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St. Mary's gazette. [volume] (Leonard Town, Md.) 1863-1867, October 22, 1863, Image 1

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Vob. !.
jc Pi ULU iiKD KVintY Till I’.sDAY i. V
Tvrv- <-v Si itscttn nos.—
Tvn;i. tbe paid whhiu !.. N*.
unWriptmfi will lie rteeiv* A f r a short
f.r ..);.•! than t x month*. ami rn* paper
l>- discontinued uni ; :i'l arvcm ag' - ir
pahi. • xcept yt the 1-t: nof the* \ ■' bli.*h
T.kms <h- V: vrv.TipiNv.. s*l p r
in:inr .iiv thw I.; - t inset ti-m. and -•*
f♦ „ j ( y f*\ y v t ,M*'. !I<* % lt lU<rrt ? TI
I’.i" s . r ’i s con.-t't'ite a f*fjn • •• -
1 T list- iivi : *r fin • rtsoiiH b*Miot n a?V.*!
,I> th* advertis* ;tn*nt. it. will im* pid* .-h
--,v{ ’ id. and ehrnre.l :: cental:.* I.
,\ I < • [.••t’*.M m:**li •>' t'.nsv vHo*
iv.-j-tl-. I > till* *.'■ r
•■ i •;icr I(• ( ‘"1 r.1.! i <lt*S.
Tvji >tn • ••: ;
j* );.•-= >••' l.‘d t !.*• ‘n s* • '••*? il
• . \j , v i•:i . ' \i \ '.i i l , i U-; s <il
• cl-.., . *!•• mo:* i ‘ >i A'in
■ • '■ ; ; : All
,|.\] f . * • . *1
. , I \ i, : . • f -r F.t , 1 • " ' * * ( M '!*
miv it • v iv -V ! r.•:•••.: .t tW
. ( > < i .i‘ **;*. I. 'liil.N :l >
iic v•. a ....
<*!l A J.KS MF-Pl.I Y.
AiDil.llO (I ; UT.
A; ilf. 1 t t U
y.u’l ii'K T> CUKDmV.’.K.
( • "i M.ii v ‘ •• .i • * in ’ * 1.- •ei r* >t
• ll of 1 . .•■■■■
\V . :•••.• . ' • ■: • - ■••• ■ -* s ‘'
, t , ~,, j..,,,. !I. * i <’•-
t . , ' fit ♦ \liit>ii li t* .-•; r
‘ •*. t.. i!.. m.*.
. • ..i ,\..x . 1
, , .1 , ■, ; • 1, ,>.i. •i . i I.V I.' >V t‘. .Mil
~ . ~ ~ (• i\ *-n lit it mur
•; • v % *, (5 ); \ 1 1': *! i .
i • ■. j\ N 1 i . I-I* '. V- KI. I
A'-miiiotr , ;• 11s.
. ■ • i i i
n • i 1 ’ • . ■ . i • • .
.NOTH'!-: TO i , Ur.i'l'>’ M l!S,
V r ’ T!< ! ' ,mV " ’ ; V h “‘‘ :Wn ;
ir, IS ! I' •’ ■ ’ 'li'i'il tiorn Sue U
.... I . A 1. ’ -*•• 'V- *:• M
!•■ ■ Wi.m. :■•!.* • . •>
{. i„ 11 MrK m;. , • w v , i'i‘-
> jl ... ~,' \ ,i;. r:„HMS ll r ;lll-l 111.-
( -\ Ml "i-ii IM .\! :*•.; tlif
s .li t v\i ,i I t J.l.i i ; v.. .i; < l‘i I** ,1. i.< 11-.I 1 -.
>llt . ,ii, ... . :i • 4>l *i. V ‘A: ni
lei'll i! : i V. t*• It.ry III.IV *.r f' .-lIVI.J !.<■
: ■ *l.f (>:.<! liIMM 1
lirr .Mil* lull • !>' ‘-'V *'f 0.-f.
> v ;- '• il .1 A \K. Mi KAY,
v. j. c i;::an,
A tin. i it: s ilot s
0.-. ] 4'V.
itu I 70 ritEi-lTor*.
X* OTKT. i. 5 *':■ T Tls**! M'l ’l rf
;v \ , .•*, .; iv ...j ilu* <i.'|<|.iin* I Vitr:
€ ..- s, •. .. •. . v ml Mi* vlsi it
J... , • , ■ T: * I •fl’SI .hJll
‘ V - .m 1 I 'i . i;.'f of
p , v . I' 1"• A'l ;-r • • *'l!N I .MI -
I*. m •; ' I •>! df - * i*i ’• >•<' i;i*rt*l
r ; ,i will i!m-
T.. ■ ' ■ • 1 • 1,1 ' "
T I' ■■ "
s . I M ' 111 I' I ! *i
4.i (•. .
A (• T! %: !'<
lull.is’ ;•!
< . 1 *•!. I -4- '.
.vo''/- / 70 ( i i hr:i vs.
> ' ITU ! . - V fit : l;iii lll** ♦•••!.
imi .i- !ft •i llir* l1| , l.;ln >
I .. riM’St. \ : ;irv’' ’'rtH.iv in M.H yh.inl, li-i*
t >~r M i(. mu '.M ♦*► •:;''e
< • J. .. II . Kin- • • • .ii l i- \
r.I. A i im ’ -i .v ••mst :lit*
y ' I i‘*- • m .-,|. air iu-rt ! \v. im. t1 t-\ liil |i •1 e
i 1 .1* V> 11 1 <• ’• : I* Im-* I iM-ri-.i* , I*, ti - '
V 1, , , *tl. 4■ I 4*. • \ • • 'll
I'l l. < !’• I V. IN.- I* , \ : l I.f * :.1‘ .\
J- U !. .4" ;i i * !i ! f 1 t .1 I Im* n;. 11l mI lr I. • .!•
I. t i v I.as d il * I- i‘ ' • *■ 1 .
r. i 1 't Ki> JON r.
A> lUIMOI i'll! .
0 '. i ?. i 4v
i'.’ i;i '. .I '.yiMN.
AVI i 1 M A * i 1 NO! i l ol! .VI I.WV
Jiii '}'! 7 • v V"j-f .n (in ii;, .la/
’lyil I. l-ni.fi..- i. St. y. :i:v‘o iil.ll
11 in! it i*‘.s:.. iy- *f.
.1 oski*n n. ki*:y*
A'l I < It > ( V \T L A \V.
] . uni.i 7*r . .S,. 1 m hit/, yX>in ; lnth/
1 | :i* ♦ it ;!■. C..i rfs ,-t J!.#- tir.f
f f .il Vi. I ’ir. ;i >l. at \ V *: I ;:ii
a ' * i.. lii 11 (i 1 i,i;<-.n.
M.iii !- i.ti.. Ih- —CII..
A'iTUi.'NKV .V(’<i! Nsi:i,l.uJ;A‘l L.iW,
. >l . Miiry .>
W :1! jirifiui in Si. M..S y’taiii; tl.< ;jil;oii>iT>*
(Vli.-l 11 It, I.VC3
it v .1. i r.
' '-man. I hr* co-.iiriatiion (,f man. his ait]
anu abi-ttor iii evory tltin 15 that is
aild i-Xirrllvlit. If is iVOliiaii that f uds
• him fiiiltftcM anl aTli*viaro* hh( .uffi r
i'L r ; 5* is !ut t*nd*r liam] tiiat La;ln-s i.j,
t In ati*l ;.iid jilaci-.s thi <*<i 1 .!.■
dratio),f to liis t-arrlii-d ati*l fev*r*d
if In woman that wai*hes over us in ii.lan
• V. that Ullalds ns from every ‘i HlfTer ill
i* ehildhoiwj. and awakens in our h*ait a
j l-’ve of reiigi .n. and teaches us t f-ray to
H* riven in adversity for aid and comfort
1 .• -y are oui- playmates and c*mpmions in
! yen*h, in iHatsiiood our jiirtners and eom
. *1 • 1 lets, and in tijd aoc the solace cf our
d.-idining ye ns It is woman who eom-
r "i ts arid pnidi * ns in aflii-f j.*n, and
mu .elites the thorny of life with
’• -\ e and tenderness Afu rthe peiplex
ii it rnd Wearying ean-s of tin* iiay me
•vr and iliNappoinfed and disheartcin-d
we turn to wauls our homes, with the
mat k* of emv and Imnlile plainly depicted
I on our counteuaiiees, and in our licnrls we
1 had almost determined to give up the
■ Ntj-tiggle in ih spair, no sootier do \c meet
' tie- henmir £ k srd ph-asant sn tie of a
.. dear and eenfiditif: woman than all the
; marks ot care are nickiv chasi-d Iroiii our
’’ laces and every fe 1111 <r of despair driven
‘ iron, our heart?; an I, with a ne*** fei iiog of
elaslii lly ami h e we •leterinino to begin
a if:: in tlu- struggle on the mrirro’V, with
• rem wed energy and j.i-rsi’veraiiGc, and
wiih :i det rminati. n to MiM-eed i?i our
: allot! d taslc for her sake. ()| v.hat pow
er hath woman s smile over man ! In
- ai g f r >lu* is |M.wejle.*s. in scoi 1, sli-* i>
r : harmless, hi t win n sinr brings to bear
: upon him her sweet, n| Nadie. sh*- i< per
•eetl.V il |-i sislaMe ! And whaf wi ! woman
•e 1 saeiifiee ter lie- man s!u- lun-s Nln
aid leave hone, parents, fortune, and
triei-ds. and i-lmg t. l.im thioiigh pover
ty and ini?fTton • I is nothing
:| nre h. an* ii id. more ft:.-• nOl eonst.inf.
■ t more lifting i• 1 < .1 1 : !• 1 1 ..1 n \. onmli*n
1 • *> *’ Adversity, eah’.mnv. ev.ll crime
wid no; Mptat>- In r h.vi- (t< :n him who
gatfn-il Ji> first. Its pllli'sl a!ld .ef'ln-st
•ruth. I cad not that let-ling jo-.<- that i
horti el p.is.d ,j,: I leem not that love c.n
spring ted*, exislem-e i*i -i nnonent or i.e
}“>in iI a gial, v fV*'Hi bright e*es. (). nol
uor.js- m-.y mi spea:;, but a lift time’s *1 •-
! voted arts id telnh-t* ’■ U.vriTK’V, alf'RC give
I reef of |.,\ (. |
•h 1 in i> hetndden Ui V-uln m fi ; all that
in- Indus most dear in life. Tin y ar* tin
• nihois of onr hfe and being. 11 1 • * pti■ f
tois of our feeble filial e\ . tin* glfi J• i |.i Its
a lid teach. t> ot cm votrii, the IV .nds and
pirtm-ts of more mature yearn, and ii..-
d* light of imii old • ge. It i- t* nainnji
that we are indebfi *i for i< ligioi, and mo
rality. for. wh.-n removed Imm ihcir ru
.tiiyt. y ii l!u*.*> r • m- n hceonie calions nt*<l
hiu al, nottig id, r* •; ••(•? md ..ei cuev ale!
f.dhiig lower ami hovel lltllil tliev become
degiadit! h.-nerst!i ti; hint.- b.ast Then.
1 woman always ee.-ive thv u -0.-ct ami
itu cu.m, atni in il 1 ir p!-asii g an*{ , iiT**r
tamii g sc eiet > . y< nr heart will 1., .-..me
j iilgio iie\. r\ sejnh!a !u-'* o| io n ora Iji y.
and your llioiighls b.-eo*,.,* 1 i;;e and tni
lan-ieii ns ui eh 1 i*• !i<ie, 1 Such s tlit* in
ti u< nee 1•> cl,as;, ami \iiin ns w> m-n m ( j
tin- pc:\cr.-e and u * \ n;*r<l n onre of im n
- 9■ -
an ly.vrriAN thin hn . umn-:
A foM-,**p.'i*ii in Wli l'g ft-'e.i I’. !! Jo
tfie 1. 0-’ on .'.nn ,r. giV'N (ii*- I<.it■ ■wi .g
.h-s.-rij dot . f 11 •*\ 11 • i.-nt nrin'ing lime
in that -.-it\ ; •W* j.t vi-ir <| si,,* (; ,V
--1 ri’iti'ii! priniiig < I’m. . r. hi.-h i' situated
in a large ! nil iing lie;,;- the hanks of the
Ni'e. In tiie spacious e nil vat... ah ut
v. lii :*! the \:i 1 i us apa I't metit n j t-,*, |
w. found a! ?h.* .1* **r .-} the fs in which
we t-rst i-t-f,*,ti it a J u till. 1 1 lie g|-|.l||, . ( fWO
Aials i at. ! upon ? t in ?} e
an ' ngrig- 1! in jio..| u.- dii g On.* h.-id
lln cepi am! tie* file r t!i* t*r* > f-<i K 1.
I" :-k .1 e t jin 1 jil tb- a * .1 :e i I ar;<c!i i s in
?h* m 1 gin as J),. \ pr< e, eded. JV'llsit g
111? a i'-i i|.< ri lute, w e enter, d ihe m.im t
ll.‘lit. Vln Ir* We l-*i;ti.l Aiab Weri.mcM
el-gag.-d in -.11 the | UTe->M o! tie <
p* sing 11*of at \ pt ii fing < {j. -e 'j'lo*
Atabie : If-ii.l ■ I I •" II ri. 11 \ e 1 *,ii,s I lit
tn 11 i \ • igf.l i.-i*. 1 a I nit •ft • p: it*, i .1!, ki
ll. I 1 <|idi. s ie*.i \- ii” *r • types ot so*,*- not
< 1 tin- don't j" I, :j. t - ami ,*■ •; 1 11 <.l:i,.ts--
I1 e. Nsary {,*, - s *;v.-ti the p.-eM’iar .* l-ap.
• t the 1 lnrael*.t s. in l!.e -i.ine A"‘V that
?h" K: glislt piMi- i alj 1 ;ibet t -n a
distii,ci ly t'e t*.|* t ;, e colnbili.M ons. he
eall-e the s- palate t and 1 cannot stalld
t.-geih, r. The composing stick is made
in hold r. single lire only. A- tin* a;aide
lat gtn.ge :,.]n friui; the right, usitiiriiig
the lines ! y i* to tend ft >m left to tigl f.
1 * r as ps/zhd at first bv o'- vj* : t,g that
the C*. mt-ositor pr. c.edcdli. vtkTur** ;rJ
h*? Stick in U.t same w y v.e do. Ji
light tn l-lt t lit the inyste* V Was c\-
piaii-* d ‘Ui closer ohserv;*tion. ,v. it* ii I
ft I 'lied that hr reversed **l invert* ca.lt
type- as he ]ut ir in ph e.— s.* i.r*f I s
line wt.s w a\s i.j side .low i : lids is the
i* a*on v! \i!* \ i .r.not h-ive h-jt . ;,,* line
:-.t : Hire in l! .si i k II ibis Wn* ntber
wise. I.j, tie witk w < nhl n. ed n* i.e dene
Icl:-h: i.did. Ail i Luiil.ing u lint a t-d
j'i-titying jf with t!tc tspaco. ns with, u>
the eompositor cnipties it into a galley
which he k ps by his side. A sufficient
tiund.i r of lines is made up into a page,
always surrounded by a double brass rule,
and then ti d about with a string, as with
us. 1 saw a mau taking a preof, using
tlw palm of his baud to impress th*f
damp paper on the typos, just as [ used
to clb-et my earliest juvenile printing; in
dee;!. it is a very good way.
rr-Mir the composing room I went into
the press room, which is another largo
ajnr nn nt op, ning from the centra! court
•t o'lmir ingle. Here arc no less than
fil'ceii hand presses of common form, of
which i<*ur **r five were in operation,
ruled by brawny Arab pressmen, with
bright Arab boys to manage the ink iol
!<*?>• (bie of the presses was w. rkitig
oil sheets ..f K nan in a handsome octavo
edition. 1 n*.iteed that it was printed
from moy* etp< an ! net from stc. vim;
plates, ns I sh -übl have llionglit would be
apt to. be the case with siu-h a slamlard
work. Another press was working off
sheets ot n itianuai of tactics for soldiers
in the army; the “?*coU” or “Hardee,” or
in (act. of rite Pacha's service. 1 subse
qncn’ly found the lithographic tress
printing the s> If-samc sort of iliiistratiutm
or diagrams of the movements as those to
which v.’m have lately become so much ac
cit-tonml in our studies f.r the drill-c.lj!t
at imme. The work i- nearly done, and
the n gisf. r carefully preserved by points
as uj on t:i- b> -t presses, i'lum the pres.-
room 1 wo nf to the type foundry, another
large npaitimiit. on the gr<-uud Huor
* lit* rally ) op> nirg from the prineipal cen
tral conrt. We found here Arabs en
gttgci! in the familiar processes of casting
type, with implements of the Kuiope.in
and Amiiicali lashiun. but tliev said tin ir 1
matrices were made in Kgypt. Tliev cast
a very clean, nice type. 1 next went t i
tin* ground floor, where art* at least six or
* iglo dthographie presses, several of them
.it work. A hoot the room w en* la r g”
M;ml..-rs **f lithographic stones, 'i In-'
bind.tv *• •mpicte i lio* circuit .f apari
menis • n ihe ground floor; here the ordi
a:y jot book-binding were per
b’l'o.e i. wit i sUeli changts in tiie man
f.-il lie;; only a- result fnun the fact tin.:
AtitJ-n; tan v.n |i ave the title J*”ge Ut the
'■lid Ana'l'if 'lie books which limy were
b. was a Treatise on Algebra. I
n -.v w.-nt up stairs into one or two lofts,
where printed sheets as yet unbound are
stole.!, here Were masses .if the Koran and
<•1 t uii.iui matles upon the Koran, works.
Was'MMitmn. Off. 11.—A letter fimn
the Army *•! the I’otomac savs that for
?wm ot thre-e days past the enemy have
I een eonei i.’iating a heavv force around
.•ix-.i-oii t Mict-1 louse, and on j-'tiija ;
niglit and Saturday morning they muved
"lit ol I• iw11. iii -t northw,.id direction. A
division of intaiitry and a large body of
'•avail y and considerable artillery were
* et-1 *i**i all v sei i, by.our signalmen through
opei; jn Cn jo the tofest. wlliell g( JKTa!! V
fOSVCealed the I ad. The (•!•].■( t **f tin.-
in"’; in.'iit cot-lu not -t tiiat time be uetcr
li tiled.
\ st* r.tay evening r**["irfs from th<
from rej resent, d luat carlv in tuo mnrn
’Ug eta- of lien. Kilpatrick's cavalry
biigoli s. e•• si-ting of :h** .th Michigan,
.oil N vv A . rk. 7:h lb i.tisyivania. and
another regime! t. attempted a reconmns
-il'r 'ii the >*mt!l side of Iloberl-uti -
*i* * i. win *i tie y were met by a large
b* dv "I >m*rl'.s rebel cavalry. A light
cin I, *-ei inning ati hoar, vln n our
c. v drv fII hack ifj-on tln-ir infantry r*--
•'■’ IV* - n r an.ale r s< vere contest Ihe
inJ.-tnfi y \*• ic coiKTiolied to give wav, ami
a f-oi uici-,l K* i.utj.bcr of tbi'i wctc c.p
A . *• t-vhij:.■ i.t i.f our cnvali v then das! -
*-d up 'i il" ei i-tnv. retaking hi. wirij the
'■>**- } “ n •>! lift* etj i r twenty of onr irt-
I.> -it* y. Our i ntir*’ force was then pii.-h
--*•! hack toward Culpeper, fkirisi.-liiiig on
il.** w v aid (ontcsiii.g evesy l*i of
gi.lied. H*avv firing in the afternoon
indicated that the contest had Lc n re
nt w* d. Our signal station on th** sith
nrt**f 'I hornughfarc tap mountain re
nearly cutoff. Tut the entire party with
ti **ii pn-piriv . Nca-ied.
Il I.J pt Ills t• ll* genet ally he]lvcd that
lu on b.Hiy **f A. IV flili’s .-i-.rj has
j;"i *• li'Hii tno iell to tin right of o;ir
fi' i t. ►iirsniiig an obscure route n -ar th*.
15 in* ridge, intending to n alee a dt-mon
st *a?in on iur rig'it roar f**r tin* t*u:t***s •
of cutting off our nilroad c *riimuun-.-iri.*ns
Measures ar* progressing to give hi-n a
fitting i• c'-j'fi**ii in that quarter. ]>ut
si -ii i ibis r* Oj I ttov*-m. tit I*** .-imply a
in-*- to rover a heavy attack on nor front,
*vc me jr* p r* ! fur it. as the grout;.} has
!-••< n cl ;.]<•: *1 t very tiling calculated t*
ernbart. a geia :al nu*l vigorous initUc
on * nr i art.
lin a-.v ~.c **i hen. ltd] > corps proba
bly e-miuienc'd mwiig fr* *m Madison
( out! liuiise I*n Tliursouv mcriiii.g. an,l
l y this time is some*hen between fiuurd
\iiic fork atvl .T.sd'.am ri'ei
I* v. .- por'/.v* ir -fated vest* i lay morn-
ir.g that feb.d cavalry -cl infantry were
upon the tßp'-iryviSb; ami Culpeper pike
On Friday some guerillas vv re seen ou
Fucy Mofeutalu. three miles .southeast of
CulpepMl and are reported 1-j have born
1 secreted in Devil'a Den, a cave in th-
I.A citizen wan was re*-? tired
it party thither failed
■ to nml it, and, under the b< lief that he
purposely misku our party, ho hia been
from A< iG Jm /; I'uoh.
Flits iif<; of (< -ii Jackson Fr*• i:; the
pen "I J. M. Daniels. e itor of tin- llicli
m *iid J’.niituu*i, a forcible and Lriilimt
writer, at;d is re-printed from the llich
motid cd.ifion. '1 he name and f.us o <.{
, Stonewall Jacks-n have b*c* :iie w-irld
w: !*;. Wherever tt. • acreunts of hi>
Uuid ;;t,d reckless dating, his -i.-eplcss vi
gilance, and his untiring devotion to tin
cause he espoused have rer li -d. th*-n*.
whether friends or foes, i • iia- fou;..;
admirers. Jae-Ksoti \v.-.-> "tie of t:.* -c m *?)
who tinew his whole io ii into all that
he undertook, and the great secret of his
I power was that he bad the facility of iu
tu.sing the fame spirit into tho*o under
him. i liis is the great s. crct of milita
ry power, ami il was this that up. ?c Jack
son's • Stonewall D.igade?'’ so efik-'u-ut
He fell with the suddenness of a thunder
bolt upon his antag u.i-t. II*: t.n*k dan
g* rous and dutiiig risks, which no i.io,-:
comiiiumJcr wouhi have tin u*glit of at
tempting, and wnett his defeat seen,', i
| inevitable, lie suddi-iily foiled his f .e-, ami
emerged either victor:*.us from the con
test. or performed u mirucu ois a j<! s*i*i
iit.-n r* treat, rhi*-! was mnhi g less t |j•u
i a Victory, Jo these wonderful mili*ary
ta.cms were united a cliaracicr so pure and
spoifess, u C/bristiantv s* devout and s<.
let vent, that men bowed in aw before
I one who seemed to d-.i eva rytSii!: ,f a- if
were, by the intuition of spiritual iienui-e,
) rather tiian by the or*linarv title.- ol hu
man calculation. '1 he life of vn h a n*:v.
is a contribution to the iliu.s'tatinii *.;
iiuu-aii nature—tea, own a vindicatmii
of il from miry o’ ti e eh..rg*s to wldch
if often seems uiiiOrn iy Ij.ibic. \\ i:d
ever ha% heard of St*-:n .*1 .laekson will
read tois volume to ,i v the compjeti t.i-*-
of the j ictute of hi- cm iimcUt in his n ;i,d.
It roans almost iiLe a ruiu.ii.ci-. >i full •
it * t strange a*!ventures, daring exploits,
religious zeal. uncomjW*-rabie bravet) ami
magmlieuit torntmlc. even umh-rthe most
trying circutnstai.ees Wiiat has beoti
V’Mgu* ly h**ating through the n**vvspapi i
press in detached and I i"kcn accounts, i
horc ool’ect*ri in a single, compact and
we.l-written volume. Of course, it i
penned with the feelings r.f a sontliern
writer, i ut it makes m> mattoi on which side
(Irni ral Jackson fought in ti i- di piora--
ble civil War, so f; r ,- s tne *•/< }iu uf.< /
rhiiii •■(*)', which Id* liismavfd are e.*ij.
ceim-'.. Tboe will ever cin-:itut<; a
claim to rccognitinu in history v\!;icii o:
not be obliterated. T> g -lu-ral i- tii •.< -
sire t know tiior** of iirmral Ja* ks *n.
ti.at two . ilit'ot s of his life have alr- *'v
:i|‘p*■: red in this ci’v. and hst • ur . a i. i*
may i **t get the h.-sL one. we la.ii j •
ilia, pains i.i *.-illsng ? -;r ati* ntnMi tut id
one. publish'd l.v IN* ; i-i i i. No. *.■
lirMiniwav. ]V s* i.*ii g ,*s i ‘J*j, usabo*
it wid l*c retumen j
ANi:n oti: vi i.i.incton.
Can w, the fruiut"r, to. ' if . v *!• n th
I' * *..V > itig storv of tit* j 1 ; ki* * ! *i;■ r ' ?.
I lie Dul*• •w. s ;*t tne Mar-eiom-.-s o
itevonsuir*'an 1 the la d*:s ph,g*i. *1 hi i
t*r K**me o: ms .-!' t ies. ]• \r - *i:. ? ;,c I
deviated r.il i.i-s-,.,j t N were in prim. A'
.ast be siiri, *■/< li, 1 I! tell von * ;;<• that
has i.<*t Lei ti printed. In the middle o r
the battle of Waterlo he f- t'.v a :i ■ n ;
t '-'in clothe? riding a'qout on i c dj u
iriChT.-t lire. I’uiit.g a ti ■ mrv I d
th • Duke I ' ij hi?o. and r
over. He a-ktd him v\i: !•• v>;*- y <.
v.T.af business he L:.-J {hire 11 • r i
l.c was an Ktiglishtnaxi. :;>* !*! id ; '
lb uSi-vls, that he had never s* . n a r. i f
ii.ii wanted to see .me. Ti:** Jnk - t. i.i
him tie was in immim m du: gcr of • t* .
he sail,. ••Not umte i..,.n \..ur
an.i they patted. Hut .v. ; v i -.vv arellln ti
tiu* Dukc saw the coboit n 11 ;.; g -.;"*.;
the sn..*ke. ami at last {• \i; g m*;** v t.>
s* tid to a r gim nt, be I*.-cl. ~•: i ;!*.■.
it-tic fellow, ami t*M him t*i g• up ;.i th.r:
regiment an*, ordt r them m eharg giv
it g him some mark * f atrh ;jt. tl •. -
m i would recognize. A* * v h>- p -iliiO-rd,
and in a few minutes tin* iuk. vv hi*,
order obeyed. The Duke a.-k* *1 tdm f r
Ir.s card. •♦!.; font*.] .n the ev' tdng. win t:
tiie card f< I! out of in- s .-n. that be Tvvd
at Diroiiugmiiii. at.d was ,*. r !
\* It. n al HitfEiingii.nii, ;in I'ijl;.* itoinirc I
o.‘ the firm, an l found tba* he vva th*dr
traveller, and :h* n in Ir*-. *u.i. \Vio-n he
r.-tuim-il. ai the Duk* <r* .p:.-*-t, be cat!* .!
• ■ti him iu Londoa. Tin l> :kc w:i< happy
to sc * him, at.d .d*i be t: ul a v.n m y t :
the Mint a* i't*oo a \*-ar. wb re atvoun
tatits were wanted Th" iifdc cfiu.au
said if would be ex JCtlv if.< flu n;r. iu t lu
link.- in-talWd him— inn.-h te hisilrace'-
V* e g:vo below a score of iniTiolit*;
things in wideh ycung people reuder
themselves di.sagreeabk-e,
1. Loud and boisterous laughter.
2. Readi* g when o*hcrs are talking
K' fidiug ils-u 1 in C'-mpiiiy witiioiT
b:?:g asked.
•!. Talking when others arc reading.
• ; Spitiiug, smoking or chewing about
the hous-i*.
<*. (’uitiug Sng r nails in commmv*
. Leaving u v'aaiuh before public vver
slil* 5- el 5 d.
S. Whisp* ring or laughing ;:i the house
of C d.
I*. M;?7.it!g rudely r.t strang- .-?.
Db leaving stiang r vvt;!iou a sea*.
11. A want cl re *ercuco* mm re: peer
for serd u-s.
'- 1 orn-' t.iig oh.* r tiers us than * our
solf, ■ *l •
I-* i : ' n iv:* g pr*-s< nts vvitliout in c::-
pr - . r? >! g:„• bu t*.
Id- 'irding y .lib- li’ tlie hero ot* voitr
1 f.-rg 1 ing at tiie mit*‘;.k*’S of athei ?.
>. ni:i jr <>i in e mn.ny.
17. < ■; im i, d / alkiitg before others
i r • • ?
e ?nm ; sr ; .:::i
i \:.?vver!i/ i.u 'lion? that Lave
L"'C: ' * t. o! rs.
K' < ’"inmi-a,-.!.-? to cat ns soon as yea
get to ?! 11.: utid
J' l . In n•: iisfci.inx to what or. -i- cav
ing Hi e "Mpanv niii'- s von <h -.i'c {•• i\v
op**it c'liit'-mt ?(• r t a*; ->? :.-*icer. A vv*-!!-
** * ' ' i p ’ i * ’ll VV I. 1 ll■ it 111 'l\ • 1 Jj i I I*bn;*l* V'l t M : |
vri.iit* unoi'i'rof tu. c*>mpatiy is ad ire.s
.'itig iii-m-clf to it.
The late John J. (’ritiemh-n, of K,-t!-
tuc!.v. was at .)-;p !ii• j.• engag d in d.*-
;cii:l:ig u firm rb f * h i h it. indicted for
an; i J. -ii Aft* r an t Vibor i?c a*,.-
i*o'.vt!u! -K 1; i.s**, hi* chis. 1 ’:.:*• c •• r ! •
lollovving striking and b- autilul uli.-
"\\ hen < "*d in hi.- eternal com*- 1 .*<■*,-
eciv.l tHe thought tf mat. • rrcatior,. !.
*-di. *i to him the three ministers who
w i: constr.i.tlv npoti ti. * tl.reuv ,it;ce.
Truth an. M ;rv vtid ibti*- at !;•••< <
then ; ‘.■'had \v* t mice t.i .it 'i’in
s;i d •Li.'tmc : ‘O t imj, jorih hn i i ,r t
for b.o will trample uj.nn tir, law.-.’ 'l'm h
mad** an am-w.-r :i!>. ; ’() (iad. niak-* him
i "t, l**r he will p 'into \hv sat'etii irioi
Rut Mi-rcy. drop* ing down np.on h-r
km * s, and looking up through her fears,
cxc aini<-d ; '(> *j>d. make him, 1 wdi
watch over him wi'h my Care. I m ugh
ell fh.<* dark pallis vvhieh lie may h tv* to
tread. I he:: tio.l made ttiati and sdd to
Lin*: ‘O i .an. th* u a.t the child of Mer
cy; go nml .ha! vvidi thy broth* r.”
t lie jury, v ;.* n iio had iinished. wen
iio.vied ui tear-, and agaim.t tvilcncc,
aud vvl.at must have ben tludr ovv a cm.*
victmijs, brought iu verdici cl not guilty.
A i \v oi Urvi'.:;- ix Rtri!*roNi.—Ri<b
moiiu wa* Ini! j-fj •i** , ag on tie* 7*h iu
.'lani ov> r rumor* •! vietnrics at fccvetui
j - mi's. 'l’iu- Em;iiir ••• s.* v* ;
“Th* cl;y w; •• *xi ilnrate 1 to a gener
ous g!*>;v ot ,•■.* I; *5 sj;; -t.j carlv it; th*- ti;i.t:*-
mg bv a !n:i 1 j.icture of L’batt-jm-ogi in
h > • - :?t*d ll.c •he’d.- of two huidii *I at.d
howi . ers, ?i guns an 1
c*-iun..>;;;d.-. l ui-'ing in u;-i *"iib-*i t * .;?;-
? .si ..I (*;.;■ th.' h .id* of tlr- \ :.Li <1 am.; .
'• '*-'• red • *:..- .-ri atioii c’i. : round it
I ni' luitid i ;mor wi .*■. a-- <••!■ *J by tin •
c; tain 1. !<c.*!i g t.v* trun-M •* at
t !i!i \<‘U ii.’.i a < 1 1 .t, a:i i the tow
ing oti ul the spoiled remnant* of tiu?
pec d.a: ly o', j.-ctb cat le n.onsi,.r into v bi
te r 'jiia.i r> *u;-i*iw of ti.- bar 'I h •
-m"h ! ' ?.* stn.-mi; ; aebievetii. t t gr -
ing ;; o?! • c.h.l. i ;imr n ane j; .t.k n.n\e
m* i.i np*v.i T* I.rie.s.s,. and brought ?tt* GeH
Jo! : • ' ' a I. /
. !•:i:u?ul of 1 1 it t ii. u
! ;,.* i.i,'" illl /> ••i h!I v v*, i ; j •. , f ,
I :*!< !- ’ br lighi to oil! < the ST jf
’ ■ • ■ t, g : tig .sound ■
•*r e in n- ri .!’ to Wa king; of
•; •.:■-■*. At.d on the Le 1- of il.*s * ... *r
;ng :i!j t } oitet.ij.aa.s z*pi r * -npr, -i- g a
7. j'hvr to ha V e he*. !*) th** imde-t but tac
n. st r.-t ort ot flic i vui??i.t} *u of tin* ci v
o{ No!: k. *j h* • -übliinc i imots wen
as cxlid .-itif.g i v*r -.g"s * • if.e r cib.tu
* * ' . . • r ... ♦ ,
t.ic part uei Mol lii!i'*fv puulic, uhu p* o
idc wci:? to bed dreaming of an aun*■.
.■■..* at all font j inks ••* tb<* coiaiu.v
! a vo ecm o’ i’onfedoralc gj. *v bm -f
--ing Op in tiie t::i idle. >.> !i a day lot
rumor- has n.-ver beet, in Undimnnu. ami
{*>r oucc th*-v al. !*/..■ >i i i.e tame v. \,
at *1 were goo 4 to Lear. 1 lie Cl.-?* '-liom
i* try tire ;m?.!i uf the pcv.ral gran i < • •-
s*'*iv- above rt-corot d vva.- iitui’cd tu a v* v
f.-w interest* .1 inoiv i in., s, who cuunia’t
I— cc.iitrt.tvil v-.; i i gju i news without
wanting t know wfieie ii came from,
aud ail about it. 'J air morbid curiosity.
however,, availed nothing, and they got
u .'cn g !•'; *■;< king in-l ie oi th* gou.-e.
Son-.* of tf Gr ! *; tj u-arc w i
t* .*, i :. s vv
Tun RgiNKonci!Mr\T4 for Kn.ioo -
Was: Inc tom, Oot ‘J—By the latest pri
vate auvices fruui the South it appea.*
that Bragghs army had been rciufiTCt i
since tLc bat tle of Chittauiaugn by the
following tr* p ■Or. • division * from
Uiehmoud, cumm.tnded by Central A
- Kiry: one from Western Virgin!*
c -tnmanded by C m ial Suru. .Jones; 01 •
(** c i etersburg aim V* !c e, e nun 1 I
bv (funeral Ibunsum; three br' gadi.s from
il’ r.da, commanded by <'*-11. Howell
t übh, and fiu lhr*-t' tun. us batteries from
Le-*.s army—i’afta . Blodgett’.-, no 1 WaU
to;, s. lit nddt:i ti Cragg ha- his orig.tr 1
■rmy. consisting of I. H. Hill** and Bulk*
corps, Insi o'- tour divh-i■.:i- f.-<>*n Mi-.-is
pi and Alabama, one division from
t . T.e ton, I'D*! iltvi in". of (j org : i Star t
treoj,s,, ui'i’er Com-ral Walker; one divi
-.iti from j,a.-i J emie-ste. two ’\;'i'UiS
to t;t Leo'' army, fifteen thou and tit. ryi.i
.Militia, under (bn. '.V ay net five
thousand cavalry, und*r Billow; fifteen
!i"UsiiiU < eviliy, ifi - r (ron Wlioolrr.
a;. I three burn o*ol* and vpi cos of artil
-1 iv. !!:* ulicle forco is estimated ut
his now rej reset.:td that Joe John
: serves at il .Uc aea, Kings
■* < fai tersi-ille aiei 1 .towall bridge
number lifry-.lVc tlmu.-and.
Makylam Bout. .- ho ll* n. Charlc*
i. (aI v t rl, wtm :s an i>. tependent I ni"ti
candidate fur Cungn .: ■ : .!;.t; ho’ cl
h j :s puliiishe ian rlb■. ?to the people ti"
his tiistricf, in which ho thu dui.us the
position he v. ill. if clouted. occurv :
: “1 soaii s’lijoi.ut in the organisation of
*•* -* li'.tiseof Ibpro.-ontativos. n.j nr.n win*
I is not in favor of tu * suopressi* .1 of tho r -
. h hi -n and th*> unconditional n-estabu di
mem of the ni n un 1 r the con itiuiou
a> it is. ih. i I shah. a hcrctufuro, sufo
J ,; rt all ctiojaii i . ;.uu ■ for tie*
ntis! sp., 1 • m:j pr-i.*n f the r* ndlion
*Ua 1 V. - i roe ;rn .‘I. v r j; M itg" s-,
■ o >* vert f f ■ • o >l! 'Ulloi; i v if n . lal it •'
Ili - yof ; '. xelui V v.n.u.it!oil, by it.;,’
. instrument, .<• (In hviui.d , v 'tai. bn.
* " I oi' ft it V.. •*ali 1 i (jo t 1j ,! *T,: . .
'*■ 0 I- *l.;'.! iio the l.ei’i t ■!. clu* Ij ■’ i ;
1.10 in :ui ni) legislation.**
-- ■.
IKI.r.VSFf* l ,;nM At:;. • {I• • fT.isfon
(.'lit 1 (la/.Ulo st;;f t.iat (iio parties i-o
--: tly arrestod b, ih.u t .w:i while attomi
iog a polnioa! <*• vi'ni hh, have hem )
K-asefi alter . üb.-t nl it<o ; , iho
*'V e, 11:* v I'l . i iff. ; do hen by pb ilg •
onrseivt’.' :• .d obligate iy t! i* l itre. 1
aptoetiM nt that \vo will not, during ih.>
present rob. ] ion j /tin*t ti.<- govi rnimr*
nlid (,t - Bo I ni: i prates.
"atd;.e or in tier organisation of at;#,
t.at ty intmieal or (■[ v-u.v .toi! o i .l nii.i -
((■•■'lt 'll of sa .) rrovornite tu that we w. I
to‘l nominal* , a.-sist m in i.omifi'.lion in 1
V' lc for ai.v eainlidetc* ( r eaidl ’.iti - Ji.r
' H co* of district, conii.tv Stale or gem 1 1
government li'i aic in h*.mpatlc. wid, n,.-
so-ca.lod ( Old <b 1:11 * - f-; govei!m* 1,1
or opp sod to tin u - ] . < uti .
Bn war now w,.ge<! for th* r>n< ulete s i*
pt ossjon of lb ! ' : i . .
(nt> v.* j run,i'i- atol p! wjli: tu :n *•
me:.ta! l i-h*'.itioTj w r. w:*} . fi. j
purpose tu k.ep ..j i tb t.u t.io .*’
I'tMlof .'V • ■ itl.> f Was fond of a j i •
( hie , v. ;*on t In- lootm.-.n v,h - out f ti
way, I. -*i ei d i!n* 1 uaf bman *0 f. ■
•- <n.e *:oiu tie v. •11 t whoii r..
roacl.tiiat: m.iu 1 * a grumbling ( ; cu* ;; r >•'
- 1 : si;.* " v i*. ! , drive, t to run
rati' -. * S'-• 1. tb*Ti ’ said M*rh v, ’i• i •
out I f if, - ■ ■ .
side, a: -i Ji .*■ t> tin v.- id t s (\.v v.htcfi
wiss*\.-i:d nn.es r -p* a?. !. to ii. gra’
inu-.m-n’ , .d.nu-t the c..;., b.1..
• -
A per t. coinr>l-tln* <1 *• i>r. I‘ian !.r. *if
bav.t.g i • n in-i.ll' I ; v. i. \ '■•>) e j*. i
. . .1 ■ . ’ * ■ !.
i r. ■■ wii it * d • ii <hi bin; '
"V. !.% -. I he. ’’ [ C.i ’ui ,i i ; i.'ii;,-
li b .. C-U.k u t ra■ r :.t., ‘‘l
presum*, you U.*;h ■, ihc tint:.
luM.i-rt ; bfoi ■-\ '! ;, !.• • p*,\
t *~**.># , (A '. * -Oci r-~ riave n i -
!v*-*i h.-f* h'Hik \\ .t'iiing; ~ r*• j
iUi * io.-r ( I.!; - ’ Uie4(t *. I- gM ',:iv. . w U*t .
"Wo i by ,S e •'-.-ioiit-tA * i I nan unn, it
tin V ai*r km evil sbiv* -. !* --lav.* ovvj.i i
*-oiis<-|l l, tit* it -mv. - io;i i<! tU.i.-IC’i. i.. •
otherwise it*/.' ’. nr .* tu- .
- -
:ri ! 1- ?(*,: w’l.id, I- peiiloiia f
\<nng i: ii : - Th- left r f ’>. it.;
*■ V.U lu lie in I IVI .
■■\*!.:; f I. V*iU toil,, i,f f|j<, vtoii".*), d**.'-
toi ; l. it uu ;■ ' *\v : pr.dK abl*.“
—.— •
J- n - cal ciii ’i, j* V %
Lis frknds.
T • j-*n s o in n - o-vj,. i, m New Vo k
"u ‘ *. *i I- i > U a j.-
NO. 4

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