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•or TV pul Ikathm ** the Convection;
Bill, v an pfiverthanoec*. t .grthrr wffb •**’
confirmed pro* of lend advertWrjr. cmn- j
w. to aside apologise l *' r ™^ cf *’ |
for scarcity wf #e*dug nutter Wa:.i of.
apace e*d Ifpe <Kll likely em.iir.ne u* in .
Uh fit n a Hots for the next two or three |
tv-ek*. and is the meantime, ** b p 5 tk * {
further indulgence of onr
Stamped* cxtreerdiwary- \
During the pa t few days. *V..t 100# |
fl'ivoe have, stampeded ft"™ ****' *'* * .
Uiit county.' ami quite a mmi of free j
r.f-cme*, ww learn, have juried thou. Men. !
•nrofn %ri| c.:Wn*n liAra Iweu l;k-n. and!
the ‘ l-rar and ‘Jb loyal’' hare, alike, br-ei. j
•afferent. Them negroes hare b~ n taken 1
iS Its steamer*. an I ura carried, it ia Hated, j
to Fortress Monroe.
Unitary Arrests- ' |
We learn • hat Messrs. Wtn K. toe..
Thomas M Shadrieit. John .€uyth*r. j
J.,|u Sbadrick and Dr. Thomas A. Lynch .
wt-re arrested by the Military during la* i
week. The three former hare been releas
ed, and the two UUcr arc s*5U held as prison
ora The charge* against these partka-ere
unknown to u*.
Released* . , . |
Wm. Stewart, who *** arret-ted by the j
Military ah ml tw> week* siikc, ho* been r * i
Uwed and in m-w at home.
- - 1 —*
the Draft
lu view of the fact, thnt it i* proposed (
la postpone tb- draft in this Stitt* to the,
ftrat of April next, w think, the lime gir.-n j
ih should he employed in run king pre para-*
lions to meet it. In several caur.ties, the |
County Ccmiuisaioncr* have already ojadr :
arrangements to relieve the people, hy the j
appropriation of money to facilitate re* |
eruting. We do not bell ve each ao mr.e j
would be pr*cti*;ahle here, even if our I
debt-ridden people were aide to b-ar in- j
created taxation. Hat. we are satisfied, !
much relief rati be afforded, if a prompt
effort shall be iir*de in the right directmii.
Wa propose, that the County Coutmiasion
er* shall take steps to ascertain the num
ber of negro recruit* obtained in this coun
ty. that we imy he duly credited hy them
The law entitle* us to this relief; and when
it in known that more thin 500 able-bodied j
negro men have left us Utterly, it is fair to ;
presume that a sufficient number have en-1
listed is the United State* service to fill the
entire quota for the county. The quota !
for this District is estimated at and j
that for this county will ho about 800 If,
this propost lion shall be adopted by all thej
onuotiesin the District, we doubt wbt-iher :
there will be a necessity for a draft stall |
Let doe attention, therefore, bo given to j
this matter, and we arc sure much good will
result from it.
The Wen*.
Want f sj*a.-e forbid* n fr-*m furnishing: ;
our readers with a lull mmnufy ot the *
n '.v .' the pa.*| work. A considerable en- j
has fereo fought in Flori-ia. anil i
has n-anUcul, w- ar tohl, in a seven- IVh-ra! !
reverse. Girresjemdents of leading North* ■;
ern journals put the Fdleral lossni from 12C0
to 1600, and s ane hint that it is even ormier. ;
r fleet ve as it was ‘-hoped and ex|iecfed, ,r and j
ltbi< f.ct is nPrihutcd the k*w of five piei-cs
of artillery. Two steamers were likewise!
lost in this expt-liiUti.
Gen. yiicrmjvn’s expedifjon • still reported j
to be n-ar Mere* lut. an I all previous reports ;
tf wurcesM* ars as premature or !
taac;era f e*l CJen Smitii’s. cavalry s-vj edi-;
winch, after |crformiu e-ruin o*aer j
servi©'. was. tu have joined Miprman, ha* liceti
defeatni by a superior fi ree, untlor F-*rre.t j
others. A lorjsetlo raid has also been j
made ujmn the Cliarh-atun llnckudin fleet,
and a War-steamer, tlie 11-onrd-nic. ha* lyen i
sunk A late report abs states that fighting ’
Is hmrriy expected at Dalton snd on the Kn- j
pidan, as the Federal forces are tw making I
offensive demonatratimis in Iwth tliese depart-j
Tnciits. The Richmond papers cimrn that,
Sherman’s expedition has either returned or j
has “di*priMd. n Report* from Sherman are ■
no conflicting, however, that we can hardly j
. n-lv upon anything ih.il reaches u*.
Ths war between the German and Danes is still i
prog refine, without material charge in thej
<Mu of affairs.
The pruccedinga in Congress and the Ma
ryland Legislature are devoid of special in
Quid fat new wiling at 16A.
A BILL entitled. An Act to provide j
ftr the taking the sense of the jk*o- |
pic upon the call of a Convention to frame
a new L v onstitutiou and form of government;
for this State, to provide for the election
of Delegates to fluid (invention and the
aaseatbliog thereof.
Section I. Be it enacted hy the Gener
al Assembly of .Varylaud. That on the first!
Wedaccdaf of April nest, at the came
place* where tho poll* are by law h< Id in
the acw*ral oountit s and the city of Balti
more fbr the elect ion of delegates to the
General Assembly, every pera-m eulitled
to vote fine delegates to the General A
reably shall vote upon the question of the !
call of a <Lti vention to frame a now (X nsfi-1
tuftnu atad form of government, hy express-1
lag in writing or iu printed. Jsrm, on the t
mum ballot he may east for dt legatee to •
raid eoaveathm, the word*, M fcr a Om-1
vcDtioo” **or against a 6bn rent ion,” as the j
oast may bo, and ia ease there eh<mld he !
any beHota east without the designation ;
hereinbefore proscribed, the same shall noi l
ho waikd either for or against a (bnres-1 1
tiflSi bwt o separata return sbnll be mode of j
the amae by the judges of eWeOM ha afbre- j
pAlj tod ittat at the ataia tkciieo the ie-•
j tfa! voter* of (Hits Stale by bill't,
elect delcffateA to the twi CctMitWS.
j whose qualification* h*ll be hc ssoit- ns
| thow* now requir**! for a seat in bc lloiih*
of Dt-It-yafes, sod caob ceua*y au-1 the city
jof Baltin*urw -1.1 l be entf tM • elect tlm
some number *f d*h gate* to tb* 6*n
veation as the* tragr have rtapj-cttiply o
■ both Houses of the General Assembly of (
' Jlfarylan.l; and it shall b-* the datjf (if th I
f the M-Vvril ccoallies and of th f ;
city Bfihtmnm, to gtv n*:iee of said j
<lce f ion, in tbc sutre manner i‘l for the j
! rsujs let-rli of t : ;ne as i #now r. quircd i* j
I the election of deh-fwtes tc the G.-m ral 1
i Assembly of thii* Sta;e. aivd that thr *cr-,
! crvl judges of **l ction of riii* S’*te shall rc
i ccivo. sccurutoiv count, and duly mum. .
nuniln-r ir t> .lk*> >- v c iHt, to the s**ver- i
al cl**rks of-tl**- fTrc-jit TViuits of this Nil', j
and to the clerk f i.jc suporiur c urr ot J
Hal'iiuore city, tespcctivcjy. who shall, j
within ten days after said election, msiku a ;
duii return tu lhc G'>veiur, cf jhe t)uu-1
Tier of ballots cnstf.rand against th- - ' esTlofi
a convention, and of the number of blank
l**all‘*t> cs*t, and also of tisc HUiiiber of bal
lots east far the several person* v.ite-J for a>
dt Iffgute* to said ao i in ease
auy t|gaiiiz“d military r armed lures of;
the United At-le* kUhU appear at the* placet J
where .be polls shill le held, aielbhall in-j
i-rlere wiib said uuK ss such mili- j
iary or armed fnroc .-hall hr calhd out ly ,
■ ilie judges of election r oth'-r civil author-;
1 ity ciiatged with lb preset 1 a*iun of thej
peace, (be said judger *f elect inn shall, j
under oath, certify to the. Governor iueh }
unwarranted n/tlttniy interference with said j
diction, in such electi- diiurict or
cine*, and the Governor shall immediately ;
I * hereupon ord*-r a new tUe'iv-n for d>:lo- |
; j;ates in ssi-i coiivi nliotJ, slier ten day*’j
| ii&iicc, to Ih- given by the as a.oru-'
*aid, in flm.h election disti iirl or precinct, I
and such new eKictian abail be livid aud |
conducted in the u:nnrr and term bereiu-•
before provided; ami the Governor fhali i
older a new eh-ctiun lor from,
line to time, as often as such iil?g:i! >
military nr armed ititi rf.-reuec with the *
election shall bn celt-fid <0 him a* a lore-|
>di<j; but such i-rd. r ot tnhrs for such new ;
election r cScciiouw shall not interfere j
wish hinder or delay the assembling of,
•aid convention a- herein previded, if it j
shall r.ppear from the count a majority i
of all the votes east iu the election districts j
and pn-riucts. where no su-h illegal iniii- I
tary or anm d inteifereucc shall be certified j
to have taken place, are in fav* r ot the caul j
of sneh convent ion under thin act; the sad I
jadgea in the return shall certify that,
no organized uiititary or oh>’r armed force j
had appeared at the place whore the pdlsj
had bccu in Id and li.tirferrsd with the said]
doeticn, unless such military furoe shall be j
called lor by the said judge* of election, or j
by other civil authority charg-d with the
preservation of the pi-ace, and in ea*c of
such military interference within any elec
u*u district .if the counlie* .r prremc* in the
city of llailimorv* to. be certified by Hie
judges of t!eilioi. under noth, it shall be j
ti.e duty of the G vrnor t oixler a new |
elecli-'*:, after Un tlsys* notice in said eh-c-!
tiou district <r precinct, hut such return and!
order if a new shall not interfere!
nith the s inbling of toe G.nreutioo i
hrri-tu provide|; pp.vi Ind. U-,wcer, Hint at !
! least sixty-five member* •hall l)c elected hc j
cording ?** tlic provisions of this act, before;
oid Cuuvcuthtti siiail urgHuizo, au.l proceed
to hu-inesi*; provided futlhvr, that fifty mem*
1 Iwrs at least -h id tie necessary to ronvtiiule
a qu*>runi after urg.nizaion; and the judges!
of election shall at said ilccttoo ftilmir.Utet
the <ulh or afnrrnsii-*n I every person of
| icring to vo'.e, whose vote shall be ehuilemted
lon ti.e ground that si.ch person has rvl
: in the n.-bci army, *r bus either directly or
1 indirectly given aid. p-uufort or encourage
i meiit to lliiwe in arn.**d icldhou against the
| Government of the United bUtes, or i* for
! any otuer reason not a legal vt.ier in the
j manner and form provi'lcl hy section twen
ty-one, of article thirty-five, of lie Code j
i Tubiic Oenmil I hw, nluting in election-;
| and a judge or judgis •* electi.m, failing U
| onuqdj with tii provisions •! this act, shall
he liable to the wune peuaUien a* he or j
I they vvciild le hy the nnn-cniupli nc with j
the cxi.ti:ig election laws of this tit ate.
Section 2. And belt enactod, That as j
scon as the Governor slnii receive the re- J
turn of the number of ballots cast in this
.State lor or against a convention, nnd the *
blank ballots cast, it shall be the duty of j
the Governor to count and cast up the
saute; and if, upon casting up and count
ing said returns so as aforesaid made tu
him. it shiill appear to the Governor that
more votes have been csst by the l**gl
voters of this Stale in favor of ‘he call of
a convention than have been east against
the call of a convention, thou it shall bo
the duty of the Governor to issue his pro
clamation for the h-dding and assembling
; of said convention, and of the delegates
; duly elected thereto, at the time and place !
I hereinafter specified.
i Section 3. And belt enacted. That in j
case a majority of tho ballots cast shall be
in favor of the Call of a convention as afore
said. then the said convention shall meet at
the city of Annapolis, on the last Wednes
day of April. in the year eighteen hundred ,
' and sixty-four, and shall continue iu session
' from day to day until r.he business for
I which said conveution shall have been as
' seat bled shall be fully completed nnd Uni.rii
-1 c-d. and said convention shall have full,
j power and authority to determine on the
validity of the election and qualification of
its members; and the ooni|*.-usattun of the
delegates to said convention shall be five
! dollars per day, and tbe mileage allowed to
i members of the General Assembly of this
Stall; and (be said convention shall have
power to appoint such clerks and other
officers as may be deemed ncc-ssary to
facilitate the transaction of tbe buinei of
the convention, mud to fix their compensa
tion, and the Treasurer of the Stale of
! Afar* laud shall, upon the order of the
i President of said convention, pay to each
; member thereof tbur per dunii and mileage
!as hereinbefore provided, nnd shall aUo
pay lo tbe officers of said convention, upon
the Order of the President, such compensa
tion ss the convention shall! allow; provid
ed. It shall be the dory of the Speaker of
the House of Delegates, and of the Presi
dent of tbe Senate, to provide a reporter of
the debates nnd proceedings of said con
vention, who shall set on tel the raid con
tention shall provide it* own officer#.
r *
S -e*' n 4 Ami be !* *6*oled. That b*-
! f*r* <y neW *r of M)<l eo**we- ;
i i..n shall enter op n the di.-eharg.* of hi* {
I liitre*. he shall lk and talnW Wf*we ;
jtho Governor f this .Slat*, who if hereby
authorise! to administer the mom. the
following oath nr effinwitlon; •*! d* swear ;
or affirm i hat I w : U. to the best of y kil! j
and judgment, diligen’lv and faithfully. ;
i without partiality or prejudice, liselacjß|
I the du:i rf member m the
fr iine a c or l .*?>♦! tutl’lU a:jd f.HISI
j . iiiicn:; th it I will support the nilMflß
j lion of lire United Slate*, and will
: fl and bear true allegiance to the
, f .)/aryUrt<i a?. <i the (t of the [
| Unite 1 States, any law or ordiWaßee of any
| Stole to the contrary notwithstanding; and
i that I have never, either directly ur in
; dlreetly, by wortl. act r deed, given any
f aid, or encouragement to those in
re-H. l!i>u gain*t the G>verumsnt of the
: Doird States; and this 1 sweat voluntarily,
1 wsth* nt any menUl reservation or quaT-S-: i
frion whatever, so help me God;"* and that'
i ihs Governor shad trsMsuutftb) the siid.
I convcnliou. as after the organ?* iti *n
! thereof a may He practicable. a jnt of the i
! members and •.•{Beers who shall .hare lakej
i and sub-cribcd the oath as aforesaid; and }
j that no pci.-on elected as a delegate to said
i convention shall le authorised or deemed ,
j qualified to enter upon the discharge of hi-,
duties as iu.di until bo shall have taken and ,
i subscribed the oath as af u-ossdd; and that,
i any Senator or Delegate may by eligible to
I a seat in said convention, but thatTOS Sena-;
. tut or & pragma*ive in the f7ougr&y^rfth<^
I United S ate*, or Judge oflmH9h|
cWurt, fWpviior effort,
I pha<, or criminal court of the city ot Iwf" *
j tur>re, ci'*rki of said c**nr!*. Register of |
j Will*, or Sheriff, shall ba eligible to said;
[ convention. # J
1 Action 5 And be it enacted. That it,
| any vacancy or \ataoci“9 occur by d’H’h, !
i rcjMgtia'ton, or otherwise, in either of the ,
i dolcira:ous herein before provided for. j
j .-iiii. r b dure or after the qualification of.
i Haiti d!**.ttß, the sheriff of the county or niy .
; of Buittm .re, itt whose delegation auch vacancy J
j 00*12', sit *!|, uiHUi inloruialion there .f by
; t:J delegation. by the preside.il of *uid yn- j
J ret:lion, r by the Governor of he State, im- j
i :ri(abutciv issue puhSie. nol're for a *pe**isi e!a*.* j
I in>u lo be Sidd it lire usual places •( holding ,
■ election* in said county or cuy, not less than (
i five nor more than ten days a*ter void notice, tor
| the purpose of supplying such vaennay. 11
I erection t. And Uit wine led, ibat the Con- ! ,
( solution and form of Government adopted by |
the .aid Convention, as uforevaid, te sub- ;
1 mit'ed lo ibe legal and qualified voters of the [
j State, lor their adoption or rejection, at such j
\ luae, in B'irh manner, and subject to such rules |
and regulation* ns ..aid Convention may fre
j sen e, and ii.< provisions hereinoe oro cuntai: -
' til , for the qualification ofroteis, and the hold
jmg of ibe provided in the pr%ioua
, aecnoas #!' tide aci, aha-i be applicabia to the
j rice non lo be hold under ibis section.
• Avciron 7. Aod be il enacted. That in case
■ of any refusal or negleat of any of the
wt* election, or ot any rleiks of the conn, or of
any .•heriir <f any county or Itallimore cHy**bi
make any of the returns, or perform any of
duties required of mem reapecitvely by the pro
vumr-i of this act, tuch judge, clefK or sheriff,
i so refining or neglecting, .shall he li,h!e to in
j diriment for snrh offen ie. and upon cacvt'don
■ iHereof, shall b deemed guilty of a miaie
j mr-Atior, and be eenlenced lo a fias of not lesa
■ than five hundred dollars, and to im priori men l j
!in ihe jail of the city or county where such
: offence may hive been commuted, for a term of ;
! not ie.-s than six momiis.
bcciion 8. And be iienactel, That when the ,
Governor shall receive the return of the nuni
i.er o* ballon cant in this Slate for the adoption
cr rejection of the Conalitulun *uhn!itied by ;
Convention to the people, if opon ciMinting d ■
catiit|T up the returns as made io him a* liere
iiibefore prescribed, il shall appear that a ma
jority of the votes cast at said election are
in favor of the adoption offheanid Constitution, j
he shall itsne hi* proclamation to the people of
the State, declaring the tact, and he ahull lake
such steps as shall Is requited by the said
Constitution to carry the same into ful. opera
tion, und to supersede the old Conatitnuon ot
this Sinie. ..
Section 9. And be it enacted. That all ballot*
cast at any of the elections to lx held under the
j.roi iaions of tbi* lv, shaM be written or print- j
etl on white paper, and any bai'ol or ballots .
wntfen or punted on colored paper, shall not j
received bv anid judges of election; and this j
act nhiill be published / under the order of the
Governor, in three of the new|*a|*en in the
city of Baltimore, one of them to be a P a P* r
ptiiued in German, and one in each couuty
where a newspaper is printed, once a week for
three weeks before ihe day of election.
Section 10. And be it enacted. That thia act
j anal! take effect from the day of it* passage.
j Feb uary Brd, liitid—Sw.
Headquarters for Recruiting
Colored Troops,
(Second Stout.) I'wteaxceon Chahle* St., j
Opes from 7 a. m. to 12 p. *.
ALL information in rogaril to this branch i
of the public service will be given *1 j
I there Heal quarter".
j All *r.up(l colornl men, b‘twecn tlic ages of j
I 18 anil 45, Kind or free, will be cnliste<| and j
| mnetere*) into the TTnitml States Service,—!
Free Wen will lie paM Three Hundred DeHart
Uiutity by the Slat# of Maryland, nl if re
siiiit ot the eity of BaitOH.n* *-i* monrhH
prior to enlistment. Two Hundred snore, bv
Ihe city. Slaves will receive p<*rs..nully from
the State each One Hundred D ( dlars. The
master gets frmt the State One Hundred Dol
lars ami. if loyal, Three Hundred from
| United State*.
Recruiting station* are being e*abKs)ie:l s
fast a* possible, in central hicaliile* all over
tiie Statei Each county will be duly enabled
fur all colored tr>p* raised within their
prup-r limits, and l*r all accepted reerniis
sent t Baitim >re in charge of citizens of such
counties, or by oilier jiersous who will make
the ptojicr representation*, showing wliere Ue
recruits llong. The sum total of nil colored 1
rerruil* will be crrhteJ to the State on br
The number enlisted already at Baltimore
is so large that partis from the country a r .
advived not te scud any lu the city until after |
the 28th uit, when they cat. have more!
prompt attention (bau is possible at the pre j
sect lime.
Colonel S. M. BOWMAN.
Chief Mustering and flecrnitirg
Officer ter Maryland.
March Id, 1864—Sw.
LeonardT*mn,Si.Mmry's C*.,Mrt,
Will praci&ev ia dk Mary ’*ad rbeadHalae
•iMtf HI lift
ifWITIX Farm oiWHetn* ona humlnin and
L|P twenty screw sh" best q iality P
soil of neM" bu i: ° ,l# un *
acre- (J* tiobod) of WooJ. a;*d Tim-
Wjf. > p t*° ( tvo miles fe w
rf and Lan iiug uor T , it,iio*i*li of the
rPaliiXfut Uiror. Saint Miry** County,
>ld . wb re r-auHot couvajranoe. to*eid
from Balliniore. affordol pwuji.iy
twice or thrice a wee-k. The* s ’il c? th '
one hundred eud twenty \< a* c ->i
l a* mn;d Is* for ihe production of
gartb-o vog'-labb-i and cro*>* c-unnioii to
the oountv. D his no hon**** mi it. Any
desiring su *h a vnihi'il-* pi co • f
land cn take p*.vge front Biltiortc on
■ cTffifr' boats fnr MT-stone
Wharf, when M-. Vales, at the Wharf,;
or Mr. IL bert Tb nio*o;i. or Mr. Wts**.
adjoining the laud, will >h *w the land for .
On my Judaud etHe. lym? on
Suith*a creek. which empties into the Po- ,
tonne River, th'Tc arc nearly one huu- ;
dr*d acres covered with suuc heavy tim
ber, the be.-it of pile limber and the b‘-;4 of
w*i!tl for c >rd w> d I will s* li th-'growth,
but n O4 thsi lamb N*t a s*;ck of this
timber will averngi* sn bauiiits: twa hurt
to the cu-ck, which U a e-kh]
Bmp n^Hi frorn tW ive i •
witer at al! limes Or. if any
vr**ll recommended man is inclined to saw
up the timber into building lumber. — j
which is in demand everywhere. nuJ at
Fuint Look out, only six mi Us off by wa
ter—the timber trees may Pa: •*•• out up — .
I-takiug far my pay one half, io luiji:* r. ;
The S-iW-mili can be placed near tilt-creek j
aud in the midst f lh*‘ timber. Mm It of:
my hall:’ of thx lumber will ->■; wauling on ,
the farm for building.
For terms, apply to ure. al Lsounrd
Town, iSI Mary’s County. M l.
il. G. S KKV. 1
March 3rd, ISBl—3t.
[Tho B iltiiuore Daily Gazette nod //am- >
motul Gazette will puhiiib onco a week f**r
three weeks, and send bill to this office lor
payment, immediately ]
Real Estate.]
- *• i
BY virtue of three writs of verdid ni (
eTpbr.ax. issued out of the Circuit ;
C>.'rl f'-r Saint If try’s Cvnnty, on* !
at the suit Bernard L ll.tyden. m ; of ( !
W Ward, one t, the suit i-f (.*urge W j
Howard <k (Jo , one attire euit of suine;
against the good* ami chattels, lands and
tenements uf (} Fred. Midd- x. Benjamin |
G Harris *tid Joseph H Maddux; nd r.y !
virtue of two writs of vendi'i nd * xp-oiis '
issued nut f the Circuit Court for Saiui j
Mary’s one at the suit ofLoker <i I
Abell; one at the suit of R’nditrd IT Mil-s j
against thcgrKfds and chattels, lands and j
tenements of George A Simms, Id Fred \
Maddux aud Benjamin G Harris; and b\ i
virtue of three writs of venditioni exponas, j
issued out of tire vdrcult Court fos* Sain! j
Mary’s County, one at the suit of the Pro- j
fe*snr of Saint Mary’s Seminary, in the j
city of Baltimore; one ar the suit of Richard
11 Miles; otic at the suit of the Saint M iry’s ;
Savings Institution; ngaiust tire gorels and
chattels, lands and tenements of G Fred i
| Maddox and Benjamin G Harris; and by
virtue of one other writ of vcmliiioul exp*v
1 nas, issued out of the Circuit Court fr St
Mary’s County, at the Suit of J Edward
Bird & Bro., ue of Judith K against
the goods and chattels, lands and tenements
of George A Simms, G Fred. J/iddox.
Benjamin G Harris and Joseph II J/addoz.
aud to me directed. I have seized and taken
in execution all the light. title, interest,
claim and d**m:iwd. at law and in equity
of the said G Fred Afuddox. George A
Simms. Benjamin G Harris and Joseph H
.Vaddox in and to the following property,
to wit:
I sorrel mare; 2 gray horse*; 1 horse
(Dick): 1 bay marc; 1 yoke of oxen; 4
I cow* and calves; 1 hnU; 34 head of sheep; j
1 wagon; 1 ox carl; 3 buggies; 1 cider mill; |
a.l the farmiug itupieuicuts on* “Gram-i
piim;” I bay hors*; 3 colts; 1 c'*w; 31
1 heifers; 1 yoke of oxon; 1 b. burse; I pair !
I mules; 7 young oxen; 2 yoke of oxen; 1
, bull; 4 cows; 17 head of sheep; I horse
| earl.
Also, one tract or parcel of laud, called
aud kuowu as—
containing r
70 acres,
more or less;
One House and Lot, in Leonard Town;
One Store-house and Lot, in Leonard
Town ;
Due office, in Leonard Town;
One tract or parcel of land, called nod
known as
| 264 acres,.
more or leas
Aud, 1 hereby give notice, that on
FRIDAY* 25<A Jay of March inst.,
at the Court House door, iu Leonard Town,
between the hours of 9 o’clock, a in., and
5 o’clock. p n., 1 will expose to public
portion the above described property, so
seised and taken iu execution. to the big hot
bidder for ca*h. Also to satisfy qporra*
•gats on same.
Late Sheriff
Jfhreb 3rd. 1964-ts.
, ! late siiKOirrs itis or
VA I. Vi It!. F,
real estate.
BY virtue if fiv* writ* of ren-1 ll ni *xn--
>St Marv’s C?unv. at the suit of the
Stale of Maryland. tire instance and for
I the a*** <d W Dryden; one at
dpqit ..f the State **f M irvlm l. at He m-
I stance end forth- use f Carter Aft Thos
W Hall; otj <? at the suit of the Stute o*
Mafvinn 1. the in-tanca and fur the
of George Hunt nud other-; one at the suit
.uf thfcjinf of Maryland. * he instance
and f*r the use v( Willmm McCann; one at
tire < *uit *if the Slate of Maryland, nt
inafam-e aa*i f*r tre n-e of Si J*•*** C*d
li-re of L! j Allrta** *nd Thomas n
:G*H!jfh; sisiost tho g*od ud chattels.
an! tenement< f LI J AMstan.
|>Uidel T Morgan. Th mere W Gaagh and
( John T Clarke; au i by virtue of one wni
jof venditioni exp-nta*. i--*l out uf the
i (?irruil (Jourt for .st Miry s County. :t lb*
suit of the St Mary’s Savings’ Institution,
i against the goods and chattels, lands and
| tenement* f Thoma* W G >ugh. Joseph
; Forrest and Bennett H Abell; aud by virtue
(of into writ of venditioni expend*, issu'd
j out of the Circuit Court for Saint Mary’s
j Conuty, *t the suit of the Saint Mary’s <
Saving* Institution agni***? the g *>J *id i
fhairels. Jand" an I tenements m Tbos \\ j
wG.e*gh and Joseph F >ire-l; and by virtu • j
of one wiet of venditioni exponas issu.-d ■
out of the (’ireiiii (’"Uil far Saint Mary’s :
| county, at the suit of the State inMiry- •
,bn i. ihe instatice and for the use <f
Jam-* S Downs, against the good* and
ichattels, lands and tenements *>f M I’
B’akistone, Thomas \V G*tuh and James
T Biak:stiie; ami by virtue of one other
tviil of vendi’ioui exp uias. issued rut <f.
i the Circuit Court f-r St Mary’s county, al ;
the siiir of J£ Leo Spalding ft Co , Hguiti-t •
. the guilds and chat?; !s lauds and ten—
i urent* of Thunia* U Gough; and to in- .
. directed. I have soiled and taken in exe-;
, l u'h n all the right, title, interest, claim {
; a >•! 'Liuand. a? law and in equity, of th [
■Siid LI J Ail.-t.tn, Daniel T -tfjrgan, Joh.t j
T Clarke. Joseph Forr'-t. B■•nsndr it
. Abell. M P Bicki.-t“ne, In> ** T Blaki- i
stone and Tlioma* W Gough iu and to th j
following properly, to wit:
J One traet *r jaroc! of laud, criled and
known by the name *>f
• BbLt lUEi: E,”
I . .
| CttllUllilUg
694 acres,
more or !ca :
t And. I hereby give notice, that on
j TUURSDA Y, the 24/A diy if March j
instant, , j
at the Court House door, in Leonard T->wp. j
, Krtwcou th** hours of U o’chick. A Af. and j
.'UoVioek, P -V. I will expose l public !
1 lUdion the ab.sve deocrilied properly. ;
; *eiz*d and faki'ii in execution, to the !
highest bidder for cash. Also to satisfy |
officers’ 0 -sis on same
* Late Sheriff. j
! 3rd. 1864—■? -*
Personal Pkoplrtt.
i ■ ■
BV virtue ofo ( je writ of Fieri Facia*, issu
ed <-u' >f the I'ireiiit (Jotirt for St. Mary’s I
jl3-uitily, at the suit of James K.
I'.urviving partner >f Hubert Milhu n .
• against the gs>l.< and chattel*, land* and renc
i m-nl* of Thofi.as ii. Alvcy, and to me direct- I
■ *’d, I have hi ized and taken in execution all I
j ihe r.ght, title, interest, claim a id demand, at j
, U'v and in *>qnitr. .ff the said Thom * II |
! A Ivey in and to the following property, I
j wit : j
i 1 crop of Tobacco (iu Rarr.s); 1 Yake of *
! Ox<*n; 1 (*x C*rt; I liny Horse; 1 crvp of
j Wheat (now growing); 1 •„*’; 7 ,shoat*.
And, 1 I crel'v give noti‘,f, that n
SA TL- 12 DA 1, the 2n d day of April next .
on the premise* of fh<* *rdd Th i If. Alvcv. [
1 ts-twren the hours of 9 o’chick, A M., and £ j
j oVlot'k, I*. M , T will exp ete Ut public auction I
j tlie ataive described pu*|H rty. mi m-ieciJ and
(taken iu exe-uuoa, to the highest luol.r I. r
‘ cah. Al*u, to &atis*v c wts oa sune
March trd, lßJ4—ts.
BY virtue of one writ of Fieri Facia*, is
sued out of the Circuit Caurt for Cjaint
Mary’* County, at the suit ol tho State of
Maryland against the good* and chattels,
lands and tenement* of John B. Flower,
j John T. Moore wad Hubert Ford,
1 and lo mo directed, I hare
seized and taken in execution *U the
right, title, interest, claim and deman I, at j
law and io equity, of the said John B Flow
er, John T Moore and Robert Ford iu aud
to the following property, to will;
| interest iu wheat machine; 1 wheat
fan; 1 wheat rake; 1 yoke of oxen; 1 ox
cart; 4 old plough*; 2 cultivators; 2 (dough
gear.-; 2 canoes; 2 wheat cradle; 1 side
board; 1 cup-board; 5 old chairs 1 writing
desk; 2 cows; 2 Heifers; 1 yuan** ox; 13
sheep: 10 buib>; 1 Gray Mare; 1 Bay Colt;
1 Black colt; ) small coil; 2 Bed* and
Bedsteads 1 small bedetead; 1 corn shel
ter; 1 Iron tooth harrow; 1 crop of wheat
(now growing); 2-3 of a crop of Rye (now
gre wing); 2 sqw*; 10 sboat*; 2 grubbing |
j trees 1 bon Pot; 1 safe; 1 lot uf tobacco. j
And, I hereby give but ice. that on
THURSDAY , the 31 st day of Much
: on tbe premises of the said John B Flower, ’
] between tbe hour* of 9 o’clock, a m.. and ;
la o’clock, p. *., I will expose to public j
auction the above describe.! property, ao
i seised and taken iu execu:ion, to the high- .
lest bidder for cash. Also ts satisfy oft-1
oeis eosts on same. j
i sWiff.
j March ltd. US4-*.
LATE SUKT'trrX SM.S r)y -
I at: Mf.st.mk,
BV virtue of tlir writ* of .
-*f the r, 'T.
f.ourt fLe Sun* M -tv’* f * Minty, n n „ t
•nit of it-nrye ftrenr; .U •at " th* gn j, I.
John K U'**W nr *h *ri|
, of Ann M Wo-Mlwaiid; aptin-t the e.w.|'
and ch-lt*d.s. lauds and oit* *>f jj. r
naiM L Hayden. and o me directed a
•••it **! nnd ’tkcn ::i (locution *!J f J,. r j ?li ,
• tiilej inter u*t- ciaim ami d- U nnd
! null ill M| |I*T. of th* *.ll H nurd f, H, v .
#lcn in mud to the following proper to
0n trat rtf p.i-pi l of 1 m 1, cj!!#,}
! known ly th* name -*f
This (and i* located on the
’ Hiv -r. in ihc Factory DUlrict. in ihiseoait
> ty. and contains
10 acres,
j • : *•
morf nr lew,
| \n i. [ hereby |five indie*. that uu
iTHI’RSDAT, tfi 24Ui day *f Marrh in ( |.
j at flic Court House door in Lmn tr I Town,
f MHrom the hauni f 9 ’:?lo ?k. a ni.. v><i
• .>u’block, pni .1 will expo*’to puMie
: -iaction tin* above described property, so
| seix-d and taken in ex-ca'.i *n. to th*- high*
i cst hi idet for ci-h Al*>* to satisfy r*’
I costs on same.
Late Sheriff.
; March 3.1. 1*34-*.
L A TE S UERjrf' S S.l /. ff
lIY virtue *f one writ of venditioni rxpa.
J o*s issued out of tip* OitVllit Curt f..f
; iaint Marv’s iWntv, at th* v.nt m X*-4k.
i liarris k C i-.vii't th* grinds and chaUel*.
j landxnod •#?*# .1 \ViHianj Hrwa*t. at: {
jt '■ lir ;le 1, I hav s."z 1 and taken i*
I -xecution oil the ri’#*. title, iiiier*t. cUin
! an t drniaud. at law nd in e*| nrv. of the ;ni
i William Stewart n> and t. toe hdiownig pr**>
j i-rnv, tm wit;
! 0 tract or pirerf V land, called and
j known by the name nf
Thi > land i* heated in le>mrd Town D.’a*.
; trict, iu tai* county, and C'.'itum
8 or 10 acres,
I y
wi'rt nr l
And, I her*by rr n t.*e. that on
'< TIILfRSD.X V, the day ttf March,
instant t
j it tiie Tl'Miae d vr in r*einir ! Tnwn, h‘-
j tween *he h<*arb ~f 0 oV.-rrk, \. ii . and £
■ "’cl.H’k. P. M , I uilli-tp. •*e to pnMie anctiui
j the above pr.ipertv, mi vizal and
{ i;tken io execution, t.. tie bi l ler for
i ’ash. Alw to t.ffic.-rs' on Miine.
THOMAS f*. 17\VIS.
Late Sheriff.
{ March 3rd, 18f4
I '•ti’mtm ■.■■■ .. i naiw
BY virtu* of >*ne writ '.f Fieri Faiv
out of |tkrcnii *J *iki t..r .naiiit Man'a
! County, at the enit **f 11. I, H.irr.net -*
j arair.ot rlie g * *i> an<i clulti'U, l sb 1
1 tenements of llhindb'r F Shiw and Ms -
| tpref 1* Shan, anit r*. ni** lir.cted, 1 liavw
! seized ind taken in <>xeru*ion all the right,
(title, inter#-!, claim and demand, at law
jmJ in Pipit y. of rh said Can mil -r F Shaw
and t 1* Shaw iu and to the follow
ing pr. petty, te wif ;
1 lot of Trtbartc, (i*t Sim;) Uy
Horses; 1 je||.>w Hon.**; 2 Mules;2l Heal
*f Cattle; 1 ox -cart; 2<a-y<iket.
And. I hereby fjirc notice, that on
j TULRSHA 1 , the 3|jf iltyof Mtrch isnt.,
j on the premises of the said Chandler F Shaw
and Margaret P S|,*w. in Charlotte Hall
1 Histrici. between the h ursof 9 o'clock a.
jtu., and 6 o clock, p iu.; I will expose to
j public a union th; above described proper
j ty, so seiz -d and tak‘Ti i.i execution, to th-*
h ghesr mdJer f-r cash. Also to aii*fy of
ficers* co>tt on #arne
z . Sheriff.
March 3rd, tJ.
Election Notice.
i sttanca of ih Act *4 AMenihir. ;.*♦<)
at tha Jai. urv Sr-d,,*!, Kigt.tc#n llo.idred
itirt Sixty-Pour, entitled, -.\ Uiil entttlcd an
Act to pro/idc f.r t ikint the sense of the p*;o
--p e tp *n the cill .l < Convention to frame a
' n, ‘ K ,r, n of Government
for Una State, to j> r .,vi h- j cf the election of
lAcleojiie in *>ai<l '/.nvcitliim, and th assem**
bln.*; Ibem.f, ’ that an election will be liel.i
at tne awia! iilmm f#.r holding the Polls in
the evcral hlection Distriru of Si. Mary’#
County, J
On the FIRST WFn.VFSDA T, king
the oth day of April next,
i at which -arh person entitled to vete at elec
j tion* of Dcl.--au to the General Assembly
-bail U entitled t*. v.<e with reference to tho
' yf a C invention u# frame a rear
;C. tiitotin atel of Government, ly
# xprewsng in uritnn;, or in prrnic*! form, on
the (•allot U uuy ca*f, the wofita -for a
Convention,” < rue worda “Agamat a Co
-; veution f A* the case uuy hr; mi lin c** any
| bnUota be c.*-t m mi J election the
aim shall it le c#uiLtl. Ther- will* mlwv
• elected at die same titow, ihpre IHcgaUw W
r*-pr sent St. Mar}* Oumry iu tbo said Stare
1 CmviuUou.
; Tlic P--ii vrid lie . pen at nine o’clock A.
; SI, and be chwed at Jx <>’<*xk. |. M.
, KKariff uf St. Mary’s OmtoH'9
March td, I#M~*c. 1

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