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The Prince George's enquirer and southern Maryland advertiser. (Upper Marlborough, Md.) 1882-1925, January 28, 1887, Image 2

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JMI I ■IIIMIIIII 111 II ■ " , * 2:gaEla:eaggroa:iaEe^-I ' ll,lll 111 ‘K'— l ' l " l —— l M ———————** II It ItIIIIWW I rtBMMBBWMIWMBBIWMBBMWWBWiBBB3MS*Bi>i*44HSg!L!?SS'3Bg3BC'.L-!tJ!IS^-~ , • .rr ' tS3
frhuc €fovt]i'’? li'uquivn'.
upper j[.\ui.noi;or(,ii:
Friday Morning •■ Jutnarj 2.’.ta-18-/
JCEHH K-ICIII3S. / dit .- s
The Treasury Surplus.
The f’veat question that is m vv > u_ ig
in" the attention of ('ongtu s- is the ve
Auction of tiie surplus in tl-- tr< a.-nsy
The necessity for such act; ■: ■ ' lolu.itu ■
on all skies ami, in tact, tue c-ountiy ;
emphatically and persistenth .1 -nnuduie ;
it. The difficulty of acconijoisiiina a;\ ,
speedy aud satislact-i v re*u.t lies in toe
f*;t that the t.r h *us *s of < o r - ,
are of different political vo ws n ! fa
ther that tiie Democratic iiuijrity in
House is not united upon any patlie-uai
and definite mode of reduen-iii.
Tne tariff question is Mv.-ay* <n iutr.- ;
cate and delicate one for politicians. S
math can he said on both s:J‘ s ; it ad- j
nuts of much special and p’ausihle area- j
meat from every standpoint and s * often j
used as an instrument for eff core cer- ■
tain desired polite;*] ends, that i> ua par j
ties seem to shrink from assuming the re |
spnnsihility of reforming the tanii. 1 ii’.s <
hesitation is caused by the la t that a j
large revence must le raised every year
to meet the expenses of the government,
and the traditions of the country favor
indirect taxation as the besl means o!
raising it. Any effort, thcrefoic. to as |
sail the protective principle of the tariff
seems to the average voter to threaten
both the amount of revenue aud tiie
wages of the workman, as he has been
taught to associate high wages with pro
tection. This, as we have intimated |
above, is a very intricate and as yet an j
open question. The relation of wages to i
the tariff depends greatly upon circum- I
stances, and a principle that seen.s very j
correct and very beautiful in theory of
fen fails in its result when put t- a prac
tical test. The apprehension of an ex
tra session to dispose of the question o!
the greatly increasing surplus is evident
ly the spur that is inciting to present
Congress to take some action, hut in tiie
opinion of many leading members it is
not likely* that there will be any legisla
tion this winter.
The McGlynn Dispute.
The marrow if the dispute between Dr.
McGlynn and the Catladie CLurci , -s the
I’hilaili Ijihia 7V/i.<* very pertinently r-uiaiks.
is ill tile 1 read d(-e!ai:-.t :en of hi- ieilel to I
Archbishop * oirigan, dated D---i-mbct k-.'Hi, j
1880, in wldeli he avow.! tin- ui'-s’ I
lionary and i.ivv >*s agrarian <l. c tin ■ a- i-1-
My doclrine alimit land ha- l-i—n mado clear
in sjiecclies, in reported interviews and in pub
lished articles, ami 1 li peat it hero. 1 have
taught and 1 shafl continue to teach. in sn-.-ech
es and writings as bug as 1 live, that land is
rightfully the property of the people in c >m
iiion, and that private ownership of land is
against natural Justice, no matter lv wiiat
civil or ecclesiastical laws it may be sanction
ed : and I would bring about instantly, if I
could, such change of laws, all the world ovei.
as would confiscate private propelty m land
without one penny of compelsuti-n to the
miscalled ovv ners.
To the foregoing letter. Arclibfeh. n Corri
gan replied on the gtb of I>< in’ • c f-1-
Yonr letter of December gfeh br.mgl : the
painful intelligence that yon declined going to
Rome, and that you had taught and would
continue to teach the injustice of private own
ership in lard, no matter by what laws ol
Church or ■'state it may he sanctioned. In
view of such declarations to permit you to ex
ercise the holy ministry would be manifestly
wrong, unless yon withdraw them as I hope
and trust you will. The censure now in force
will be pro facto pioionged until a receipt of a !
letter of instructions fiom radii.al S;me. ui,
which is now on its way to thfe ■ iiy. 1 iegret
that under the circumstances I do mt feel
able to act dilfeieully from the coins ■ indlc-it
ed. The remedy is in your hands
There is not a religions orga.nl/a l iu of the
land professing faith in the inspiration
of the Bible that could pencil xteh anarch? ■
to be taught, either in or out of the pulpit, by
its ordained ministers. The declarations ol
Dr. McOiynnate veriest mockery < f all Bib
lical teachings, a menace to every attribute
of social order, ami social order has its linnest
foundation in the churches of eveiy .■nlighten
ed civilization.
It is easy to foiesecthe i-su*- . ..•volt
as that of Dr. McGlynn against a ('lunch that
is so scrupulous in the maintenance of its
mandates. Even if Ids declarations weic 1.--
obnoxious, Ins vows of obedience won Id si
lence outside criticism of the discipline I ■ in
vites; but w ith his oliimsc a- Il.igi.ini against
civilization itself as it is against the iioc!iiui;s
of his particular Church, there is in t a ij lalily
of Church, State or society to plead in d- f.-n-e
of his rerolutiooaiy action.
The Paris newspapers aceuse tic "of I, n
don of vvt rking up a war panic from ' !;•■ small
est basis to affect the stock markets a id pro
mote the interests of gamblers, in whose
schemes their proprietors and m.u i_ o are
interested. France, however, the IM i- r
•gans declare, will not fall into lie- trap H it
is set toembi-i! le I will; other nat.- .*. hut
will remain calm and defy tl. i 'w'
of her enemies. Tiiey lot--dibit tl." was
rumors are os incorrect f. -m . :’pi to . :.i
from a military point of view .
Bishop Wingfield has giv*n I ■ an
swer to the standing e-minit- il liras
to accept as Bishop "I Ma.stoii. ; In'
possible to release I.in.se!! m I i- c-’.ora-
tions to his present charge. Them will t ■n >
special convention called to . • al. -p,
and the matter will be 1,-f; to !>.• I -p •- - oi
at tiie annual convenlion next .I t :
(in Wednes lay the Senat ;
lion to investigate election intii.!- - ■ f\ v.
Tire bill to establish agti -in; ,1 .-xp- i !:, ■ m
stations was discussed. The II -a- i .-- I ..
substitute for the liver ami ha: --r l-ili .
printing ST,-VXi,oflfi I.- ' x;> i ■ ■
'secretary of War and a h a;.| •
Afterwards, in r opil.n -•■- •
this subtltute, ami the i• • -g■ i:on I m
fore the House. 'I he .N-nui" i 1
referr ed to the Committee on !
with leave to repent a! any trim-.
The President has received tfe- I
Commerce bill, but has not yet ■
The nomination of -I. C. Matthew -. c
as recorder of deeds in the D .sti i t ct i
bra, was n jected by the * • ,!1 ' !
by a vote of IT to hi.
Cotton has made a crrip wh;"'i i ■ t • '
ly slightly less than that of las
six and a third an 1 six md a i
bales, of line quality, an tmpr - IT*'
V<*vsiiixr.xox 1). Jan. J4th, -fsT- (
C' ■■ piesent Congress has redeemed itsi "p- ,
n’a’; in during tiie first halt ol this its las.
so-, r. ami it will now go down to history
lrn.---.-d, even if :l should do nothing more
■(],. : m ilmh-r of its I.lc. Tnc enactment I
Iciiti.d >rcccs.sjon hill ha> been
i by j hat regulating the Electoral
; ,. , ut I -.. a donbic peril is removed. It
. poll-, ce;t.,in that I’l.'iilcnl Clcve
;,u ,g - :,-,-i-s>- is will he elected* and inailgn
-1 ; C ’oi.-ram-c of the p-ople.
IP.! this - half of what has ' ecu acc.m
--.i , .I. Ti..- Inn Ist, itc < . mini ice hill, “for ;
; ~... s,.i w,isc," has gone through bolh j
pm .. .. a;, 1 oniv awaits the Executive sigrta
!U h-voinc a i-nv. i'lion a t igor.cis Anti■
; , , alnv measure has at last been pissed; in
j the Pa -ilic Uaih-oad crook- J
-s has i c v. ol.;.- U-.: .via! the < id Mcxtr-m
,v the end "f this Congress, lltc terms of j
il, ,-,i ;Jjc whole number of i idled I
s-. s i,a tig - i xnire. While some of them ‘
;, . v . i, |, nilicts will he succeed.-d '
j i., j-.-w n !: > noliccahl ■ I hat Kc.leral
s hi ,‘i-s ue ge til g scarce in the Senate.—
; pi.cie on I v -cm i. nun who fought on the j
! Union side dm h g w„r. while there are;
i sixteen vie-si nalle-' :ue <>U the mr.ster lolls j
j .fih- C< I.fell i.:cv. 1 fe pior.ahie that only |
j vhi .-c of i I c i-v l-'.-.1. ia is wall he hft when the |
1 Sena!.. !< c. 11-ilic. ii. v i at tie v-i mini nee-|
ji• ~f ; M--. 011. 'I i will hi- Si-naiois j
I[l m id-. M,,n... , ii. .uil PUtmi*. I'ifiren
i Ih-puhlii-.i’i s, mu will he sworn in on the
! nil ofnex M-i’ch. hut tom of rheitr wore lh.- ,
Confuieiat gray. Tiiis wi!) leave the Sen
ate with twenty i.v-C iifcii-r.itcs. and three j
In r gaiil to 1.1-i.tviiaiii Krnorv’s Arctic j
trip. Sect clary Widßa-y lam txpiessed him- j
self in no lu.irit.- ii language. Hefei rug lo ;
the at that the !.: -ill. wanted to go North
■ a the -T! itis." i<• satvl that I lie United |
s. i*.-s ;,.,iJ s, mct'ui.g else to do with its ves- :
■safe, naval < dicers . n-i sailors, besides send- j
ing hem i il on Ai.iic > xpivKlivins. -1 will
j not si . J-0.v.-v.-r." r c.li'i'.i ■ 1 the >• efetary.
j ••that tfa i ■' iii hi -.ui si: -h e.xpedhj >n under
the [>’ -. 'cut A'iminisli'ation. hut certainly not
j with mv corse: l. Xo one will receive oidcrs
j front me f-r si,eh a trp in ronsonaisee wilh
'i‘h* Pi t.-iv’t-i.l :s in g -otl i.ealth again, but j
he js caiefid to favor liis Hit lunatic knee on
all (icasions. lie ft II compelled lo decline
Co review tl e eu'i r i f tl e Mystic Sl.iine that j
vi sited tl ecity dtuii-a rl.e week, f r fear of j
the dump air tov.l.Mihe wcultl be exposed,
and he could not go to Hie top of the Wash
ington Monument with Mis. Cleveland and
Mr. Corcoran according to appointment. This
trip to tin- cjoinls had heen arranged for tin? e
o'clock, ai-d at that hour everything was in
readiness for lh" distinguished visiters. The
interior of He- Monrinciit was electrically
lighted from ;■ p t> 1.-olli m, a (in* was built in
the boiler lioiiv*. st-am w :.- genciattd, and I
=t“veta! preliminary :;!ps of tic elevator had
la-en made to -• c tl at t very tl.in- was in
! c-mph-te wot king e-rde; !->r ll.e exjuctcd visit |
l.ft!:" Presin- nt. Mrs. Cleveland w :es on
'ini- . . •! aiui- iiiiciiig in a liisappoiulcd tone j
that the i'.’i si.h-nt was not ab|v to conic, she
gracefully t-’inlcivd her arm to the venerable
Mr. < - -oral!, and conducted him to the clc
-..itor. The air inside the M.-i.i.n.ct.l is damp
amle! : ,y. md when the marhle vioor swnng
-pen a blast ;ii-h"d old that almost took the
breath < f tl.•■i.teiing. 'll e visilois h.oked
d-ivvn upon H e magn'lict nt [ ..imnima at the
T- iiioilovv the piotnii.ciil a vocatc* of vvo
rnan snll’isige will iicgin their nineteenth an
nual convention in this city, ami to-morrow
S-nator Blair will make an effect to have the
Woman Suiliagc ameiuhra-nt to the Constitu
tion d's'Ctt-'M-t in the > n.itv*. Miss Susan 1!.
Anthony, who has Li en lieu* tbi seine weeks,
is as grim and !efill and resolute as ever,
•vcai log la r A fc Us i f Hie last lot ty years as
.•: fn!'. v as other vi-terans wear pinnies of
vi.- ,iv. >lu! d- sn'l think at all well of
[>:css r-pmtci's. ho-v aver. -She savs, w here
women are cone ;m-sl. ,-u least, the reporters
are sme to '/.• upon some tiiriulity and
ring i'- !•> Hu- ex"lusion of business
i She mentioned tha ! when she -poke in Chica
go last v, - is, a dog th i* came in with a nevvs
pnp : . p it-.' ran across the stage ami jump
ing up i.ed hi, nose on her shoulder. "I
prophv-'ii-l to the audience then." i-oiiiiaued
she, “that t i-.P ,1 • ; vvotih! ligure in Hie piess
reports nm-c conspicnotisly llun anything
j that was - .: 1 -i d-nr. a d > . he did. "
T;.i.- Baltimore Charity Bail.
The ( ii .i if. Bill a’ the Academy of Music,
Baltimore, on Monday evening last, was a
grand s.icc.-ss, the-‘del society people of the
city, as'.veil as delegations In m New Yolk.
Pliiitnielpliia -uai W.i>!.:ngtoi. pailicipating
in the ph asm- it rll-ni.-d. The comvit hail
presented ah-iii Mil a;.p •aranc 1 . The stage
jiepns- nn lalii'tic li'i.e. with si ttres sc.it
!■ red ai-iiml. An u geil on the prosi-eniuni
areii in the centre wa- 1 s.sp" ; tI pink and red
| roses, and on either side were the letters “C.
i Li.," i omp ised of white ami red rcscs. A large
i Joh* of brilliant, red (lowers was suspended
iby a e-rl I in l!.- top if the [ rosceniimt
The pi.-c - vie ic-islaiico t.f the decorations
it H.e conceit hall was a gigantic pyramid of
liovve:- in the centre ofllie room ilirectly un
der the ; -he of tlowera. Tables with snowy
el..til's vv- rc arrangevl around tic* room, hut
; :h-stag- was -tl apart l-r I’iesideni Clevc
; iainl and hi- suite as a hampietiug apartment.
; . bail r-oin the pillars, which support
; he gall l ies, like I hose in the concei t hall,
Iw■ I’? tiaittl.'-vi wii!! cvctgu eiis, ami the stage
’ ’ .vttiu"' wa- eiV* -Hvc. The scoie represented
I a viflcn w -a long tel race luiuung across
1 the hack, a flight of steps h adiug up to i:, t >:i
-..1"0f the -was the plat fot in for the
I -tilng -i.h stta . 1 thirty musicians, and on
1 I ■.i.ls for the military band of
‘j ;i ;\ j • - ich played for the promen
,i ’ i; . ! -f platforms vv-rc decorated
! w ii (i; ■le 1 • - and hcmui-d in with a
ry seat vv vs ov :i , lv ■! ami ev
. ~ - in iiss Fire
, 111 . i —i l • lit ’f the ipeiiim; pronn ti-
I*.. i . uid lev! vvilli .Mis John A.
15 MV.,.,. was f.i.ovv I fey Mr. Robert
, i Mrs. Ci vcla id. ( d. l.atrobe
, , : i. -. Mr. '■ ml i t Mis. Iteed,
. Mrs .Seal'd, (.’ol. Wilson
... .\j II -,v -!),.(. ■lo tiling and
', *1 'A ' .M . R 1 ,11"! Mi -. (- -<!-
r. Mr. > md Miss I im . . .1. 11. Fer
.. : ■ ■ Mij and Miss
I':, , Ji;. B . ,1- . I aud Mi>s Manning
! is , I otl.et . Until lit** -p ici-‘l S
vt .-. , : I ■■ I ! v x ;>'- I . -it VIK.
UI 1 :.. B '.m—- 1- Hi.* !■ Jets VV- 1111-t
• I. M. I •• v . Lli-i woie a white.
same in which she was married, and the la
dies of tire Washington contingent were all
elaborately dressed. The Presidential party
took supper in the concert hall •H.-ii'v afic;
midnight and returned to Wa-hing-n >i t
half-past I o'clock. The hall wa- i hi i! 1 i.-lil
success in cve-v vv:iv m l a hud— i - -nm •
wa- rc.ili/. '<!.
The United .Males Senate w is i.-t in m—
sion on Saturday. Mr. Sj linger piesented an
amendment wliich he proposes to submit to
tin* Pacific Railroad funding hill providing fot
semi-annual repayment hy the comtianv of
their obligations lo the goven incut from (V
--tolier 1, ISBT. Mr. Hiscock snhmilted a bill
t,ir tat ill revision and the reduction ot intern
al taxation. The Senate bill repealing the
tenure-01-olllce act was favorably reported ;
I from the civil service committee A hi!! to j
appropriate c.t00.000 for a new pul U- h-nild
ing at (.’hai'leston was d.se'.feSrd vviHcvit ac ,
lion, ami the lioit-.e went into e-mmiuev. -f
the whole on the naval reorganization bi’.h- .
Mr. (toll' spoke against it. contending Hint the
I present bureau sys.teni of the Navy Depart
i merit was more eiiicicnt and economical than
■ that now projrosed. Mr. Buck and other dem- !
! omuls favored it. The liver anil the harbor
hill was )•’.jHTle. 1, i's total now having h.-n :
increased lo >.-->•*.
i 1- a very pri valenl and exceedingly uis.igri ca- ;
| ble disease, liable, if neglected., to develop in- j
i lo serious consumption. Being a constitution- ;
1 al disease, it r* ijniies a const il utieual remedy
like Hood's Sarsaparilla, whieh. acting liuoiigli
i the tdood, reaches eveiy part ol the system, cl- j
| feeling a radical and permanent cure ( f ca- |
tarrh in even the most severe tonus. Made ;
only by (,’. 1. Hood A Co., I-owelh Mass.
Suddenlv, at her home near t cdat ville.
I :u this county, on the 'JI-t instanl. Mri.
i I'.Usaheth (nu-urr. vvidow of the late Mich- ;
j ael Garner, ago ! about If. years. A devot- j
I cd Christian has gone to her reward.
In Baltimore, Hie 12tii inst.. Mr. J<im>y I
I If. Holland, formerly of Annapolis, in the i
j iJTth year of Iris age. |
A\’ic Advertisements.
Personal Property.
ained in a Mortgage from Richard St reeks
' to the uiidersigiied, I will sell a! public sale at
tHe Dwelling House occupied by Richard
1 St reeks, on the O.xon Hill Farm in Oxon Hill
: District, near O.xon Hill IN -I Olii'Cln ilii>
FRIDAY, the 4th Day of February. 1887.
tiie following personal properl t
1 llav Horse. 1 Sorrel Mar-. 1 Gnv
Horse. 1 Sorrel Horse,
il7 Horse Wagon. 1 lied Wagon and
llav Carriage, In Darrels of Corn. 1
Corn She!lei'. I (Hitting Dox, 1 Horse
Cart, Lot of W agon and i’low Har
ness, 1 Grind Stone, Lot of Fodder
and Shucks, and Lot of Farming
Implements. Plows. Harness. Kte.
All sums of s2** and under, C vmi. Above
i that amount a credit of six months, on notes
with security lo be approved by the under*
| signed. No projKuty delivered imtiltenns are
I eornidied with.
Sale at 10 O'clock A. M.
Molt gag* c.
E. o. Koukv—Aue; oaeir.
I Jan. 28—ts.
Order of Ratification.
11l the Matter of the Tax Sale of seven Acres
of Land called -Part of Kdelen's Hog Pen,"
j situated lying and being in Brandy wine
District, in Prince George's ('.unity. Maty-
I land: assessed in the name of Cliaties Cal
, vert.
■ /„ !hr rirridt i I,m l fin- I’l iiir <
( 'mm/;/.
I%’. MS Pelilion*—Jan. Tt*rin
THE <) EJECT of this proceeding is lo pro
cute the ratification and combination of a
. 1 sale made on the lb ii day ol I*e .ruaiy. IS*-',
of the above mentioned real estate by John G.
| Hali, late Treasurer of Prince George's Conn-
I ly and Collector of State and County Taxes
; for the same.
James T. Perkins, tnotee, appointed by
- j the Circuit ( onrl for Prince George s County,
iiu Equity, to complete lie collection ol ;.ll
; tit-rte aiui County lax'-s uncollected by
I the said John G. Hall, deceased, having
| made a tt*poi tto this Court of said sale, lo
getl.cr with all the proceedings bad in relation
. | thereto, and the said proceedings having b.*en
j examined by the Court, and the same appear
-1 1 ing So be regular, and the ptovisionsol the law
'| in iMat ion thereto appearing to liave been com
. | plied with—it is thereupon, this g-Ttb day ol
.{January 1887, hy lie* Circuit Court fi r
| ITince George's County, adjudged and order
| ed iliat notice be given by tiie insertion ot a
' | cs pv of tiiis older in (lie ExiyrutKi!, a weekly
! newspaper published in Prince George s Coui:-
, i ly, Maryland, once a week for four successive
, ! vveeks before (lie 2(>th day of February. ISfeT,
1 i warning all prisons interested in the said prop
■ | erty to be and appear in tiiis Court on or before
■ { tiie said 2(sth day of Febmary, to show
I j cause if any they hav , why said sale should
i not beialdicd and confiriued.
Associate Judge.
. ; True copy--Test :
JOHN W. BE 1,1. Clerk
C. C. for P. G. Co., Md.
j Jan, gs-th—4w.
Order of Ratification.
1!V J WIEE kt At..
I'ACI.IN \ A. BEBI!V. I.AC!.’ \ 1..
I STHV.MIT, Kf .vt.
' l„ 11,. n.mdt rrnnl for Vrlm,
I'miiihj , sill in;/ in Ki/uily.
\o. 10IS Kqnitv*
ORDERED, this 27tb day of Jaimaiy, I>s7.
that the Audit. Us Report and accounts A
1 aud B tiled in the above cause be rat died and
1 confirmed, unless came to the ci mi ary be
siiowii on or Irefoie tliesih day ol l-ebiuaty.
. )*s7 . Provided a copy i f this order be ii sert
,cd iu siane newspaper publish* d in Prime
George's County, twice before saul Ml* day ol
February next.
JOHN W. BEET, ( leik.
C. C. foi-JP. G. Co , Md.
Tme.opy Test :
JOHN \V. BEET, i leik.
C. i . f. r P. <r. ('(I.. M :
Jan. iß_2w.
\olitt* l ( mliloi-*
' fTIHI'' IS To GIV K NOTICE, that the i:u
--1 , 1 dersigned has 01-.iatneii tr* in the Orphans
1 Coint of Prince George's * -univ lelt-T* * fad
. ministia'ion on tiie persoi alesl.it. -f
j late of Prince George's county, dn-ea.-ed. Ail
persons having claims against said deceased
* are hereby warned to exbihit the same, with
’ the vouchers Iho eof, legally aullienlii-.Ued. to
the subscriber, on or before the ifNb d iv -t
.Inly, ls>7 ; they mav otherw-fee by law !■■■ ■
eluded from all 'benefit of said estate. VII pri
sons indebted to said estate are tequesb-d l
, maae immediate pay mem. Given under my
l,aml ibis ■.'■'■lb dav of January, P'B7.
Administrator ot I > il;i"! '• !!/■*!.
Jan. 28 _ (a .
. \ fir A'’ •< riisrniputr.
X ( vv i c 1-:
r |Mii; 11". , I \ '..lssjiy , ;j;s ui J
Ill" I "I. i i I s ,\ ,1" ;ai"v I,• |
By-:;- A iV V"
•lon is -im. ' s "J,
rnilE 1 NDER ...
i. point".!
rein limi ._ ntie ■ ,j ,b
.•eased, la - ( . : ■,
lat pnhl e .me: •. , r : : ; i , d.. i..! I
, cash, at the * - li, J. - , , j -v. ml,
' 1 pper Marlboro', -.
Wednesday. Pebraary 55:h, IBS7,
at 1 o'eloek P. M . Ai.!. 1I! V I hI;.\CT Ol-
LAND satiated in l-ilaUeusbnrg •!•■-:.i. t, in
I’lims- George's ( . nnlv, (ol so iiuuii as ij.av '
;he necessary i called - - *,! r•!rt ■i * i (,'.—lie Manor," •
assessed in the name f < ct- K-'siek f-r lh ■
years 1.'7.‘ ; , 188 U, and and in the name -t •
Thomas A J ■> for Ihe yi-.irs ISS2, PS'-, ana
Containing 2G ACI.'XS, moje or I. -
; and adjoining If .- h.n-ts of A oip-uis C u.i .
Ciiatirs Williams an ! ml . is. being Hie .-am- 1
; land Upon vvbieh i>..a*- U , lesi.lcs.’o
. satisfy me f-ii.-.v iog .Vale and C-nntv lax -s.
| to vv ii ;
Coni.lv •- *‘ It) s 8
! Stain - l>'i* r>".2
i County ••
I State ’ iss; ", - ;
; ( intniy . . go !
State - !•>: : 2
| ( 'utility ■ ■ ■■ hi '7
i State 1-- I .7 :
j County •• ■■ . 1 1 ' 7
With im. rest t. IV ot e and all e. -1
.Lv Mi' ... tH-liNS.
Jan. 2! 1. - '7—ts.
■ rjiliE UN DERSIGN El>, ih mud.riy aj -
A pointed t- c-e.ip: ihe e- i.--.!!o!l ■ t
- taxes teinalnii.g sn.■,: - ;<■. i v i. 11 ill
1 deceased, late (ol -etoi . ; A < u-ly
| Faxes for Prii: ■ < • -age's (• -i . - it '••!! al
; public sail- to the i.igb. s! h .11- . I i .-■■h. at
j lire Court House do- i . ;... h . i■ : ! pner
j Mai 1 ho;o',,
|li fihicsiln;/. hfh. J Ol!/. /.x.s J
at 1:17. o'clock i'. M., ALL iU V i TRAM
jOF J.AND situate.; iu Blade: s'-mg District.
I in Prince George’s Colli.tv. so iuiirbll.fr.'-
.if as may b nee’s ary.i nanr inikn-vv n, n- -
sessed in the i on.- -r Al-bt' - J. Vv u."- c-:o
taining 1247 At Rl>. m- ’ or h -- - . and a
joining Hie lands -1 <■ ■ rge -Sbavv. Tliotnas |
1 Kenall and * tk. ,to -a':- ; y th- I. 11-vv ;ng
State and County lax : vv
■ Stale Taxes . - i
| Coui.lv •• 1 70
State - , H I 1C
Conn: v •• 4 7'--
! Stale tin
i Count? •• " It'
Willi ini to -'a of silt; and ah
i Hrat ! -a. - ... ■ oi in- v a.. . u-.
j JAM! ' F. I’EiiKlNs.
I Jan. .1. Ix - s T.aisle*:•
THE CNDEBsIGNEI). T. duly ap
pointed coiiiplete tbe e-Ile, lioii of tax >
reinaildng ui.Colleeterl l v .1 ■ 1 Hall, d.
ceased, hi*- C-l'ee or . ’ S - ! *'-;>*•. ,
• j Lax*- f-r Pit <o.o ' ■ ' ■
I public s in’ 1 is|i, at
; the Court H.msc D* ! --vr. ■ : Fpi-i
: MarliMio.'on
: j WEDNESDAY, February 10th, 1337,
• jat LMO o'clock. P. M. UH. THAT TRACI
■ OF LAND. - : i rte.l m Bind - : D:sli ct,
! .ii Prince George'. (’. u-.'y. t>-ii , Ir ihnv
• of as may he mT-rry.) i-P! .1 aud known by
the name of “Conn' i imbug’,' ..,* - d ir:
i the name of Tl-om I. II no containing
391 ACHES nr . a ■
lands of .I hi. E. .! m. >. V-. ■ ' H ■ .man j
) and oilier ,to sai.sfy 1:.- f -Row ing S' -• • and
i County 'Faxes, i- v. ii:
State Tax"' I"1 ' ! ' i; ;
County - " 1W) |
, ! state ‘ I ''-j 1 '*•
• j Com,tv •• - 7d- :
* 1 State ‘ iss,, i s,"
. { Countv •• " 7", ■
.{State' - I-"! 1 '•
| County - " 7*’ ■
< I County ■■ 7 ; "
I Wi Ii interest to *1 *v ot sal • i-d a • •
I that have accru- ! m in ,v a. a—.
Jin. 21. l-"7—is. 1 rusie--. 1
■; rntlE CNDERSH-NLI). Tiusn v ; .
s ! 1 pointed to i -mi 1
{ remaining in.." ■ i •* 1 !■
j .-eased. late ) -1! ■' -t >
1 ! Pax- s f- r Pin - - 1
{ I public sal ■ t*. U. i Jr ■ I *■'•! --‘
1 | the I -nit 11-mse -. r. C. I -I
. I Mail—no', -a
Wednesday, February- 1-5 Hi. 1887.
|I at 1:47. o'clock P. M . VLL i HA'l MAM
. IOF LAND situated 1:1 Pda - lisbe.r. I is'ri.-l. ,
• i in Prince G- < rge's county, • rso a u i. ih. re
. 1 -fgs may he mcessr.-v < eah ■ ! nl.d ki.oWu -y
I : the linn-' of *-P • <■ -V-'S." ..I in lire ;
r { name of Clara V ■ J —n v- . .g 110
iA( RES. nr.ue ■r■ 1- I ; d.- (1-e land'
, ..f m. J. favi.e, ~n-. J-; u -• ■ n-■)'-1-
I satisfy the follow eg St..■>• a: .1 ixes,
. j to wit ;
■ I Slate Taxes L"! ri ■
. County - ■’ 11 --
- ! Stale " 1-- ■ 1 'j
* County • b *s
f j Stale -1" : MCA
I ' ('om.iy •• '■ •"
Stale •• 1-' 11 B
C’ouiiiy •• *• '' •''
s a(* *■ 1 "v i '
(’ounty *• ■* * " *
With dm r. s’ (- of s.,!c .an! • .
: ‘‘‘‘ ' .) VMI.' T. 'PEEK-NS.
Jam 21, I"7 1-
T'iy,i ; ■"
-u: m • !• v .i i.i; ••. A U
s tlif C i;ii II : ■
Mil! *, nt,
Wednesday, Febrara-y loth. 1887,
. I Ml-
V Prince George’s <
1 as mly he n.-r. ' ■ 1 ; ‘
of lh- H J-’’tt e-.uliilu
; in- 14! a< 1:1" ;■ '- ■ ;
, G- d!< e, and 1 "• 1 -
Coni, v •• -7 I" 1
\\ till l.lei' • ■ 'i*•*>i .. 1 <* -'>
.;,t:t IM. ! >7 1 A-'L'P.
: XJ-KTA- -Tv- A visit,
K 1
, Pr : " C- , : - -
1 f;y!e. ! , ■;■ ‘ '
". I s ,li ■;) 1 • ;l i-.'i !
-I •'-'■(■'J'-
y \ hi Aii %.1 * . '- i
Wil l \:\ Ai l* .
. \ fir . h! rrr! iscmrntr.
R.-iiki: I s ,V SI.VM.IU— S dieilors.
Order of Publication.
REBF.CC.’, T, SCOTT, t’lnin!ill.
Jam. P. La's ,v Eli/..,be11i D. Bir.vs Ids
'■ ife,Joseph ii. Furni-i -v M oi* A. Furner. !
1 v\ 11 ■ • ; '.Vilti uu A. V i.-rs ,v Belieccu T. j
\ *is. Ins vv f- : Eli/.* Magrtnlei .v Francis I
in I•!ii ft Ini I‘riiln (.V,-,/d }
I 'm ,i;/ si to, o in l,i r i;,.
?3' I! E OBJECT (>F FHK BILL in this j
.1 i-ruis.e is i.. pro.-ui.■ ri Decree tin the sale t
-f la- e ai IS :<•*■ -f vv lu.-b Ihe l;U.- Alex- I
ai.de; l . Jiaain.ier of I'ni.ee George's County, |
v• ..y iaed, ip. ; s.-:/ -i l and fosse-s-e..
-.an.l. i ( . .Magnr-Jer departed this life on {
.;h— lll Hi. . i.:, uf Junuiii-y, 18.72, intes- i
l. t-, seize.! an. I puss, ss.-.l of large lea! and;
p- iseual property : that h - j ees-in.l estate was {
life iuliiiinistcied U|>on, aud wa> more j
a a . -i;iii.-:i-!.l for !Ii * pay m-nt of his .let t
i'ir.u, sn i A,. \ .ii *<•!• ( Mag-ruiier was seiz- |
ed and j. ss< s-ed al the time of ids death of |
. r.n ;■ ,;l (-slate situated near CentrevilU’ in ,
s: nat; District, in Plane* George's County, ;
k::.-vviil*v 'b.- name ol—Oakland," ‘-Friend i
-hip's S-.-oi.d Addition," -Casteel-,'' -Part, of 1
l .Ouiunds FiePek Enlarged," -T*i.- .'t- rui-vv s,”
-Casteel" and ( Ticket Bat," and • ontaii.lng six
! i:nd;e.l act. s more or less.
1 1i.,! h.-iiig s,, *eizej and possess***! at the 1
da.' -f h. > 1.-.1 *i* as ai oesaM. he left Ihe I'd- ,
lev. ii-a . i- -nlv ehirdr.-n and I.- ua al law. ;
n.< ,y . PI R'p A Magn.dtr win* bus since ■
pai;. .i Hus lifi intestate and iililimnieil.
John H. T. Magiaide; vv bo lias since .1. p.,rt I
■■ai i ..- lit-.- leaving the Defendant Eh/i Magru- I
d- r. ids widow. !;U! no children, and leaving a
a- 1 , vviil ami festan.enl, i>\ which he devise-1 :
1..1 is .01 "d O. her the said Eliza Magriuler. ,
i ■ ; . -tale, re.,l aiui |S-iaOU,ll.
j,:.. V ■ Elays Wife ol Philip i>. Bi.i.vs, who
■ .- <M vv Hi hei s;tul luisliiiirl the said Plot j
ai..l leaving a> la-1 only children and lieirs al !
•aw il.c ,i. f miatiis. -I lines P. Liiays, Maria A .
I i.n .: wi'- -f Joseph 11. Turner, Rebecca T.
v i- -. vvif.- . f W illiam A. Vicis. and Francis
8. iJ|.,ys a i m.i.-siilent of (Ids -‘stale ; and
v' er Oiaiiix. Rebecca 'F. Scot I.vvidow of John
B. 8 - I now deceased.
"First: tin- leal estate i.eieiu before mention
-tl is not -a-.- ptil.l.- • f advantageous division
■r part it ion am mg tiie parties hereto, who
a:.- .’lititl.-.l in the same, nor can it he divided
'.vo.ht'ui loss and b juiy to th in, bur. thatit
will be ‘a..ti: for the inteicst anil advantage ot
I - i’i.ii;.tiff and Defendants, to sell the afore
said tract or parcel of land and to divide tire
i ..H-tvds tlieieof iieivveen the patties, in the
l=i. iportions to vvliicir they are respectively en- )
It is iiieieupm adjudged and ordered this!
IhHi Jay • i J liinary. 1 "T, that Hie plaimitl'by i
■ causing a ropy of tins order to be inserted in |
■ me or more newspapers printed and published
in IT nee George's County, Maryland, once a j
w .-. i- r.n tour sin e- s-ive weeks In.-fore the 1-ilii |
.lav oi May, l.'bj. give notice toliie said Fran- j
vis S. Bi.iys ihe non-iesident defendant, of the I
el j-*.-; am! 'iil.s! m.-e ..f i ids bill, and wain him
i to appeal in tins Court in pet son or by Soli.-i 1
, tor on or IM-f.,-re tin- said loth day of May, 1.'87, j
:o answer the premises, and show cause if any
be l,as. vvi.v . Decree ought not to jwss as
C. C. for I’. (.. Co.
Fun- Copy—Test ;
ji -UN W. BELT. Clerk.
< . C. f-r I*. G. io.. Md.
.im. n- tv-;.
Order of Ratification.
1 i the m it.-: -f I he Tax S .le of a House and
I. in I’is-.i'avvay District, assessed in Hie
name of O.ai ity 11. Butler for (he years
I '72 o J.'7i; l tl, inclusive, and in Hie name
•if M.i l.lfeo:* Buiier f r the years 1'77 to
isC ii .! I. in. lii'ive.
!> I'i'i il fir r.ime ,Vf,r*/e'.v
* of id'/.
\ ‘ib rclilioiiN-Jan Term
miiK .-i j -tof H is proc. e.l ng is to [ r .cuiv
1 H e ' t ifii-.it ion of a sate made on me .7th
day f imu iry. 18S7, hy .) dm G. 11 dl, late
t'l.-asui'-r of Piince George's Couutv. and
Cidie.-t-r of Stale and Coumy Taxes, of a
, House and Lot situated in Fiscal away District,
lu .i - Ge-i g.-'s ( "iinty as the same is de
; d ;n the said Treasurer and Collector's
a lv.-; - incut of s.le. That James T. Per
kins. ini-:* e. api oiu'ed hy I lie Circuit Conn
j f-i Prim e George's County, sitting as a Court
of Kqu ty, o take . barge of ai d complete tbe
: cot e ti-ii ef I ixes .1,,.* a: d unco* ecte.l by ll e
j sal.! .lo'in G. Il.lh having made a icport to
this Conti of said sale, together with all the
pr-■ ee.iings bad in relation thereto, and Un
said n:Pngs having been examined by tbe
C. ami the saui-’ appearing t> be regular,
and !be p:-v :*;ons of the law in relation there
to appearing to have been complied with—it
is tiiereiip >ii, tiiis (ih .lav ol January, 18t>7.
1 v : ( hn-iiil Court f-r !T ince George's Conn
tv, a i . Igcd ami onlen-.l that notice lie given
i.v H.. u.-.uti. ;i 1 1 a >y of tl.is order in tbe
Fx ,u . ■;i,ia weekly newspaper published in
.Pliii.-.- G.oigi-'- ('-nitty, Maryland, once a
v. -• k i . 1 ■ il su.-.-essivu- weeks before 2btb
uf January, i'.'7. warning all |icrsiis in
'• in R-c 'aid prop r y to be and iipi*,-.l
-hi- C- on orbef-re the said 2‘Jlbday ol
.i.i-ua v, ls>7. to show cause if any they have,
: vvi.v sin! sale slioul.i not lie ra’itied and eon
tinned. JOHN B. BROOKE, A. J.
True C.mv—Test '
' JOHN W. BELT. Clerk,
C. ('. for P. G. (Md.
J oi. 7- tw .
Police io
mill.*, is TO GIVE NOTICE, that the un-
L .1.-isigi:.*.! lias obtained fiom I lie Orphans'
Coirr! • I Piince George's comity letters of ad
luinisirat -ii on the personal estate of
J Mil's T. DAVIS,
late *-f I'iimv George's County, deceiis
ed. A ! |e:s'ins having elaims against
said "".-ea-'-'l an ii.-reby warned lo exililiit lie
s.iii-, nhi it:.- vouet.e.s thereof, legally an
. tlu-iai. an d. to lie- .subscriber, on or before the
I.7th day of July, !>B7 : they may other
wise I-, law In- excluded front all benefit of
-aid estate. A l persons indebted lo said es
iate ai.- re po-sted to make immediate payment
(■vci i aider n y 1 and 1 1 is lot Ii .lav of January
JOHN ( . t.Etißt-E.
tdiiiiiii.':i'-.ior of J lin -s f I) ivis.
.1 tn. II- l-v-
rIA iI; ■- fe To GIVE NOTICE, (bat at Hu
1. cxpiral i--it .-! Hum divs from li.e date
bcreol. I! '■ - r del sign .1 will a) plv lo ihe Collu
. Coiiiiiiissi.mers of Prince George'* C.iimtv
i j..-n -- on lo s'liligt.l.-n and l.u-ate il.c
. . ii.t\ R ..i l i mining through the land ot
W.. P. ,l.c . - the -I In 11. I.n
--■ i; •. , i. ml " road lea Ing froin Mini kirk
VP - n-i i v t oun'v.
\\ M. T. .K )M>.
( . A EON.
r'e "it" r"> vx v.•. a i iimplctr diary
f.. ■-V -V . -I !• . I.- ! I 1 I-'KKK nt all
dealer - i.v 1 . . i.. ;;.--l-a. r.-sefe-: of a vc. |-osi-
L .i.-'y Yauugxs Ono-Pnce Shoe House
Do 402 Seventh Street,
IC. i >7/ / .Vt; T(> .V. I) r.
Look The 011 Lady in the Window
(Joiit’t lo l.ortn.
* ARtii-OR SM A 1.1. Si MS oil good farms
\ , i tl,j- "uuuiv l•; live years or shorter pe
i i "---! ' I": "ell'T
E.iv.t . am! St. Paul Slte.ts.
Balt inior -.
. )Jin cliu neons . Id > / /■' men is
Rjf\Vhife f llraßlies f GiD
i I’rn; m.\::i.i.m .
H' WIN-. cm ;a:
. Main Si:.-,.1. f.-i , •
J. i’tuner. ii--:.. i
prepare*! tc otter to t!.. ;>o>'. a tA . r,
Illt-Ilt i'f ! 1:<• above o,i-‘ ■!.
AN.) i.Mi’oui i;i) \\ i
- ! at Civ !'ri -
imiu- vti.--,,<-i; ■: i 1.-;,."
A Cull st.-ck ->l' T • • i ■ s
on haml.
OTPHlive us a call.
November £ii. l-ss.j —iv.
} il 1 ill
i C i
Fall & Wider Mm
Every f)ej>ai Imeiit Stocked
WITH ' |
ARB ‘1 5* EC I
Ir; , *
For Yourselves,
• Our K'lal.lisliir.o-.l is t! o ;.i.u - c ' - Inty it.
For Vonr Boys,
i Our II hup i- ll i- otic ><••; >!:• nM ; r
Every Garment mtuked a.a
plain llgiires I'ricea re
no higher than you pay lor in
ferior kinls elseivSicrr Wv
kindly ak an inspect ism.
& ! ' !| i
One-Price t lolhiers,
216,218 W. B-iilimoro SO
nk u: < ii \ni.r.s,
(>cl; Iht 1. I'l-'i—;!n,
i J. H. Medairy & Co.,
Litlmirapliers. Frioters,
iiiELlßSiffllUlEllS 1
North Howard St.,
Blank Books made to Order
in on ii stole.
CT?'i!:i. Wksi.kv 1!. Coi.to.n i eouiieeipil ,
with Ibis house .Inly 17. >H—-ly. j
Working Glasses ta n;i“:
paird to furnish all with amiVynient at
home, tlio whole of the Line, >r for thoir spare in -
ments. Business mw. Lgl an*! i nd.lalde. !’* i.oas
of either >e\ easily earn From .AO < • nts to >’■ iio p.-r
evening, ami a pr<’jortiona! won hy dtan’.ing a'l
their tune the business. Hays aiul girls earn ne.n *y
■as nineh as men That a’i who see this m.o send
their address, and test Hie Lush e- we make tills* *-
ter. To Mieh as ale nor well sati>li Mwv will *e.i.
one dollar to pay for the tumble *-i wiilO-g. ru’d
nartieulhrs and outfit nee. .\* du *<.!! •'• v * 1 ’
son \ <•*•.. Portland. Maine.
we will send yon Inr, suimdli: u: ' ■.::* > v,.‘
no am! in|orlaiu** t * you, Gic ,i . *!.*:' \ti
in business w bii b w : li britnj y■ *t m .10 n •
ey rijrl.r away I ban :t r> iloiig el*- ■ •. • • .• w - M.
Aliy 0110 MH •!-•:; ■ w k ititl 1 :<•:? ••
Kit Imm s,*x : all S. ~.oTii\ .o\v. C o
just c*un:i*v t: aK v. * i,:-.•; *.\ *■
siai! \o 1 : n.;piial n : 1 .*• id. Ia s •
tbo pMiuitiO. imp n' tnt *-i a: • s . ;
I huso wbo are Middl ••
not ilelaV. i L’ f ■ * A 1
vV ( 0.. Vagus! !. Ma *•
I lung eHe 111 ! i*t* v i al. i 1 .. i
you a:e siaptevl li> I * o- • . -
Any Oi.e e.tii d :ivfl.Gv. I irg* a t
suit* Iron 1; 11 st sit.o-:!v ruG.i a; d* or
free. I’- llor nni !*!.iy. u r ’. ? *
sc ni us yoiii uKJivss a. i la.- •• i
wise \ou will do a> at .‘1 1 v .: :
(,V . Poll land. Ma .. .
Gold Jewelry by Mail:
! Olticiat Uiiis-is ■',! I’.i'-’i:- !■;> -I
I*.. 1.0. O. K.. M 11 i u.-i T | . ,
I i il.-i,. ' a's,* :iil -i 1. i tM
ilt-litiftlicu —1 ’ i:! . ■ 1 1
:ci c. Finely lints! <*l t 1 i .1,1 ■1
Pi ices hy mail. 250 '" ' 1 1
store prices. 'A id ' ’ •’ ’ •
Liber.,l disccuiuls A- I ■-■ 1 * 1 -
irivcu in oenrlv •1- s , . t
crs. ' t.i.-' - I .:j ■
'I -UK I.A l !."i < 1: VZL ‘ • o ; -O
1 Elegant Tortoise sltfll - ‘
ili,irpius. '-ii
Ki.-n M 1 *■ *'■•.. i . 1 1
“ (Itai'nuf Sale of Winter Wear!”
i 1 Men's & Hoys Fur (Ftps SI, 1./jO
" l’"r Collars AGUve $2. 2.00
Fine* W lute Lam Vs Wool
s Underwear sI.OO.
“ Heavy Wool Knitted Gloves
X' \
?W Largo M 00l Knitted Com-
G 23 PENNA. AVE., " 1U “ iMaek Suit and Still
- n Hats §1 to SO.
Vv/QjS pIpG |O fL /s£•§-=> Call early and get the
E,G. benefit of those Pricks.
jjP -
j | SAKS &CO , r
r,a r 3
I tXSr* you liko> you can bring goods back in |
| Ton Days and get your money. | J
| Cor. 7th and Market Space. | 1
■r— ----- ~~”sb _
=— ■ ■■'
colxi ■ = coaE>
Corner Eighth and B Streets, S.
No. *il<) A. Street, N. E., Capital Hill
Coa! Dfpot (on B. & P. R. R ) Cor. Va. & Del. Avcs., S. W.
received direct from the MINES and shipped on small margin to
all points on the B. Sc P. Road, A g .i,t -s, hm-iv
Johnson Brothers,
Wiiarves M Eailroai Yard: Tielftl ut Water Streets Soatlmt
mEamcuiis mi
1202 F Street Northwest, 1-j 15Seventh Street Northwest,
1740 Pennsylvania Avenue Nortwest, 1112 Ninth St. Northwest,
Cor. 3rd and K Sts. N. W., 221 Pennsylvania Ave. S. E.
Largest Private Railroad Yard south of Now York ; also Exten
S sive Wharves giving unsurpassed facilities for the'economic handling
i of FEEL of all kinds.
Coal delivered on Cars direct from Mines into our Yard,
We deal in best qualities of ANTHRACITE and BITI MI
AI : kinds of WOOD, either in stick or prepared to order at our
! note tv.
lincries, and prices as low as Fuel can be furnished.
•In v ; a, ISM!—l\ ,
jLiiiiiberS Lumber!
&c., &c., <fcc.
Lumber Loaded on Cars Free of Charge
W. W. McCullough,
oil New Jersey Avenue, N. W.,
i*2 S(|itarFK N. W. of B. & O. Depot,)
\)u ! j)rop<v ! i)ropsy!!
■•! iu .!• us vui ions f i ms. N
■ i ... I. ,-i at. 0i..-.-. li-tudieils testify to
--no mi vViU'i*. ami all we ask i - n> give it
mv iuced of Us valmN W ill
■!.on: -i i real in ml, prepared, to any
-. t s ■i il
.! K. Vi EiDNER. West E.ti, Pena.
Ihitare umi ti'iy
i '
Cor. P'att and Lic;ht Sts.,
\V \ MTUU An active aml H '
>' s\ It 1 ID U lialile person to rep
, |, |j • iNnt RANGE CO. l.ilu'ral
-. i; *; i-ments. Address vvilli re-
X, \ ", ; MU l LAI. UFE Ass'N.
- f W .-hit gt m. I >■ < '
ISS S' WO 1) ’ Trail Si.,
an 1, ISSti—(Mil -
iv .n liiM i xr SfC-inei h. ! . :tsi MuUT
-110 hacks intwst to Im .“aft* at
(Jovermneiit i■ >:ils. Inf'iost piyabit S'nii-
Aniuiaity, at office or limit i t mo'-' yy*'. 1-
years’ expei iencr. atiil tit'trr io>t i .fiilnr f*-*t
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