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F**r the Gaxrtte.
BY J. . T.
One day. not long since, I was •pend
ing the evening in comps nr with several
v>mig men who were a musing thcmm-ltTes
t y giving an account of their numerous
1 itir-brendfh escapes and thrilling adven
tures. There was one young man present
who MTiurd to take hut Uttie interest in
hlnt w passing, and who seemed to be
e-*eupied with hi* o* thoughts, which. I
judged from the contortion of hie features.
* <*re not very pleasant W hen it came to
his turn, we ail insisted that he should
. II a hive story, and after * little persua
v*n he etifwwcd, “hoys I will tell y a
f atory, o e in which [ ra myself deep
h iotereeled.l give the atory in bln own
v r.i* :
4 t here vt*mis upon a high hill, in full
>i, w nr* thfc Poi ***• JJiv*r, the old home
ht id rt one ot the firm settlers ofSt, Ma
fv*•, I: W a kestdtu! old place. With its
jp oily sloping hid betel plain, with
’ vhol vci do ffNhrort 3- Ofir view of the wide
with i<s countless floaka of wild
f,.vH hSitiittfing gracefully over its smooth
h:rre. or the iw-vir euuing stream of
v web wi h their white sails glittesiug in
rht >un, with now and then a steamboat
or st ip moving steadily along, forming a
bud cf*e worthy the pen of the poet, or
the brush of the painter, and one the kind
t’d lu st never tires of praising or the
v'-dto** of admiring.
Thi* lovely old ptace has long-aioc€ pas*-
id from the po**<*sioti of its ancient tus
tier, whose lineage is now exliuei. mid of
wr.ns< history 1 have tiolhiog more |i say
it is of bn* successor that this story will
This old homestead is r.ow in ?h* p***-
scssiMti of a grayhairtd. n uuaMt Uo.kiug
old man of a majestic appearance; the
snows of nearly eighty winters have pa-sod
ligiislj otcr bln head, leaving no mark m
it II of Itwr. rxr* pt the whitened lock*,
lie is still a hale aud hearty old man. en
j 'vif'g the S*eicty of the with ul!
;he H?dor of his youthful *iys. telling hirg
siurUa, ia.d Sgbtii g over again lb * bat
tles < I hi* youth. lie tv lwr*ys cheerful
t.d kind, nsdy f*r a joke, and never
mm tiling happier than when sitting at In
hospitable h-'tttd with his whiter*. wheth
er r Integer, neighbor or fri'-nds, aruumi
In his tftrtli. he was j*kt and wnedu
atd. hut believing, tlx hy industry and
cc< norny only, he c* uld g:iu that posi
tion in sr.rir*y for which kc thirsted. he
*riy g::vc all his energir* to the at quire
i:>mt • f wralrli and knotth* dgc. and when
*th r \>n:hs srre spending their lime in
the mk uty of the fair-ses. or in visiting
Stoumß. he was ciihi r laboring In the field
pr burning the midnight lamp, in search
< t knrw h- ge. Thus passed half a centu
ry— ike wt alth sod kt owi-idge
tie j-osilimi m aeeiety gained, and yet he
not hajipy. No lewder wifc In cheer
) is lolitude, no lovit-g children to soothe
Ms dtcMitiug yarr, friendly handle
aid his un-cry stt ps. he was alcr.v t all
• lone I New. at the age when most other
ti.tn legin to piepare for dying, he We
ynn 'o i k treund hr 4ni!e fair ?ue ou
nl'iu to plate his aflvclions and l>sfw
Hs l ord snd weahh; she was scon f^und.
• beiiutir-nlgir! who had not yet bid faro-w* ll
in |n.r lour, tie met her, and scott marie
M r rr tlfer of his hand and htart, wbirh
wp. joyfully seerpted— feir strange as it
w-pt rpprar, she hd Irarnrd to love this
ptM-binl old man. Fhe was an or
jh: n. Mit’y Hft to the care and guardinn
t! ip f a | r vf cross and crabbed crca
mmW. w* snr allowed her to joia in
the n nry-nmkii gs of the pang cr to rc
et ive t *!r riwv|ny; and this old
n>an otre with his heart aad kite)
adtemiona. he roou klvdlsd the fires <*f fcf
freti* u itj *hat b4h*m ah re’ thry hd long
tS'tcdrrol for aatit of some fcimJml
spirt* t 4 fan the latent spark into a con
st Bi’fg fisti c. He soon kd her to the
I.*, n** neal alter. wMv the matrimonial
wa lied, making thrm. aa the
fisriptura mj, M nm’. There were no
gnmi ptwpafiiiona, io plii® rt-
- V • -‘life < ■ , T .Jis-L. t( . a, v ,
pEVOTF.I > T*> iU'rKKATpIJ. vfews Aqpvcv?.*|s*fis4?fr q>*Xf.BXy i nNTKI-LlOKSfvr'.-
i.TOXAKP TOWN. MD.. . 18631 J
* —-- - -—— .. . ■ . ,
1 ■ t *
j-ieing: co goa heart- ihyl beat
enlmiv and quietly with a never 'Jylng af-
Ire lion—-a fßaakful ark u>Bt to
I fbr.l Almighty Fower. who bad watched
ever h r dreary ehildfcood and y*wruing;
| aowvar.hood, ana iat th< great blessing
‘to cheer the n*qSMder wf hsx life, Tlic
fruits of this marruge Wi*ta two daugh
: tot a; the elded!! Taf the ew( roua tor part ;
; el* her mother, Uvely. ainiahio.- fti*4on- i
! ate. and ridighma, and 4 *.*y calcu
lated to make a loviwg wife, a tender
motht r and a liesirAh eoaipanlcu; cue
l with whom you could boldly nwel the
1 Mornia aud adverais of Hfe. bitd struggle
; qaUtSr along, never thinking *f or car Mg '
I for the ahundaneo of *ith*s. so l*Hig as
! htoe w.ts left as a lcip-uii aid to
• cheer yen in trouble, to aud allevi
’ ate your auflefiogs iu sitkurss, and to
■ travel hy your side over the rough and
: rugginl road uf life—ami prrhapv ?t last, ;
; t., vou In that havrti where there |
i will be uo m>a sluru-* ur adverv-ilics. no
dak nest Jf aufUiiug. hut. wb, re
;b-rv * eternal sunhin**. and where love,
and pl< axure iv-iiMulMl I it'er.
1 now rume to the yoi.ngtsf daughter. '
tb* last but not the u*t >*l tliat oU?rrat- f
ii g hi-UMc-holi fvhc IMw beauty, the!
darling, and the ptide of the family in iv*
fancy; she wan in*tf' v d mnd-earrssod by ev
-• ry one. no wish was Ufuivd, n> desire uu-;
: fulfi ll'd She gr*-w up a ! vcly and aiuin- ■
hie girl— pl-saing iu her mnnnor*. grac.*-
I ful iu ber movements. - iod wul* <ke b* au
ityof a Venus. N* winder that many
; pans*l to wojship at b-r xbi i e, u*ui none
v'fh more Warmth, mars ai*cc"i?y, *r
| heart-felt pleasure 'ban invs"ii wa
(the p;?t uf . the i*eighloi ho id; the brut
j scholar iu her varioc. iu ber carver
|at school; alwayn esvrnt!y defited To
| whatever duly or .vTtt-.'v caimed Lcr alien -1
ti o. Ilor poi-'T was that < f m ure, to
b*‘ TeCg'illcd nd Ingcii l*y ■*!. It
nut rnerclv that si.e vo bva'-ilfo.. her b.H-k ;
glitdne9.i. her voir*.- u:u*;c; tut liaviug e#.- !
raped that arldicui Inrnii* g <#f mind. :
spru-en aod iwannrrs. wtuob b?s proved ‘
fatal to luanv of her *• k. .she fet< m1 tile
siiupliaitv of mere gin-i <>•*•l t* euneb :inl I
give vgprefsion to a.i her wijaitcs'vß'i 1
In het eliarisiea she f a*v< so >••• rrc\iving. :
rather than cwiif-ring favutT*, 'hchlesMntrs*d
the <dck and tha
expreaio-l. fell like ruy* of iliriue light:
upon her heuil. _ |
I had watcu* d her thrrugb all the ;lia-!
| ees of youth and wottmi.M o„. :
|ln her cbilih “'U, I admired and enjoyed
. her prattling iu yntb, 1
pleased with hci’ wiMttiwg w;*y % ; lut at
seventeen. iri:b dazzling beauty, h<r
unassuming innocence and ino>e*t <ie
meMnnur Uit heart was tak-u prisuicr,
. hound silh ibe silkor. chords of lore—l
adored b-r, *h. was the goal to which
all my wishes tnrM*d. all my aaticipa
tinns cootred, I lov-d her with all the
■tretigib. !’ the putiiV uf aiy >oui. my
iwn i>: fur arc •*'-*red '• bang lipwu b<*r
| will. If Mtf r'tnfi-.*-sl my affectin and
II accepted my all- giaticr. my future would
be tuight sad h'oiiin# u perfect rlysium
1 \ f hliae. I was a eonsuat vixit tr at the
, huo*e. a silent suitor for her favor, tiesir
- 1! ng, ye? fi-Mt mg. a solution ot* my suit.
| Tortured by sspews* —u p>cy i* nil the
' | pnngi c<f uncertainty—time passed on. tH
' 4-vll day. the day I dreaded, was
t j fust j pmaehiag; I w*a somi to rtC*ive
ray ntifW*r
About thir time, she heemne wequaint
[j cd with s mera youth—one gay atid livv
-1 j ly like her ml:—b** was her Cendant ai-
Itendsut, always oh-dict It* her cr-ry
, 1 wish; be aiimirml bei wit and beauty, and
: she wa* pt**HSe(i wiih hU youth and al-
Kiitiou; familiarly Si**ti ripouvd tlmbud of
(lovuiu their youthful h>ouis, nd b i
j now the afrc |it4‘d x'litfjr—her husband
1 j cleft—?r d I have rreived my atiswef;
I i but she wiil ik VvT know h*w Mnjx or box
' sincerely I loved h*--r I My love lias boeti
(blasted, my heart blighted, my nature
I I change*!; when others laugh- and are liter-1
j ry. I tin sad aud silent. Never nnr*i wili
| my heart thrib with rhe ecstatic p)asupes
•of love! Tb*re i* 10 n;re joy tmr in
ibis lift —-uon.! My heart is blighted— i
I farewell !**

: His Kx<-e!lcr>ey, Greertn*r Hrad or*t. h*s
| issued his proclamation declaring th;*t tiiej
•Hons. John A. *1 Gr*swell. Kixta 11. i
I Websti-r, IMury Winter Itevis. Francis
j Tb*mias and lietijamin •* fiurh have been
, i duly dieted to represent tin* Mato in the
j next C<>i>g 1 cits, and that Eih-ha J Rail and
( i Levin K. Btraughn hv* Men cboacn C*'tu
1' tuti>UHivt'9 o4f Public Works.
t Tb'* New York Herald ha* j'tst made
•j a moi t ln.|H>rtant libciivcry. Acrordmff
1 1 to that paper, it e*4# just d4ihla the
•I aniootit ra nhoe a negro ngioont :H? it
I does tc pefti<r* the same op-f ;U ns for a
I white one — cause, the difference in tbs
• j Mac *f the 6:t.
r • ■ *♦> —— *
1! ot tiik Patvateeks.
- j —The MerrfunH*' Mtrpuztnr far N'v* uiber
b j hat a cdmpislt alrbsMtio*! list < f the rca-
I • aeh* which have capture*! hj the CmU
s j federate privateers riuae the r*;lir l-ioif broke
> I out. It a lut uf 178 .‘vw*ts, uf
-SPEW ton..
I ! i I'
'jnr -m - m \
yiomm and a hbaald oo^ajs*
r 1 ' ~ .=. ■ -• #s
—Hin# *•• Mil* ♦
Mr. George 11. Buffi. one of
correspond?**;* of it mi N*w Yefct|i/riWd.
! rnjrftfly 'i|tipin4 iuu Jvujfiid*
Mft*eby, writ*** tu thwljMfcrtoS l9tSt™
p<nu!>!>i<ii of hU oaptiw. line following ac
cirfcut ut bis capture and uttomju lit cxpcn
Kx Hocte to Richmond,
T’xuku Mnaaitv** Kscokt. { 1
White Flaims, Va.. No*. 1. IcHJS. j
K iilj (bin wtiming >1 j*r Mostij, uc
e <itipauiau by sv< ral ot u;a u*c:i, ajuddcu
iy made his appearance at the huttm uf Mr
M i-(. o n.uk. • the town uf Auburn.
Quietly r.posing am; totally ui;c*r.sci >u
of Uangi r w re two of your carr. .Jpot.deuu
in the luu*e alluded to
1 Oue of r.Li. n. was your humble eerv.mt,
j my*vif; he other's iimue I until at tins rc
qa- st, on hi.-* fan.ily'* account,
j Tlic first iaiim uioi. ue received of the
IpremM.co of this fu’b liable and almost
mythical individual, I. • mysterious and
übiquitous Mnscltj, Was t .a tcr**Mi of lh>:
ladis, wnicb Hp ( tiitetl u* *.f the fact.—
i Shortly after we were summoned to < pen
! the door. which we reluctantly obeyed, and
i f.: a! two gfMtb ;nii caurieuiibly icndtrir.g
• u< the cu'enta of (w i revolver.- ;f wc diu
inm surrender To re/d?i wa.- <ut ef the
qus(iiu, tin* odd- beiii! mo great, as the
h mic w is auiT' umi • I, and the only veipna
in the party being a small pistol,--
To escape was likewise impracticable, not
?to speak >f the insecurity of the nl’empi
So the coir remaining alternative wn* ac
i eept ]. and we sa.rentiera d.
! '. lie Laics bcggwtl. implored a*; I intro at
! *-J in our behaii; but M> schv was m:re
j hiding. and, finding their efforts aliortivc.
tllie laotes ihn alei t d them with General
Let’s uispit abure. as wo acUd i i the capn
, city o: prot*etoia to ibe <;.>n:ici!; ! ui all ti
j no avail; ad r.c i, areheti off in triumph
; i n.can to M '-t oy's -•! * tr nfr;i urfei|,
! or, I hk nli iixve sa.ii. thoau h- longing
•; lu liir iil. thru in our u. \\ r ,
1 r. de along leiatirrly, M,j >r M >s- b) i>pet;i:ij
jj e.ihvers..ti’*(i wllivli S*sUi biCarne hignly
• inter ?ki r :g. We s<>u discovetecl that tU
i Major was a very utiicreui jiurMi..gs icon
wbai be ir described.
! In bis addroe and dentran-T ho is a
: perbet eretitb uihii, and in his relation to
! ourselves ivn* highly eburteoop. He is
| about twenty-eight years of agr, of pre
possessing appearatn-e. and certainly lh"
j reverse of the pitnure drawn f him m
j newspapers generally. H<* wears the uni
i form ot a M jor ia the regular rebel ser
j vie**. Hv pn.fcscion he is lawyer, and
1 with cjtiHiierahle fhareof iia.’ive shrewu
! euml'inek the at-quired tact ct the pro
j attorney, tn ins m ivoments he
uisj hys great eiK-rgv. and. as an evidence
of his jmwe of endurance, accompanies
j his men on ail their expedition*.
On thio occasion the .tj -el of his visit to
i Auburn was to make a neomtoiH-ar.eo, as
! he I'retjuentiy does prior to the peiiod he
| conleuipUtes ntaking a strike. I under
stand thtt General Lee w.a suptdiad with
| the inb rinaiiou by Major Mom*by winch
i induced him u> inhe bss lare advance, and
| his mean? for aequo jug knowledge of the
, movements of thu I, uicu army a w any time
i arc perfect.
Am an instance: when the pontoon
|nr Kg w<Tvj to IratjKir to (enend Meade’s
; army some two or ihrec w tks Huce,
, Moiu by had conveyed inf rni- ri--n of th *
• fact to General b-f re tli- bridges
j reache.i tb* army. Hence his eerviecs ore
j almost invaluabl**.
j Originally wi f a s force of slxy nr seven
; tr. hr* has increased it to ?oiu.- tvro nr t!:rec
1 huneir- d men. and with these lv atmor*
lour sirmv. w hie!i he assails in all nositiotis,
; ttt-.d l.y his frequent captures of x'alnatile
I and neeca-ary h?> rend' r< d bnn-
I mlf a prison >f eot*siderah| imfiortaiiee to
i the rcbvls. He s tit to Gener il Stuart
; some few days since one hmint ed a ltd
| three mtiles. cup*red from the ITiiirm .-irn-y ,
j nnd for wthe u larferninitef paid him,
in reicl fuuds, three hummed collars p*:r
I Mnfcby*s mcf', snch s I hare S'cn. arc
‘ iutilligcnl beyond tio ■▼♦rage, at*j scorn
Jto revert? their leader. wh* to* tutor
i own words, can wear out any four of lhu*
• hy hi> labors.
j My follow pr>o,icr and myself have
naught to compel in of gave an utiC<*re
monietts !;?. ar'jmev fruni a s< trod steep
!;trd a vrirnt at di* greekldy early
boar tu the morning, nu a i/de, Kuttot
eighteen miles. T.i counteybulance tli?.
>' we hive the k[pareii prospect of a winter
nehlenre ot. oue of the most m<hi<*ilhh
of the Stnrh—fair Hiehmond—a
tr.rjlegp certainly denied to many twgvf
; ib‘ Qiuii;d.9 in the fnloii army.
We ate tuld that the Pot el d<* Libby, in
its rapacity. TinmW-r of gnents and extent
of reputation. exc-'.da any hotel iu Aiode
•I trend, nd it t. add- d flat r >Ottis there arc
*; prepared for us in advance. What di*
> tingssished attention from entire strangers !
f- Who, afW 'h.i, ran dt übi M jor Moa--hy’i
CDUftWjJ . v, '
t ;, ‘ s ' M - ',■ Nr
H£l iliipri-trMHpgtti on th
1 1tt >, HBp'Aibt | y | > in White drains whiek,
f ' s W ** but I be.
-bwtving M |b>d,
uu> %k%u *
wwrc turuwhy iuiitpdce<l,
1 *•**
m* whlfli we very
j bk* by the presence of lour ,vt iy atgreta-!
:üble iadiea. Alter hroabluai we sn.elted a
I egr tendered u by our and, through
j lue further courttay ef Mojur M hy, i
1 now write these particulars, and forward j
, them by Lis spritd tzpra.
F*r Uts very utarkeU attention, if we tlo
I n*l feel grateful, we feel at L *st cou.pli
| meatod. ami l>ui him here accept our iltauks
tor many kind courfacAies, whn'U .j.ve s.
I far succeec<i in their intent *> to rn.tKc u*
j ieel iiia coutpauioiis. nut bis prisuntis.
I am in Lop< y, in my nxt, io be a lot
l dt-a|iu(ch you the ia.eAt news fioui Sia
i, an s hi u quarters, wluc.i, d it be nut nu-
wilt certainly uave u cia.iu tu cue
, mcru—uoveitv. i
j , ——
! For t'u: Gantic.
*‘J l>. T.” (*f whose identity I am a
I ignorant as the •man in the moon”) gwfe
il you last week, a very worhy mtitle, m
l| iititd.—“Moiiest \s i'er. V. . ;ui ti ’ Miy
! I now add another lo the li ot ibe hit
’ ‘ ter $ liitulcratu s. by mg you, this w. ek.
! a few coileot'-d iui as on iuo above incu-
I I lioueU theme V
j WbiUi looking over an old Magaxlne
'■ uf T. b. Art! ur. the i lher day. t *ts
* fircili) ?ra>.k wi-h.au aitidc, winch h*i: g
■ opntfj'Oi cf my aul'jcct, 1 ahull take the'
I htieriy ul qu -tit" it at h t.gth :
■! “ir here is anyi! ing io he world tint
: is j.ai.o jl and ‘iu-gUiM.ug. *t .a tu !-■ ur s
. • laoy (V) in lo uucn ;inU driaid.nds ti sits
• v
I * gre.-siiig the iuie uf Murray arid K:o*u
•with every lutrd mt. t.-.nee sh • utters.
• There is uo cxcuae e.ih> r for such vr>
iMcii. It it the duty f every lady in
, ; ibiH ni iiv tee nth rvuiary to It ablr: u*
••t- * it, jp-, U and tc.-itc rty rect. ~ a*id if *ur
• t'Kiul cJlcis v.tifc ;..oir‘ tij.iigfut on th-*Pn
:! points and less t=u ia u.uiters ot dr-ss. we
r'wfiou. i have u.any more refined an l cul
■. tivatnj women, mao society it ut | reset :
i ahssca with. iv*i tmu wre wnt our ■•>-
i tn* j u metuniorpliotci into *‘bines,’* or
t ; lhat they should be veracd in the dead
i! languages and ditcouisc very beunitfully
II uu geology ur ingoiiuim try—tor woiuau
• ; looks qu.le as attractive LnccUing biscuit
•i at her AilchcU table, 2he does in a
i j chemical lubratorr. Tact and good coin
- : inou are quue ns valuable in the prar
-; tied uceds uf me da u fir.t'bt'd educatiuj;
I ! uud a true loving heart will make a better
- wife rod mother, than a highly miniuLted
- ! h.nio.
e _ “Aiut an ignorant, vulgar woman is n
; | disgrace to h-rsdf, when she
n a keel*, to be a lady and pass lor what she
ia nut, which if usually auaioed most flVc
*’ tUftfiy through dress makers and ontliu
sjui*. We niu.'i be patdnurd fur oiferitig a
• i word uf sincere auvice Hi those pieity,
- gtacciul W’uiucn one meets everywhere,
i and uumiies—until they opro ifistr
j j mouths iw apeak. JXvotes little lu>b time
i to yuur Luimces and French tiu -m*, aad
it! do rmy a grammar and stu jy tc. M
is j grliuuiar fioui a pretty month fa 1 )-
upon tue ar oi a good gtamiuatuu with
, tUe aautc hafahtieHs tUat discordant music
i irnm u perfeet inArumeiit ♦!•♦ s npou tbe
sciisilive ear uf au amateur uf ibat sctuuco.
. iIW oltcu do we meet wita ladi -s “just
!<iut,**cr iu other wo no 8, grtidnafr* *t cer
- ’ taiu fast double fcnools wa. though ihev
1 take every opportunity to “stiow ott ’ their
. 1 knowledge of French Ind (ierumu. fprak
7 1 their of u beautiful language :ti the wrong
• ’ ui*<Mia add tebaes. Ftli instaiiC**. tra l
,■! iu iit.g to n past action y.u will hear th -m
. 1 use the present ‘ 1 sr e.’* instead ot the
-j imperfect * i saw,’’ Sc Word?
! that arc of In •(.*-Tve* superlative, stu ii
la* *uprtmr, jy f-fret, etc., tb-y Compare Kv
I the addition uf “more “and A u-i
; f- many other tni*4alfe& of a fcttniiar cbaivciwr
, tb se 'Jr -cmpfidtr’d Irtdiea itiake iu a Uaili
r ct uy.T?ati u, with their devoi-ai ad
: Mirers— ‘ thr bttfrlOc*
[ Agdo, may lb* Jillowed fo recall, rer
i Lib’iit, a ! read, pot Imf gimre. in
r lilied— “l'.frd:* iti t|fd h-e ©f Wiirdfi 5 ’ [i
• read, as follow* ; ‘“1 he Baf tUM an.- bour
tv Ur five bandrod duHh* in their
sv clioicL’* * utai of pretei.fcion?,
. in <% since Wboth'-r
ts -ije i *jffll ia otu*’
. the Sptvlhud ..n |Uitt, v. ; uafe frt ienroe-'i;
e but In • s- ctiiii i ttb-i'upon a wor*! j
.v a djf* a igur *.tace than
r carels3*nts*. Ww a i r> the
Ueak. wu lav up store* * r in are us**. \\ r
ai -w m Ui tn day, bat W toy in b<*d
p yistcf,iay. a thing down in the
present tet:e, but'h/u? ft .down in thtjast.
r IKnce tb ex:res-ion w 4 ‘ljid‘* tu
I fcfct is wrongju'lV no- for ”w* !•; dow n
lle pi.st tenw #f ’i** nd inbl fhr
c paat Uhs oi lay The ruq never •*#it’?‘ ?
i- *t tome temu in raying; but it nnta cvr
! ry diijr. Fowl* gt upon tk**lr egga, men t
§ luchtira, but kl • baUdir>g on il* f.vunda-
Udl, *
■' I m ' a* itiM - iA _
W-fl -
and I bv4wie iu Tbw Word •g*n” b
’ frequently Ui T *.*f we have Gee:
|ftrefttb.*v u wwk betr -town io *y m*
iLive got -fin* WMrtOcr, ‘few “we wugbt uoi •
lie ** wlMbiug’’ m pftefcrwbie to
I -* bdf igwa to tie it,” r weuugiia *
i ¥ %*• • we W lot magol to go,
nLerv.ardr, upWtrun. iawru*. etc . wnich
; is iasprupcr. So ike werdw oi*dw‘, *
length aix*. are ineorret ly writ
ten croesways. etc.”
j Let 1 have quoted Already nervlhrui is •
rtiesssary. A Lint Ij ihe seustV/ -.’is
, cl-ur. J<:trNa.
Fi mu tl*e Richmond iijcanGn* r, A*ov. 11
one ba? definnd the French itoa
rch> tu h. ve b*tn a dnspotißtu tempered
by epigrams. It |> unfurtttimtc |)ist a
jj-ueii cannot le said fur the uridlrat y '
; power whii n .*\rrayß itmdf complacently in
tiie robts uf repuliiicat t-ui un<>n the ct : .i r
: side of the i'utoinuc OccM?inn.aiiv. it
; true. :e. vert sarcasm ur serious uia ri: e
; i* ii.diiiged in I v opposition j >ureal?; ’u:t
lie* mi.!;ie Uchs the far;dors only to Lc i
disHii trnm so a'moaphrrc untaitiled bv j
tit-.* ur ad <t punishinemt. and ih it*v*’c
tivo gciioiaiiy s.i.nck.t ’f that psi< *t with’li
i- b. rn jf persunal disiippoiuftuent. The ’
shitrp dge cf mocking ridicule, ai.d the;
p* mi ot scorn!u! w:i. and the elrqijence nf
it.TCih-.rua! inuiguntidn, arc wai.ti’ijr.—
ji ho f ouutiyta u*t yct 9uffiei**ntiv ha!it
uat-d u* wTliiag rl.'ivery to have acquired
that -tt.i al philosophy poeaii ir to absoirite
govorinsMUitii. in whicli prudent fu l onLdo;t
t is blended with dexterous r..i!e:v and th*
£ti -g t oppression mftigaicd by fh<* pallia
tive of the suppressed: vet visible cnutemjst
Vtiu ii 10-|i.; j, to “ilgh* pliilofophv.”
Hot* out ihe foiijjjs uf the ridiculous
yielded iu that people to the iuiperiou
vuic.* of se!f-interesr, or be u stifled hy ;h
f-?r t>t their rulers, wo eaunnt iiiiagiu* ihat
litcy vi -u.d gravely chronicle tha result nf
!hr recent .lecti l in M..iylai:cl, and in
; t.>*•• tha* suog nf triumph np-n that
j“l T u‘uu’* victory, f 'iccro raid ho t:j*vi r
coiiM UM(Xr.fntid ho tv two soothsayers
could l*n:k upon cacti other without S.ugh
;ng Ik it possible t understand bow Lin
c- in. S, vrar l. Un lfp;d and their allies can
•.‘••ngratiilafc each other on (t:°. victory in
i Mai vlat.d without a quiet grin? T!i**re
must c*jt;*in!y he u roguish twinkle of the
cv. ;*n cxpp‘iM*ion of that pi nr id happiness
-■ with which Fagin virncsed tL,.
j pci forma nee of the Artful I’**>dger. ard
hailed ihe improveiiia-i.t uf t Kivcr in the
uohlc nrt of picking pockets
The c'* ution is heralded t!eron"hout tbs
land n? a triumph of the glorious causo *>f
tin* I 'ui 'ti. Nt a smile is obscrvi-d npon
; th<* face of the prr*s?. aud a sup<*rGcal ob
server i? puzzled, fie think?, perhaps,
the people no appreciation of n ioke.
This is an emir.* mUtakc. They posse??
that ldgl**M -lyle of Junior wljich delights
. in the most grotesque ideas with redoubt
, t*d gravity of conntcimftce Kven n* w thev
chuckle at tlte asfot.isb-nent of iho < titer
vroihl wuili* ehs*T>'tg the great change of
aei.iim* ut jr. Maryliiiid, or •!?.• tin v srr.*am
with private laughter when the old fog?.*? t
Knropo. taking it ftevituis.lv. descant ijhw
the tyranny which force? an expression of
p pular will.
Tim Yankees may enjoy ibi> triumph n
the csp-OMJ of Europe, but tiny m *o **'.f
flatter fhciiiftulvt’H tf. -if the p. jp]. ,-jf the
South are I* he. ho.xl-witA' d in tlr t way.
We can appreialy a joke eves i! \rc do not
i admire the spi.it ?h.-.t give> it Prac
tical jests, according to Maoaulrv, nr** im
diiT!i.*ti- of a had heiu t. We arc inclined
I tu That opii.ioo; arol even if w • laugh ar the
absurdity of :i mock el-riion it Ik b-esnw
w*-arc digustcd at the tyrant t which rc
qlitres iT. The absurdity of nn election in
a Slate whefe the whole Leris’ If live WH ‘
impri>* n- doo t'u? yi*p out that it ws g*-
ing to oppose the govcn.rneut, ftrikes f -rui
bly on ten attention
T!’.** exquisite humor nf proch.itnlug uni
versal safiVag*- and <ruaruT*‘ec;ej freedom
Inf opinion hy the ucu of me Nllm. and at
ih* came time imposing a pre!i*ninftry tent
oath of loyalty. i thorough ▼ apprce*afed,
V.-t wo tli ink uf *hou wlm ere unfminnate-*
, ly unoaicU I** l*ok upon the rpvt r-f of the
medal, avl %*c cftniiot folly yi-id uut>>c!vp
; t * “ImTgbtcf. shaking his sides*’—
Lincoln, the Aii’t'ri?in JRtop. n ight siire-
Iv e ißAet a ftfoiy. with a moral in it. on
I this peculiar exhibition of American !ib**r
tv- F-t flic pvescif. polities)
reason? will rt ftriet it? circula: ion to a few
chuftco f;lends. T< l i world in general hum
h ail fur Lis posthumous mt.u>'->tts in urdev
> cpj \ ir.
■ Thu .Vlnn.i/ J,-d igrnrer nobly*
“Are profess *n p'dliicul lorahy nav*
1 that iiispircti by b*oe for Mic Un*oi. the
, u by respret fur b* i>*w>.
\Vh> pr. fcsK-s more b-vr tin3-.’’
US'* One of ;he Uasian naval .' ffcerc- in
r - jb'ew Vt*ik bis made g ***d tjuic, ft'.d avetar
, ihl the band nf a wvwithj lady thure, gad
it h t-tJ will be .uairied tu a abort time.
KXcmNir, ;6Wj from Tf!Xas
rrr* hjw warotnsta **. r.
•*’ ’ ,Tt ’ , ’ T
i ji . ' , vt
. !*¥, lb** I.—A nartliw pw*
Inf iuteli|*t*ct|&roi, T|m coon* to <u
Cjfljik afterMt)% to luc effect ika on tbs
svp etenuc readers Tjj f Ajlfcatb
tki Rio Grind?. apparently for the par
• r nn nf winning tbc n urcmcma of General
Banks. The wws ?* communicated to the
B<>ton Journal, by a correspondent it
Bnowniur.llo. There is no reaaoa to doubt
Lft- truth cu it, I suppose. yet r| t ; canuot
h*d}* w.milf ring why the eorV-.spor.de ucs of
' o;i,cr jomw.si?*; written at nHoui the same
;tim*. ate Client on the aubj cl. True or
however, the item is ece that has
ep al<rd >;urli talk down Ic wo this after*
n'"o. The bear h interpret it s the *u-e
hi ranger of a wur ni:h Fiance. Tl.a
i*♦ cn.er which arrived h-.*rc from Mew Or
.l* -ns, on tinrnrday hi it. v-u wi ! l remain*
. b-:*r, brorgin a hcir**r of dbpaichca from
(irneral Banks. i ije gentleman wis in
: such a hurry to reach Washington. Lam
' !•]. that <mj pro-ceding to J-rrv f?jtr to
••Teethe cars. nni* Uadic*** that the half*
r i-t seven oVinok train hi.d just started,
h* riesiivd to make pnl;catt*m to )h* Presi
dent of (he road to have rite train detained
•Si. Newark, so iliac 1<: oou.i overhaul it.—
iI hr President, however, coaid not bu
; fund. aid none ♦f rhe subordinates felt
’ warranted in taking ho unusual h stop. —
|An extra train woi d h.-i/e b> eu chartered,
d on** oould have Veen g**t ready Hat, a#
.i a*. the ruemengne had to h *td over till
next day, wh;a h Went on in tb* usual
. express train. Li’s dispatch*** ar* uppi
ic*t io have hid rut"rcuie to the Kreoca
movement tlird’vi to
W e have r ;o mr ..If
mod** of k**t-pi-*" throngh tkw
■ 'fifircr; ntni lo fa*••<* who have n*l st*re*i
* 1 heir* we r.gain c immend it as ill that is
; desirable. Take up th' by the
• fxit>te—set it elotH y tiffe‘hrr in rrv,-* tip
to the head in si|, rof.*s d''W*> the *nm
?•.-< it grown—drive irt posts ar the ihe cor
ners of the bed ana it. ter medal? epuerr if
iifeeesary. hicher oth? side than the other
i —nail strips of bourn, lath. *r anything
•else that will answer. **n thes** posts lay
upon thrse f old boards, doors, or jf voa
i have nothing else, ht*an*|>o|es and cor.i
--1 fodder, mo that the ro<f will l*e clear of t’j<s
and allow iho rto circulate—
i close up the aid*** vriih y:rd or irnrdeu off.
'al of ny k ind—md r>nr esbhage will
keep ail winner. fr**sh and green, and bo
nccrssibie at all or nearly so. the
r i froat n*u l*eirg nearly so ►* v*-r* upder tba
protection an in exposed placeii. W
j have pursued this plan far yeara, and it
b* always given satiafanion. Kenieio
i her, exclude mui'tur*—i.eirr mind tho
i j frost, which is a benefit rather than an
injury. —— Orrmnnt>• urn Trirgrnph ’
—The Knquirtr is disgusted with !?•<• for
j r policy ol rbe Cunu-deriite aathoriti* a. *
*1 Com men ting on the letu-r of Mr. V* Leon
jto J’ ff Lsvi. recently intercept* *! and
r.pnbiishtd in Nruih rn j*urndls, A’a
quirrr says:
j “We winh to awaken the President and
the f.oi.gress lo tbe fsr , ; ,j vn,
! prtfent enough---that all - ur might* dip!,,.
} mntio oiiiuiory nf r. loreiga p“ii y wb.m
iw * hav< no i* n ign r**isioua ui all. h*s d**ro
jUs 'i sr-rvie*. ni, i no #r<*ut. 'I if* 11*> t#tC
is a farce, ami would be nothing wuri thou
i ludicrous Were it UOt A*r luu s* errt
i tious which vre *trc t*id are going op u <var
i ‘here’ and which pobouy knows f hut
j M svr-t, B; jmi .in and hiiueii. Tbi- ewkea
: !ne HuUerF rimis at.i il muH ai t • sp.jc*
’ dily cxrdorcat and turned im-iale u . \t
there i auj go*.*d nn a L ouieiicrate 1/cnprt'M
at alt.
“We beg ikarc t auggest a short jmwt
i resolution *f twib (iouacw. that the Pmewt*
dent be rcqoeMed to saut up tiio iupart*
iHctjt ot fiia:*; i" l>*tk ita doyr sin] pm the
; key io bi pNuker.' ?
Pr.jinrßAT'p VtornfttT v* Cn^nt': rrcir.
* —Hattfind • fretc*! town (*flb**r **p :he 3d
iualapt. with a awecpit.g iVm**crdie vic
tory. Tl# roiifeit wf epiritedly condhfer
*t on l-oth si.d* *. and the vote apg r tbatr
at any pn vi*u* Cal! eleetl-in The
crats -Irefed heir entire ticket of 4?b mco,
by majoriu-iirjogiua fr<*' ‘lOf* to 4'<H
> M ' r *
Hich Plot lx ?* ib(ULa>9 —The richer
iuiiiMlad Ui Eaglabd is the of
Wtto.meter, who**-* daily fnenin* i; pti*
‘; u*aai at J o** ll.uhtclilidv. Unit
• them, arc me rienest bou>e in t *op**
ami their ionemt: is citiiftated *t abuu r u., d
1 • mtlhona a your„ or a 'hacmaid uuiivia aa
•i U**ur,
i M3T An iittfaiutpti* eld b.-chrlnr, bring
j >kua i* be ever witm*s**d a pub.ie cxccw
!;ti*m. replied “N r, bat I dime saw a u^r
• tig *’
‘ ' &M{ Jr*-& . / “ Z-j':. - dU* A
rf j m I I

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