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St. Mary's beacon. (Leonard Town, Md.) 1845-1863, December 15, 1859, Image 2

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Sir. MA It ■. .'.
Rifle Company
Till* iiieHing <>n Safnrdav last at ihe C-rt
II f • r rba oiiri> **• °f • -arirjg
rf,> pnp r* ft C -m siitf’-e. tv* i“b I' id hem
■r,j, .{ntn! t i ••■lf it genth !’■"* " *■■•• If onard
Tuuit ■li'liict !■• t-'iti !• ll If * nij iM' "•
I rge’v •*•' dl fr a d'-nicl meeting. nn> > r
g.uiml by railing I'. !>-• Mj d-l. g to ‘ e,
( . ilt a I app inline. /•• • I Sp.d-linj S--
r ’.ary. Toe l/iairin.an of * C ••Mltiitlia* tj
T 51. ll.ahv* pr-ient.-d bw r-'r*<r*. IWn :
\ hicll. v>• T. •ii. t!rt names. had
Mr U.l'-v slated, tiat the
imniVr *1 • f**w days w-nM **• in-*ee-*ail I
a*v.v, il p- r i*p< I • •'•v-iify-fiv<*. The Sc- i
ft.try of 1 1■ meeting "" ’* instructed. t > give j
II .lice ;•••>■ n ficcin a i -ti.T r.-bftntd t<* tire
m-inVx rv of the Oaiipany !-• n cet at the
(k>urt House on Safiirdnr. the 17th ?<
orga.iir-* tml elect oftif rt fm tlre C-’inpany.
\V> (rut), that every twiuWr will In present
on Saiiir I.v ie\t. ami Mrt the Company (
may iuq be armed, equipped auJ ready f<r
duty. • , j
. .
House of ReprwentaMtes-
The at Hit wf lh tnin-1 *f tin* If' •Him? as de
ar! -pe.l by the debatca *-• l.r is “f 'll of dan
r," -r. i * r.itci',jv>rirv. “to the future of
t .c < - till'll!v.” 0* •nerd "ornfirint, *-*
te iiu-i 'mi.; fI" ngres-*, the niMi.l'Ora of t-ie
{l lll-.0 li.rc ht n up >tt the point of a vi lent
r. >n, tlf i suit of -vhich. in the j resets*
vi.jo ,! -tote nf the pul-ic in nI, tv- iii- -
evs'aili have lern f-’l.wed lv a t-irions'
f i!-?'llvion. T'll !h wh '• •Mill, a
V it Xlj .fity of the p. ire t.<..\* r \ ly for
the CK|KriiW lit I the o r rntnt of a -ep.v
iv fpt 1 in- in thi • i-'fr b el *hat
ihe ly ivßiah h.o 'jo. *i ?, in t .. • nec
is.in 2* to the * v s' ■■ill ■ "
(t'liv rmw.i’iii prole- f ••- - .sj.it. -1 ts.c
pfmivt iff* ol ii its r on. 1 -I* ■
•Nfrih.it r- I> *o !i •-I Is k •’i* fa-1 an ' ■ irpv
i- • the ii'i' .it nv 1 tot > a -Hi-M' it hi -•■
•icrniti; an'!, ii vi <i- nt. nr.-* 'r**i j : •
r>-nr-t f i*-e .•- !y 'W met too s' t
•• !• :ms.t ••'-.(* ■ If. •
Union Meetings at the Horth
Tin* yii rt!i i*
• •- , i .-■••■ r .i - .!’•
!.m • r ai l ! ,* ’ii .Vi e Minn
tr lo t- w.i ere ha: .it * s---p' ul <:i'..,-
>• _ ;h J <-1151'. the ’ l**<T Mt, R I !
t, 'v fr ..i t -• ■ 1 r. • •.■*;■ .n
i. i .A.- i ; I .SI I’ '. • . 4-V I i>C*l.-u.
ii- j -rc • i s-trf 'n- . to ‘Rte fT It, N-. -V
Y- ik -f •• t-arjy ; y At tot- Il f d
I* .! hi.i u fis'igv, ii e•. i.tha-ia-m ;
.At liie : so. r. rc.nl iti ns, wen ,
i*J pu l. it I -mo J ll at ti.e I U il-lfUlt* ! M IS- 1 -
• i.iutMlN ■ ‘ ,i. c " ill .!!•{- if I hi jjer.i-tal t- ,
iileT l’if !i', :o in.tiutain oiilvr ami
p vn•..’uio-t. to roijMvt ’ nnilii.il lights am! 1
obtigatfjite. ar.il ?-i diaprrove whatevir in
fl ’.eiici.iv li’-nl in . f--iiti ir\ iliri -ii ui.*’ I • y
Urnt toe u of Virgii-i.i sin iii.tlu-g’i: -ih!
aauit ujioii the jhmoi* anJ welfare ul the;
whole C'lUlkiry, ril.i’l iltni lilifc every i- ll: urtla
ti--ii ami v.'-rv • xpni -n of wniimcnt,
whether pnblio r piiiafe, teiulsi g f > \*eti
\;n*c r aj--l-gin- f> r fin* c-a •'.lut or charMC*
ten -.il tliv criiuii.al at bn* iu 'hal uutrnge. ,
Case of CrooksbAiiks.
\Vr seam, ll if rVi'k-.liaok-, uh ••• ram' *ai
ren. ve>l t.* Ci.ailt* county. 1 r trial,
Kttli'Rv'ed, nt |>U* late Irtni -,f tl at Cuu.f, i‘-
two e.i'o. to pay a fine of a SSOO in each ,
ciue. urn) to impr. nril in the C -untv
Jail two lls (.’*.• fir one •■fiil.f - Uni thii-e for
the itiii-i. Tiii-o ca-i-<t wire t■• 1 by the
Cu'iif. In the cw of the a'..i.'t on I, ker
Vy the sin e paity. there was a jury trial. — {
ihe jury iiid not, however, agree, and (,’r > k
•hnnkt waa rem ind. I lack to our j -il I-’
■wait hi* tri d f- r the f-ffer.ce at the May
term of Charles fm tv r nt.

Jjiines C. Wiae, Esqr-
From t’e /•rmriTri.', published at Ah tin
driit, L 'Ot'i.ina, w e ice !, it .lames C. Wise, ‘
a native of tiii ronriiv has 1“ en ri-cfisl t
the hi-'ishitiire. hinng ifeived the l.iljlifsi
t timlvr ■{ iot<- ea-i f- r usy c.in-lnlate at tlw
recent elivlion in ins IVin-h. He his lanm
rr-|H‘tily • !ecfe-l shentT iu ihc Siiiie Parish,
and I;it recent vote I- r the l.cgisl iinre, indi
lat.s ti.atl ss popti’aiity, .ike the spiicre til
L. n.sCfulness, is wj-lenii-S- ifr. Ww has
many r.itii n* and connections, i?’ ti is county,
who fe-l an h->ue>t pride in his past success.
ai. !uuk with hopeful cond-h'iice to his future.
Committed to Jail
Three men named William I* rty, J- K n ll
llarns and Jnniia Ver.-d-lv, wire r-.inmilteil
to our jail on I’n-lny last, it.irged i?ii sti*d
ing a loaf from St. O-'-rgi ’* Jdn-! :r. th -
county, l ! -tsgn g to J--sepii Sonias, of W.i!i
ii!>.tor>. I*. ('. The Is-al was mid by the
parties charges] with tin* theft. we irarn, t
Alexanler Meiyman, of this district. The
parties were npjireiieuded in Washington and
had been Confined in the : art of tint • sty thir
ly-fivs days when they were n u..-vtsl to our
ouuuty fur trial.
Mr. Lovejoj * Addrcm.
A friend ha* mi.t u> ti able and eloq i- nt Ad
dress of ,1. K TanejoV; to the people of the
New England Statrs, which his fieen g-ing
the r>ni.dsof the press f- r tin* pa>t week, willi
:h rtrjtjtsd that wc sleiti'J give if a place in
our column*. We shan d i *n, with ph-emm,
and regret that we are u 4 ahk- to publish il
tn cur pn-ser.t i*ue.
TLe Conteat fortfe® speaker ildp-
Frun tht la tot .ukl le-.-t iuf--rin.il ••• r '*“
" , - that there is little pr -|-i t •
? r,J ' ,rK - ■ nof the 11 u-e. Cahula
n u .*• by Iht-n’- ..•ut-i 1-
of the Re.rt.Wu It. ra. ks r.- ,^ t ,
j fin i*h>g the I/emncrat. and tv-n.. >i(
' iti n, ai d och anli-Jjeconipfoi. I>eii<arats .
bae vtel f-r Mr. B-e-rs. Up Fri-lav s
fv-m-si they had n t onm> t • any aatifa^to
rv irrmijcroint of the fignie*.
T'r ’!*rr .pp.nition member* Fiidav
night had a ful* and fr-e conference, and came 1
• i die r air bisi. n that under present aspects it
is '.rv-*|iriiii nt to m -ke any prop<->s,i;.„, to ‘
other pst'io ii- the H-i Use !■• king to the elec
i tiuu of a
s,Hi,k r f .
CoiiKrew - I-i the Senate, the f..Howie7 1
I rmnluturti. ..lii.sliuwil by Mr. Mo-n, -if Vir- 1
gin 1. ha- tipi d liie attention of Senators
sip to pieseut wiiliin*, and fr-ull fhe auimatl- n ;
■if the cm.tot woich it lias occasioned, it is
li'ticii'.t to prcilii l with certainty when or bon
•he cunt*.-d wll terminate.
U —/irj, To at si i.rtninittee lie a|i pointed
t-i iii-| die into liie id lls attending tin late in
vasion and seizure of the ammrv and s-'-send
of t-.i- United Stales at Ilar|s-r’s I’Virv. i -
! Virgis.i i. 1\ a b ind of arinvl men. and n- ,
; p,-rt wiieiitcr tne same was attended by ;
iann.d resistance to tie nntiiorilics and, pub--
j c f r-c -f the UniUsl State--, un-l by tin
! mu: i r -.f any f the <•( Virg-nia, r
j-.f iinv fr on- .-i nt t’.ire t-i pr--lre i!e pnb
-I.' 11 | •!(; wheii-vr s'u'i in iiiia-toti at I
-i n, i- -v.ts iii.idv 10 id r■■l-r• 1.0 v rgim
/.iii,ci . '.in-lid t-i subvert the g v. : -iK-nt .
if any of t-. t Stab-s of tie I • i-n.; aiiit
i-.t. s.O I • .ii i-t -f sn-ii -iu i rgiulrv
! 0:1, and w -tii-: nv citig<ns it t'-e 11 iti-1
j Slates 1. ’ .■ • - s.J vero i ,u rfel tl • iciu 1
' at—< ss, ry t-eiitu f-y e iii iti ns •: nt- :.cv.
arm-', n. :iili--r.s. or - iberw.s ; w ,t was the
tat -. I. r-• I■ a ■•* fil c 11.1i1t.it v e-pn]-nu 1.1
|in the’-at ds if u-I-i .e f nfi- I m.-1
arnu I in i. a .-I ancn-. -I iu-'v. .is:d w -
•he i.iin-; a!' i .11 : ti ni'p- i’- 1 t - tin
: phi 1 . .in •■ ,t i.ii-l -•• miitw rep- ft ;
v r ■ - tvli.it . :. - n iiiiy. 1-
. 1 . -. 11 • • ;•••.;’! -i. liie t-. t I
, the U 1“ t . f , Ji ■’ Jnlnre prc.-vi v..i. -n
f *he pso? 1 f the iitintt v, r f r tia* . ifvty
f ti.e ■• i!.■ I;ir i- siv; . il i it .iul , snin.t
--,t-v ■l' i..i.itT t- ,; f 1 p rions pa - .
! I; • . ■ :;• ,!t< r f c>* nt:•••’! it* t ! •
’T.-n-e : R.-t r M.taf. ■. r ; •• iro-oisg
i • .: Li -ly. ■ tfc . -i I’V ui the ‘ il-i’.v
--1 i\ isg rr- i . ti-slu c’. •> the first *!ay
f (he i<*i 'I 1 • • 1
,~• ?! - •-n•’ e !!• i.' ;n •on ’.-
■ft ** • . *F/ f *
u-.i*. ■. rt-at :. 1 tail-r ..f t! i I!•■•’•<•,
-e .n -s.iia'. .1 r 11-1 1 t.-L ro •
arid re u.' -uil tl. ■ 1 k erviu 'dter ' tsne 1 ;
I -f ft f\
• % -I i .t he J cti n- .-s in.! jentimenii
: , - •J- k. • -I • ii.e IrnjK Mung t’si
-. , i rs-e > is . . -.-t ii--i Meet It.’ pur 1
|i'!ling to ..-.<■ 1--i w itten by 11. It Hs-Ip-r.
■ ri' ii-ii *. s: o . --il . Isle !■- t.*e ii r uilie
~-1 L . a- i i..t: d:v of the country, o-d tin’
;,0 11,1'TTl r £>! I ill li else Wti I rw aj.tu-’udt-l
r 1 . r • coinpen-.l ii fit t 1 be
■ipe a r ft.-uUnW.
I'-iri.t.. Ki.u-ruiss Kvkmkmi.v iv Via
uiNtA. —in 1 rdei !• slioa ii-.\v Wide ha'W
leHi cur hitter d part’irc* fr-iia the prvcc>! nls
11-rsnts.ithed tu • s • tl c fi’ .vr.' of the lb puli
■.o, wo I’l'in- t deny -rr-vl o lie giatific.itii n
-I luin. s % to -he t’oficc • .-i t!t ugii'fnl c 11-
siih r.ili'M. of ui rcsoh r’he'.iibrui.ed juit te
lb i.ti in ft- 1.1 t-.e p- 'i of 11c- 11 1. A ill) on <?.
IJi .es, as c .ilv.i. iu -r- --i.:.y pnh'.i-lie-i •. 1-
•inie on *.'.••• 1.-to o.d rimes.-! M.nii~-n. ’to
..•view 1 1- tl.- .-i /in 1 pi.t's f mi.* : t • •
•abpsh- ii the o I’lt'-’s .1 *no Itvvolutionary
era 111 \ligi'. 1 -An/. Inf.
“In !•■••'' Z ' ick t-i Ihc V-iginia • •: -litu- ,
i . of 177't, With ill lie- lights whi'li the iu
i- rn.edt i'-1 xj ■■ -ei •_• ••! .iy 1 f:\tt lists sinil
. r , t t r government, v.c ca 1-
1 i-ut bo itrin't v i'll ' -•• o noii of pra- tic il
vivl.-ui ai'• Jot eg a -nut at ■•mtnil ’p eaiii* f <1
:*i it- ctiiiitrn ti -ti. I* n;i- ~ sy-t tsi whi.'h,
wh-V resting on the g icr U p- ij-lc of the,
ty - f he ■;•• •’• and •-5 lal rights
jj 1 s'- ml it.e juilii •• ,
! rresleraii n with p-w. r, ui 1. emt iun.su
.1 g-Ul.'l werv sp i'*s f arl ti.-rv a’tiioiity,
wheth. I - I one, the r A . < r the m my .”
1 ii'.V'iV t\i rv 1-J n'nici t o| lie fJ-vrn
tuc,,{ ivsis der'p <I, tlirtadly > r isidirvvfly. In in
1 popular o.igm, the t.ght f MtJrage was .\-
er.lsd 1 v •: • ie who. by a fisul uw ns
1 ho vmm t in a- I. m tie *iil 1 I Ihc 1 -lut 1 y "h rv
it! idled I ; a p- fts - • ■■ • -f t
ly'will levtlnics they . - I Jn-l'-il. -
S-r Will ti ll greit and u.itnr-.dy ' .r!ti--u.' i-.iv
. f vlict. r>—ti e Miidiiic .' i.-o.s of Society, re
moved .dike from ti c teu.ptati- 1.1 of li. hos r
•i v. Ity -sil- d up- nto til ,hy th. ir o.vn in -
Ml ’ ate ohoi' C, all tI.C 'arl -iiS grades of pul
mi' jl.agi’tra. V A ft*T file el.-ell.-n . f ’.I ir
j I- j.reser.talivei ill the I-- g -!aiv— I>f|-artin-nt.
| which 11 nnly dv v ,v. ! the gnar-Ji.is;-
: ship of the ptibji • ini r -fs, if was t!:-itsglt |
i that tho . h-ic* of in. it of me 'her pul-ik 1
fuin tiotiaru s. whether ! c.d ■ r gomr.d, might ‘
'.i|i-!\ iu-1 wi-’y, oil gre illy to tl,-- relief •■!
the |st.|i!r 11.*'11.-I Ives, te !• ft to ’--tiTineiliate |
i ng< live s, vi i y thvir wdl and j- jie*Mi.g
tl.e.r Confidence.”’
“lie S' n tries fiii nd • r p. pul ir g .vemment
or p- pul ir Id•■( Iv.wl--i- !■ r 1 ilLng the s-.v
--cresgu |'ivi rof the p. •)-lc inf-■ arti.-n .-r iv
, iv on i-i-iii. whillur gre i’ oi -m.-ill. .v.sl thus
} iliitni’iing that calm, di iU-ralc and in.p.iff’i'
revision at dutvil t .1. of the 1 onduct |ntb
!i M-rval.l'. which is th • l,iglivst and in- 'I •
senti-I atti.butc ■ 1 j- fiuhtr >..vercigntv. .11 it
is the best preservative of ’r* 1-i :r. Ihe ue
ctik.sry ci-i-Mqii-n- ;• --1 i Iniju- i t and teai
| 1112 a rccurteiiec t-- the popular iiiffrugi* is to
i iv rs ’V JI d disgust t'w pe-ple with U'HTcy.
and !- en-lave 'lst in to the habitual gindauce
of j-.utv h.i hi- ..mi fiaiiagt rs, wh-) C-iver. mil
hardlv cover, tin ir ow n inteiestevl and scUi-ii
• ie!', uiidet a j letencf of public real.
Sfipu iors CnjuiAcrmts.—Two men who
! rainC over fr. m Rvllinu re on the "Wils. n
Sm.dl" yi'tt Iv. were last night arrested 01.
(.suspicion <1 in -11 vll -f an in. emliary charoc
‘ tei. Ti ■-r Oileniihle Iniiinee* was telling
|a. ii trvsr. l i t b- mg unable to give a sail—
I Sait- rv .1 sxmut d tin mn-i' •-*, tiny we r e held
,t„ I .i,l t t-* apj tr u-tore .Justice Hamly tills
i in--i unig, I.) atisw -T ill. 11 1 1 1 i*‘ti* 1s as may *e
j proji-a.: -hal t-- th'll). Tlku* are 11-k-i-n
Uni'-> an-1 we <ann- t Ist I’t - vigilant and
-til l in ti l ling onl ti •• leal n-itiv> ar.-l iu
fe. •! 1.1 of Nurthi ri, stiJgglers vvl.o are -tr
n.g limit aim-g in, multi t:.e giruii Icgi
liin ■!•■ up tti-un
V. 1 n:• fi’a-id full’ * :, i two painter* v
pai ! Us a V list sis.ul I" vv-.-k- a,o aid who
■ g -si staoe of •ur .lt /i-i" with ts.nr 1 i-ri
-1 i lingerv t are now in Dtmonmll.-wi
, i having con f wel llreir motive* •?■• I- .n.it'
•lawn lu iiitnrn*cUo. Tle-sr' tin egi shoUiU
* (>• ro-s.ic u> front rtir clebisivi- leth. rgv, -ur in*
1 , teiss-t Jcu.Oi.d- it. SiM-Tt ri ~W:/ J Vuif. I,
. Cik
. . -- r .
\ Rfxn.T \ g*ft;lleß*ft of ,
J, |> siti-on in thU rity. rHWft’y rn- f
liMrf U>i . n,-di >! in the .
V ni. intending t It he sh *ukl pr.wrcnt.* f
hfc f r • ■nr r t o. pn-par- 1
to—- a fir i- • g-c**iir —in e . *
ns a Hoi* h. 1 BrvjK-*ii
■ - it m.t Wr*m, ! a
fl*>e. ,l . r .• . • qusl ill f *
n, il—l.-.t ii..frtiw iV*L|Ju* v**fn2 Mad-i t >
> t t ..f : V'V" Stall V * 1 r ' 1
f.tt •%* f fit#* Kur •'! I'V'.WI •;i it -ini- t
|*l\ t' i: Ilify lli.kt i I-Xt* • übie lilesire. *• i
. comm ti ti v -nt'i. ><> • • a-p*- i i r exit-.t
li* hi, 'Pi* | r *gr—■ <•( I l xniit limn in <
i hi- •indie* xx i in exerv r—ye-et JitikfiK I tv. ’
I * i*i inter* oiire wtli li N rth r*n c**rn*n- i
nloa.knf, an i miituß jj.hJ fee;: .fif< ’
, sprung up. wW ’i ii.in' t have rrw-ned *a
! enduring friend-hip v 1 the* iuls ft* the
i Marner’* Kerry inva-i-n •-tnw* up b tin- cotni-
I tiy like a t'lunder-ci >p fo*m n i !lw *!;j'
' Stirn**! \ ii*i pi'rioti • i > pul-e, 4k] m vti!
l* jn-l indignuii n at i'h* iiiiln J. p-:ji.-tr.-
• till up it V.rghiia ’■>* hired < tn’wiri* * fr>m
lli** wit Mil ii >u iiii !i S .nr.,c.ii jnlriiiiiit
i had mu'll* rich. the g-ntl-niaii atlor.ee xvifli
dre.v liif sun fr*in tin* V iph. a fr.iiit tin*
'• -’ii try <*f in •.ir. n *xx ith*( indb g tin
fa t’ t | )u. had pr*.llll I iM t|ii ;h:rg**a f>r
i iiis win .• uhole ptirp ■•-( •.•••mac • in lie- at
Mu-h. .Hew* it mmi'li in. h. M J (.*■*■& ei.urx-xi— 1
Itu-/i nv-tid H'hiy.
IVnw sot Woni*i.— IV Rh mtond nr.- 1
iMiinrr in . very fierce mtu-h* ntj, fr. Clark***!
j leiHk'iiiiiin, calls for dee is,
i w*
• • o fp,. f l,.,i r o ( | nn-friOilV tj y nliiic rrn- :
rii. *it it the S-.iitli Imviii" Imsmi srs'iirk-!, we
fn<-t th.it ••ii r rt*|kr'*eiit.iii>■< a'.l !.*• linn* ,
•i p';i< lln* ul f hn ilnm f tfir slave St it ■
|*! .ii itlv aii'i i Ic;ir!> Ike'-iro I*hisp*>s, Inis k
•vh.it *r... S'l.llth tioiV •!<-• i tills at lilt* li l’.-U •<!
• ~r ri .., r , t ,lives. We Vt -tore relief ti <
ieij i ii-i.t /.• .ii • f the 1 ’ s-in in f|o|i >li>-
M iiri, nl.i h f. i■t' • xf.’tiiitili 'n *'f ’<■
Mill., .f lie) tat.Ve. pr.. i.llafi J tin?
-lx n t i in . iteniii* il'le 'l* ' tijM'tl 'he >
i'lesp ~; si ,vt rv. We It il?< I* -I. 11l 1
-•I - , h -| ■ t'n! Il.t r ] r .e..t itivu ol t ie .-I if-
Slate* in Collates* VV >ll la-ltlnT t. hiate i. i
pnti ipile i" i v l.tim ai • e 1 li* tl-.*t*iti*,
a ill' ll I I>e Ixs I t>r. *hli •! le t i'llt illilli \ ,
t>t! nth We Int i jaliu rsv them • ; •
I\ :1 . 1 .t’v 111 lit the l< liotl • HI o ei.l inv.
■ .* ' el *<iii*eri| t r.fi r* • f the U 11. I*l S, .He I
,n * •! i!appp eii 't itrenn ia aii.l is isif-
Ti.t* f!.’* ernrr •fFI *n !. in hi* m t• ,
'the U '.l.inire . f that St ife, r)*Ctilil> >il.|s a
• r.' ii.i/mlioli of lie t:11:It i>l tim, al'.'l th*'
• f f the pvt I laws. In o feren cj
!.1 the *i*ti lit ion of n ' i 1 .; l\‘i IT. i C 'V-;
1' llitl, IS ti.e VO 111 4>>t -i • 1 • >t popul'ktlS
..f the SottibiTii S iver.-iei.tii s. > in o:iK f* II >
. . n the I ifh* r -i-s :-.y* t this • .m*
• m;t* s n i reason w' v, it a time <1 ill n j, t
ihe fre*. )>I oonfi rrn e -lei i mk* t \pr* *-i*.u
anions th"M* j-.;>>♦••! hy a conmon ! •
s' e shiil-l ret Haiti tih r.t. 1 i-Heve tliat her
I. e i|l<l he In ini in *f•*! !••>• lottj hilt
• p’’ ; i hv- r f ". < i ■ ■! sj• ri! a from
;1i >-e xth kisti;e-s anil '.y.aiiii-;n f-rl.i-i
n* i-.':;;. i !•> live ivi'ii Ihi iii m fciit . el sate- i
IV. r l*here :ir* si er*.liii Is I'T *he Ii -JH* that .
ie.— t . f the Soiitiiorn St I’.rs wll *'"t (Miiseiit i
•• S- e till* tie oral ft .Vern?l**ut *KIS iito
hniels i•, e.w.tllx le -til* to tin S.*tith. It -i; li i
• • r jnirj ns* it is n.*l ntil'lcHy •' at !l.<*\ 1
will preparo for the CM"i 'is ey of the ap- ‘
f.r * ••'. 1 ; HIT Presi'lel.tl ;I veV'.i n.
lie ms <hiiNf; Soptii —A late n'tmher of <
the Kiel*ni..|iri />./*/ say*; lao or
th.ro*, am! perii.ips four, ••f the Vo/inii Turf- I
men are p r, *pariiift I** start South ni l11 tli.*i. t
i rei. anil tvt l ! nroh.ilily >*ar** here hy t:• *
'ast of the month.* T. ai. 1 1’ 'V D'mvh.i, i
vili take with ll.tn tie i .vimihle planet,
l*’annii Wa*hin"toii. K\ ;e.pnT mu! Nicholi. i
1.. nn*i if no a. eiilcnt !.ij*p* na, will \i*it 1
Oliarh—f>n, Ao:nS:i, M *i ty, M
an.l New I lit?ms, h fore ti.e.r return. I*!.i>•*• •
a Ilo'V ' H.kifU a- ti. e as 'i k. V '! if he starts
,n !•• nnhtioii an.l <*t a " Hri tre k. ’ie
! ra- ti.at U-al* him will have to make I'm
liest time xel on r* • *rl. A\c kmev t'. -.t ox* ix
rac* r Itoiu h* re t*> New Oi! ms will he
in fear iiis I mrels tiein li hfoxv, are! it • iv
•*.* •ii.'.t some of them xxill sme*el, h ;t if tiiey
■ 10. rle* haeker.i *f I*l m* t xxill have very litl
I ,c f**r oti.i r ra*-es th: SIMS it.
Tnr. S..rmi n*r Per.-w .xvr !scrtcpTMiv
M.\TTKR. —Tin Savai.i nii h'. imhli an *h -.v.*
• , , i .tenty nint istx i vtl munxe •
S nit tern j* in mil's in *h-x*r\ inn ta* H''i. l iii\
• I.Kt::noi t* 1 the N> it! *rn pr* s. xi ’ n th>*y
pnhllsh ettr jt* fn.m th*-e very arti. !es It 1*
■isai! in i lvcti. ii i at:t| >i- : s I' it -tn. *' the
•irtfpr - '1 ■ i*i fit* t’ *■■ * k •<( SonaM
Sexx a’r * xx h'.eil 1.0 let*T ti ill last s*inilli(*r **x .*
I c inhal in exten-o i* 1 4 alter**! * r .u! a-t '>'*■*.
the i ,■; \ is an e* l • : 1 ; • t
ip. ~ ihV:cn ar *■■ si'.t ;f •..*• ■* !y f*>r
f.lo. ,'l it lit .! ! v the cirenlati**n of lie -v rn- |
;i* miiarv | all *ns s t. v pr- e.' I* < iT*- ?
titrV tlltgi.t vP I<* Sxii• •-t .c **
,t in i*torr.l xi iy litl!*.* x*n*hir tl ylvin;**!
1.'., .lissalisfie! fr ni nr x n exv.j ip# r> r
tlmse of anolhir State, lithe it* hi j* in*** is '
Convex >l. aim ’le v !j**l the i*.*- ■! fl**“ *• niu t
them I- ju t t putt m* ■'•* *h P* • r.*t*xl
the cuiunnn* ■ th** Tribme.”
p AK sas P.hOWNi.oxv anp ms f’oms*.—
i Atii.'i-ii the n*'T.iha-s pr* ■* i.t ..* thi* .atti tna*'
■ ineetinu in f.yt hi V.i.. < alle>l t i ' \!*r<—
i lie* opiniuti > f ■!.** people of to ll so ft i i*
nlati* *.i to the Harper'* I'.ny r.. I, v* ** t •
w\|l kll .xx'n Pars n ltr**xviilt'W. ills fen. irks
.I, the IO I'i II xxofo 11. 11.1. tei;-t'.<*. A re; r
t, r. ii. i. itSfinu th ** h. ,- .x - it *■* ■-
tfUM-lv S**ntli**ili,' nil rrpriskl.ts the Par-*!. ;
as sax i* •_*. * i;C IV'.ill I ratlnr Ik* i*. I*ii •'■■* > nth
iii Pit. • !*:ii *i.inil! til an xiirh tne a* 'in n*-l'
[t. avei*.’' Ti e Parson a!-> r*'in *- I that
i.e ”it* * !•••! t*- -ive i is family insfrmi* m n *t i
t.. 1.1.1 V lii’il I I a Yankee eoftin; h it in case
of an • IlierjP'niy. they sh -nl 1 in* I fits! to •!■*
•it. that till V n.nst have I* th '*'*'l> ' P**". *•
that xxhet. ti c ilex 11 • r .'•* hfi'-.ists came at
one ciel iie coi*M crawl *it the * ii.* r.
S'*; TH CvR. I.ISA AM* \|U'k!Nt V—A sp<-
. tn| (lisp .1* i* * i l ' i*' -t 11 r,< : . Ir Hi
a. S C Ul Dec* 6t ■
lh.it Mr F. D. Ihcliar*l-*i. • ! < rii *-t :*. > t
I ferial a M*rix.- of re- .ii.'.* i.<. 1
i Harperh Ferry m. ■ :■• * -
k*irile*l as an iittauk np*<i t**v oist > f i *n
si t very in all tie* S sill, in St.it that t
expense* i nr* *1 by Virginia in
.ioxvi iie ni-uirrclnai sn..iil Ibe i :n** ' •
the S* nliiorn Still— m pr-*| • rti -.it *
I slave i*• ■]t tlat. *n; ti. -I, icing ,u '*■
■ fruit * f tin* ten! ings the ah * m**i >* '*-.
* the slixei.i iin n Slat's *aisf!it t '.*ni :. i i'*
1 kloir.l.ity Ifisik thokii (■ r I m exp* r.ses m’n*-
I ml; at.ll that <i**vm.**r <!i't U* n ipK-'-il l
■ len.br t-* the State of Virgo.i* !M* T pe.r-
M a ix I.; h Sa.’lk C tr* ln:a in >y xh- a* tie 1 i.
J Tie (*;. irle-ton .V rcry pjvnses the pa*-
sage .fm. io res**''.t a-, It * .-. bt the
gi-hifure pn-s nfilv resolutions i*l a • ■
’fi t*, ix.ax fc* litre';
J. T aim Slate. 2. T*> iie *.ne at.y
Ira I'ns IT G :.veU!ioM H .1.1 nfcV N>!• •••
. 1 State. S To v'*te f'*r Ho ra till t* late f*.r the
l’r. aileocy .*r Vice Piri.‘.iiey. *• 1.0 .1 *• * let
o.a-1. i 11y ti'-pj* rt the ripl.ta x/f the South.
Titr S*TxVkito\T F\FR>s Rirxrrns.—To- .
par ies •!.*. xvt re nrte-f.sl at C-'Hibrnlge. in
A 2*l*4 1.1-t on tin vh.i-oe of part! ipaiit* * in
tVrMfmi’ in! f ’>•■ s’. anK af K\--r-,
i ave *ct ' *i*il m**ii*in v .'iCi'ri-iit hict'lhil
*warif*| ti. -tr > .-nr.* K*s hv Jihig* J^mnf*—•
Th* v have *ll Ustx * rxvi atal • nlfmOHl t** *
as: ii.hxjn.ki.* p.nii,liim**'t. -T<*lin Skinn.-f * on
x..txl of ij.it ael an issanii with intent kill f,
a*. 11l k* .* *1 roloivl man. wi* senW- cisl lir-t
t*. U-cm.iii.tsl m the IU *. <terenrtry Jailun
li' she *2 ! *r Oe-et.llier. RWiI lh**n fik fn)*ri- , H*-
merit in t'n* Ponil•.■it*rv till Amri4 2li*
IftG'i. *T rry LK-iiwilv. •* * ! l* ' t
. j... 'in- n. corteiotr! of iot. i.a'e ea !* ,
’• ii n * • t• < irffrtsiHiit in the J-*il till
like 21 *t of August ■
Kiimu* *t Sr x irs SxxAroa *
A J.riv.xte .f -pH.*ti. *Vuel Frankf***’. Kv .
If e. B*h. states I'-.a® Vu*e Pn-sobut llrwkto- t
in* of tint -lay. 0 O
nit*fi f**i SeualiC <>n the first j
i.. o,t in iin* r.inen-ol F.*oj.|atnre
n„. role kturvljfe. 4S ; 14:
M i*i)ii. ;V I'hls x. ill U* gratifx in 2 infeHijence
tCMHXfi n 1 of th.* Vie.. Pr.- hot
i, , ,1 w It ■ Ken
svntation tier citizens a. w.ll as the
country at ! trg<. m>v xvell feel protvl.
Visim TO TIIK rRK-:t*nT —Ctii* f .lustier
T ■ .'v s*el thr A-as'Okle .Ti -li. es who hl*l
arnvsi in sMs.ni f* r th** .jeoimi >f tin <f*mt.
x /: .Jiiilgo* N*4* n, fi, **r,Clitlooi. amlCimp-
U-ll iial-l their rxsjHHia y.-ster lay I- Presi
.tent P.nchanan, ami the interview* was a
m>><t auiitaHi* isir, imlxwl, suHi* ivlltly imli
caring thr hearty tnnl’tal r.*s|M**l ami C****l
fs ’ii.g oMsting hi x***ri the Et'ditive and lh*
.|i;*' ; ei irv - f the niii*n. Vi**e I’ri-*i lent
|t n . ki n !_*•• ami nvmv **ther jersops of n***e.
t*k .KViisim ve-'i-ri.iy tie-ill up *n the.
Presi 1* nt. i*..i *.v.*rc res. tv. *1 vith tin* Inri-t- .
i<* t XV* '* m* h\ Mr Riieli I*l ir.. win. th—pile
*.,,. i,u ri**n< < ir*' hr U-t w< iipon overv •!- .
'ii *.f In- "i ni ihi'v. yot finds time t*> r*-
,cu e his vi - * |s xx th the .* i-e ..II I Cl|ali.lll
t*. o! tiio th r ugh ;t m *f'-istirr*.
Sp *;i,f< is rpv ii ’sr - \ c rrespondet t
. f th • /V*.>r. so* ikn.g * f the opening of Cm
gross. - ix
* ; xv -le t prose* ♦ *• 1 ei> Ms name w
* o’- 1. Int o .'ere-l l.ef r<* t'*e r II 'Vis J'llfri .
* i.aigh. li - v i k"*! j’• i Itv i- n *1 the ern
;. ,* 1 ppe I'*•.s*at on 'I c
•* ’ 1 I •* h. lie 1-. Us x.'ll *ll *1 Ills crown
is to 'iiik** a t .h-rihle rfteitivr,
•i-"tise. !! • ■*s tli. lx* s-.iitiry man in
: i* large i-..! .in! j.,*, ll*.* wt n**| >j* k* j
Tim: *A*t.:x s* Sri xMOP. -The trill trips
of this Xe ••! IV* I r**v I enfirelk *ll*'i is*.*
ill. Tie* N if ; .t.*'7'is states th it on UiJ.
ii * ax* sli* -it i if I*. s*a, n.(l tn*r aver.ig
-i ~j xx. . ;i 1 f* •- . ini’e- an hour. afth • nigh tei
-j. i*]. *, ;T v ina I*.* t i t‘sf her JH.k!lt*a*S 1 i
io.it r pit Tie Aif’it further *iv*:
A i. .m’ r of p.r-.ns *.xere on iNi.inl xxie.
.re *■ i*i i,o .i, ■! g . file ei, i.iit tiont- xx.-n*
.*:\ r -i.*.l ■*. i- not at all impe h*! I y tl r
ri ■ J.ii* >of ti,.- -eo, -he m-iion ot her on-'
glin-s xx i- ~ r- *ji ‘; r .ts in vie.* t o xx an *. ami
t* re Wile n • s'l ks, vi| his krv fe.l o|, !. ~i !
1. 1 ..thi i xhvii runtiii.g into a licax;
lix k! r* a.
T i.. Vrr.otviA Atn nu --T'ne Aloxin'lru. i
V.i. 4, ; ,ti!...’ sax.-: If is l!a* opinion of -cxcm!
.;* ..ilcinen xx . • ) 11 * ** ii i*l c* i.vers .ti* ns W'ln j
ft V. W i-e, t.iat In* iote* *i- to |.I i* x* the \.l • i
gii.i i ii.iJr.;i i n **>i .ir *tin2.* if xxi* may n.-* *
tie.* ti rin. Tint is he inn-iel- to Imve regnlai ,
tr-.ii.iti2s * v x’x'ti pinii*s **f all jier--*n. x.xei
oigl.f. ..-n ■. I m.*te Mveiitv-five ye.is of age,
an:) niaf * ill* in ■ !*iii r-. furnishing them. xx.
-npp *-e. xx** 'ln* !'*s*i*s-irx .ims. Ihe rx
pen-*' H.i'tli >■ I I*X' 'i is avsi! U* met hy a Mini i
t ity lax on .I*.; *,o*ci* the age of txvenlx Cm. I
I’.-.irr ti St xr;:s llhi'iik on UtTHfsrN i x
kp.-iUii g f the -t nny I lines in Coi*
x'i's, the Wasi.iiigl .*i Sn.r x*i :
i h*<* of tl xx. i-t >;.*• of me times, xx c may !
ni,!.!, tiie nij.ii! ity it!i xx’.iiii. f**r *lax |
'i.i.-l, the g;ilh*ins have ‘men jwrm'lt I viiln* (
ilx* I i l ike nirf in tiie p.r■ *et dings ..| tin* Usl\
hv 1 nnl mai f*vi itioia, of approliiiioii *r li- i
appi l otion, a<*i_ 'i , .ng t then inxlivi'liia! yn. j
pa; . .• i.
NoS-Is n.RCoUKSK. —Toe A'* tluiltian* h ix * j
-l en I .*r.k.*t : •* xx .t. r pipe to \i .terwM ;
,1* ft! *.l .IV, ti;"i.gh n llhert tlilD* of
'..1,1,1 il l if .'heajH.r. ■ Horne it.diulrt ’* j
nils to he the l.i'iUing cry ti.fi agle'Ul lie* j
The rharb'-t-n e**iiMiHi *n r..r the ii**mi:.ti
ti r. i| a iie*i"* r.*tm calk'll late f-r I’tisnl' *1 1' 1
,■ n *. > itioo*. on M ititlsy Die k*. ! nl
A pul next.
The Ra!<’jh (N P ) Regist-r ral's attenfi * i
I • I'.e f n t that til* to is n t one p-iwib r fl.lh ,
in th*- I n.mi. rotiDi *f I< ’ mar**; in i* th* i*-
a in ii,ol e*' i . ol aim-. . i a I- *u.*ry lor cati
ii*us. s-iiith of il tr| <is F* rry.
M \ K U I K I*.
O tie 12’h in* Xfkt, hx Ih'V Mr. Per. rker, '
I \Mi*;s Ml DLKV to Mrs. SARAH JANK,
(t , * . ir;i! install, i*V Rev. Mr. C-lting j
•J* tsi.l II 1. \THI!AM t-.’Miss MARY UL'Y
.1 • • ■ I'M ■! IX. i V ?I V. M*. I! skins,
||Y v’rtn*. of a <Jrcr**c of Si. Mary’s cemn
ix rmirf, sitiin a- a l‘ouit ol Kijmiv, I
Will at In'* L an llou-r* <!• or, in Igaih- '
ar t 1 ox* n on Tuesday, Ti- I'kli day ol
Jann-r*.. l**tjil. U t*•* n io* i" urs o| I atul
4 p M. o the i ici est biiib-r. a tra *i
or j ir. • 1 land kiiuivn by the Mime ol
"iHIVi'MIAM,” er>nia;ii:ng fiflv two a* .*••.
itior* *ir !e. 'I:.:- iaim i- in Hi** Hoi
1 -tnct, and located about two and
one ~i,, iioiej from l.onar:l I'oxv —is xv* ,J
in .*>-e*i, o! good soil -Hi I *x ell a.!.ip;*si to ti.e
grow i g *.f g-rass, if p*’*|**rriy inaiiured. Ji
.> •• nT !.ai! m*l**s Irom a puh! e lan 1-
Pr *ion‘* Hay. I'.it* l.n i-e ar? oit
o' repair, and v.-n'.J aaJ i inker tai<;e.
Vs’ai* r i- abundant.
'1 •• ’ernis. pre-erihed by the decree, are.
• n- ilrel dol'afs. i*j U* pa-l on th- day
••I -a **. the baian ;e to ie* pud in equal at.
t.i i. in-la inentM. ol on** and two yais.
tv.'ii in* re-t fr*ini in** day of vaie, and lo b**
i..*.or< . by bond and seeuritf.^
j Trustee.
D* *. !5.h, 18A0—ts.
r li J AMF-S .JgN'll>. I.axing io ii ar*i i k *
.♦.* g-tif for lie*, fits ifl Hit ml r*n. veJ
• . St. M•v • • ’* k, >ii *.r ifit-i• Jr* 11 i>i
IIIV agent. My r-vx-lj t aiouv xxn! he g <sl lor
i ti :.xk o.i uip n e.
I; Itm.or*-.
; D*v Isib. tf'C'T-?;.
nr ILL lw oft-nwl at Ptthli. Sde on Given
Hill Fom.*>n tWfhrve N ache.l Road.
St, (nigiK—' I> stint. St. Man s r.*uiii. **>
TUESDAY, th- 20th .la **f D.sa iuU r. 1859. i
. tl*e likllnwtn* projK-rti. viz H -r*s. .vn.
c**w*. bogs, wagg-ins. likits. pltiushe, li irrjwr,
iA-c.. and kifctMii fnn.it.ir**; U-ixxartl
f*f and HR) Uirr. Is ■>( r*rn in ti.e e.#r; f -1 *ct. !
;H*t 51 buslkehk of xxt.e-kt 5.551,.1 **ii Ihr farm.
At the esme time, thi Farm x*kU U* • fPen -l
l at imUit- sale—if not sold. It will lw * tVelXsl
Dee 15'1). 1859—.
' A T a meeting of l!.c rilijtens of tiie Tiarx*
fUenion district on the 16t!i it.slanL f**r 1
. tin- [.ljrp.se* of f..rmnK a V *lnnle*r IMletiw
i jkcmv. .ai m-ai-Mi it xxuk rx*fc-.|vi*xl, lliat a in*tt- I
mg • iix-ixl m the Court House on Sul irdoj, 1
the !7th instant f*> organ'/v and diet x*fli*crs.
! A full mwtiiio is desircxl. .
K. LKO sr.VLDINO. Ci. i u.
f!. I Spai.niMk. Sre.
Dxv. loth, Ibi^-It.
4 1,1. person * are forwarned from H**pßs-
Zm. sing with dog or 2tin. **r in anv o'ber
1 inanner. on any part ot tnv estate common
!y ca'le-l. * I.)*e*ro(t,” siinaied in St. Iru
CikCs* Dislncl, hounded on **ne side by Skint
Man’s rivet atul on another by St- It u*ck*s’
Creek. Afamsl any and all persons found |
lrcs|iassiii2 after ihe'pnM cation* i)f ibis no- j
lice, ile laxv wdl he rigidly entnreed.
Dec. 15th, l®o9—l ni.
i Selling of! at Cost.
IP.F.n leave to inform the Ladies of I/-anard
Town aeil vi> initv. that I am n*.iv *-1 i'<2
*ff my Millinery and Fancy Goods at COST,
lorf.isk* on the 1-1 *i| .laulliry. Ladi-S wish
ing h.-irg itilit xx dl do xx. II t*k give me a call ;.l
• nee. I have a great main* g**ods c*l. hsi.d,
( nit aide f-r H'Hiday I’lt-sei.ts, wbi-di J have
1 jn>l receive.!.
Mrs .1 r \us!JfY. nt Mr
Dillon*’- II i.jsv, L..'iiar! T wu
p.-c l*,tli. 1859- 21.
i fin* M. Rrrtvet St f !:i St Mart’s
iv ii'e. y t 'otiniy t' i r .* u 11
i F.dward D. linwir 4- f*' tin. smino
wile A* .itiiers \ *-toirt *l Equity.
HY virtue . f aiifln rifv vested
in tr.e h\ law I t.*-* fix tali*! and n
iirii! the Tru-lee’s report, nude in.! li'e.l hx
Geo I Spalding liiis dax* i'i llie p:o.*r*rdmg*
■II tills iMil'i* jirovid**.! that tio ol.je* tiimv ho
made lii sa;d r*-[>ori Ie for** tiie end it lxv<
uinirhs from t!** puli!:* atfon of this order.
Hid proviJei] that a copy of th*s ordei hr
pnidjslied in the St. Alan’s Deacon, a
',exv-(iipr p*ine| m St. Mary's cnntv.
nee pei w*vk during iir**e w*rks li-lbn*
the ei. 1 n| txvo months Irom the pntklicu'iuii
■i tins order.
The Trustee's r-p *rt stales lint the
Miioiiitt of sale to lie *xxo itionsan l. fom
i I’tndieiJ ami seventi live dollars.
( !e,k.
P*e. I jib, I 8.59—3 xv.
|1 AN away from the subscriber. . C)
■** living m l *;.apiii* I .‘tiiet.
■-.liiil .Maix’s ronnlv, on Snnday ~ i
rglit. \ov.*nh<*r the *g7ili n*gr
ran J4)ll \ HI I UK. a*gcd
i’m iii .Vi \ears Negro .John is®S*R®Rws !
: *lioiit 1.1. Mor IO niche- high, tias a s*-ai 1
;roin a burn on th*- right suit* *H his temple,
•n*ar the e\ e. '1 iie innldl** llllg. rd til* nghi
Hand is cfiMike ! an 1 tie- I out l*. lli ar- e>
cavi-J. Jo tin is polite xx to n addressed am!
■ talks sh*xvlv, except xv!i**n in liquor. I will
i give the alkove rewarl, it iie is- taken • •11 <•!
>’amt Man ’* Countv. and ! .*'• it I*, is taken
oi the -0111111'. pmxi fed he s s*j eenrexi tha*
i i r< f him again.
Mdeslown, Ml.
December '-ii*. IB'9—tf.
I r l , henn*lers!gned having determined t i quit
■ i on— to * |>ing. xx ill sj it at pnhhc sal- H ' '
*H- iesidi-I,.** m l.eon ir !l*i\vn, oil I I L>
i)A Y. th* ‘g7iii instant d lair, d no*. Hu*
i**xl fair dav ihereali*-r, ail of in- HO! >!•’.
*onisiing <>l IJ*-ds. He ! hug *‘hairs, 1 aM*
• fn**-iisxv:.it-, I’o kmg nt*-nils. ami main
• ••li* r inic|-w trm• (h)kmis f*i ••nuuioraf*
7’irm.r nf S<tl* —For all -urns ol Fiv do)
irs and nnd'*r. casli, — f<>r ail sn-ns above 1
hat aim.out. a er* dit r*l six nimiths w ill be
given, the purchaser giving n**te, win ap-'
proved Security, bearing interest fr< tn th*
lay of -al**. (
Sale to commence at 10 o’clock. A M.
Dec. Bih, l a "*9 - M.
• , t
*|MIE nnd* rsigne.l, hv p*iwer ol aif'irnev.
i ■ will <.ft—r at I’nblte . s *ale. on the I’iH.M
ISF.S, on THURSDAY, the tggd ot Deem
' Ur fit (air. it not, the next lair nay th*-teaf
ter) the lan'! known as tiie “FARM,” ion
i taming near “i.'Vt a*-res, at present occupied
hv Mr Tbotnu: Hon I, an ! ‘iiuaiexl near
Dec 8il;. 1£59 -if.
BY x-rfne <*f a x. rit *f F; ti Fa la** i-ned
. • ,* -, t Mary Vc- nnty far * 1
and lo til#* direct*'!, I XX til x.\ji*se I* l’ib!i *
Jill lon, .it ti.e tj a.tl 11 * **l>— d*T, Ije*.:...r.|
r ...ii,ori tcehuav ii" •'ji <i Aatj f>j jnviti
>y IbO*. I-1 wx-en li-* lioutK i ! 1 and 5
' Vock, p m., t*. the i gi.e-t Iddd.-r f* r tasii.!
the fol uxxing pr-IK-rty, t- >x it ; one -far* -r
JMIC*; ol :.*..! ...I:..1 *IT. FENWICK’S
MANOR,” r< -if.oi.ii.g 242 acre-, in * c or
>£.t ti.e I*l1 -ll_v i.f Llw *"! i*. |}l-.xr, *.
fiixl.M.. ! U ui.d.J *l.l M Hr-.x <r. s* iz. *l ai d
t.k*n i.i excx.un.rn at the mil of *j I
Dec. Bth, lSsb— l.
i” n© i3 £e
(hereby forewarn ail person* from traspaw
ing with d* g or gun, *>r m am oiler
I •oanner, upon my I'Untai. n in Ca-po-i
1 s.sifiet As i I.ave oeen ni'ieti annoyed
I bx | am <ie*.erni!ii*ai here
i a'fef to enforce lue lav agaipftt all wbo </:•>
* r.-giird this no.! .*.
i JOHN !!. KEY. !
V< 2l*a, 1 —ts.
ffTlr. 1 OF sr M tRY*S FF-
I MALE *F,MIN AlD’* ill nii.l in I^mi
:r.l To** .• *. TCKSI* ' v I lx- art* I -f Decem
ber A lull stUiudance 1- rxj.-rl.il.
Hr ■•rlit,
Fh-c. Bth. 18*8—1.1.
Want e (I ,
HIRE. a m d.He med SERVANT
■ \\ OM AN, to otine .mill children and
occasionally tJo plant sewing. She muM
lx* good-tempered, honest ami olifijjing. For
1 snrti a xumm |&jf per ynr trill hr pelß.
For information. inquire ol the Editors ul
the Deacon
| iVf Bih.
W anted, Ml
c|AO 11 i TIT' lour ihV-luHlieil M-xfWPn. ILr
! whom the htphrxt wages will he paid.
Leonard Town.
Dec. Bih, if.
loth ol I )eceitiU-i, il lair, if uul, the
irii lair da) 11.rr.-al.rr
Dk, Btli. IFA9—II.
■ OTICE i Iwrrliy given dial the mil.acrther
± X liai nliumlil from I lit* Orphan** Court of
*t. Mnry’s county. 11l Vnryln.nl, Irllrn len
lainruiniy on the peiaonal r.inir of Alexan
•Jrr S. S|>nirr--. l.itc •>! i iiilcivmiy (Irminl. All
I |.r rt(*.is lm( o.g damn i-'iu-ms the x.nl decerned,
ntP heiehr wvrfied to rxhtt.il the wntr, with the
(•rojier vouches Hicreof, to the atUrnlirr, on or
: i.rlo.etl.e .*h of June .text. thrriM thry
may I* excluded hy law fn4M .ill lenrfii of the
..tit! r; ’r. (iitri. uit.lrr toy It uni tlua bth day
o' P.r iu c. l w lJ.
P- Hi!. 1*:,9-4w.
V rtf* Iff* i he. e‘*v ?.* r.i thxi the otl.v-rihri *
i* 1,.,....tii.0i.cl i.o.n.hr Or..lino. * Court f
M.iry *1 .-..•io'\. 11l AinrvU.nl, intern of id.
I i.l.niv'rll..ii on Il.r jrr-M..1 r ,t.ilr ..I .Imo II
I tax t", • itc of ■H.inl ...i.'.ty, ilrcn.rul. AH
ifixi-Lii lint in" ■ li.'iii li-.iiin the mid Jecr-ixnl,
air heir'.v w.u net! to xlnl.lt tlir some, with the
■ proj.t r \ourlipr. ll.r-mf, ilit mil <nihere, on o
llir Jilili of |)r . next, otherwise litre
tit-iy !>e e\r hided hv l.i fn.ltt all hrnefit ,C
’lie naol .-(it'r O.'cti innSer our h.imli (In*
J.v o' IV-. 1-. W
j..'iN w !i \nrr.R,
Admin taint lot*.
Per 9(1, Iriif--Far.
| _
N ’OTICE m hereby rneo ilia! llir miharii.
l.rr linn ofilnii Cil f'otn tl Oipliniir*
Court of. Si. Ma-y*. poimly in Mnrvlaml, let
leia of .tdntliiisl ration on llir |trioii.l e"nle of
Cbm C. Wood. Inlr of annl rm.nly, de
rra-rd. All pnmom. Im in" "l.nni* ignnut llir
i a tl'l ilert used. mr lrrr!>v wmied in rxhitul the
a no. Midi llir propel t onclirs llir mil, to tl.a
.nil*-itluu. on i.i lieforr dir 4di of June
I or\l, olherxv me -hrv ilia) or rxcludrti liy law
f. fm) all l.rurfit ol tlir xaulrin.tr. Given wider
toy lini.i fl.m lt <if Ho-wii' ri l**j'
prr. lt, IWS* ■
.Wtflt'E TO CUfDtTom.
ynriCE i. lir.env rum lini’llir iiorrrilri•
X x I *( r o : it..tio.l ft .to 'h Iti't 11.1111 • tout! for
'niiMi ,\l >r\ "r . ".mi, n Maitlii.tl, mrra of
til oilo o*l rrilit.lt, on I lir f-r ft 'al. of Jt% Mrs
I*. JAltlloK. lair ol aat.l *-0., lie* tn.nl. All
on "on ( lt.it l ie •• Intro* '.J'aln* ) Dir .till ifn ra tr-l ,
, are line •) a n ti. >1 I*, rx * 1 11 .t I Ih r tour, Miilt I lie
ont(.rr (ttlu ltr-* dirrcf. •. llir rut.* ril.rm on or
i.rforr thr 4ilt ol Jour |r-ti. ..tlmniar ihrr
„t.,V I c r\. iu l.il hy law from all I no fit of •)>•
a.ml r*t nr. fi*rn iiniln ottr himl* iHta |t
I>‘ 1 >C r Ill.fr, Jhjli,
M E.JAitIKM-:.
Adiiiniifiinti'i a.
fir lx-. r-iJ -4w
.\i tI'ICK 4F I *1 v IPF.NI>.
ON xjijilie.iiii.n of J .hit II Inr Iter,
ttitiiiiiran *ol ill-.noi \\ 00.1, laio •*1
St. Man ’ foiirtiv . .Il"-* r-.t-r.l. Ilia oldernl
I \ thr t.i "ft. doit the (iinl adtniiti-trnlor tin
ll(v lit' I-Miiliori #if die .Hid i|o-i;nril, lo llle
lit* ir i*la nr. lie x-.tid le.-*a.ed *ii lit*-
l<i oi>t.-r nl U ill’, oilier mi or la-lorr the ll
o' Man It. lor ilivnl.-n 1 ami n.nf iltit
orl.-r to piihltxlir- I to l. *■ Saint Man’- Ue
riin ..tin- a wt-t-lt until ilit- sai l Ist day ul
\lar. h. 180*I.
It.t'Mrr fd \N lllit.
oi Si Mars’ i-uunty, MJ.
Dec Ist 18.V.1—1.
4 f.T. person, at* forewarned from lre
* • jiai'in-r v. i*t dni t>r sjon. or in n y
rnannt-i on ant part ol tot estates eit|.iii"ii*
Is ciUed "1.1 • KI .A Nland aUo , *fJML
UY’S I,o'’l',*’ i'M-aied in Cl aptiro ili-liin.
anj .initio the . ci.tte* ol John il. K* y
and Nl's. Manrarfi liar her. Aijain't any
an I all p.-rioni lonnd IfesjiasMtiJ. alter the
JLlltln alion of dlls notice, the tir tstll he
rujnl'y enlurted.
Dec Ist I‘3!)~|-v
4 LI. jiorsous art Com warned trout ire*-
(M-untJ unit d<>t; **( iron, r.r in ahf
other toanoer, -n an\ part of fitv etaie ct.in
n.only called ' Part u* Pines Pmnt I- 1 n'ef
in-.’ (mi the I't.mjmic titer An-nii'l Any an-i
al; je-rst'its lonnd lte;ia*'ilJ{ ull'l dir pub
lication ol'lhta notice, the law will he r j;iJly
Dec. Ist I efill IW.
hxrreli of p im* AI J-l V\ |\ US to xtor#
%•/ and lor >nie hr
Nor. 24ib IfI.VJ.
v.iLU.tnu: uku. est.itf. tor k.jle
tItH F. mthreri’ter it nu l.onred to el! at pil-
I 4 s ite sale n tin-t of Ini I, l*r'iir j rrt f
•■Bf ineiirN, M ior,’* ti.n-.o.ime nit h'o
•I ej and IH’IIIV nr rex ft*'*.* ... less htl'g I 9
Im'.J in whi'-Ii Fr* I. . irV J Greer !l re*ide.
FI • 1 !I h rolled I 1 ".' .‘.t r y ‘-f ■f •
ho .n’f'reeit, j'.'.r a e'er i dr*j- tied ileemd*
in fih, *.y.tr m, A-. 'I -e >.n I it sfreri mi!
•>1 alxruoJ. i,t noil has other •’Xirrta for
irprr>rn.r it. Tu* on pro-, etnenta are ortliJv
ry. I’are'.nr w.ahi *sf In |i ir'luw, no in.lied
to xi>.nine the oreoora*. Terin.i W knows
! hv ascrlyt-tg to Uit ruhrrniier.
j No*. JU, lM 4’

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