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VOL 1.
u K kiiivti irufftniroAi ar
* $2. Of) per *n-
MB, to lie paid within six months. No
fnbucriplion will be received for a short
er period than six months, and no paper
ho discontinued nntil all arrearages arc
paid * except at the option of the publish
• Trm *or AnvaariFisfl.—sl per
Square for the first insertion, and 26
oto. for eferj subsequent insertion.—-
ght lines or le constitute a square.—
If the number of insertions be not marked
on tho advertisement, it will be publish*
od until forbid, and charged aoordiiigly.
A. liberal de 1 action made to those who
advert!** by the ye*r.
Win. T Brireoe, In the Crr-
Edward T. Briscoe, • enit Court, for
Elisabeth E C. Briscoe. ( i B*iui Mary**
James T. Briscos, County, sittiug
vs. w Court-of
John H. Briscoe, y Equity.
Philip M. Carroll,
llenry SL. Briscoe, J
Fanny Briscoe. i
1 lobe i t A. Young, i
Albert Young Jr..
Lucrctia B. Young,
l.vciina Young,
Pusan M. Young, 1
F.nchel A Young. '*
F|TNHK object gf this suit is to procure a
9. decree for a sale of certain real es
tate, whereof Philip Briscoe died seized,
for the purpose of dividing the proceeds
of said sale among (he heirs at law of said
Philip Briscias.
Thu bid* states, that the said Philip
Briscoe died. •mustim** in tho year one
thousand, eight hundred and forty two,
seised of a tract of land, situated in the
Upper part of Paint Mary’s County, con
taining about two . hundred and sixty
antes, leaving a widow, Maria Briscoe,
who baa lately died, and the fnMnwing
child ran. bin’ heirs at law, viz:'William
T. Briscoe, Edward T. Briscoe, Elisabeth
L. C Briscoe, of Saint Mary’s County,
James T. Briscoe, of Calvert County,
John H. Briscoe, who is a non-resident,
Philip Briscoe, who haa died intestate,
unmarried and childless, Gustavus B.
Briscoe, who haa died .leaving as hi* heirs
at law two children, Henry S L Briscoe
end Fanny I’rb-coe, who are infanta of
lender years, Lncfetin. who in ter married
with a certain Ueury Gsrrqll and has since
died, leaving, us her In fr’’at law, Philip
M. Carroll, who is a non-resid-nt , Radi* I I
Briscoe, who intermarried with a certain
Albert Young and who haa also since
died. leaving. a her hrirj at law, Hubert i
A* Young. Albert Young |r, Lucre*ia
B. Young, Eviiiua Young, £u*nn .M.
Young and Rachel A. Young, who are
infants of tender yean*.
The Mil fun her states, that the said
Philip Bsi>c*e divid'd the said real es
tate to his wife, the ?aid Maria Brisco**, I
during her life and made no further dis
position thereof, and that the said com- *
plainants hold with the said defendants'
the said real estate, as tenants in common, !
•nd that it would he for the interest and j
advantage of all the parties concerned that!
the said real estate should be odd and the :
proceed* of ssid sale distributed between
the parties entitled thereto, and rhat the •
•aid ffrnrj S L. Briiooe, Fanny Bris
coe, Robert A. Young. Albert Young jr.,
Lucrctia B. Young. Evelina Young. Su
san M. Young and Rachel A. Youug arc
infants, under ilia ago of twenty owe
yegrs. and that the said Jobs 11. Briscoe
and Philip M. CaraoU reside out of the
Stain of Maryland.
It is thereupon adjudged and ordered, |
that tho oomphinaatß, by causing a copy *
of this order to ha inserted iu seme news- 1
paper, published in Leonard Town, once j
in each of four successive weeks, three •
months before the third Monday of March)
next, give notice to the said absent de* i
fendsnts of the object-and substance nf (
this bill and warn them to appear iu this *
Court, in person or by solicitor, on or bo
fom the third Monday In May next, to a|- j
swer the premises and show cause, if any
they have, why a decree ought not to!
pass M Lrayed-. “
ipßXi. C.VMAJ.IKR. Ci*ic. i
Ttraa apy—Teat, . 1
• **)* v. JOHN A* UAMALIRR, * ]
* the Circuit Court for
Ft Mnry’s County.
Bee. 24th. 1863—4 w. ' * *
jowmmi usxm
J Itpawf Tam SL Many'a Qtunkj, Moryhawd
38114 i pUcliawda iha Corel* M the fini
- Judical Oaruif—St. Mary’s diaries
Prince Gonrg f s Gountka. .r -
March stb, 1803—3 a*. /•* •*<* *•
11 _ -KMEY,
j Back wart, turn luck ward, oh I Time in yonr
flight, . ’
I Make m a child again just for to-night I
j M4h*r, eurns hark from thr *eheies share,
i jTnke mo Spain f yonr heart ns offdWr "
,! Ki*s from my fureimsd the furrows of catre,
,| ft moot in* tbs few diver thread* out of my
1 j Over my slumbers yonr loving watch keep;
( Hock mo to a’tM'p, mother, rock me to sleep.
! Backward, flow backward, oh ! tide of the
: f am r* weary of toils and *f l-ars,
'Poll without rcroni|M!nsc: tear* all in vain.
| T ike them and give Bi" my child hoed again ?
I have grovn weary of ihtM and decay,
Weary of flinging my soul-wealth away,
I Weary of sowing for other* t ; > reap!
H<>ck nit- to aiovp, mother, rock me to sluep !
Tired of the hollow. (ho hasn, (be urrtme.
Mother, oh I mother, my hear! rails for yon !
Many a -oromer the g-s** has grown green,
Blossomed and faded, our Caros luMween,
Yet with strong vearning and pvMinnate pain.
Long I (o-ntxhl for your presence again ;
Come fr >m tlie silence lung and so deep;
Rook me to sleep, mother, ruck rac U sleep;
I Over'my heart, in day# that l<iv* fl wn,
, No low likn a ni<ither-lnvo ev**r was shown;
Ho othrr wore nip aV-ides and end urea.
Faithful unscltidi and pa’ient like yours;
Ntine like a mother can charm away p.iin
Fr*<n tlie sick s<-ul and the world weary brain*
Slumlier’s sift c.thn i>V*r my be ivy lids creep;
Rock me to sleep, mother, ruck me to bleep !
C >ol6, let yur brown hair ju>t lighted with
Fell on V. nr shon!<l*-rs again as of old;
Let if fall ovr my hwefiear] fn-night,
Shading my faint ryt-s nway fr.*m the Ugh*;
Ft with its sunny ehad*<w* **uce iu-re.
Haply wil: throng the sweet vUinas of yore;
M-vingly, softly, its bright l>ill ws sweep;
Hock mu to slrrp, iu'-lli- r, rock me Iu sleep.
Mother, dear in-dher, the year? havs been
Since I last hushed *o your In laby so**g;
Since rbeii, ami nut** my a>nl it shall seem, ]
Wornai liu-kl’s yars bare Iswn but dream, i
Cl a.pid to your arms in a |.iv>ug embrace, I
With T‘*r white la-lir.s ju?t sweeping in? !
♦ace J
Never hrfrafti r to wake nr t*> weep,
Hock me to sleep, n;-H he* - , r->ck me to sleep!
Majority and Minority Reports-
In the House of Dclegutca on Friday
Mr. Stoektridgc, from tho Committee to
whom wns referred so much of the Gov
ernor’s Meii>agc as relat**ii to the calling
of a State Constitutional CotiV'-ntioo, re
ported the following bill, entitled.
An Act to Provide for Taking thr S*n*r nf
tko Peojn'r tf Maryland "n ot the Expe
diency of (Jailing a Cun centi>m to
Froute n iVew Constitution and Abrei
( of Government for the State, and to
Provide for the Election of Delegatee j
to auid Convention.
t t or Mai.ti.and.
1. That on Wednesday, the Oth day of
April next, an election shrill be held in
> the sev* ral counties of the Slate, and the
jcity of Baltimore, at the places, upon tlye
j hours, and, save as heniuafter piovided,
I subject to the laws and regulations gov
> ormng general elections iu this State; and
j each voter entitled to vote at such election
• may oast hia ballot, bearing the words,
j “for Convention,” or *’g.iioet a Coo
j veutioo. ’ together with the names ol* such
persons as he may choose to vole f.r as
Delegate* to said Convention; and the
Abends of the several count i *k and of the 1
city ot Baltimore shall give the same n -!
ties of said election which they are re- i
qaired ly law to give r)eetiQ for
Delegates to the Gcnr-ral Assembly.
2. That each of tho counties and the
j city of Baltimore shall be entitled to the J
I same representation ia said Convention
j tl** ll tht-y have srspcciivcly in the Senate 1
and House of Delegates; and no ballot
j which may be cast at s-iid election shall
• bo counted for Delegates to said Ceuven
! if it has written or printed neon it
! th<* nsftiffl of more persons jii canui iates
I that the county or city in which said bal
; lot may bo cast is entitled to elect to the
,eaid Convention; J y revi\lrd: that any
(such ballot shall be counted for a Cou
j vculion, or against a C mvc-otioo. if the
[words “for a Convention.” or ’against a
( Convention” shall be found written or
( printed upon such ballot.
1 8. It shall he the dtriy of the Judges of
ii Election, whenever any veto shall be
-challenged upon the ground that the voter
J offering the same is u*>t a citizen, has exr
i patriated himself, or do*:* nt admit bis
ailugiaimc to Iho Uoitwd State*, to ml
i minister t> btm the fi/ibiwing oulb ot el-
Icgtance, as a t# to etitaouship, abd to
jr* jest the Vote of any voter declining or
r furing to take sbeh hath . *'
—— du solemnly tw-'ar that, X have
1 never voluntarily inirne arota. against the
l T nili*d Staios since I ha.ro beau a citizen
I thereof; that I have vofaatarily given no
| aid. cowHauaneo, eosnssl. or encourago
itoent to ncreon* engaged in anted hfetfc
j ily thereto; that I ositUer sought, nor ac
cepted, nor attempted Co exercise fhe
: fttuclions of vany office whatever, under
any authority or pretended authority in
huMtility to the United Staten; that I
r have not yielded a voluntary support to
aoy pretended government, authority,
i power or constitution within the United
■4 States hostile or ininyegL tberefp. ’ A,qd
! I do further swear that, to the bret 6fm£-
r j knowledge and ability, 1 will support and
defend the Constitution and Government
!of the United States against ail enemies,
j foreign and domestic; (hut I will bear true
, j faith and allegiance to the same; that I
! will, take this obligation freely, without
i any mental, reservation or purpose of
| evason. So help me God.
’ 4. That it shall b rt the duty of the sev
j era! Judges of Election tp receive, accur-
J ntcly to count, and in due form, wiihin
three days, to return the ouiuW of bal
lots so Ci*st “for a Convention” or “against
a Convention,” and fur each delegate to
♦be saute, to the Clerk of the Circuit Court
j of their county respectively, and the Clerk
i *>f the Supremo Court of BUimore City,
and tho several Clerks at ores iid shall
make return to the Governor, within ten
; days a*ter said el cti n, of the number uf
ballots given for or against a Constitution,
I and for each of the several per.-ons
. for as del- gate* to the sumo.
5. That as soou as the Governor shall
receive tho returns as aforesaid of the
, number ot ballots cast fur or against a
I Convention, and fur the several persona
I voted for as delegates (hereto, it shall be
(he duty of the Guvvruor to cast up tbo
: same, end immediately after so doing he
-*disil iaue his Proclauiutioo announcing
j t>* the people uf the Slats the number uf
j votes cast against a Convention, and also,
!if the nmjuiity be in favor of a Omiven
| ttou, the number of votes received iu the
several C -unties and in the city of Balli
s more by each uf the persons voted fur as
j del --gates.
j 0 That said C nveutioß shall deter-
I mine on the validity uf the election and
j qualification of iu mem here, hut no person
j shall be eligible to Said Convention, or
j hold u seat therein, unless he wo lid at the;
> lime of the election be eligible to a seat iu
j the House of Delegates of M iryland.
I Nor any one who has at any time been en
! gaged in insurrection, rebellion or war
j against the United Slates, or given aid.
counsel, comfort or encouragt-m *nt to any
person ro engaged. Nor anyone who bus
not before the election taken and sub
scribed the oath [or affirmation] herein
be tore prescribed, aa a te>t of c.iizeoship,
and caused, the same duly certified by the
Magistrate before whom it was taken and
sabscribed, to be recorded among the laud
•r chattel records of the couyty, or city of
Baltimore, in which he may reside.
71 Iu making their returns of the elec
. tion to the Governor the Clerks of the sev
eral courts making such returns shall cer
tify whs of the persons voted for have, and
who cave uot, prior to the election, filed
and caused to be recorded iu thoir respec
j tive uffic* s, a certiS mte that.tbc said oath
was fakeo and subscribed by them; and
the Governor in oa*t::ig up iho votes,
shall reject or rest as blanks, all vofos cast
fur any person who has nut so tskeu and
subscribed said oath and Caused same
to be recorded.
8. If upon casting up the votes the
! Governor shall determine that ft majority
of the /ut* s cast are “For a Convention,”
he shall so declare iu bis proclamation,
and the delegates elected to said Cun veil-1
tion. fifty of whom sfial! constitute a quo
rum, shall meet at the city of Annapolis
on Wednesday, the 27th day of April,
1801, and shall continue io session until
rho business for which they wero convened !
shall be fully completed and finished; and!
! tho compensation of said Convention shall
|hr five dollars a day during the session I
! thereof, and the mileage now allowed by 1
•law to the members of the House of I) le-
Igjjtcr, and such Convention shall hive
power to appoint such clerks or other offi- i
| ccrs as may be necessary to facilitate its
: business, and to fix their compensation;!
J and the pay of said delegates, dorks and
other officers shall be paid to them respec
tively in the same way and manner as the
per uiem and mileage of delegates to, and
nay of clerks and other officers of, the
lloue of Delegates are now paid, pro
vided that it shall be the duty of t\ie\
Speaker of the House of Delegates and
the President of the Senate to pr vi lc a
| reporter of the debates and piw.-cdiog* ol
(said (T-mvention win shall net until the
, said shall have provided it*
own officers,
9. It any vacancy m* vacancies occur in
’ iid Convention by death, resignation or
otherwise, either before or after the quali
fication of the dclcgitcs thereto, the sb'*ri!f
;of the county, or city of Baltimore, in
>. whosj delcgati-m the vacancy or vacancies.
4 ny 4mr, shall, upon t?ie order of the
■ GovernrflP.'lf the'&invcntioa Hull not yet
*| Imvwtissembftd or upon that of tho Pnsi
■ | dm.*! <f said Onav-mtioff if the. Coovcntion
**hali hnve 'assembled, imnj.diately issue
i. public notice for Fpre al election
?. i*> swell vacancy or vaefini*:p>; and suc?
i special e&et?on sliall he iuld at Ibd -listfal
places ot hplding elections In rhe couaDl
-; or e&r*htte neh dtetiowis held, and >ub
* jeet to all the rrjgid.atiohs contrailing iho
. - j . -
: * -- 1 o
r JM?: t 0 #c!: mcin
-5 bets of &iik| iMMufan iball take and sub
[ cribe m tJlHptti, or affimauin. which
> *BiS? org pr'scrib'* I,
; with the iq
1 fention
1 Said oath shall he administered to the
; President, when eVcted, by a member of
• the Convention, an| by the President to
! the members. '
I 11. To caae of refusal or neglect of
any of the'Judges of Elect ion, or any clerk
i of the court or sheriff of any county or
’ i Baltimore city, to make any of life Icturus
’ or perform any of (hi duties required of
1 ! them respectively by the provisions of this
\ act, such judge, clerk dr >hcriff, so refusing
1 or neglecting, shall be liable to indictment
I I for such offence, and upon conviction
thereof shall be sentended to a fine of not
i less than five hundred dollars or to im
, prisootnent in :ha jail if the county or
, city, where such offence may have been
J committed, for a term of not less than six
j months.
12. The said C invention shall first re
: port and pass upon a Constitution and
i form of government by articles and *c
-; lions, and after the same shall be so report*
j ed and passed upon, it shall be passed upon
! by said Convention as a whole instrument,
j at which time the vole shall be taken by
i yeas and nays, and no Constitution and
form of governm *ut shall hi considered as
adopted>4>y said Convention or submitted
to the people for their adoption or rejec
tion, which does not. upon the vote taken
thereon as a whole instrument, receive (h;
vote of a majority of the whole number of
delegates to said Convention.
Id. The Convention and form of gov
ernment adopted by the said Convention,
as aforesaid, shall be submitted to the legal
and qualified voters of the State for their
adoption or rejection at such lime, in such
manner, and subj jct to such rules and re
gulations as said Convention may prescribe.
The report accompanying this bill is
signed by all the members of the Commit
tee except Mr. John S. Tyson, Jr., of
Howard, vis: Messrs. Stockbridge of
Baltimore, Jones of Cecil, Frazier of Dor
chester, and Jail of Frederick.
Mr. Tyson, of Howard, presented as a
minority the following bill. It will be ob
soi ved that this bill virtually postpones the
calling of the Convention until the meeting
of the next General Assembly :
An Art to Provide for Talcing the Sente
of the People of Maryland Upon the
Expediency of Calling a Convention to
Frame a New Oonetitution and Form of
Government for the State.
Section I. Be it enacted bt the On
ebal Assembly or Maryland. That on
Wednesday, the 6tb day ot April next, an
election shall be held in the several ooun
tics of the State and the city of Baltimore,
at the places, upon the boars, and, save
as hereinafter provided, subject to the laws
and regulations governing general elec
tions iu this State; and each votes entitled
to vote at such election may cast bis ballot,
bearing theswurda “Fora Contention/’‘or
“Against e Couveutioi.;’’ and the same
notice of such election shall be given that
is required by law to be gives of aa elec
tion fur Delegates to the General Assembly.
Section 2- And he ii enacted, That uo
blank ballot shall be cuuuitd at the lec
tion herein provided fur, and the Judges
o EUction shall not receive any ballot not
! printed or written uu plaiu white paper.
| Scc(i>u 3 Awl be it enacted. That it
, shall be the duly or the several Judges of
j Election to receive, accurately to count,
j aud .n due form, witniu three days, to re
turn the number of ballots so east, “For a
I Convention., 1 ' and the number so east
> “Against a Convention;’* and the Jad res
of Election in Baltimore otty shall make.
j their returns to the Clerk of the Superior ]
Court of Baltimore Oily, aud tba other!
, Judges shall make their returns to the
, clerks of the Circuit Courts for tbrir re
j apective counties; and the several Clerks j
| aforesaid shall make return In fbe (rover
, nor. within tr* days after said election, of
; the number of ballots given “For a Coo
• veuticn,” and of the number given
i “Agjinat a Convention,” in their respec
tive city or county..
. Section 4 And he it enacted. That so
soon as the Governor shall receive the re
j turns aforesaid, of the number vf ballots
cat fur and agdmd a convention, it shall
be ‘he doty or the Governor to up the
s i toe, and iutmedial' ly after so doing he
r shall ifsue his pfoebtm itiun announcing to
i ' fbe people of the state th * number of vote&
i cast for a convention and the. number of
votes caaf against a a convention; and the
f Governor shall cunmunicate to each of th*
two Houses of the General Assembly at
i 1 their first session thereafter, when be shall
have convened the sai J Geo;ral Assembly,
i J or if he abyll pot convene them in exi/a
i thou at the next regular session of
1 the Legislature, a statement showing the
t number of votes jjasf in paca county and ip*
• the cT*y of BaHTtiihrc for or against ac
j liogisfat provide
. fur such eowveniias and for
electing thereto at the earliest
■ j eonvutilent day in conformity with the
> i Eleventh Article of the fonititittioii, and
i with the First aud Forty-third Articles of
, the Declaration of Bights.
t Section 5. And be it enacted. That in
L MW qf any refusal or aagiect of say of the
djudgie oT Kltefcma, C’icrka of Genn or
day of Hm nttnw
|or perform any of the duties r. quired ef
i j ‘hem respectively by this act, such Judge.
f\ Clerk cr other officers, to make any of the
returns or perform any of tbe duties re
quired of tbwm respectively by ibis act,
such Judge, Clerk or other officer so refits
j iug or neglecting shall be liable to indiet
: uient for such offence, and op m etnvietieo i
,! thereof shall bo deemed guilty of mhd
’j meanor, aud be aeuteueed to pay % fine of!
not less than five hundred dollars, aud to
I imprisonment in the jail of (he county or
: city where -ueb offence may have been
I committed for a term of not less than six ■'
1 months.
j Section 6. And be if enacted. That this j
act fdiali take cficct from tbe day of its
The eccentric Governor Foote, in the.
course of a debate iu the Confederate Con
gress. remarked :—“He chanced to kuow
toat there were men not far from where he
stood—God forbid that they should be
found iu this b dl—who were the open ad
vocates of a military despotism. Rumor 5
says that this portentous symptom is not
altogether confined to this viuLuage. baf!
that oue or two servitors of pampered j
> power are to be found even in (ha ranks of j
our army. Now, let him say, once lor all \
that he should not willingly surrender up!
an atom of the present controlling power)
over the reserved militia force of the States 1
to the President, and add to lus present
dangerous capacity for mischief, especially !
as he was sure that he would never willing- *
ly surrender power of any kind once vested 1
in him. aud would be but too apt to seize I
all convenient opportunities of extending it.*i
The President will have to show himself-a ,
little more free from his strange and un
reasonable partialities and prejudices, a
Uule more regardful of well-known public
sentiment, bciorc he could yield him any
increase of bis military capacity. Ho bad i
but little relish for the notion of establish-1
iug a dictatorship. He had not yet so far]
uesponded as to our cause as to perceive*
tho necessity of resorting to this ancient)
Human expedient; but he would deliberate- I
ly sQuouuoe that, when he should consider j
the time for a dictatorship to have arrived,
he would not be willing to vest supreme 5
. power in the person who is now the incum-1
bent of the Presidential station; but be j
should, in preference, join in sclenting as |
cur dictatorial chief the only man in the i
Confederate States whom be believed it
would be safe to trust with such overwhelm
ing authority, the present iiiu<tri**ua
commander of our Army of Northern Vir
ginia, who, in all the attribute# which are
supposed to have belonged to Wa>bington
himself, is twperior io any other living
bcieg.” . ... s
Special If inches to the New Turk Times, t
News from Richmond— Confederate ;
—An intelligent printer who arrived here 1
to-day from Hichuiond by tbe undergrouni I
line, states that tbe Rebels are straining i
every nerve to recruit their armies, aud
pushing into the field every male capa- 1
die of bearing arms—even boys of 16 and •
old {ueq of (i 5. Thr.y impress, 100, into *
the service, ah horses they can Cod, and 1
give formal receipts for them. He says,
100, tbe Rebel Govern moot will astonish i,
ua in tbe spring with the number and ef- •
fectiveuoss of ih troops. Tic’s army,
we umientaikd. has mn rcc-ived ui-fny i
i in forcemeats, but JobuMou's army in the I
is being, heavily augmented by •
i conscription. He thiuka there is no doubt
I that tbe Rebels w;ll soon consent to an ex- j
change W prisoners, as they want Ibelr'
men buck iu the field, and onr prisoners
, we a burden to them.
The coo struct iou of the iron-dhiilfi it I
Richmond bos been abandoned. The*
iron which was intended to be need in'
their construction his Seen wnt to !
taariestoa and Bivnwnab, to c*mn)ne
several iroo-claia wh**l are b*bg built j
there. A universal fading of-terror and**
1 de*prmdeacy pervades the Houtb. and ft?
jis with dift-.!3|ty th it tht* Oovcrnraent isi
j able to stem the enrre.it of p>pa?ar fcA-'
‘ n g aelting in sgainsr if. I
Tlie Fayette CjUuiy puuteer, lowa,
I rays :* * f
“An lawyer entered one of
U l “f rnneiff! yard* stores in ihipla*e
b, this m'lfning, and >k**l fl*o p:ic*? nf cot
ton . yarn, and vu told by Sam of
vl lh/I**rk#rA th.ii r it worth §5 25 ptr
[ bunch, when tV* lawyer, j to
lr de 40 sere* of laud far aonu; whurc-,
ii n P r ’" Jyiiathan, otherwise know.
* .> *l*9 bim that
l.iey aid not vuv'to hi rat a hunch.
From the Multi* !Tefi*trr. ****£
T RsiNrOKCINO Of TUB H>irfßßKAtß
Aunt—la addition it tin 800.000
JtetggUn. it U4eatoM tint ak*ttalla*
■ of the producers be pat In the fey,., **d
: women, children and dotards be left tWne
to clothe and feed an army. In oftiVr
word* wa wmt everfW? to ao into mu
at * tl
Agam, as to the site of arrniee. It itjhfc
number of men or the handling of thoai
th*t wins Settles ? Were Pemberton'*
men well fought at Baker** Creek ? The
i same number, or nearly the same, won the
battle of Chickamaufa, that were driven
j fr° n * 000 of the si rouges! positions on the
continent, of Lookout and Missionary
. Ridge. Minus Longstreet’s corpe, Leo
whipped Hooker at ( ’hanrcllorsvillr; plus
l that corps, with Jenkins, Jones, and other*
added, be was repulsed at Gettysburg
. Fifteen thousand fighting men won the first
bailie of Manasaa*. and lews than fc*v*.y
j thousand achiercd the victories of Shiloh
| aud Murfreesboro*.
than forty thousand m n hare
newer, since the war began, been brought
* into action to advantage by cither aide.--
And now we are called upon to Relieve that
big mobs of raw recruits, half starved aud
poorly equipped, are to do neat Spring
what veterans have not been able to do
after three years.of hard and repeated trials.
What we want is the genius to conceive
and the courage to dare—not unwielding
hordes of awkward squads, with nobody at
! home to support them.
) Parts? Gossip —There arc torus
whispers that ttc private life of the Em
peror of the French is not at tb present
thj happiest. It may be that the insurance
of the Emperor’s lifu in the London office*
( for a large eutu is the foundation of the
I rumor; but another bit of gossip also lends
strength to the report. It may not be al
j together forgotten that before the Empe
! tor’s marriage he had hold fur many your*
! intimate relatuns with Mrs. II by
whom he had two children. WiKi/the
, Kwperor married, the lady was handsomely
provided for and sent to England, where.
1 before long, she was married. The nur
riage did not turn out a hippy one, and
Mrs. Howard returned to Paris. There ia
no doubt that this lady h*d the character
of being very clever, and pf advising Lou.*
: Napoleon, at the desperate cri.i* in bis Lie.
lin such a manner, as when acted on, led
j ultimately to kia elevation to the French
j throne. Nut long since is was announced
! that the Kmperoi was in the habit tif leav
ing Compiegue late at night by special
I train, and appearing in Pari*. It now p
-i pears that Mr*. Howard is the attraction.
I and that after a la pee of years, she has re
j n*ed her away over Louis Napoleon’*
[mind, an i is once more biyoounaidlur-it.-
■ chief. Hence, perhaps, the whispers of tbo
hour take tb*ir rise — lxmdon Cerrrryon
dent of the JriaJi Time*
Ststrw of FpfcLorova —General J< hn
•°n is said to have established a new system
of granting forloughs, which w..rks well.
Nu regimental or company officer can get
i \ furio S pt *> IraVe# behind him
S three officers of the regiment or
and no private is entitled to a furlough
unless he leaves thirty non-cotiinii**ionr , d
officer* aud private* in condition for rr,
\ice, and oue furlough is issued for eve*>
thirty meu in the company. The result of
libie is a general and lively interest in keen
! U P effective force of the arn.y.—/fJG
nxond Whig. , y
! Ax Editor ix Trourlr —Toe rec-fif
exposure of the-, progamiee of the Allure
operations of the Army f the P....„u nc,
;in a letter from Washington. puMi-h. d
iin <he N-w Turk VttnfeSr. and recopie*},
it pert, in the Transcript , f q ncsdir
' oveiiing, has oceaawn-d—writes c
t-i respondent of ifae New Vork # ndd ~
s much vzcitctne.it among the military au
tliwic*. and fc is said that an order hsa
i bees ii turd for the anvid and in career*-
tin in Fort Lafayette Of He. bwinfm.,
oac of the edit*. of the Times, wU |
; charged with the authorship.
| Tux Nkorok*—Says a Hilton Hoad cor
respondent of the New Turk
cannot yet fully eatimate the pcec'-tify nr
.'Loot, flue of ih-in sail; -That
f of the fwmity-fourth i* a regehr 9e?e*fa
fH* told vs to work, and that is what rbw
Seccsh told us.”
i ~ wm r. /w * ram* i
1 *■’■ A.-*a to m RxLfmro -
It is styled mat General Grant !*a i d
gmpued tj Gen. INReck that General
poster. who is **uffori> g from bis
lm *k, r. ,i. u r:. ,!SS;
that either C,, u . Scl-Seltf or
Pherson 'be iurnirdistrlr assigned to that
i * ,
number of prl*.|ier* at
' •"J 1 * appears from tkm /f Mr.
1 'ood, the Soprriutvndcut, to hv Dili.

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