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II» frmi-Weefely gepaMtas.
•JULY 1», 1872.
Of Sew toils.
A meeting will be held at the Court
house, in St. Frnncisville, onj Satur
day, the 20th inst., for the purpose of
ratifying the nomination of Horace
Greeley and B. Gi-utz Brown ; also to
choose delegates to attend the Liberal
State Convention, to convene in New
Orleans, on the first Monday in Aug.,
All who concur in this opinion, ir
respective of previous political opin
ion, are cordially invited to be pres
ent at the time and place above men
Edwin Àclnms, " the eminent tra
gedian," won $-1.000 on Longfellow.
One hundred and thirty baskets of
natural flowers hang from a balcony
of one of the Long Branch Hotels.
San Francisco is quietly depriving
England ol' her tea laurels, without so
much as saying by yom- leave.
The greatest " pain aunihilatcr" in
existence is said to be a boy who lias
smashed 1,000 windows this year.
A "society for the encouragement
of young men desiring to marry" is
organizing among the young ladies at
Bondout, N. Y.
There are in the lunatic asylums of
Austria one hundred and two persons,
each of whom believes that he is the
late Emperor Maximilian, of Mexico.
There are in the United States 63,
000 church edifices, affording accom
modations for twenty-one millions
and a half of worshipers.
A copy of the third folio of Shalies
pere, printed in 1664, was sold recent
ly at a London auction for one hun
dred and forty-one pounds, or about
seven hundred dollars.
A married woman lately sat up all
night darning her husband's stock
ings, because she read in the news
paper that "in consequence of the
wretched condition of the firemen's
hose, much property was burnt up."
Picnics in Pennsylvania wind up
with what is called the Dolly Varden
march—the young ladies standing in a
row and the young men passing along
the line and kissing each good night.
The most sensible thing Eli Per
kins has ever uttered is, that for a
girl to whiten her face, pink her lips,
redden her cheeks and blacken her
eyebrows is to proclaim that she is one
of the demi-monde.
It is stated that the State of Texas
would contain the entire population
of the United States without making
it any more thickly settled than Mas
sachusetts, and would hold the entire
population of the French Empire (or
Bepublie that now is) and leave unin
habited a margin of sixty miles around
the boundary of the State.
A traveler in Alabama, finding his
supper to consist of fried beef, fried
ham, fried bacon, fried eggs, fried
chicken, fried batter cakes and hot
coffee, thinks an appropriate epitaph
upon the grave of every other man
who dies in that country would be,
"Killed by a frying pan."
Caleb Cushing says the English
papers are to him one of the standing
miracles of the age. The exquisite
simplicity with which they attack
positions which no one cares to defend
or tries to defend—positions hopelessly
untenable—is a thing you can never
explain by any reference to the ordi
nary rules of human conduct.
Secretary Bobcson has for his chief
messenger in the Navy Department a
man who is denounced by the Wash
ington Republican as a " dead beat"
and swindler. It appears that re
cently he sold a clerkship in the Navy
Department to the son of a saloon
keeper in Washington for $150 ; that
$50 was paid, and a note for $100 pay
able in ninety days was taken for the
remainder. The appointment was
made by the Secretary, and at the
end of the month the broker insisted
that the salary should be paid on the
undue note. This being refused he
had the clerk dismissed. All these
facts having been-laid before the Sec
retary of the Navy, he retains the
messenger, evidently beiag afraid to
discharge him.
The " last ditchers" of Louisiana
presented a sorry spectacle at the
Varieties Theatre last Friday night.
They were there as the ghost of the
Democratic party, gravely endeavor
ing to convince the people that they
must accept the apparition as the
substantial being of what was once
a live party—a controlling power in
the land.
These " last ditchers," failing to
comprehend the popular will as ex
pressed at Cincinnati, Baltimore, and
elsewhere—virtually decreeing the
dissolution of the Democratic party,
and calling upon the people to rally
under the Liberal banner—went
forth last Friday night five hundred
strong, and with torchlights, blazing
banners, martial music and speeches
the old party would have been proud
of in days gone by, made a desper
ate effort to prove to the people that
wiiat they had pronounced dead still
lived and had a being.
It is impossible for the " last ditch
ers" to conceive how the Democratic
party can be dead while such men
as Judge Coltoo, Governor Voor
hies, Governor Ilyams, General Lew
is, Professor Booth, Judge McEnery,
Mr. Jonas, ect., live. But it is not
impossible for the people to see that
the Democratic party is dead and
buried, while the gentlemen named
are alive and kicking, for the simply
reason that the people know they
aie not the Democratic party, nor
even that powerful branch of it that
once ruled the destinies of this State.
Therefore the people are not a lit
tle surprised to hear so intelligent a
gentleman as Judge McEnery pro
claim, at a meeting called for the
purpose of ratifying the nominations
of the national candidates of the
Lil ieral party, that the ontgnshing
of the honest masses upon that oc
casion reminded him of " the stale,
flat and unprofitable charge that the
Democratic party has ceased to live.'
The outgushing of the honest mass
es in every State of the Union in
favor of Greeley and Brown should
have served to enlighten the natur
ally acute mind of Judge McEnery
upon the real condition of the Dem
ocratic party. These daily outgush
ings have long since convinced far
less discriminating minds of the fate
of that party. But the Judge re
fuses (o see it and says :
We kuow that the action, the final
action of the Baltimore convention
was awaited with great suspense and
great anxiety by the whole Ameri
can people. We know particularly
that it was awaited with great anx
iety and great suspense by the party
which has put Sir. Greeley in nomi
nation, for they know as well as that
we stand and sit here to-night, that
it would have been fruitless, hope
less, to have placed him before the
American people for their suffrage
unless he could have brought to his
aid the Democratic party of the Uni
ted States.
The party that nominated Mr.
Greeley certainly did await with
much anxiety the action of the Bal
timore convention, for it knew that
unless the people had been success
ful in sending a sufficient number of
delegates there to prevent the nomi
nation of a Democratic ticket, the
cause of the Liberal Republican
party would be less certain in the
selection of a President. The Lib
eral party knew that the question of
reform had been agitated among the
people throughout the country ;
knew that the Democratic masses in
many of the States had determined
to send delegates to the Baltimore
convention pledged to tho support
of Greeley and Brown ; but it was
impossible to know until after the
meeting of the convention what pro
gress had been made iu the interest
of reform in the short time that
elapsed between Cincinnatti and
Baltimore. This accounts for the
anxiety manifested by the friends of
the reform party, and referred to by
the orators at the Varieties Theatre.
Men of Ju<3ge McEnery's way of
thinking did endeavor to nominate
Democrats for the offices o£ Presi
dent and Vice President, and if they
could have succceded in doing so at
Baltimore, it is quite probable that
the judge and his friends xit the Va
rieties Theatre would have been
found, in that event, denouncing in
stead of praising Greeley and Brown.
As it is, we find thein deuouncing
the Liberal movement in this State
and endeavoring, coutvary to what is
known to bo the popular will of the
Democratic voters, to force a Demo
cratic State ticket, thus strengthen
ing the chances of organized ignor
ance to rule the State for the next
four years. And chief among the
reasons assigned by the principal
speakers of Friday evening why the
united Stute ticket should be sup
ported was that of nativity. Mr.
Jonas, one of the principal speakers
aud the candidate for Lieuenant
Governor, would make this a great
consideration iu the choice of State
officials. It was not. enough to know
that a man had been here ten years,
and came here in defense of this
country ; but it must be known that
he was bora and reared here and
had been in the Confederate service
to entitle him to office. We do not
believe the people are prepared to
sanction this narrow, prescriptive
and selfish Know Nothing doctrine
put forth by Mr. Jonas. An equally
infelicitious were the remarks of
Judge McEnery when he said :
There is an element in the Liberal
party which I can address myself to
almost as a matter of light, certain
ly as a matter of duty, fur these gen
tleman who now form an integral
part of that party have stood shoul
der. to shoulder and side by side
with me in many hard fought but
The speeches of these gentlemen
make them cut a sorry spectacle as
candidates for the highest oîlices
within the gift of the people at a
time when the prejudices of the pant
ire to be forgotten and the interest
of society studied iu the broadest,
most, intelligent, and unselfish sense.
—N. O. Republican.
Hon. Taylor Beattie, of Terre
bonne, has been requested by the
Bar of the 15th Judicial District, to
run for District Judge.
The Donaldsonvillo Chief reports
the death of Dr. G. A. Franklin, a
native of Maryland, and for more
than twenty years a resident of As
The Chief also reports the death
of a colored man from sun stroke.
We learn from the Attakapas Rvg
v/trr, that the charges of bribery
which had been preferred against
Judge Train, and District Attorney
Merchant, have been dismissed alter
a lengthy investigation by the Grand
The same paper has been present
ed with a stock of sugar cane, four
feet, high, having six red joints.
Speaking of the new alliance of
the Reformers and Democrats, the
Baton lîouge Gazelle-Comet, says :
The announcement of the combin
ed Democratic State ticket in this
city created about as much enthusi
asm as a first-class suicide would.—
The efforts of political hacks to choke
that ticket down the public throat
will not take. The people have no
objection to the men, but they do
object to the manner in which they
were nominated. The gentlemen
who have been announced on that
ticket would exhibit their good sense,
as others have shown, to withdraw
their names. If they do not now
see that they have no show of elec
tion they will find it out in Novem
ber, when the end sought by the
people will be defeated as well as
they, and who will be responsible for
it ? The politicians who think an
office good for sore eyes—or the peo
ple who think these politicians too
blind to be cured at the sight of an
office ; we opine that the sore eyes
of those candidates will never be
cured if they are depending on the
cream from old brindles milk to do
it. >
The same paper contanis the fol
lowing :
Our friend Mr. Harrington Haral
son brought, to our sanctum on Wed
nesday last a species of worm which
he pronounccs to bo the genuine
cotton worm. Mr. Haralson exhibi
ted two specimens, one of the first
and one of the second crop of worms.
It would bo a sad calamity to our
planters now to have their hopes of
a good crop blasted by the devasta
tions of this vermine. The corn and
cotton crop through the parish is
said to be splendid. The sugar
prospect is not so good.
Tho Patriot-Democrat, of Clinton,
has heard it reported that the army
worm has been found in several
fields in that parish.
Tho report has reach the Natchez
Covrier that the army worms have
mado their appearance iu the Parish
of Concordia.
By Sec. 1010, Ray's R. Statutes,
it is the duty of the Justice or Mag
istrate, to investigate and bond ac
cused parties in all cases, where the
offence for which the accused is so
charged be one that may not subject
the party to capital punishment or
to imprisonment in the penitentiary.
Where the punishment is fine, or
imprisonment without specifying
hard labor," or at the discretion of
the Court, Magistrates have juris
diction : and I am inform by the
District Judge, that he will not ap
prove any bills of cost in such cases
unless investigated by the Magis
trates, as required by law.
W. W. Leake,
Parish Attorney.
Mme. Octavia, Walton Le Vert, one
of the grand old women, lias been
made happy by the birth of n grand
son, George Walton, named after his
grandpîirent on the maternal side,
who was one of the three signer» of
tho Declaration ol' Independence from
the State of Georgia.
A converted Indian preacher, in
Kansas, says lie can always tell a
christianized Indian by the treatment
of his squaw. When she rides a horse
and the husband walks, it is conclu
sive proof that a work of grace has
been accomplished.
A Danbnry man feels so mortified
over the reflection that his children
are not able to attend Sunday school
for want, of suitable clothes, that lie
spends every 8; bbath in the woods,
accompanied by his faithful dog,
which wears a five dollar colla/.
The Sandwich Islands are rapidly
becoming depopulated. In 1 S--'
their population was 1*12,000. In 18(50,
this had dwindled to GO,000. Forty
years more will suffice for the total
extinction of tho Sandwiches. Every
race seems to decrease except tho
white, which is increasing at a rate
unequaled in history. Sooner or
later t he Caucasian will inevitably be
the only type of man on the globe.
Sheriff Jfalcs.
Parish of West Fcliclnnn.
Parif.li Court—No. 110.
i of Horaco B. Vib
» nie directed from
of St.
Thursday the 25th clay of July A. D.,
One lot of household and kitchen fnrnil
b;iv nrure. one horrel colt, the contents am
of the store as Inventoried and helongini
Term* of Hille Cash.
jy9-cSil S7 20.
Parish of West Feliciana.
7th District Court.
i vs. No. 24;>3 Allen D.
Saturday the 3d day of August,
A, 1»., 1ÎIT2, at the hour of 11 o'clock A. M., of said
day, the following mentioned and described prop
erty to-wit. ;
One Gray Horse, One Light Bay Mule, One two
jel6-ctL-$7 20.
of Sale Cash—with the henetit of appraise
Tin, Copper anil Slieet-Iron Worker.
Maguire.s Old Stand,
Sun Street, Bayou Sara. La.
Citizens, Planters, and others, needing work in
his line, will please send in their orders ami they
will lie promptly attended to.
Particular attention paid to Hooding and Gutter
•jutf Also, to repairing Cooking Stoves.
All work guaranteed.
- „ , __ -- after
Monday 22d inst., and exchange them for the In
terest Bonds, issued by authority of the General
Assembly of 1Ö72.
Parish Treasurer.
Burial Case Manufacturer & Undertaker*
Principal street. Jlayou Sara. La.
Respectfully announces to the citizens of this
and adjoining parishes, that he manufactures and
keenson hand a good assotiuicnt Cotlins. Leaden
Caskets alw ays on hand and for sale at reasonable
prices for rush only.
A new and elegant Hearse with a fine span ol
ed at moderate rate
rpitEES! FLOWEitö ! Bt I, US! SE EUS!
Nursery Stock ! Fruit and Flower Plates !
Address F. K, Phoenix,
Lloominglon Xursery, Illinois.
fJOft ACRES ; 21st year; 12 Greenhouses. Ap
UUU pk', 1,000 1 yr„ *20; 2 y. §30; 3y. $40:
4 y. $50. 4 Catalogues, 20 cents. jyl6-5t.
ft. J.--?Bte Itöwrtfowwrtfc
Ferdinand Street, St. Frandevilte, La.
Having 'ately made additions to my extensive
stock of family and
Ladies Dress 1 and Trimming Goods, Gent's and
Boy's Furnishing Goods, Ladies, MI sbcsb and
Infants Shoes, Gents' and BoyS Press Boots
and Shoes, Brogans, ltnsset«, Woolen
and Cotton Goods, ISnglisli, French
and American Prints, Japoueso
Freneli and English Silks and
Cloth's, Laces and Em
broideries, '.Pocket
and Tahle Cutle
ry, Pins and
Mv stock having l>o«n purchased fur cash mnâ
selling for cash exclusively, I lini ' satisKéd tliaVl
hold ont great inducements to the trading pu»>
lie. Mv stockjeonsist in part of
Flour, Sugar, Coffee, Teas, Ilams, Shoulders, Pork
Lard, But ter, Cheese, Candles, Coal Oil, Whisky
Brand.,', Mackerel, Herrings, Cod Fish, Mac
aron y , Vermieolla, Canned Fish, Can
ned Fruit, Potatoes, Onions, Pickled
Beef, Gun Powder, Drop Shot,
Crockery, Wood and Willow
ware, Smoking and chew
ing Tobacco, Cigars,
Pipes, also sport
jug Materials
and Goods
of all descript ions.
I"W All of wide
idvanee only ;il»<
>h:ire of patrons
s disposed of at. a slight
original cost. Askiup ~
the publie, I prom
Jackson, Ln<
(Where he has been located nearly twenty years.)
New Orleans, with
ils, and some lie
pa rat us, imd has opened a gallery at Mr. 1
■ rniitteuherMCi''*, Bayou Sara, la»., where 1)
• ill tr.v to sustain his reputatiou «is an artist.
Children's pictures taken in one second, old pic.
ores copied and enlarged, and large Photographs
and Landscapes taken to order.
ssoeiated with Mr. John Boyd, who is
prepared to eut stencil plates and key checks.
Call sooi for any work iu our line, as 41 Time
I n Money."
Hooks nnd Stationary,
Foot of the IMI,
Near the West Feliciana Rail Road track.
gned Board of Assessors, located at the Court
House in the town of St. Frnncisville, will have in
hands the Tax Roll, tor assessment, thirty davs
l and alter the first day ot August, A. I). IHTJ.
irties interested are requested to attend the
assessment of their property during that time.
FKI,IX V. LKAKK, Sheriff.
,i,v5-lni-Sl3 50. A. A. MILL1KKN, Hccordcr.
v/ will he paid lor evidence »ntlieieut to convict
In fore any ordinary jury any parties placing oh»,
truetions or. tho tract of the West Felieiaua Bail
ltoad Company.
nih22tf President.
1^01? Scrofula, Scrofulous Diseases of the Eyes, or
Scrofula iu any form.
Any disease or/eruption of the Shin, disease of
the Liver, Rheumatism, Pimples, Old Sores, Ulcers,
Broken-down Constitutions, Syphilis, or any dis
ease depending ou a depraved condition of the
blood, try Dr. Crook'» Hyrnp of Poke Root*
It has tli« médicinal property of Poke combined
with a preparation of iron which goes at onca Into
the blood, performing the most rapid and wonder
ful cures.
Ask your Druggist for Dr. CROOK'S Compound
Syrup of Poke Root—take it and be healed.
H. 9UUEAUL & 1». J. UOGAN,
All Kinds or
PAINTING, Glazlnn, Paper Hanging, Wall» nnd
Ceiling Colored or Kalsomiued: Murhliuir.
draining, '
Glass, Iron aud Timber Sign Writing.
Gilding nudUronziug.
All work executed with neatness and dispatch
at reasonable îates.
Country orders solicited and attended to with
Address Box 87, P» O*
St. Francisville, La.
Royal Street, St. Francisville , La.
Manufactures all kinds of Ladies, Gentlemen and
at a short notice, and at priceB which defies any
and all competition.
GF* Especial attention paid to the getting up o
calf, kid and morroca uppers. 9ni
D*. CwwkSwSll, —«
Proprietor. Dr. CfrooV, Iff*
G rktlmuh: 1 «m und» JL.
for the benefit I derived
Tar. And to thon afflict«. Iufcl,',
that I hart been «offert».
a bronchial affection. I •*»
medicine with but little t onM,? * S
powers. But after using the
health much Improrcd, ftn4 ,J"
1 ftm happrto.tat.tbJ*>
ed and In the enjoyment of CMd ^ ^
West, „rown Int» «dmlrstlimoj ,£"*•!
.»1, writes Br. A, -er '«S
sign he shall bo Mel, which
vomited, ami under which 1«
Pills for an affection of the llret
sign 1.1s wl ould commence loukt
dlnient. lia ^ *
his pigs in Scorpio, cut hit Imirinj'l^. 1
his tcetln l'isccsor Aauarln. ..-ÎÎ9J
p., rill» fori, ailment. He add, J*
no»;» to wean 1.1s calvc. uo,l w j.."'
ut hit hait
Aquarius „ thft -
Schoolmasters, start forWI K „, Ä1I .
Hum Wiien .Ton Ret there.-z^jjj™
The di«KiiUeddtam*, tsl w l , '
l< lues, sold in bar-rooms at »tmi«.
ncliics," have nothing In common ni
kkr 's VlNKOAH lllTTKlic. 'fl„| ,,
.lor» not owe its »tlmutattogp^»
adulterated Alc ohol, l„it t» »édition
lmnM never hereto*»« couiliinrj. n.
(he Bittern lu cases'of wtirtltnto
clirouic Indigestion, liver eomphhl m
eases tending to consumption, i, «
Unit except to thoso wlio liav# feu „
it, the result seems iiicrciliM«.
Tlie Coiiimonwcalih C 'o >0ptnt
pony.-To t lie working men ofonr State
t rjr, whose wages me barely n*k« „
comfortdble homes for tlicir laniillf, ltJ
sire to prevent want, misciy, aad Wll „
ninoug their fatherless lillle ones, thii
Oilers special inducements of a liberal
the bene lits of which are within tin »«i
nnd a fallnre to malic such a rflonatimtr
ty iiMiotmls almost to a criminal k ,;.
The undersigned liegs leave to inform Mi
and the public generally, that WiogatT
courngemciit far surpassing Ms mostr
pectat ions, that he does not propose to
business here, reports toj the controy
standing. Ile will give the same attratl«
friends aud customers as heretofore and tj
liave charge of a \Vliaifl>oftt r at tbe
Landing, which will so iaereasehii^
transacting business, as to defy cod
will endeavor to merit a coiitinuanteoltk
patronage heretofore bestowed. AD i
his line' constantly for sale under tbi
price». Very lespcct&illr,
jvl2-lm. E.W.W
II. K. L. ltttt Ir 0* B*l*
THE members of Bayev Kara Loto h "
B. B., will bear in mind that the
itig will be he'd on eacli Sunday attri
or otherwise notithjd r at wliJta all
8. WEft,
requested to attend.
M. LITTOHKIM, Secretary.
gasoil £arajpwn
i kon aulrk,
Of Levy At Adler,
Bayou Sara, La.
rool.afthe HOT, «or Ot W. T. It
Btjou Sus, U>
Dellen In
Drjr Good., Groceries, Wins t
In the dry goods department
f ound ull family necessaries, mcd»
Sheetings nil sizes «nil price»! 1
French Tiliits ; Shirtings, iliftwl
Irish und Scotch Llmm and C»!
)oundi a a ; Brown and Blewbri
ticB; Cusiiiierc« i Teitmei; W
mliiRs i Fauev Article«, n't»
Couibs, Brushes, Pcrflimaji
Thread, Needles, PiW
Bulitier P«»' 1 e]m '
Silk and UM
We have also » line mi "I
I indies, lient», Boys m* W*
An Immense stock ot
and Misses, selected with PJUJ
offer nt prices which defy ^ .
rp-our stock belli* renewed « y.
always I n ) found fresh and ot mw
Also on hand u Inrtfe lot of
for sale cheap for cash.
THE property situated JJÂjJît
Sara, and now occupied W®»
Kol terms, be. AppiJ'« .
For terms, fee.
Wholesaled wW
Front Street,
Fancy and Staple VTT *
8 femes.
C 3CnU. t
Gentlemen*» and Boy's" FWI1 A ■
and Youths Dress Ooo«V „j g
American Prints,
e -.estics. Kersey, Cotton»«>* ^ p
Sheeting» and Shirting 8 *
Wood nn4
My stock of crocerle» JMJ
aiiti l will sell tnem at a H 1 »
cost for Cash*
The highest market

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