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Iravelers Aid Society in
(Continued from page 9) tr
Agent gave her some coffee, made her al
comfortable, phoned for her relatives i
and they came for her. D
A crippled old lady of 80, who m
travels suite often between Texas and la
Mississippi was cared for between u!
A weak and feeble man of 90 came
into the Depot, the Agent gave him a
glass of mlik and sent him in a taxi pl
to his great grand daughter's resi- ti'
dence. m
An old lady of 93, bound for Texas th
from Kentucky, was so excited when
she arrives here, that the railroad re
fused to take the risk of taking her ui
further unaccompanied. She was
taken to the Home for a few days and
thought that she was detained at a he
jail, though every thing possible was sa
done to make her comfortable; final
ly the railroad consented to take her *
on the Pullman under the special care th
of the conductor and porter, she gave
them a great deal of trouble but final- SC
ly reached her destination safely. fli
Another friendless old women ar
rived here with three bantam chick- SE
ens, and all her household goods. The se
Home for the Homeless took charge
of her.
very sweet old lady 75, arrived er
from the Canary Islands, going to ner
children in the West, with the body St
of her husband; the Agent did what Al
she could to aid and comfort her. ar
A blind and paralyzed old man was
placed in the care of the Travelers ai
Aid Agent, by the Division Passen- ot
rer Agent; she took him to the Vol
anteers of America, next day she put co
him on the train with a note to the wl
Mobile Travelers Aid Agent to take th
care of him until his son called .for tri
him. fa
An old French lady, who could not
ipeak English, and had come to visit Mi
her daughter at the Presbyterian hos- of
pital, was directed to her destination rol
mnd sent in a taxi, with a French tei
:hauffeur. :
The Agent saw a.very old lady in an
-he general waiting room, she was on mi
her way to California and she said
Lhat a passenger on the train had an
promised to look after her, but he fel
railed to return. Ai
Took charge of an old lady travel
ling to meet her son, who worked for sic
he Southern Pacific Railroad. to
An old lady 78, enroute to Central I
Lmerica, was taken to the Travelers car
id' Home and arrangements were the
nade for her passport, tickets, etc., tiol
he resented being asked her age, but thi
Inally consented to tell that she was abl
We had the usual amount of old ed
eople travelling alone, to assist, and tal
Snumber of colored people, sick and the
hd, or young girls alone, to whom we r
ladly render service.
We have had the happiness of serv- h
ng many old veterans on their way to mc
mnd from conventions and going from He
me member of the family to another, w
mnd coming to the Soldiers Home.
An old veteran lost his ticket, he an
was going to his son, the Agent gave Oh
him breakfast and took him to Mr.
Pattison of the Charity orpnization no
who furnished transportation and put fa:
him on the train. He asked to be "pot
children in the We-* with the brdy
in the car with the rest of the boys." hi
At the request of the Daughters of A
the Confederacy, assisted a Confeder- g
rate and his wife enroute from Rich- m
mond, Va. to Texas. The United T
Daughters of the Confederacy sent a tl
money order for their ticket. It was to
late Saturday night, but our Treas
urer, Mrs. Hankel, hurried to the de- ol
pot and managed to have it cashed. A
The old man was over eighty and his ti,
wife nearly the same age, and a crip
ple. The Agent secured half rate at
tickets for them and Pullman accom- at
modations, and saw them safely on Tl
their way. ar
Assisted an old Confederate soldier hi
from the West, on his way to the re- to
union. Also assisted a one armed
veteran. Y,
It has also been our privilege to se
help our ex-service men, soldiers and Ti
sailors. hi
A young ex-soldier arriving late, be
was given a good meal and sent to Y,
the Red Cross.
At the request of the U. S. Health gi
Service, took charge of a mentally af- fr
flicted Army 'officer. gc
Put an ex-soldier in touch with the in
Salvation Army, they had promised to ca
secure work for him. to
An ex-service min left his army he
bag with the parcels service, the Ag
ent wrote and recovered it for him. w,
A young man going to the Naval ha
Station could not find his way, the he
Agent telephoned the Naval Station hii
and they sent for him. pu
A sailor from the Marine Station tri
and his wife were aided to join each
other and to find a room for her. Sc
An ex-service man arrived on a th.
cot, a careful chauffeur was secured, it
who strapped the cot to the taxi, and th
the Agent accompanied him from ha
train to train and supplied his break- be
In answer to a request from the ye
Marine Hospital, located the brother do
of a very sick ex-service man, en- en
route to Alexandria, the Station Mas
ter put the cot in the baggage car. an
Also assisted a family to transfer Th
an ex-service man with an unbalanced Al
mind, going to the Charity hospital. cal
Directed three soldiers to two taxis,
and a hotel. They said they always wii
felt safe when met by the Travelers toc
Aid Agent. pli
A discharged soldier arrived, very
sick, the Red Cross was notified and en
took care of him. hat
The usual number of children were tel,
cared for, tagged and sent safely on mo
their way, or brought to their destina- ne
tion when no one called for them. In to
this way many little children are ag
able to travel, safely.
A little boy of 13, who was desert- ar
ed by both father and mother, was
taken to the Travelers Aid Home for no
the night, and aided to reach his hir
grandfather in a Louisiana town. nic
Directed a little boy, on his way to of
Chicago, he was well provided with de]
money and able to take of himself.
He had been travelling alone since he thi
was five. Mi
The Agent caught a runaway boy
and he was sent back to his family in sol
Two poor children arrived, and had As
no food. The Agent gave them break- ed
fast and located their relatives. to
A little girl of five, going to visit
her grandmother, was carefully tag- bo
ged and put in care of the conductor. dy
A little boy of six was travelling tri
alone, he was cared for, tagged and wi
sent on to his father. fo'
A child of seven arrived, tagged ge
from the Travelers Aid in Atlanta, at
no one called for him, so the Agent bo
took her to her parents and reported
to Atlanta. th
Four children, travelling alone,
were taken to the Travelers Aid plI
Home, they were thirteen, ten, six wi
and two years of age. Their mother co
had been sent to the an Insane Asy- ot
lum and they were going to an aunt th
in Florida.' The father found that he
was able to arrange for their care at Te
home and telegraphed for them to re- hu
turn. The railroad refunded the hu
money, their baggage was found and en
they were sent back. A
A little girl of ten, in charge of ab
two younger children, from Texas was so
cared for and put on the train.
A child of eleven arrived to join froi
her mother, no one called for her, the Ne'
f Agent took her to the address she The
gave and found that the mother had out
moved but called daily for her mail. left
The Agent left a message and took ably
the child back.to the Station, her sis- A
ter finally called for her. Sal'
Two children six and eight years to
old, came to their dying mother, the tor,
Agent took care of them until a rela- A
tive called for them. to
A little girl and 'joy arrived late the
at night to join their father, they imp
arrived earlier than he expected them. dire
The Agent took them to the Hotel whe
and finding he was not there, located per:
his new address and took the children A
to him. her,
A mother telegraphed us from New had
York to meet her boy, fourteen, and hou
see that he was transferred to the you
Texas train and also that we tlegraph mom
his father in Houston, to insure his pea
being met, and to his mother in New to s
York. ten
A Red Cross worker brought a little a cc
girl to the depot, who was returning gay'
from the Hospital, she was afraid to and
go alone and cried in a heartbreak- the
ing way. The Agent put her in the mot
care of some Sisters and asked a doc- rece
tor on the train to keep an eye on A
her. her
A little boy of three whose mother ed I
was ill, was sent to his grnrdmothers her
home in Mississippi. The parents had greg
heard of the Travelers Aid and put A
him in our care. He was tagged and Ami
put in care of a motherly lady on the ble
train. ent
With the spirit of kindness in the pan:
South towards the colored people, and
those who need assistance are given A
it as promptly as the white people, so was
that we have not felt it necessary to towi
have a special colored Agent, as has A
been suggested. We cite a few cases: to I
A very sick colored girl, fourteen was
years old, came with a letter from her a v
doctor to the Travelers Aid, the Ag- supI
ent took her to the hospital. nexi
Three very young colored children Blin
arrived to visit their grandmother. very
They were carefully tagged and the catil
Agent took care of them until she alph
called for them. wore
A very old colored woman arrived glov
with no one to meet her, the Agent sirec
took her to her home, finding the A
place with great difficulty. with
A colored woman with five children, gave
enroute to her husband in California need
had her money and tickets stolen. We amo
telegraphed her husband for more ets.
money, he sent it and she left the gave
next day. A porter was kind enough A
to give the woman and children ref- with
uge for the night. drer
Telephoned a colored man of the take
arrival of his child, he came for her. chili
A little colored boy, only 6, arrived care
no one to meet him, the Agent took was
him home, the family exclaimed how A
nice it was for a white laidy to take spea
of him, they had missed him at the from
depot, was
Fedo a poor old colored woman and I A
three grandchildren, on their way to Coa
Morgan City. , said
Took care of two very sick colored husi
soldiers. fom
A deaf mute was turned over to the nexw
Agent, the priest from Chinqjuba act- Seal
ed as aninterpreter, and she was sent a fi
to her parents who worked on a farm. for
A lady received a telegram from a her,
boy friend, saying that her son was reta
dying, she almost collapsed f:om dis- B
tress and anxiety, the Agent went deal
with her to the hospital, where she the,
found her boy out of immediate dan- to t
ger, the Agent remained with her A
at the hospital and took her to a bab;
boarding house. corn
Assisted several deaf mutes on but
their way to Atlanta. cat
The wife of a Government em- Eye
ployee failed to meet her husband, and and
was much alarmed. The Agent ac suci
companied her to the station on the mo,
other side of the river and they met brol
there. littl
A mother with three children, from aid
Texas, telegraphed to come to her G
husband who had been dangerously taki
hurt, rushed off with only money to
enough for the trip and no food. The she
Agent saw that they were comfort- T
able for the night and gave them plo,
something to eat ed
A man, hi swife and child came over Tou
in from the Lower coast to settle in
te New Orleans, he worked on a boat.
e They went to a place which turned
Ad out to be not quite respectable and
i. left in a few hours, where he was
k able to settle his family.
A Belgian lady, enroute to San
Salvador, was taken to the steamship,
,s to make arrangements and to a doc
e tor, as she needed mnedical atten'ior..
- An Italian gentlemen, o, his way
to California, reported to the Agent
,e the loss of his overcoat witri some
y important papers in it. The Agent
. directed him to the ra;'rsad yard,
?l where the car iWas found ard the pa.
d pers recovered.
n A woman whose husband deserted
her, arrived with two children, they
: had had no food for twenty-four
d hours, except a little milk for the
youngest child, and all three were al
h most in a state of collapse. The ap
s peal, such a case like this makes
to all, shows how kind the world of.
ten is: the men at the Depot took up
e a collection of money, the restaurant
g gave them good nourishing food free,
o and a taxi otok them for nothing, to
the Volunteers of America, where the
e mother wished to go and where she
received a warm welcome.
A lady came from Florida to get
her husband's body, the Agent direct
ed her to the undertaker and assisted
s her in every way. She expressed
1 great gratitude.
t A lady employed by the Saenger
I Amusement Company, had some trou
e ble about her transportation, the Ag
ent took her to the office of the com
e pany, where she was kindly received
, and the matter arranged.
A woman with a cancer on her face
3 was induced to return to her home
3 town.
A deaf and blind man arrived to go
to the Blind Commission, his train
i was very late ;the Agent took him to
r a very kind woman, who gave him
- supper and a bed for the night. The
next day, the Agent took him to the
Blind Commission. He had devised a
very ingenious system of communi
e cating with people by means of an
alphabet sewed on a white glove ,the
words were spelled by tapping the
Iglove with a pencil on the letter de
t sired, he knew where each letter was.
A mother and five children arrived
without money or food. The Agent
gave them something to eat. She
i needed two dollars to make up the
elamount for the purchase of her tick
ets. A kind gentleman at the depot
e gave her the amount
s A mother arrived, quite ill, and
-with two little boys, one of the chil.
dren had his arm broken. She was
e taken to the hospital with the sick
child and the St. Vincent's Asylum
I cared for the other child, while she
k was there.
A young Spaniard, who could not
speak English, arrived with a letter
from the Travelers Aid in Boston. He
was assisted.
A young woman arrived from a
olCoast town, she expected a baby, and
said she had four children and her
d husband deserted her. The Agent
found her a place to stay and the
Snext day, her husband arrived in
Search of her; she had run away in
.ta fit of temper. He was willing to
i. forgive her, as the children needed
aher, so they made up the quarrel and
Sreturned home together.
By means of writing, a couple of
I deaf mutes informed the Agent where
e they wished to go, and she took them
to their destination.
r A young couple arriving with a
a baby, who had swallowed a grain of
corn, had a card to a doctor's office,
n but it was Sunday. The Agent lo
cated the doctor, who came to the
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat hospital
d and operated. The operation was
successful, but the child died of pneu
emonia. The Agent met the heart
t broken parents returning with the
little body and gave them all the
n aid and comfort she could.
SGave assistance to a lady who was
7 taken ill on the train and aided her
y to change ears, she was better when
.e she left.
Took charge of a very sick em
n ployee of the Southern Pacific, phon
ed the doctor and sent him to the
r Touro.
A French lady arrived with a very!
sick child, the Agent telephoned the Ct
doctor making an appointment, and he
then sent the lady to him in a taxi. of
A Dutch widower came here to meet tl
and marry a woman, he had sent to ld
Holland for; she was a very nice H
woman of mature age, with a child. er
The Agent explained that he must to
marry her before she could be re
leased from the Immigration Station. to
At his request, the Agent telephoned ot
his minister to come to the station. w
They stopped at the City Hall for a he
license and were married in the chap- TI
el at the Immigration Station. They he
left that night for Oklahoma, quite ht
contented. pl
A baby died at the Terminal Sta
tion; it was being brought to the doc- th
tor and the Agent did all she could no
for the bereaved mother, going to try
the coroner with her and to the under- se;
taker; the evening the mother took
the little body home. gr
A seaman had ninety-four dollars; co
he thought it safer the few hours he ri`
was in the city to give it to Travelers hii
Aid Society Agent, so he took what co'
he wanted to spend, and collected the fai
balance when he left that evening.
I quote verbatim an instance re- we
ported by one of the Agents, it is in- ha
teresting and amusing: plh
"Two English wanted to see the ke
most interesting part of the city, and we
I told them to be sure to see Jack
son Square, where the Battle of New tir
Orleans had been fought, when we ch
beat the English. / But they said we col
have shaken hands since, and today col
is the anniversary, 8th of January. mi
Met the same gentlemen leaving, they
shook hands and said that they had thi
a fine day." the
A young woman and her mother on ma
her way to join her husband, an Army am
officer, found someone had taken her at
satchel by mistake. It contained as
thousands of dollars worth of jewels. ne
There was only five minutes before to
the train left, but the Agent recov- da
ered it. The mother was assisted on the
the train, almost fainting. an
A young wife, only seventeen years ha
old, ill and deserted by her husband ha
was assisted to get medicine and
food and sent on to her family. of
The Agent took a lady to a hos- lai
pital, too weak to go alone; she was ne
most anxious to get well, as she had
three dependent little children and 44
needed help and encouragement.
Located the wife andehildren of a 11
Captain of a steamer, he missed them
at the Depot, the Agent took them to 1;
the office of the steamship company
in a taxi, located the hotel where the
Captain was staying and took them
there. They were all happily re
Got a passport for a lady going to
Cuba, to meet her husband, and put
I her on the boat. We render this sort
of service constantly for travelers to
the Tropics, and many ladies and chil
dren remain at the Travelers Ai.
Home, until their ship sails; the Ag
ents calling for them and taking themn
;!to the ships.
A married lady arrived expecting
to meet her husband coming from an
other State and go west with him, he
was not here, and after a night at the
'hotel, she determined to go home.
The Agent persuaded her to telegraph
her mother-in-law for news of her
husband. He was located, he ex
1 plained and they went west together.
A sick man and his wife arrived,
the man on a cot from which he could
not be moved; the Agent secured a
truck and the man was put on it and
sent to his destination.
Through the kindness of the Emmi
gration Commissioner here an Italian
coming from Italy was located on ar
rival in New York and money sent to
him, through the Travelers Aid, to
come to New Orleans, and join his
family here.
A conductor placed in our care a
woman enroute to California; she
had a great deal of money and com
pletely stupified with opium. We
kept her until she slept it off, and she
went to a hotel .
Two very young girls at different
times, were taken to the Home who
claimed that they expected their
cousins to meet them, when so-called
cousins saw the Agent, they did not
A railroad employee reported to us
that a quite young girl had crossed
the river and gotten off at Wagga
man, he thought that she was a run
away. We telephoned the landlady
at Waggaman, who proved very kind,
asking hei to send us the girl. The
next day, a man from Arabi reported
to the police the disappearance of his
daughter. We reported our case to
the police. She proved to be the girl
and was restored to her parents. They
had the joy of knowing that no harm
had come to her.
These are only a few of the cases
of every kind we handled since the
last report, giving aid to all who
need it, rich or poor.
During the past year we assisted
4633 people.
Directed to hotels, churches, etc.,
17052 people.
Babies in King's Daughters beds
Total number of people during the
year 23,0668.
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Tuesday, May 16th
of the
Lvs. Baton Rouge 8:00 P. M.
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I pledge myself to be the responsible head
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