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We have reserved for seed some choice
Smooth Head and Bearded Wheat
f. (
Will sell for Cash or exchange for your wheat.
I '
i -
If you want to Sell or Store, come in to
- i o . - ' i
The Commercial, Union City, Tenn.
A Modern . Surgical Institution.
Competent Trained Nurses
DR. W. A. NAILLING Chief Surgeon
Union City, Tenn. Both Phones 41.
, . . i Cumberland 461
Telephones: Counly262
Dr. C. E. Upchurch
Over Mrs. Arnn's Millinery Store
Union City, : : : Tenn.
Union City, Tenn.
167 Church St. Cumb. Phono 214-J
Dr. E. W. Ycungblood, . D. V. M.
Calls answered at All Hours.
Both Phones at Res. and Corum's Livery'Stable
Now located in R. A. Pardue's Blacksmith
Shop, Third and Main Streets.
Phone 43.
Plumbing and Heating
All work gnaranteed
Specialty: Eureka Non-splash Water
Bon Air
itizens Ice
and Coal Co.
Phone 150
Tlie Mill Is- as
For Ice or Coal call 150.
Miss Vallie Feild has returned
from Gibson Wells.
For ice and coal call 150.
Miss Josephine Everett visited
friends at Martin Saturday.
For Ice or Coal call 150.
Each one a committee of one to
boost the public health day.
Mr. C. H. Dodd, of Martin, was a
Tuesday visitor in Union City.
For ice and coal call 150.
Mr. J. C. Burdick was a business
visitor in Nashville last week.
Rev. J. A. Williams, of Ripley, was
a visitor in Union City Monday.
Mrs.' A. B. Morgan and nurse left
Thursday, Oct. 5, for Deland, Fla.
KIrklandize Your Feet, Men and
Mr. Will B. Knox, of Martin, was
in Union City Monday on business.
Mayor Harper, of Martin, was a
business visitor in Union City Fri
day. Did you know that the Central
Filling Station sold tires?
Mr. Charlie Merriman, of Hollow
Rock, was here for a short stay Fri
day. Attorney Geo. C. Rowlett, of Mar
tin, was in Union City Tuesday on
Did you know that the Central
Filling Station soli tires?
Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Turner are en
tertaining a bouncing baby boy in
their home.
Mr. Edwards Parks has returned
from a two weeks trip through 'the
Ozark Mountains.
J. Martin Adams, cashier of the
Peoples Bank, of Mauin, was hero on
business Tuesday. x
Did you know that the Central
Filling Station sold tires?
Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Crigger an
nounce the arrival of a little baby
girl in their home.
Mr. and Mrs. Horace Warren, of
Rives, announce the arrival of a baby
boy in their home.
Mr. and Mrs. E. Hudson, of near
Martin, were visitors in Union City
the first of the week.
Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Rust have re
turned from a few days visit at their
old home, Senatobia, Mis3.
Mrs. Mollie Hamilton and little
granddaughter, Dorothy, are visiting
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hamilton in Mc
Kenzie. Comfort and economy make hap
py homes. You get both by using
Cole's Hot Blast Heaters.
2 irxl
Pony Boy Suits
Equal to two suit at tho pclca of on
R.inforexi knon. t and olbow.. All
oam. doubU atttchod or tapod.
Better Goods Reasonable.
JH "I had very severe attacks of
1 lni4irTcf ii-in " urritAC Mr M H
Wade, a farmer, of R. P. D. 1,
Weir, Miss. "I would suffer
for months at a time. All I dared
eat was a little bread and
butter. . . consequently 1 suffer
ed from weakness. I would try
to eat, then the terrible suffer
ing in my stomach I 1 took
medicines, but did not get any
better. The. druggist recom- Iff
mended J
and I decided to try it, for, as I
say, I had tried others for two
or more years without any im
provement in my health. I soon
found the Black-Draught was
acting on my liver and easing
the terrible pain.
"In two or three weeks, I
found I could go back to eating.
I only weighed 123. Now I
weigh 147 eat anything I want
to, and by taking Black-Draught
I do not suffer."
Have you tried Thedford's
Black-Draught? If not, do so
Over 8 million packages sold,
a year. At dealers'
E 96
Mrs. Jack Harrison, of Fulton, is
visiting in Union Cit r, the guest of
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. E.
Are you paying too much for
merchandise? Get price at Brody
Bros. Low Price Store.
Public health, like any other com
modity, can be bought, and communi
cable diseases can be controlled and
Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Stono and son,
Naylor, of Littlo Rock, Atk., are
guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Charlie Naylor. ,
Miss Ola Cook, who is teaching in
Gardner, was a week-end visitor in
Union City, the guest of her sister,
Mrs. G. D. Capps.
Perfectly delicious, deliciously
perfect Crystal Ice Cream. Phone 32.
We deliver.
Mr. G. U. Davidson, of near Ful
ton, was in the city Monday He
called at this office and ordered The
Commercial sent to his address.
Mr. B. Moore and daughter, Mrs.
Lyda Boggs, have returned to their
nome in san Angeio, Texas, after a
two weeks visit here with relatives
Call J. C. Burdick, Phone 185,
for Fresh Fish and Oysters. Will de
liver to you promptly.
Saving a baby costs the public so
little; losing a baby cost3 the mother
so much. The public health. nurse is
the captain in the battle against dis
You are cordially invited to hear
Dr. Bishop on "Rural Sanitation" and
Dr. Price on "Tuberculosis." They
are specialists. Oct. 7, Opera House,
at 1:30.
Coal bills are a large part of
your living expense reduce them by
using Cole's Hot Blast Heaters.
Msssrs. J. C. Harris, Scott Kirby
and William McAdoo motored to
Memphis last week and visited the
fair. The trip was made in the Mc
Adoo touring car.
Viciting attorn ys here attending
Chancery Court: Ed Thomas and He
v oiuir sxb.ipvi
ber Finch, Fulton; J. W. Rankin, G.
A. Bowden and George Rowlett, Mar
tin; J. A. Gordon, of Kenton.
Mr. J. C. Burdick, Jr., went to Chi
cago Friday in answer to a call from
the Grand Exalted Ruler B. P. O. E.
to attend a meeting of District Dep
uties of the World. He reports a very
pleasant trip. B
Mr. Hubert Crigger left Sunday
for Clarksdale, Miss., where he has
accepted work as lineman for the
Postal Telegraph Co. Mrs. Crigger
and children will move to Clarksdale
during the next few days.
' Mothers jof Obion County are
urged to bring their babies to the
City Park Saturday, Oct. 7, 1922, at
9:30 a.m. and enter them in the
baby parade. Mrs. Joe Prieto and
Mrs. J. C. McRee in charge of the
babies. 27-2t
Dr. O. B. Chandler, after a short
visit here with-homefolks, has re
turned to St. Paul. Dr. Chandler is
an x-ray specialist and is with the
Chas. T. Miller hospital. He was
looking well and thoroughly enjoyed
his visit here. ' .
Messrs. W. C. Kelley, W. C. Hin
shaw, Ernest Naylor and James Fuz
zell, during the past year engaged in
building bridges on the highway be
tween Dresden and Hollow Rock,
have returned home. They stopped
at Dresden Saturday and enjoyed a
visit to the fair.
Rev. D. F. Mari'n, pastor of the
locil Baptist Church, left Menday for
Carmi, 111., to attend a meeting of
the Carmi Ba;ti;;t Asscciation, he be
ing a member of a;: important com
mittee. While there he will also at
tend a reunion of the Marlin family.
He will return Saturday and fill his
pulpit at the Baptist Church Sunday
Messrs. C. N. and "Trotter" Mor
ris, of Sioux City, Iowa, were vis
itors in Union City Saturday. They
are visitors in the home of their par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Morris, at
Pleasant Hill. These young men left
Obion County several year3 ago and
seem to be prospering in their new
home. They live where they grow
wheat and corn almost to perfection.
They report prices raid in Iowa for
farm products considerably lower
than received by farmers of this sec
tion. For instance, they report corn
selling for 30 cents per bushel at the
present time.
Shocked by Lightning.
Dr. Quails was called to the home
of Mr. T. J. Williams Friday after
noon to see Messrs. Powell Glover
and Lexie Williams, who had been
severely shocked by a bolt of light-
ning. During a shower the men took
Dr. J. T. Henslee & Son, Blood,
Ky. write. "We carry in stock
Mendenhall'a Chill Tonic, black
label without arsenic and red label
containing arsenic and are having
big sales on same. Mendenhall's is
the only Chill Tonic that give a
complete cure for a Tennessee River
Chill. Chill Tonic, black label is a
pleasant substitute for quinine. 'The
properties of arsenic are set down
in medical books as follows." "Most
successful agent in the treatment of
chronic malaria, malarial or bilious
fever, intermittent fever or chills,
brow ague, neuralgia, headache or
rheumatism due to malaria or gen
eral bad health. Increases the "appe
tite, digestion, weight and strength
of the patient and has great power
to improve the condition or the
blood. It is one of the few sub
stances which deserve the name of
a general tonic. Inactive liver and
spleen functional nervous disorders
with malnutrition and anaemia are
Chili Tom
Invigorates, Purifies and
Enriches the Blood, eoc
refuge under the branches of a tree
in the Williams field. Lightning
struck the tree and the men nearby
received the sho'ek. Theif injuries
proved temporary and they have en
tirely recovered, we are glad to state.
At the Canning Factory.
Mr. G. B. White, secretary and
treasurer, reports a very busy and
profitable season for the Union City
Canning Co., under the able super
vision of Mr. Carey Brummel, who
has so successfully managed the plant
for several years. During the can
ning season the company's pay roll
amounts to over $700.00 per week
and the amoant paid for tomatoes
each season runs well up into the
They have canned and shipped to
the wholesale markets this season
about 20 cars of Union City tomatoes.
For the finished product of this plant
the prices received this year amount
to about $1,500.00 per car, or about
$30,000.00 for the season's pack.
Registration Notice.
-The registration books will be
open at the "City Hall October 19 to
21. If you have not already regis
tered, you will have to do so in order
to vote In the regular election, No
vember 7, 1922. S
Sanitation. Quality. Service.
These three essentials represent the principal points of
business. Our plant is run upon the most rigid requirements
of the Government, and is one of the nicest to be found any
where. "
The quality of our goods is giving general satisfaction
and some of our products are considered the best on the
market. We are especially proud of our Pure Pork Sausage.
We think there is none to equal it.
When it comes to service, we are there with the goods
We receive orders and deliver them the same day, a combi
nation that is 100 per cent perfect.
Think of it! A Cold Storage Plant right at your door,
sending out the finest fresh products daily.
Reynolds Packing Company
see us.
. -: fill
Shorty Sez:
Are you Just a painted Christian
or a true one? Show what you are
by the servico you do in this union '
revival. Other people are watching
you and me to see just what we are
going to do.
' v . f-
All the Goods. ' , !
"John, do you really think I'm at- .
tractive?" -"Do
I, You're as cute as Marie Toot
sie, as beautiful as Theda Shapeleigh
and as stately as Viola Vampire in her
latest film. Words can say no more."
New N. & C. Equipment.
Fifteen new locomotives, three
passenger and twelve freight, have
been ordered by the N., C. & St. L.
Railway from the Baldwin Locomo
tive Works, according to announce-'-ment
by W. W. Lovelace, the local
agent. Delivery of the new engines
will commence within two weeks.
The new passenger locomotives,
which are among the most powerful t
ever built, are similar to the five
mountain type locomotives now in
service between Nashville and Chat
tanooga. They are eighty-five feet
long, and have a total weight of 251
tons. The engine proper weighs 327,
000 pounds. They combine the speed
of the passenger engine with the
power of hcnvy freight engines.
The twelve new freight engines are
of the Mikado type, similar to the
largest freight engines now in service
on the N., C. & St. L. They are eigh- ;
ty-one feet long, weigh 233 tons and '
develop a tractive power of 55,000
All of the new engines are to be
equipped with the latest N improved
mechai ical Gtokers, power reverse
gears, thermic siphons in fire box
and other modern improvements.
for you when you equip your car
with our made to order storage bat
tery. You start right, you light right,
you spark right, you are right when
you have a home made battery work
ing on your car. Seeing is believing.
J benefited by its use."

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