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Saves the Surface
Our Paper Is the Best
Saves the Surface
Our Paper Is the Best
Onion City Commercial, established 18'0
West Tennessee Courier, established 1897 i Consolidated September 1, 1897
VOL. 32, NO. 36
i ; i ' : i
Below is given the note that was
Yitea by the citizens 01 union
"y for $100,000 in order that the
.amber of Commerce might have
the proper backing for the signing of
the contract with the Brown Shoo
Co. This note was signed almost
unanimously uy everyone iu wuum
it was presented, and in the entire
business part of Union City the com
mittee met with only five refusals
to sign.
By reading this list you can read
ily see who really underwrote the
deal between the Brown Shoe Com
pany and the people of Union City.
Unquestionably there was quite a
number in Union City who would
have signed this but did not have
the oppoitunity.
This is the biggest thing of its
kind that was(ever put over in Obion
County, and we want you to read
the list below so that you may know
who the underwriters are.
The following is the note, and the
names of the signers: WHEREAS:
The citizens of Union City and com
munity have made pledges and sign
ed their notes covering the same to
the extent of approximately $103,
900.00, as a bonus fund to the Brown
Shoe Co., of St. Louis, Missouri, to
induce said company to locate a shoe
factory in Union City, Tenn., to be
operated by them for a period of at
least ten years with a payroll aggre
gating at least $1,250,000.00 for
said ten year period, and whereas, of
the above pledges there has been
paid in cash, and in demand note:
which are regarded as absolutely
good, approximately $40,000.00 and
$45,000.00 more of said pledges are
regarded as first class, and will be
paid within a period of four months,
leaving a balance of said subscrip
tions amounting to $18,900.00 in
paper which we believe will be paid,
but which is not bankable, and
whereas, we desire to see the con
tract with the Brown Shoe Company
closed and the location of said fac
tory assured to Union City, and de-
-sire that the Chamber of Commerce
of Union City sign and execute a
contract with said Brown Shoe Com
pany guaranteeing the payment of
$100,000.00 bonus to the said Shoe
Company within four months from
the execution of said contract, and
further guaranteeing the conveyance
to said Shoe Company of a free site
for the location of said factory. Nov
therefore, in order to secure said fac
tory, and in order to enable the
Chamber of Commerce, thru its le
gal officers, to execute said contraci
and carry out same, and in consider
ation of the premises and the niutua'
promise of each other, we the under-
Formalities and Functions Attending the
Signing of Contract Leasing of
Temporary Office Quarters.
Over two hundred business men of Union City have enter
ed into a contract with the Brown Shoe Company of St. Louis
for a branch shoe factory in Union City, plans, specifications,
etc., having heretofore been set forth in this paper, following
completion last week of the subscription campaign, which to
taled $103,900. Report was made, and on Wednesday morn
ing the president of the Brown Shoe Co., E. R. McCarthy,
vice president, Geo. Coslow, Al. Herron, Al. Oeggetter and
H. L. Tomes were here to close the contract, which was done
with the usual legal formalities and safeguards.
Mr. Thomas J. Manahan, superintendent of construction, was also a
member of the party arriving this week in Union City for the preliminary
arrangements, including selection of a site and making requisition of
building materials. It is understood that work on the factory buildings
will begin at once, and possibly foundation work will begin in the course
of a few days.
UNION CITY HONOR ROLL. signed citizens, and residents of Obi
on County, Tennessee, by our signa
tures hereto, do hereby agree and
bind ourselves, and our legal repre
sentatives, to stand our prorata part
of any shortage that might result in
the aforesaid pledges, that is to say,
we agree, in proportion to the num
ber of solvent signers hereto, to pay
our pro rata of any balance on said
subscriptions which remain unpaid
after their maturity and which can
not be collected by law, and by the
execution of thi3 paper, we author
ize and direct the Chamber of Com
merce to enter into said contract
with the Brown Shoe Company, and
this paper may be used by said Cham
ber of Commerce dnd attached to the
contract which they make with the
said Brown Shoe Company, as a guar
antee of the faithful performance of
said contract on the part of said
Chamber of Commerce. Executed in
duplicate thic 24th November, 1922.
R. H. Rust, H. M. Oliver, A. F.
Tittsworth, E. P. Grissom, Hunter
Elam, Co rum & Jackson (by Z. V.
Corum), M. A. Blanton, J. W. Woos
ley, W. M. Turner, W. A. Nailliug,
Reagor Motlow, W. E. Hudgins, C.
E. Beck, Ira Park, J. P. Verhine, J.
R. Cunningham, Henry P. Moss, C.
L. Andrews, Chas. Dietzel, H. B.
Horner, R. M. Jackson, B. P. How
ard, C. T. Moss, Harry O. Vincent,
S. G. Carmen, M. A. Kaufman, T. R.
Meadow, VV. H. Forrester, S. L. Ca
ruthers, R. R. Rose, W. I. Garrett,
E. T. Mitchell, N. L. Varnell, H. E.
Howard, Sam H. Byer, A. E. Kirk
land, S. Sutherland, Richard Se-
mones, G. W. Phebus, Jr., J. G. Es
cue, O. Beckham, J. J. Miller, Ben B.
Hughes, W. T. Witherington, Paul
Wiley, Jr., J. A. May, T. E. Mar
shall, Hunt Roper, Mrs. J. J. Miller,
Forrester & Darnell (by Reb Forres
ter), W. T. Harris, I. S. Kirby, E.
E. Dildine, J. N. Tune, Youree & Co,
(by W. S. Godwin), W. M. Walden,
C. L. Harris, T. L. Lancaster, W. T.
Gray, E. B. Webb, R. D. Kerr, Enloe
Chiles, J. B. Clayton, F. C. Wilson
R. T. Roberts, Jeff Bowden, A. C
Monrotus, A. L. White, A. S. Curry,
J. N. Bramham, G. F. Schleifer, F.
E. Arnn,.Obrien Horner, W. H. Wal
ker, E. K. White, J. S.. O'Sullivan,
J. B. Waddell, R. B. MHner, W. J.
Edwards, Jr., W. E. Whitson, J. A.
Howard, J. A. Ratliff. J. N. Ruddle,
J. W. Cherry, Elva Caldwell. G. C.
Cloys, R.C. W cds, G. D. Clark. Robt.
Fry, C. C. Conn, A; L. Cox. F.- E.
Ranek, Reece Alexander, C. V. Jones,
W. L. White, R. G. Latimer, II. W.
Quails, R. E. White, A. M. Humphrey,
F. C. Wehman, J. D! Hubbs, Clan
Wehman, Roy C. Wehman, Howell
Dransford, R. B. Marshall, J. Walker
Kerr, H: A. Beck, Birdie Caruthers,
L. Garth, E. H. Lannom, J. A.
Whipple, A. C. Houser, Dixon Wil
liams,' W. B. Crenshaw, R. A. Par
due, T. R. Massey, Conrad Wuench,
C. H. Corum, D. P. Caldwell, Mar
shall & Baird, Brody Bros., Harpole-
Walker Furniture Co. (by Whitesell
Harpole), O. L. Dalton, R. F. Lid
dcll, R. A. Vincent, Ellis Park, Fred
Nailling, Chas. Keiser, Rcsena Law
rence, R. C. Hamilton, McAdoo Coal
Co. (by W. H. McAdoo), McAdoo-
Waddell-Kelly (by W. H. McAdoo),
C. G. Guill, Mary Bird Pursley, Union
City Lumber Co., C. 3. Talley, Jr.,
Ed Dietzel, E. B. Council, H. H. Has
ler, A. Ratliff, C. M. Burchard, Shatz
Bros, (by Dave Shatz), Martha Ken
ny, Laura Lancaster, W. G. Clagett,
L. H. McAdoo, Thad D. Lee, Gerald
Woosley, Sam Woosley, R. C. Jack
son, Oliver Bros. (by Herman Oliver),
G. B. White, J. C. McRee, W. L. Bry
an, Walker L. Martin, Mrs. F. E.
Arnn, Joe Rodgers, D. W. Glenn, E.
P. Waddell, J. T. Pruett, A. E. Nich
ols, Hubert Vaught, T. L. Jordan, W.
W. Lovelace, R. V. French, W. W.
Heathcock, Robert Alexander, Ches
ter Craig, P. J. Wiley, S. T. Denton,
J. C. Burdick, Arthur Stephens, W.
M. Stephens, J.F. Roper, Sion White,
W. F. Tate, I. L. Crowell, J. A. Prie
to, J. F. Semones, Jr, F. B. Caldwell,
J. W Woodard, W E. Walters, Mrs.
W. E. Walters, Mrs. W. P. Nash, V.
E. White, E. L. Gish, L. G. Johnson.
A. O. Hale, Will M. Nailling, R. F.
Tisdale, Alwyn Brevard, Sidney All- j
mond, W. J. Hopper, G. H. Niles, F.
W. Watson, R. M. Whipple, C. H.
Cobb, H. A. Crow, T R. Reynolds, N.
N. Bourne, J. W. Bell, W. E. Jack
son, J. V. Averitt, C. T. Lovelace,
R. L. Wilson, Harris Parks, C. W.
Miles, Jr.
Discussion of Elementary Work
Thorough Study of Rudiments.
Plans for Protecting Public Interests
Present and Future.
The organization of the Chamber
of Commerce of Union wity was ef
fected last Friday night at the court
house. Under the charter the pres
ident, vice president and board of
directors were elected a3 follows:
R. H. Rust, president; H. M. Ol
iver, vice president; directors: A. F.
Tittsworth, C. L. Andrews, W. M.
Turner, C, IT. Cobb, T. R. Meadow,
W. E. Hudgins, Hugh Smith. Trus
tees as follows were also elected:
Hunter Elam, Harris Parks, H. A.
The object of the organization is
to further the promotion of public
enterprise in Union City and to take
care of the rnfinifhed business now
in the hands of the shoe factory or
ganization . The Chamber of Com
merce is to take the place of the tern
porary organization which conduct- done, referring to Stone's Reasoning
The Obion County Teachers' Asso
ciation had a very pleasant and sue
cessful meeting at Cloverdale School
the 25th inst. The Cloverdale, Un
ion and Elbridge schools, which have
all the children from the fifth grad
up taught at Cloverdale, had a fairly
good representation of the patrons at
the meeting. The patrons of these
districts are greatly interested in
their schools and they have been sup
plementing the regular school funds
for the past two years to the amouni
of about $1200 each yea.
The invocation was given by Rev
B. A. Walker and Mr. L. D. Williams
told the Association and the patrons
"What the Teacher May Do to Ob
tain Co-operation of the Communi
ty." Prof. Hilliard, who wa3 to dis
cuss this topic, was unable to attend.
Mr. S. C. Finch discussed "How to
Teach Fi act ions," and he gave some
valuable help on this topic. This is
a very important topic in the teach
er's work and only last week' one of
the county teachers told me that she
had to turn an arithmetic class back
in order that the class may lean
fractions. Of course the class is los
ing time because it did not master
fractions while it was going over
them last year, but as a matter of
fact the class must know fracti ns.
This only emphasizes the fact that
the teachers should have their claswes
master wTiat work the classes go over,
even though progress may be slow.
Miss Beatty, of the Normal, ably
discussed "The Teaching of Phonet
ics," and if there were any elementa
ry teachers any ways near Clo
verdale who were not there, they
were not where they should have
been, unless valid reasons kept them
away. Miss Beatty brought out the
fact that when a child learns a let
ter he should be taught to use it;
that old sounds should bo reviewed
and only one new sound 'aught per
day; that the teacher should not un
dertake to teach the child diacritica
marks until the child is in or past
the fourth grade; that phonetics
should not be mixed with reading;
that the teacher should never
the child more help than is needed;
and the speaker touched on other
points that are every day experiences
in the teacher's work.
Mr. Jones talked on "How the Pu
pil's Progress May Be Measured,"
and some one remarked that his ad
dress indicated preparation. He gave
some plans ea to how this may be
ticipate in the games, that it tended
to keep the pupils in school. Mr.
Cravens told of the benefits of the
Special Taxing District at Rives and
that the school had been greatly
helped by it and that the great ma
jority of the people of the district
are highly pleased with the school.
The County Association Is and will
be just what the teachers make it.
No enterprise can be greater than the
promoters of it and may the teachers
enroll, pay their dues, respond when
they are put on the program by the
Program Committee when the
Ludie Cunningham; Oak Ridge, Miss
Mamie Easterwood;Polk, Mrs. Louise
Andrews, Miii3 Louisa Peery; Ken
ton, J. M. Debow, Misses Minnie
Belle Holmes, Gertrude Stovall; Dix
ie, L. D. Williams; Elbridge, Mrs.
Lucile Maloney; Cloverdale, R. J.
Glover, Mrs. R. J. Glover, J. D.
Smith; Rives, W. II. Cravens, Mrs.
W. H. Cravciw, Mrs. Roscoc Kitchell;
Glass, J. if. Stover, Miss Rachel
Smith, Ivie Graham; South Fulton,
H. L. Jones, Misses Mary Holland,
Lena Stokes, Lela Block, Flora Lew-
y pos- i; Ilnrnor's Vallev. "!i f.illinn nr.
sibly can, attend every meeting they ker; Union City, Misses Jessie Stone
can, and every teacher make himself Cassie Hamilton; Training School.'
a i;uiui im.ee 01 one to neip lor ward
the educational work of the county.
The following teachers were pres
ent: Community Pride, C. F. Fow
ler; Woodland Mills, W. B. Forres
ter; Bethel, Harry Hayes; Hornbeak,
S. C. Finch, Misses Annie B. Wil
liams, Zelma Moultrie; McAnna, Mrs.
Airs, hudie Caruthers Burnett.
Very truly,
Paris. A Gipsy girl cairying a
basket of fish through the street wa3
attacked by more than 200 cats and
seriously injured.
ed the shoo factory campaign. It is
a legally constituted body which cau
transact business for the city, giv
ing its attention to matters that are
not within the city charter to be han
dled by the Board of Mayor and Al
dermen. It i3 intended to work in
harmony and co-operate with the
Board of Mayor and Aldermen in fur
thering the general public interests
of the city.
A very important feature of the
organization will be the election of
a secretary pnd general representa
tive. This secretary will be a salaried
man to give give his time to the office
and to the public interests of Union
City. He wiji have the most responsi
ble position of the organization, and
upon him will depend in a large
measure the failure or success of th?
organization and also at the same
time the interests of Union City in
the industrial and commercial world.
Therefore trie importance of select
ing the right man.
A conynitteo on by laws to draft
suitable rules of action and govern
ment was appointed as follows: H.
M. Oliver, W.E. Hudgins, LI. A. Blan
ton, Chas. Dietzel, E. P. Grissom.
Optimists All.
"A man should always be hopeful
sna courageous."
"We are," replied actus Joe. "Ev
ery man in Crimson Gulch keeps on
playin' poker to the end of his days." Jen. that a required grade should be
Washington Star. jmade by the rupil before he may par-
Tests, the Minimum Essentials, Odin'
Group Tests, and the finding of the
pupil's I-Q. The speaker brought out
the fact that the normal child's I-Q
is from 90 to 112 and that the meas
uring of the child's' mentality is dis
placing the examination test.
Mr. E. P. Smith, of Martin, was
unable to appear on the program be
cause his car gave out soon after he
started from home and he telephoned
that he could not be present. Mis
Allen was unable to be present and
help Mr. Finch in the discussion of
The next meeting will be the 16th
of December at the South Fulton
School. There were five teachers
from the South Fufton School present
at thi1 meeting and the fact that
these teachers made a trip from the
northeast corner of the county to
the southwest corner, a distance of
4S miles, shows what we can do when
we want to. There were many othe
teachers from a loag distance too
and it speaks well for the loyalty
and effort of the teachers.
In the absence of Mr. Smith Mr.
Cravens talked on "Where the Line
Should Be Drawn in tle Use of Ath
letics in the School and the Value of
a Special Taxing District." Ho be
lieved 'thct athletics is essential in
iiirjh s( iicol, that it should not br-
overdivne and that too much time of
il.e regular work should not be tali-
Do you want a position with
the Brown Shoe Co,, in
their Union City Plant?
If so, make your application to me at
once in writing.
Onion City, Tennessee.
R. H. RUST, -
1 1 jy''''"'"''""'"""'1 imiiii'i hm urn i m iiiwii mi, mi mm imwnw mmiw. j j j
tL:.':.-. . 'Vf-r
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pky 595 Xi
"iMl?51 F--- III
, . r$i W . DETROIT
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I I :rr
III P I,, i..r i- -;ff t 1 - 1 k1'jlH.vj..ri-4...--3f llII
1 ill 1 xf--- --ill
I I VitVi ita monxr xr rt- I i I
I ill! fmempnt nnri fwn mnrp
I . . . I I
I I complete equipment, at no 1 1 j
.11 extra cost to vou. the b ord i l l
J ' ... ..
I III 1 aeqan is now more man 1
I ever the world s greatest I
I I I 1 i I IS
1 jig cnciuseu car vaiuc xii.i.i. i,ig
1 II , . I: 1
1 HI 11 aesirea. K m
jijll R. H. HUST liijj
I Ua Authorized Ford Dealer. Phone 400. , f , j
E !!J i-vmv riTV TPVV l ,'
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