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The Commercial, Union City, Tenn.
FRIDAY, JUNE 23, 1922.
CAFE and
Candy, Soft Drinks,
Cigars, Tobacco and
Everything Good to
Where Quality and Prices Meet
Bon Air
and Coal Co,
Phone 150
A Modern Surgical Institution.
Competent Trained Nurses
DR. W. A. NAILLING. . . . .Chief Surgeor.
Union City, Tenn. Both Phones 41.
T. . Cumberland 461
elePhneS: j County 262 -
Dr. C. E. Upchurch
Over Mrs. Amn's Millinery Store
Union City, : : : Tenn
Union City, Tenn.
107 Vi Church St Cumb. Phono 214-J
want to
G. L: Waddell, of Osceola, Ark
was a visitor last week In the city.
For Ice or Coal call 150.
Mrs. Sam Carman has returned
from a few week's- stay at Nashville
To prevent a cold, take 666.
Mrs. J. R. Holly is In the city vis
iting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E.
N. Dollar.
Miss Ethel Pate, of St. Louis, is in
the city a visitor in the home of her
uncle, Mr. C. H. Pate.
Did you know that the Central
Filling Station sold tires?
Cadet W. H. Arnold, of Wast Point,
N. Y., is in Union City on summer
leave to visit his parents.
Mrs. R. A. Napier and Miss Mattie
Rinehart leave this week to spend the
summer at Monteagle Assembly.
For Ice or Coal call 150.
Mr, Wallace Stone, who has been
a student in the University of Tenr
nessee, is at home for the summer.
Mrs. J. W. Jenkins, of Savannah,
Ga., Is in the city visiting her uncle,
Dr. B. F. Loring, and Mrs. Loring.
Are you going to buy a fan this
spring? If you are, see us first.
Averitt Electric.
Mrs. Ja'rnes Davis and daughter
left Saturday for a few weeks visit
withs Mrs. Davis' mother at Bolivar.
Mrs. Chas. Luke and son, Robert,
of Memphis, were here this week vis
iting in the home of Mrs. Seid Wed-
dell. " .
666 Quickly relieves a cold.
Mrs. John George has been very
sick for a few days end Mr. George
is at home on account of his wife's
Mrs. S. E. Duren and children, of
Memphis, are in the city visiting
Mrs. Duren's parents, Mr. and Mrs
W. W. Mays.
For Ice or Coal call 150.
Mrs. C. G-. Tomerlin and daughters,
of Detroit, are in the city visitors of
Mrs. Tomerlin's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
H. T. Robinson.
Mrs. T. W.- Jernigan and mother,
Mrs. Holman, went to Louisville last
week to visit Mrs. Jernigan's sister,
Mrs. G. B. Shaw.
We have the best FAN on the
MARKET. Prices are right. Aver
itt Electric. i
Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Waddell and
Miss Minnie Lea, of Clarksdale, Miss.,
are Tiere for a visit in the home of
Mrs. Seid Waddell.
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Griffith, of
Carmi, 111., "were in the city this week
visiting Mrs. Griffith's parents, Rev.
and Mrs. D. F. Marlin.
Did you know that the Central
Filling Station sold tires?
Miss Mary Horner, who has been
teaching school at Kingsport, Tenn.,
is at home for the summer with her
parents on College street.
J. F. Posey and J. C. Nash, who
have been attending Georgia State
University, are among the summer
students to return for vacation.
666 cures Malarial Fever.
Miss Ruth McClure, of Memphis, is
in the city visiting at the home of her
grandmother, Mrs. Mary C. Cren
shaw, Exchange and Ury streets.
Miss Floy Kirby was the successful
contestant in the News-Banner cam
paign Just closed, and her reward
was a Sedan Ford car. The contest
has been running several mnoths
with Miss Kirby in the lead nearly
all the way through.
666 cures Chills and Fever.
Sell or Store, cotne in to
Mrs. Earl Maynard and two chil
dren, of Memphis, are Chautauqua
guests in the home of Mrs. Maynard's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. R. Clark.
Miss Maude Moffatt has returned
from a visit of several weeks in North
Carolina. She came home Tuesday
going to Troy with her brother, B. P.
Rub-My-Tlsm for Rheumatism.
Miss Mary Elizabeth Phelps, of
Jackson, was here this week with her
father, J. T. Phelps, who travels out
of St. Louis for the Graham Paper
Misses Juna Reynolds and 'Eliza
beth Chambers, who have been at
tending Washington University, St.
Louis, are at home for summer vaca
tion. Did you know that the Central
Filling Station sold tires?
Mr. Oran Thornton leaves this
week for Washington City to enter
the service of the People's Drug
Stores with Dr. Gibbs. Dr. Gibbs has
a colony of Union City boys in his
stores. i
Messrs. Richard Gibbs, Walter
Hawes and Walter Mayes, who are
connected with the People's Drug
Stores with Dr. Gibbs, in Washing
ington City, are home for a summer
vacation in Union City.
666 cures Dengue Fever.
Mr. J. R. Rodgers and sister, who
have been for a number of months lo
cated in the family homestead in the
Ozarks of Missiouri, are in Union
City, returning last week to spend a
few months. They are always wel
come. Messrs. Crump and Dailey, who
have been attending the University of.
Tennessee as students, the former in
the engineering and the latter in the
Jaw department, were here last week
visiting Misses Mabel and Louise Lu
ten. Mr. Crump resides at Knoxville
and Mr. Dailey at Ripley, Tenn.
Rub-My-TIsn?., an antiseptic.
Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Pittman left
this week for Portageville, Mo.,
where they will remain for some
months. Mr. Pittman will have
charge of the business in that section
of the Roberts Cotton Oil Co. Mr,
and Mrs. Pittman are splendid citi
zens and the hearts of friends here
wish them mighty well. They will
return to Union City at the" close of
the next cotton season.
Baptist Church.
Take a look at your crop.
It looks fine, doesn't it?
You planned and planted and took
You kept right after it.
Wasn't it hard work?
But God met your more than half
His rain, you know and soil and
But YOU had to appropriate them
So, we AGOGAS are striving by
prayer, patience and diligence td
make our clas3 one upon which God's
showers of grace and sunshine of
love may fail with benediction.
AGOGAS, sow a seed; pull a weed;
plow a furrow for the thruth.
Snap into it!
No loafers; no "duds."
Baptist Sunday School, Agoga class
for young men.
You to know that we have some
good prices on desk and ceiling fans.
See us before you buy. Averitt
Mr. and Mrs. Holden Turner were
Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Eve
Mrs. Dave Weatherspoon was In
the city shipping Saturday. ' ' .
Mr. Lett Houser entertained the
young people Saturday night with a
pound supper.
Mrs. H. M. Green, of Tupelo, Miss.,
is visiting her mother, Mrs. F. M.
Miss Mai Caudle, of Number Seven,
spent Saturday night with Miss Mary
Lee Wise. ,
Mr. and Mrs. Dick Forrester and
children, of Troy, were Sunday guests
of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jim
Mr3. Maud Liesering was a Satur
day night guest of Mrs. Ed Warmuth.
The young people enjoyed a sing
ing at Pleasant Hill Sunday after
noon. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Warmuth were
Sunday guests of Mrs. Warmuth's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Forrester.
Call again. NICY.
American Legion Auxiliary.
The June meeting of the officers
and executive committee of the Amer
ican Legion Auxiliary was held at the
legion rooms June 15, 1922.
The secretary being absent, Mrs
Gerald Woosley was appointed ser-
retary pro tern.
After the invocation of the chap
lain and the reading of the minuted,
business was taken up in the follow
ing order.
Inasmuch as Mrs. Carlton has re
signed as chairman of the entertain
ment committee, Miss Lillian White
sell was appointed to fill this office.
The permanent charter of the
American Legion Auxiliary has been
Motion moved and carried that
Mrs. J. P. Verhine, who is an eligible
member, be received into our auxil
iary. Motion moved and carried that we
send $10.00 to the invalid soldiers of
Johnson City Hospital.
It was decided that in the three
months absence of our president, the
secretary shall call the meetings of
the officers and executive committee
of this auxiliary, and any one pres
ent who will volunteer shall preside
as president.
The approaching campaign for new
members of the American Legion was
1 . Troy Cemetery.
All parties interested in the Troy
Cemetery and all owing dues or who
would like to assist in a general
cleaning of the cemetery at Troy are
requested to forward funds to Mrs
J. R. Moffatt, Troy, Tenn.
MRS. F. D. POLK, Pres.
I vill talk HEALTH instead of
I will talk PROSPERITY instead
of failure.
I will carry GOOD NEWS instead
of bad news.
I will tell the CHEERFUL TALE
instead of the sad one.
I will think of my BLESSINGS
instead of my burden's.
I will ENCOURAGE instead of crit-
I will be a FRIEND to every one.
The above "tonics" were taken
from "The Good Cheer Book" vhich
may be purchased from
56 Dartmouth St., Somerville, Mass.
Piice $1.65, postpaid. 12-ltpdj
Minister Thankful
"I had stomach trouble for nearly
20 years, also constipation which
filled my system with gas and fever.
I could not do my work, and while I
was down sick a lady from out of
town sent me a bottle of Mayr's Won
derful Remedy which proved truly
wonderful. I believe It Is the best
medicine on earth." It is a simple,
harmless preparation that removes
the catarrhal mucus from the intes
tinal tract and allays the inflam
mation which causes practically all
stomach, liver and intestinal ail
ments, including appendicitis. One
dose will convince or money re
funded. Sold by Oliver's Red Cross
Drug Store and druggists every
Subscriptions taken for all mag
azines. Mrs. C. L. Ridings, Phone
Death of Mrs. H. H. White.
Mrs. Maude White, wife of Henry
H. White, died at home qn Florida
avenue in Union City Sunday morn
ing, June 18, 1922, at 7:25 o'clock,
after an illness resulting from gen
eral decline of health.
Mrs. White was the daughter of
Judge Edward Rose, of Pulaski.Tenn.
She was born March 3, 1850. Mr.
and Mrs. White located with Mr. and
Mrs. C. B. Jordan in Union City about
twenty years ago. Mrs. White' is sur
vived by her husband and two daugh
ters, Mrs. Jordan and Mrs. Dr. En
gles, the latter a resident of Middle
Tennessee. ' ..'
Deceased was a member of the
Methodist -Church. She was known
as a ve'ry dear sweet mother and
wife, with graces of mind and heart
and christian devotions.
The remains were prepared for
shipment to the old homestead in
Smyrna, Tenn. Services were con
ducted 'at the residence Sunday af
ternoon at 5 o'clock.
Accompanying the body to Smyrna
were Mr. White, Mr. and Mrs. Jordan
and children.
"I was never '
able to bake a
good cake until
using Royal. I
find other pow
ders leave a
bitter taste."
Mrs. C. P.
Baking Powder
Absolutely Pure
Contains No Alum
Leaves No Bitter Taste
Send for New Royal Cook Book
It's FREE. Royal Baking Pow-derCo,126WilliamStewYork
see us.
Not an ordinary folding table, but a
well made, refined appearing piece of
furniture that will beautify any home.
The only folding table mr.de that a wo
man can easily recover with any material
by using the back of a table knife.
Built of hard wood. , Finished with
finest quality varnish; almost impossible to
scratch or mar with the finger nails.
Covered with waterproof leath- m
erette over genuine Fibre Board , V .
top. k. vA
Instantly opened and closed. 1
Rigid when set up. Always ready I
for use.
Harpole-Walker Fur. Go.
W. R. Douglas vs. W. J. Putram.
No. 1439. In Chancery Court at
Union City, Tennessee.
In obedience to a decree of the
Chancery Court at Union City made
at the April Term, 1922, in the
above styled case, I will, on Friday,
the 30th day of June, 1922, at Union
City, in txpnt of the Courthouse door
sell to the highest and bes bidder
the property in said decree described,
being a tract of land lying a,nd being:
in the 5th Civil District of Obion
County, Tenn., and described as fol
lows: Beginning at a red elm tree with
dogwpod pointers in the east bound
ary line of the old Brassfield tract;
thence south with said line 106 19-25
poles to S. E. Kendell's corner;'
thence west 171 2-3 poles to the G.
W. Burres corner; thence north 20
poles with Luther Dean's line; thence
east 11 poles to J. W. Dean's corner:
thence north 96 2-3 poles to a stake
in L. J. Dean's line; thence east with
L. J. Dean's and Joe Mclntyre's line
to the beginning. This survey in
cludes b'ut the transfer excludes 30
acres in the northeast corner that
was sold by Wm. Mitchell to Joseph
Litchford. This transfer contains
two tracts of land being the same
land that W. R. Douglas bought of
G. W. Lee and wife of 69 acres--on
the 3rd day of Jan., 1906, also
one tract of 24 acres bought of J-.
W. and Ida Aker on the 30th day of '
August, 1912, with deed of that date, ,
"Lee" deed is found recorded in .
Book M No. 6, page 101. Aker deed
is recorded in Book W No. 6, page -232,
in the Register's office of Union '
City, Tennessee. " "
TERMS OF SALE. Sale Will' be
made upon a credit of seven months,
and In bar of the equity of redemp
tion as prayed for in the original bill,
taking the note of the purchaser.with
good and solvent personal sureties
therein and retaining a lien on said
lands to secure payment of the same.
This June 7, 1922.
GEO. A. GIBBS. C. & M.
By Nelle F. Marshall, D. C. & M. ,
Moore & Hudgins, Solicitors.
f JnoNAuy knowjii ' ! j
- ; Hi-

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