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October 2d to October 7th incliisive, at
Our big' Fall StocK is Complete
But for Special Dress Week we have received dozens and dozens of
Dresses of every descriptionall the newest things on the market and
all specially priced.
Come in and see them and we guarantee
that "we can please you.
The Commercial, Union City, Tenn
They are ifL$
Every follower of Jesus Is request
ed to be present at the opening serv
ice at the opening evangelistic meet
ing at the Cumberland Presbyterian
Church Sunday at 11 a.m. when,
just before the sermon, we shall ob
serve the Holy Communion together.
Art Class.
Bliss Mary Howard Turner an
nounces the opening of her studio
next Monday at the Central High
School, in the old commercial depart
ment room. She will receive pupils
on Mondays and Thursdays.
Athens Government Sends Appeal for
Relief in Money.
Owing to the serious situation in
Greece which has resulted from the
invasion of that country by scores
of thousands of refugees from Smyrna
and other stricken districts recently
conquered by the Kemalist Turks,
the Greek government has requested
the American Express Company, thru
its agency in Memphis, to make a
strong appeal to Americans for relief
in the form of money with which to
purchase food.
Cables from Athens convey the in
telligence that the problem of feed
ing the vast army of survivors of the
Smyrna catastrophe is extremely dif
ficult and the food supply is dimin-
ishing with alarming rapidity. These
messages further state that the suf
fering of those who escaped the na
tionalist army's advance on their city
is intense, and that every agency in
Greece is fighting valiantly to cope
with the terrific situation.
"It is estimated that more than
490,000 Greek refuges 'already have
arrived in Greece," states one cable
from the Athens office of the Ameri
can Express Company.
"Greece is unable to feed the refu
gees, and this appeal for relief is for
relief in the form of money."
The American Express Company has
made arrangements to place the fa
cilities of its organization at the dis
posal of those wishing to render fi
nancal assistance direct to the local
relief committee.
Official instructions have been is
sued to all the company offices to ac
cept funds for transmission, either
by cable or draft, at actual cost,
when sent in care of the American
Express Company, . Athens, Greece,
and payable to W. S. Taylor, the
Amei ican treasurer of the relief com
mittee at Athens. Mr. Taylor is the
Greek representative of the Stand
ard Oil Company and is president of
the American Chamber of Commerce
in Greece.
Christian Church.
Sunday school, 9:50 a.m.
Christian Endeavor meetings, 6:00
Don tail to attend the opening
service at the union meeting which
begins at the Cumberland Presbyte
rian Church at 11 a.m.
Just before the sermon we shall all
sit together at the "Lord's Supper."
Come praying for a great blessing.
E. S. BAKER, Minister.
Baptist Sunday School.
Why Not?
Congenial surroundings; capable
teachers. You can't be mistaken in
going to Sunday school. Play safe.
Go to the school of your choice;
we'd welcome you to ours.
Brace up; make a fight against
carelessness and worldliness. Quit
loafing and lend a hand. You don't
know how you're needed. AGOGA
class meeting next Tuesday night.
To Remove Grass Stains.
Use ordinary black baking molas
ses rubbed well into the fabric.
Whether it be cotton, linen or wool,
it will remove the stain. Let stay
on a few minutes, then wash as
usual. It will not injure delicate
materials or color.
Wholesale Prices.
Cotton, seed SSI 63c
Wheat, No. 2 $1.17
Corn, bu. new .55
Oats, bu .40
Hay, ton, tim $15.00
Sheep 4c to 5i
Lam os 9c
Beef cattle 4 to 7c
Hogs Qic
Wool, clear 32
Roosters 5c
Geese 10c
Eggs, doz 25c
Spring cbicks 16c
Hens ; ... 16c
Ducks... ; ... 14c
Butter, country 25c
Butterfat . 26c
Turkeys 1 20c
Cool' pies in a warm room. If
cooled too quickly they 'will become
".soggy. ,
Chill Tonic
Makes the Body Strong.
Makes the Blood Rich. 60c
We believe that no part of our coun
try offers as great opportunities to the
homeseeker and investor as does Flor
ida, the land of Golden Sunshine,
Golden Fruits and Golden Opportuni
ties. The state yet has much cheap
land that is being rapidly developed
land that may be had for $20 to $50
and made worth $1,000 per acre in five
years and in the mean time pay all ex
penses of developing.
The wonderful climate of Florida,
where lit is literally "Springtime all
the Time" is the foundation upon which
is being erected this wonderful common
wealth. Her shores, washed by the
briny deep and her surface dotted with
thousands of beautiful lakes, her virgin
lands covered with stately pines or
spreading oaks, her golden sunshine
ever tempered by salty breeze, all go to
make an ideal climate.
Everywhere are beautiful deep, clear
lakes, literally alive with choice fish,
surrounded by native forest or golden
orange groves, with clean, white sandy
beach, inviting you to bathe in the
"Fouotain of youth," be it Christmas
time or June.
Florida's "Golden Fruits" include
many varieties of many kinds but the
term is usually understood to refer to
her splendid groves of oranges and
grapefruit, Golden in profit to their
owners, it being not unusual for these
groves to net their owners $1,000 per
acre annually.
Practically all the soil is adapted to
the production of paying crops orang
es, grapefruit, potatoes, cabbage, beans,
tomatoes, cucumbers, celery, lettuce,
and many other fruits and vegetables
being staple and profitable.
Young man; if you want a future all
your own if you believe1 the road is
"cut out" beyond your Jine of vision,
consider these opportunities.
And you older people; why not gold.
en sunshine in winter and shady breez
es in summer?
As an agricultural proposition you
have here in Obion county- that
which has no superior in any state
for growing grain and the regular farm
products you can find no more product
lve sou. Socially and intellectually
your citizenry is surpassed by none and
we account it an houor as well as a
pleasure to have met and known some
of the noblest men and women of our
acquaintance, but always there are
some who seek new fields of opportuni
ty where honest effort will yield great
er results.
I truly believe in the West Coast of
of Florida and would be glad to give
you the benefit of my experience and
observation. See me at 318 N. 1st St.,
Union City before Oct. 10. After that
date write me at Suite 308-9, Citizens
Bank Building, Tampa, Florida, and I
will give your letter my best personal
Yard-Long Peas.
Mr. Cleve Donnell, living six miles
east of Union City on the farm of Mr.
J. G. Covington, sent us on Wednes
day a fine specimen of peas the
yard-long variety. They actually
measured 31 inches. ,-
Death of J. L. Bauson, Sr. .
J. L. Ranson, Sr. .formerly a fur
niture dealer in Union City, died in
Nashville on the 27th inst.
Mr. Ranson is survived by a daugh
ter and a son, the latter J. L. Ran
son, Jr., with the Harpole-Walker
Furniture Co.
The remains were interred at Mc-
Ewen, Tenn., yesterday.
-less than one year old most of it bought
season. Kuppenheimer clothes, Walkover
This stock is new
to sell this coming
shoes, Manhattan shirts, John B. Stetson hats and Vassar urv
derwear are only a few of the lines we carry. This stock must
be sold. Look at these few prices, then come prepared to take
home a years supply.
- 3.98
Stylish Brown $6.00
shoes welt sewed
rubber heels at
"Dutches" fine dress A A
pants big choice of t , fl l
$5.00 values at WlUU
Heavy, well made, full
cut, blue chambray
20c good cotton dress
hose any color, at
Excellent choice of Serges, Cheviots,
and worsteds in stripes, checks or plain
colors. Hand tailored by a well known
maker of fine clothes for men and
young men. An actual saving of over
$12.00 on one of these
suits. Close out price
It hardly seems possible to buy a suit
at this price, but here they are and good
suits, every one. Stylish, up to -date
clothes that will fit and hold their
shape. A bargain that
will be worth coming 50
miles for. Sale price
It will soon be overcoat tinrte, and these
prices will make it worth your while to
buy yours now. Kuppenheimer and
Sherman $JU.UU overcoats in snappy
belted models, also con
servative styles for the
middle age man going at
119 III VllOJfJ
Wool, fast wool or cotton,,, any
weight you wish.
$2.00 Unionsuits, at $1.39
$1.75 Unionsuits, now .98
$2.25 Unionsuits, at ' 1.49
You will want several of these
S f .25 shirts. New patterns for
this season, sale price 88C
Boy's excellently tailored school
suits with an extra pair of pants.
New fall suits in all the latest
styles and colors. Don't fail to
get the boy an outfit during this
sale. $15.00 suits at only
A regular $1.50 sweater of
close knit select cotton yarns.
Extra heavy, to close out 98c
Our $1.50 line of new fall and
winter caps in the popular colors
at only 95c
15 c.
Canvas Gloves
Overalls, at
Administrator's Notice.
All parties having claims against
the estate of Delbert Wilson, de
ceased, are hereby requested to come
forward and file ' game with the
County Court Clerk at his office In
Union City, Tennessee. Said claims
to be proven as prescribed by law,
and filed on or before September 25,
1923, or all claims not so filed will be
forever barred both in law and equi
ty. 27-4t
This September 27, 1922.
Sarah Calhoun et al. vs. Leslie Cal
houn, ' Florence Robinson, Wilford
Calhoun, Willis Calhoun, Dee Wil
son, Mrs. Kate Pride, Olis Pride,
Mrs. ' Lottie Pride, Commodore
Pride, George Wilson, Sam Wilson,
Knox Calhoun et al. Defendants.
In the County Court at Union City,
In this cause, it duly appearing
from the original Petition or Bill,
which is sworn to, that the Defend
ants, Leslie Calhoun, Florence Rob
inson, Wilford Calhoun, Willis Cal
houn, Dee Wilson, Mrs. Kate Pride,
Olis Pride, Mrs. Lottie Pride, Commo
dore Pride, George Wilson, Sam Wil
son, and Knox Calhoun are non-residents
of Tennessee, they and each
of them are therefore hereby required
to appear on or before the First Mon
day of November, 1922, before the
County .Court Clerk, at his office In
Union Oity, Tenn., and make defense
to the Bill or Petition filed against'
them, et al., in said cotfrt, by Sarah
Calhoun et al. for sale of lands for
division of proceeds, or the same will
"be taken for confessed. It Is ordered
that this notice be published for four
(consecutive weeks in the Union City
Commercial. This September 28th,
1922. R. H. BOND, Clerk.
For ice, and coal call 150.
i ,.,;,w. , , S - .
; i - -- r- ..J ... ....

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