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Presented by
Volume 31; Number 28
lr.0O-aYearJL5c a Copy
$40,000.00 Available for
County High Schools
The Issuing of these Ad
dional Bonds Left to
the People
Monday was a very important
day in the history o Blount County
It Wis the day for the Quarterly
Term of County Court- We must
Siy that we hav a progressive
County Court, composed of men
who stand for progress and pros
perity. They voted to issue $40,000
worth of bonds to aid in building
High Schools in our county. The
State also aids every county which
is willing to help itself. No one
doubts the fact that High Schools
are needed in Blount County, es
pecially through the county districts
Maryville ha good Fchools, why
not other points in our county get
the benefit of good schools the same
as the children of Maryville. We
need four Hifch Schools in the countv
one for each section of the county,
but this fund will hardly be adequate
to meet this demand But this is a
step in the right direction.
The Chairman's report was receiv
ed and ordered filed.
Poor Asylum Report was received
and ordered riled and $400 appro
priatsd for ensuing quarter.
Bridge Committee report received
and ordered filed.
A CYurt House Committee was
appointed to see about digging well
or repair the water works.
- Pike CoBHnipsioDers report, re
ceived and ordered riled.
Report for Blount County Indus
trial Home received and ordered
filed and $400 appropiiated for en
suing quar.er.
Report of Willard and Cunning
ham in regard to Pike Commissioners
account received and filed.
Voted to pay banks 4 1-10 per
cent on County Warrents.
A twenty year franchise was
granted to the Bays Mountain Elec
tric Co.
The court indorsed Chairman's
action in regard to advancing money
to send old lady to Hawkins county.
J. A. Raulston voted $50 addi
tional salary.
On motion the court released the
Pike Commissioners from , giving
bonds for the balance of Pike Funds
on hands.
Made an appropriation to build
bridge at Howards Mill on Nine
Mile Creek,
The Chairman with the Pike
Commissioners were ordered to have
bridges repaired and pay for same
out of Pike Fund, also to put wp
signs as to tonage to pass ovpr.
Revenue Commissioners report
received and ordered filed.
Appropriated $112.50 to buy
typewriter for the loose leaf record
to be used by County Officials.
The 4th of July
Rest Room
The "Rest Room" established by
the W. C. T. U. for the women and
children who came to Maryville for
.the 4th of July, was a grand success.
Ice water, couches, baby beds and
other conveniences were supplied,
and greatlv appreciated by throngs
of tired women and children.
Thaniss are extended by those in
charge o the Bank of Maryville for
free use of their basement room, to
the Maryville papers for free adver
tising, to the two furniture stores
and others for furniture loaned, and
to all who so kindly assisted in the
good work.
E?q. J. T. Kinnick of the Clover
Hill neighborhood in company with
hli wife were visitors Monday.
Bond Election Authorized
The County Court on Monday
took action in regard to issueing
more bonds to finish our pikes and
build more. They voted to issue
$300,000 more bonds provided the
voters of the county by a two-thirds
majority ask for this to be done. An
election in the future to be called
for this purpose will determine the
matter. It is now strictly up to the
voters and tax payers to say what
shall be done, and the advocates of
good roads should get busy.
Bought Truck
W. L, Webster the" agent for the
I. H. Co., motor trucks, has sold
one of the latest model trucks to
Williams Bro's, one of Maryville's
enterprising milling firm3. This
makes the third truck that Mr.
Webster has eold this year. It will
be u?ed in serving the partners of
Williams Bros., in delivering flour
meal ,and mill feed. In the near
future no doubt many of oar busi
ness men will adopt this mode of
delivering their goods to their cus
tomers. A fine Street
On Tuesday evening Jthe editor
of the Times in company with W
L. Webster made a trip to the plant
of the Aluminum Company of
America in Mr. Webster's automo
bile. We went out past the laundry
and the store of Walker Johnson,
out the new road which they are
now macadamizing. This is one of
the best pieces of road in Blount
County, and the Aluminum Co., is
doing all the work at thdir own ex
pense. As we flew along the pike
we could not help but think what a
great change had taken place in the
last few years. If we had been blind
folded and taken out there in the
dark, we would have hardly known
where we were.
Our people do not realize yet what
an immense industry the Aluminum
Company is, and they haye hardly
commenced. to build yet. From a
sleepy little home town of a few
hundred inhabitants Maryville is
now a hustling city of several thous
and inhabitants and growing at a
great rate. In five years we will
have at least from 10,000 to 15,000
Eggers -Leather wood
On last Sunday afternoon at 2:30
o'clock at the home of the bride's
mother occured the marriage of
Miss Evadale Leatherwood and Mr.
Roscoe Eggers. Rev. A. D. Lang
ston performing the ceremony.
Only the members of the family
and a few special friends were pre
sent, Mrs. Eggers i3 the only daughter
of Mrs. Florence Leatherwood, and
has a large circle of friends who are
delighted to know that she is still to
make Maryville her home.
Mr. Egger3 is an entergetic young
man, is auite popular and has a
very bright future before him.
May their lives together be bright
peaceful and happy are the wish(
of their many friends.
Watch Lost
Between my house on Morgan ton
Road and Forest Hill church or at
Forest Hill church , an open face
goid watch, Elgin works. Initials,
P: M. S. on case, reward for return
to P. M. Seaton, Greenback, Tenn.
R. F. D.
Encampment This Week
The National Guard State of
Tennessee, will have their Annual
Encampment in and near Maryville
this year. The Boldier boys are ex
pected to arrive in our city by to
morrow Saturday, and they will be
encamped between here and Sevier
ville and at Knoxville.
The Day was Pleasant and
Many were Present
Showed that John Barly
corn and His Brood
Were Absent
July 4th 1914, has come and
gone, and is now history. Mary
ville celebrated in an old fashioaed
way. The country folks were in
vito d to visit us on that day, and
,they responded to the invitation.
By day light the folks begun to
arrive and it. looked like almost
everybody in the county was here,
Some say the crowd present was
larger than the one here last year
waile others say that there was not
so many present.
One of the interesting features of
the day was the automobile parade,
a $15 00 silver cup being offered
by the J. N. Badgett Co , for the
auto decorated the nicest. This
cup was won by the First National
Bank. The President Hon. T. N.
Brown, representing Uncle Sam,
sat in the auto and scattered litera
ture in regard to the new bank.
The machine was driven by Miss
Gray Webb, and owned by her
father J. H. Webb. This was one
of the prettiest decorations we have
ever seen. All were nice, and those
interested deserve great credit for
the effort made to capture the
beautiful prize.
The day was spent in watching
the various contests, visiting the
places of amusement and a general
good time.
The boys foot race was won by
Ernest McCulloch, son of Trustee
Wm. McCulloch, prize a watch
given by A. E. McCulloch. The
race for colored boys was won by a
boy named Kennedy, the son of
Prof. Frank Kennedy, this prize
also a watch given by A. E. Mc
Culloch. The tug of war between country
and town men, prize $5 00 was won
by the country men. Prize given
by D. F. Young.
The Pony Cart contest was won
by Miss Margaret Chandler, prize
$5,00 Her pony cart contained
the following young ladies, Misses
Margaret Chandler, Vivian Everett,
Mary Ray Anderson and Leola
Da y is All of the pony carts were
beautiful and nice. The prize given
bv the Bank of Blount County.
The Bicycle Race was won by
Parks Eagleton, prize $2 00 given
by R, G. McNutt.
Nail Driving Contest, won by
Miss Sallie Keller, prize 1 half
dozen cabinet photographs giyen by
A. L. Butcher.
Sack Race won by Stinnett,
prize $2,00 given by Wells & Walker
Three legged race won by Earl
Goddard .and Fred Trout, prize
$2.00 straw hats, given by J. B.
The $5 00 prize offered by First
National Bank, for man havirg the
largest family on the grounds was
not claimed by any one.
The crowd although large was
very orderly, and good natured.
Booze, which is at the bottom of
nearly all trouble was conspiciously
absent and its effect was not visible
during the day.
Much credit is due J H. Mitchell
and others who went to the trouble
to get up the celebration. He was
assisted by the Board of Trade.
Maryville cannot afford to not have
a celebration every year.
Impure blood runs you down
makes you an easy victim for disease.
For pure bbod and sound digestion
Burdock Blood Bitters. At all
drugstores. Price $1.00,
Fire At Gem Theatre
On Monday night fire broke out
in the building occupied by the new
picture show, H A. Ragle & Co.,
Proprietors. This building has just
been fitted up with new seats and
fixtures in fact it is yet unfinished
but when done will be one of the
i.icest picture show builds gs to be
found any where. Tie fire brke
out at the steps uspd to go up on
the platform .near where the sheet
is erected. It burnt the steps some
of the columns and damaged the
paper. Extent of damage about
$200. Opinion is divided as to
cause of fire some think it was of
incendiary origin while others think
it was caustd by the electric wires.
This fire if it had gotten started
would have caused the whole North
side of Main Street from McKinney 's
Store to the Times Office corner, and
possibly more. No telling where it
would have stopped. The incen
diary idea is conceived from the
fact that the wires had not been
used during the day, and the rooms
swept clean and no fire anywhere.
It is said the fire was discovered
and extinguished by men from the
Aluminum Co., who quit work in
the night the fore part of the night
shift. It took some time to extin
guish the flames. Maryville should
by all means have a night watchman
The town is too large to remain with
out one any longer. The class of
peopie are continually changing and
the criminal element will come here
seeking work.
Give us a watchman before our
homes and places of business are de
stroyed by fire and broken into.
The officers are investigating and
we hope if any one is guilty of so
foul an act they will be caught and
severely punished,
Spena your vacation at
Famous Alleghany Spriugs.
Open Air Meeting
The union open air meeting will
be conducted from the band stand,
on Main street, next Sunday night
at 7:30. Rev. H. S. Lyle, the
local Presbyterian pastor will preach
Special music is being prepared for
the service.
Blount County Boy Meets
With Great Success
We copy the following from a
letter written us by Rev. George H.
Lowry, a Blount County boy who
has gone out into the world and
met with great success, in his work
that of the christian ministry. We
had the pleasure of attending school
at Maryville College, where George
graduated. The letter is self ex
planatory :
Pueblo, Colorado,
June 29, 1914.
Mr. Clyde Goddard,
Publisher Times,
Maryville, Tenn.
Dear Mr. Goddard:
I am sending vou two dollars
on my subscription for the Mary
ville Times and will ask you to
please change my address from
Perrysburg, Ohio, to 924 East
Eighth St. Pueblo Colorado. I
have recently come here to this
flourishing western city which is al
most in the shadow of famous old
Pike's Peak to take charge of the
Park Avenue Presbyterian church,
a large an 1 flourishing church. I
served the First Presbyterian Church
of Perrysburg for ten years, and
when I came to leave the people
voted unanimously not to accept my
resignation, and even appealed to
the Presbytery to not allow me to
go. However I thought it best to
make a change. Please see to it
that you get my correct address for
I do not like to miss any copies of
the good old Times which always
seems like a letter from home, and
from Blount Co. the best place on
earth. Much success to yt u
Very truly yours,
George H, Lowry.
Real Estate Transfers
Chas, M. Rooerts et al to Mrs. A.
B. Cummings", lot in 10th dist for
G. P. Adams et ux to Chas.
Efller et ux 75 acres in 15th dist
for $250,
W. A. Nuchols et ux to George
Hammontree, lot in 9th dist for
Geo. Hammontree et ux to J. A.
Simmons et als, lot in 9th dist for
$200. .
R. A. Thompson to T. H. DeFord
7 acres in 19th dist for $725
D. C. Martin et al to W. H.
Willard lots in 19th dist for $815.
W. H. Willard et ux t Jno. IL
Howard lots in 19th dist for $815.
W. H. Willard eux to Jos. P.
Lawrence lots in 19th dist for $1075
W. B. Chandler et ux to S. H.
Phelps, 15 acres in 19th dist for
W. B. Chandler et ux to Mrs. J,
S. Phelps, 10 acres in 19th diet for
Knox Burger, Trustee, to John
Fuller lot in 19th dist for $121.
A. B. Burns et uxto D. H. Head
rick 5 acres in 15th dist for $300.
JnD. M. Yearout etux to Thomas
Pruden et ux 24 acres in 19th dist
for $2055.
E. R. Curtis et ux to W. M.
Smith, i acre in 6th dist for $35.
In last week's issue of the Times
we gave a transfer of a lot from
Mayor Sam Everett to the Trustees
of the Cumberland Presbyterian
Church, consideration $50. In tak
ing this transfer from the record it
was written 50c which we took for
$50, and Mr. Everett leturned the
50c there had to be a money con
sideration in making the Church a
present of the lot.
Town of Maryville. For
the Quarter ending
March 31, 1914
Received from
Last year
Merchants taxes,
1. 708.91
1. 10
H7 25
Disbur.-ed to
Printing and stationery
Attorneys and ccsts,
Correction assessment,
Received from
Last year,
Street labor payrrfents,
Disbursed to
Street work,
Received from '
Last year,. $1,216.41
Taxes, " -55
Interest, deposits 18.62
Alerchants taxes, i"-37
593 9
Disbursed to
July, 1914, coupons,
Received from
From last year, . $206 45
$206 45
Disbursed to
School orders
Respectfully Submitted,
Will A. McTeer.
Marriage Licenses
Maurice Hargis and Florence
Stephens ;
Roscoe Eggers and Evadell Leath
erwood ;
Charlie Rose and Mary Sharp;
Louie A. Cabe and Pinkie Coving
ton. Three don't print.
At the Mass meeting of our citiz-'iig
Monday night, R. B. Ol ver, J. H.
Stalev, and J. C. Bittle were appoint
ed a committee to secure the erection
of additional houses suitable for
working men, which may be rented
at a reasonable price.
The committee has been notified
of five houses which will be built
soon, to rent for from six to ten
dollars per month. They also have
listed two fiye room houses which
may be rented for $10.00 per month.
Any one wishing to build a house
will please notify any member of
the above committee, also any one
having a vacant house will please
list it with the committee.
Any working men . who wish to
rent a house will please make their
wants known to any member of the
committee and they will use their
best efforts to secure for the appli-,
cant a home at a reasonable rental.
No charge will b;i made by the
committee for their service.
Shot Step Daughter
Nath Hughes, a mountaineer who
resides near the North Carolina line,
has been arrested and placed in jail
here, charged with shooting his step
daughter, who is lying near death's
door on account of the wound she
received at his hands. The parti
culars were not obtainable on ac
count of the distance in the moun
tains that Hughes residrs.
Brought Good Prices
The Auction Sale of lots in the
Plainfield and Willard Additions bst
week were great successes. Large
crowds attended both sales, and the
lots sold at good price? , Real Estate
in and near Maryville is a sure and
safe investment and some one who
is not afraid to risk a few dollars
can and will make a fortune if they
only invest in "Blount County dirt.
All persons intending to enter
Republican Primary Election to be
held in Blount Co. on August 15,
1911 must deposit with Chairman
of governing board on or before
July 15th 1914, 12 o'clock noon,
his pro rata of expences of holding
said elebtion. Said election is be
ing held for purpose of selecting or
nominating Republican Candidate
for Representative for Blount Co.
in General Assembly to be voted for
at the regular November election
By order of Republican Executive,
W. O. Maxey,
(Char. Gov. Board)
Sold Laundry
W. L. Webster has sold the Laun
dry Building to F. M. Medlin
This is good property, situated ou
the corner of the street to the plant
cf the Aluminum Company.
$15.00 Reward
On July let, my son Roy McKin
ley, left his home at Montvale Sta
tion, Carpenters Camp Ground.
Age about 12 years, rather small of
age. Description: Rather swathy
complexion, light hair and blue
eyes. One of his eyes was sore like
he was taking sore eves. When he
left home he wore striped jeans
pants and white waist. A reward
of 115.00 will be paid for his return
to my. home. Notify me promply
at Maryville, Tenn., R. F. D. No. 7.
G. W. McKinley.

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