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iniiraer Stock' is: Still Gomlelete
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Therefore we are continuing with great en
Sale for one week, ending July 29. The hundreds of shrewd buyers that were at
tracted to, this sale since our opening are enthusiastic over the splendid bargains
they found on sale in our store. The sale continues in every department, offer
ing our entire stock of dependable spring and summer merchandise at greatly
reduced prices. , '
W. L. Douglas Shoes and Slippers
at Big Reductions
Special Sale on Men's
Genuine Palm Beach Suits, all sizes $10.98
Men's light weight Mohair Suits $6.98
Be sure and attend our One Cent Sale
Saturday, July 22
Bargains are here for you.
The knife is still sharp and we are cutting prices to the
bone. Why pay more when you can v , s
uy it lor less at Kaufmans ?
The StorQ that's
Growing Bigger Every Day
riie Commecial, Union City, Tenn.
FRIDAY, JULY 21, 1922.
Mi88 Gertrude Pardue and Mr. A.
11 Halligan were quietly married at
the Pardue home on Third street in
Union City on the afternoon of the
15th inst. at 3 o'clock, Rev. E. M
Mathis, pastor of the M. E. Church.
South, administering the rites of
holy wedlock.
The ceremony was, in the presence
of a very few immediate friend3.
There were some decorations along
simple lines in dahlias and gladiolas.
The bride was in a coat suit with
gray hat and gloves and a simple
corsage. -
Immediately after the ceremony
Mr. and Mrs. Halligan drove to Gibbs
to take the train for Memphis. From
there they go to Huntsville, Texas,
to visit Mr. Halligan's mother. Re
turning to Union City, they will' go
to St. Louis, and then to St. Paul,
Minn. They will be at home in St.
For a number of yearsthe bride
lias been with Morgan-Verhine Co.
in charge of the millinery depart-
ent of that house, which is well
known In a large territory of this
and other West Tennessee counties.
The company has been exceptionally
fortunate with her management and
the character i and style of the work
of the department. - Personally Mrs.
Halliean Is known and esteemed by
scores and hundreds of patrons and
friends, who regret with those at
home that she is to leave us. Mr.
Halligan is a member of the Robin
son-Strauss Wholesale Hat Company,
- In St. Paul, and known as a fine man
personally and in his line of business.
The very kindest congratulations are
xtended to Mr. and Mrs. Halligan.
Mrs, C. Hj Cobb entertained Wed-fcssd-v
for Mrs. Wallace W. Moore, of
St. Louis.
Miss Fannie Mott Driskill and Mr.
R. G. Fonville, of Bowling Green,
Ky., were united in marriage Satur
day night, July 15, at nine o'clock
by the Christian minister at Bowling
Green, Ky.
The bride was attired in a becom
ing suit of periwinkle, with acces
sories to harmonize, and carried
Ophelia roses and lilies of the valley.
Mrs. Fonville had been visiting in
Bowling Green for several days as
the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur
Daughtry. She is the daughter of
Mrs. R. H. Driskill, and is a young
lady of winning personality, and has
since coming to this city been the
honoree of several social affairs,
where she was greatly admired.
Bowling Green News-Democrat.
Miss Fannie Mott Driskill is one of
Union City's most charming and pop
ular young ladies, a daughter of Mrs.
Fannie Driskill on feast Cheatham
street. Many friends extend heartiest
congratulations. ' '
Mr. and Mrs. Fonville left that
night for Cincinnati, Chicago and
other Northern cities. On their re
turn they will be at home to their
friends in Bowling Green.
Mr. Fonville is junior partner in
the Fonville Shoe Co. in Bowling
Mrs. Daughtry Has
Party f Or Visitor. 4 '
Mrs. Arthur Daughtry entertained
with a heart party Tuesday afternoon
at her home 1303 High street for
her visitor, Miss Fannie Mott Dris
kill, of Union City,, Tennessee.
Bowling Green News-Democrat.
Miss Fonville Entertains
For Visitor,
Miss Josephine Fonville entertain
ed Friday evening, with a lawn party
and dance, at her horfie on Tenth
street, to compliment Miss Fanny
Mott Driskill, of Union City, Tenn.,
who is the guest of Mrs. Arthur
Daughtry. Bowling Green News
Democrat. '
Swimming Party.
Miss Marian Kister and Mrs. Ma
rian Kister Canan entertained Friday
afternoon at Beech Bend Park be
tween the hours of 4 and 6 with a
swimming party in honor of Miss
Fannie Mott Driskill, the house guest
of Mrs. Arthur Daughtry. Twelve
couples were present from the city
and a delightful picnic luncheon was
served during the evening. Bowling
Green News-Democrat.
C. E. Live Wire Shocks.
Last Friday night the Endeavorers
enjoyed a fine social prepared by
the Endeavorers of Mount Hermon.
The ladies spread a regular feaot on
the big lawn near the church, and
believe us, that was some feast, too.
ASK REV. BAKER. He kriows. Af
ter this treat we gathered in the
church for the evening's program,
which included talks from Mr. Sow
ell, Miss Imogene Jones, Rev. .Baker
and Mr. Paul Joyner. Miss Quinn
sang a solo and the EndeavorYrs sang
a special song followed by two of our
local C. E. songs. There is a fine
bunch of young people in that so
ciety, and you just watch 'er step.
Four of oru Endeavorers visited
the Society of the Christian Church
in Humboldt, Tenn., last Sunday
evening. The Society is Just startedd
and there are not so many interested
in it Just at present, but they will
have a dandy leader for it in their
president, Mr. Lynn, they have a
splendid leader, and with some good,
faithful workers he is going to make
The Intermediates, under Miss
Thelma Nolen, got away with a fine
start at their first meeting, totaling
35y and they are going after more.
Catch the disease, young folks, it
does you good.
"Although a few of the Seniors were
transferred to the Intermediates, they
held their own, 37 attending the
meeting, which was led by Miss An
nie M. McClanahan. We were pleased
to see a goodly number of new faces
at this meeting and glad to see some
of our old faithful ones out again.
We welcome you one and all.
Don't forget that we also have
Christian Endeavor, again next Sun
day evening, and it is going to be a
dandy meeting as Mrs. Ellis Taylor is
to be the leader and "SHORTY SEZ"
you can bet this is going to be a cork
ing good meeting. The subject is
Come on, let's make old C. E. grow.
Society needs YOU! Sunday nite, 7
o'clock, Christian Church.
Misses Florence Nichols and Del-
la B. Tucker, having spent a few
weeks with their parents in Union
City, have returned to Washington,
D. C, wliere they will resume their
work with the Government.
Rub-My-Tisrr, an antiseptic.
K DuoDie Ballet.
Beautiful Scenes are common In th
motion picture studios, and many me
chanical effects are produced which
fairly dazzle the eye of the onlooker.
As a climax to an unusually gorgeous
"set," a director recently called for
a dance in the midst of soap bub
bles. Accordingly, since a space
by 20 feet had been designated to be.
filled with the frothy substance, a
metal sieve of this size was fitted in
the floor. A soap solution, made with
200 barrels of the product and mixed
In the same manner as plasterers pre
pare lime, was piped to the porous
floor, and steam forced through It. The
immediate transition into bubbles be
gun, and these soon rose to a huge
scintillating mass, in which the dancers
performed, the whole presenting, ac
cording to Illustration and description
In Popular Mechanics Magazine, a
scene of falryllke Splendor.
Dr, E. W. Yoangfclood, D. V. M.
Calls answered at All Hours.
Both Phones nt Res. and Corum's I,ivery Stable.
. .r M nappy.
Katherlne Wood believes In tipping
Judiciously as a step "along tb path
of least resistance. In the Designer
she writes :
"You like tp travel, or else you dis
like to travel. Putting out of the
question love of excitement, the ad
venturous spirit, the zest for new
icenes, all of which enter In, the rea
son fo your taste or distaste may
really lie in your attitude toward some
of what you may have called Inconse
quential details.
"Do you know how to relinquish
your heavy suitcase, your hat box, your
coat and umbrella and that bulky
bundle to a red-tnp?v Whether yoa
have a chair or not. the porter will
take you the shortest and easiest way
to your train, und you'll avoid all that
craning und straining; to see where
your train starts. He'll find you a
Beat in h day coach and dispose of
your purcels for you, so that you
neither have to wrench your arm out
or rely on thf Hiivnlry of a clinnre
fellow ni'sserliv. Tps. he experts a
tip, but li quarter is little enough to 1
pay for having the brambles pusled
out of jour path."
Traveling Telephones.
It Is reported that lu India the Brit
ish military authorities employ a form
of movable telephone, which can be
uspd with great facility in the field.
The cable weighs only seven pounds
per mile, but it Is so well insulated
tliut it cun be stretched across a
stream of water without loss of cur
rent. It withstands a strain of 120
pounds. An apparatus for plaiiny and
removing the cable, working mito
matieHlly and capable oi being at
iacned to a saddle, Is employed. Re
cently In tilt I'unjaii a horseman, pro-i-reding
ut Hjrallo;i, placed the cable
over 8 distance of two m!lts in seven
i-miuti's. To remove it eighteen miu
ules v,re required
The public is warned that the city
ordinance against allowing cut-out
on automobiles to be open passing
through the streetB, also running an
automobile beyond the speed limit of
18 miles n hour. . The ordinance re
quiring property owners to cut the
weeds on and in front of their prem
ises will also be strictly enforced.
The enforceme'nt of these ordinances
is for the general welfare of the pub
lic and it demands it. .Take heed and
6ave yourself a "fine.
Yours truly,
J. W. WOOSLEY, Mayor.
A. F. Tittsworth et al. vs. R. C. Jack
son et at. in Chancery Court at
Union City, Tennessee.
In obedience tn n
Chancery Court at Union City made
at the April Term, 1922, in the
above styled case, I will, on Satur
day, the 12th day of August, 1922, at
about 2 o'clock p.m., in front of the
East door of the Courthouse in Union
City sell to the hiehest and hPRt hid.
der the nropertv in said rWro de
scribed, being a tract of land lying
and being in 3d Civil District of ,
Obon County, Tenn., and described as '
Being part of a tract of land
deeded to A. F. Tittsworth et als. by
deed recorded in Book 8 O, page 371
of the records of the Register's office
of Obion Countv .Tenn.. heiri
a beech with beech pointers, the N.E.
corner or me original' Calhoun 200
acre tract, running thejnee West
177 poles to an ash. ash
pointers; thence South 45 poles -to a
siaite in tne w. B. line of the above
mentioned Calhoun trun.t. thn.
East 177 poles to a stake in the
E. B. -line of the Calhoun tract.
thence North 45 poles to the begin
ning, containing 50 acres.
made on a credit of one-half in seven
and one half In twelve mnnths in '
bar of the equity of redemption.
nuiea oi me purcnaser, secured by a
lien to be retainea on the' lunit nnt
also by good personal securi
ty will be required. The land will
be sold subject to a Hen
debt to the Union r?pntrii T.tfo in
surance Company, of which debt the
purcnaser win assume one-fourth or
about $600.00.
This 20th day of July, 1922. 17-3
Cloth and Master.
City, Tenn.
107 Church St. Cumb. Phono 21 4-J ,
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