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The regular monthly meeting of
Henry Watkins Allep Chapter, U. D.
C., was held on December 5th at the
Women's Club, at 3 o'clock P. M.
Miss Mattie B. McGrath, President,
was in the chair and a number of
important matters were transacted.
Five dollars was donated to the
Christmas Feast for the old veterans
at the Soldiers' Home, which will take
place on December 28th.
The following delegates and alter
nates were appointed to the Associa
tion of City Clubs: Miss Mattie B.
McGrath, Mrs. Charles Roseman, Mrs.
Earle E. Jenks; alternates, Mrs. H.
Clarence Shirley and Mrs. S. J. Pow
The Chapter will have "open
house" at the Club House early in
January. Mrs. Jenks expressed the
pleasure of the Chapter at having its
President, Miss McGrath, with them
again, after an absence from the
meetings for the past five months ow
ing to illness.
The President told of her efforts in
having an old Confederate veteran,
who was in the penitentiary, paroled,
as he was very ill and was not ex
pected to ever recover. She went
before Lieut.-Governor Bouanchaud
with the matter which was to be tak
en up at the meeting of the Board
early in December, but the old man
died before any action could be tak
en. Other minor matters were also
transacted after which an election of
officers too place for the ensuing
year with the following result:
President, Miss Mattie B. Mc
Grath; 1st vice president, Mrs. L. K.
Williams; 2nd vice president, Mrs. W.
B. Singletary; 3rd vice president,
Mrs. Jack Laycock; 4th vice presi
dent, Mrs. W. E. Shirley; Cor- Secty.,
Miss Edna Mae Conway; Rec. Secty.,
Mrs. Clarence Shirley; treasurer,
Miss Mabel Creighton; historian,
Miss Tal Cheatham; registrar, Mrs.
Roger Bourgeois; credenti) commit
tee, Mrs. Earle E. Jenks, chairman,
Mrs. J. H. Hogeman and Mrs. R. H.
The Chapter will be entertained by
Mrs. Earle Jenks early in January.
The meeting was then turned over
to the young hostesses Misses- Edna
Mae Conway and Eugenie LeCoq, who
entertained in a most charming man
ner. A short program of readings,
music, etc. was rendered after which
they served a delicious plate lunch
The following chapters have sent
in the list of officers elected for the
ensuing year, to Miss Mattie B. c
Grath, State Recording Secreta4:
Minden Chapter.
President, Mrs. Ida V. Good11;;
1st vice president, Mrs. J. T. Gila ,er;
2nd vice president, ýIrs. C. Colbert;
3rd vice president, Mrs. A. Barnett;
treasurer, Mrs. J. C. Bell, Cor. Secty.,
Mrs. C. M. Hutton; Rec. Secty., Mrs.
C. Simsford; historian, Mrs. S. Mar
tin; registrar, Mrs. J. B. Flowerlyn.
Joanna Waddill Chapter.
President, Mrs. J. St. Clair Favrot;
1st vice president, Mrs. J. D. Bogan;
2nd vice president, Mrs. M. P. Rob
ertson; Rec. Secty., Mrs. L. U. Babin;
Cor. Secty., Mrs. A. P. Miller; treas
urer, Mrs. A. G. Grant; historian,
Mrs Lee R. Harris; registrar, Mrs. F.
G. Clark.
Fitzhugh Lee Chapter.
President, Mrs. Arthur Weber; 1st
vice president, Mrs. I. E. Kiefe; 2nd
vice president, Miss Emma Bourcier;
3rd vice president, Mrs. A. W. Bar-.
ker; Rec. Secty., Mrs. Eugene Strain;
treasurer, Mrs. W. S. McDearmid;
historion, Mrs. Ada V. Wakefield;
registrar, Mrs. S. D. McEnery; chap
lain, Mrs. L. A. Jung; directress Chil
dren of the Confederacy, Mrs. J. D.
Bailey. 1
Henry Watkins Allen Chapter. 1
President, Miss Mattie B. McGrath;
1st vice president, Mrs. L. W. Wil
liams; 2nd vice president, Mrs. W. B. t
Singletary; 3rd vice president, Mrs. a
Jack Laycock; 4th vice president,
Mrs. W. E. Shirley; Cor. Secty., Miss (
Edna Mae Conway; Rec. Secty., Mrs.
Clarence Shirley; treasurer, Miss
Mabel Creighton; historian, Miss Tal r
Cheatham; registrar, 'Mrs. Roger t
Bourgeois. 1
Bunkie Chapter. P
President, Mrs. W. P. Burden; 1st d
vice president, Mrs. Preston Thomas;
2nd vice president, Mrs. Charles Car
penter; Rec. Secty., Mrs. S. S. Arch
er; Cor. Secty., Mrs. Owell West;
treasurer, Mrs. J. O. Zader; historian,
Mrs. H. W. Brith; registrar, Mrs. A.
M: Maas.
New Orleans Chapter No. 72.
President, Mrs. Fred Querens; 1st
vice president, Mrs. A. Prudhome;
2nd vice president, Mrs. W. J. Car
nahan; 3rd vice president, Mrs. W.
Freret; Rec. Secty., Mrs. Ambrose
Moore; Cor. Secty., Mrs. J. H. Page;
financial secretary, Mrs. L. S. Co
hen; treasurer, Mrs. Herman Sei
ferth; registrar, Miss M. Dulaney;
historian, Mrs. P. J. Friederichs; and
Mrs. T. Ritayak, chairman of the
Children of the Confederacy.
Standing committee chairman are:
Finance committee, Miss Julia Gre
fer; membership, Mrs. Chas. Grang
er; credentials, Mrs. L. Bienvenue;
cross of honor, Miss Doriska Gau
treaux; relics, Mrs. J. T. Beard; de
sign, Miss Edith Palfrey; soldiers'
home, Mrs. A. Cosgrove; relief, Miss
Lise Allain; and education, Mrs. Jeff
erson Davis Weir.
The regular monthly meeting of
Joanna Waddill Chapter was held
Wednesday, Dec. 6, at 3:30 P. M. in
the Women's Club House. The new
officers took their seats at this meet
Interesting among reports was that
of the president, Mrs. St. Clair Fay
rot, who told of the recent General
Order Convention held in Birming
ham, Ala.
Of the chapter works none are
more important than registration of
members which was stressed at the
meeting. Blanks are being filled out
but the registrar will be busy until
every member will have filled her
three blanks, which is now the new
The chapter expressed its pride in
the great success of the play, "Le
Grande Zombi," written by its his
torian, Mrs. Lee R. Harris, and which
was played two nights by the "Little
Theatre Guild" in the Women's Club
House as the last number on the
November program.
An appreciative guest was Mrs. O.
A. Bullion, chapter of Prairieville,
Sick veterans are visited by mem
bers of the chapter, fruit and del
icacies were sent several since the
last meeting.
-Mr's. St. Clair Favrot and daugh
ter, Beverly, were visitors of Mr.
and Mrs. Lee Campbell of Birming
ham, Ala., during the General Order
Convention, U. D. C.
Misses Dorothy and Miriam Ker
nan of New Orleans were guests at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. L. U. Bab
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