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i t v4c|mr 4 4 wJe# HP
V rcLWUito KV*Mf tiiomat wr
rTRFTTiM' 11 *
fc p i 3.
w ill I* **** for a sort
er w-rWI rtiati ** 4 n 0 'T**® 1 * <
he ILmtinnl >.D(U .11 V.e
except of the puM^i*
Tkrwr ov AnviwiTiwi*®* Bv Pj
~,u . r* tor th* fir* innertion. *#* ■“
rtV for crry i~e**‘Ott--
VTigM lines or la* constitute a ,
If number of mscrtW 1* “<* n, “:. k ?°
on the advertisement. it will be P'‘bb -
d until forbid, and charged aceordmgit. j
A liberal deduction made !• Mo*f wbo
advertise by the yeott
V .1 L U A B L B
<l* Ji <$ iP]B iii IP K 3* 1
BY virtue of a mortgage from Thomaf
H. Fowler f Haint Mary’s County, j
m flu Stare of Maryland. If P'* n [j* i
.Vale, Benjamin fl. Flan and Jhn H. j
Neale..trading as Naale, Harris & Co , of.
the citv of Baltimore, bearings dat* of the
2Ut wf May. ill the year oat tfcouaand,
(mod;***) and Hte undersigned.
ah •!!'♦• m* y f*>r the Nli)l
a-r.l -df r at pullet sale. at tfc|# C'torf
(( t .ifear: dm.r in lioni\l T"wn, on
TUKSDA V the I7ih. tjUrjf of
Novrmher nrxtr . 4 ’ . i! ,
between the hours of Pi <VU*ek. >M. and
4 nVJ.v-k. I’. M , property.
b wit ; j n , I'
CNF, STUMK liorsiu and LOT In <
ti* will.ige of Ohaptitrb k j
*iu lot front* tftts feet on Bin main ■‘
>jr*r l in (*t> 4r*t*e-* —-ii tof wwl froijr j
rune haek ‘J-o fe*! and th*- r-maitiff IfW
f.-r runs Uck loU fed. There in a good
DWKI.LISH IIOI’SB attached to saidj
Slur**..and there is also a Kifelien. Oraim-•
i>Ferriage ll**u*e and t **rii Hwuw on i
the premises- all which are in goad repair.
To a pervn abhh*f|tlw rnfw#w * th 1
Af**i cunt tit* urines*. this prq*TW*
strong inducemr/it*>,--it being one of t!ie|
het busincM tdand* !• thtij lk*etifiN of the
Tkrms or Sal* :—One third of the pur
chase money in esodi on the day of aale.
and the halanee in two equal instalments j
aiz and twelve niowth* from thtf day of _
Rale. Th-. 4 d. frrcd payment* to be *e ured
bv tha bund* of lh<* purchaser, with i
unrirv to t** approved Uy the undesigned,
mud Wai kHK iuti real frm the dav of >ale.
H FOKD! * ;
Attorney f<tr t
\**ale, Harris A Co. *
(let Ui*d, W>* -i
•’ ! | ' *
sk ir till
. ,am) * .... ;
f |IIIK nrdeHrnrd w uhl call the attention
I ..f lb- piiiltc to the fact. tt*t they bava
u-t opened !r their atore. in Town. I,
M lirur ai-4 cnrytully eelrciw! st*rk ol Fall
Winter Thrir asw>rtmeut embrauw j
toe (oll'iwiiije article*:— Ji
( i. a Is- t •aAsime-A; VCaesioett*; t.
Fnll- d FannkU; Hat-; (Np*' t *4/Rdiea !
.-vm4. of every variety and - Wriptimi,. i
Jtresk r rrinsmtn , *ifi; Ikunwttf, N*th*ne. (’on- 1
fe,-turneries; twl Twbareo. cMce i
qualitv. a Uivi** and cunp.ete HxeoeMttetW of <
Bundy-tumle p.^iil*< ; U\ Uf every, t
thinf. ezrefd Criceriiidi*<t , that
usual!v k*-pi it; a c-untry atari*, .
They m ill *ell on rea*wiaWe tertrth'Rtfd in
vite a all Tivin tbe lutbtlc. I . j
bcott a ro.. i
l.cuiard Town. Md. i
Hev..Wf. Jffa-lyr.
i >
- 2* j — IUL - t
I ! I
FOR jUfNT- ** ‘ il
faun •• I reside.—w :; tli*i one ]
® mil* of Landing. . *
a|piy u* / | i I iI j } >
IfaveniUft Mk JBI-hO ifi / jj
■ drs;-r2afc=*&^. : A3r \
.4 ATttIRRBY AT ]!al. j t
Leenur i M*ry %,(Munly, M uryl**d
ILL practice in tlu Conrra |!the Htht
aid Viince < ie. rg% i’onntiss. . (
Marth 6ti*, IBng—itm. | , / <
AIUOIOiKV * <!ui:XH*;i.U>J Ail LAW. I
i’-tcu , Ht.Mmye o% hvtyr* If ’
Will practice in Sk. Bary’iand tlic*dk#iip
f r li, luott -i II i
■Ik^AS' t ’-"' • " "* r T!-" \M -
'mm,if f 1 rA L nL K
da w a ivd l a xmm
ftt vii'iif f . from tlu OrphafSi
M 3 C'lirt for St. Mary’s Ccitiity, the nniler
fljnW, admitliatratora of the late ((forge (J. 1
KorgU'i. will sell at public aale, in Leonard
TWfc, An
TUESDAY, the 2d(h day of
v f November next,
i j j
a larglhaiid general assortment of valuable
Law Looks and Miacellataoils \V rks. The
Law Books C'(*nipri-e the library of the late
LAWS and all the standard and elementary
* oris used U practice in the court;* of this
Tarn:* ok Salk.— AH snma of I*l ve dol
lar* wild under cash On all suuisx'oovc Five
dollar* a citsiit of six month* will l-e given,
the purchasers giving Imnd. with approved
security, bearing interest from the da. v of sale.
October 29th, lßf,K_ts.
virtve of one writ of Fieri Facia*.
w-J issued out of the Circuit Court for
Saint Mary s County, at th** amt of Alex
ander Penn. Richard H. Mitchell and L.
V. Oliver.—trading under the firm and
elyle of Penn and Mitvhell. assignees.
*|pibet the g ••'is and chaitela, ln.nds and
tenements of (ie*>rge a ad to me |
directed. I have seized and taken in execu
tion at) the right, till.-, interest, claim and
•irotaid, at law and in *-|ity. cf the a;.id
(rorp. CliNpalior in and to the following
property, tc. wit:
One traer r parcel of laud, culled and
known as—
175 acres,
v mr* or lew.
Thie land is located in Charlotte Hall
District in this county. *
And I hereby give notice, that on
FRIDAY, the 20th (fay of
' November next,
* j
• t tbe vilDg* ef ( liarlnttc Hull, in this
counfv, hit ween the hours of p) o’clock.
A M. and 4 oVb-ck. P. M.. I will expose
to public auction the above described pro
perty. so seized and taken in sxceutinn, to
the highest bidder for rash. Also, to
satisfy ofliocts* costs on same.
Oct. 2Hth. 1803—t*.
r |'HK Copartnership heretofore -s’sting be- 1
* tween Win, K. and CL L. John
son, under the firm and style f Learh & *
Johnson, was dissolved on the Jftth of Octo
ber, hist., by mutual consent. Either partner i
Hi **ithuriz**<l to settle the business f the
late firm I’erson* indehte>l t* ns are hereby I
uigenily requesfe<l lo call and aettl# their!
•tana without dc-Uv. i
Ortobcr 15th. 1R635 —tf.
HAVING nurchased the s.K-k <*f good* of;
the Ut-f firm of Leach A Johnson, 1
shall continue business at the old stand, but
shall, hereafter, sell lor CASH. only. | shall j
return from Baltimore ciy in a lew days
with a fine assortment of FALL atmi WIN- 1
TRll GE'GbH, and shall he jUd In see the,
patrons of the old firm, and tin* pulji# gcncr
alTy. avten they desire anything in my line, i
1 haw adopted the CASH system, that I may !
bfStv 'loser and sell eheaj-er, which nuist ■,
np*ve mutually beneficial to niyseli and
H* -H l-tsA,CII.
Head *f St. OtNxeititV Hay.
Qnpber loth, it.
On application of J. me* 11. A Ivey, ad
ministrator *i John Tayl**r, latent S;ilnt ,
M<r\ V ••••unty, rb'*eased, il is ordered by the
that llw- saii adti.ir.i-trat< i notify the
credi ts cf tbe said (iv;isM| to fib* their
claims against the said deeeasr-d, in the lie
gistcr o! Wili s rffiee of Hamt Mrri’s county,
u tr i"fibre the Ist day of Jann -ry n< xt. f.*r
dividend, ami that this order • mhliaJiud in
the Saint Mary* fiozdte once a *X"k in each
week until the said Ist day of .t irniary next..
4>st. J. T. M. K.\ LEY.
Register *Wi Mil!*
for St ManV count v. ,
Oi l. 52i1, isGS-ld.
““'•*! 1
[ .
MBV vinuo of two writs of Venditioni F.xjv-1
na*, •.►send out of I lie Circuit Court for
Sapa Mary* County, one at tlie mitt of the;
‘.Stale of MaryUml. t the instance ami for’,
the u>e <f .UmcH M Heard. Treumncr >*f the I
, County Con-tnis-iinner* for Saint U*r>% Cbun
i, ih* of Vincent Canialier. n*r
J Combe, and >ne at th* suit of the State..f Ma
ryland, at the instance aiid for ibe us* of |
j.fmiHa K Abell, nee .f Thomas C Warn,;
against the Kode am] chattels, Unde and
: tenem. nte_of
! Cartwright and Thomas C Ward, and to me’
i directed, I hare i/.ed and taken in execution !
j all the right, title, interest, claim and demand,;
at l.iw and in equity, of the said Joseph it
Edwards, William .1 Carl a right and Thomas
C Ward iu and to the following ptoperty,
j wit ;
1 crop of Tobacco (in the Iioum); 1 (iev ,
House; 1 Colt; ] yoke oj virii; 1 Cow; 1 ux |
j carl; 1 y earling; 10 Sheale; 1 negro |b*\;‘
1 named .JIM: 1 lot of florn. (suppled to U*
15 barrels); 1 lot of top-balder; I Bedstead.}
lick A* clothing; 1 Bureau; 1 Tahir; 1 I*, vk-i
ing clmir; 6 plain chairs; 1 rick; 1 H**d
j stead and Mattrae?; 1 hooking Glass; wttd .
a tract or parrel of land, in Charlotte Hail
District, in this County, and containing 561'
aciea more *r less. ,
Also, by virtue of one writ of Fieri Faria*, 1
United out of the Circuit Court for Saint BJa- :
ry’s County, at the suit of Alexander IVnn. 1
diehard H Mitchell and Ij Y Oliver. —trad-!
ing under the linn pm) style of fVnu &
Mitchell.— tt-e of the Merchants’ Hank of*
Baltimore tor slloUou. vise of lh* I'ariners
Mini Merchants’ Hank of Baltimore Ur
4F1050.00. against the gisslji and chattels. ‘
j lands nnd tenement* of William J Cart- •
wright. and to Jim directed, I have Mixed"
and takrii in execution all the right, title. |
; interest, cUim and demand, at law Mint 10 :
1 equity, of The said William J Cartwright in I
and to tii# billowing property, to wit :
One tract or parcel of land, called and
known as—
170 acres,
nore or lesa; ;
mwm riK |
250 acres,
• un>r or Ims;
, *iitsiinin£
141 acres,
more or lea*, j
These lamia ar* all located in Charl<4te|
1 Hall District, in ini* c*unty, and coniain j
561 acres,
i*re or leas;
Ami, I hereby give notice, that an
| WE UN F.SDA V, the *sih day!
of November next,
> at the ourt House door, in IjeenaH Town,'
net ween the hour* of 10 *lKk. A. M., and'
4 o’clock. I*. M.. I will expose to public |
auction the aUve described property, m:
: aei/.ed and taken in execution, to the high-’
lest bidrier for cash. Also tu satisfy officer*’
■ costs ou same.
THOMAS h. DAVIS. * 1 }
f October 20th, 11188--!*.*'
■" will sell at private iple a desirable little |
: M farm, located near St. Mary’*, riwr. in die ;
1 Facto- y District, and only half a nub* Uotu •
Mil burn’* Wharf This farm is in r* cel itil :
xtilcr. ha* a law twa storv dwelling upon it. j
ta healthy, well watered, bus ;•*►*] mit-iumat* ]
upon it and contains
; 100 acres,
: more or l*s. Terms will l wade ease.
Adirrsa, JAMES 8. DOWNS.
1 .reward Town, I
j .ion x h. wood,
. titea* MiUs.
If the ah. •re farm 5a not sold by Tl* C ,E- j
DAY. thr ?d l Nov*Bilier next. I will cfiri
it at public sale at Inward Town.
(Vtol*er Ist, 1868—t*.
Ltmard Town . A. J Jary * County, Md.
| Mirtl.L practice n St. M.iry’ii and W id* (
joining count o-s.
October 15th, l*B2— *f.
| ■CAjIWINU. -
|a |HifNk skMvcu or luk :;£<•>.nt cam
j ,Ife mr 7 raidx.
Oct. '26.
Pic . if.ts of our army dur
iti % ih c recent in Northern Vir
! gtnii Frotn the iiiiturmaiiuti in uur reach,
’ we makeup a lmt:y auj imperfect oarative
!t would appear to bate been General
Loee plan to send A. i*. IliliV corps tv u
: rot te west of the Grange aovi Alexandria
’ ilailruad to Manassas b auction, lie re t*r
icut off Meade's retrcai, whilst Streii’*
corps tolluweit on th tight tlauk .f the rc
trtacing enemy ana w al l be ready to fall
upon hi> feat wtica h • fdi.tuul be lirongiu
(*1 L ,
lea Btani. In laiin ra.ice ot tin. p;au
HSU left MStile n ct/iiii'y ou or abour
Sth jt.aiaat, a .-J tnotc i l >, -ny vilie.
'Ou the iu.e day tsreU cr*.ss.-u 1,1 H ipi
tian at Kacc-jon Ford. At (h: place
: incurred the Uiat cavalry hgiit, iu whied
vf!> drove tlm cucmy Ua x, uu: not w::noui
Mi>; thing rortMiieraoie i,i>s. Ij. r Ncai u
■ atiJ iitb.*ir galiauT lii'ut *.b toll
’ Mtadt tlaVltjp pj .Ji :i.y atm 1 hf<Ulgii
J tliw d*‘f ns o! ‘ien.-.t: hi-., u. t£a.i his re
: tr**at iiißfl.tttiS' otoi) tviu> • 1 .i -♦ tj . ui,
having the bctivhl ol t;;:r raitroKj. and
cu a direct Ituc, it is m> in;it-r of
! anrpri.se tna* he m uoig.-u ;o liiftrate th* ;:j.
Ott Sunday, iiatnptoub ? ivair*.. ujuiei
the Tmmcitta'aj c* .omaM 1 oJ iu’*v
>ifig ,{ in advance <*■ K•> • 1 1’> r.s. ree.-thed
Otllpcppei Court-hou.v. ami anjviug aio'.’g
the railroad, vbvounu-rcd 'he cnciny a;
Brandy Station. Ibe tattle look place ou
' the farm of John Minor hut:*, one ot the
| charges of our cavaity being made through
hi* Iront \ trd. e may here remark mar,
h* properly on Ibe tarui of this extraordi
nary itfili\itiual, of whom the ti ts, rnr.cu
jvf the (.(’iitcut iate Ftalc* stand in -ur-b
•fear, bun been rt!!g;ou>iy re*p t d by lie:
* \ aliktes sliffia!-, the eoiini.y ir m.. , \- ..s
j iitill? t*Ctter ibti fe wil.jerutss hi-
. aun crops (*•.!• uuutucncti. JH u( ilmi on -
j day iiiglii *iousht q etiange iu lia condi
! tiuu. Three thousand Conieoera'.e caval
i ry bivouacked flure atlt r ihe battle, and
I ted their bor*es in hi* aoniU'dd. 'i’he next
1 luoriiing there wcie very ftw fcuce-rails
| and very liule curu iclt. Th nnu could
j be heard to say while building high their
J fires. “J’iic ou, boy*, they are nothing
I hut d—-d old tuiou rails.” Boll* ckje
;dowu Monday inuruing and said he would
. like to gel a certificate of tne quantity ol
j corn used and rails burnt. He was di.—
missed vciy cavalierly, and told that ive
■ bad no lime u attend to such matters.
Monday our cavalry crime up with tin
enemy t Jcflerauu. < u ibe road from Cul
pepper Court-hwuac to Warren ton. Xucre
au ohatimau; tight took, place, which result
ed in the enemy bing driven aero** Heilgi -
uiaii * River to tVarrcnum Fpiing*. frt.m
which place the enemy were aiso driven
j alirr a battle lu each of these battles‘we
j took a* Vi ral hundred pria <n.*r*. Ewell's
; corp*. havu g changed it* line of much,
j reached \Vari* uurn mi Tucni iy moruiog
| Meade’s army was at this time across the
Kappahwnnock, and belleved to have halt
ed at WaiTcnton Junction, ami between
. that point and Catlett .‘Station. 'l'wo tlmu
sand cnvalry were *ent down from Warrcn
; lon to iccounnitre a* ibu direction of (’a r -
I h*t 1. On arriving near the latter plac-*.
Tuesday evening, they found the euaiuv
were moving heavy column* of infantry
, along tht railroad l'W rd Manas.m; a|id
, they thereupon im udiiaft ly turn -d so r'-
} trace their ?t p* toward Warrenton, but un
: reachitif a mail w ich cr*seil tin ir route,
leading fom \\ arrenuui Jutietion i.
| Manassas h ■' fa \ .1 that the eiieinv w**r
alv ruovt.g < f'hii y i i iari'e mw-t
. rpivd. They were tinis completely
! henarm.-d iu Night can.c on ■. they reach
ed tin* mail. Thu heavy tramp of ifn
cnuy’f infantry and the rumble ot their ar
it defy sounded righi it* front of thm.
Gcmrsl sTiia t wiilnlr.lv hi* little force
iuio*uihb k t of oi l fi -Id pine*, hoping that
the enemy W'.ubl t him hy uiHuMrui,
, ad h ave his read to Waprenton clear.—
1 1 hi# f-itr.oy wr* .j viiiir *u near our yu*i
: ’•*•> nat every tv *r ! i of ro!ii;.Qr,il and .‘Veil
'•rdiunry cotivcrs!hin cuuid he distinctlv
; *rtrd by ps Our MtuAiion wis t-xin un-iv
| ertlie): any acnoVr.*—the secideatu ui’-
. charge *', a pisl.,l wmbi hi u:*cloe*i
oui pociuuii. aiiil then, in vi a ■. * "tie nn r
whcliair.g fore** of the cnensv. 1
wutt du* iot dr*ttceti' , ij or *u:reud'.r
sr<|Mrl gave his officers and men to under
>tau that surrender was not t<- thought
•f. but that the nwuij uks to te iro
the 11. A council of war havi g Irti;
••ailed, if ;.r r.-o]\.-d. a* li.c >• t A: 2
• hit cvc'ii *t r< •;; P.r ;j.r- cjr*U'i
sluner*. to - • T ;’;•<- ?,. *• *• . *#f h. •
artillery audit*;* ,nc eav-d s m mt ._•.*!im*h>•
to vvruyt ~.j tf> e.jt ii ii*-rr to rough He
vreu y f Bet alter <oatc rt-ti. r’*• ;?:a.*r:
rched tot to aliatiilun hi* inllm, h..u
struck up4>r a device lor informing Gem-pal
Lee, who wa* ht W.m ruoo, f nis.si.’u*-
ioii>. He called for three voluurecra to,
undertake* dc*p< rale taut prise. irorkviJt
Stidiib*, r-f this city, and two other young
men inoncdiait Sy supped forth t* 4rr
nkc anything their General might
Oidetcd tbeio to put On* in fun try
-* - ~1 ••.! . ,
a - si - m AUUJIL . - ! ..Li. Aw." L. 11 M IUBI
ia, ■ " t ‘ ’ ■ r f
knapsack*, and. shouldering musket*. ♦>
advance in the d irkta-ss to the rowl. Idl
i into the cueniv’s column, and, cresving i 4,
’ to mnke tbeir wav in Warrenlon. and Miy
to Geitai’id Lev ittai he was surrounded, t
aol he some of bis people to (
■ belp-himoitt’’ Kiimsaad hit twe gallant
The lust division of the enemy hsketl,
and bivaiaaoked opposite stu irt and within
one hundred and fifty yard* of hi* on.sition
I —to ctonse that we could hear the Yankees
k pouring out o.is to feed their hor**. Dut
i ing ibe night two of Meade** *latf strag
, gled into our Hues and wore taken pri
, soiter*. One of fhein, ngv young fdlt'iw,
. 1 Stuart, “All right, (tenoral, we
[ sup Willi you V'-niffbt. ymi dine with nstn
morr-m,” intiuiaiifig that Smart would, by
tha: be prisoner.
At daylight Wednesday morning Stuart
vr i* us ■■•r. ned hy file cracking of our *kir
. uii-i.Hr..' uiuskei* that Lee bad received his
. . and was neuding “some of the
1 people” to help him. A* Lee’s advancing
, C"luum atirsicted the cueiny’* attention,
1 Stuart, from the roar, opened ou them
with gr.-ip* nnd cauis'*er. The enemy were •
! 'ouch d‘.snrdcrcil by the cannonade frm so ;
. tinestv'ctcd a quaroer, and. taking advau-i
t.igt* ot the c u.iusioj, Stuart Umbered ap t
1 hia g-itj. and. with ravdry and artillery.)
d.’ulj! <i through tlie hostile ranks and re
j'd.iod 'I d Mai Loc. The enemy sufiered
- •*? -■'ue iiui.dr<d aud eighty killed iu !
this iffatr.
T;> nr evening Hill's corps reached Bi iatoe
M:.li;<n just alter M* ade’s army had pa*aed
that point V* hat appeared to boa siuall
portiun of the enemy was discovered belliud j
; long embaukmeiit of the railroad, ud
, two brigades of H_lh*e corps were ordered
,; to iisl .di-.; ibeiu. Then followed ibe Wt
. j tie of Bristoe. which had already been .
: m • ti> ii* d in these columns. What ap-j
, p : *M r ’■ h 3 trifiit-.g feroe of the enru.y.
. nr * i* lo be two foil ar.uy corps, lying
5 ■<• in bush to gobble up any inconsid
, to <. igades that uiigbt attempt tu,du
lodge ip,Mu An hours’ expnviment aon
. vioc-'M* our men thal a foi inidsbie fcrcc was
. in lb*ir front, and they withdrew, Wc
1 ( had three or four hundred iiu.n killed and
t wi-undcd iu the fight. The enemy admit
, a sevci ii lo>s, but J hoy left but a few dead :
j up< the fi-dd. Before tin* niiiu body of
r . our aruiy coaid get op ihc battle was *vt-r. J
, ih.it t ight our until were drawn up in
j line of battle, hut when the day broke or..
j I‘hurMiUy morning, the enemy was gone, j
j Our forces followed then* a* far a* Ma
. ; nsssaa junction, and, resting lu re a d>, j
. began a retrogxdc moveuteut towards the
I ILippahanuook. Our cavalry on Thurs
day. crossed Bull Greek, near the fool of
Bui! Run Mountain, and made a reci>u- j
. noissance a* far as Ccnlreville. vlure ’
. I they were driven back by lbs enemy’s,
j Thus ended fh s famous retreat and
. i pursuit. Our army returned to the i’a
.• pa ban nock, having lost iu the campaign
4 ab<*Mt one tb u-anc* men killed, wounded
and prisoner*. Of the enemy’s )•* in
killed aid wounued we have no means of;
.■. making an estimaiu. During the pursuit
I our troop* never made over twelve mile*)
( . a tl:iy. 'I be re*uit of the campaign are |
important We took a large nunder of.
prisouers and horse*, ascertained Meade’s 1
army to consist of not more than fifty j
j thousand infantry, destroyed in* railroad
from Manassas to Rappahannock Station,
, j nnd removed Meade’s head-quarters from
I the* liap.dan to the Rappahannock,
i Dorii g the campaign oar cavalry did
spit, nd iu service. They performed all
the aciccssful fighting, and look ciuc
( tenth* of th<* prieoiicrs.
( As !•< lunging rather l the period of
j <>ur retreat than of Meade’s, we have
j made no nu-ntion of the cavalry victory
gsiwed by Stuart -aver Kilpatrick ua the
10ih iuat.
Emm the Cincinnati Enquirer .
The A'niy of tbo Cutuberland’s correa
r mbn* of the Timet gives the folio wing !
d served tribute to General Steadman, of
Ohio. lie ay,;
j Tbf rebel force* from the East fought „
j with -i gillaniry al ied to and
I do not wonder that our buys were proud
to say, when asked to whom tb*y were
' opposed, “L icgslicet’s mni ’ Toe rebel
faishion of coining out to Imttle is prculiar-
Ifiad y u sera them sircamitng out of tha
•r. id bmg. gray line* Into tl.e open
f-.eld, jo-i f- Uafe likened ih.-m to oo;h
--ii.g butter than • streams of turbid wa
. r pj'i> -g through ti sieve And, wri
!.? g <jl vi* t, let JUC say lliat the difftr
j. ri >• tifM'iog rt-giuicnis. cm>i*ts not more 1
ji ih u.tf.-riai of the rank and file than
’it do>?s in tu<* cmltiiw, jnd-ra*-nt and
bravery of the -f5 r, an I taitli the
(soldier* r-|->se in thvin.
Ti.pt id h ha* magic Ir. it tha* t'4iC.
teo um and makr* more atnl n-d-br of
them than there wa* l.e'->rt‘. Jt U the
: principle rccugnis *d by the grral Freder
ick fihva fie adiieiaci lu Gca rxi, “I
fc r * /e |-w' A *
•end y?i agaiinst the enemy wltfi witty
thomcicd inert.” 44 R nt wre. n a*id *hk>
officer. **to‘r are tut fifty thf-usaml-.”--*--
‘*Ah, 1 eocujed you as lea m
, the monarch's wif* and juick rrplv. I
have a splendid illustration of thf§ iff all fo
cideni whirk oecmrred on the Sjm lny a*.
General Stem] man'sdivirion orthe Boftcrv*
Corps bowed their head* to tin; hurtling
storm of lead, as if it had teen r-ki, ami
betrayed signs of breaking. <
The line wavered like a great flag i• a
breath of wi*l. Tb-y were aA splendid
material a> over shuuluetcd a musket. l|i>
then what they <l** in such a blinding
tempest V General Steadman rode up.--
A grout, hearty man, bread-b wasted,
hruad-shnulifored, a face written all *r-r
with sturdy jnd stout courage; n
lady’s mail to make bouquets for ai*twr
fingers, ami sing. “Meet me by moonlight,
sbme,” like 'tome General* I could u-uue.
but realising tb* ,idea of my hoy hoed,
licit I read of the clout oki .Morgtui jt tin*
Well up rode Steadman. to#A the flag
i from the colur-bearer. glauoe> along ih**
wavering front, and with that voles vf his
; *hal could talk a small ralUc of
musketry, cried out: “Go back, byy* g
bacii, but tha flug c.'nn go with you”-*
grasped the staff, wheeled hi* lij;c aud
rode on. Must T tell you jhai thr
■ closed up, tud grew firm, ami moved r*-
i siatlevly on like a gr*‘at strong river. a|<t
swept down upon the fne and made arc
cord that sbvil Jive when tbwir graves are
as .empty as the cave of >lacpeih I Tlrnv
wery ifc a tense nobler than HhukspcarVa
—they Wort tbcmscives uj#m,
H. V, T. ,
I was spending a night in a hotel In
Freeport. I (irnds. After breakfast f rrui:-
into tiie *i ing mom. irhsr 1 pl ; .
mt, chatty. good hnnuired trawler.. vrb >
I'ke myself, was w illing for the m •h’Tng
i train from Galena. We eunvgraeit fn r v
ami pleasantly on several topic,, until. rj
i g tw.< young ladles uuvt ami kb* each
•ith r in j he-st tent, (to coiiwruaflnn turned
on kiting, just about the time the tram
1 was approaching “(Tnrno.* Mid ha #•*•
ing up his ;arpet bag, * 4 .iacQ wc art on so
I ! ‘* eet * ro’Vjwt. let ma ia*e a t
application. IH’rtgrr* to kiss ibh mo>t
j beautiful Indy iti the cars from Galena. you
1 being the judge, if yn U will the m*t
! prettiest, I being ‘he judge. The proposi
tion daggered me lierfr. md I could
hardly tell whethor he* was in earnest or i i
| fun, but as he would he as deep in It as I
| pOihly be. I agreed. piovi led hr
would do the first kisafhg, tbou-h inv
i heart failed me aoim whst as f aw hu
| eyes spatkle with daring. “ Ve*saTJb,
! “I’U try it first Yn i„ke the bin k tjr.
and go in fom the front md. wh* r/*e,i
j can see the face* uf the ladies, and stand
by the one ymi think the hsnd*s.i**a.
I'd come from behind amt ki'-iy her.”
I hal hardly stepped into the cur when I
j saw at the first glance oue*f the |o\ t fj/si
looking women mv eyr-s ever fell oi •
bcantitul blonde, with euhurn hair, and a
bright Hinny tarn*, full of lova**]
j Demi, and us rn liant !*f,d glowing a- ?,*
morning. l uniicr * frob was uui< <>-
i immediately took my staod in the sis!-
of the car by her side, blw was if*k.io
earnestly out of the window, sa if expeqt
ing some me. The back door **f tl - ■
opened, ar iin stepped my hot# I frh :I. I
pointed my finger slyly towards her, n*r* r
dreaming iba! li would dare to can? •••?
ids pledge: and you may imagim* wv
horror ami ama£uieM.whco be stepp*d no
quickly bvhind her. and stooped over aiei
kiaaed her with adrelisl, thiit made
mouth water. I eapeetedr. of mnr* .*.
ahnek nf tirrru#. and then a mw gvm rafit;
and Uo u i knockdown; but aetatiishu*-*;
succeeded ustonishment, when 1 r her
return the kiss w.-th compound interest
Quiek ss a flash Jhe turned to nW'and
said, ‘ Now is your rnrn.” pointing • %
| hideously ugly, wriifkbd woman, who ear
i l nu behind ‘‘Uh I j# v f mu no yr
cuse!—you must exnase I” I exciaim#nl.
“I’m sold this time. I give it an Vo
i tell wl* you’ve been kissing !” • U
Mbl he, “since you are a tmor of so ntneh
taste and nuch ijnifk I „|i
you off.” Ami w- ail burst in-'p a,p lof
langhi# raa be said. ‘ That I* mf uu • .
1 have been watting frr her. 1 f Vm*W fhar
** * pronDaii**!'” lie tho twr
to Uis wife., who looked tea fohi
whyn she heard it. Hef ie we
Chicago we cards, ami i us
covsnd lhit my grnial eompanioaVas alt
KpiswtpaJ clergyman of CNfcSgcv, Whowc
natt.e 1 had tr#ouently heard. Whgawicr
1 >£• t** ‘ kiiyagw i always go
arol a io in r# natural *i.i r'”rr -
•jUrnt ptVa.;her is hard to be found. |i
is Wei! known as one oi the sbt-st apits i
of ilie Ej :) dno>itim-ilon to ihy w tui.
Tu Gowmvmkst Dasr.— f% o osnifi
eatch ot uoi jotcaocps issuea prior lo m- • n
of March last, r. ivnilv VUcred In V iw
d' oincu by U.* Itun’twruf Um i'reaari.
•'-unt. it is a ;a, U. OOu. Tf

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