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The Commercial, Union City, Tenn.
Judge Holmes Is Now in Midst of
Busy Term.
Judge H. P. Holmes opened the
October term of Obion County Chan
cery Court in this city last Monday
morning. Geo. A. Glbbs, Clerk and Loulie
Real? Estate. Transfers.
K. P. Waddell, trustee, to Mrs.
Eva Waddell, 121 acres in No. 12,
$1,025. .
E. L. Williams and wife to County
Board of Education, lot in No. 3,
Mary A. Hallibburton to Mattie L.
Hambright, lot in No. 16,' $136.
Miss Easly Miller et al. ,to Mrs.
HugheD,v interest in land in
Master,1 N. F, Marshall, D. C. & M., No. 14, $400
and Sheriff Watt Cherry were at E. H. Lannom to C. S. Talley, in-
their posts. The Judge, as usual in terest.in land in No. 2, $200.
Chancery Courts, transacts an im- D-W. Glover et al. to County Board
mense amount of business in a re- of Education, 3 acres in No. 3, $300.
markably short time. Something E. Beck and wife to Harry O.
like fifty suits had been disposed of Vincent, lot in Union City, $1,000
yesterday noon. Various decrees for Jrs. Minnie Buchanan Pryor to B.
dismissals, continuances, Judgments, w- Buchanan, v3 3 acres in No. 6,
and various orders had been entered $666.66.
upon the docket. w. i. Vinson et al. to C. O. and
An unusual proceeding in Chan- E- M- Freeman, 20 acres in No. 3,
ery. a iury trial, was being heard
when The Commercial went to press
yesterday noon. ,
The term will probably last
through the present week.
Mayor and Aldermen Hold Short Ses
' Tuesday evening was the regular
time of meeting for the City Board.
The work was mostly confined to
hearing reports from important com-
Tnittea and rniiHnA hnalneaa
The best item recorded and the one ln No- 14' ?1'500
receiving the most attention just now
was the report that gravel for street
work had commenced to arrive, after
W. F. Lamb et al. to J. A. Bushart,
lot in No. 13, $5,000.
Mrs. Grace Morris et al. to Claude
Allen and wife, 70 acres in No. 7,
Jack Hubbs and wife to Frank Ol
iver, lots in No. 13, $350;
Frank Oliver and wife to W. I.
Mordis, lots In No. 13, $490.
John and Ada Dyer to Ben Sher-
rill, lots in No. 8, $425.
A. D. Kerr and wife to John Dyer,
lot in No. 8, $100.
W. P. Beard to R. A. Hutchison,
J. D. Crockett et al. to J.W. Crock
ett, 34 acres in No. 7, $600.
Herbert Bondurant et al. to Polk
. ... .... Beard. 25 acres In Nn 14 Si Knn
a six weeks lull on account or tne '
j. ta. jwatnis et ai. to K. JB. Todd,
Several from this community were
in Union City first Monday.
Mr. S.. F. Howard has returned
from a few days', stay in Jackson,
Mrs. Will Hailey, who ha3 been
ill for several weeks, died at her
home in. Number Seven Friday night.
Funeral services were conducted at
Cane Creek, Mr. White, undertaker, in
charge. Interment at Cane Creek. ' A
husband and four children survive.
Mrs. Bradeh, of Kenton, vas a Sun-,
day visitor with her daughter, Mrs.
Leonard Stovall. ': 1
Entertaining? Yes. 'Where? Mr.
and Mrs. Fred Bowers'. Who? A
nice young girl. Arrived when? Last
Sunday night. Her name? Jlaryj
Lucetta Bowers. I
Several around here attended the.
singing convention at New Home Fri- j
day and Saturday.
Mr. Bob Jackson, of St. Louis, was
here Saturday for the burial of his
sister, Mrs. Will Hailey.
Mr. and Mrs. M. T. Hall and son
Brody, were Sunday visitors in Ful
ton wi'h their daughter, Mrs. Stub-
Several of the young people around
here enjoyed an opossum hunt Tues
day night.
strikes. A few cars came in yester
day and men are now at work apply
ing" the finishing touches to First
street at the extreme northern end.
Adjoruned early to attend revival.
500 acres in No. 9, $4,500
W. A. Damron ot al. to J. W. Jolly,
lot in No. 16, $100.
J. B. Hastings ct al. to W.' O. Cook
et al., lot in No. 16. $300.
Assistant Cashier Elected. L w; 00K anQ wiro 10 -
At a special meeting of the di- " ' " . . 111 i,u iD'
Tectors of the Farmers Exchange
Bank held Tuesday, Mr. W. V. Hoi
lomon was elected assistant cashier
in place of Mr. Edward3 Parks, re
signed. Mr. Hollomon was associated
with the bank before making a trip
to California. He is a very capable
man and the officials of the bank are
pleased to have him return.
Mr. Parks' services at the bank
were very satisfactory indeed and the
officers expressed regret when the
resignation was presented. He will
T. W. Bond et al. to Highway Com
mission of Lake County, 56 acres in
No. 9, $800.
Gentry Reynolds et al. to J. M.
Capps, lot in No. 8, $210,,
Edgar Bramhajn and fife to W,
M. Burrus, lot in No. 2, $50..
A. S. Whitney ct al. to W. M.
Burrus, lot in No. 2, $50.
R. P. Whitesell to H. G. Harris,
lot in No. 13, $600.
Rev. Baker held the Expert Endeavor
father, Mr. L. S. Park.
devote his entire time to private bus
mess And business interests or his examination Tuesdav mVht. ntomlwr
-1 . , t,
26, at the Church. All who took this ex
amination passed and all grades were
above 90. These were, the students who
completed the course with this exarain
ation and are now C. E. Experts. Nel
Endorse Public Health Nurse
We, the Parent-Ttachers Associa
tion of Central Public School, submit
the following resolutions
1. We realize the importance and lie Bar'ow, Imogene Jones, Leo Park,
broad field of the work of the Public l&rwin Matchette and Shorty." Anoth
Health Nurse.
2. We wish to pledge our support
and co-operation to Miss Brown in
the work that she has so ably under
taken. ,
3. That a copy of these resolutions
be sent Miss Brown and one to each
of the local papers, also that a copy
be recorded in the minutes of the
Quiet Marriage.
At the Christian Church parsonage
last Sunday evening Miss Delsia Lips
comb and Mr. Arthur J. Walden were
married, Rev. Baker saying the cere
mony pronouncing' them husband
and wife. The contracting parties
lived in Union City years ago and
for the past few years have been res
idents of Blytheville, Ark., where Mr,
Walden was connected with a picture
show as operator. They are receiving
congrafulations of old-time friends,
Administrator's Notice. -
All parties' having claims against
the estate of Dclbert Wilson, de
ceased, are hereby requested to come
forward and file same with the
County Court Clerk at his office in
Union City, Tennessee. , Said claims
to be proven as prescribed by law,
and filed on or before September 25,
1923, or all claims not so filed will be
forever barred both in law and equi
ty. 27-4t
This September 27, 1922.
er examination will be held for those
who (ailed to take this one.
Miss Imogene Jones, the President of
the Society, appointed Miss Leo Park,
as Corresponding Secretary, to take the
place of Miss Thelma Nolen, who is
now in Milliean Colleirfi. Miss Purlc ia
in Chicago now for a few weeks' visit.
We bad an awfully fine meeting last
Sunday evening, under the leadership of
Miss Gladys Jones, assisted by Mrs. Ellis
Taylor. The subject for discussion was
"Work." What we need in Union
City is more "CHRISTIAN WORK."
You have a chance to do Christian
Work now, in the Union Revival at the
C. P. Church every day, at 10:30 a. m.
and 7:30 p. m. We feel that you will
be well repaid for the time spent in any
of these meetings. Dr. Hill is a fine
speaker who will delight you with his
sermons. Mr. and Mrs. Scott, in their
singing, cause you to want to attend
every service to hear them. Your part
in this revival cannot be filled by anyone
else, and if you are not there, there will
be a vacant place. BE THEEE. BOOST
Remember young people, there is a
special prayer circle for YOUNG PEO
PLE of this town, every night before
the meeting, in the class room at the
rear of the C. P. Church. Please at
tend all of these services ;they will bene
fit you and the meeting and you will feel
better after taking part in them.
The State C. E. Convention begins
October 12, in Knoxville. Will you be
there? v
llotice to Buggy Owners
Cotton Continues to Come
Seven cents is the price being
paid . for seed cotton by the Union
City Gin Co., and eighty to one nun
dred thousand pounds of the fleecy
Before buying a new Buggy staple rolls in every day. The man
iJ a&er. Mr- Siler, Is pleased with the
The Union City Campaign.
I shall not soon forget my very hap
py eight days assisting the popular new
pastor, Brother D. F. Marlin, at Union
City. The congregations overtaxed the
bouse many times, and I believe one
result of the meeting will be laying the
plans for a new building which will lik
ly be built in the center of the town,
and will be kept open every day. 24
were received into the fellowship of the
church. I have never preached to more
appreciative people, and I feel I am
stronger and a better man because of
the eight days at Union City. We
were greatly pleased on Friday night at
the coming of 50 members of Central
Baptist Church of Martin. Tbey were
given a very cordial welcome, and the
Union City saints decided there and
then to have a big delegation some night
at the Martin-meeting which commences
October 15th.
The singing at Uniou City was un
usually good under the efficient 'leader
ship of Dr. J. D. Carlton and his estim
able wife, who, is an accomplished
The prospects there strikes me as be
ing very bright, as they seem willing to
give the right sort of co-operation to
their spiritual and enthusiastic pastor,
Une of tne most pleasant experiences
there was speaking to about 800 pupils
in four different public schools. Ben
Cox in Weakly County Press,
v In Memory of R. T. Maupin.
Mr. Editor: I was requested long
ago to write something about this
good citizen and great soldier, but
have seen nothing; hence this scrib
ble. I am now in my 84th year, al
most blind, and my hand is shaky.
About 83 or 84 years ago, God gave
to this country, and to this people,
R. T. (Bob) Maupin to serve it in
its highest and best interest, and af
ter he had proven himself faithful
and true, he, died. He was a good
citizen,' he was a good neighbor, he
was a good soldier He was a hero.
He was a man. But now he is sleep
ing in the arms of his mother, and
the turf is smooth above him. The
rain will moisten its roots and sum
mon back the perishing life of its
green bladed grass, and the crushed
flower will lift its head again, smil
ing unto heaven. His form is now
before me, with no trace of death in
its fine lineaments, and there i3 faint
crimson on his faded old face. I can
feel the last grip of his hand, and
hear his last "Goodbye, Tom," dis
tinctly, like a living, breathing thing,
even when I know he is with the
dead and the damp earth hides him,
I would not think of him otherwise.
His image lives within my memory
as ha seemed before he rested nobly,
with weariness and trials' of life,
smiling on while poison mingled with
his springs of life, and wearing a calm
brow, while in his heart anguish was
resting like a hand of fire, until at
last the agony of thought grew un
bearable and the sufferer died. Let
him rest; let him sleep; and oh, may
the clods lie lightly on him.
get my prices on painting ar
rubber tiring.
When you are preparing to paint,
varnish, enamel or shellac houses,
barns, furniture, floors, porches, cars,
business and the farmers are pleased ( wagons, buggies, etc., always specify
with Mr. Siler's prices.
I buy and sell second
hand Buggies.
How I lost a customer. He died!
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get the best, because each an,d every
product under this Red Spot trade
mark is correctly made and balanced.
Hudson Reduces Prices.
Messrs. Forrester and Darnell, lo-.
cal dealers, announce heavy reduc-1 assuring the greatest possible wear
Hons in the prices of Hudson and Es- and covering for either inside or out
sex cars. One of the very prettiest i side uses. Quality is the best guar
of the high grade lines. Speed? Well,
I should say so. That Hudson super
six "sho do git away from here."
Wonderful Assortment
nek s v u -v. i i mi
UR purchases for the Fall are now unpacked and
on display. Close buying has enabled us to
mark every article at such an attractive price that your
money will go farther here than at any other store in
the county.
No job lots, no salvage goods; everything is regular
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pointed in supplying their wants.
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The way in which Phil Hyman carried on th
business so successfully is also our way. We aim
to please and the fact that our customers are satis
fied is proved by our greatly increased business.
Cut Price Store
Union City, - - Tennessee
j Fire Insurance HOME PROTECTOR
Tornado Insurance phone 261
Plate GlaSS Representing the largest exclusive
Surety Bonds pjre Insurance Company
Burglary in the world.
1 Hail
Health aind Accident
I Life of New York.
Workmen's Compensation
J Farm Insurance "BRING IT HOME"
Card of Thanks.
In the darkest hours of our life,
when it seemed that our hearts were
bursting with pain, when it seemed
that our little, girl had been mur
dered, then it was that our many
friends came to us with their hearts
full of love, seeking in every way
possible to help us. And if it had
not been for those loving hearts, we
feel that our burdens would have
been unbearable.' Friends and loved
ones, we cannot m any way una me
words to express the love "we have
for you. We cannot find the words
to tell you how much wo appreciate
the many kind deeds and the beauti
ful floral offerings. May God bless
you all, and when we aro called to
that Great Beyond, may we all be
able to meet our loved ones there.
Box Supper.
antee to be offered on any article, so' There will be a box supper served
this is our guarantee to you A PER-! at Shady Grove Friday night. Pro
FECT PAINT. ceeds will be used for the benefit
THE RED SPOT STORE. jof the cemetery. Everybody Invited.
Place your order now for
Bondurant's Kentucky Express
Cotton Seed.
No Boll Weevel. Special prices for
next 30 days. ,
For particulars, write
C. T. BONDURANT, Hickman, Ky.
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