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runner, without hurting a hair of his head.
When the runner awoke ami jumped up, he
saw his pitcher standing empty, ami the |
king’s daughter far ahead of him. Still he
did not lose heart but taking up the pitcher
he ran hack l<> the well, Idled it again, ami
got to the goal leu minutes before the king’s
daughter. So he won her for ids master. —
‘Lonk-ye ?’ said he,‘now von sec how J can
run ; I hardly lifted my legs before.’
But the king was vexed, and his daughter 1
still more; that she should be carried oil'by
a common soldier.; and they consulted to-I
getber how they might gel rid of him and j
his companions. ‘Do not vex yourself,’
said the king ; ‘I have found a means to pre
vent their troubling us any more.’ Then
lie went to Fritz and bis friends, ami said,
‘Come my lads, it’s time to cal and drink;
you shall ?.ll have a merry-making together.’ i
So he led them to a chamber, the door of
which was of iron, and the windows fasten
ed with iron bars ; and in the chamber stood ;
a table spread with the choicest and most {
delicious dishes. ‘Prithee come in, and
make yourselves merry,’ said the king. But
no sooner had they entered the room, than
he ordered the door to be shut ami bolted.
Then he called the cook, am! bade him make i
a large fire under the chamber, ami beat the j
iron red-hot. So the cook went and did as j
the king ordered..
Now as Fritz and his comrades were sit-j
ling at table, they began to feel excessively !
warm. At first they thought little of this, j
am! fancied that it only came from eating j
and drinking. But it still grew hotter and {
hotter, until at length they could bear it no j
longer, and tried, to.make their escape; but j
the door ami-windows were all fastened.—
Then the king’s wicked intention came to j
• light, and lltev saw plainly that he wished to i
stifle them. ‘We’ll be a match for him yet!’ j
said the man with the wonderful hat; ‘I!
will bring a frost that shall cool the fire in j
a trice.’ So saying he set his hat straight-
Opon his head, ami instantly there came on j
such a frost, that- all tiie fire vanished, and j
the food upon the dishes was frozen ami ;
like ice.
After a few hours, the king fancied that j
Frits and his friends must all have perished :
in the heat; so he ordered the door to be
unlocked, and went himself to look alter
them. But when the door was opened,
there they all sat, safe and sound, but shiv- 1
ering and shaking with the cold. ‘Well,’
said Fritz to the king.‘l’m glad you are come
at last to let us out, that we may get a little
warm; we should soon have perished with
cold in this chamber: look-ye, all the food is
frozen on the dishes.’ Then the king went
iiv; a great rage to the cook, and rated him
well for not having done as he ordered.—
Bit the cook answered, ‘There is fire e
lough to roast an ox; let your majesty
come ami see with your own eyes.’ bo the
king went to the furnace, where a great fire
was burning, and he. saw plainly that he
could do nothing with Fritz and his servants
in this way.
The king turned over in his mind all the
plans he could think of to get rid of his
troublesome Quests ; then he called Fritz
and said, ‘lf you will take money, and give
up your right to my daughter, you shall
have as much gold as you please.’ ‘V\ ith
all my heart, your majesty,’answered fritz;
‘give me what money my servant can carry,
and you may keep your daughter and wel
come.’ At this the king was highly pleas
ed, and Fritz said,‘ln a fortnight 1 will come
back and fetch the money.’
Then Fritz went and called together all
the tailors in the kingdom, and told them
that thev must set hard to work for a whole
fortnight ami sew him a sack. And when !
it was ready, the strong man had to come,
lake the sack upon his shoulder, am! go with
his master to the king. Then said the king, |
‘who is that strong-backed fellow, with a
huge bale upon his shoulders as big as a
house ?’ The truth was, he was in a terri
ble fright, when he thought what a load of
money the man would carry oil. r l hen the
king ordered a ton of gold to be brought,;
which it look sixteen of the strongest men
to carry; but the strong man packed it all
into the sack with one hand, and said |
‘Come, quick! why don’t you bring more? |
this will not cover the bottom ol the sack.’
So the king ordered all his treasures and ,
money to be brought, one bag alter ahother,
and the strong man stowed them away in
his sack : but still it was not half full. ‘ls
this all ?’ cried the man ; why don’t you
bring more f’ Then seven thousand more
wagons full of gold were brought from eve
ry corner of the kingdom, and the strong
man stuffed them into his sack, wagons, ox
en and all, saying, ‘There is no use of be
ing particular, so I may as well take what
conies to hand.’ But when all w T as put into,
it, there was still room fora great deal more.
‘I must make an end of this business,’ cried
the man ; ‘moreover tis easier to lie up a
sack when it is only half full.’ So saying, j
he threw it over his shoulder, and jogged
on vvi'h his companions.
I When the king saw a single man carry
ing off the wealth of his whole kingdom,
he fell into a rage, and ordered his soldiers j
to mount their horses and ride alter f ritz
and hw friends and lake the sack away from
the strong roan. So away galloped two
Troops of horse soldiers, who soon overtook I
the travellers; then they called aloud to]
Ihem, ‘Haiti you are our prisoners; lay
the sack down, or it shaH fare ill with you.’ |
that you *ay r’ answered the man i
the strong breath ‘we your prisoners
shall all of you dance a jig in the air.’
W aj saying, he closed one side of his nose
* and blew out of the other, until all the sol
diers were scattered to the winds, and car
lied over the mountains and far away. But
an old sergeant begged hard for mercy, say
mg that he bad fought bravely in the wars
and had nine wounds, and the sergeanlalight- {
cd safe ami softly on the ground. T’ltcn 1
said the Blower to him, ‘Now go your way
to the king, and tell him to send some more
of his troops, and I’ll blow them away af-i
ter the others.’ But when the king heard I
this message he said, ‘Let them go! let)
them go! they are a pack of conjurers.’—
So Fritz and his comrades took home all
the money, divided it among them and lived
rich and happy to the end of their days. j
Passed at December Session IS 16, of the Legislature cj
Maryland, relative lu the Revenue of the Slate.
NO. 337.
AN ACT, relating to Foreign Corporations and
their Agencies in this Stale.
Section 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly
of Maryland, That from and after the first day of
May next, it shall not he lawful for any person or i
persons to act as the agent or agents within this
Stale, ibr any individual or association of individu
als or corporations not incorporated and authorized
by the laws of this State, to make insurances on
marine or lire risks, or insurances on lives or other
insurances, or to receive or transmit offers for in
surance to their principals, or receive or deliver po
licies of insurance, although sucli individual or as
sociation of individuals may be incorporated for
these purposes by the laws of any other State, Dis
trict or Territory of the United States, or by the
laws of any foreign Kingdom, Slate or Nation, to
elfect insurances, without first obtaining a license
1 therefor, in the manner hereinafter required.
| Sec. 2. And be it enacted, That a license for the
i purpose of effecting insurances, or receiving or
i transmitting offers lor insurance, or receiving or de
livering policies of insurance, as expressed in the,
l preceding section, shall bo granted by the 1 reasur
|er of the State to any person or persons, body or
I bodies corporate or politic, who shall apply therefor
; and pay to the said Treasurer the sum of one hun
dred dollars for the use of this State, which license
i shall authorize the person or persons, body or bodies
I corporate or politic, to whom the same shall he
I granted, to effect insurances or to receive and trans
| mit odors for insurance, or to receive and deliver
i policies of insurance as aforesaid, from tiie day of
I its date, for the period of twelve months thereafter
| and no longer.
i Sec. 3. And be it enacted, That any person or per-
I sons, body or bodies corporate or politic, acting as
i agent or agents as aforesaid, shall pay to the rea
j surer, half-yearly, the sum of three dollars per ccnt
i uni, upon the amount of all premiums received by
I such agent or agents, or any other person or per
sons, ibr him or them, or which shall have been a
-1 orecd to be paid for any insurance effected or agreed
' to be effected, or procured by him or them, as agent
;or agents as aforesaid, and such agent or agents
j shall, half-yearly, on the first Monday in January
■ and the first Monday of July, furnish on his or their
affidavit or affirmation, a true list and account of
j all sucli premiums to the said Treasurer, and shall
!at the same time pay over to the said Treasurer,
j the said sum of three dollars in every hundred dol
i lars of sucli premium, and in all cases where the
| said agent shall be a body corporate or politic, the
I said oath or affirmation shall be made by the Presi-
I dent of said body corporate or politic,
j Sec. 4. And be it enacted, That before any agent
I or agents as aforesaid shall act as sucli in this Statu,
I he or they shall give bond with sureties, to be ap
j proved by the Attorney General or his Deputy, for
j the county or district in which said agent or agents
| may reside, in the penalty of five thousand dollars,
jto render a true list of such premiums to the said
! Treasurer, and to pay to him the said sum of three
i dollars on every hundred dollars of said premiums,
on the days above mentiomed, which said bond it
shall be the duty of the said agent or agents to trans
mit to the said Treasurer to be filed in the Treasury
office, and an} 7 agent or agents offending against
the provisions of this section, shall forfeit the sum
of five hundred dollars for every such offence, re
coverable as other fines and forfeitures; Provided,
that notwithstanding such forfeiture and payment
thereof, the said agent or agents shall be personally
liable for the payment of the said sum of three dol
lars on every hundred dollars of such premiums to
the Treasurer aforesaid ; And provided further, that
the principles of such agent or agents, and their
i property shall be also responsible for payment of
I said tax, and shall and may be proceeded against by
{suit, attachment or otherwise as tiie case may re
] quire.
| Sec. 5. And be it enacted, That in case any agent
i or agents as aforesaid shall fail to give bond as re
i quired bv the fourth section of this act, or shall after
j giving bond, fail to return to the Treasurer the list
| of premiums, or to pay over the percentage on said
j premiums, as required by the third section of this
; act, then the Treasurer is hereby directed, within
I thirty days after the said license is granted, in case
| of a 'fa ilure to give bond, and within thirty days after
! said failure to make return or to pay over said pre
miums at the times limited, to publish the name or
names of said agent or agents, so failing, as afore
said, in two newspapers in the city of Baltimore,
which publication shall declare tiie license of said
agent or agents to be forfeited, and that all policies
thereafter made by said agent or agents shall he
null and void, and the said publication is hereby
declared to work a forfeiture of said license, and all
policies thereafter made by any such agent or agents
are hereby declared null and void ; and it is hereby
expressly declared to be the intent and meaning of
t this act that a new bond shall be given in each and
■ every year in case the same agent or agents shall
; take out a license under this act for more than a
! single year.
; Sec.' 6. And be it enacted, That if any person or
! persons, body or bodies corporate or politic, acting
I ns agent or agents as aforesaid, shall effect insur
j a nces, or receive and transmit offers for insurance,
, or receive or deliver policies of insurance as aforc
: said, without a license first had and obtained as
hereinbefore provided, he, she or they shall forfeit
and pay, for each offence, the sum of three hundred i
i dollars, one half to the use of the informer, who ;
shall be a competent witness, the other half to be i
paid to the clerk of the county court, or of Howard
District court, or of the city court of Baltimore, as
the ease may be, for the use of this State, to be re
: covered in the name of the State of Maryland by
action of dent or indictment in the county court or
Howard District court or the city court of Balti
more, where such offence shall have been conimit
; ted, and to be accounted forand paid irt6 the Trea
sury by the clerk receiving the same at the period i
limited for accounting for and paying monies re
ceived for licenses as aforesaid.
Sec. 7. And be it enacted, That the Treasurer
shall annually publish in at least two newspapers,
one of which shall he in the city of Baltimore, the
! names of such agent or agents so taking out licen
ses under this act, with the names of the companies
| they represent.
| Sec. 8. And be U enacted. That nothing in this
act contained shall authorize any agent or agents to
act as such liar more than one foreign corporation,
individual or association of individuals, by virtue
I of one license.
Sec. 9. And he it enacted, That the act of Dcccin
| her session eighteen hundred and thirty-nine, chap
! ter twenty-four, and of December session eighteen
; hundred and forty-five, chapter one hundred and
j sixty-seven, he and the same are hereby repealed,
but all rights acquired by the State under said acts
are hereby expressly reserved.
D. CLAUDE, Treasurer of Md.
may 13—3 w.
Sugars chewing tobacco.—
Just received a fresh lot, by
mar 25. WM. FFRGUSSON Sf CO.
Ciigars & Tobacco.— Best Richmond
/ Chewing Tobacco, and a first rate Principe
Cio-ar—also, the genuine Scafiirlatti Smoking To
i bacco. For sale by WM. ANDERSON,
api 2g.
Merchant Tailors,
No. 230 Halil more Street, North-west cor
ner of Charles , Baltimore ,
HAVE received their Spring and Summer sup
ply of Cloths, Cassirneres, Vestings, &c. &c.,
which they will make to order in the best and most
fashionable style.
Gentlemen’s Clotliisig.
On the second lloor of their building, which has
\ been fitted up for the purpose, will be found a large
! assortment of the finest and medium qualities of
Clothing ready made of superior style and workman
No variation in PRICES, the lowest price is dis
tinctly marked in figures on every garment.
The basement has been handsomely fitted up for
the sale of goods by the piece—a very large nssort
AND TAILOR'S TRIMMINGS , being always on
hand, at the lowest market prices, to which the at
tention of purchasers is invited.
! apl S—ly.
The Union will give the above three insertions
and send account to this office for collection.
r |MIE undersigned respectfully announce
to the citizens of Charles county, that
they have entered into co
tg partnership and taken the
shop adjoining the store of
Win. Anderson, in Port
Tobacco, where they hops
] MHi by strict attention to bnsi
ness and an accommodate
nf 'j lit 1 ing disposition, to receive
/ ( /j ! a share of public patronage,
r rhey are prepared to exe
cute work in the neatest and most fashion
able style, and upon terms to suit customers.
feb 4.
Spring stsMl S simmer Fashions.
pfh The subscriber would inform
V I his friends and the public gene
rally, that he has just received
Y; J the Spring and Summer Report
jkM of Fashions for the present
If v Ai year, which are entirely new in
v>~|Vj jp. point of style. He is prepared
tYY-j to execute all work committed
| | L 4 to his charge in the best man-
H J tier, and in strict accordance
witli the fashions as dictated in
the report. CHARLES W. BARNES.
Tort Tobacco, April 15, 1847.
Q PRING SUPPLY.—Wo have just received
LA our Spring supply of PAPER, BONNET
BOARDS, cVc., comprising, in part,
GOO reams cap and crow'll wrapping Paper
100 “ double cap and crown do do
500 “ ruled and plain cap and letter do
60 grocc Bonnet Boards, some extra line
100 doz. Comly’s Spelling Books
j 50,000 Quills, Nos. 20, 30, 40, 50 and CO
I 20,000 Slate Pencils, English and German
i 6 cases English and German Slates, all sizes
| Red, Mack, and blue Ink, in bottles, all sizes
I English and American Ink Powder, bl’k and red
j Indelible Ink, with and without the wash
! Best English Bristol Boards, and Drawing Pencils
India Rubber, French Crayons, Camels and Sable
Pencils [Stumps
India Ink, Port Crayons, Tracing Paper and
Loiter and Note Envelopes, all sizes, some beautH'
ful [fers and Seals
Note Paper, all sizes and qualities; Motto Wa-
Bcst English Mathematical Instruments, in wood
and fish-skin cases
Dividers, Parallel Rollers, Protractors
Gunter’s Scales, ivory and box-wood Scales
Ruling Pens, Carrington’s Patent Rulers
Perforated Bristol Board
j Tissue Paper, assorted colors; Drawing Books
i Drawing Cards, best water colors ; Red Tape
Patent Letter Clips, Inkstands with Pen Racks
Led Wafers, in half and quarter pound boxes
Black Wafers, best extra stiver. Sealing Wax, red,
black, and assorted colors
Copying Paper, and best Copying Ink
Half bound and full bound Day Books and Ledgers,
with every other article usually kept in a Station- j
ery Store. Our supply of BOOKS is large and
well selected, embracing all (he new standard works
of merit, aud all the School Books used in the prin
cipal Colleges and Seminaries of the United States,
—all of which wc oiler at our usual low prices for
cash, or to punctual customers. The highest mar
ket price given in trade for HAGS.
apl 15 King street, Alexandria, Va.
WE arc noAV receiving our Spring supply of
Goods, comprising all the varieties of—
of the latest and most approved style, suitable for
Ladies, Gentlemen and Servants’ wear—all of
which will he sold cheap for cash.
Wc respectfully return our sincere thanks to the
1 citizens of Charles county for their liberal patron
| age heretofore extended to us, and hope by strict I
I attention to their calls to merit a continuance of
! the same. We respectfully ask a call and au ex
amination of our stock.
Port Tobacco. April 15, 1847,
■fc/TISS CECELIA A. LACEY having just re- j
' IVJL turned from Baltimore, where she has resid
| ed for some time receiving instruction in the man
tuamaking business, announces to the Ladies of
I Charles county that she is prepared to execute, in
the most fashionable and tasty style, any work in !
the dress making line, and on accommodating!
terms. She can be found at the residence of her ;
father, Capt. Joseph Lacey, near Mr. James R.
apl 22—It.
A Curd lo Slse L;ks2l‘s.
MISS E. L. MURDOCK respectfully informs |
the Ladies of Charles county, that she has j
taken the house, in Port Tobacco, lormcrly occu- 1
; pied by Dr. Davis as an office, and intends carrying
on the MILLINERY business. She will in a few
days be in receipt of the Spring and Summer Fash
ions, and will be happy to receive work in the mil
linery line, and will endeavor to please all who may
favor her with their patronage.
dj'Gentlemen’s Hats bleached and pressed at
the shortest notice,
apl 22—3 t.
description, also, HOES, SPADES &c.
apl 1.- VVM. ANDERSON.
j O Ira.\v Mulling.—A lot of 6-4 ami 4-1
Matting, just received and for sale by
j ap! 29. WM. ANDERSON.
.AY. I
Corner of Light $ Pratt streets , Baltimore.
IMIE Proprietor has the satisfaction to inform j
. the Farmers and Planters of the Soulli and |
West, that in addition to his manufactory in Balti
more, he is also furnished from the various manu
: factories in Maine, Massachusetts, New York,
j Pennsylvania, and other parts of the country, with
Qv the most improved kind of PLOUGH,S',
IMPLEMENTS , manufactured
expressly for him to suit the various soils and pur
poses of the South and West, llis arrangements
enable him to sell Wholesale and Retail, at manu
facturers prices, and renders his establishment the
largest and most extensive in the Union ; (for par
ticulars see Catalogue, which may always be had
gratis when applied for.)
At the Exhibition of the Talbot County Agricul
tural Society, held at Easton, in November, 184 G,
the Committee on Agricultural Implements, report
To Ezra Whitman, Jr.
The Society’s highest premium for
Best Flushing Plough, (Prouty & Mcars’ N0.5-£)ss
“ Seeding “ do do “sjs3 |
“ Subsoil “ do do “ 2 $3 j
“ Wheat Fan, I. T. Grant’s, $5 j
“ Corn Shelter, E. Whitman’s, $3
“ Straw Cutter, Win. Hovey’s, §5
“ Fodder Cutter, J. Royer’s, $3
• £ Harrow, Gcddes’, §3
j The highest premium has been awarded on the
j above Implements, at most of the Agricultural Ex
ihihitions in the United States—and the Prouty &
I Mears’ Centre Draught Plough alone, has received
more than SI6OO IN PREMIUMS.
Farmers wishing to purchase any of the above,
may find them for sale at the Warehouse ol the
subscriber, who is the manufacturers’ only Agent
for (he sale of them in Maryland and vicinity.
For sale as above —
200 Whitman’s Wrought Iron Railway H
50 Best Sweep Horsepowers—2,4 and 6 horses.
H)0 Whitman’s patent Thrasher, which thrashes
and cleans at same operation.
2000 Ploughs, embracing all the sizes made by
Prouty Sc Mears of Boston; Reggies, Nourse
& Mason, of Worcester, and various other
350 Corn and Tobacco Cultivators, various pat
200 Wheat Fans, a variety of patterns, among
which is I. T. Grant’s, N. Y.
200 Corn Shelters.
250 Straw Cutters.
100 Corn and Cobb Crushers.
A variety of Shovels, Spades, Hoes, Rakes, Forks,
aud articles in the Farming and Gardening line,
Also, just received from Philadelphia, a general
assortment of GARDEN SEEDS, which we can
recommend fresh and pure.
Corner of Light and Pratt streets, Balimore.
mar 11 — 6 m.
ripnE subscriber takes pleasure in returning Lis
jl thanks to his friends end the public generally
for their liberal patronage, and would respectfully
; elicit a continuance of the same at bis old stand,
No. 130 Dugan’s Wharf.
He intends- to keep -
if constantly on hand
a general assortment
MmmL „oh i*.* family MI&L
GROCERIES, which he will sell at the lowest
market cash prices, or in exchange for consign
ments of all kinds of produce, in the sale of which
he pledges himself to leave nothing unturned to
give his customers general satisfaction.
Baltimore, March 4,1817 —3 m.
i IT OR the sale of Tobacco, Grain anti all
kinds of Country Produce, and for the
purchasing of Goods,
Corner of Light st. fy Pratt st. Wharf
N. B. Particular attention paid to in
spection of Tobacco. mar IS.—st.
No. 2 St. WHinrf, Baltimore,
WOULD be pleased to receive consignments
of Tobacco, Grain and Country Produce
generally, upon which liberal advances will be
made. He will attend personally to the Inspection
of all Tobacco consigned to his care.
Baltimore, March 8, 1547. (m!8 —Im.)
| XJERSONS wishing to sell their Negroes will
1 J- find it to their advantage to give me a call be-
T'Gr'l’ore selling elsewhere. 1 have all the *v
facilities that the trade will admit
/4C D the New Orleans and other markets. ffiAfV’
JAN Such being the case, I can give as_V&V
much as any one else, which I am de
! lermined to do. Any communication addressed to
| me. cither in Baltimore or Port Tobacco, will be
! attended to immediately.
Jan 1,1847. —ly. for B. M. Campbell.
Ci citvcyasaciKff, Aarenay Business*
j —The subscriber still continues to
! draw Deeds, Deeds of Trust, Mortgages, Bills of
| Sate, Releases, &c. He will also attend to the settle
ment of accounts, colled claims, and in laet attend to
any business requiring the assistance of an agent.
q-jr-jlis otiice is next door to the oliice of George
Brent, Esq.
jan 21. Port Tobacco.
I AMP OIL just received and for sate by
J (dec 10.) WM. FERGUSSON &. CO.
undersigned will be, in receipt, per schr.
i Mary V irginia, Capt, Lewis, ot a large and
i fresh supply of Groceries, Domestics, &c., consist
iug in j>art of the following:
Loaf and Brown Sugar
Port llieo and New Orleans Molasses
Rio, Laguira and Java Coflee
Sperm, Adamantine and Mould Candles
Imperial and Young Hyson Tea
Family and extra superfine Flour
Butter, Water ami Sugar Crackers
Butter, Cheese
Bro. Colton and Cotton Osnaburgs
Cotton Yanij Burlapse, Penitentiary Plaid—a
superior article- WM FERGUSSON CO.
subscriber would respectfully inform his
friends and the public generally, that he is con
tinuing the BOOT and SHOE business at No. 31
South Gay Street, opposite the Exchange, third
door from Second street, Baltimore, where ho in
tends to manufacture Boots, Gaither Boots and |
Shoes, of every description, in the most fashionable |
and approved styles, ot the best workmanship and |
material, warranted to wear and fit equal to any in j
this or any other city in the Union. He would
also embrace this opportunity of returning thanks ;
to his numerous customers and friends for their !
liberal and kind patronage, and respectfully solicits |
a continuance of the same. Prices as follows: j
Dress Boots, stitched, - - $5.00
do do pegged, - - 3.50
Double sole lined water proof Boots,
stitched, - - - 6.00
do do dp pegged, 4.00
Cork solo Boots, pegged, - 5.50 ,
(yj'All orders filled at the shortest notice, whole- !
sale and retail. SAMUEL J. HANDY. j
Baltimore, April 23, 1846.
I AM selling hoots for $3,00 and $3,50 of my
oan make, which I am not going to extol, for
their good qualities arc already known. My object
is to tell the public where to find me. Stitched
Boots, Gaithers, Shoes and all other kind of work
in ’proportion.
Persons visiting Baltimore from Charles county
arc respectfully invited to give me a call.
(XjA.lI orders promptly attended to.
Wholesale and Retail at No. 77 Exchange Place,
nov s—tf. EDWARD CHOATE.
194 Pratt, near Hanover st. Baltimore ,
IT AS in Store a large assortment of Gentlemen’s
it. DRESS BOO'i’S, (Morocco and Calfskin,)
I made in the most fashionable manner and of the
I best materials. Also, a complete assortment of
I LACK BOOTS. He particularly solicits a call
|from his country friends and others, feeling
| assured that he will be able to give satisfaction with
regard to prices, etc.
• oct 29.
Praclktil Clock aaiel Walcii Maker
imcl Jeweller,
No. SO, Pratt Street , 2 d door from Com
merce St., Baltimore ,
Bi ESPECTFULLY informs the citizens of
j Charles county that he keeps at his store a
variety of Fhim j Articles Jetvdry,
in part as follows :
Gold and silver Watches, watch chains and keys,
Do do ' Spectacles, Spoons and Thimbles
Gill and jet Jewelry—Purses and Pocket Books
• Perfumery, Soaps and Cologne—Spy Glasses
Penknives, Razors, Scissors, Knives and Forks
Tea and Table Spoons of all kinds
Work-boxes—Guns,Pistols and Percussion Caps
Violin Strings—Carpet and Travelling Bags
Whips and Canes, Snuff and Cigar Boxes
Umbrellas, Brass, Wood and Alabaster Clocks
Ladies’ Fans, Harmonicas, Toy Watches
Rattles, Beads and Necklaces, Matches
Razor Straps, Shaving and Dressing Cases
Needles, Pins, Hooks and Eyeri, Eyelets and
Whalebone, Bonnet and Ribbon Wire
Suspenders, Garters, Leather Belts
Paper Hangings and Blinds—together with
many other articles.
Persons visiting the city would do well to call at
\o. HO, as he can sell any of the above articles j
and do all kinds of repairing as cheap, if not cheap
cr than any other establishment in the city.
N. B.—Clocks and Watches repaired at a mo
ment’s notice and warranted.
nov. s—ly.
E. 11. STABLER & CO.,
Successors to Stabler & Canby,
At the Old Stand,
No. 120 Pratt Street Wharf Baltimore ,
to Druggists, Country Merchants,
and Physicians, a very extensive and ful
assorted stock of
At prices as low as they can be bought in the United
States. The most particular attention is given to
procure articles of the best quality; and from their
long experience, and the attention they have be
stowed in acquiring a knowledge of the Chemical
and Pharmaceutical, as well as the general Mercan
tile department of the Drug business, they feel con
fident that they are qualified to supply their custo
mers with pure medicines, and oilier goods of the
finest kinds.
Many of their chemicals and other preparations
are manufactured in their own establishment, after
the most approved methods, and arc warranted equal
ot those from any other Laboratory.
As their goods are bought lor cash, and in the
largest quantities, they know that no house can sell
at lower prices for goods of equal quality.
E. H. S. & Co. are the proprietors and manufac
turers of the celebrated Worm Medicines, known as
Stablcr's If right's Worm Mixture, and
Sta' lcds Dr. Chapman's 1 Perm Mixture, and of the
genuine Stablcr's Lee's Anli-Btllious Pills, and other
Lee’s Family Medicines, formerly made by Noah
j Ridgely, of Baltimore, and known and extensively
j used and approved of over a large portion of the U
i nited States for more than fifty years.
I P. S. Physician's orders,’whether directed to
' us, or received by the hands of our customers, (mcr
: chants in the interior) will receive careful attention.
Baltimore, March 4, 1547. ly.
J AN" GALLERY" and Photographic Depots;
awarded the Gold and Silver Medals,Four First I’re
i mi urns, and Two Highest Honors at the National,
i the Massacliusets, the New York, and the Pennsyl
i vauia Exhibitions, respectively, for the most splen
did colored Daguerreotypes, and best apparatus ever
Portraits taken in exquisite style, without regard
to weather.
Instructions given in the art.
A large assortment of Apparatus and Stock al
wavs oa hand, at the lowest cash prices.
N T ew York, 251 Broadway; Philadelphia. 136
Chestnut st.; Boston, 75 Court, and 58 Hanover sts.;
Baltimore, 205 Baltimore st.; Washington, Penn
sylvania Avenue; Petersburg, Va., Mechanics’ Hall;
Cincinnati, Fourth and Walnut, and 176 Main st.;
Saratoga Springs, Broadway; Paris, 127 Vicillo
Rue du Temple; Liverpool; 32 Church st.
jo is—iy
T2:e Is lots of tlic Gulf,
; A powerful Sea Story , in the best style of
the author of ‘The Red Rover
‘ Water Witch? etc,
Wc have l!ic pleasure of being able to announce
j to the 50,000 readers of Graham’s Magazine, that
■wo shall commence the publication in the Novern-
I her number of Graham’s Magazine, of anew Novel
!<y James Fenimore Cooper, entitled ‘The Islets
of THE Gulf, 7 a Sea Novel, written in the very
best vein of that accomplished novelist. This Story,
I which is intended to bring out the author’s brilliant
powers in the description of sea scenes and incidents,
while it. will describe most powerfully .nautical ad
ventures and engagements, has a delightful vein of
jof sentiment running through the entire work. The
\hcrcinc ‘Raise,’ id one of the sweetest characters
ever drawn by Mr. Cooper, and one of the L Old
| Sail's' has a vein of humor and home-spun philoso
j.phy equal to ‘Natty Rmnpo,’ in his best days.—
I This novel will run through twelve or fourteen
numbers of‘Graham,’ and vve predict for it ‘a run,’
unequalled by anything Cooper has ever written.
Subscribers to the January volume of the Maga
zine will receive the entire sheets of‘The Islets of
the Gulf’—which commences in November. It is
understood, that the novel will make from ten to
fifteen pages extra, in each number of the Magazine,
so that subscribers will receive this novel in addi
tion to the usual quantity of reading matter in Gra
ham. The publishers have given Twelve Hun
dred Dollars far the novel, and with the Premi
ums mentioned below, Graham will undoubtedly
excel all the Magazines for 1847.
Fur liter Attractions for 1847.
With more splendid Embelishments, greater
a larger snbscriptionlist
than any Magazine in the country.
The great popularity of Graham’s Magazine, in
every part of the Union, in consequence of the en
gagement of the very best writers as contributors,
and artists of the highest celebrity and acknow
ledged abilities to illustrate the work, has made it
a sort of polar star to all the other periodicals. So
that every thing done by ‘Graham’ is instantly pro
mised by the whole tribe. The promise the public
might forgive, or at least forget, but the wretched
attempts made to imitate the costly and beautiful
works of art which adorn this work, and the pover
ty of their imitations in the literary department,
have impaired the public confidence and given a turn
to our periodical literature which would ultimately
bring it into disrepute and contempt.
We have resolved, so far as ‘Graham’ is concern
ed, to correct the error, and as the magazine litera
ture of America is now confined to ‘Graham’ and
his imitators, we are determined to give a proper
direction to the popular taste; and propose in the
coming volume greatly to amplify the literary de
partment of the work —to engage none but the very
best writers —to open a field for young writers of
merit—and, in fine, to cultivate a National Periodi
cal which shall command respect at
la order to call forth the very best talent that the
country can produce, we offer the following pre
miums fur the best articles on the subjects designa
ted ;
§3OO for the best Sea Story, of not Jess than 30
pages of the Magazine.
§2OO for the best Story founded on our Revolu
tionary Incidents.
§2OO for the best Essay on
and its Prospects-
$l5O for the best Poem, of not less than 100 AnedHM
§l5O for the best Story of Domestic Life. Lll
Tiic articles to be sent, free of
Publication Office, 129 Cbesnut street, PhiladelpfHHß
and their merit to be decided by a competent ConiH||
mittce of literary gentlemen. The committee
sist of the following gentlemen:
Dr. J. K. Mitchell, Louis A. Godet, Esq.,
MortonM’Michael, Esq., Robert Morris, Esq.
Hon. Hob’t T. Conrad,
The volume to be opened with a new and beauti
ful type, the finest white paper, and with a series
of Embellishments, unsurpassed by any which have i
yet appeared in any Magazine.
The style of elegance, the beauty and finish
the illustrations, and the extensive
which will be made in its typographical appearance,
and above all, the tone of its literary department
given it by the brilliant array of its contributors,
whose articles will enrich the pages of each num
ber, will give it a character above any Magazine in
the Union.
The Magazine has become the standard of taste
in matters of embellishment, and has led the way in
every thing really beautiful published in the Maga
zines. The voice of the public press, while it pla
ces the work at the
is unanimous in the announcement, that no work
ever started in the country has been so elegantly
embellished or lias so rapidly increased. For the
new volume, the ihost extensive arrangements have
been made, with the most distinguished artists in
the country, for a supply of elegant embellishments
of all sorts.
It affords us much satisfaction to be able to state,
. that we have made arrangements with Mr. Sartin,
, the accomplished Mezzotint Engraver, whose plates
have contributed so much to the beauty of the Ma
, gazine heretofore, by which we secure his splendid
■ Mezzotint s for this work alone. Those beautiful
engravings will, therefore, form a feature of Gra
ham's Magazine, so that we shall be able to distance
. any tiling like competition on this ground.
These exquisite creations of taste and skill we
II have engaged exclusively, from the publisher of
j “Lc Follel,” and all other efforts to get them have
i ■ failed. An attempt has been made to deceive the
■ I miblic, by rc-cngraviug the old designs, but these
i | duplicates are so far beneath the original Paris de
’ i signs sent to ‘Graham,’ that they excite only con
■ j tempt. Our arrangements are complete, and wo
i cannot be equalled iu the beauty and correctness of
’' this department of the Magazine. The plates ap
■ j pear in every number.
j §3 per annum in advance for a single copy, of
I two copies yearly for $5, invariably in advance,
. : post paid.
; * For S'lo cash, free of postage, five copies of Gra- \
ham’s Magazine, or Graham’s Magazine and five
j copies of Neal’s Sat urday Gazette. 4
For §2O cash, eleven copies oi'the Magazine will
. be forwarded, and a copy gratis to the Postmasters
or others forwarding the money.
Wc make this unequalled liberal offer in order to
raise our Clubs early, so as to commence with our
edition at once in December.
Remember, that all subscribers to the New Vol
ume receive the entire sheets of Cooper’s neir
Address, post paid,
No. 129 Ceestnut street , Philadelphia .
Just received by
| apl I. ' WM ANDERSdpi*

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