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CJI ni r
HUUBfftt W
JaelrPicItford in "Little Shepherd of (ingdcm Come" at Mauley Friday fi Saturday
tmm. DE4.0K 13
C3r CHAPTER U. 0. C.
GMU JUDE 15-20.
Lkson Ooeotty
fiit wk will b marked iili
tfacomwDcerjDateieclea o' bc-ih
Dickaoa Central High tkbool o I
OakBVWf Urammar. (kbu!. lb
areata pruning to t oloe t nD-t
tttccaaafat terra to each lorltutioi
. It ihkl their MmuwucrnniU tirt
tb time wtk, both acboilt b
eo-opertUd with tbe other in r
ranging tbeir oUrtttnmrDt n it i.r
Oa Monday afternoon at 1.0'
o'clock, an ethibitioa ol th rk
done by lb pupil of Otk-n.m will
take pltre
Monday wight th Cipreenio (
partmaat ol Central High di ol
lib Mr i Jot B. VtYaen directr,
will git their iu4tutli.il program
Tueaday olgbt. ftnl I). I, Swank
U to preteat Ml Mry Kjdor
Roc lulu and Virginia Bll Vt
r n1 Mr Clinton Holt togrido
lloo recital to muic at Cntrl Hi
auditorium. u
W'dndy night at I o'clock, th
primary and iulrmdiate gr le ol
Oakiuout Hchool-will prQl ao
opprtt, "Who Polly WaQieea
ol lb My." An almiim pi S-,
45c toil' tic Will be charge'd
Thurtdty night t 8 o clock, the
graduation aefci of'Dit kvn High
Hcbool will ocrur, when da ol
4ty-Blle'"'-U 4ft H the hr-
tory of thi . titf tillLup,? hit. it.
I h cln ttic'ti'1
Kutb Mclreary
ated diplomaa
Jut Adair
Virginia Boyt
."Maul Boyte
Kate Corblo
Day Irrantoo.,
Don freeman
klOdl (ialeBOod
.It HlPl
Ruth Harm
Qleun Lock
Faoul leather
Maml Leech
Clarka Leech
Kliaa Miller
-Mtrtret Morrow
FJ(mi. Pauereoo
Hart Payne
Kudora Kocheil
. . .W'altou . tthwUy
Nina Maud Hbrlluo
Winuifred btltou
Henry Hy
Tom Mugn
Lucili) Tipton
Th SfV ruitlD ol "Old Uitk 1 Tbt irmUlib! coaMly lrst.
oty Qi)t." V. V. C . blil rrtiakJif EkwisiM, holt Mtntsb
WdoMJtv tltfrnooa of lt k ' Band ol tpiriud Ctotrtl Atsiio
ah Mr W. AT Moot 44 bu hoa,iotticitaa; Uetar ol tiatly
ci Co!lft Huttt. Mrf, W, U4i'Kfi McJ
MtsMatri pr.iidia otM.th mttjoi,tovjifibi .
TbicrtUry. Mr U A. KWydco., asot tixlttl ttrtioo which ul
ppr Mr t th bin IrJ lUptth
Chuiqa trbifb pfn Iborvdty,
Jod II tad toBtieo .v B dy.
Tb New Eagltai Qajrtrt oa th
ftrii hrrnooo vill b b r1 id
grind concert I hi orgtaiutioa
teatoro oa ol th bt tdog lor
dl.iI foice tntrpred ub capital
hinder iccpertonatioo and mono
Folhiog a ptalo it by tb tiftt
in t'; eo.'nf. li A. Coni
til liter l i ieBrkibly iotmtt
leg t,l UoJer tb Pai ol
tin- R jmi.o Hear " M (on fit.
hi i a trareUr, lectorei and
tboUr. rcJjUy l yri is
Rou tod Siberia
lb AUaander Trio, priltr o-
lrtiuii)ot cotcptiiy prentioa
Mary Lch Loggiu Anna Walkar
lioooi Warren
On Friday night In Eighth tirade
tradoation eaercie at Oakmoot
will tk place, Tb lrci will '
conit ol oration by pupil tod an
aiidret dy Rev. Atbrt Kller, pa
tor ol First Prnabytrriao Church at
thi plart . Muio will be lurnlhrd
by tha Vandvrbilt Uuirity Orcbe.
tra( and an admleaion le ol ISc,
a&o and 60c will be charged. Col
Pitt Henlee, chairman ol the City
Board ol Education, will preernt
tba diplorxan to the clae. which
number over lorty.
i- I lb oiinnU ol tb Utt mM
ing which itaod approed. Pb
read rt cottieBUoication ol
ircpitia'. , !lr which deleiitf
wr rr tinted to attend tb ritate
t' . I) C Conntioo. which inu
n ChttalK.t Vy 10th to ! t' i
tr MeMurry wa trted delegtt
f id Mr laydfa alttrnat.
A cowiu!t!ee horn local Cbabr
t'oiaiuerv;. compod oJ Urn
H A Ptyton. P. Vin, C M
VVynn, letter Rogr I'. I t'own
od A Meadow. titl 'r,.
thrt" ktng their fo p-iti .i;
by (Tonni tb ' no lem" l
wbii h tb chapter beftU,V fldwd
Alter roll rail. Mr 0 L.'B vjIdm
took charge ol tha program. A
lueeiinatif ojli Koutleru Hiatory
w condu'.td ?y Mr ChYt. Badge
Mu Kat McMurry lord lb
ujember and gueat with vrl
lo" 'A prr oil 'the HV,',,f' ib.
t'ouffdern v. ' by Mr C'lrlon
Minith n tery intereoting Mi
Alin Fntreit yiolin lction w
mui ettjoted arw 'n tfr tcsl
,u'unb,M, .'.'C.fT Me Bark .IflvOi
Virginvi" eong by Mr Clrd l
Delxi. o relre tirunt we'e ei?
d by lb bol. ai(td by Me
d (i) Kngeo Payti. Melvtn Hoi
Uo-d;-tlrr RoHjeVs-ahd Mi"Ariiie
Mudim.??-:".- t---v '..-i-s .
The itorn prent . wa Mr
Otto, Jolio. Kiogaton spring', Me
dartiee j ACleweut. W.. L Tolk
Leaier koger, C'h. McMurry, C
I) Frptrem and Mie Aline
Mr W. H. MrMurry will be tha
hovteM lof the Juu meeting with
Memtaruea Cha Badge ind Fred
BeaUy a a committee to call the
Do You Neod GUssts?
I( o, you need W)r)i one!
It will not iio " to buy neap
l Hecauw thrv diauit
lb rav of light, duturb tb
angle of vmmi. and cue
cacpMiv Hoik of the MitnaiK
Give voui ee tbe care
the deeeive, or regret it
(lra1i4e'KlM'r'd 0(4oMrM
In New (Quarter!.
On My 15, I will open my new
place ol buineM( located ou the
railroad lot near depot where I will
he pleaeed to b my ilnend call
and ee tii.
My aim. In tb future. ha been
in the pt. i to conduct tba
boiioe ia a fret c!a ordr and
give evaryone a tquare deal.
la connection with the restaurant
butine 1 will hre a firt -claa
od fountain, cigar, tohacco and
everything to be found io a Artt
cln rle lor It lie and gent
J r Holier
l ight Ulooci.
When in ned of
globee. rail W H
lev tii lia. and they
eledfiC light
Alio.k. tity
i I b d-
iveed tl oor
ol huin
r-iden; or p'ac
Watch ftHtbe Frt
Will Buy at tiie RockV)ttomx
Price Any Time!
Arrange to Borrow the Money at
3 Percent for Eight Years
and Pay the Cash!
Wc trill take plctmirc in tthowini you
cur plan, which are imple
and eaijr undcritood
Great Northern Loan & Savings Co.
A. E. MimCHISON. General Aent
Over Crtviem National Pank. DuLeon, Tnn
H. E. Andenon, Local Afcnt, Charlotte Tenn-
novel and artltic iolrumeo
number, character "tketcbae, and
oog, on the tecond dv will giv
4 graod'eoni'err ill' tb "affarOociq
and a prelud at niaM tht Trio
ettnre meloly tod fun to ataotr
abl prorvrtion
- Ffartk Ittnti, troiTietrt- pnblteitt
t .. Nf.ttrii, - if peAr-.TTi '- ' tb
ncond nibt, (peak nn "Tb Io
lipenab!a Tool of Democracy. '
Mr Ihioa i an ioclaiv. brilliant,
hurftor'a pkr who ' prevent
lgtite-mmentaarid aoebrt problnui
sitiwHi Virly ' n d 1 i iu m W 4 if ngfy"
Tb Zedeler Symphonic Qnntet.
appearing on tb third day. ia aa
organuation of Mitt rank , . artil
maeiciana They employ a cello,
two violin, a piano, and a read
rgan in their delightful iotrprla
tiou ol tb muic ul lb maiteri.
oprtno n-loa upplroeot tha in
irumental aelaction oo iheir ei
caption! program. Tb Zedlr
gtv a graod concert in tba alter
ooon and a prelud at night
Oranrille Jone. Incpiring or atot
and thorough vtodeot ol prBt
lay aocial phenomena, on tha third
night will present one ol hi grtattat
! lure. 'Tba Creed ol America."
Ml. Jonea leave a dialloct inaprfM
ion on every community.
FarnUhingtha Horn ReautiluU '
tt diKueeed by Kwin W , Uiungtt,
othoiity on Interior dacuralloot
ill be tb onoeoallv iatereating
program (fern,g ol the fourth after
noon. Mr. Tnang! will deecrib
and eibibit on the tg attractive,
ineipeneiv ineipenitve loUriota,
ud will conduct a quetioo boa
at tbe cloee p( bia lecture,, diat uig
mlividoal problem of hoo furn
On tbe hurtb ntgbt rtma
Friendly Kneruie.' an oproarioo
omedy drama whoee plot grow
lut o the conviction of two lif
long friend Aodiew tn all
part of the t'nited State have
tlternately laogbed and wept over
tht wtl known i-omfy uccea
It will be prot4 -hy a ca nl
eicrptionally competent New York
On the lt afternoon FYttienn
Kline will give a coautrtKttv ad
dree "Wbut Otn Yon Ihmk When
Yoo Thiak? ' Miv Kline i an
aftfinf fakat of tbe h)fbet type.
On the at night will b presented
tb b:g raufical novrlty ftQre of
th l'hnttuu a graod concert
hy $oh Marimba Band of Central
American They will fet'.ure both
rlaeaical ind popular mie oa a
bug ocanmba an Altec iotromot
ptble of aoalmoat inlnita variety
4 orrhetrl ef! cta Tb band will
t.i gir a hort cooceti preceding
Mr. Flint a l tare ia th afternoon
In ccor lnc with lb long at and
ttg policy ol Ripatb Bureau, a
recinl tory hour w,lf ba jcnndoeted
ch mrniof or afternoon for tb
children A tbooaghlj trained
yoeng womaa will have charge of
tin ". Tt atortea wilt Pro
an unfailing delight to tb youngster
1 -
Votwrrte Plot kg it 20c.
All oett week I will tell concret
bWtat l each They are re
dared fom Ix. Vacb ft me if
j-tj ced rty the to try ht
le !I(B(Hlf
FOR f ALI -!C leel Floor ?how
cie Or'y been od abut tbr-ee
.On avatt T aead I aJtaraooa. baaw-
bkll Ian dots will ha offered tha o
i,artitnity ol Mtog what will, nt
dcaU. wutrtval anylhiag r!ll oiT
t McKeguii Park tbia taaaoa. whew
t) Afrmtt " rpfe.veott6g thf
local Cbamber ol Carametc ti up
dth the - Lion" ia a gtma of thrtl
lg ball, tha cbalUeg having been
Latued by tha Chamber to tha Lion
Hob at a meeting ol tha Director
bald at Hotel Grayttoee Moadkjr al
Urnoca and tha tame beieg prompt
ly accepted
Tha gam ia belag played for th
baecSt el Colon Cemetery, tba pro-
eaadt dented from tame to ha oaed
ia bttotifvtcg our ' atleat city ol
tha dead. ' and tha project a pro-
mlgaled by tb local Cbambar el
Cammarc aad th Lion Club
hould receir tb tapport horn not
ooly thoee who enjoy rl hateball
tprt but from vr.y clttaes of th
town and adjoiamg community who
ia latere led at heart in "our
bady'a latt retting pUce."
Ia tha lin op of both club will
be, teea torn of our bt t
leigurwt" mea who ia recent year
mda iliikjoo ''la'moaj'lt ber'airobg
baaahall club With tb material
trtllable. it la tmpoaatbla- hr any
eqe to pick the wiener, aa etroog
Ka will dor! th uniform from' ootn
For the Cbtmher ol Commerc.
f reel! en' H T. Cowan, aa manager
ha atlecled H. A. Peyjoo to rap
Ula-tha " All Btan With tba lol
itftogl.yifa who bjR,ibwJjiy.a wiJiw,
twet tha "fioo't tail" ootil they
fal io defeat. Frank Hall, tJeocge
Dividaoo, Jim Dea. Will Forter.
SUyifro.rJllPt. JobQ Leather., Hary1
Uttbera. Chat. McMurry. J. H
rttu. Lbarite fty. jona wnon
Charlie Griftin. Will Polk. Fred
El nd Will Meadow.
fr. Hart well Wravar. aa preerdent
oltha Uon Clrh. will pilot hit
tetm at mtntger, ind he alao leal
coaldeot that th Lioo will be
rutnog victotioaWy when ,h latt
ball i caagbt. Th following will
bold down infield poitioa on bit
team' Ller Roger, W. O Htk.
R M. Burrut, Hagh Wyona. Harry
Wjnn and Clyde mil, with B C.
Clone, Rye Letch and W.A. Parker
io ihe outfield Ah Crow and Billie
Clement are utility men .
Tba CM.nleit will b called at 9W
o'clock, and the fmall admiaaion
pni ol 2V and lAc will be charged
al furttatile. Fre Jitney aernce
fron Cnllint' corner to tbapark will
b kad Tbi errita of coaveniano
ia tetng given to tccomnodate tbe
adea and women who would lik
t Und '
let ll go ari abow our inrereet
in 8i9 welfare of Union prjoelry
and that not all, yoo wij enioy
eve-y mint :e of th game. Be there'
M.m Ruth Htrrli In Rtcffil
The Eipremoo Department of
Central High School, with Mr Jo
B, Veem direttreae, prwawata Mia
F.ulh Harn ia Dickana' ' Chnatma
Carol " tooighl fThorfayi at High
cbo au titsirlom. The genertl
puWic roedial'y invited to atieod
no HotteetOO
. ;. -: Notice: "
Tj cnmmiM aothortd by tb
CUv Cminril to toreetttale tbe
nrdr ittmned lt week in retard te
clftsiat op thr prmit and alley
ol Ike tswn. rport tht th vdwr
hat not bea rtrried out very
gnral If thi it tot doo at once
other ttef and method wilt have
to h takes to that everyone
compile with the order, a the
tnwt raavt be cleaned up. If you
hvi't already given enor prmie
a thorough cleaning, do a) at once
J T. Horiavt Mayor.
Hens, 18c
Sat'day, May 1 3
The Litt Car Th it Sea ion.
Peyton Produce Co.
Dk Cawtial High cIoaedthii
ataaoo't achedtle a lar a home
ft met art cecer4 at McKeatte
a'k lat tiatarday ahereooa with
a tignal eictory em Waverly High
cbol. tba acort fcaiag 7 aad 4.
At aa etponatnt, D. H 8 pre
teated iaite a dsferent appear tor
la lm up. ertry rata Meg abilled
to a aw potitioa. with tha atctp
tion ol Kd cVott at third bate and
Chapman a', thortaed tbe team
wMked aa tf they had ba accu
tomed t tb new lnstioe, too,
tba naly tbtoa to Bear tha casta!
beieg tba tltppery diamond lathe
hot for D H 3 wai Chokta Lock
hJ pitched ia forpa eoal to hi
fielJiBg ability He allaved b
vim or coly tt hit and atrbek out
eight men naitb tr Wttetlj Hi
allowed th local eiebt hit Hoi
lowiy lettured is D. H H .tettmg
two hit He tlo oacoraed
doubl play unMitd Th f r
Mr.'Wbitrlord R, CoU peUtet
ol tbe J C. A Pt. LHy . hat ac
vaplwd aa inyttatioa to con to
Dtckaoa weft Monday sigtH aid
deltrer m addrea, (ba eetott
beiag lb reguUr raoethly meeting
ol the Chamber cd Coraaaetre
Mr. IVle i a forcelal pke
and, ao doabt. will brief to o a
mattagw that wi!l be of great
ioterett to all and it ia hoped thai
every rttttea of Dicktoa aad ur.
rounding fommoaity, both mea
tod wooecr-will await themaelte
of thi Cfrortuoitv to bear bin
Betide Mr. Col' addrwrt, there
will be errerM ether trtt wtrg
n!)anbr np on th program
Ha doo'i ftrget neat M Mntay
eight at o'clock in tb Arnnta
UImi Hall.
Hooper Sb
Momt. lb .
Lirten - -. . .
Bell, lb
Na!ia c f
Cowan, r I ...
CirroU, H
KiditY c':.
Smith, p ...
Total ... 29
'." r w t " i.w. ".
Chapman, .... 4
Bryan. 1 1 I
Matthew, I f ... I
W arren, r I - .-.. 1
Donegaa. c f - ... I
W. Bcott, lb I
Holloway, lb 1
Leech, i h . I
Corbin c 1
C fcott I
Hcora by inoing:
Waverly Hi S 9 0 0 1 00-4
Dioaaoa Hi 0 1 r? 0 0 t-T
OfHcitl: Umpire Htk nd
McMurry; .rorer- Matthew.
lickon dmpped he game pld
her tbe dy b.ir with Central Hi
by a 9 and 8 eccre 1 be Un al de
feat wa gto (Unbilled to error
7 being chalked up agaii1 them.
hil only on error wa oedltect
againet the vititor Bryto pitched
a fairly good game for iHckeon. but
became wneteady at ttm allowing
bia man to walk at a time when
rune mot -mwA 'tteitkl .1 he.
local tout bed Bratton for 9 bit
Warrn featuring with a r,r of
tafetiet, one of which wta a preltj
two bagger to jnt',eld
The Irn al Hi go to Nrhi!l
Fndty for a retnrn gtm llii t' b
tbeir Iat cetn or tb atn
Nance H'lwet poto lip o
rdy Dick o (irertioe
Toth Tnblic fho ttb-
I to in receipt if a letter Irora ...
?ti Hupettntrndent J H frown
udi that the tit Ftarohationa
ftr lcber wl be held 1hnrday
ed' Phaf,-.Mty-''ffKih- tlid' vfta
lltl and FrMav and Saturday July
7tb, and ftth, 1911
Krry tchr who deeire to
leicb thi'yr"botild tat on of
tbear" eiifr)tion. arid ' rAtk "an
effort to get on tb eligible Utt
Let me init that you Itk th
flrat taminatlon, Tboredtv and
Mlday, May and lttb,v
Howi,t iin n iinrinin miftni
Ilka In elect teacher before the
Julv etaruioatloo ctuld.be betrd
Thoe who deeire to take thi i
amination bouli rch Chtrlotla
not lr lbn It o clock. Thuttday,
May 2th, 1911, il you deeir to
tak tb egtminitiott ia Dtrkacn
Count v.
Thi May P, 1977
K. K Crwlaw Co upt.
Saturday May 0th
I the laet dy yon nan '' trri'
I'lHore mde A lir V Come
erljr. Cook' llio
fickeoi, Ircn
FOR etdlB-No I underwood
Itftewnler pur tii aMv new and In
g Hxl conditio) F further infor
mation ee or cU E I Burrb,
(Virka'tn. II
- in-
f.fnlteH P4fea I
Accept nc aul'tifule -gel the
genuine tith crown and Itbel
rn every bortle
Chero tela Rotfllng Co.
nc io tioh
PMw 7 fbr HJ
i. u
Any Kind Any Amount
Delivered Anytchere
Prompt, Courteous Service.
Let LJs Quote You! -
H. T. Cowan Lumber Co.
Retail Prpaiiosent.
cctbi WiH 11 cheap.
Hifir'i Bikary,

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