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Port Tobacco times, and Charles County advertiser. (Port Tobacco, Md.) 1845-1898, May 20, 1847, Image 3

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force to make another stand. In regard to
the sincerity of his assertion much doubt is
entertained, as it is supposed that he is ex
ceedingly desirous to leave the country, but I
fears to attempt a movement of that kind |
openly, lest he should be assassinated im
mediately, which will no doubt he his fate
ultimately, however long he may prolong it.
He will not dare return to the city of Mexico,
is the universal opinion, until some success
should crown his efforts to redeem his thou
sand promises to the deluded people and
the clergy, the latter being now his only
Command of the Mexican Army. — It is
generally reported that the Mexican govern
ment have removed Gen. Santa Anna from
the chief command of the army, and appoint
ed Gen. Valentine Canalfzo as his succes
sor.— Vera Cruz Chronicle of the 28 th ult.
By a person just arrived from Oriza, we
know that Gen. Santa Anna had arrived
there with about 200 dragoons, and imme
diately commenced recruiting, having un
der his command about 6000 men of the fu
gitives from Cerro Gordo. He also assures
us that a correspondence had been seized
by the authorities at Mexico, addressed by
a great personage toSenor Rejon, offering a
certain sum if he would bring about an ear
ly peace, and to place all the requisite means
at his disposal.
In Puebla, Gen. Inclan is commanding.
They are fortifying the town for resistance.
Whigs of Charles county are re
'quested to meet at their usual places of
voting in the several election districts, on
SATURDAY the 22d day of MAY instant,
at 12 o’clock, M., to elect ten delegates
from each district to meet in County Con
vention, at the Court House in Port Tobac
co, on Tuesday the Ist day of June next,
for the purpose of appointing four delegates
to represent this county in ilie Gubernatori
al Convention, which assembles in Cam
bridge, on Wednesday the loth June next.
may 13.
f |MIE subscribers have just received, and
JL are now opening a large and general
assortment of Cheap am]
which they respectfully invite their friends
and the public generally to call and examine j
for themselves.
All kinds of country produce will he
taken in exchange for goods.
Friendly Hill, May 20, 1847.
"VVTE respectfully call the attention ofi
* * those indebted to us, for an earlv close- i
ing up of their accounts, either bv Cash or |
Note. This is imperatively demanded, and
we hope that this call will meet with a
prompt response on the part of those indebt
ed to us. J. W. &. W. W. OWEN.
BANJUL persons indebted to die estate of Mrs.
orris, deceased, for property
at the sale of estate, are hereby no
(hat the notes then given will become
W due on the 4th of June next, which notes
left with E. W. Day, of Port Tobacco,
|r for collection, and all persons indebted are
I requested to come forward and make imme
t diate payment, as 1 shall be down about the
to bring suit on all claims unattended
V may 20—4 t.
THE subscriber begs leave to return his grate
ful acknowlegements to the Planters of Prince
George’s and the adjoining counties for their liber
al patronage in former years. He would inform
■ them that he continues to run.the Powder Mill
Woollen Factory, on the Paint Branch, 7 miles
from Bladenshurg, and 3 from Beltsvillc, P. Geo.
Co., Md., and having repaired and added to his
machinery, and secured experienced workmen, he
can confidently assure those farmers who may fa
vor him w ith their custom, that it will be executed
in a superior manner. The following gentlemen
have kindly consented to permit him to refer to
them for both character and skill in his profession.
Chs. Hill, near Marlhro’ Dr. Theodore Jenkins,
R. D. Sewall, “ G. W. Duvall, Goodluck
Col- H. Capron, Laurel, Dr. J. S.Skinner, Notting-
C B. Calvert, Blds’brg., ham.
James S. Morsel!,
My prices for manufacturing arc as heretofore.
Heavy fulled Kerseys 3-4 wide 32 cts. per yd.
“ “ 6-4 “ 64
Raw Kerseys, 5-4 “ 26 “
Striped Lindseys, 5-4 “ 30 “
Flannels, 5-4 “ 30 “
Blankets, all wool, 10-4 “ 75 “
Stocking Yarn, coarse, 20—Fine 28 cts. per lb.
If cash is paid on delivery of the goods, 6 per
cent, will be deducted from these prices. If not, |
notes will be required, hearing interest from date, i
The subscriber has on hand, and will continue to
keep a general assortment of Goods, which he will
exchange for Wool on reasonable terms.
Particular attention will he paid to carding Rolls
at the shortest notice, and keeping the best of oil.
Wool carded into rolls for 5 1-2, if the grease is
found, and 7 cts. per pound, if I find the grease.
I will attend all day on Tuesday, June I, at Up
} per Marlboro’; on the Bth at Queen Anne ;on
the 10th at Governor’s bridge ;on the 15lh at Not
tingham ; on the 22d at Prince Frederick ; on the
29th at Good Luck ; on the 6th of July at Bladens
burg ; on the 13th at Georgetown, and on the 20th
at Alexandria—for the purpose of receiving wool or
orders from the planters. By a continuance of
punctuality and persevering industry, he hopes to
merit a share of public patronage. Letters address
ed to him at Beltsville, Pr. Geo. co., Md., will meet
whE prompt attention.
Mr. E. W. Day has been appointed agent at Port
Tobacco. WM. HARPER,
may 20—3 m.
rpms IS TO GIVE NOTICE, That the sub
.l. scrihcr lias obtained from the Orphans’ Court
iof Charles County, Maryland, letters testamentary
ion the personal estate of James Burroughs, late
;of said county, deceased. All persons having
1 claims against the said deceased’s estate are
hereby warned to exhibit the same, properly au
thenticated, to the subscriber, before the expiration
iof six months. They may otherwise by law be
excluded from all benefit of said deceased’s estate,
Given under my hand, this ISlhday of May,
| muy 20. of James Burroughs.
scriber has obtained from the Orphans’ Court
of Charles County, Md., letters Testamentary on
tiie personal estate of Roger Posey, deceased,
|lute of Charles county, All persons having claims
against the said deceased, are hereby warned to
exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof, to
the subscriber, before the expiration of six months.
They may otherwise by law be excluded from all
benefit of said deceased’s estate.
Given under my hand, this 18th day of May,
1847. THOMAS POSEY, Ex’r
• may 20. of Roger Posey.
T>Y virtue of a decree of the Court of
Chancery of Maryland, made in the
case of Benjamin Swann and others vs.
Zachariah Dent and others, the undersigned
Trustees will expose at public sale, in the
town of Port Tobacco, on TUESDAY the
: 15th day of JUNE next, if fair, if not, the
i next fair day thereafter, all the Ileal Estate
■ conveyed by said Zachariah Dent to his
I daughter, Mrs. Priscilla Richards, consisting
j of several tracts or parts of tracts of LAND,
i viz :
| One tract or parcel of Land willed to
said Zachariah Dent by his father, contain
more or less. Also, another tract or parcel
I of Land, which the said Zachariah purchas
ed ot a certain John C Boarman, containing
more or less. Also, one other tract or par
cel of Land, which the said Zachariah pur
chased of a certain Dr. Wm. Queen, con
more or less. Also, one other tract or par
cel of Land, which the said Zachariah pur*
chased ol the said John C. Boarman, con
-96 ACRES,
! more or less. Together wilii a TAVERN
and LOT in Brvantown,
w Lich the said Zachariah
purchased at a trustee’s sale
() f George W. Matthews.—
This Tavern is the only one in the village, 1
and a very desirable stand for any one wish- j
ling to engage in the business.
All of the above described tracts of land,
containing in the whoJefive hundred and
teen acres, more or less, is situated in the
neighborhood of Brvantown, Charles coun
ty, andis well adapted to the growth of the
common staples of the Stale.
At the same time the undersigned will ex
pose at public auction to the highest bidtler
for cash, two NEGRO MEN\ tico Negro
Boys , and oue likely young Negro Woman;
together with Horses , Cattle , Hogs , sc.
Terms of Sale, agreeably to the decree:
Upon selling the real estate one-fifth of the
purchase money, in cash, will be required
on the day of sale, and the residue in equal
instalments in one and two years from the
day of sale—the whole to hear interest from"
the day of sale, and payment thereof to he
secured by bonds of the purchaser or pur
chasers to be approved by the Trustees.—
All the personally will be sold for cash ;
and upon the ratification of said sale and the
payment of the whole purchase money, the
Trustees will execute deeds to the purcha
sers, conveying all the right, title and inte
rest of the parlies claiming the said realty
and personalty above mentioned,
may 20—ts. Trustees.
Creditors of Zachariah Dent are
hereby notified to file their claims,
with the vouchers thereof, in the Chancery ;
Office ot Maryland, within two months from
the 15th day of June, Anno Domini, 1847.
may 20.—4 t. Trustees.
FI LOUR &. BACON.—Just received super
fine and extra-superfine Flour, and a lot of
excellent Bacon. WM. ANDERSON,
may 20.
WHAT is most conducive to Health ? A pure i
state and circulation of the Blood.
Now the best method to insure a healthy state |
of Blood is, on the first symptom of any disorder of;
the circulating fluid, such as Dyspepsia, Costive- i
ness, Giddiness, or any of the diseases which arise
therefrom, to use WINCE'S SARSJIPARILL.fI
OR RLOOI) PILLS according to the directions,
and you will obtain immediate relief,
Oxe Word of Cautiox,—When you go to
purhease Hancc’s Sarsaparilla or Blood Pills, be
sure you get the genuine article. Price 25 cents
per box of Fifty Pills each.
For sale by SETH S. HANCE, No 108 Bal
tirnorc st., and corner of Charles and Pratt streets,
Baltimore. Price 25 cents per box of fifty Pills
Also for sale by iu. W. DA\ , Port Tobacco.
E. CANTER, Benedict.
11. E. BURCH, Brvantown.
r PHE greatest medicine in the world for Coughs, !
J- Asthma, Pain and Soreness in the I
Breast, W hooping Cough, Consumption, Hoarse
ness, and all Diseases of the Breast and Lungs is
HOUND. Price 50 cents.
Price 50 cents per bottle.
Sold by SETH S. HANCE, No. 108 Balti
more st. Baltimore, and in Port Tobacco by
E. W. DAY,
L. CANTER, Benedict.
R. L. BURCH, Bryantown.
FLOUR. —Just received and for sale a lot of
Superfine and extra-Superline Flour,
may 13. TAYLOR St CO.
subscriber has for sale 10,000 prime
| -*• sawed pine Hogshead Staves, on very
accommodating terms. I think at the price
1 1 will sell them, the purchaser can have them
made complete and ready for prizing for
seventy five cents.
| ma y ‘6—4t. J, F. STONE.
npilE undersigned will sell a. NEGRO
WOMAN and three very likely CIIIL
IJRFjJY. Terms made known upon appli
cation to J. F. STONE,
Agent for lion. H. Johnson, La.
may G—lt.
r I Mie Trustees of the McDonough
! Fund are hereby notified to meet in
Tort Tobacco on Saturday, the 15th of
this month, at 10 o’clock, A. M.
may 6, GEO. BRENT, Treasurer.
WE will receive during the present week
a large additional supply of Spring and
.'Summer DRY GOODS, suitable for
j All of which will be sold at reduced prices,
i Also —A superior lot of Gentlemen’s fine
HOOTS and SHOES; Ladies’ Morocco,
Kid, and Seal walking Shoes and Slippers,
together with a general assortment for Chil
dren and Servants’ at the usual low prices.
fTMHS LAND is about two and a half
miles from Port Tobacco, and it issup
' posed that from 15 to 20 cords of wood per
! acre could be cut from it. It has upon it
| also an abundance of Timber for building
i purposes.
A long credit will be given for part of
purchase upon the usual terms.
apl 22. CHS. S. WILLIAMS.
undersigned begs leave to announce
to his friends and the public generally,
ithat he lias purchased the WASHING
TON HOTEL, heretofore conducted by
Mr. John 11 Tucker, where it will be his
pleasure and pride to receive and entertain,
in a proper manner, all who may feel dis
posed to favor him with their palronagp. —
Ills 'Fable will be furnished with the best
the market can a {ford, and his Bar with the
choicest Liquors. In short, no exertions
will be spared to render liis house one of
the very first village Hotels in the State, for
comfort, convenience, and good living.
may G—4t. Leonard Toicn.
JUST RECEIVED,in addition to our former
stock of Spring and Summer Goods,
Black and white Ginghams and Lawns
Fancy Calicoes—agveat variety
3-4, 7-8 and 4-4 brown Cottons—a largo supply
1000 yards extra Ettrick Colton Osnaburgs
No. I, 2 and 3 Burlaps
Penitentiary Plaids
Grain and Grass Scythes
Scythe Ston-os anti Killes
Davis, Sinclair Moore’s Plough Points, Heels,
Screws, &c., with a great many other articles which
makes our assortment complete. All of which we
are determined to sell as low or lower than any
other merchant or merchants in this or the adjoin
ing counties for cash or all kinds of countby
produce. A call will prove what we say to the
satisfaction of all, and very much to their interest.
Allen’s Fresh, Chs. Co., Md., May 13, 1847.
f MIE subscriber returns bis sincere thanks to his !
A friends and the public generally for tiro patron- j
ago heretofore extended to him, and has the plea- i
sure to inform them that he has just finished a
splendid assortment of
of every description, which ho will sell on the most I
reasonable terms for cash or approved paper. His;
establishment is two doors west of his old stand, cor- j
ncr of Third Sired and Pennsylvania Avenue, and
opposite Gadsby’s New Hotel. Persons in want of s
Carriages will find it to their advantage to give me
a call before purchasing. Old Carriages repaired at [
the shortest notice, or taken in exchange for new I
ones. I have a good assortment of second-hand Car
riages which I will sell on reasonable terms.
michael McDermott,
may 6—ly. Washington , I). C.
Corner of Four-and-a-half Sired and Pennsylvania
J1 venue, Washington 1). C.
THE subscriber having erected a commodious
Brick building (one square above his old stand,)
and having increased his facilities for the the man
ufacture of CARRIAGES, is now enabled to offer
to the public a general assortment of Carriages of
the latest fashions, at a considerable deduction
from former prices. AH new work sold from bis
establishment will he warranted equal to any sold
in this market. Second-hand Carriages taken in
exchange for new. Repairing done in the neat
est manner and on the most reasonable terms.
A number of second-hand Carriages constantly
for sale. THOMAS YOUNG,
apl 29—6 m.
CHERRY for sale by
aug 27. WM. FERGUSSON & CO.
j received a superior lot of Plow
Castings, viz:— Shares, Heels
fMould Boards, Screws. Also, a
lot of Weeding and Hilling HOES,
mar 4. “ WM. FERGUSSON & CO.
T>Y virtue of an order of the Orphans’
Court of Charles County, I will sell at
public sale, at the late residence of Mary
E. Higdon, in Cedar Point Neck, on FRI
DAY the 4th day of JUNE next, a part of
the personal property of John T. Higdon,
deceased, consisting of—
Household and Kitchen Furniture , some
Farming Utensils, and Hogs, Sheep and
| Terms of Sale.—For all sums over $5
| a credit of six months will he given—the
[purchaser giving bond with approved secu
rity —for all sums of and under $5 the cash
will be required.
d. b. n. of John T. Higdon,
may 13—3w.|
T HAVE a Judgment for a Note of S2OO,
granted last court, with several years’ in
terest, which I will sell at 5 per cent, dis
count, not wishing to resort to the necessity
of an execution or lire summary process of
otherwise collecting it. [The names of the
individuals by whom the above note is
signed can be seen at tire “Times” office.]
Also—For sale, a handsome new PIANO,
G octave, very sweet and grand, for $l9O.
Also—A first rate Riding MARE, 5 years
old, for $75; and a new and very superbly
I finished Double-barrel GUN, Damascus
twist, with accompaniments, for $20 —cost
: S4O.
I " Also—A NOTE of $59 34, dated 23d
j of February last, payable in four months.
Also—A neat one-horse square lop CAR
RIAGE with HARNESS but little used, for
I $80; and a neat second-hand PIANO for
i SSO. I take cash , negroes , or tobacco , at
j fair market price for either or all of the above
Letters addressed to me, post paid, will
I receive prompt attention.
may 6. Alexandria, Va.
I. BRUMMETT has executed
to the subscriber a Deed of Trust of all
his property, for the benefit of his creditors.
All persons having claims against said Brum
mett are hereby notified to file the same,
legally proved, with the subscriber, on or
before the first of November next.
apl 22. • Trustee.
HP HE undersigned have left their Books,
Notes and Accounts at the Store of
Wm. Anderson, in Port Tobacco, in charge
of Mr. William Boswell, where we hope all
those having unclosed accounts will call
and settle them without delay. A speedy
closing is absolutely necessary.
apl 29—tf.
'THUS IS TO GIVE NOTICE, That the sub-
A scriber has obtained from the Orphans’Court
of Charles County, Md., letters of administration,
on the personal estate of Mark Richardson,
late ot said county, deceased. Ail persons having
claims against the said deceased’s estate, are hereby
warned to exhibit the same to the subscriber, pro
perly authenticated, on or before the Ist day of
November next, they may otherwise by law be ex
cluded from all benefit ofsaid deceased’s estate.
Given under my hand this 271 h day of (April,
apl 29. n- °f Mark Richardson.
scrihcr has obtained from the Orphans’ Court
of Charles County, Md., letters of administration on
the personal estate of John T. Higdon, late of
said county, deceased. All persons having claims
against the said deceased, are hereby warned to ex
hibit the same to the subscriber, properly authentica
ted, on or before the Ist day of November next. —
They may otherwise by law be excluded from all
benefit ofsaid deceased’s estate.
Given under my hand tiiis 27th day of April,
1847. JOHN F. S. HIGDON, Adm’r
apl 29. d. b. n. of John T. Higdon.
mills IS TO GIVE NOTICE, That the suh-
JL scriber has obtained from the Orphans’ Court
of Charles County, Aid., letters of administration
on the personal estate of Sarah Robey, late of
said county, deceased. All persons having claims
against the said deceased’s estate are hereby warned
to exhibit the same to the subscriber, properly au
thenticated, on or before the Ist day of November
next. They may otherwise by law be excluded
from all benefit ofsaid deceased’s estate.
Given under rny band, tiiis 27tli day of April,
1847. BARTON ROBEY, Adm’r
apl 29. of Sarah Robey.
A BRED HORSE will stand the present sea
son at the following places, to wit:
At Centrevillc, on Monday and Tuesday,
“ my Stable, on Wednesday and Thursday,
“ Hill-Top, on Friday and Saturday, in each
week, and lie lot to Marcs on the following condi
tions :—For thoroughbred Mares, §25 ; for common,
§ls. If paid before or during the July County
Court, to be discharged by the payment of §2O lor
thoroughbred, and >lO for common Mares. Fifty
cents in each case to be paid the Groom, who will
be furnished with a book to record the names of
gentlemen who put marcs. Gentlemen who pa
tronize this horse will please enter their names on
Ihe page of the stand they may put their marcs at,
and mention whether thoroughbred or common.
The season to commence immediately and end the
Islh June, 1847.
apl B—s
I lulling Tackle.—Fish Hooks (the genu
ine Virginia,) together with the Lines of the
best English silk, sea grass and cotton.
apl 29. For sale by WM. ANDERSON.
Cigars & Tobacco.- Best Richmond
Chewing Tobacco, and a first rate Principe
Cigar—also, the genuine Scafarlatti Smoking To
bacco. For sale by WM. ANDERSON,
apl tg.
Trustees take pleasure in announcing to the
JL public that this institution is now, in every re
spect, prepared lor the reception of pupils. Origi
nating in the patriotism of the Legislature and
founded by the patronage of the State, it presents
advantages and attractions rarely enjoyed by similar
establishments. The beautiful and commodious
building is situated on the commanding site of the
old Provincial capital at St. Mary’s, remarkable a
like for its beauty, its bcalthfulness and its liicility
of access; and affords ample accommodations for at
least eighty boarders. In the same spirit of tolera
tion which first emanated from that sacred spot, it
has no especial connexion with any favored sect,
but is conducted upon the most liberal principles of
[Christianity, the moral and religious education of
children ol different persuasions being equally
though carefully attended to.
The sleeping apartments arc divided into rooms
1 designed fur the accommodation of from two to four
persons each. Immediately adjacent is a bathing
and wash room abundantly supplied with both warm
and cold water; whilst within less than an hundred
yards there are conveniences on a clean and hold
shore for salt water bathing during the summer sea
son. The hoarding department is under the control
of a gentleman in whose character, management
and attention, aided as he will he by his amiable
wife, the trustees have entire confidence. The pu
pils, however, will he at all times under the imme
diate care of the teachers, who have charge of their
religious at? well as intellectual education, in mak
ing their selection, the trustees have not only been
fortunate in obtaining ladies of the highest qualifi
cations and accomplishments, hut also of different
creeds, so that it will he the duty of each to impart
religious instruction to the children of their respec
tive persuasions.
Although the remarkable bcalthfulness of the
situation would seem to render the precaution un
necessary, yet to obviate an objection which some
parents in the more elevated regions of the Slate
might have to sending their children to a tide water
section, the trustees have resolved to allow but one
vacation, and for that to embrace the only season
during which malarious sickness prevails even in
the least favored parts of the county. The scholas
tic year will terminate on the first Friday after the
15th ol July, and the regular course of instruction
he suspended for two months thereafter.
The Seminary is already of convenient access both
by the Potomac and Patuxent steamboats, and will
soon become still more so by the completion of a
wharf immediately on the spot, at which a steam
boat is expected to call at least twice a week.
All the instruments and apparatus necessary for
the illustration of Chemistry, Astronomy, and the
various other branches of natural science, arc fur
nished without extra charge ; and indeed the insti
tution being established entirely for the public good
and not for private or individual emolument, there
are as few charges as possible and all reduced to the
very lowest rates.
Applications for admittance or other information
should he made to the Principal.
President of Board of Trustees.
St. Mary’s Female Seminary, St. Inigoe's.
Tin; Course of Instruction will comprise
Spelling, Reading, Penmanship, English Grammar,
Composition, Rhetoric, Arithmetic, History, Geo
graphy, Algebra, Geometry, Astronomy, Botany,
Natural Philosophy, Chemistry, Geology, Physio
logy, Natural History, Mental and Moral Philoso
phy, and the Evidences of Christianity. Instruc
tion will be given also in Vocal and Instrumental
Music, Drawing and Painting, and in the French
and Latin Languages,
Board, including Washing, Bedding, Fu
el, Lights, &c., per annum, §BO 00
Tuition in the Primary English Depart
ment and Stationery, 20 00
Tuition in the Higher English Depar
ments and Stationery, 30 00
Tuition in French and Latin Languages,
each, 10 00
Tuition in Music, on Piano, with the use
of instrument, 35 00
Music on the Guitar, with use of instru
ment, 20 00
Drawing and Painting, in Water Colors, 12 00
Drawing and Painting, in Oil Colors, 24 00
Payable quarterly, in advance.
A matriculating foe of $5 will be charged each
Pupil, to go to the library fund.
The Pupils are required to furnish napkins and
towels, which, with their clothing, should he con
spicuously marked with the name in full.
Miss Eliza M. Oiir, Principal.
Mamsl. Clarissk M. Plamomiox, Y. Principal.
Miss Rebecca Heron, Teacher.
Steward— John W. Bennett, Esq.
may 13—4 t.
Rev. E. M. Van Deusen, Rector of St. Anne’s
Vestrymen of St. Anne’s Parish:
Hon. Chancellor Johnson,
A. Randall. Esq.,
R. W. Gill,'
Mr. Geo. E. Franklin,
Mr. Geo. G. Brewer,
Mr. James Sands.
Capt. P. F. Voruees, U. S. N.
D. Claude, M. D.
Rev. Edwin M. Van Deusen, Rector and Visiter.
Miss M. Miller, Principal.
Miss E. Converse, Head of the Family.
Miss A. Strobel, Teacher of French and Music.
Miss C. L. Haven, English Teacher.
Rev. H. Humphreys, D. D., President of St.
John’s College, Lecturer in Chemistry and
Natural Philosophy.
St. Anne’s is a Boarding and Day School for
young Ladies, designed for thorough intellectual
and religious training. Right mental culture and
the influences of a Christian home, arc the great ob
jects of the Teacher’s labors.
TERMS.—For girls over 12 years of age, S2OO
per scholastic yfcar of ten months, including every
expense, except French, Music and Stationery.—
For girls under 12ycars, sl70 —a reduction of $25
for each, will he made from the above charges, when
two or more sisters arc placed at the School. En
trance fee $25, or bed, bedding, towels and table
napkins may bo furnished by the pupil. Board and
tuition paid semi-annually in advance. Vacation
August and September.
api 22—Gw. it i
■ ——
Charles County Court — February Term ,
ORDERED by the Court, that the creditors of
George W. Dyson, a petitioner for the benefit
of the insolvent laws of the State of Maryland, he
and appear before Charles County Court on the
third Monday of July next, and shew cause it any
they have why the said George W. Dyson shall
not have the benefit of said laws as prayed; pro
vided a copy of this order be inserted in the Port
Tobacco Times, a newspaper published in Port
Tobacco, Charles county, once a week for three
months before said third Monday of July next.
February 17th, 1817.
True copy: i
Test, W. Mitchell, Clerk,
mar 18.—3 m.
l<- I’ackagcx of Sprits" 4 SiuiHiaor
TJ ;u)( * r at the well known
At (JUMP STOP ft of
! comprising al! the varieties of French, English and
Domestic Fabric suitable for COUNTRY DEAIi-
EIIB, such as Dailies, Gentlemens and Servants’
w ear, which stuck lias heen selected with care, and
will he sold as low for (hs:i as they can he pur
chased in any market. We most ‘respectfully in
vite all Country Dealers to call and examine for
themselves, as we assure them it will bo to their
Cur thanks we kindly lender to our customers
for their past patronage, and respectfully ask a con
tinuance of the same, at the third Store (yellow
front, on King,) from the corner of Fairfax street,
Alexandria, Va.
apl 22.—1 f.
ID IE undersigned begs leave to inform his friends
and the public generally, that he has just re
ceived his stock of new spring goods, among which
may ho found the most desirable styles of—
Gingham and prints and chintz
French lawn—latest pattern ; Bareges, &c.
Striped, plaid and plain Swiss muslins
Corded skirls; linen cambric handkerchiefs
Bobbin and lace edgings
Hosiery and gloves of every description
Sun shades and parasolctts
Shawls—bareges and zephyr
Silk fringes and buttons for trimmings
Also—Burse silk—shaded and plain, with head
and other trimmings.
Blue, black and brown English and French
! rcnch and domestic cassimcres and tweeds
for coats
Resting —satin, white and other Marseilles
Cashmtt vestings —something new
Pelisse cloths for summer coats
Drilling—white and plaid *
Cravats and pocket lidkfs—a great variety
Suspenders, gloves, &c.
Brown and bleached sheeting
Penitentiary and Maryland plaids
Also—Burlapse, flax, linens and Hollands
Spring style black moleskin, Leghorn, Pana
ma and palm leaf hats
Boots and shoos—for men and boys
Also—Extra kid slippers; together with a gene
ral assortment of GROCERIES, HARDWARE ,
which have been bought upon the best terras, and
will bo sold to suit my customers,
apl 29. WM. ANDERSON.
Saddles.—A lot of elegant
Saddles—also, Bridles, Martin-
£ a * es ’ Stirups, Girts and Horse
whips, just received and for sale
apl 29. by WM. ANDERSEN.
GROCERIES. —Brown and loaf Sugar
G. P., Imperial and Y. H. Teas
Java and Laguayra Coflee
Molasses, Rice, Crackers Mustard, Flour.
Just received and for sale by
apl 29. WM. ANDERSON.
Ladies’ Dress Goods, Trimmings,
Ginghams, gingham lawns, organdies & berages
Bonnet, cap and neck ribands
Plain satin and xnantua do
Swiss cambric, thread and cotton edgings and
inserlings in great variety
Plain, barred and striped musiigs
Kid, silk, thread and nett gloves and mitts
Neck ties, scarfs, fringes, colored moreen, Mar
seilles and corded skirts
Just received and for sale by
apl 22. TAYLOR & CO.
Cloths, Cassiiiieres, Vestings, &e.
Black, blue-black, French and English cloths
Olive, brown and invisible green do do
Tweed cloths
Plain and fancy cassimeres
White and colored canvass and marine linen
Satin, silk, cashmerett and oiher vestings
Linen bosoms, collars, gloves, suspenders, cra
vats, &c.
Just received and for sale low, by
apl 22. • TAYLOR k CO.
Gt roeerlcs, Siaoes, &c. —
I” Brown and Loaf Sugars
Gunpowder, Imperial Teas, very fine
Col Toes, Cheese and Crackers
Also—Ladies, gentlemens, childrens, and ser
vant’s Boots, Shoes, &c.
Just received and for sale low, by
apl 22. TAYLOR & CO.
Colima, Cotloaa Yarns, &e.— Bleached
and brown Sheeting Cottons, 5,6, 10, & 12-4
Do do Shirting do
Osnaburgs and plain domestic do
Extra heavy twilled and printed Osnaburgs
Cotton pantaloons stuffs in groat variety
Drillings, Burlaps and Cotton Yarns.
Also—lo-4 Barnsly Linen Sheeting
Irish Linens, Diapers, Crashes
Table Linens and Table Cloths, &c. &c.
Just received and for sale al prices to suit tire times
by (apl 22.) TAYLOR & CO.
THE subscribers beg leave to inform their custo
mers and the public generally, that they have
just received their stock of Spring and Summer
Goods, consisting, in part, of the following, viz:—
Dress Goods for Ladies.
Worked robes—a beautiful article
i Ginghams, bareges, lawns, chintz and prints
Spring and summer shawls
I Cashmeres, bombazines, alpacas
■ Gloves, mitts and hosiery of every description
1 Grass and corded skirts
i Plaid, chock and plain muslin
Linen cambric handkerchiefs and neck ties
For Gentlemen.
Brown, black and blue cloths
Black and brown cloths for summer coats
I Satin, cashmere and Marseilles vesting
j Plain and fancy summer cassimere
i JCvvcculs, P s ankins, white and brown linens
; White and fancy linen drillings
j Summer cloths
Pocket handkerchiefs, cravats, stocks
Beaver, silk and cassimere hats
Monterey, pedal, Leghorn and palm-leaf do
Domestics. jMfc|
Brown and bleached cottons
Burlaps, cotton osnaburgs, and cotton yarns^HH
Penitentiary plaid, indigo do
Brown and bleached twilled cotton
(Jounterpaning check, bed ticking r
Together with a large supply of Groceries, Crockery
Ware, Quccnsware, Hardware, Castings, Boots,
j Shoes, Hats, Caps, &c. &c.
Ofevcrv description printed at the Times Office.

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