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Read what Paris people think of Rexall Kid
ney Remedy. You take no risk! Kirk's Drug
Store makes a generour offer. You should
read every word of this: r
Dr. Sam Caldwell
I have found Rexall Kid
ney Remedy to benefit me
more than any medicine I
"have ever taken, and I
highly recommend it to
any one suffering with a
Kidney or Bladder trouble
Very Respt.,
S. H. Caldwell.
Dr. Chas. E. Stokes
This is to certify that I
have used Rexall Kidney
Remepy in my family with
fins results. Have used
quite a number of the
Rexall . Remedies with
equally good results and
knowing the formulas and
how they are made, I un
hesitatingly recommend
them to my friends and
acquaintances in Paris.
Chas. E. Stokes.
After taking three $1.00
bottles of Rexall Kidney
Remedy, I have not had
the least trouble with my
kidneys or bladder. I have
'THE young man
who knows what's
what in styles, value,
appearance wears
a Stetson as a matter
of course
We pride ourselves
on the completeness of
out 'Stetson stocks
feature the new devel
opments while they are
new and do a big busi
ness in Stetsons.
An hour's visit with
our Stetson department
is .time well spent.
Come visit us a while.
SSon & VanCIeavc Co.
.We are located right here
where you live.' Therefore it
stands to reason we ' could not
afford to make any misleading
statements to you, because, if
for no other reason, our busi
ness depends entirely upon your
patronage. Our whole , business
success is founded on the serv
ice we render you and your con
fidence in us. Therefore, when
we tell you we have a kidney
remedy that we are certain will
effect positive relief, and that
we endorse it with our own per
sonal promise that it shall cost
the user nothing if it fails to do
as we claim, or for any reason
does not prove entirely satisfac
tory; we feel that you should be
lieve our statement and not hesi
tate to try it at our risk.
We know that Rexall Kidney
Remedy is. unexcelled. We
know all about this preparation,
what it contains, how it is made,
and that it cures where other
medicines fail. It contains - in
gredients which assist and bene
fit the several organs closly al
lied to the kidneys, and has a
pronounced therapeutic value for
toning and strengthening the
kidneys, bladder and intestines.
It has a diuretic and tonic ef
fect, and is designed to act as a
stimulant to the whole genito
nary tract.
If you are affected with any
kidney ailment we urge you to
come to us for a bottle of Rexall
Kidney Remedy. We , will sup
ply you with a trial of from one
to three large bottles, and at the,
end of this treatment if you are
not satisfied, simply tell us and
we will return the money you
paid us as cheerfully as we re
ceived it, and impose no obliga
tion upon you whatever. Sure
Iv we could not express our con
fidence more strongly.
Rexall Kidney Remedy comes
in two sizes; 50c and $1.00 per
bottle. Three $1.00 bottles for
Kirk's Drug Store,
Next Door to Caldwell Hotel.
Vital Statistics.
Dr. H. H. Shoulders, registrar
of vital statistics for Tennessee,
has made his monthly report cov
ering January. This report
shows that births nearly double
in the state.
The total deaths in the entire
state for the month of January
were 2,615 as againsted 4,016
Murray's New Postmaster.
Among a list of Kentucky post
masters sent in to the senate by
President Wilson was the nomi
nation of E. C. K. Robertson as
postmaster at Murray. Mr. Rob
ertson is at present Master Com
missioner. He held this pct
office under a previous Demo
cratic administration.. Hazel
Card of Thanks.
To those who administered so
loyally and faithfully to our be
loved, during the long sorrowful
months of pain and suffering, we
want to say, God bless and keep
you. We thank you - from the
depths of our broken, desolate
hearts. ' ;
Her husband and parents,
J. L. Hill,
Mr. and Mrs. Loy Paschall.
If you are lonesome spend an
evening at the Dixie Theatre.
tried a number of reme
dies and physicians pre
scriptions but none helped
me as this remedy did. I
feel new that I am thor
oughly cured and am on-
sly too glad to recommend
this wonderful kidney
medicine to any sufferer.
R. H. Mills.
Esq. W. T. Snow
To whom It may con
cern: I have taken sever
al bottles of Rexall Kidney
Remedy and feel by doing
so that I have cured my
self of kidney troubles.
Having tried nearly every
kind of kidney medicines
on the market without
any good results, I unhes
itatingly recommend
this remedy to those who
are afflicted with Kidney
1 have tried a good
many of the other Rexall
Remedies and have fonnd
that they do everything
they claim to do.
Very Respt.,
VV. T. Snow
The contest which is to be
held with Huntingdoe is planned
fe'r about the first of May. There
is to be a contest in declamation
and debate. Wilbur Hamilton
and Powell Rickman were chos
en as debaters, and Jerry Fitch
was chosen as the declamer.
But owing to the ill health of
Powell Rickman which was
caused from cold, he decided
that he could not do more than
his regular class work and Er
nest May was chosen in his place.
The subject for debate is, "Re
solved, That The Labor Unions
Promote The Best Interests Of
Th Working Men.'' Hunting
don affirms and Grove denies.
The lattfr chose the subject and
the former the side. Last year
it was the reverse of this. There
is also to be a ball gome at the
same time on the Grove School
Athletic field between the Grove
team and the Huntingdon team.
At the time of this caiftest
there will be a meeting of sever
al schools at Jackson, in which
Grove will be represented. Each
school represented is to send a
boy for declamation, a girl for a
reading, a girl for a vocal solo
and some one for Ja piano solo,
either boy or girl. Ralph Rou
ton is selected to give the decla
mation: Miss Tommie Highfill,
the reading; Miss Ruth Looney, j
me vocai soio; ana larit v ar
ren, the piano solo.
P.- J. Diggs is slightly improv
ed after having been confined to
his room' all winter. '
; Mrs. Annie Carter,- of Routon,
is visiting her . daughter, Mrs. D.
W. Adams.. ; ;.
Mrs. ,Jas. D. Beasley, who
went to Quincy, Fla., on account
of the illness of her- father, Mr.
Sylvester, writes that he is im
proving rapidly.
Lerue, the little daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Hallie Harding, has
been quite' sick. '
Mrs. Hickman Gilbert is on
the sick list.
Mrs. B. F. Diggs visited her
parents at Routon.
Rev. Crump filled his regular
appointment at this place Sun
day and quite a crowd was out to
hear him. The Sunday school is
progressing nicely with a large
Mr, Boden and wife spent sev
eral days visiting friends at Pur
year recently.
Quite a crowd partook of a
sumptuous dinner the 16th at
Mr. Will Hastings' in honor of
the marriage of their son, Prince,
to Miss Daisey Burton. Rev. W.
B. Williams performod the cere
mony. The school at Springville will
close the 27th.
Springville Telephone Co. are
putting up two new lines which
will make sixteen in all.
Mr. Beasley is very sick.
Mr. John Nreese and wife vis
ited Mrs. Neese's parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Young, Sunday.
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thought the pain would kill me. I was hardly able
to do any of my housework. After taking three bottles
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Erin to Have Fair.
At a meeting of the business
men of Erin and several farmers
on Friday night of last week, a
move was put on foot for an ex
hibit of stock and general agri
cultural products in Erin next
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