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' ■ % ♦ ——
r fatpsK r Subs*, ri ptios.—s2.oo per au-
Bum, to Be pai4 within ix month*. ffk
*U*ipuf.ujnH be teccived for * short
er period than rix months, and no paper
be discontinued until all arrearages are
p*t<3, except at the option of the publish
Tirms • AnvaansTxo.—sl per
equate tor the first insertion, and 25
eta. for every subsequent insertion. —
Bight lines ociess constitute a square.—
If ike number insert ions he not marked
ow the advertisement, it will be publish
edemtH forbid, and charged accordingly.
A liber*! deiuetion made to loose who
tdvertieu the \ar.
A- BILL entitled. An Act to provide
fur the taking the sense of the peo
pßf upon the cull of a Convention to frame
a near Constitution and form of government
fojr this State, to provide for the election
of Del gate* to said Convention and the
assembling thereof.
Section 1. B H enacted by the Gener
al Assembly of Aferylaad, That on the first
Wednesday of April next, at the same
places where the polls are by law h< M in
(he several counties and the city of Babi
more forihe election of delegates to the
General Assembly. every person entitled
to vote for delegate* to. the General A§-
"*ly shall vote upon the question of the
call of a Convention to frame a new Ccnsli
tulioo and form of government, by express
iug in Writing or in printed form, on the I
same ballot ho may cast for delegates to
sid convention, the words, “for a Con
remioa” “or against a Convention.” as the
e.4* Aay be..and ia ense flier* l should be
any ballots east, without the designation
hureinlttfore prescribed, the same shall not
bo counted eith**rToror against a Cbnven
a ret*n .-ball He made of
* l ‘adßp*Ab|Rlijadgesf election sa afore-
Mid; and tnat it the same election the le
gal voters of this State shall, by ballot,
e!**ct delegates to the said Cinvention,
whoso qualifications shall he the sane as
those now required fur a seat in the lions
of Delegate*, and each county and the city !
*•£ Ualtiiaor.i Dull be entitled to elei-t the j
same number of delegates to th* said Cun- '
vent ton as they now have respectively in ,
hoh flouses of the General Assembly of •
dryland; and it shall be the duty-of the j
sheriffs of the several counties and of the i
city ff Baltimore, to give notice of said j
elect ion, in the same manner and for the
same length of time as is now required in i
(Ho i-lection of delegates to the General i
Assembly of ih ; * State. and that the sev
ers! judges of election of this Sfr.te shrdl re
ceive. accurately count, and duly return,
the number of bidiois so cast, to the sever
al ith-rlci of the Circuit Courts of this S*nt, i
end to the clerk of the superior court, of
Bs ,,:, M<*e city, respectively. who shall,
within ten days sJicr sai l election, make a
due return to the Governor, of the num-1
her of ballots cast for and against the cillnf
a convention, and of the number of blank ;
(*••11 lUca-t, and also of Ihe number of hal- i
lots east for the •ever*) person** voted for as!
delegates to said convention; and in case'
•ny nrg*niz"G military or armed force ofj
the United state* shall appear at the, places i
where the polls shall be held, and shall in-1
H*rfero with said election, unless such milt-;
tary oc armed force shall he called out by
•he judges of election or other civil author
ity charged with toe preservation of the!
peace, the said judges of election shall,
under oath, certify to the Governor such
unwarranted military interference with said
cltot-ou ia such diction district or pre
ciig}*, and the Governor shall immediately
thereupon order a new election for dele- •
gales to mid contention. bOer trn days’
notice, to l*e by the *h< riff ns aforo
ftftid, in meh eWlitp distnetor precinct,
and such new election shall be held and j
eonducted. il) the manner ami form herein-;
before provided; and the Governor shall ;
a new election for delegates from
time to time, as often an such illegal
military or armed interference with the!
election shall be ceitifiod to him as afore- j
said; but such order or orders for such now i
election or elections shall not interfere
wfth. hinder or delay the assembling of
■•id OMfrcwtioii os herein previded, if it
slritl appear from the that a majority
in the election districts
*hfre no such ill*- gl mili- |
ta y or Burned interference shall be cert ified j
to lave taken plane, are in fmver of the caM j
ofßeb euaventton under this act; the said
judges in the sa*d return shall certify that!
notorganised mil ear yor other armed force (
had appeared at the place wh*re the polls'
had h* Id ami iuterfernd with the said
military force shall bo |
the Mid ju.lgc of election, or,
by other civil authority charged with timj
pr—errariow-af Hie p*woc. and in rase of;
sueb tattkary interference within any eluc-j
ti.* W*&ict of thgUpnt'w* or prvainct in tin. j
u ' t‘* a flilirU by the I
ijT omt\i, il shtthfifl
ti older a new '
#kcti*m. alter ten day*’ fioUco in!*. Km) niea*|
ti i.ibiuct or pimuct, but such return and
ordi r of a new el.Ttion shall n.t interfere
, with tle of tin* Omventino ns
rbtvein provided; pr o ?.|*s|. b .trever, that at
least sixtv five im-nilurs hl*a!l 1-e elect'd ?c
ef.rd r.e ;o *i.e provisions of this net, before j
nid Omveiifw. w ail *•*••: nr) S procee!
’ t<* bits*ne* ; |mTT.I -d further, that liftv rnem
-1 Ivts at lesst •dnjli Iv* necessary to constitute
JsLa qn-trwoi after orf the htd^e
r of clrfll"ti tilwll #t *awl eleeiioti mlmiu'wrt r 1
ferine to vote. h*.rt v* !i- si all he < lHiiiet:|eed
on llegr-imd that owuh |!fr>n has served
Jinth-rel el arn.y. or has either fiirrctiy or
* imlif. ctly*;iven atJ. comfort er enconrago
, men; t- tie sc in nrnvcd retwlbon gai;.st the
j Q*vi i r rnci.t of the United States, .r is for
; vnv other reason not legal vob r in tl.c
‘ ntanner ai d f •nn provi.l***} l.y recti.n twen
' tv-one, rtf article thirty -live, *f tht* Cklu of
‘ .Public Gen* ral I sw, r to ehTti..i>;
hu.l a j d.'e it jtitlg.s of (Urtion. failing to
i C'unp’.r viih the j.noiaiom* of i!U a *t, shall
i le* li.toie t.* the same jH'iisiliies :ia be or
, they wonJd ie lv the ikmj-c.'mf li nice witli
J Ibe exi ting chs iu.o Uws of l!ii S4ak>.
2. And be it enacted, That at
soon as the Governor -hall receive the re
i turn of the number of ballots cit in ihi-*
: State for or against a convention, and the
j blank ballot* cast, it shall be the duty of
I the Governor to count and cast up the j
sain**; and if, upon mating up aroJ cmint
| i*g sat 1 relurtis as afore-nid made to
; him. ii shall r.ppr ar t<* the Governor that
j nore votes have been east by the legal
j vot.-r* of thU Stale in favor of ’he cal! of!
, a oonwntiou than have been easl against
the call of a convention, then it shail be
the duty i.f the Governor to issue hi pro- :
elsmati n f*>r the holding nid a<j*cnbling •
i of said convention, and of the delegates j
I duly elected l kero to, at the time aud place j
j hereinafter ■pc-cified.
i Section 3. And be it enacted. Tint in ,
•'case a majority of *hc ballots ea-t shall Vo!
! iti fivor of the cad • fa convention is afore-:
said, then ’ln* said convention shall mcotrt
the city of Annnp *lis, on the last Wednes
day of Ap-il in the year eighteen hundred
and stxty-four. and shall conti, ue in session •
from day to day until the business for
which mid cm.wn'i >n shall have be< n as
sembled shall be fully completed sind Gul-b-i
cri. and sniil c.m.vi shall have full;
power and aaihun.-y lo,d b nniue on the |
validity of the clcctjou ai*d quuHficaliou pf.
iu* mo tuber*; and the oompensnliou tf the!
delegati s to. sai l convention shall bo fivej
dollars per d.y. an.) the mileage allowed to ;
; members of the G* n*ral A-.-mibly >f this;
; Sfaf*; and the said convention shill have ’
| power to appoint such clerks and other!
i-afUo-rs ns may bo deemed neeens.ary to
| facilitate the transa. fion of the burincss of :
‘ the convention, and to fix their compensa-i
1 tion. nn>l the Treasurer of the S’-tato pf i
! -Vanland shall, upon tho order <*f the
! President of said convention, pay to each '
. member lh**reof their rer diem and mileage j
,• as hereit.b-fore provid-d, and shall also
; pay to the officers of said convention, upon
i the order of ih l*rsid'*nt. such compcnsa- i
* tion :,s the convention
led. it sh-ali bn the duty of the Speaker of:
j the House of Delegates, and of the l*re<i-.
dent of tb Senate, to provide a reporter of J
tha debates and proceedings of prdd eon- i
j veufion, who shall net until the said con-|
j vcnlion shall provide its own ollioeis
Seci*T. 4. And be it enacted. That be-j
■ fore aey member or dh-vr of said convcn- i
1 tion shall enter up u tli di-eharge of his}
1 duties, he shall ink-* r.d subscribe before '
: the Governor of ttv- S?ate. wfio is hereby;
; authorized to administer tho same, the
■ folhiwtng oath or affirmation ; “I do swear*
or affirm that f will, to the be.?t of my skiP
J "*jd judgment, diligently aud faithfully, i
without partiality nr prejudice, discharge ’
i the duties of member of the convention to*
I frame a new constitution and form of guv- •
■ erntnenf; that I will support the ccnstitn-1
tbn of the b nited States, and will b* faith
ful and bear true a’legiance to the State
of il/a •yland amt the Government of the'
Unite*l States, any l-w or ordinance of any l
I State in the contrary notwithstanding; and
that I have never, either directly or in
directly. by word, act or deed, given anv
aid, comfort or enernngement to those in
rebellion against the Government of ihc
United States; and this I.swear voluntarily, ■
without any mental reservation or qualifica-1
j tion whatever, so help me God;’* and that
the Governor shall transmit io the said
| convention, as soon after the organization
| thereof as may l*e practicable, a li't of the!
i members and officers who shall have takc.i!
and subscribed the oath as aforesaid; and *
* that no person elected as a delegate So said
j convention shalj be authorized or deemed
i qualified to ent.-r the discharge of his
| dado* its suck until he shail have taken and
subscribed the oath as a faros aid; aud that
j any {Senator or Delegate n.ay be eligible to
* a seat in said convention, but that uo Sena-'
| tor or Representative in the Congress of the
, Unitf<i States, or Judge of any (Tircuit
! court, Superior court, court of common.
| ph as. orcrimina' court *f the city of Haiti- j
m*>re, clerks of >id ci’nrts. Register of;
I Will*, or Sheiiff, shall be eligible tu said j
♦Section 5. And be it enacted. That if !
* any vacancy or vacanci-s occur by tit-a’h,!
; restgnndiin, ihp otherwise, in cither >f the
j delegations herein before provided fur,
either b.‘lore or aft.r the <piu : iH.aii.n of
| the shadff of !i- rouuly or eily
; Of Bnltunore, in UlicuUoq rucU |k>Tuoy t
I may occur, shn.i, upon iruonruuum thftco>f
f M.U d.'eaiion, hy 'ihi J X rcZ !
vtnuow, or Iqr il* Gonoroor of th* Sian*, j.'
mcd'aicly heoc'pnHir. notice for h *r*e“tat c!e-.-
tinr) to he held nr. the tistinl flare* *f b.v.huc
fl-ction in mid cuniflr or eiiv, nolle** than
j five nor wm-eUn*-i icn dav* *ftcr aid nouci*, for
. the pnrpnac of u)nn|i’iu sucl)
Setioo (. AJ be ii •r .cied, Thai tbeCon
j siltn'im* tt ti firm of G* crame it ndopie*! Iy
i’jc .-lod Comcmion, a* nrornaaid, ehdi *e *ul
fttiif?, ibrniuTr adaption m* refer* m, a* avrn
' t m-. in such nmnner. ai.d to * -ch rules
n.j'l an.i rs *a=i C mvcmi-m may pre
j eerier; and tiie troid;on hrre'HlHji'nrr i imiuiii
td, for llip r oil .a ’nli-m of loisis, :*nd t’ve hc*ld
i*W i*f the flemoii* provided in the prrviou*
. fwiour' of t!ii*:airt, ail b? k 1 p!ira!le to the
election to be held under ibis section.
Section 7. Ann! he a reacted. That in case
ofni.y refusal or neglect of any of t lie judges
of elcctiwo. or of m y tleiks of me court, or of
snv fhcriff *•* ..ny county or Ha! iaiore city, to
make any of :iie relirrs,or t.rrform ny qV* I lie
duties reqmr.'d of i!ien rc< >e;Hvely *y the pro
v*h!o;is of this net, sack bulge, clerK or sheriff,
I so ret'nsii " or nei. r, e sli ill lie liah-e to in
di. !■>:••.l fr.r sti'-I) cfl nec, and upon conviction
thereof, fhall htt deemed gciliv of n mlste
j in>n or, nml he *cuienrol to n fine of not less
: li.nn live iiuniired dollars,and to i>nnri:nme it
in the jaii of the c ; !y or county where tu-.*h
ofijiire may l*avcheon coa>iu:ucd, f<r a term of
i u*t loss than six m arlis.
i Secuon 8. And bf it fn#!**!, That when the
, Governor shall receive the retura of ihe nniu
.•er *>l ba!!o;s east iu this State for the adoption
( c>* rejecti >n of ih# Coii3t.tuti.in fiuhuntied bv
Convention to the people, if upon counting and
rami-.g im the returns as made to him as heife
iuhefiire jne;*:nhe*l, it aha'l npoe.tr tiiat a tna
jurily of *.iie
* in fa. or of the adoption of riiesnid Con>ituuoii,
' he f ha” issue lu* pro.r!mnalton to the people of
lilt r,taie, declaring the *art, and he shall lake
such r'.-p* as shall he required l>y tiie said
C'n 'ti.jiion in ca*ry U*e some itito full o era
, Hon, a.id lu sai erse !e the old Consttiution of
; litis S:a.e.
Stsition 9. Atid he it’ecnote I, That a!! ballots
: cast ii any of the elections o be held under t‘e
; prot istuns of this law, shall be wrineo nr print
ed on whi:e paper, and any l*ailm ttr bnihits
i written or pt.nted on colure*! paper, shall not
j he received by s?i! judges of cleciuni; aud this
art elial! ue published, under the" aider of the
! Governor, m three of the newspaptis in the
city of fiali.nio e. one of them to he a paper
jui.i’vd in Gcrivan, mid one in each county
wi.e.e a it* spatter is printer! , once a week for
: three weeks hefure ihe Jay of elevti.ui.
ISrciiou it>. A.id he it enacted. That this act
. shall take etteci from ihe day of us passage.
March 3rd, lt*t>4 — 3w.
i Walter Mitchell, Ijn the Circuit Court
V#.. j f..r St Mary* County,
i Jim. H. bulb**rou. > tilting as a Court of
J I '.quity,
T ue object of this slut is to procure a decree
•or f.hc sa e <•!’ certain re*;! estate in St. Mary’s
* CwUiuy. tvhh*h on the 14? h day f June,;
1 1*63. was mortgaged by the ib-fuidaiit, Jno
i H SothoroD. to Walter Mitchell.
Tiie bid states, \u sul-t.inre, that on the
l4th day of March, the said Jno H
■ Soli tut on conveyed certain real estate located
in S. c<iuuty, and which is poticular
ly luentioned in said conveyance, tiled with
■•aid I.in as an exhibit, unto the said Walter i
J/itfKil byway of mtrfg.ige to s*cure Ihe
payment <•! feur thuusan*!, five hundred dol
; iars, with in'.erot thereon as spe..iijti iu saiil
, hid to lf- p ijd in three years.
Trie bid ; lays f..r a sa!<* of said real estate
• pay t;.e ftluresahl intlehteitnese ami inleiest. 1
•nd a'* i states tlu.t li.e sai*l Jno H Sotbotou 1
H not u resident of the State ot ifarylaiul.
It is therefore avjndged ai.d uu'.'.til by the
1 clok ol llm Circuit Court hr St.
| * 00* ty, sitiing a a court of equity, that th
; Cuinplainant, by musing a Copy of this order
to be published iu the St. IJ.t*\ ’s GazfUe, a
I i.ewspadcr piimi lit-d in Le.n.ardtown, {*t.
: J/ary’n county. J/arylaud, ui*ce a week for
* four successive weeks, previous to t : c third ,
."Votulay of J/m h next. g:v<‘ netu-u to the j
j Mill .lint H Soth.tr 'ii of the .•hjf'it and *ub
* stain'* of tins bill, and warn him to appear in
. this ciai l l, either in person ot by s-dh itor. on
_or before th* said ti.irvl M> ud.xy of J/ach
f nex, to answer rhr ptcniiscs ;iui show cause,
if any be lias, \vh\ a decree nwl to pass;
.t prayed,
True copv—Test,
Fcbru try 18th, 1804—5 ts.
|>i.OKK jAlb, <>: Tharsilay evening iut.
fwu n;e,, ca'.iing tb.c.iov!ves Ooirlew;
l Willi im o*Brian ami C’mrle* Rice. Them* j
mm claim !• !e refugees fr- in l!<e South aud (
wet* arrrM. j! and r.eiimitted u. uGil. up n t!.e !
; charge <*t breaking into and rubbing tite store
of Jo* pl i/ithurn „f Sr. liugoes’ District.— !
The forint -v is a native of Ireland; is a tall. |
!oui man; is freckled; has Miitly hair ami i
C ‘nip!exii*n; is very rough looking ami about i
i SO \ cars t>f age.
Hice is * snialicr man—about medium *i;e |
i —nb ut 30 years tf age, anJ also very rough i
looking. Both parties were very badly chad. *
i bat fbi irtlrcHs is nut nnuTiiiMnd.
I will give tlie above reward of twenty-five ;
dl;rH Iwr the apprehension and dc-hvrrv f. j
me of tti-se partiei, .r half the above sum fur j
the arrest ai.d tWbvtry of either.
! A* the** part Hu represented themselves (•> i
be entirely witiion t means to defray iravt-liing 1
fsp-nsu, it i* likely that they are now lurking }
about the Couo'v.
She. iff of it. Jfarv cuuutv. i
Fob. iStb, 18G4—Im.
A f.L persons indebtetl t. th** late firm r
XjL la*nch fc Juimsuu are hereby notifie).-j
that, uuleaa tltey come fr\ranl and setili; 1
thvir indebtedness on or I*.fort the Ist day of!
March next, they may expect their claims'
to be placed iu the humli tf officers f.r col
, Kctiv-o.
j WM, F. UK AUK,
C. To JOffXsOK,
February 4th, 1804—cf.
Jas. S. lfa£*fc. •# Y I* tfc fSrcuil
the inrtanceWd foifl Court for St. Mary's
of f Countf. sitting as a
Thoma*.* Immpwn A. j
oer 11. Thompson V
The object of this suit is to procure a
decree for the sale of certain real estate io ;
Saint Mary's county, which, on the fourth '
day of September, in the year one thousand, !
eight hundred and fifty-seven, was mort
gaged by the defendants, Thomas Thomp
son and Emily Thompson—the latter since
dead—to Ih-ulc* Keibard, who .tssinged
Mid mortgage to George S. King, then
Stale’s Attorney for Saint Mary’s county, i
f r the use and benefit of the Slaie of
The bill states, in substance, (hat on the
fourth day of September, in the year one
eight hundred and fifty-seven,
the eid Thomas Thompson and Emily j
Thonpson Conveyed certain real estate, j
! located in Cbapueo District, in St. Mary’** j
county, and which is particuiaily mention- j
ed in said conveyance tiled with said bill, *
as an exhibit, unto the said Deal*- Keibard, j
byway of mortgage, to secure the pay
• ment of twelve hundred dollars, with in
tercst thereon, as specified in said bill, to
be paid in four equal instalments, for
i wiiich the said Thomas Thompson and
: Emily Thompson give their notes, as ful-
I lows: The first for t;>r?e bun lred dollars,
due on tlie first dav of January, in the year ;
, one thousand, eight hundred and fifty-nine;'
the < c uid for three hundred dollar®, due i
Son the first dy of January, in She year
one thousand, eight hundred and sixty; tin*
thiid for tlnce hundred dollars, due on the
! first day of January, in the year one thou
sand. eight hundred and sixty-one; and the
. fourth lor three hundred dollars, due on the
tir-t day of January, in the year one thou- j
sand, eight hundred s:id sixty-two; with
i interest on each of the above named sums I
from the first day of January, in the* year |
one thousand, eight hundred and fifty
cight; that tffcejKud Emily Thompson has
died since tbe execution ol the said inert
! g *go. Icaviog one child, the Mid Oscar H.
i Thompson, a§ her heir at law—that the
J *aid Thomas Thompson is entitled to a
; tenancy by curtesy in the said real estate ,
The bill prays for a sale of said real i
i estate to pay the aforesaid indebtedness j
and interest, and also for subpoenas against!
lhe said Oscar 11. Thompson and Thomas j
’ Thompson, who are re.-idenfs of St. Mary’s |
j county. And, it now appearing, by two
subpoenas issued in the above case against!
Thomas Thompson and returned by tbe j
i Sheii-T of Saint Mary’s county “not sum- j
moned,” that the complainant, under Ar
t:ele 10, Section 92, of the Code of Public
General Laws of thi* S‘ate. is entitled to
I proceed against Thetraa Thompson in this
as a non-r<-sid-nt defendant.
I It In therefore adjudged and ordered bv
i the elek of tb** Circuit Court for St Mary’s !
County, sitting in equity, that the com-!
• plainant. by g a copy of this order tu j
!be pub i-bed in the St Mary’s Gnz>t(e, a j
newspaper published at Leonard town, St !
j Mary’s county.. Mr.ry'aoJ, once a week,:
! for fi-ur successive w'eks. previous to the !
i fourteenth dav of 'bjv next, give notice I
j to the said Tin nia* Thompson of the object 1
j and substance of this bill, and warn him ,
te appear in this C**' t, either in person j
;or by solicitor, on or before the said four
: teeuth day of May n-'Xt, to answer the j
j premises and ctum. if atiy he has. !
! why a decree r>ue}.f not to oass as prayed, i
True copy—Test.
February 11th, 1804—4 w.
t|ISS KATE CAM AUER, is willing to
;*■ add four young laifies tu the number of
j pupils at prwenr under her care.
has c*'infortahie and pVasant Boarding
• accommodation* (or them. I f n r course of in
struction coniprt-s nil the usual branches
j taught in the bent Female Academic*—inded
j ing French. Music, Drawing, Needle Work,
I See.
I Her term-* will be made known upon appli
cati n by letter, or otherwixe.
Address, Leonard Town, P, 0.,
St. Mary* county, MJ.
{ February 18tli, 1804—If.
liolesale ami Retail.
No. >4 ... j
IT is * well known anil thoroughly Maf>-'
liiohexi fact, that Charles K.infman tfiflliu
; faclnrch the best clothing—either tu ortk-r .r
’ready mad-*—of any ratabluhmunt in tins 1
city, far the smallest amount xf mopev. lb*
friends and the public an? invited to call and
see him. lie W;J Kill great bargun* to L* |
friend* iu bt. Man’s Cun id **
I Oct, Bth, ILI * 6in, j
Thomas Carrico, > In the Circuit
r VSL J Court for St. Mary’s'
I •:
The object f this suit is to procure a
! decree for the s.de of certain real estate in
: St. Mary's county. i
j The hill •♦ates. in substance, that Chas. i
j Harris m died some lime since, leaving an i
insuflieucy of personal assets to pay hisj
j debts -hat the said Charles II arri*soo
loaves a widow. Rose Harrison, and Thus
Harrison, Berj. Harrison, and Kmilv
j Harrison his h*irs at law, nod also prays j
j for the sale of the real estate in the procee
dings iivnitionen; ami also for subprcn&s!
i against William Burtie*. admiii®trati.r of j
i Charles Harrison, Iloso Harrison. Tlium. '
{ Harrison, Benj. Harrison and Kmiiy I
; Harrison, who arc residents of the State,
with the exception of Benj flarri>son. 1
| And it now appearing by two subpeenaa j
i>su- d in the above ease against Emily
j Harrison nnd returned by the Sheriff ofi
j St. Mary’s county “not summoned” that;
the complainant, under Article 10, Section j
uf tbe Code of Public General Laws of
this State, is ci titled to proceed against '
Emily If irri*on iu thia cause as a coo-re-!
si lent defendant.
It therefore adjudged and ordered by
the cl; rk of the Circuit Court fur St. I
Mary’® county. sitting in equity, tint thoj
j complainant, by causing a copy of thia!
| older to bo published in the Si. Mary’s!
i Oazrtfe, once a week for four successive |
weeks previous to the third Monday of!
dune mxr, give notice to the said Emily
Harrison of the object and substance of
• his bill and warn her to appear in this
Court, citlmr in person or by sulifitor, on
or before the third Monday f Mareb next
lo answer the premises and show CiU>e, if
any s.ie ha. why a decree ought not to
i pvstr ea j-ravrd.
True ropy Test.
-x •FebrvMiry 18th, JBG4--ota.
(Th -mis TJ. Fowler \ In the furcuit
and other-, ) Court for St. Mary’s
; r _ '>• sitting as a
; W ashingfon Bowles ) C’ouit of Equity,
nnd o! Ik rs. j
Tne object of this bill is to obtain a
i decree for rhe sale of the c*st*t.? of
i Gusty Bowles, late of Si. Mary’s couufy.
i deceased.
■ The bdl states, in substanre. that Gij;fy
i Bowies died leaving real ettate iu Saint
Mary’s county—that there wrts no a.li .iii
istiation upim his pi-rsona’. e-fatc—that h<*
lefr an insufficiency of as*;ts to pay his
d< Ins, and that he left the following h'ir>
at law : 'v usliington Bow Us. \\ hi>®o interest
i was sold tu Dr 11 \* !<•; liillcary Bowles,
J whose iotg.cst was sel l to Dr ll NVaU;
J Bcu!<•. w hose interest was sold tu
! Thomas 11 1 owl.:; at;d \\ i*oan, ar.il
. that the said \\ *l!*^n Dean is a uon-rei
, dcrit of *hc B*tat* of Maryland".
I tie bill prays ti.r a sale tbo real esiab
j fr Hu- payment ot the cretiit- is. and asks
for subfoeoan gainst the said Washington
1 Bowlis. I library Bowies. Hr K-bi Neale,'
j Thomas |J F-vrlcr and William l an
I It is Hierefuie adjudgi d and ordered bv
j *lw eh-k of the Circuit Court fr Saint •
j Mary’s c -unry. silting as a c.crl *-f .qinty. ,
i *hi;t the coiiipiaiuuQt, by causing a <-<pv ot i
I tiifcct order pnbiisbed in the St. Mary’*
! (jtizHte, oi.ee a week for four succishve
t weeks previous to the third Mondav of’
June next, give notice to the said Wil-f
: data Dean of the object and subslai.ee of
■ ttds bid and warn him to npprar In lLi
| (’curt. cifh**r in p-uson or by solicit.-r, ou \
|or he fun the ihhd Aim.day ,f next, j
lo answer ihc* pr< inisc cnt hiw camn.* r if |
| aii .V he has, why a Uvenc ought not iupsr&
as prayed
True crpv—Test.
February lath, lSG4—4w.
John J. Alistan, | In the Ciicuit t
I C’ourt for Saint 1
Isarab A CVanc Mary’s County.fit
and other*. j <}ng ag a Court of
j Kj liry,
r> Y virtue of authority rested in me by
Jt the Act of Assembly in such esse :
made and provided, it i hereby ordered, J
this 24’h day of February. 1864. that t,|ic *
j Trustee ’s r**p.rl £* J in thi® case be ratified I
and confinned, unless cause lo th.f contrary i
be shown, on or before tlio thjrd M< rbiy f
l of March next ; Provided a Copy nf ffij*
* order be publi.-hed in the Saint Mary's
’ Guvrtlr , onco a we ( k fr three sficceasiro
w*cks, prior to the said third Monday of,
March ne^t.
11* report states that the laud sold (up;
Bv order.
Tm j
Tohm A. CAMAMRB. CTfc. -f
3&U. ;
— - .Mu. MZ
n Klt l*P F 9 s KALEor
j- r.iUKiBLK
Br virtue of three writ* of Fieri Fa
cias. unused nut of the Circuit Court
Mi TV* ''*miy. o*!.f the salt
of \\ . A A W . W Padgett; one at thn
! emt of James K Langley. assign* ;
o€ at the suit of J. Thompson Yates
I "S'* 111 * 1 f hc g'*’ds ami chattels, bud* ami
tenement* of Bernard L. Hayden, and to
me directed, I have *ei*e.| and taken in
execution nil Upright, title, interest.
■ eluini and den,aid. at law and iniquity*
<d the said Bernard L [lyd t .„ j u all .j
, tu the following pioperty. to wit:
One M ac! ~r p.rl of land, felled end
I known uj—
I “fishing POINT.” -
Thi* land is located on the Patuxent
( Kiwr, m the Factory D.slricl, and cou
; tains
10 acres,
more or less,
j Atld * 1 *>rcby give notice, that on
I TUESDAY, 22nd day March
iat the Court Flout**. in Leonard Town.
: between the hours of 9 o'clock, a m t Hn d
j o'clock p. m , I will expose to public
I auction the above docrihed property, no
j *eiS”d and taken in cxeenth n. to the high
jest bidder for rash. Abo, to satisfy f.
i iictra' costs on same.
_ . fe. , Sheriff.
February 2nth. 1864—ts.
haven and plum point.
imu* in hn ti;nnr ev.y Wednea.
iLni d',' l ,nr ‘ S;, i,ro *** tln '* "• t** *** u Hjb*
Returning, win leave HilfV Landing #vsf>
rndny morning frr flenedict, lesviiiiir Benedict
evrry Saturday morning, nl 6 nVUk. for RnJ
-1 "t the uti*| 1 nmJuiL'M on ifio
R tvf r—l?n. at Fair Haven m.d Plum Point
goinenml remit ii.g. *
Freight iCLeit ed u to 1 o’clock
Passage to Fair Haven. . . gl AO
Passage in P!nm P..,n. - , j
Passage to Patuxent Rirer. - 1 5 >
MwN Extra.
February Sjtli, |gfi|—tf.
wwe f pi'. ■■■■— I.———^—i
r |MIF. nmler-bned, having dev, fed fhr<-s
yr.tri* to the slmi <>( Dentistry, • *f|’ i*
pr<,rv.io:.al emit* t the public. Hr aid
practice dentistry, Wearer. in c. i juurti *-i
"itli okm nine, and can always in* l. up,;
when m l |)r*>itau.n.illv engage,), at the .i
it-M.lciKC ~f J. C. SioiMii.g.in Medley’* Xevfc
Ail orders addre-x-d to him, from tid*
the adjoining tuunjhs, will mre*. with nrut.t l
attention. * 1
Town. I*. O.
February 25fh, lSC4—3;u.
On application ..f Will am Watt*, adorn,i,.
Jane- K. Crane, hm of N ; n t
, Mary tx*.niy. deceased, it is rdiT,; b v lie
j l-nrt, that the-aid udmini-tiMor i..,tj;\ (, rt
S.iudjjnKi.l credit, ra ..f rai l ditta-rd ~j f,; n
claims NgaiuH said •leotnM’.h i; 4 the It,
S l * u ' r ° r VVi,! ’- -flive < f Saint M,. r * V rn, r
•no, l tore the Ut day of M.y.irt \ [•
. ‘V’c rnd, ai.d that this Older h* pul*l!ifl
' l,l tf>ft Saint Man's once a urek i i
; each vvrek, until the mm! ]>t d.. v nrxi
BeciMer of 5! ll*
I f r Si. Mary ’• County.
February 2Zt\, id.
N'OTICE i.s hereby jnvm that the snberrtier
has cUtaine*! the On.kmu Ch.urt low
I Saint Mary’a county, in Mary.'sud, Jellc a
j iNiuiti mry on the personal rsteq; o?
, F.iza!rth Nenle. I.xe of said ro. k derm set.
i A I per non* having cli nn agittnai the *ai! U
-i•“ : d. me hereby w..r ltd in the same,
With ihe prt*;.*r *.m(•!•<- thereof, to the uh s cr -
' Iter, on or b-for* the fry v ( Augoal, |e>64,
; oiberwnictWy may he excluded fv l. x from aii
I oCi.efif of the a:til e-ini. l.Jivrn tinder uy
} hand tin* 24Ji, day of Kebnioiry.
_ . Eieon.ix
February 55ih t lf*C4—4w,
—-nr r - , lfaw ,
i FllflE copartnership' hrrrtofoie
X L lw.-en he un b reigned U thin ai.g
i diawdred by mutual e*WKt>l. Kititer p;i
--m t i- amhurii'tl to u*o the tka
&ru id the aeulement of jti v
w. a PALtfcrr.
„ t w. W. VhJMb£i r. i k
Februar} 25th. 18(,4—ir.
rr , , , j*
no. Am

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