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Statues on British Parliament Build
ings Unable to Stand Awful
Climate of London.
The Commercial, Union City, Tlnn
The outer walla of the houses of
parliament In London are crumbling.
Hundreds of carved Images, mostly of
Imaginary royal figures, have been li
able to withstand the ravages'5 i?
weather, combined with the'v.'v
laden London atmosphere. ,Theyr
' also from the lack of respect snown
them by hundreds of pigeons which
roost on the scepter and sharpen their
beaks on the noses of kings.
- Scarcely a day passesvbut a mon
arch's hand or toe falls Into Palace
yard. Not long ago a king's head was
found in fragments on the terrace.
During the recess scaffolding will
be erected and many workmen em
ployed, at a cost of $55,000, picking off
' the loose bits. Thus may one man in
a day uncrown scores of kings. '
Sir John Glftnour, who represents
the government department 'that looks
after public buildings, Is of the opinion
that none of the kTngs or other distin
guished folk will be allowed to stick
it out much longer on the outer walls
of parliament. "I think the day will
come before long," he says, "when all
the statues will have to be taken away
The situation does not agree with
Turner-Morris. .
One. 8f the overshadowing social
events of the local calendar was the
marriage last Saturday morning, the
O'iA (not rf TW V.arl lWoOoll Mnrrll ' .
- end-of-the-week visitor
and Miss Margaret Turner at tne
Cumberland Presbyterian Church at
8:45 o'clock. , '' :
The church was filled with hosts Th d
of tne bride s irienas. rne altar was
a mass of beautiful ferns and roses.
The opening number of the musical
program, by Miss Louise Adams, was
"Smilin' Through." Then came
Mrs. Geo." Botts was a recent vis
itor to Fulton. -
Lawrence Shore is in Memphis at
tending the fair. , '
Rev. Jamie McLeskey was up from
the Bluff. City Tuesday.
An infant daughter is reported in
the home of Mr. and" Mrs. Ed Osborn
Miss Lurllne Bullington was an
from Mem
Mrs. T. G. Marlin and Miss Katy
Usury attended the Tri-State Fair
Mrs. Herschell Jones is expected in
from Nashville to visit her sister,
Mrs. Orie Brown.
Miss Johnny Woody has the mis
fortune to be out of school this week
song number, "At Dawning," by Miss beCause of eye BtrfL
IVUUUie XJCUB.. -Pwanbtnir li Rev Moo I SiinHav
Tne usners, wessrs. j. u. warns, mornln at the Associated Reformed
W. u. Bramnam, narry warper ana presbvterian Church.
Mr. Will Morris, the latter from-Ful- Messrg Ral p; Cotton Rnd R L
ton. entered witn the first strains or Haroer camned down on the river
Menaeissonn s weaaing xviarcn. men
the bride with her sister ,Miss Mary
Howard Turner, us maid o honor,
An American bridegroom who mad
bis journey to the altar fa a steam
plow has had many rivals in matrt
wonial carriages.
' It is not long since a bridal . couple
and their guests made a dramatic ap
pearance In a Kentish village on
traction engine, and a procession of
trucks gayly decorated with flags, now'
ers and evergreens, says London An
A wedding party drove up to St
Mark's church, Birmingham, one Eas
ter Sunday in mourning, the coaches
and the horses being incongruously
adorned with white rosettes. A pret-
' tily decorated tramcar was the chosen
vehicle of a Wolverhampton bridal
party, the driver and conductor wear
ing white gloves and smart button
holes and the journey to the church
beine heralded by the explosion of
fog signals.
But perhaps the most novel journey
of all was that of a young Austrian
couple, whose wedding procession slid
down a steep hill from the bride's
home to Paysback church on seven to
boggans decorated with pine branches
and flowers.
Re-Proofing Your Raincoat.
Whatever the tune of year, one
needs a reliable raincoat in the coun
try, but unless of a rubbered variety,
many raincoats quickly lose their rain
proof qualities, and are useless for
the purpose they were Intended to
fill. Here Is a method of re-waterproof-'
Ing cloth that will be found quite suc
cessful and easily carried out at home.
Take one and a quarter pounds of
alum and dissolve this In, five gal
lons of boiling water. In another bath
dissolve one and a quarter pounds of
sugar of lead. Then mix the two solu
tions. Place the coat In the mixture and
make sure that It is saturated with
the liquor. Without wringing, put
the coat in a hanger and dry, plunge
into cold water and then linng out to
-dry again. This time It will be fit for
. use, and will withstand ordinary rain.
The Patriotic Spirit.
Animated by this spirit the par
tisan is enlarged Into patriot. Before
it the lines of party sink into hazy
obscurity; and the horizon which
bounds our view reaches on every side
to jthe uttermost verge of the great
Republic. It Is a spirit that exalts
humanity, and imbued with it the
ouls of men soar Into the pure air
of unselfish devotion to the public
welfare. It lighted with a smile the
cheek of Curtius as he rode into the
gulf; it guided the hand of Aristides
as he sadly wrote upon the shell the
sentence of hlst own banishment; it
dwelt In the frozen earthworks of Val
ley Forge; and from time to time It
has been an inmate of the .halls of
legislation. Thomas I. Bayard.
Tuesday and Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Griff Hogan are in
from a very Dleasant visit in Mem-
apearea m me aisie: ine onae was f thel s0 .
beautiful in a three-piece suit of dark B j Wade nag after all tnege
brown duvtyn with hat to match and years ot motorlst9 joined the 8peeders
a corsage of sweethearr roses. The in haAanmo Mnj1l Hnnrt mnHli
maia or nonor wore an attractive
dress of poiret twill with a picture
hat to correspond
Mr. Morris entered with his father,
Mr. N. B. Morris, of Fulton
The ceremony by the pastor, Rev.
W. B. Cunningham, was another in
stance of administering the rites of and kinspeople.
Miss Leone Callicott will repre
sent the local Christian Endeavor n
State conclave next month at Knox-
Miss Louise Shropshire was down
this week from Union City, guest of
Mrs. Owen Woody and other friends
matrimony when one. of his members
became a bride, and therefore the oc
casion was singularly and beautifully
Immediately after the nuptials the
bridal party, with the recessional,
departed, the bride and groom leav
ing on a north-bound train for Cin
cinnati, with a schedule of visiting
Mesdames Claude Woody, Bill Ed
wards, Wayne Woody and McAdoo
Harris were business visitors to Un
ion City Tuesday.
Messrs, W. A. McNeill, Hubert and
Edgar Shore were in Memphis Thurs
day for the annual banquet of the
Federal Loan Association.
A meeting of the Parent-Teachers'
- 1 1 . J : T 1 . - ! 1 I tj, I
pumiB, uiuiuuiuB cuuaiu aim iMara Association is called for Wednesday
Falls, ana New YorK city as tneir afternoon at three o'clock for re
1J 41 1 T--. A . J TV K Hf...t I
uojecuvB, wubib 171. a.m .., mui.ia organlzation. All patrons are eli-
wni be locatea ror tne winter ana
Dr. Morris will continue his medical
studies. """""
Dr. and Mrs. Morris will be per
manently located in Cincinnati.
The marriage is a union of well
known families of two cities.- The
groom is a man of fine promise. The
bride is a daughter of Dr. and Mrs.
W. M. Turner, a young woman of
many "charming graces and accom
plishments, social distinctions and
personal popularity.
The very warmest congratulations
are extended.
Out-of-town guests were Mr. and
Mrs. N. B. Morris, of Fulton ; Mr. and
Mrs. Hall and Miss Edith Morris, of
Kansas City, Mo.
Miss Margaret Clemmons and Mr.
S. Ware were united in marriage
in Union City at tne cumDeriana
Presbyterian manse by the pastor,
Rev. W. B. Cunningham, on the 2 2d
Mr. Ware resides in Atlanta, Ga.,
and his bride is a daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Oscar Clemmons, of Rives, a
young woman of many lovable and
popular qualities.
Mesdames W. J. Caldwell and T.
P. Callicott left yesterday for the
annual session of the State Woman's
Christian Temperance Union in con
vention at Springfield.
Mesdames Marshall . Debow, R. B.
Baucom, R. A. Freeman and Frank
Johnson, all of Kenton, were recent
guests for dinner with Mrs. E. E.
Shore on Church street. Mrs. Shore
also has the pleasure of a social stay
of her mother,. Mrs. A. C. Frye, from
There was much excitement early
Saturday evening when fire brike out
down town, proving to be in the
mule barn adjacent to the bank and
belonging to Messrs. B. J. Wade,
Monroe McGowan and Preston Shore.
The loss is partially covered by In
In our letter last week there was
an error as to H. G. Wells' selection
of-six greatest men in history, mak
ing. They are Jesus, Buddha, Aris
totle, Asoka, Roger Bacon and Lin
(Thought I knew everybody in
Rives, but this Asoka is a new one.
The wedding of Miss Margaret
The Union City friends extend con- Clemmons daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Darby and Joan.
"Darby and Joan" was first applied
to a very happily married couple who
lived in the Eighteenth century and
bore those names. They were John
Darby, prlJtter, of Bartholomew's
Close, London, England, and his wife,
Joan. The constancy and devotion to
one another of this old-fashioned, sim
ple, and virtuous couple so impressed
Henry Woodfall, who had served hla
apprenticeship with the printer, that
he wrote a poem, "Darby and Joan,"
in commemoration. This poem was
printed in the London Gentleman's
Magazine, and received a good deal of
notice. The expression then passed
into the English language as symboliz
ing the eventide of happy wedlock.
Big Demand for Radium.
The principal use for radium in the
commercial world is as a luminous
material on watch and clock dials and
o on. It Is not the radium that glows,
but other substances which become
lumTTWas in the presence of very mi
nute quantities of radium. More than
four million watches and clocks alone
have been treated, and hardly a third
of an ounce of radium has been used
In the production of the luminous ma
terial required.
Sturgis-Snider. '
Miss Ellis Sturgis and Mr. Fay
Snider, two very popular young peo
ple of Number Six Civil District,
were united in . marriage in Union
City last Saturday afternoon, the
23d inst., the pastor, Rev. "W. B. Cun
ningham, administering the sacred
O. H. Clemmons, Friday afternoon In
Union City to Mr. Will WaVe from
Atlanta, Ga., came as a surprise to
acquaintances. Mr. and Mrs. Ware
are to reside in Atlanta. Congratu
lations to these young people for a
bon voyage.
Burden has been
sick this
Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Caudle and
children went to Reelfoot Lake Mon
Mrs. Annie Killion was a Sunday
visitor with her sister, Mrs. J. T.
Owens, near Troy.
Mrs. Ada True and little daughter,
Genola, and Mrs. Ruth Vincent and
rlanehter. Florence, were in Union
nitv Saturday visiting Mrs. W. H.
Wish 1
Mount Zion CircuA.
I will preach at Pleasant Valley
Sunday morning at 11 o'clock and at
Sanders Chapel at 3 o'clock ,p.m.
Brother Pickens will preach at
Mount Zion Sunday evening at 7:30
o'clock and Monday .morning at 11
Our fourth quarterly conference
will be held Monday at Mount Zion.
We hope to see all the officials pres
ent. G. W. EVANS.
"1 have taken Cardui for run
down, worn-out condition,
nervousness and, sleeplessness,
and I was weak, too," says
Mrs. Silvie Estes, of Jennings,
Okla. "Cardui did me just lots
bf good so much that I gave it
to my daughter. She com
plained of a soreness in her sides
and back. She took three
bottles of
Baptist Meeting.
Meeting at the Baptist Church
closed last Tuesday night ana Dr.
Cox returned to Memphis. The at
tendance was very large. There were
twenty-four additions to the church.
On Friday night, last week, there was
a delegation from Martin of 150 peo-
nip nttendine the meeting. It was
r '
a great occasion.
The Woman's Tonic
and her condition was much
"We have lived here,' near
Jennings, for 26 years, and now
we have our own home in town.
I have had to work pretty hard,
as this country wasn't built up,
and it made it hard for us.
"1 wibn l coma teu weaK f?
women of Cardui the medicine : jl
that helped give me the strengfh $
to go on and do my work."
E95 'k
We Specialize on the "SURE" in
Fire Insurance
Tornado Insurance
Plate Glass
Surety Bonds
Health and Accident
Workmen's Compensation
Farm Insurance
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Representing the largest exclusive
Fire Insurance Company
in the WORLD.
of New York.
Fall Opening and Advance Display of
Men's and Young Men's
Men's and Young Men's
Genuine Whipcord of unusually fine quality,
comes in several of the most popular shades,
sport and plain models all sizes.
Featuring stronger than ever
The extra pair doubles the wear.
Don't forget that we carry a full line of
Union City's Exclusive Store for Men and Boys.
For a good, clean job of Printing, try
The Commercial Printery
We have our gin ready to run and will pay
the best market prices for seed cotton, or
gin your cotton at customer's price. .
We pay the best market price ,
for Seed. t
Union City Gin Company
Ri B. S1LER, Manager
Union City, Tenn.
107 Church St. Cumb. Phono 214-J
Dr.E. W.YoungWoofl,.D..M-
Calls answered at All Hours.
Both Phones at Res. and Corun's Livery stable
Subscriptions taken tor all mag
asines.r Mrs. C. Lb Ridings, Phone

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