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Friday Morning July z2tli. ISB7
Democratic and Conservative
Primary Meetings.
Close up i 'he Ranks and let the Democratic
Column March on to J otor /.
In pursuance of the recommendation of tlu* Demo
cratic Slam Central Coxnuittee, the Democratic \c
ters of Prince Georsre's county are liu.rehy requested
to assemble in Primary Meetings at tin* usual places
of holding said meetings in the several Election Djs
tricts of Prince Geonre’s county.
On SATURDAY, July 23 J, ISS7,
at 4 o’clock P. M. fortlie purpose of selectir.s Five
Delegates from each district to represent them in a
County Convention to be held in I pper Marlboro*,
On TUESDAY, July 26th, 1887,
at 12 o'clock M.. ujon which Convention will devolve
the duty of selecting Four Delegates to represent
Prince Geoive’s county in the Democratic Stale t . n
veulion to be held in Raltimore City,
On WEDNESDAY, July 27fh, 1887,
at 12 o'clock M.. for the purpose of nominalimr One
Candidate for Governor of Maryland. (>ne t ’andidate
for Comptroller of the Treasury, and One Candidate
lor Attorney -General of the State.
Central Committee for Prince Geonre’s county.
Death of Ex-Senator Hunter-
Hon. R. M. T. Hunter died at li’S
home, Fount Hill, Essex County,A a., last
Monday. Mr. Hunter was one of Vir
ginia’s most eminent citizens for many
years before and during the late war. —
lie was born in 1809. He served sever
al terms in the national House of Repre
sentatives. beii g elected speaker ol that
body in 1539. Subsequently he was
elected United States Senator and made
chairman of the Senate finance commit
tee in 1849, which position lie held till
the opening of the war. He gaveDuug
las a close run for the Presidential nomi
nation at the national democratic con
vention at Charleston in ISCO. During
the war lie served as confederate secreta
ry of state and confederate senator.
It is'said that this distinguished man
was glad to accept three years ago a mi
nor position in the custom service which
paid him S6O per annum. Forty years
ago he would have been pointed out in
the gallerv of the United States Senate,
as one of the great Democratic Statesmen
of the day, conspicuous for his ability, his
ii.liucncc and his character. How stange
are the vicissitudes of life ! Honored to
day ; forgotten to morrow.
The Ealtimcre Primaries-
On Wednesday Baltimore held her
Democratic primaries to choose delegates
to the throe Legislative district Conven
tions which met yesterday, to nominate
candidates for the House of Delegates
and one candidate for State Senator.—
In many of the wards the contest was
very spirited and a largo vote was polled.
The result was in favor of the regulars,
or Rasin faction of the party, sixteen
wards being claimed by them, while Mor
risen had only three and Slater one. In
the thirteenth, one of the Morrison wards
the Hon. George Colton was successful in
his candidacy for the Legislature, beat
ing Joseph E. Hogan, by 189 majority
When Colton’s election was announced,
quite an ovation was held at the Hall of
the Crescent club, and the victor appear
ing on the scene, was herno to the plat
form on the shoulders of the crowd and
compelled to speak.
End of the B- & 0. Deal-
Mr. Robert Garrett sent a dispatch
on Wednesday to the Ph iladelphia Record
in which he stated that the negotiations,
of which so much has been made, are ter
minated. The reason given is that this
syndicate which was to acquire a large
block of the Baltimore and Ohio stock,
in such away as was believed would he
beneficial “to all the parties concerned,”
having filled to comply with their en
gagements at the aphointed time, all ne
gotiations have been declared to he at an
end. IL says :
“The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad
Company—its properties, including its
large telegraph system and the ownership
of its stock—remain now as they wore at
the opening of the negotiations.
The widespread public interest which
these negotiations have excited and the
many false and foolish rumors to which
they have given rise justify me in de
parting from my usual course and making
this formal statement of their final ter
Tlie Blaine organs seem to think, says the
Xcw York Slur, that they can injure ITesi
ijent Glevelatul by .describing him as “an as
tute and able politician., The public ion
quickly appreciates tbe difference between
that commanding ability in politics tbal se
enres tbe support of a great party and adds to
its Strength and the petty trickery to which
small schemers resort for the sake of personal
advantage or local prominence. There could
be few things more senseless Ilian to suppose
that the people are prejudiced against able
politicians. On the contrary, they re-pect
and admire them, and they know that the
world is governed by just sneb men. Iftbeie
ever was apprehension about President Cleve
land’s success in any quarter deserving of re
spect, it arose from fear tliat professional pol
iticians might deceive him. But Mr. Cleve
land has been a hard worker in politics a! 1
his life, and understands the methods and mo
tives of politicians. ’1 ho good ones he re>i"-< *>
and esteems, as Horatio Seymour did. Ibe
had ones, he understands and avoids. Sel
fish and corrupt or misguided politicians arc
unable to obtain any advantage over him, be
cause he is as well informed as they arc, and
is rendered invincible by the purity ot Lis mo
tives and tbe manly sincerity by which ab
bis acts arc guided.
According to letters received from Bucharest*
M. df Coutonly, tbe French misinter there, in
a speech at a banquet on the l-lth instant said
tbal tbe French Republicans are preparing for
a sanguinary struggle which would be tbe
more formidable the longer tbe outbreak was
delayed, and be concluded by offering a toast
to the bealtli of tbe Russian minister, M. Olas
sof, whereupon all present shouted 1 .success to
Russia, tbe friend of Franee.
W-V-iuxoTox. 1). July 2(Hb, 1887. j
Tbe salutary effects of the lessons taught by ,
the recent exposure of tbe rcscalities of Bacon ;
in the Patent Oflioe, and Harvey in tbe Treas
ury, are perceptible in many ways. Tbe beads
of Bureaus arc more diligent and vigilant as
well as exacting regarding the methods of eon
ducting the public business, and the clerks ap
preciate the state of affair; by increased activ- j
i,y and thoroughness in pet forming their allot- |
ted tasks. In all the Departments there is an j
ill-concealed feeling of apprehension, not to
say suspense, as to what a day may tiring, and
your feels safe ‘in predicting
that the end is not yet—that others in high
places are cowering in dread of an impartial
investigation of their doings-realizing that the
result would be ruinous to thorn. I have good
reason to believe that a general hut quiet ex
amination of the accounts of all disbursing of
fleers is being made by direction of no less
an authority than tbe president himself.
Postmaster General Vilas was partly en
gaged this week in the much needed work ot
revising the postal regulations, winch have
not been amended since 1877- The Postmas
ter General also found time to reply, in the
negative, to the letter of the posial clerk, ask
ing permission to hold a convention to discuss
the needs of the service, and advising them
that the proper way to secure these aims and
etuis would be to make sneb suggestions to tbe
Department as might occur to them in the
practical performance of their duties.
Up to the present ibis month. Government
receipts amount to al-out stl.o 10.000. and tbe
expenditures, inclusive of $12,000,000, in
pensions, *t> making an oiior
mous excess of disbursement over receipts.—
It is estimated that ihe receipts for the balance
of the month will be sl.oon,oo<i a day, and
that the expenditures will be fully as large.—
The total amount of bonds redeemed under
the call, which matured July Ist, is .§18,0b0,-
250, leaving still outstanding of the call §1,020,-
ti.jii, f tie whole amount of called bonds out
standing is §5,000,450. At present the Treas
ury fluffs itself unable to supply the heavy de
mand for note- of small denominations, but
orders have been issued to do so as soon as
The disbursing officers of the Treasury,
were somewhat surprised the oilier morning
when a duly authorized committee of expert
accountants called unceremoniously to count
their cash and see if the hooks would balance.
•Similar action will bo taken with all disburs
ing officers. Their accounts have been over
hauled, and ii will be a great wonder if much
crookedness in high places is not uncovered.
The Year's Exports.
The export statistics for the fiscal year end
ing Juno Jo have been made up. They show
that in spile of wheat corners and other hin
drances to a free movement of marketable
products our exports of breads tuffs and pro
visions are in excess of last year. Tbe wheat
export, including floor, was equivalent to
151,780,Riff bushels. This quantity was
about one-tbird of last year’s crop. In other
words, for every two bushels consumed and
held in slock at home, one bushel was sent
This quantity exceeded by 0 1 per cent, the
wheat export of 188(> and was greater iliac
that of any year since 1 SSI. We could have
spared 30,000,000 bushels more without ten
dering wheat scarce for home consumption,
and as tbe prospects of the present year's crop
are fully equal to that of hist year, we arc in
a position to supply a big foreign demand if
the demand should be made. The corn ex
port was below that olTast year a good many
million of bushels, but the wheat export was j
so large that the total value of breadstuff’s ex
ported reached $102,000,000, a sum greater by
32 per cent, than that of the preceding year.
In the matter of provisions the showing is
not so satisfactory. The export of cattle and
bogs decreased 17 per cent, and of fresh beef
SO per cent. This was due, no doubt, partly
to unfavorable legislation against American
meat products and partly to an increasing
supply from Australia and other British colo
nial possessions. There was a sufficient in
cicase in the exports of tallow, bacon and
hams to bring tbe value of the total exports
of beef and pork products to about 4 percent,
above that of I'-bi. There was a falling off'
in tbe export of butter and cheese which was j
nearly made good by an increase in tbe oleo
margarine export.
These ligtir; l are chiefly interesting as show
ing that, in spite of determined efforts to in
crease tbe production of wheat, a strong for
eign demand still continues to exist.
The storms of Sunday, Monday and early
Wednesday morning inflicted great damage
iu various pot lion.- of Maryland. So far ten
lives aie reported to have been lost at differ
ent points in the S'ate, four of them by light
ning. There was a 1.-o great damage to build
ings, live slock, grow iiig crops and timber.—
The storms in their extent and intensity
and the amount of damagd lesiilling from
them will long be cited as among the most re
markable in the history of the State.
In this town, on Friday lasi, Hubert Clinjell.
infant son of Lucy and Frederick Sisseer, Jr.,
aged lo monlbs and 1 day.
Acir Advertisements.
rnHERE will be a Fkstival under
-1_ the auspices of the ladies of St.
Thomas’ Church, Crooui,
On THURSDAY, July 28/7*, 1887,
in the Grove near the Rectory, for the i
benefit of said Church.
BSTliefreshments of all kinds will be
The public are cordially invited to at
tend. J nly if, lss7 2w
Xx undersigned, appointed by tbe County
Commi.ssioncrs.wiM sell on the premises, SAT
URDAY, August dlli, I"S7. at 4 o'clock I*. M.
to the lowest responsible bidder the contract
lo build a bridge on public road from Govern
or Rowie’s to Queen Auqp. oy Terms and
specifications given on day of sale. The Com
missioner- reserve tbe tight lo reject any and
all bids.
Bridge Commissioners.
July 22-11.
Hritigr \olitc.
■VfOTK Els HEREBY GIVEN, that the
Xx undersigned, appointed by tbe County
Commissioners, will sell on tbe premises, AU
GUST Bth, l'>7. at 4 o’clock I’. M., to the
lowest responsible bidder the contract to build
a Bridge over Beaver Dam Branch, near Har
vey’s Crossing. Terms and specifications
given on day of sap'. Tbe Commissioners re
serve tbe tight to reject any and all bids.
July 22—Id. Bridge Commissioners. !
Tenant Wanted.
labor in bis own family, who appreciates
tbe value of manure, wanted to work about
40 acres o| my farm near Upper Marlboro’!
during the year ISSs. Land lust class.
July s, LSB7—lra. 1
New Advertisements.
Order of Publication.
Samuel T. Uron & Clara I ron his wife,
, George Seltzer, Mary Seltzer, Mary
Seltzer, widow, et al.
Susan Seltzer (widow of Daniel Seltzer
deceased,) William Seltzer and Emma
Seltzer his wile, John M. Seltzer and
Mary Seltzer his wife, Reuben Seltzer
and Mary Seltzer his wife, Daniel Sel
tzer , Kate Ehv and Jacob Ehy her
Husband, Anne Groh and Levi Gioh
her Husband.
hi the Circuit Court for *i l rinci
County, in Rquity.
Ho IGfiil Equity.
mUE OBJECT of Hus suit is to ptoeuie a
I Decree tor the sale of certain Real EJat
siluate lying and being in IVi nee George's
County, State of Maryland, of which Daniel
Seltzer late of said County and State, died
seized and possessed, said land being compos
ed of two portions of a tract of bind known a
“Upper Motley Hall” the first prlion ioi
tabling two hundred and forty-six acies more
or less, and the other portion containing ten
acres. Tbe bill in substance states that Hie
said Daniel Seltzer being so seized and po-,
sessed in Hi month it Januaiv. l>s,.
departed this life intestate, leaving the De
tendant Susan Seltzer, bis widow, amt the t"l
--lowing named persons bis only heirs a* liw
namely, William Seltzer ids son and Emma
Seltzer Ids wife. John Selt/er an I Man
Seltzer bis wife. Reuben Seltzer and 51 n , hi
wife, Daniel Seltzer who is unmarried. Kite
Ebv wife of Jacob Eby. Clara 1 ron wife <>!
Samuel T. Urou, Anne Groh, w ife of I.evi J.
Groh, Mary Seltzor, widow ot George Seffzer.
a deceaseil’son, aud mother of the J’lajuiiUk.
George Seltzer, Mary Sellzer.Leonoia Seltzer,
and Luther Seltzer, who are grand grand
children of the said Daniel Seltzer, and only
heirs at law of George Selt/er, deceased, the
last two named being infants under the age of
twenty-one years.
That the said Susan Seltzer. William Selt
zer, and Emma bis wife, Reuben Seltzer and
Mary his wife, Daniel Seltzer (single) Kale
Eby and Jacob Eby her husband. Anne Groh.
and Levi Groh her husband are non-residents
of the State of Maryland and do not reside
That tbe said real estate is not susceptible
of partition without loss and in,u y; that in or
der to make a division amongst them enlitier.
it will be necessary to have the said real es
tate sold, and tbe proceeds thereof divided
amongst the parties according to their respec
tive interests etc., and prays for a decree for
It is thereupon Ibis t'Jt’i day ol July. 18s7.
adjudged and ordered that tbe complainants
by causing a copy of this older lobe inserted
in some newspaper published in Entice
George’s County, once in each ol tour succes
sive weeks, before tbe 2<Hli day ot August,
1887, give notice to tbe said absent defendants
of the "object and substance of this bill : and
warn them to appear in ibis Court in person oi
by .Solicitor, on or before tbe2!st day oi No
vember next to answer the premises and show
cause if any they have w hy a decree ought not
to pass as prayed.
('. C. for I’. G. < Mti.
True copy—Test :
C. C. for I’. G. Co., Md.
July 22. ISS“—4w.
40 Years Ago!
FORTH Slid.l, HE
Tie Slamlard Reineih
LIKE a given bay tree they flourish !
Rheumatics rejoice ; Neuralgia vanishes,
and Headaches are known no mote. Tbe
the price, 25C'EX rs.
The brooks of Siloam never furnished neb
relief to tbe thirsty traveler. — lion. to o. Mu->
hin, London, Ung,
“America never piodnced its equal for the
cure of pain."— l‘rof. Id. , Ilunonr, Hermu- j
Of w hat are they speakiiie 2 Shoo I ru!;.
God idess the Children! Like rosebuds,
they cluster about the bosom lli.it love- their.
Oh! Mother's vigil sye keep watch, and lie
first symtoms of summer complaint give
i the only cure for cholera infantum and till
bowel complaints, in adults or children.
I “Prompt, sure and efficient,” is the testimo
nial of the Messrs. Henkle A Co., pnbiisheis
of Our Vhureli Paper, New Market, \a.
corrects the liver and kidneys, purlin- the
blood, removes blotches, pimples and erup
tions. restores lost vitality and brings tun k
the fresh ruddy clow of youth to the sin ivied
cheeks. Price, SI.OO per bottle.
Breeders of fine Fowls indorse s'l’ONJv
ly Powder for tbe production of eggs and the
prevention and cure of diseases in chickens,
| dneks, turkeys, geese, pigeons and the feath
j ered family. Nothing so healthful for young
1 chicks. Sold in the United States at 25 cents
per package.
If you wish your horses, cattle and sheep
to thrive and your farm to prosper, don't
neglect to keep a good supply of S'I'ONE
DERS. Don't be deceived. Some pie
think one powder just as good us another.
That's just where they make a mistake.
Stonebrakor's Horse and Cattle PowiDr- ate
the first and original, and are used by those
who appreciate the best. Price, 25 cent-.
C. S. Ritri k, ot Wylheyille, Va.. says;—
“Stonebraker's Hog Powders will save tbe
l'ople thousands. Not one of my eust outers
lost a bog last year tbal fed them Stoiiel ia
kers Hog Powders 1 have cured leg chol
era with them.’’
i. k. Montague.
Cbristiaiisburg, Va.
The most healthful preparation ever ted to
hogs, and the only preventative known for
hog cholera. Use it now. The sooner the
For Biliousness. li.digestion, s-li k Head
ache. < oustipalion and General Debility,
no pills stand higher than NT< >\ ERR A K KR >
VEGETABLE PILLS. Price, 25 t Vnls.
July 22nd—ly.
. - - i
School Notice.
r |MIF.HK will be a meeting of Hie
j A. County School ('ommi.s-ioiiers.
Oti I" fit I til/ ami St i ftn-t I titf. A ntfiisf
J-it/t inn/ I 'llh, / VST,
for the purpose of examining applicants
' for Teachers’ Certificates, ami also for
'examining candidates for the Free
Scholarship in the Western Maryland
p.y order of the Hoard ;
Sic retarv.
July 22. 1-87—tin
. \ < ir . hi vert isements.
Notice to Bridge Builders.
T IS 11 lilt FP.VGIVMX, that
.XN the undersigned, appointed by the
‘ County Commissioners, will sell oil the
premises, SATU/,'DA )'. An//, nth, IHB7,
at ! o’clock P. M.. to tin- lowest respon
sible bid.ili l tin- contract lo build a
Dndoi ovet Pincv I’.ranclt. near Belts
| tST‘T fins and specifications given
ion day of sale. The < 'ommissioners re-
I serve I lie right to reject any and all bills,
WILLI \M sill A.
Iri;. i . A. U()\.
Bridge < 'oinmi-siont-rs.
July 22. ISB7- is
Order of Ratification.
J V< I'll AM.MI.N. Mortgagee.
In the fire,lit I on,l/nr l‘,ime Oeoroe's
< oiinl’/ in I.;.'ity
iti.l9 M<j I::I > .
OR DKRED rids It'll dav ol'.lulv. |S>7.
tbal tbe sale inide and reported hi .1 icob
Anmeii. Moi: igeeof tbe real estate in these
p.neeeilmgs mei.lioiied. i.e ratified and con
lirmei! nnles- .-iiise to tbe e.m'rarv there.if be
shown on or before Hie I'.tb d..\ of Angus'.
I—7 ; piiwlded a eiqe. ol ibis order be iiis.ul
cl in s,,|„, newspaper published in Prince
George's once in i-.ieli ol three succes
sive wOl ks I'. loi-- He sa:.} I. Ii dav . I August,
'J'ii*' n pii tsi ti‘.s 51 it* iniitim: o* sal‘> to I•
J< >1 IN . nr;!. 1 .- ( lei u.
rriK*cnp\ I'-s’ !
JOHN W. P.KJ.'I. Clerk
r, < . f. ii Md.
July l.Mlt-iw.
Order of Rafificalion.
i iiARLES 1!. CALVERT kt ai..
GKoRtiE IE CALVERT kt ai..
In Ho I ire nit I’,nrrt JoV I'eiu, • Ih . n./e's
< Van)/// in Kijiili;/
\o. ! 1.1*2 IJinih.
ORDERED tins 12,t 1i day of July, in the
year L-S7.lb.it lb' auditor's report and
accounts A. I!. and 1) filed in tbe above
ease be ratified and confirmed unless cause to
the contrary be shown on or before tbe 22.nl
day of July next, piovided a copy of ibis order
be inserted in some newspaper published in
Prince George'- ('minty. Maryland, al least
one week before said 22.nl d iv of Jnlv next.
True (’opy—Test ;
- f th< G. C. f..i p.G. Go , Md.
•lul l i r-2w.
j milE i NDERSIGNII). Trustee, duly ap-
J. poiute 1 to c miplete the collect ion of taxes
remaining uncollected b\ .lobn G. Ilall.de
ii-asi d. late Collector of State and County
Taxes for Prince George’s County, will sell al
pubDc sale to the highest bidder, for cash, at
tbe Ceurl 1 i-.iise d • :. iu tli*' Tow nof 1 'pjier
Marlboro', on
SATURDAY, the 23rd Day of July, J 887,
at 1 2 o’clock M.
> in (Aon 11111 1': s' ne: . I I’i i: i. • - Geoi u.-'s eomi
| ty. Md.. asse.—ed in tbe mine of IJ isi! It, It.i
den. conluinii.g 19 Act is more or less anil ad
joining the lauds el'Dr. P. 11. Hei-kell. Julia
E. Dement and otlcr-Io -atisf'y the following
and < ounty taxes, to wit :
Slate Taxes I>7' : 8 I >7
County ls7' ; 22. 41
State “ 1-77 I S',
('oiinl \ 1-77 !• 42.
Stale “ 1-7 S 1
('olllll v “ I>7S !• 22
State “ IS7!< 1 ! •!
< oiinl> •• !S7'J 742
S.J --J J ]SS|| ] J ljl
• omitv 1 ■' ll smi
State 1-sl 1 !0
County “ 1 sSI 7 .72,
Count' lsS2 s ll!
j Stale ‘ “ I—2. 1 !".*
(VutnU •• I—2. s It!
State “ 1-sl 1 ffff
('mint\ •• 1-- I s in
I siate “ I—.V 1 !i
County “ 1-.-5 S IS
With ititeii -' to day of sale and all costs
that b.e e accrui 'l or nni v aivrue.
July I, 1—7 —' . Trnslee.
milE UNDERSIGN ED. Trustee, duly ap
.l, poinded to complete tbe collection of taxes
j remaining uncollected by John G. Hall, de
j ceased, bite Collector of State and County
j Tux. s for I’rim-e Geo l-■'- County, will sell al
I public sib the 1;! st I,id ler, li>r cash, at
I the Court House Deo-, in the Toyvn of Upper
i Marlboro,'on
! SATURDAY, tie 23rd Day of July. 1887,
at 12 IV o'clock C. M„
AI I. THAT TRACT OF LAN D. situated in
Pi-eataviay De triet of l‘t inee George's eonnly.
Mil.. ' o: -o iiiueli tlieii .4 us may be neeessai v)
called at.d known by the name of “liidepen
d.emv." coni.lining 290 Acres more or less,
adjoining the lands ol It. I). Tubman, E. I.
(. on lent - end oll.ei - and a-.-es-cd in the name
<d .Maty E. .Spalding, to-a'isfv Hie fdl>wing
State and eouu'y I ;\/->. to w it :
('oiinl c “ I—J lit I*4
Suite ■■ I—4 I t!:;
County ■■ '."I 1!* 04
Slate ' i-s.V I U 2.
County ’ i.-So in 7ii
AVi Ii inleiesl to day of -ale and all ot Is
that have aeerm d or tinv aeerne.
JAMEs p, 1-ERKINs.
J .li I, I—7 -is. Tru-li-e.
mil E UN HI RSIGNED, Trustee, duly p
-• pointed to complete Hie collection of taxes !
j reinaiiiing uncolleeted by .lobn G. llall.de
; . eased, late < ,d,lector of Stale and County j
| Tax. s lot Prince George"- County, will sell at |
I puldie -ale tot be ! i_’.e-i bidder, for easb.'at j
1 the Court lion- 1 ;.iu H e Town of I’pper j
! Marll. in.', on
SATURDAY, the 23rd Day of July. 1887.
at 12 2." o'clock P. M..
ALE 1 HAT TRAt T "E '.AND. -iluated in
; iix.m Hill D -'riet ot brine.' George- Comity,
Mil.. isessed ii the name Hanson Hall, con
taining - Act -of land nioieor le.s and ad
joining the lands .1 J .is. W. I’.art lev. John
Bonin; and others to satisfy Hie following
state and font.’, taxes, m 'b :
| ( V mil y •• 1— 11 I'll
' < a". ■ :-s', i 20
W Hi in'.!. da-. .1 -ale and all costs j
1 Hi t! 1 ay .- aiTtiied or may accrue.
Edit.*! i P ■ 2 Henry George.
Published W..kU at 21 Ann Street, Neyy
V tk. V ■> s ill- rip'|i.:n > ill :
six Months. §.l 25 : single
( pies. 5 Cents.
Noon, inl.r.'-t. ,i in 1 1. • n'cit -oeial and |
econonfie u a—' ui- yyl.ieb are demanding so
lution y\ el, mi.-Ii portentous energy can alliud
to neglect f . THE STANDARD. 11-
eolunms ii crowded wit 1 1 mailer of vital in
teiest to ry Am.e i' aii eil izein and present
yveek I y yy.-. k, :u e'e.ir and reliable form, the
etirien' history .4'be movement f.u Hie eman
eipation of biboi.
Ft >R -All. !Fi ALI N LWsDE \I.ERS.
s-eiv’ari. of Land and l ibort lubs Local i
As.-emblie- K . ..( 1... and oitiei orgaie/al ions ;
yvko are willing to eair. a—for subseriliers to 1
1 HE STANDARD ‘Ui a I i bora I commission, !
vil. I ■. a.ldre ■ the Publisher of THE i
VI I . DARI*. Ann tn .l. V w York
j July B.H. 1
ll 'oodwavd Lothrop.
Huy Your Dry Goods
Woodward and Lothrop,
sns Price Only.
AN K\< H.\N(iK SAYS: u ln Cuba the
pHxls arc brought lo tbe lady shopper;
sin* !oe> ho! go out ot her house to make her
pm‘li;iM*s. To some extent, through the op
*ralioi. ft’the parcels p>l the lady shoppers
hi our country are servetl pretty much in the
(’uhaii st y !*. 't hey got samjtles of wliat they
want, make their selections, ami the packages
lie liirvvimled by noil. The fratli* is
lo great dimensions''
ESTABLISHED mailorder hurkau.
Our catalogue of stock (sent free) places the
stoic before you, a soleetiott is made, and you
yyrite ns tbe order. We fill, and send it the
same day received. Should the goods not come
up to expectations they can be returned lo us,
and the money yy ill be refunded. Send a tri
al order.
Grand Midsummer Sale of Linens ami
Housekeeping Goods. After ample prepara
tions aud extensive purchases, we are now
tea ly yvitli the largest and best stock of the
above named goods it was ever our pleasure to
call your attention to, and have concluded lo
inaugurate a
din ing which period we propose to offer the
best intrinsic value yet shown in any city.
We cannot do justice to tbe stock in this
small space, so are otdiged to coniine our
selves to the following few special bargains:
50 pieces 04-ineb Cream German Linen
Table Damask, excellent patterns. Only -toe
per yard
• i inch Cream li i-li Linen Table Damask,
splendid quality. Only s‘*c per yard.
04 indi Cream Red Bordered Linen Table
Damask, extra value. < inly 5Se per yard.
50 inch Bleached German Linen Table
Damask, excellent quality. Only 50c per
cat inch Genuine Turkey Red (oil boiled)
Table 1 >aniask, excellent .yiality, colors war
ranted, yvbile and black briers. Only 75c
per yard.
Large ‘stock, covering almost tbe entire
range of sizes and qualities manufactured.
100 dozen Bleached German Linen Dam
ask Napkins. Only §1 per dozen,
i 100 dozen 0 s Bleached German Linen
Damask Napkins, excellent quality, hand
some patterns. < *nly §2.25 per dozen.
125 dozen Fine Bleached German Linen
Damask Napkins, splendid value. Only $2
per dozen.
Preparatory to tbe transacting of a large
business in Towels, as usual yvitb ns at Ibis
season of Ibe year, yve have purchased very
extensively and are now offering tbe greatest
| bargains we have yet shown.
200 dozens size 18x311, white all Linen
Towels, extraordinary value. Only 10c each.
| 2.50 doz, i—2,i; Bleached and Unbleached
Jliiek Toyvels. warranted pure linen, grass
' bleached, extra durable and soft finished,
usually sold at 15c, only 12)c each.
150 doz, |s\2.i> Fine Birdeye Figure and
Damask Toyvel-. knotted fringe, funev hor
deis. excellent assortment of styles, usually
-old at 22'*. only 1— each. §2 per doz.
100 doz, lb\2.S .Single and Double I luck
Towels, blue and cardinal borders, good qual
ity of pure linen, usually sold at 25c, only 2i*c
each ; §2.25 per doz.
125 doz, 22x42 Bleached All-Linen Huck
Towels, extra strong and durable, soflwatei
bleach, fancy borders, usually sold at 25c,
only 22c each : $2..50 per doz.
2,00 iloz. Towels at §3 per doz, and not a
single style that is not a bargain at the price
Tlie variety includes 21x42 bleached lluek
Knotted Fringe Toyvels, 20x40 Bleached Dam
ask Knotted Fringe Towels, 24x44 Double
11 in k Toyvels, 22x45 Cream Damask Towels.
Anticipating that tbe warm weather creates
a large demand for Handkerchiefs, we bare
made extensive purchases, and are now pre
pared wjtb tbe largest stock, the finest variety
and lie best bargains ever our pleasure to
show. At the popular price of 12ic each we
have, we are positive, tbe bust line of ladies
Handkerchiefs ever offered al any period.
Never was the quality so good, the variety so
large,or the styles so neat and pretty. At
this price (12*. t yve show all while, white yyilb
fancy hordeis, ami white yvitb neat black lan
For men we oiler 12.5 dozen. All Linen
Colored Bordered Heiu-tit.died llaiidkt rebiefs.
in a large variety of styles. Only 12?,c each.
Also 75 dozen Men's Extra Fine All Purest
Linen Colored Bordered Hemstitched Hand
kerebiel--. varied assortment of handsome
styles. (>nly 25c each.
We are < tiering tbe following extra good
bargains : s** doz Fine Striped seersucker
Walking Skirls, plaited rutile, with two folds
above, piped iu colors' Only 50c each. 50
doz Striped Walking Skirls, box plated, ruffle
yyilb bias fold shove, trimmed with braid,
j Only 75c each, 25 doz Colored Walking
i Skills, made from i line grade of French Skirt
j ing, two box plaited ruffles, yy ilb folds above,
i (>ujv si cacti.
[ This Department is offering the following
| seasonable goods at most reasonable prices.
We quote ; 100 dozen Children's Fine Mull
| Cap.-, only ise each. 50 dozen Children’s
; Fine Mother Hubbard Aprons, only 25c each.
2-5 doz Children's Fine Night Drawers, only
'iOc per pair. Superb slink of Children's
Gamps, in a large variety of choice styles, 1
to lo years. s7*c to §2.75. 4 lines of Chil
dren's line Tin key Red Dresses, handsomely
embroidered in white .' the coolest, most ser
viceable and most dressy suits made for the
money; §Ei5, §2.25. §2.87,1, anil §;!,2(i each,
j Children's “Cute” Kate Greenaway Aprons,
§1 and §1 50 each. Elegant line of Children’s
i Tain < I'Sb.iiiti r ('aps. in mull, piijiie and all
j over emhioidery. §1.50, §l.(>2* and §2 each.
Full line ol ( liildreii's Fine Mull Caps, Nor
maiidv eroyvii. yerv stylish and pretty, su,- to
§2.50 each.
Woodward & Lollipop,
Jluy 15 -Iv. ID. O
.simple. Most Durable, Economical and Per
feet in use. Wastes no Gram : Cleans it ready
fi>r 51 ai ket.
Threshing Engines and Horse Powers
Sayv Mills and Standard Implements General
ly Send for illustrated catalogue.
IVnir y Eani l Agricultural Works, York, IV:
i June 24. lin.
u\ eir Advert i semen is.
Valuable Real Estate.
in a nun tease from Louis Kritvli to Helen
! M. Rothstein, dat, d tbe 24 b day of July, 1-74.
and an assignment thereof by Hie sain Helen
M. Rothstein to tbe undersigned, dated the 7Hi
day- ol July, 18S7, yvbieb mortgage and assign
ment are refolded among the Laud Records of
Prince George’s County, in Liber 11. !>., No. !'
folio 340, etc.. The undersigned as ,-ssiguee
yy ill sell at tbe Court Home Door in (be
Town ot I | per Marlboro,' at puldie anelion
Tuesday Hie 2nd Day of August, 188?.
at J 2 oeb ek 51., the f.dloyving described real
estate and piemises being all that- Lot. or par
cel ol land and improvements upon yvbieb tbe
said Louis Frilcli now resides, and being the
same leal estate which is described in a Deed
from John H. Trahand and wife to the said
Louis Frilcb, bearing date 241 b .Inly, iS74, re
corded in Idler H. 11., No. !*. folio etc.,
and supposed to eontaiii TAVO-Tliirdff of
ati At. RE of laud more or less.
This property is iniproved by a good
and necessary out-buildings, and - situate
on the main ayenue leading out .J ibe \ illage
ot Alai Iboio' to tb.'Tui upike baiding lo \\ -|i
TERMS t*F S \I,E ;
as presnibed by the Mortgage ale c ash on Hie
day of sale or upon the i .11 ideal ion tbeieofby
'be t'ooit. Coiiyeyaneing at eo-i of pmvba-ei.
W il l I AM STAN I.KN .
As- i-_ nee.
linin'.l; fs A Si a m Kv.
"tax SALK. ~
HMIK I'NDKRSKtNKD, Trustee, duly ap-
X pointed to complete the collection of
taxes romainmg uncollected by John G. Hall
deceased, late Collector of State and (’onnly
Taxes for Prince George's County, yvill sell at
public sale to tbe highest bidder, for cash, at
Hie Court House door, in the Toyvn of Upper
Alarlboro', on
SATURDAY, the 23nl Day of July, 1887
at 12 45 o'clock P. M„
Oxon Hill District of Prince George’s County,
Maryland, called and known by tbe iiameol
“Mount Wilby,” (or so much thereof as may
be necessary) containing 234 Acres more or
less, assessed in the name of George A. Mat
tingly for tbe years 1 .-72, 1572,, 1574, 1575 and
li§7t and since that time in the name of Ja
cob E. Lynn, adjoining tbe lands of Thomas
E. Berry, Fillmore Beall add others to satisfy
the following Slate and County taxes, to yy it:
State Taxes 1872 § 10 20
Comity “ 1872 43 80
State ' 1573 10 20
County “ 1873 40 N*
State “ 1574 12 10
Comity “ 1§74 is 00
Stale “ 1875 12 lo
County “ 1875 IS 00
Stale “ 1870 10 35
County “ 1870 to SO
Slate ’ “ 1577 1 t 40
County “ 1877 74 7<:
State “ IS7S 15 75
Comity “ 18,'8 73 os
Stale “ 1 ,-7ti 15 75
County “ 1870 5s so
State “ 1880 15 75
County “ 1880 til* 72
Stale “ 1 s.s| 15 75
County “ tss| 50 (it
State “ 1882 | 15 75
County “ issg 04 08
Stale “ 1883 15 75
County “ 185.3 04 08
Stale “ 1884 15 75
County “ isst 04 08
Stale “ Ls-5 15 75
County “ 18S5 07 20
With interest to day of -ale and all costs
that have accrued or may accrue.
July 1, 1887—Is. Trustee.
Order of Ratification.
THOMAS £. ARNOLD, next friend to
Blanche 51. Arnold,
In the Circuit Court for I‘finer (leonje'n
County, sitliai/ iu Ki/uity.
\o. 1017 Equity*
ORDERED, this 28lb day of June, ls-7,
that the sale made and repor ed by Louis
E. Phillips, trustee for tbe sale of the real es
tate in these proceedings mentioned, be ratified
and confirmed, imle.-s cause to Hie contrary
thereof be shoyvn on or before the 23nl day of
July next : provided a copy of '.bis order be
inserted in some ncwspu|*er published in
Prince George’s County, nine i i each of three
successive yveeks before the sfil 2.'!-d day ot
July next.
Tbe report stales the amount of sales to be
JOHN W. BELT, t'leik,
C. C. for P. G. Co., 51d.
Ti lie copy—Test :
JOHN W. BELT. Cleik,
C. C. for P. G. Co., Md.
July I—4 tv.
Order of Rublieatioß.
willlam it. Jackson, i t ai.
JOSEPH N. Yot Ml, and wife.
lii the Circuit Court for Criuce Gcurye's
County, sit tiny in h'qri'y.
No. Il<>* Equity.
rpiiE OBJ El r OF 1 HIS SUIT is to obtain
:i ilporv or order of < -oiiri to iv-s‘ll (vrtaio
r*ul estate kiuo\ n us jail otJoiiit
Adveuinre/’ or % s*M io a eerlain
IraS. Allen.
The hill states tliat Win. Ii Jackson, EJias
E. While end John A. liaker, hy virtue ot* the
power contained in a deed ol’irnsl from Joseph
N. Voniii* and wile, on or about ii* lith dav
ofMaivli, ISS4, sold toaeertuin IraS. Allen
all that portion of the Uaet of land tailed
•‘Brothers Joint Atlvenlnre," or **N4'iU‘>neh.
situated in Spaldings I>istriil of Trimv reorge*.-
couniv, wLich lies South of tlit* l*:kt* leadini:
ironi Snitlaiid t> Washinufon (*i!y.
That the said liaS. Allen has departed this*
life, without having fully paid the pmvhase
money, ami that there is now due the sum of
SJS*J.OO with interest from February -!>!, ISS-I.
'l hat the said Ira S. Allen died, testate, leav
ing a v\ idow Sarah J. Allen, and the follow
ing ehihlren, George F. Allen. Irene ||a\s,
Rogers. Allen ami Ira S. Allen ; that ha s,
Allen ami Roger S. Allen are infants nmlei
the age ot twenty-one years, and lhat all of
them are non-residents ol the Slate of Mary
That the personal estate of the said Ira S.
Allen has been settled amt no part thereof ap
plied to the payment of aforesaid purchase
money, as diiected hy the will of said I:a s. j
I Allen.
It is lhereii|K)ii, this fifteenth dav of j
June, 1887, ordered hy the (’irctiit * !oiirl j
for l*rim*e Ueorge's county, sitting as a (’ mii j
of Equity, that the Complainants, hy causing j
a copy of this order lo he inserted in some news ,
paper, published in Prince (ieoige*s (’onnty.
Md., once in each of four sncc*>sivc wo k
before the Itith day cf July, 1887 give notice
lo said absent def mlants of tlie ljecl amt
substance of this bill, warning them to appear
in lids Court, in person or hy solicitor on or
before the 17th day of October next, lo show
cause if an j they have, why a decree ought
nut to pass as prayed.
JOHN W. KELT, ( lerl . <
Tme Copy—Test :
Idr r. o. t Md.
June 17 —4w
v very sri’HHimi quality,— USSsT
PiiiCK $lO. payable on ilclivei v. r ‘ - n -
Tbose who apply first will have me right to |
select. Lambs must be taken away by Sep
June 17-lm. Upper Marlboro. I
Welcome News
To llii' Indies!
Bargains Extraordinary.
UV'ake i-1.-asin.. uni eing that we have been successful in clearing the entire
aiMuVe.i'l' of ' :tl l ,ri,vs lhal will be an agreeable surprise to
Stylish Stray Mats and Bonnets.
I,(> 1 I comprises 120 tii z-n lo.vly Strut limuets, in different braids ami all colors worth
Iri'lll ;iV lo *l, whicl. wn <ll •at
MM - ciiinpii>es I;: .It z uof the Cabinet Shapes—Lamar. Manning. Bayard Whitney
and \I a*', in tim* straws <11•I li u 'at s|.;*7; are now
7.M <st only.
MM Ido tin/. •!, Dandy,, iolmggaiis. Vision, Nonna a:ul Elite at
lIHJilt /(Mi of tlilli'MM.t SI raws in ii I I'l'lors, such as Allamla, Maplewood. Oriole, tileadt.ii
Kosi*<la!i\ Sun-y. iust-.1-. ami Immhvds of other si. .tpes ; ami fiumei ly at 75c to sl*2s * are
now (>nciV(l at “ ’
•lo anil 7.m (s only.
Our entire Sli.. k ..I lint- English Milans ; sold formerly at %J 2> and $v 5M ; will be
>la!igllereil ut
tr,c M & sl*2s only.
( Imi.e Styles of 1 rimun d and Unlrim.ned Children's Hals at a tremendous reduction.
... We ate ovorsl<.t-K. .1 on Flowers. They have to he sold. Price no ol.ject. Also ois Tins,
I Inmes Kil, ~.ns. .s„ral. Stlks, danzes, Velvets, Ornaments. Sun Umbrellas and Paras .Is
come in lor the same rcilnclion
BSuUALL early to avoid rush.
■S!I Seventh Street, Washington, D. C.
Trade supplied, and orders by mail promptly attended. .Seventh Street Cars pass the
door every two minutes. May g"_if.
Sing of Spring Time, Gentle Annie !
W ] leii in AVashiiigton!
Their rurirh/ in Crnllcmcn s Furnishings and Hats for
/hr sen son is unparalleled.
_ vl Latest de&igns in Neckwear at 50c
Fine Soft and Still’ Hats ranging
SLOO to $3.50.
rffifT&Jjj The largest assortment in color
*l 0( 1 plain and plaided
bosoms, with 3 Collars and —■
1 pair of Cuffs each, $1 to $1.50
. One I’i‘ice Only.
teEpW 1 :: S,M ,I ’ 76>
J giViiFNA. aV E :
not satisfactory.
D.C. ilay 20—tf. •
S Li iis;!7 5T WHSRF'
Feb. IS. ISS7—if. ’
The Boys Are Marching !
409 7th Street, N. W.,
dent s Kamraroo Shoes from §3 00 to §b.oo
'• dood Wearing Shoes for §2.00
“ I ,o\v Shoes f rom §1.50 to §5.00
Patent Leather Shoes for §5.00
Ladies' Fine Hand Made Shoes for §3.50
■■ dood Wearing Shoes for §2.00
Children’s Shoes, that hardly ever wear out, sizes Sto 10d, for §1.50
Roys’ and Youth’s HOOD Shoes from §1,50 to §2.50
l‘ SEVI.VI’II ST., VW. Waohlngtou, O. C.
May 20—tf.

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