can-buy 'RED SPOT PAINTS and
be assured of the best quality,.
the Two Big Days at the Cash Gro
cery Co: Saturday and Monday.
To prevent a cold, take 666. ,
Mr. R. H. Rust was in Memphis yes
terday. Mr. Bob Bright, of Troy, was a
Monday visitor.
Mrs. E. T. Mitchell was a visitor
yesterday in Rives. "
Don't fail to see "The Sheik." .
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Friel went to
Nashville this week for a few days
visit.7 '
Mrs. A. Wilson, of Obion, is a visitor
with her daughter this week in Nash
ville. '
"The Sheik'' is wonderful.
Little Miss Carolyn Botts, Rives, is
reported to be much better after a few
days illness.
Mrs. John Board and children were
Monday visitors with Mr. and Mrs. R.
B. Marshall.
Special music for "The Sheik."
Mrs. J. T. Perkins and Mrs. Whit
nell, of Martin, were in the city Mon
day visiting.
Mrs. Esther Choate, of Fulton, was
a visitor this week with relatives on
Harrison street.
For Ice or Coal call 150.
Miss Mary Virginia Miles is spending
the week at Tiptonvill'e a guest of Miss
Libby Donaldson.
Mrs. F. J. Smith and son, J. Q.,
were in Troy Wednesday visiting Mrs.
Wallace Crockett. '
For Ice or Coal call 150.
Mrs. Rome Fields has returned to
Hornbeak after a visit to her sister,
Mrs. H. O. Vincent.
Mrs. Dave Evans left this week for
Muskegon, Mich., after a visit to Mrs.
Reed on Harrison street.
666 cures Bilious Fever.
One hundred laughs in 100 minutes
at Reynolds Theatre noxtTbursdaynight
at the Tom Thumb wedding.
Mrs. A. F. Tittsworth left Wednes
day for Nashville to enter the hospital
for medical care and treatment.
666 quickly relieves a cold.
Mrs. Ann . Howell and daughter,
Miss Callie, have returned from a visit
to Mrs. Scott at Fruitland, Tenn.
Mrs. J. C. Misner, after a visit in
the city with relatives, has returned
to her home in Terre Haute, Ind.
-I-For Ice or Coal call 150.
Misses Inez and Lavera Lovelace
leave Tuesday for a summer tour,
joining a party at Birmingham, Ala.
Miss Masie Williamson, of Fulton,
was called over Wednesday to visit Mrs.
Ruth Caldwell for chiropractic treat
ment. Mr. Fletcher Tucker, of Boulder,
Colo., is here visiting in the home of
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. W.
Save your money for a trip around
the world. . Cheap rates.
. Mrs. H. G. Kittrell and baby, of
Mount Pleasant, Tenn., are in the
city visiting Mr. and Mrs. Walker
See the Tom Thumb wedding next
Thursday night at Reynolds Theatre.an
evening that will be thoroughly delight
ful and amusing.
666 cures Chills and Fever.
Mr. andJVIrs. J. M. Hawes, of Waco,
T"exas, are in the city visiting in the
home of Mr. Hawes' parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Ed Hawes.
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Fuqua have
moved into their new home and en
tertained the News-Banner force at
dinner last Tuesday evening.
See"THE KID" at the Reynolds
next Monday and Tuesday.
The ladies of the Cumberland Church
will present Gen. and Mrs. Tom Thumb
whose wedding will be solemnized at
Reynolds next Thursday night, JuuelS-.
Curtain raises at S o'clock.
Mrs. Laura Cunningham and Miss
Mary Walker Clagett, of Centreville,
Tenn., are in the city visiting Mr.
and Mrs. John T. Walker and Mr.
and Mrs. Walker Martin.
Did you know that the Central
Filling Station sold tires?
Mr. Jewitt Wheeler, who has been
taking a course in dentistry in the
University of .Tennessee at Memphis,
has returned to Union City to spend
the summer in Dr. Timer's dental
offices. " -
666-cures Malarial Fever.
in "The
in Union
. Did you know that tne Cuncral
Filling Station sold tires?-
Mr. J. W. Burney was in McKenzie
Mrs. C. Wilson, of Kenton, was a
Monday visitor.
Such prices for such a picture
"The Sheik." .
Mrs. Edgar Shore, of Rives, was a
Tuesday shopper. .
Mrs. G. Wilson, of Obion, was a
visitor this week.
Hundred-percent pure paint for
less money at Wehman's.
Miss Virginia Moss, Martin, was a
Wednesday visitor.
Miss Lula Mott' is visiting relatives
in Memphis this week.
rnminir Mnrttia Talmadge in
Mrs. B. F. Loring is in Nashville
this week visiting her mother.
Mrs. Bruce and daughter, Eunice,
of Martin, were Monday shoppers
Did you know that the, Central
Filling Station sold tires?
Mrs. Jeff Bowden and children are
in Linden, Tenn., visiting relatives.
"Mr. Levi Jordan is with the Farm
ers Exchange Bank taking banking.
Good house for rent. Lights,
toilet, bath, etc, Sam'l D. Woosley.
Mrs .T Powell, of Obion, is visit
in? hpr daughter. Mrs. C. E. Up
Rudolph Valentino
Sheik," first appearance
Warren Caldwell returns this week
from Cumberland University for va
cation. , x
Mrs. Harry Cook, Mrs. J. A. Hight
Mrs. Hooper, of Rives, were Tuesday
shoppers. ;
Mrs. M. Allston, of Kenton, is a
visitor this week with Mr. and Mrs
H. L. Clement.
Miss Mildred Ramage, of Hickman
was a shopper Wednesday with Mor
gan-Verhine Co.
Norma Talmadge in her latest
picture is coming to the Reynolds
Little Lela Ruth Gibbs is spending
the summer with her grandparents
at Savannah, Ga.
Miss , Gertrude Agnew left this
week to attend West Tennessee State
Normal, Memphis.
Miss Georgia Rhoads returns this
week from her freshman year in Van-
derbilt University.
Miss Mary Lee Rodgers is a visitor
this week with the family of her
brother in Dresden.
Never before has "THE KID'
been shown at these prices, 10 and
20 cents.
Mr. John B. Williams, of Texark
ana, Ark., will arrive here Sunday
for a few days visit.
Rice. Pierce, Jr., was operated on
at Nailling Hospital Wednesday for
tonsils and adenoids.
Mrs. St. John Waddell has returned
to Memphis after a visit to Mrs. Seid
Waddell In the city.
Norma Talmadge comes "SMIL
IN' THROUGH" to the Reynolds
Mrs. Dan Gullett and daughter,
Gladys, of Trimble, were In the city
Wednesday shopping.
Miss Alice Arnold, of Rutherford,
is visiting the family of Dr. J. F. Mc
Michael for a few days.
Miss Stella Williams is again at
home after a tour of the States for
the Saturday Evening Post.
Miss Lottie Mai Capps is visiting in
Memphis, the guest of her uncle and
wife, Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Cook.
Are you going to buy a fan this
spring? If you are, see us first.
Averitt Electric.
Thos. L. Bransford returns this
week from Vanderbilt University. He
is in the engineering department..
Mrs. Arnn has, just received a
new lot of Leghorn hats.
Mr. Edward Meadow, son of Mr.
and Mrs. T. R. Meadow, is out of
Vanderbilt University for vacation.
Mrs. L. S. Parks and daughters,
Miss Clare and Miss Margaret, were
in Trimble as visitors last Friday.
Subscriptions taken for all mag
a2ines. Mrs. C. L. Ridings, Phone
Dr. Mark Butler and Miss Mary
Butler will return next week from
Vanderbilt University for vacation.
Mis3 Nelle Bondurant and Miss
Mary Belle Holland, Hickman, are
here visiting Mrs. J. R. Cunningham.
used over old wallpaper, plaster,
wood or beaver board; it is cheaper
than kalsomine in the long run as
kalsomine will wear off while FLAT
COAT will last until the foundation
wears away. FLAT COAT ordinarily
is a flat 'finish but can bo made gloss
by adding a little varnish. RED
ington avenue.
We have a urogram of tle twmu
i ...
'opening at Bon Aqua' Springs June 10.
It includes afternoon and evening 'musi
cal entertainments, and preparations
have been made for a large crowd, so
Col. R. B. Marshall, proprietor, in
forms us.
Ccipt. J. li. fuceic, Lr. iiv".
Col. J. L. Cochran, Mr. and Mrs. L. A.
Peelor, of this city; Mr. John Barnes,
of Troy; Mr. Fuller Brown, of Glass,
will be members othe Confederate re
urjion party from Obion county leaving
tomorrow for Richmond.
morrow evening, going to Nashville
to attend Vanderbilt University com
mencement. They have two daugh
ters in Vanderbilt. Miss Virginia
Niles completes her work this year
with an A.B. degree. Miss Doris
Niles is in her sophomore year.
The book that amazed and thrilled the
country. Now the year's greatest
screen sensation!
l L
till - m m A v 1 " . 0. m ftps
.. Em rj r in i i 1 r 1 r 1 a wm
i . mm vi nu i i if it
iwFmh .,.3 AJBAJfi
v mw nwMM: ; . .
wm 4.ffl ix A u Paramount maure
mm m
W mm l AlX WML: ZTf
w a mm mi urn. iir r
MWyiH'. A Sensational
MlHi lC4ilK; nciure ai un-
mmmmFzzrmm', nea a o onces,
w-r .?m& nmv
m& MTk- IIP,
, -ilJ ) NY fir ' n. a on
July 12.
July 13.
Don't fail to see this marvelous
Paramoent PlctoFe
Never again will you see such a picture at such prices.
First appearance of the Wonder Star,
in Union City.
Rudolph V
Saturday, June 10, 1922.
Fare from Union City, Tenn., $3.00
Proportionately low fares from other agency stations north of Jackson, Tenn.
Special train leaves Union City, Tenh. at 10:38 p. m. Saturday, June 10th, arriving St. Louis 6:30 a. m. Sunday. June
lUV.. Rcfnrnintr snerial train leaves St. Louis 9:00 D. m. Same date.
ITTninTjnilQ, DOCQ Roll See gameTtrWeiiSt. Louis Browns and New York Yankees, the two leading
A I I nAU I lUilUi DdOC Ddll. team, ; t!le American League pennant race. Including the famous home run
sluggers, Babe Ruth and Kenneth Williams also the premier first baseman, George Sisler.
Take in the handsome Movie Theatres. Forest Park Highlands. Shaw's Garden, Forest Park, Tower Grove Park.
Creve Coeur Lake and many other beautiful places of amusement """Jt?
Steamboat Excursions on the palatial Excursion Steamers, J. S. and Saint Paul.
For Tickets and further im'fermation, apply to W. P. Bradshaw, Ticket Agent. .
F. L. HARRIS, Division Passenger Agent, St. Louis, Mo.

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