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Louisiana Clubs
(Contin~ued from page 5)
Jungle Stories, by Kipling; Boy's
King Arthur, by Lanier; Greek Gods
and Goddesses, by Kingsley; Two Lit
tle Confederates, by Page;* Robin of
the Loving Heart, by Emme E. Ma
rean, The Bad Temper of the Prin
cess, by Marion Burton; How the
Philosopher's Stone Was Lost, by
M. Bomley; The Little Princess of
the Fearless Heart, by B. J. Daskam;
Princess Fenola and the Dwarf, by
Edmonds Leanny; Mopsa the Fairy,
retold from Jean Ingelow; Just So
Stories, by Kipling.
The luncheon meeting of the Asso
ciation of City Clubs held December
7th, at one o'clock in the Woman's
Club House was perhaps the most
interesting meeting the association
has ever had. Fifteen member clubs
were represented and fifty individual
members enjoyed the occasion.
The Reviewers Club was in charge
and their committee was composed of
MInes. Rufus Jackson, W. H. Gandy,
and " Harry Hebert. The Housewives
League was caterers, serving a meal
such as they can serve and in a man
ner most pleasing, using the club's
colors with beautiful red and white
roses, mints, etc.
The program on this occasion was
as follows:
Musical readings, "Somebody,, and
"When Church is Out," by Mrs. John
R. Conniff.
A song "Treat Me Nice,"'' by Mrs.
A. G. Reed.
Mr. A. Lyle De Jarnette, executive
director of Community Service, spoke
to the ladies about the Community
Christmas tree, inviting their help;
also about the marking of streets and
stressed Ithe idea that Community
Service cooperates and invites co
A committee on the Christmas tree
will be appointed by the President.
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.1? ·Up
The special case of welfare work
was discussed, several of the clubs
donating money .toward it, others
commended the- work with hopes ex
pressed of giving financial aid later
That interests of women in Baton
Rouge are varied can be seen from
the annuoncements made as follows:
Mrs. Joe Ramires, regarding names
of Elks Christmas baskets; Mrs. L.
U. Babin, first meeting Saturday of
"Good Fellows'," workers to be held
at the Red Cross headquarters; Mrs.
St. C. Favrot's appeal for workers
to help in the Anti-Tuberculosis seal
sale; Mrs. Elmo Badley's asking the
support of clubs in the effort being
made to secure woman probation offi
cer;, Miss Katherine Doherty's Girl
Scouts, and the necessity of more
women belonging t othe council; Mrs.
A. G. Reed, regarding the coming con
vention of the League of Women Vo
The president, Mrs. C. H. Stumberg
presented the suggestion of the as
sociation, making efforts to have more
suitable moving victures for children
brought here, the clubs cooperating
with the theatre management. A
committee on this work wag moved
and unanimously carried, to be ap
pointed by the president at leisure.
Mrs. Lee R. Harris, president of
the Civic association, extended an in
vitation to all to attend the meeting
of the Civic association, at the Club
House Wednesday at 10 a. m., when
Mr. Geo. W. Garig, commissioner of
streets and parks, will present con
crete plans to the ladies as how they
can cooperate with his devartment.
Mrs. L. U. Babin, chairman, out
lined the plans of "Neighbor Day"
January 9th. The Civic Association
originated the idea and invites every
club in the association to enter hear
tily into the project. The women of
Baton Rouge are asking those of ru
ral wards in for the day as their
guests; a program will take place
at 10 a. m. in the Club House; lun
cheon with compliments of the Rest
Room League, 550 Lafayete, St., will
be served out-of-town folks, following
this a get-together at the I. H. Gott
lieb Memorial. "Neighbor Day" pur
posely occurs during the week of the
short course at L. S. U., and members
of the Woman's Extension depart
ment, including Mrs. Mary Barrow
Geison, Miss Norma Overby and Miss
E. Deshotels, will cooperate with the
Club women.
Miss Overby outlined the features
of the Short Course, provided for
women, expressing for her depart
ment, the pleasure it would give them
to work for a big "Neighbor Day,"
with Baton Rouge Club women, and
all the rural women. "Our interest,"
she stated, "is that the parish demon
strators from all over the State will
be in Baton Rouge, and able to attend
"Neighbor Day" of East Baton
Praise was expressed by many of
the second number of the musical
concert series, which was given by the
Philharmonic Orchestra, under the
directions of Prof H. W. Stopher.
The large audience was very appre
ciative of the excellent program.
Mr. A. Lyle De Jarnette, executive
j director of Community Service, spoke
to the ladies about marking of streets
and stressed the idea that Community
Service cooperates and invites co
It was announced by the president
that January would be the annual
meeting and that all clubs were re
quested to have by that time elected
their 1923 delegates.
The following clubs were repre
sented: American Legion Auxiliary,
League of Women Voters, Social
Science, Little Theatre Guild, Music
Club, Study Club, Housewives League,
Charity Ward Association, Joanna
Waddill Chapter, Henry Watkins
Allen Chapter, I. H. Gottlieb Memo
rial and Rest Room League.
Those attending the luncheon were:
Mmes. Katherine Hill, Mattie B. Mc
Grath, Norma Overby, Katherine Do
herty, Mmes. I. D. Wall, Elmo Bad
ley, Joe Ramnires, W. B. Singletary,
Earle E. Jenks, St. Clair Favrot, L.
U. Babin, F. G. Clark, Don. B. Hearin,
W. S. Cushman, T. P. Singletary, U.
U. Sessions, T. W. Atkinson, B. B.
Taylor, C. H. Rice, J. 0. Peery, W. S.
Holmes, E. B. Doran, H. Payne Brea
zeale, C. E. Coates, D.. W. Thomas,
Ada Favrot Gates, Lee R. Harris,
A. R. Albritton, Morton Evans, W. B.
Hatcher, Harry Hebert, C. W. Edger
ton,,J. I. Adams, C. H. Bean. J. R.
Conniff, J. N. Ogden, Sr., J. Y. San
ders, Jr., C. J. Barrow, Belle Wil
liams, Monte Smith, B. King, A. C.
Pickett, S. Shaffer, T. H. Harris,
Howell Morgan, W. R. Hendrix, A.
G. Reed. and Gus Eichleberger.
Civic Association On
Cooperation Between The
Citizens and Commissioners
At the regular monthly meeting of
the Baton Rouge Civic Associations
Wednesday at 10 a. m., in the Wo
man's Club House, a most interest
ing talk was given by Mr. Goo. WV.
Garig, commissioner of streets and
parks. Mr. Garig said at the onset
that it gave him pleasure to accept
the ladies' invitation to be present
and he commended their spirit of co
operation. He said he thought such
city laws as the commissioners and
citizens saw fit should be created to
make Baton Rouge the best city in
which to live. These laws made
should, without fail, be enforced, he
He gave descriptions of regulation
of garbage cans, and emphasized the
fact that lids must fit at least two
inches over, the side to prevent the
lid coming off, if can turned over.
Cans mnust have owner's name, so
if taken away by the garbage man,
they can be identified, and that man
will pay for same.
No bricks, dirt or debris from
tearing down buildings, etc., will be
moved by the city trucks, ashes or
cinders to be put in receptable other
than can containing garbage that
must be burned.
Tuesday of each week was made
clean-up day."
"Seiver," Mr. Garig said, "will be
carried to every house in Baton
Rouge." He will plant trees in Jan
uary, all places where improvements
are permanent will get some trees,
and those now growing will receive
his special care and attention.
"How can we get good streets
everywhere?" he was asked.
"Vote for the bond issue," said Mr.
Garig. All promised to do so, and
volunteered services in doing all in
their power toward the carrying of
the bond issue in 1923.
are useful gifts.
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for a Gift.
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Mr. Garig was very patient in his
answers to the many questions. He
had studied his subject well and was
prepared with ready responses, and
he talked freely on his lines of work.
The meeting gave him a rising vote
of thanks. A resolution was made
that all be "Boosters," and in 1923, to
get all Baton Rouge into the "Booster
Mrs. A. Sheppers, chairman of conm
mittee, reported that through MIr. L.
U. Babin, chairman of committee
from Police Jury on the investigation
of a probation officer, the informas
tion was obtained that this officer
(and a woman is asked for) is ap
pointed by the district judge, and sal
ary paid by the Police Jury. Thi
committee is retained.
Mrs. A. R. Albritton, chairman, re
ported for the committee on illit
eracy, that at an interview with Mr.
Harris, State superintendent of Edu
cation, he said he saw no reason for
great alarm on this subject. The
adult illiterate in Louisiana was a
contented law-abiding citizen, he
said, and that schools for their chil
dren were being provided. Louisiana
and North Carolina have the distinc
tion of having made greater educa
tional strides during the past ten
years than any of the other states
in the Union.
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