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St. Mary's gazette. (Leonard Town, Md.) 1863-1867, May 26, 1864, Image 1

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iV r •*' nrtw'.ifc 'm*"' - w . '”" * * I 1 A " *“*" ' M> ‘“ ,i **• " • ’ • JaTr< ■'. ••
S'IWiMM. !
(►I! -wO ihwb vdeteufouvodw vri tn
'!•/ prun
. Bute* *>ho gutil -wftflfo m months. L No
i tdhi ■!{ iMli nil In thrived for 1 short-]
ii>N*AgM NtefiHllk hfoathft, fold go paper.
S'eHfP' ‘AWlirttlnlff.—ll ** per
1— ra Hr thd fret insertion, and, 2s
N ietc for lewwy subsequent insertion.—
• •‘‘tN* Hade of 4MM ermstitute a square.
r number ofinsertibn's be m*. marked
*® the advertisement, ft wiß be publish -
17 l until forttfd, andcfrargvd accordingly.
A liberal de ltietUm inadt; to ttioue who
s # ,.~ f ’ 1 ' ! “f
~> fnr-TTrr
—■* &Ie < tc4 ft ttrn.
*4 .11 ..1 s■* I•* Ti if T ,461'.
jpyT iv rt'.■'(T * J -'?P'V
.•ins* no TJLE LITTLK PEOPUB 0 “l!
weisfoA ,na ’ .rrw-Wbir di* •** 1
x £ *ifwy would h**hmterife .b *
••'; r B j*^" rre ‘ • U%-r' no Jitlla,pc*pl|n4fci
.1 ue.a?lMMlMfii *<mM l.of* mirth, 1
WtHMc-i**re i<* chfUlren to U gio it
-. • lira IID - • •••*. • • '**•*
6*rnw, Hke hud*, to gimr, ‘> f
JfitNiui*kh the adunrinf heart Mirren
-•'e ; • -
N* 'itt: iiaixU .iii i>.l
n.kfr|> lb tliii!ltiig.iovi!*c ten
•* if. r .
-JIT/ o*r.l •" ■ • \na -di <n .telart
fowd .khMwW <wfcb% our rtri/fo [ H
N* ftth* Irf# toward sliimWr tending
i- r * r lf •** hWr * r! m ’v*4‘4i*Uiig.
Wh*t fmaW the n* alter*
t 4. ~ '
- ,V*rr thirr n |miiN nr jackets leering'.'
ai * t m HnWI to r ’•iHi#
- i 4? fcflpl l Vrte*lfe fur their wafcltfui Ifmt-
I*, AiIMPtV -tjij p-> *d Ml 9. o‘t
|l*W Ims UM wd .mvh II
~ir -
bX > J ilit/McW tha wfctMi-booab Laud
w **< ; ; hfftV * VV •• < * 4.W ♦•d -%‘r •
u knu(#M Uonv' tl>ry rnrh; ' , M
v * i ftf*t*H for mating. V
fd n 9 d. 4l 1.1 i*i %i'* if * w;
TnM, )CM|. Rrnnrn |o).le M •
TaM, rrave, jmnvn R ( tliv hiWr;
I . a* lm*NUiMrtVi*lrni; ‘ 1 • i
4|ic datnca as they’re abb
m* ■ ■ ~ iU '
fVjbrUt mUW wemH aft atprn.
vwji.j-'I afopluis natnma tuore itiimman,
? Awl aM luWhii: Mliliinw turn,
nimua wtild U.- !■* than wo
.X***^ r : ’ 1“ * J . !
V v ' j To * £4*'
it'VPnKnfa (hat ffimr toWanl whici wr
h * ti* 4-
Through Timt’a niytrrima, dim mt
-1. U', f * WfTlfT
T,ir cltfiruH atnilf
! % bra |ifW>Ufjag.
TVta voice in whor* wc trn-d,
Loa. *** ddcm\ rrahn a prr achrr,
auntie' !• theU 4dwr.
( iiidied. would liar its ctiann^
v 1 Eii to
M#*wrl4 wiW to, -
wd • Btlb pro pie in ♦. ■•- * :
Select Sl O rn.
V ft \tfiS ul I •£ 4,
=; htwT*~n sst-vtimK-Lr-ut t- o
U* 1
H WM Ml? coldest day of** *a>n T*,
-Put ue eqrt, et.nl. Uawkiua.” aald i
M bfiejtaf ,*,,
of*fcfbbaW g J^niiicd
■ >Ntt caabbere i..ctfnfr.g dreb, Hiiodl
wiiiigullbd >hc Rahio color, and ;
herlMMlt ebufbrlil)}y cnpconoctj ■§ f
blue velvet clipper*, edged with spowy
MWte l * laWro**.. :>m ■ |
behte . t 4 p.J , tiMMWuI .fter lie W
• > Kjna. t her*-** a
rtairt , ooW Ho k, ;
SCC)N* mt .> JUtttfc! ■” i> I
. agas^waHttf
•*li baA tie drew maker T* "V I
**N*. Ilba Nina. itainlj 1 Mf' * w, ‘ ‘‘l
*% ft).UJy ooute after ike bdrV
m*uV sitedtwi y . .. 1. .
••Kn<Wn. , r
*■■—’• f-tW-Tr-r l<; > awiiy‘ w 4rt.
“Well—akow km'+R Ji i*w -If .i
♦ And pretty,head settled lack 1
j l; itU'MMNXf l:*r '■ --it*' ' "W
iMM frn tuahktM of her chair with r*i
, turning indobpe*. But the W
T °J fcil <m the aweet, ikeugk vujr fiultwf
I fae; of the alcndiMr tuoking girl htad*au~
'Mm&t* '*™*- mkwyl ky tk4|
(Stately Uuwkius, she rat upright wiNt!
. genuine surprise depicted iu her eonut#
I nance. .. ~ . b
1, -Aa Wlwrtoo I i. it p*U Um thto,
• wTkeo yew seongnfe* nr. XiuaT’ aardi
j lie faintly on caponing. “It its
; nluguMuc we were aoheoirautea ftogeeb
'or at MatUm Snuriats that I thought—
, I fbtred—you would aeareelj remouiber
ruie” 9 rtJ
“Sit down,*’ said Nina, rather uugruct
j cutely mution&ng with her beaviljMnnged
| finger toward a chair. “What can 1 do
J "dull Wharton did cot sit down,, hower
j er—it might hawe been that ahu was re
pelled by the extreme coldness of Nina’s
isauner—but went on tfedwg. in s heri
tilitifr unoertnu voice. 4 t , , , ,Jj :
* Uf course you have heard el cur
fortunes, pnor bther’u failure
4 V 4 dtutb ami my mother’s subsequent do- j
opaqe?” j
, Uj4 bnl said Nba, cwn
, IfiapUjuig bar dainty alippew* .
*iiu pHpcty bare so maujhttiiugit4u throk '
( fl a-'l iii r.i >!m
There ia po use ” rcaumcN Anus, *Hu 1
i trying to ccnepal the fact that I ana own- {
j polled to earu my ddly Mead by.the labor
|of my bauds And,” r>he aiidod.with t
fiu>h o lurr- checks* > “Hstsetafore I
Uve cxpcricpet-tl u* diftoulty 111- douNefl- j
j *% supporting Utp m>eU an>J nry htthj !
1 brother. Hm .-incc bo bus fullou ill——•**
“I am sotr> ihst I have nu 6rw sewing
: temarked Nba, iuA uoU
vpiee v.*‘vid really my allowance
; *if pocket-money is so very small that—r”
Avna Wharlm* colored scarki.
“• V u t*udr iy mbuudor-land mo. Kmn
T do uot jCoiuo burp to beg ”
Site drew a little morocco boa from bur
I pocket as rim sptiko, ami opruoi it
> **| ri-mctnber that ym used to admire
these Neapolitan corals very much iti our
school days I have been loth to pari
with them up io ibis lime, although it h
bpew necessary ,JU> di.-p mw with every pshe
ofhappfr limes. But my bpothur u dy
'g for MUft of piuper uourkhnicot and
the, luxuries wlmHi mouey can otaly obtain
; for hiin. 1 wish to urll the bracelets,
• Nina, aud I thought you might like'lo
purchase them of me."
i S’iua h-aned forward in her .dhab and
j look the box. hrr, - vyes sparkling at t the
i > ‘gßt .id tj*c beautifully carved hradebtii of
j Xeap4tlitqu all htnakt U and veined
; with tle softest roas-volwr. th <t.hiy hi the
j htuple carkcl. ~ bad been einhmvorbig
: fur t}te last year to übUtu a set of rose ou-;
• ral, aud here at kutglh |t was ready to Iwu i
I baud-, But sfiua rdhmn wv m woman}
|of the worldft aud und*rK>od' - tbe i wm- {
{;,UpHW ailofmukiiig •'a good bar gain.” j
. Ho she widy rynrossed .bee ecaiaeica. and
tanked, with cold iudiffennec:
; ‘lluwmuch d-jH*u ex peat la receive
; for ib*ui. U'ppupnu V . . - ; 1
L I :V*W -eighty dullurs fir them hi
luly. aud they ttftt as g**el^iitu'er. ,f
, Xiua shrugged her ►htuUm. |
“Of Course y*iu : can’t expect Pm gc* a |
tiro title |h part at that p hr Nium j
1 ™Nina rtdbatii." aaui dM*u iMMftunjl
firmly, “I aty>iar uutrey in this mar. j
ter Whatever yu way pkwrio.givw It
must si'oept. for I am straitened by uwees-j
sity. Name a price at onee-rbut, Niua.'
remember that yew are rich and I am j
J' **l shall give y*u five dollars, and not,
■ another cent,'’ &aid Nina, cuutpivseiag her
, '‘P*
j “Fire dollars!”
, AmT Aina Wharton thought, with a]
riwking heart, of the numberless little
'dainties she hod fondly hoped to buy for
1 her sick brother from the proceeds of those
, delicate ornaments. *
! “Just as you please.** observed Nina, i
coldly. “I only purchase them out f
. charity to you.”
1 Auna silently placed flic ornaments on :
j the table beside Miss Pelham, aud held j
| out a thin baud, that *Wd tremble a lit-!
i tie in spite of he- effort at actf-eontru),
1(U the money. Nina drew out her small
silver portc monnaie. and extyapted tberar 1
| from a crumpled Uk wn. •Hk^b*l
and mm beh. fNs giriMife/'
J ' VUat *P|waff wouafcl I could wot
, ftw * buudvrdduiftarw!* was Ni
iP * the *u*aoirim wes -left
; alone. “Really, I lblub-1 am the luckiest
creature in th^.kfuNNmOi.iy five
dißvrcwHr IN UK 'MI.-m**' • -■ * Sln*4
iS^SsSS3sra?&;s :
i w *•*. •’ airf (fcfrwmi" '
I •re'HrtSr
MoriHlc fawflt .MtppcdW
of society, aud I’ve 00 idea of luring. mg. (
i ®*'d * 1;
half fir
Hi t tafid^, 1 a
tractions, and dispeusang a gracious word !
here sod there, until al length she came to f
bandbox for bej special delectation.
**oll, what’ a beauty 1 l>o t*?M me the
price. Madame,” she ejaculated, with
mere •riSe,” nid IHe uil
; Huer, pw*tiug the atriugs with soft little
hands, around the taper fingers of which
fashionable ladies were daily “wound” by
“thirty five dollars is alL*.*-.
‘‘Thirty-five JuJbirs! 1 hardly dure to
pay 90 much for a boueel. Madams? acid |
Nina “Papa scolds about my extraca
! gauee already cod makes such dreadful
the bills tbat septsy 7 |U> 1
“Bn!! such a lovely bonnet, Madswui-
Iwcfle* Pvliiam I such a sweet gem of taste!”
j The wily Madams I>*Heriut held up th
article under discussion, and turned it pe
I w*y and the other, so ..that the sunshine
J Wl full on the delicate white velvet, shad
| °wvd with creamy pnat-laec and fut-Uke
; plumes, tt was enough to tempt any w*-
, man living, aud Nina felt her ccouou**oal
[resolutions ebbing in spite n
-TUe ro*lo front Mtjtu* the M
ofMuk m,l WoMungt, Hpfc
Pelham, Urged the silver-voice mmlitte;
"T unJc *
scs! Tniny-fffe dollars is nothing—ab
solutely nothing—fwp suiihri list as that.”
Send tl home at auoe, Madame. If papw
eboossa to sculd, I can’t heln it.” /-
Aud as she entered the waiting Car
riege. fbo tetMlored tohewrif 5 -;1 '•
“I really c* a&srd to buy-an expMMNi
bonnet just upw, for I eouuduiigsii su-twoeh
about those hfaaekrts.” , ’'<l • . ’
the brief colloquy between: tlie beftd and
milliner bad bad Iwe auditors of whose
presence Nina Pelham- was totally WUecn
scion*. I V, Oarleton and his sister Were
| waiting in sc adjoining ante-roos* for
some trifling alteration to be made in Miss
Car let ow*B sober brow* velvet chapeun.
S(*e turned to her brother with aw urefr
ef**M ns the camels's hair shawl and rich
ueade rualKri down the ataire. ■ i
'■ “SOl, Ned * a fare ssrfd, rather Aaliehnnly.
as sUiviv are went to speak f ladies whom
their brothels specially admire, “you will
| perrist iu admiring that Mias Peibasi f—
’ Hec what you’ll bo called upon to endure
t iu the w iy wfauUlicer’s Mffir* when sh? bft
t cocks Mif. Oawdetew. hoc Futecut
‘‘Fite is so young sod ingenuous,” said
I Carletun, in a tom* of exteuuation * “The
f BteJt who IN fortunate enough to secure her
1 heart cou form her chmacter in ahuost üby
I’lUOhldjri rff-cgte *• till I • TrmS t •;/
MhwONrWn made a Httle grimace -
f “And do you really fowc llAl girt, Kd-
IWacdr. Mil •
f “Ncfn” teid C*i'toUki '***that{
| is bardly a fair qmwibm, Alice. Under thei
* circmiiMOanees. However, I am 1 rim, un-1
, willing to corihaaihat I ndasirc her.”
[ *• Admire I” sepenteA Adtet Cart-ton,
| doubtfully • ‘
“Vw, <4m/rc,” said 1 Cartel on. quietly,
j *'l never saw but cue person whom I real
ly thought I could loco, as a man elionld
j love llit woman who is to siKre hfe life.
and riiu Here’s your bnuuel, Alice,
iN right at lasi. €ome—|*m ih a flurry.”
**As you always are,** said Alice, ktugh
i ng- * Your wife, whomsoever she may
j he. will have sure need vf the dvriuc gift
of pafutnee!”
i ‘ A mao ought to be hi a hurry when !
> forty piktiecte om are will down on his
list, aud the sun seareely mi hour above
i the boiiaun JJT satd fir Uartetou, philoso-
ad he lifted Musfeter into the
.•leigKd nv- :• - tel
Ninu Pelham vhc never iu belter spirits, i
! aud had never looked lovelier An St the! 1
moment die catered Dr. Gbrtetou’s trim!
little sleigh, iu 1 the dwxling winter noon of
I the next day. The exquisite plutaeaef the I
mew French hat floated like a s*ft cloud I
above the pink tt*e* that harmonised so
perfectly witANm friusflnsh ou her cheeks. 1
and Ikftnigiitho nwhroMevud drapery oft 1
her anus the coral bracelets gleamed like 1
rosy Sevpcetfe Her lipa were tl emifes. 1
her eyes aU liquid, brighte**? *nd J al- 1
though ahu uo’ked that its. Carlewu f *u 1
nuoaually rifoul* mho witahgdd the fco
pardskiu of Ihh eieigb
she chattered ou, foil of hvdfy, gfafelAj
tecily, .(ji }m l-.-sajiosib
I*Why. where are we gangf* she Vx-*
claimed, US ihtt spirited Iwwwu were- swd
deidy turned into aa uuprutet ding and ac-
Mkl instead of darting i*.rk
wlpa. c I ,4!UM < Ij.RK.A I
. Mv <* UM3
Jtef direcuon. said Dr. Carleton, iwa>b
hS^iSTTiS^ I '.
°W ac|uaiateuoe of us hath.** 1 <
, Nina, unconsd-i
i.t *;;m •Pli.eh -a ,j
rtaziiapplSdiKAokd W Voice <
'dfipKflKittriMMiiM w v|
. S - pj. flora 1
| fIJLi Jg .||tt. I* f
or/’’ "*"*
{1 >lfe looked■ prm)tntiagly at ker akei
' ' iwjfiitpilT I 1 illto'liVeta
■m ip-g4fc’l|,i- -i.il. ' -nr- I
. : Y . ,m Jk*‘ , i**.** iW ’ i •>
bnnem* jgi l* W borne
fetuhiafl I(pPNtririlell as lie drew up
bis radMom. “Allow
me to c*e*jjd you ftp Ifab faafao rikiy are
*° n * c T*>. —Mi
louiod fc(a| f ri t j*
r Mkfa Pelham followed bftu, scarcely
koewing pbiiNfce Was about, so chagrined
and bewildered was she Ot tfae unexpected
. turn M* they mooched
‘he place v <*peo a
poor hnirar atoned her to enter.
Tbe rdpntrevealcd to heir right wna vo
ry waallZhd m*% #ftmWH*lV yet 'e*-
quisiteljypeat. Oo * tow eoucli, boartbe
iNttcd 1 boim with preternatural lustre,
•ud-rhnip beside him sat A mm* Wharton.
Maifl ifaa dodfcr, as she
rose iu some at ibcir entrance,
-here W your Jj -!>•/. Miss Pelham. I
srikh bcrftilly'iw understand through you,
ibat4>*p*d#ly the depth and
lUmnfatf bar Sr midship as exemplified
Ninttumed pale and red Vy* turns; she
laißHg||shei that *lfe earth might open
Milipew hpr dpt<y kabaty iborWiiod
wawb that iaiiiifeit
■'-■ rnmnutt
Pclhljlr Wti Df Cane tun, with fre. xing
|>iIPWWM v '*■fbfteftrfi this BVe
Mar bHI to yeu. as MirtW karMo; who Is
(obccume my wife iftjtbo ooUrraofnfew
weeks, has no present need for it. tier
gratitude is pf course proportioned to, four
extreme generosity. My servant will
driooywu to jfanv home/’ be mldcd/ r, aX
cifeimaXiaoes my accompanyihg f
you in person.” _- r . K ] b*jotUujg|
And .Pelhain kft the room rfftfr A*
cotnfoitubte C 0 viction that she had lost a
aiid Atftti Wbasttm bad gainedooc.
Is it strange that, under these csreonv
stances. she theagkt dm oomd • braindot'/
rather dearly bought | .
• .’ h . it ~ii nil CTjW. WT**"
Pirpisi Gapyx,
May 1n>.1864
[ How shall I mlrtriuoc tnysclf to the rea-‘
dcvf By the aehelion
of % whyt thepite and the adoption of what
style shall I please I heir various tastes ‘l—
hrire ire tlieWs “sentimental,” si vies
“prihctwl” stylesr “descriptive,^—wniali
rimll I select T iaihitiltif>b Vwia in- 1
[WO** "btfU tastes acwno Re
i membtring tbs adage. “He whf tiivs tu
i please all, pleases none,” I sh|l proceed
to address the miscellaneous thoughts of
this idle hour ik the editor**, and I Hdtftjy
4iftae& y own ptrlindar friends. 1 me
,l Pixnx. . f . . e - , >x -
At this interesting )n nclure of the ut<feal
of mj iutroductitif). I Imagine some blue
eyedurmore probably blaek-eyul ([.bare
rbawfTia fear the sarcastic glaucm ef 4 ecr*
tain pair of daric ertrs,) 1 creature will ex
“Every Fool describes in these bright,
His wondrous' journey to sodfc foreign,
And spawns his quarto and demans your,
Very (rue. But every, fool hns net ta
ken a journey to sow) breigs Cow*, and
as tbe inter ifcone dm has oat. he will ;
oentmit himself, and ha bwp rw# .kna. Wad-!
ers—liark r yet included—with a dtSMrrpi'
bloflaotns of that try*—the faiihtgh ait td
which imoiurtaUacd the eweevengv of 1
Gravitation Isailf rvcUues vuur new so
unaiutanoe AsflAtua 1 ant id'
lue lucky beawa who as yeibee not bmm
dru/ied. iDonpthing it* ngasiW be deadsd
bibs ;quit*.a snoed. Omi
thoughts jUjs pmy ft* MdtoJi bits .tij
¥f km
We eaunW wjgk# tit mhfUjmtfr. ■_
He transpoabw. * K>r ? r.*tne > *h'e would
prefer to rewrf fctrßsk. ar>iLllte 1
f of
*• WWa ryowr
rupU my dark-eyed tormentor “diat it
dm* not echo the csMiooV boom;” ‘ Thy"
st pair^jn; 1 ■■‘w.'" . w .’
i c*mtry caUof Wby not obey P’ Ah f ibCre*#
jAp rpk Krary Wps bae • “ewem^htert”
1 b ‘ “r** uc, r J™ I*, 1 *,
aomc are deaf to /he admonitions of the lot* !
He* ami obedivht io ttltoe of the ftwmer,
tdmwy tb kwh * Then* ft a feer-
LMw My fwwd of arise who ex presets her
pself as being particularly angmus fr Do- ■
become a “seger.” Now if
Induces the wish be
j fenld not as you are perhaps autiripoting/
| gratify it, lot what is very important to,
{him. dw able to decide whether the expres- ‘
• rion df said wi>h, intends a compliment to
h>>n*rsf Or *lhe must she advocates.
t Wkhceit being tbC vrinewt of men I . h#v<r|
t reaso* to believe that she has discovered.!
I whpt f tfeptt mudb feared her sex would )
olacuier, that utseecp ttrenjthrns ndlfr.\
'than irevkrns lajc*. “I. am .not scfres;|
sayt be “if tbe iatlies ntrdcfstand tbe full!
value ef die ieiriece of ikkWe. nor do [.,
think it fuse to tell them, leal lain flae Ole-!
Kss spd 4 Mundane?, %s should resume,
the humor of KfidtH(j their loves to Uufish- 1
mrnt. 'Distance, iu truth produces In idea
I I be- aanue iSlct, as In real perspective. I
Objfoiisxre softened and ran-'
Idciyd jjoubly , for harsher and •
atesw wt !
I member*! are tbe wore striking oitmnftt *!
( Bui my (pnitatabn haa beeome a lengthy |
| digreiriou. Digression from wbat sub- ;
ject r for the thir<| time interrupts Miae
f Blaek-feyw “Truly Mr. Donothing yours
lis a ni**c*lfmi(o>!s theme.” As tlie tal-,
ancc of my remlers may he impressed with
; thogpma idea 1 bttlieto m put by ay pen |
I and take a nap. j
I Hark! there goe* another cannon ! The !
j gentlfiuanlv Meade ii on Ms #yy to
; naopdti Tbe auckW# of fame ghoul
fvUnwing his foutfiteps, that. |s, if fbOae
tnaAxtt to a lary oVgapntstiOQ, lam not at
allffi.ii!h/fir, nvitber am I envious. Meade
nwy have all tbe laurels he can bin, so
iMlbf is not drafted. *
“Knough of mkiions, !el them
Their iffeSb
lkie; ; W- o:i-"
• „ Fame that #Ui seance vraatmafe their
IUI • ■ ■ "< :
The thousands fall to deck some single
i • ■' name.' ’
/ In sooth ’t were sad to thwiK their noble
vi bewnfv tad ri ' U
■Who Btykc. Idlest hirelings! fur their
i?hdhtry’s good. . .
i A*id die that living diight have proved
' more I*!I throw down my pen, this*
time not to resume it. When next ! visit
“rtpfiln Grove, nay tbe ' Muses” tttd'not
: “Soutuus’/aUcnd uvf . ; .i . '
.i. k. ( AicisxisDosotiwiu.
• . . —— *■•*■— —-—-—r-.i j,,,
-pot 11 ’ gT! - v
Thera, been considerably loose statis
-1 ties in Siam ibnayooeernbig tbe rise and ugc I
of the mammoth tree iu Tuolumne county,.
| t’Sforai!. A letter from an eminent
<i scientific gentlemen, who has lately visited
I th*W. gives us some reliable iuforniali*>n, i
I a blob we condense. - They are situated up
high, cool lerriteey, (<>o.ooo fee: rrhor*
1 sea level1) and the spot i< a favorite sammvr
; resort aiiico for ffiis ficfiiwl to see the trees, j
and is much crowded in July ai<d Augofct. !
: The big (raw ant down—and a fair sped- j
’awen of lbs monstora—ia twenty-three feet I
in dhunetcr; where cat <.ff six feet from!
the ground, and perfectly sound. Over i
this base a pavilion has been erected, and J
Ift imbcii a ebgaot xyhlfin fur'
j dancing, aod even literal stamp speak-1
iug. A section of the upper part of tbe ,
. trank makes tbe bed of a bowling alley.
I Our correspondent devoted tbe most of one '
, dgy to. the rings in the wood of
j the trunk, to ascertain exactly the age of
j (he (ri*e; and be found twelve hundred and
j fifty-five of them at twenty feet above the
ground, a* tbe tree stoyd. The oot-ide
; layer v( one hundred gcan f growth oc
j cepied but three iue-bes. and Iho inner
| centuries, from thret to ten and even thir
• teen wSehea each. The rings denote the
I yearn of life f growth; aod though ft has 1
been always claimed that then trees wore
' three thousand veau oU. tbe'ra ,bwr hfWV ►
■ no exact date tor ibis assertion; and this,
exsoriOwfioo proves that this Individual one !
—aud probably an <4d at any—was not 1
more Iftan twlo lltfirieedand tfiy%se \
JMWfcmeiiU in >c-*n s . -
U -nu , tr* iWOtenw yiawif’. J
mJ ~mX Mjmuaililb Kn V
iiAafrinnn 1
and dllnt 'mie ft/
'JdtkmigSI - S ;
miliar in him by m** nsdy. imaleW j
with roll, bufentirefy ig- 1
jabtfob tthcibee tbdlM was% Wentt on a fe ]
vrirrtfi-orgaa mao prindlog away for dear*
Hfe. ji
lltf was turning** though be had only \
* " ■. •*
Jo die be&>m hit work was caroplend.—
tea dSr‘,w2f ■tt'Si:
■*r%&w± raft
the organ wawt.kirftaj Sound JlSaf
j •£• wow w< impa Ma it. '-"-Hr
To make tjwr SdtMbor*. rim Mbg
wml on, and Georgian mp**
j Bat be diiia'i compLfm/ ' AoWaairtha
fM of h “ T K ?' I " - ** MM-
Morpnignadcr, beauiiiitf nmMi
f “*•*; of at) (be garnet J era, bawkei.
( . v '^Scii&TfmtfTizar.'
.A 1 *! <• U univcmil custom In’
IfiSA-VIJP* *"i 4k)Mr ik
i f“ ,m I , ® er of . • Jwnoaed guest to mmb;
kiii ibint, should he feci uv on unkniir
jihenigfil whl*. eonsJLintf lhat the
i hwpitiiiir*fih* pen<*4ftMr £&cid ffi,
.cess, was by pn wm naliWy. It hk
|6M story in (hat in.the bourn
i-df an ancient family of dietiuotion
addicted to the
i*"* gnt lain the sleeping mmn.
uienU of toe MM*, along w*h . boirte <*
j strong ale. On one trillion thmi im
, .According lojb#, of (be timet
I: Y !L 0 U“l^ rerciMi 9#Mk.*cre aUotoed
•UC® occasions of exteodod kn§
Tb* Imtlef look
I diriotn wen eceardinr to tf:
(loro, each with., a Bible aa<Ts<hottle of
sue. f But after a little nhaTjn-- nnunw
f tbenifclres. they an said to have riNStlleJ
the domestic j.i* : as he mat leaving tin,'
-I a e rtn W* frhmU j* "Sftid ode of the 3
r i venerable guests, you roust know, Hftt*
we meet, together, the youngest
imulater reaps aloud* portion V Serin- -
lure to the rear; onlyW ItfM; iWfo?
> necessary; ikkonwoy tW other wt, and -
|in ijor placet tiring out nun bcwfca o#
>T|jltwtn!<tanft wHw
Bow TO ojrr t tWol Purarom.—
"*“ *“J '•& MigbWn., iiiae toller
"OB* PUbem with ba, labor HUT
1 •* '? * =•!• to baini Raw IBW
i J °.y. °". 1 ”* u, j“ ,r JH# UhW-Wm
i xtravagaut theories, do a ami deal of
?•" •** "•* hojjipnL2[
deal, auk compering oMaurai, and ?W.
""O' 1 / ptf'wiring, die land, audwrittlr
any belffr, empa tkan tkar
j-neigh bora, I am npt. pcrrtiquluily jiaaki
i tlr or practice liters fleoricar
, j.,., nKVh'
1 ‘lk |lr d Gklfcft. Bajr.k-% * Rah.••
, i noticed his binsoi splendid poutoeg, ami
I h><i fl *e cuHifcity to ii qnitw how he nind
• ‘horn. L lie to)d n;e that on rrouroi mm. ’
;el it* be farrowed as deep ee*
he could without Urniig np the iurf.
!He prepared his. ownnre |.y purring in^
| the gteeo inauurc some irom; ashes hud
Ikine or nit not verj strong. He #nC>
; his potatoes so that one as large as a hen*a
egg would he dirld**d into three or Ibnr
; pn-oeo. .mi pß t }lim g
! P‘jf, e U l* * mangle of about in 6r 1
• ?*, then pm a shotcl
full of maiiurS cri tbe.iwb ofjhc
The result was that hw pclatheslyialdedTl
! the rale of from t ight to fen hills to the *
buKhel of good market pel stops. ||e oi9
me he took good filed potato* to 4an
The potatoes be. raised ucre Inrge < uongh .
~ Ar * „j .-mcHwli
elW“u|)oii’ibe elanSl ,( **'
witness, o, , t>< . \\*% ri.c
“ Well, sir, , ' .ttoiddbe lawyer 4 am f
know the plaint if and d.-femhn.ir , ,
I i * I don’t know the drift of them word*,”
, ao*w< nd the mil.ir. J:
lawyer, “a wrtty Mlow |n e*ae hraa s
Z'SL ■“* b *;-‘
toe ratf it is that this man struck the oih
' * ***** here as a lawyer, ami don’t XrnSr'
Ishot abaft the Unaaole dtaa."™
a "• * yny 7*tm •—w-e . dlud* id's
t*~ K *&***** *** -
•W* • Mr. Bcci aroi Mia laitkar. ve
Do uuto others a* you would, that tiof
iu similar oiieuutalaiioes, : should do nolo
..M Jl n J *

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