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Woman's enterprise. (Baton Rouge, La.) 1921-19??, August 19, 1921, Image 8

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The Autumn Exposition of Fashions
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New BlusesDre . ,n otheldrwi
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ing y A pparel , all glol N oI sl\ islteab ly A p ai ng. Y oui e willt bt l wlllke theo bef d tled woo er ho ti oldti e h so wi
i dl l y d o t h e s e r ae aoti f l ca s i e ni t h s t he1 dolet h i i l t h wa r e i ' ht h e r c a r me t l a y S o r et ol p alt .
n e t ind D ih e rs i t y F o f N ewh o v r e o r w l a n d n etBio s dh N h h B l o u s e s , D r eglyn a n d O t h e r w is e
Trin to the r sits thvew ist ad t htreiste re is , the ncom- Panels and more panels-in front, atl one side or both, in theback
mony ts the ising divrst lof t e rsign. Nstoe ossb tle dun e of -panels everywhere. And tunics a close second, falln aoT
monotony here. One Youthful model in duvet de late, the coat to the hem of the tight skirt underneath. Don't, for ae
so a e a th ua g delight. Self- ment however forget the avowed smartness of the
k, ~~~~ ~h with nutriar badigriseeeo ing tagite
ih nowe h wae a of thlaeofshvia
trimming is a commendable feature of several Suits. The re- the slim Redingote style, so egratefully bco ng torese aeweoee
strainedausesof fur, the adaption of the panel mode, the new bit stoutish (or more). Thereak ofe new mode
side flare and the new sleeves make this a section difficult to leave. in terms most intriguing.
FallFl~oks~Ires~t~u~l~ ppeaingWheni You Choose"Yotur New Coat or Wra
" This is one of those rare occasions when there is truly somethingelihfu e o o col i
. Fery b wlace and net Blouses either were t'other dear charmer away. Sorrento b de
dyed to these marvlu s islrt Venise, heavy and with high chin collar of slynx stun ofig marvella cloth w itirl
fine Nets in the most lovely colors and styles, for all manner of ing Tuxedo fronts of squirrel-Malay brown Orlandonemf
gaytoccasins. FW re are the regulation tailored style with beaver collar and cuffs-which shall it be?
tSlks o r en the usuaion g ood ual Wty, the all, just for the joy of revelling in their beauty.
The New Sweaters Arrive in Ste
Beads-SUrely Not a Savage Note Why not, when the Sweater has won a place oafasieh vt
-And yet almost all of us must have a hint of the ysavage importance in the modern wardrobe? And thes
fully merit all their honors. There are someverysp
hidden away somewhere in our makeup, judging by the coat models in heather tones, you'll be sure to approve.sind
war we adore these gaudy strings of beads. They're bar
bari intheir beauty, and of every known color. For the a delightful assortment of solid colors in bol
dark one-tone frock they are indispensable, transform the iflacy stitches. Tuxedo, slip-on and sleevesless sye rs
whole appearance. o t from the makers are just the thing for Fall wear.
The Vogue in Gloves n Millinery in the Newest Mode Beautiful Neekwear in New M es
Twos wise fashion decree that sponsored the Mosque- Trntitaon has seen a t A ftumnce and
Whatver ofeillier Tht inhnds it a no Lcsmall donthuers and sometingrf
tair, the gauntlet and the strap wrist glove. They make else E
the hand look incredibly small and tidy without a sugges- eeels f M ne t a o aese al n the yars an stht
tion of being cramped. The newest Fall shades in the your good graces, a Hat of felt you must have, about throat and wrists. The Autumn Nec
smartest of Fall styles are ready for your enjoyment. w htre or no. Velvet or satin or feathers if world of beauty all by itself with new little
ne theor tfashioning that are wholly delightful.
You'll Apponrove uaiyithe e Falloe hors.oe the youabi wilbth evelvbetze you'l must;s themasl decreed fsmrzne
The Beauttiens of the Nrew-ik oir
Th od toy hewma wo ai se el crtinmo- adNew Chauic. T nheyr trmmedsmaortlyning k viigmd r oeae
al sup ort fr m bei g welc r eted kiso ewrth e eaig f Ath r uno dfor the n m ost pat ,e th uhee n som e nunc sFom - Th r' so eti ngcm n eleaif indu e sn
EThesfaste oftelentie ensenblen aodepedsuo that. rAndu aetkno ditoa nhsi eghi o lae
Skirts dvelopedin any nmber ofthe attentionstitosthesewenewr Fall numbers.hs-Thesedtareatheacsort
who e of uscnthell whatue vit l y decso a y hle ankgruound our m onyme lod ish lttle fncelt Tur an havt e als tubbayt good Silk t H osiey htis wf we aes ldt alyu
app aranc re? s Bul yorons tumn g pl anres upon the assu red w ings lraids closel ao uthe ithe bresim , ah n w oealth eo of- Hos yo wil like tobu y t donwa. T e rer o
founation of sucahe Corsets vastive odern andeWarne, and s ie neetint ecascR m ndaer o~vnns o S a s i oti h o i
yo ri e succ essful lnappearance is eoun c rto eriesut moTh ne em broidiery orpl a n glst ening idanll beoing e d nrcd ths eyr e finey, ev nl wovether sa et fH s
Fall models.so o eitrsigdvlp eton m n o eoain w rehavese oandt hef A utmno s h qade r er-oey
Handbags ofOld BrocaSmaly loiu Furs and Their a
Withbrihtols f llutteing thenewrsilkPetcas aA-thne Velst- fhnor Autumnisee tohae trakuen ai lef fl romae Thpesareu the odays whewnth
iosh awaityou oommendation. te r Evean th e woman wo The bookeo the boellesofget grandmos nther ord ay. Carmsth LittleiFu newkprivce oms
p refe s o kn ick sw ntbel aloel Bto wihoee stfaniirwt d the lueohr ee oetiin as when do'thalf e c oneld Try the ef int is o wtm n. Ther~ ae chsill
theseySi shades thateare charing andeveningshades fect vofthi V mei btfl wihtefscinatingt comb inathion of- inte airnderChokerhandom .F
on es e ofw onde fu quaity o w ith tallored hem s.oNorteo t the in-e do r the firty son e th tbro psdefrom you r ht brec ive rm an rodlft a n cozyg w arm t andfoan
br~ 181po~n~ts f eallan 8qu he~aebo bit withw levterybez.Yul wad antthaesme all.oth b auties sattng twair of smaretesst
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