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Dr. Nellie B. Cooper will in each is- Cov
sue of the Woman's Enterprise give
articles in her line of work. In this
number will be found "Cosmetique day
Theropy" which will be followed up by mol
many valuable hints. This depart-; tim
ment will be particularly interesting i tiv4
to our women readers as Dr. Cooper ma
is well versed on these subjects and Kri
her suggestions will aid materially in COt
keeping up with the latest in all En
things to make one "more beautiful"
and healthy.
Miss Billie Carson has returned the
from a visit to her home in Amite jo:
City where she spent her vacation.
Mr. Lyle Saxon of the staff of the ei
Times-Picayune was a visitor here hi
for the week end. i
Prof. and Mrs. R. L. Himes have re
turned from a pleasant visit to their
daughter in Washington, D. C. and t1
other relatives in Pennsylvania. ti
Mr. and Mrs. G. S. Ham have gone n
on a trip to Chicago and other points
in the North.
Mr. Eugene Richardson returned 3
Monday with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. J. G. Chrisman.
*** f
Misses Vera Dupuy and Pearl Le
Ray have just returned from a' pleas- I1
ant stay in New Orleans.
!rs. P. H. Gerald and children of t
Lake Charles, and Mrs. J. E. Craw
ford and children of Laurel, Miss.,
have returned to their respective
homes after a visit to Messrs. J. C.
and W. L. McLehany.
Mrs. Henry McCardle and two
daughters of Franklin, La., were re
cent guests of Mrs. Henry A. King.
Mrs. J. D. Marston of St. Louis is
visiting her sister Mrs. Joe Ramires
at her lovely home near the Country
Miss Fannie Reymond left during
the month for a trip through Cali
Misses Eliska Dell and Eugenie
Dates of New Orleans are guests of
their aunt Mrs. Jos. Ramires.
Theatre Louisiana
The Ideal Photoplay House
Wallace Reid
Adapted from "The Daughter of a Magnate" by Frank H. Spearman.
Scenario by Eugene Lewis. Directed by Frank Urson.
A ninety mile an h0ur knockout. With Agnes Ayres and Theodore
Roberts. Moving mountains was this young engineer's pet pastime.
But he couldn't move the girl's millionaire dad! And that started
enough excitement to make twrhty reels of thrills and comedy-but
they're all packed into five. It's Wallie's funniest and best.
PATHE REVIEW-The Magazine of the Screen
Prof. W. B. Clark, Organist
Admission: 10, 20 and 30 cents. Tax extra
nuulanhICome to
SMatinees SAnRDAY
.,err s "d P
I p
The love story of the Ages! Thousands of players, vivid
drama, sweeping panoramas of life and strife.
Added Attractions
Sunshine Comedy, "DON'T TICKLE."
World Currents, PATHE NEWS.
Overture, "Jabberwocky I"Kendis and Brockman
E. H. Charlton, Director
Adinission: orchrestra floor 50e, balcony 25e, children 15c.
Tax at .
Misses Alice Jones, May McKneely Mr
and Agnes Larigan have returned daugl
from a two weeks' vacation spent in Mrs.
Covington, La. Mr
Mr. John Krager returned Wednes- Dora
day evening from a stay of several visits
months in Europe. He spent some T. «
time with his sister and other rela
Stives at his former home in Ger- t1
many. While en-route home, Mr. turn
1Kroger took a tour through various are
tcountries including France, Spain and motl
IEngland. M
Miss Gertie Bahlenger has returned ed I
from an extended visit to relatives in ton
d the North and West where she en
e joyed several months. Bro
*** Bra
Mr. Wm. Bougnon, who has been Hol
1e employed on the Sunday News for
re some time will leave to-morrow for 1
Shis home in New Orleans. Mr. Bon- the
gnon is up in his profession as press- hel
man and is an artist in his line. the
SMany compliments have been paid the
nd splendid, clean appearance of the En
terprise and Mr. Bongnon deserves Ml
the credit of making the paper as tel
neneat and well printed as it is.
Its i
Miss Edith Daigle of Donaldson- vi
ville, is the charming guest of Miss dr
ed Melba Ligon.
Miss Lizzie Todd, who has been ill
for some time in this city, is con
Le- valeseing and has returned to her w
as- I home near Denham Springs.
*** t
Miss Tal Cheatham is spending a
of few days in Baton Rouge with rela
iw- tives and friends.
ive Prof. W. B. Clark, Misses Marga
C. ret Clark, Ethel and Lilly Strickland
motored to New Orleans this week
where they spent several days.
re- Rev. Royal Tucker and family are
g. enjoying the pleasures at the Girls'
Camp on the Amite River this week.
is is
iires Mrs. J. H. Mullens, son and daugh
ntry ter, have gone on a visit to relatives
in Meadville, Miss.
ring Misses Myrtle and Annie- Mae
Cali- Buell are visiting relativep at Lake
enie Mr. and Mrs. 3. W. Hubbs have re
ts of turned from a visit to Mr. and Mrs.
Von Phul in New Orleans.
Mrs. Wilmer Grayson and little REPRESEI
daughter are the guests of Mr. andi
Mrs. Walter Scott of Tallulah, La.
The electi4
Mr. and Mrs. V. D. Covert and son the 9th i
" Doran Covert, of Evansville, Ind., are on
1 visiting Mrs. Covert's sister, Mrs. A. Captain Hei
e T. White on Main street. ceedingly L
*** due not only
Mr. and Mrs. R. Roberts have re- larity amon
.turned from an extended visit and remarkable
s are now located with Mrs. Itobert'semarkale
d mother, Mrs. J. H. Rauhman. gentlemen
*** console the
Miss Beulah Schumelin has return- not lack o
d ed from a delightful visit to Galves- tion of thei
in ton and other points of interest. well in lei
Mrs. W. W. Mains and Mrs. R. R. fact that t
Brown have returned from a stay at soldier of
en Hot Wells near Boyce, La. hero by th
~or ** ties of Fi
or The regular monthly meeting of dier who
n- the Charity Ward Association will be whose nat
ss- held this afternoon at 4 o'clock at whfrom mak
from mak
ne. the Woman's Club House. his fellow
the But the p**
n- There will be a call meeting of St. Buforgetful
,es Margaret's Daughters on Tuesday af- fogefl
as ternoon at 4:30 o'clock at the Rectory. ceived bee
Sidney Frank has 'been enjoying a Capt. f
on-visit to Camden Staples in Alexan- Captions emi
on- tions emi
iss dria, La. lative cal
er, a bril'
Miss Carrie Newman of Alexandria, more tha
ill La., is visiting her sister. doubtful
'on- parish oý
Miss Mathilde Weil of New Orleans, paris o
who has been the attractive guest of ing the i
Miss Julia Louise Strauss, has re- Woma
turned home. all class,
,g a acs
rl could no
ela- Mrs. Robert Mays of Shreveport, coulams o
is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. for that
W. R. Perkins. of the
rga- ***of the
land ladies w
lan Miss Marie Louise Barrett of Pla- wildly j
week quemine, is here on a visit to her express
grandmother, Mrs. Louise Wax. is now
are Mrs. R. N. Ross and grandsons are Be th
irls' enjoying a stay in Asheville and ing the
eelc. Montreat, N. C. most st
Sin civil
Mugh- Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Charlton have in as g
itives been spending the past week in New activiti
Mae Miss Mary Harrell has returned
Lake from Alexandria where she spent
several days with her sister.
ve re- Mr. and Mrs. Ben Feitel of New
I Mrs. Orleans, are expected up from New
Orleans on a short visit to Mr. and
- Mrs. Charles Roseman. They will be
accompanied by Dorothy Feitel of
Gulfport and Lerline Roseman, who
Shas been visting in Gulfport and New
The superb acting of Dorothy Phil
lips in "Man-Woman-Marriage,"
Allen Holubar's famous Associated
First National production, coming to
the Columbia Saturday through Sun
day, has placed Miss Phillips so far in
the forefront of the world's best cin- -
p ema stars that there is little doubt
that fandom will accord her tribute as
the screen's greatest dramatic ac
man, tress.
Until the advent of Miss Phillips in
dore independent productions movie fans
time. have been prone to classify the screen
-but stars for some particular type of act
ing. One has excelled in emotion, an
other in comedy and others along
various histrionic lines, but the sub
lime work of dainty Dorothy Phillips
in a picture abounding with dramatic
situations of all classifications has
placed her in a class which embraces
all the finer points accorded to her
screen sisters.
Those who have watched the artistic
) growth of this star have realized that
it was always in the stories of Allen
AT Holubar and under his direction that
she has excelled. In "The Heart of
Humanity," Miss Phillips first con
vinced the movie-going public that she
was on the road to superlative star
dom. In "The Right to Happiness"
she took advantage of each situation
to display her great ability as an ac
tress, but it was not until she was
furnished with a vehicle of still great
er possibilities that she reached the
peak of screen art.
Born and reared in Maryland where
she was schooled in a convent, this
brilliant star began her legitimate
vivid stage career in a Baltimore stock
company. From there she went to
New York where she appeared as
"Modesty" in Henry W. Savage's pro
duction of "Everywoman." For two
seasons she was leading woman of
ill "Mary Jane's Pa" and she might have
been upon the stage yet had it not
been for the fact that she spent one
summer vacation playing leads for
an 15'* Essanay in Chicago. Her work there,
eneouraged her to leave the stage and
take up screen acting as a career.
rAn' ý
The election for representative held Then
on the 9th inst., resulted in favor of "G
Captain Herman H. Moyse by an ex- I
ceedingly large majority which was A fe
due not only to the gentleman's popu- He f
larity among his fellow men but by a Tc
remarkable heavy vote of women. The
gentlemen who were defeated may 'En
console themselves that defeat was But
Snot lack of popularity or recogni- FiT
Stion of their ability to serve the public
well in legislative halls but to the Anc
R. fact that they were aligned against a
at soldier of the late war acclaimed a An'
hero by the highest nmiitary authori- To
ties of France and America-a sol
be dier who shed blood for the flag but Ou
Swhose native modesty prevented him An
at from making a claim to the votes of Be,
his fellow-citizens on that account.
St. But the people of Baton Rouge are not AT
af-forgetful nor do they forget as It
the flattering vote Capt. Moyse re
ry. ceived bears full and ample testimony. Ai
Aside from the military record of
anCapt. Moyse, however, are qualifica- I A
tions eminently necessary in a legis- Tl
lative capacity. He is a fluent speak
er, a brilliant scholar and a lawyer of A
more than ordinary ability armd it is
doubtful if within the confines of this
parish one could be found to equal A
ns,of him in energetic endeavor in guard- '
Sing the interests of his constituents.
re- Woman's Enterprise, representing
all classes of women voters as it does,
could not with propriety advocate thee
Ot, claims of any political candidate, and
irs. for that reason was dumb in advance I
of the election, but to say that the
ladies who supported Capt. Moyse are ,
Pla- wildly jubilant over his election is to ,
her express ourselves mildly and the claim
is now set up that "we women elected
s are Be that as it may all join in wish
and ing their brilliant young townsman a
most successful career; a career which
in civil life will redound to his honor
have in as great measure as did his military*
New activities.
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as ýJL
e Will Commence at Com.
tic pletion of New mne.
All Over The World--
te but only one Piggly Wiggly in Baton ouge.
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nate go to this famous store.
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t of
Gittin' the Kindlif' In.
When a feller goes to school all day,
An' pits home late, an' wants to play,
Then pa or ma is sure to say, The
"Go git the kindlin' in!" Bate
A feller's always hungry, too, you
When he gits home, an' I tell you selv
He feels too weak an' limp clear thru cam
To git the kindlin' in. sepi
'En if you just don't go right straight, Ste
But put it off and kinder wait, ma1
- First thing you know it's gittin late a ,
To git the kindlin' in. of-:
e And some nights when you clean for- 1
aget, set
An' git to bed, it makes you sweat w
. To hear pa call-an' you jump you bet, la.
To git the kindlin' in. lin
it Our woodshed's dark as pitch at night, sh
m An' pa won't let you take a light,
p{ Because he says you didn't do right,
(t.1 An' git the kindlin in.
otj An' when you hear the leastest sound,
asi It makes you 'fraid, an' you look F
e- I 'round, C
Iy. An' grab the hatchet an' 'gin to pound
of' To git the kindlin in. A
a-I An' way off in the worstest darks g
Ts- There's something shines like two g
ko bright sparks, a
if An' scares you, till your doggie barks, (
his 'S you git the kindlin in. f
ual An's Sat'day's bad as it can be,
,rd- 'Cause that's a play-time, don't you
Is. see?
ing But all day long they worry me
yes, i To git the kindlin in.
the An' when us fellers have a show,
and An' I'm the manager, you know,
Lnce How can I tell them I must go
the An' git th ekindlin' in?
are I The manager just must be there,
5 to To make the boys play straight an'
aim fair
eted When I'm the clown, then I don't care
Who gits the kindlin' in!
an a I wish't we lived where it was hot;
which I'd like that fine, I tell you what
ionor Folks wouldn't care when I forgot
itary To git the kindlin in.
I -N. Crozier Thomas.
Port Vincent, La., Girls' Camp,
Aug. 16, 1921.
The Woman's Enterprise,
Baton Rouge, La.
Dear Editor:-WVe just want to let
you know how we are enjoying our
selves on our beautifully situated
ucamp. Our messhall and kitchen are
separate from the sleeping qparters.
We have three large tents and Mr.
t, Steele has promised the tent which
makes the best showing on neatness,
te a motorboat ride and picnic to Head
of-Island, so we girls who are other
wise neat, are even neater.
Early Monday morning we all as
sembled in front of the Woman's Club
where cars conveyed us to Hope Vil
et, la. There a houseboat and two gaso
line launches brought us up the Man
ht, shac and Amite to our camp just out
side of Port Vincent.
SWe are truly sorry for those who
are not with us, but here are those
who are having a good time:
nd, Bernice Pitchford, Evelyn Sanders,
ook Fanny Mendel, Estelle Van Dervort,
Carolyn Gordon, Florence Stewart,
and MIarjorie Pitchford. Willis Logan,
Amelia Devall, Mildred Kearby, Mar
garet Postell.
two Others in the party are: Rev. Roy
al Tucker, Mrs. Tucker and family,
rks, Capt. H. E. Steele, Mrs. Steele and
family, and Mrs. L. U. Babin.
It Takes Two to Get Married-And
All to Co-Operate.
"Yas, suh, my new wife and I works
on a co-operative plan," said an es
' timable colored gentleman one day,
unconsciously supplying us with the
motiff for an editorial.
"How is that, Peter?" we inquired.
"Well, suh, that woman, she goes
an' out and gets the washing, washes it,
hangs it out to dry, irons it, delivers
t care it, and collects the money and turns
it over to me."
hot; "And what do you do?"
it - "Why, I-I just co-operates."
Any man who has a job has a
s. chance.

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