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ftincc George’s
Friday Morning Jql J 20th ' 1887
JOSEPH K. ROBERTS. * Editors .
Democratic State Ticket.
of Wicomico County •
of Frederick County,
of Baltimore City.
The Democratic Platform.
We publish on our first page the plat
form of the Maryland Democracy adopt
ed by the convention last week and com
mend it to the careful perusal of our
readers. As will be noticed, the resolu
tions pay a high tribute to the national
administration, and records the fact that
it has “kept the faith” of the Democrat
ic party of the I nion. This is well put,
and must strike the observant as indeed
a matter of more than passing notice, for
the faith of party platforms had been so
oft and habitually violated by prior ad
ministrations, that Mr. Cleveland’s good
faith not only to his party but to the
country has caused astonishment, and
challenged admiration. The good work
that has already been done has restored
confidence to the people and multiplied
the claims of Democracy for economy and
integrity in fulfilling the functions of
government. The great heart of the coun
try does, indeed, throb healthfully as we
gradually go back to the simple and hon
est methods of the fathers of the Repub
The party pledges in the platform
that it will endeavor at the coming ses
sion of the General Assembly to have
placed upon the statute books an election
law which will embrace not only all the
beneficial provisions of the Tildcn act,
but will embody also all those additional
safeguards to guarantee the purity of
elections, which experience has taugh'
should be incorporated into it. W hat
more could be demanded? What more
could be done ? This provision alone
ought to have the effect of conciliating
the factions of the party which for causes
real or imaginary have been inclined to
sulk. In refering to the coming revis
ion of the constitution, a more thorough
system of taxation is promised, and an
annual registration of voters in cities
whose inhabitants number ten thousand
and upwards. As a whole the platform
reflects the sentiments of the party, and
means a continuation of an honest, pru
dent, progressive administration of our
state affairs. It will commend itself to
the impartial consideration of the voters
of Maryland, and be sustained by the
verdict otAhe people on the Bth ol No
The Baltimore Sun, with characteris
tic enterprise, has sent on a special mis
sion abroad that well-known journalist
and correspondent, Mr. Frank A - Rich
ardson. who for years past has been at
the head of its Washington bureau and
whose letters always teem with compre
hensive and intelligent news. His first
letter appeared in Monday s Sun, and
was written from Cork, Ireland, and
deals with the present political situation
in that country. It will he followed by
others treating of similar subjects in Ire
land and England and will be full of
lively interest and practical information.
The Terrible Hot Spell
.lnly, 1887, will be memorable, says the
Philadelphia Times, as dating the terrible hot
spell of the century. It is ascertained that
the temperature of last month exceeds the
temperature of any July during the hist eigh
ty years, which is as far hack as we have rec
ord, and its record as noted in the official
weather bureau largely surpasses that cl any
month since the organization of the bureau
in 1871.
The largely increased mortality of the last
four weeks tells the fearful story of the death
dealing power of the hot spell. All who could
escape in some measure from the worst ef
fects of the extreme heat did so : hut unfor
tu'lately a large majority of the inhabitants of
the city could not get away from home, and a
startling death list logically followed.
It is predicted that the extreme heat of J il
ly w ill be equalized by more moderate weath
er during the remainder of the season. We
know of no special reason for expecting ex
emption from heat in August because of ex
treme heat in July, but the theory is that the
seasons somehow manage to equalize them
selves. There is logic in assuming that the
rain-fall of the year will he about the average
during the twelve mouths, regardless of
drought or Hoods, as an equal amount of
moisture is always in existence somewhere:
but the logic would seem to fail when appli
ed to heat that is not exhausted in its resour
ces by intemperate use.
The true philosophy is to carefully study
adaptability to extremes in the weather: and
in doing so, let it not he forgotten that each
day of protracted heat steadily weakens the
vitality of all who are exposed to it. The
man, woman or child who feels impaired vi
tality from heat, as is indicated by growing
lassitude, diminished appetite, imperfect sleep,
sensitive stomach or lightness or pain in the
head, should he admonished to increased care
in avoiding exposure or exhaustion of any
kind. There is no safely to persons who feel
such results from excessive heat, and it is in
viting serious and possibly fatal consequen
ces to ignore these plain admonitions.
g-y Hon. John C. New, one of the inrist
astute Republican politicians in Indiana, says
that if Plane is the Republican nominee in
18b8 that State will gIVe a majority of ;i5,000
against him.
To Equalize Taxation.
The Committee on Taxation, of the Maty
land State Fanueis' Association, consisting ot
Edward Stake of Washliiglou county, chair
man; W. W. Waring of Prince Ceorges, Dr.
,I. 1.. A.lkins of Talbot. 11. C. Hallowell of
Montgomery, Thomas F. shepherd ol ( at toll,
Dr. K. Mackall of Cecil and Samuel Brooke
of Anne Arnndel met in Baltimore on Thurs
day of last week to act upon the report to be
presented by the chairman, embodying a
draft of a bill which he had been authorised
to prepare. The report after discussion was
adopted by the committee and will be pre
sented to the association, of w hich ex-Goveru
or Hamilton is president, whicli will shortly
convene. The purpose of the hill, which it is
expected the Fanners’ Association will ask
the Legislature to enact into law. is to equal
ize the burdens of taxation. After providing
that taxes shall he laid upon the present val
uation of properly, ith necessary changes,
w ithout the expense of a general assessment,
it exempts schools lor liee education, places
of worship, cemeteries not owned with a view
to profit, public buildings belonging to the
National (iovornment, the Stale and counties,
all re al estate to the extent, of mortgages and
other liens upon it : and provides tor making
tbe owners of mortgage and Judgment liens
pay taxes on the amount invested therein.
It provides for examining property-holders
and verify ing their returns, and imposes pen
alties for failure to make returns. It makes
comprehensive provision for gathering in all
proper laxahles, ami especially coipoialious.
It makes null and void all covenants and con
tracts on the pat t of debtors to pay tax on
mortgages and judgments. Ihe committee
also had under consideration the principle of
taxing tlo gross earnings ot corporation 8 *
which has heen adopted in some of the Stales,
and which has worked very satisfactorily, as
well as the graduated income lax p ssed by
tbe New York Legislature. '1 his law impo
ses a tax o! 1 percent on {incomes over S 3,000;
2 per cent on Incomes of $10,000; 7 per cent
on incomes from §IO,OOO to 00,000; zO per
cent on incomes from t> 0,000 to 5.100,000,
and 50 per cent on all incomes over SIOO,OOO.
The Eastern Branch Bridge-
Col. r. V. ITains has submitted his lirsq
annual report to the Chief of Engineers on
the Eastern Branch bridge at the foot of Penn
sylvania avenue, the construction ot winch
was authorized by the act approved February
appropriating SllO.tHMi. and subsequently
placed under bis charge. He states that the
Eastern Branch, or Anaeostia liner, is 1,.00
feet wide at the site of the bridge, the distance
being measured at right angles to the general
direction oflhe stream. The main channel is
40 feet from the Washington shore, ts JM feel
wide, between the cuives of 0 feet depth, and
lias a maximum depth 17. Sat mean low lido.
Between the main channel and the lelt, on
eastern bank of the river there is a wide Hal,
upon which tbe depth varies Irom 1 to .j leet.
The double track line of the Baltimore and
Potomac Railroad passes along the \\ ashiugtou
shore, the grade on the line of Pennsylvania
avenue being about id feet above low tide.
Pennsylvania avenue terminates in a circle
700 feet in diameter at its intersection with
17tb street, Kentucky avenue, and K street
south, the grade of the center of this circle
being 351 feet above low tide. Surveys f
four lines were made, and after careful cotisid
eiatiou the line of Pennsylvania avenue ex
tended was reccommended fr adoption, as it
seemed to meet more tally than auy othei the
demands of public travel, and, further, afforded
the most favorable ground for the eastern
News Items.
A rousing reception was tendered the Hon.
E. E. Jackson, the Democratic nominee for
Governor, at Saleshury, Monday night. Ihe
skv was threatening, and at :> o clock a slight
rain began to fall, hut large crowds began to
assemble iu front of the court-house, where
the Delmar Comet Rand discoursed popular
A special dispatch from Hagerstown Monday
says: “A meeting of the citizens of this city
and county was held in the office ol the count)
commissioners this morning, Mayor li. J-
Halm presiding. A committee was appointed
to make arrar.gi incuts for a complimentary
reception and hall to the slate tioops. The
committee consisting ol Admiiai haiitax
(chairman), Ex-Governor Hamilton, Hon.
Louis E. Mi Comas Colonel Buchanan Schley,
Mayor Halm, William I pdcgrair, Alex. Neill,
Dr. C. E. S. McKee, Geoige W. Harris, George
M. Stonehraker anti John W. Stonebraker,
met to-night and decided to give the reception
at the Baldwin House on Friday night.
Assistant Secretary Maynard to-day gave a
decision in regard to the classification ol .eaf
tobacco which will he of interest to the tobacco
trade. The question arose on a decision ol
the collector at El I’aso, TVs., assessing duty
at the rate of 7-7 cents per pound on certain
leaf tobacco impelled limn Mexico, of which
<JS out of every 100 leaves w ere of the requisite
size and fineness for use as wrappers and too
of which leaves weigh.-d less than a pound.
The determination of the points involved de
pends principally upon the milt to he adopted
in asceitaining whether per cent, of the
commodity is of the weight and quality which
render it liable to the rate of duty imposed.
In his decision Judge Maynard says that the
subject of the lax is -‘leaf tobacco," not “bales'
or “bauds" or “packages” of leal tobacco, and
(.bat the leaf is to be adopted as a unit.
Suit for $5,000 damages was bionghl iu the
Court of Common ITeas yesterday by Lewis
H. Coleman and bis wife, Catherine Coleman,
through their attorney, Hon. Charles Ugh 1
Wilson, against the Baltimore City 1 dssenget
Railway. "The suit is the outcome of injuries
alleged to have been received by Mrs- Coleman
on July Iff, by being shuck by Ihe pole of
Car 150 of the White line. At the time of the
occurance Mrs. Coleman ami her husband, it
is stated in the bill filed, were in their carriage
driving on Baltimore Street, near Calvert,
when the longue of the car ran Ihiough Hu
back of the carriage, striking Mrs. Colemott,
fracturing several ol her ribs. Ihe plantifls
sue ou the grounds of carelessness of the
driver of the car.
At a meeting of citizens ot the Distiict ol
Columbia held Tuesday night resolutions were
unanimously adopted calling on the President
to remove the commissioners of the District.
After reciting iu a premahle that it lias been
shown that great irregularities, abuse ol power
and misappropriation of the public money
exist in the management of the Dislrici gov
ernment, the resolutions urge “in the name
of our outraged people the removal of the
commissioners for the following, among othei
reasons; Because they have betrayed the
l rU st imposed in them by refusing to make
public admitted defalcations in the water de
partment; hecuase they have imposed upon
Congress by making fraudulent estimates for
new water mains: because they have clouded
the titles of a iarge amount of real estate by
manufacturing and dunging iq> against il
bogus water main assessments in order to
make a more favorable showing of the long
defrauded water fund, and because they have
used the public fund lor private purposes, as
shown by vouchers on file iu the I idled Slates j
Treasury." A committee was appointed to J
present the rc-.elutions to Ihe President.
In spite of an increase of 1,02** miles in the
railroads of India, the wheat crop of last year j
is SO,QUO,OOO bushels less than the average,
which is placed at, 203,Ot)0.tlOo bushels. Tliere
are 0,200 miles of new railways under con- *
struct ion, and the theory has prevailed that
the increase in the yield of wheal keeps pace 1
with railroad construction. The failure ol ,
recent statistics to conform to this theory is (
due to a falling oil’ to the average yield per |
Some o() persons, representing almost every
Stale in the union, ascended Tike's Teak ;
Tuesday and when on lop the patty organized.
The meeting appointed .S. .1. Tisher, ol .St. j
Louis, Judge Kerr, of Taehlo, t’ol., and Kate ■
P. Hampton, of South Carolina, acoiniuittee
t 0 draft resolutions inviting President Cleve. j
land to extend his Western visit to Colorado j
and Pike’s Peak. The invitation will he for-|
warded immediately.
The Slate Prohibition leaders met at Clyndon .
Temperance Campon Tuesday and nominated
a ticket with air. Snmmerlield Baldwin, of
llaltimore, City, for the Gubernatorial candi
date; Mr. Thos. E. Wright, of Dorchester, for
Comptroller, and Mr. James Pollard, ol Ball i
more, for Attorney-general. The candidate
for Governor was originally a pronounced
Republican, and the oilier two, it is said let 1
the Democratic party to join the Prohibit
The Board of County Commissioners for
Anne Arundel comity on Tuesdoy afternoon
subscribed $21*0,000 to the stock ot the Drum
Point Railroad Comyany. The vote was: For
the .nhscription, Messrs. Baldwin, Carr and
Jones ; against the subscription, Messrs, (urd
ner and Shipley. The resolution adopting the
subscription requires the road to be built and
trains running before the money is paid. The
subscription is to ho paid in two years In in
August, I$S7, if the road is built.
Mr. and Mrs. Enoch Pratt Monday celebra
ted the fiftieth anniversary of their marriage,
w inch occured in Baltimore August 1, IS-VT
At the meeting of the board of the Farmers
and Planters’ National Bank, of which Mr.
Pratt is president, l;c stated the fact, and he
was the recipient of hearty congratulation 8
from I lie directors and many other triends.
Mr. Pratt said the fiftieth annivcisary is called
the golden wedding, but all of ins wedding
anniversaries have been golden. Handsome
(local souvenirs and other tokens ot the occa
sion were seat to Mrs. Pratt at her country
seal, in Baltimore county. Mr. Pratt will he
7i> years of age on September 10. He is in
tine health, and attends to his daily routine
of important business duties with remarkable
push ami energy.
At Ids residence near Hall's in tins county,
on June Stb, J/c. /.. Thompson, in the 02nd
year of ids ago.
At Eea View, on the Oth ultimo,
Snruh ti., relict of the late William Glagett,
Esq., of lowa, aged 70 years.
New Advertisements.
A coon industrious tenant, with
labor in his own family wauled to work
my farm near Hall's Station, (hiring the year
August, Ist, 1881 —If.
be given in the Town H ill by the Kev.
Thomas 11. Hughes, of Anaeostla, D. C.
at 7.20 o'clock, for the benefit of the Marlboro'
Fire Association. A hcanlitn 1 collection ol
Japanese Views will be presented, and lie*
occasion will be a veritable M1 (\ ADO KV E
o'7'Eefresbmeiits will also tie provided by j
the Ladies.
ADMISSION for ADULTS, - 27 cts.
“ “ (1111.DLLS, - l'< Os.
August bib—2t.
TAX (SAI,i;.
THE UNDERSIGNED, Trustee, duly ap- !
pointed to complete the collection of taxes I
remaining uncollected by John G. Hall, de- 1
ceased, late (Collector of Slate and County j
Taxes for I’rince George’s County, w ill sell at !
pubhe sale to the highest bidder, for cash, at !
the Court House door, in the Tow n of Upper
Marlboro*, on
SATURDAY, the 20th Day of Auj., 1887, j
at 12 o'clock M.
A HOUSE AND LOT situated in the village \
ol'lQueen Anne, in Queen Anne district of
Prince George's county, (aid Lot containing j
about s*. Acres of laud,) assessed iu the name
of Jos. J. Duvall to satisfy tbe following Slate
and County Taxes, to wit :
Slate Taxes 1881 F 2 sc.
County “ 1881 in 82 |
Stale “ 1882, 2 Si!
County u 1882 It 71
Stale “ 1883 2 Sii
County “ 1882 11 74
Stale ' •< 1884 2 SC,
County “ 1884 11 74
State “ 188.7 2 Si!
( County “ 1887 12 20
With interest to day of sale and all costs
that have accrued or mav accrue.
July 20, 1887- -ts. Trustee.
THE UNDEIISK'NED, Trustee,duly ap
pointed to complete the collection of taxes
1 remaining uncollected by Joint G. Hall, de
ceased, late Collector of Stale and County
Taxes for Prince George's County, will sell at i
public sale to tbe Ugliest bidder, for cash, at |
, the Court House door, iu tbe Town of Upper
Marlboro, on
SATURDAY, the 20lh Day of Aag-, 1887, ,
at 12 47 o'clock P. M.,
tbe village of Nottingham, Prince George's
County, Md., assessed in the name of George
f Calvert, and adjoining the lands of John E.
Turner, Mrs. Mary Plater and Dr. W- W.
Waring, to satisfy the following Slate anil
County Taxes to wit :
Balance on Countv Tax IS7I 8 1 32
. State Taxes 1872 2 tit*
. County “ 1872 8 SHI
State “ 187;: 2OH
’ County “ 187:1 *0 10
* Stale “ 1874 2 4!i
1 County “ 1874 882
Stale ’ “ 1877 2 4'd
County “ 18"7 82
I State “ I 871! 204
> County “ 1871! ti 7*! j
State ' •• 1877 I “1 I
County “ 1877 s on
■ State ' “ 1878 18>
1 County “ 1878 870
• Stale “ 187! *1 87
County “ 1870 7 till
Stale “ 188(1 1 88
• County “ 1880 8 ;io
; State “ 1881 is
. ('onnty “ 1881 710
' State “ 1882 18s
County “ 1882 7 70
■ State *• 188:: 18s
County “ 1882 7 7 ( '
Willi interest to day of sale and all costs j
that have accrued or mav accrue.
July 20, 1887—ts. Trustee. 1
Tenant Wanted.
f XV labor ih bis own family, who appreciates '
the value of manure, wanted to work about 1
)o acres of my farm near Upper Marlboro'
i during the year 1888. Land tirst-elass.
July 8. 1227 lm. 1
A 'nr Advcrtispinents.
Order of Ratification.
In tin' waiter of tlic Tax Sale of a trai l of land
situated in Vausvillt* district of Prince i
George's county, Mil., called “Part of Dai- 1
nell's division of I lay field, ’’ containing 2d j
Acres more or less, adjoining the lands of
Fielder Magruder, John <t. Hall and others,
assessed in tlit* name of Walter M. Talbott,
trustee for Mnncaster and wife.
In tin I’in’ llst Com t for /Voice to orv/e.s
t on nt //.
No I Trials October Term, 18ST.
rnilK<>H.lK< fol lliis | roceeding is to pro-
I cure tbe ratilieation and confirmation of a
I sale of the above nienlione ! real estate made
! on the 2tilh (lay of May, A. D., 1887, by James
i T. Perkins, Trustee (appointed by the Circuit
i Court for Prince George's, in Equity, to com
! |dele the collection of state and county taxes
i for Prince George's County remaining uncol
i lected by John (i. Hall, deceased, late Treas
urer and Collector of the same), said sale hav
ing been made to satisfy state and county lax
es for |Prince George’s county, duly assessed
on said real estate and remaining unpaid for
tlio years IS7B, 187!*, 1880, 1881,
ISB4, 1885.
The said Trustee having made a report to
this Court of said sale, together with all the
proceedings had in relation thereto, and tlie
said proceedings having been examined by I lie
Court, and ’lie same'appearing to he regular,
and the provisions of the law in relation there
to appearing to have bee complied with—it is
thereupon, this 2’>t b day of July, A. !>.. 18s7,
by the Circuit Court for Prince George's
Comity, adjudged ami ordered that notice lie
given by the insertion of a copy of this order
in the Pmxi k tii iuti.r - E.Mifinr:u. a week
ly paper published in prince George's County.
Maryland, once a week hr lour successive weeks
before the said 27th day of August, A. D.,
188", warning all i orsons interested it* said
properly to he and appear in tl is Court on or
before the said ifjlh day of August,A. it. ,1887,
to show cause, if any they have, why said sale
should not lie ratified and confirmed.
True Copy—Test :
JOHN \V. BELT. Clerk
C. C. for I’, G. Co., Mil.
July 20—Iw.
_ Order of Ratification.
i lit the matter of the Tax Sale o( a tract ol
| land assessed in the name of Ceeolia E.
ItanilaU, situated in the J-llh election district
of Prince George's county, Maryland, called
Clark’s Fancy,” adjoining tin* lands of Har
riet Kandall and others.
In the Circuit Court /or Prince (leorf/C*
No 2 Trials -October Term. 1887.
TIIK OBJECT of tliis proceeding is to pro
cure the ratification and continual ion of a
sale oftbe above mentioned real estate made
on the’ifth day of May,A. !.. 1887, by James
T. Perkins. Trustee (appointed by flat ('intuit
Court for Prince George’s, in Equity, to eom
plelc the collection of Stale ami County lav s
for Prince George's County remaining uucol
-1 lecled by John C, Hall, deceased, late treasu
rer and eoiieelor t ibe same,, said sale bay
ing been made to satisfy stale and county tax
es for Prince George's, duly assessed on said
rial estate, and remaining unpaid for the
years 4879, iss), 1881, 1882, ISM, 188'.,
187<>, 1877. 1878.
The said Trustee having made a report to
this Court of said sale, together with all the
proceedings had in relation thereto, and the
said proceedings having been examinad by the
Court, and the same appearing to he regular,
and the provisions of the law in relation thereto
appearing to have been complied with—it is
thereupon, this 2.7 th day ol July, A. It., 1887,
by the Circuit Court for Prince (leorge’s Co.,
adjudged and olden'd that notice he given hy
the insertion of a copy of this order in the
Pbikck ClKOmijs’s Kxot un i:, a weekly
newspaper published in 1 Vince t leorge s I min
ty, Maryland, once a week for four successive
j weeks before the -7’b day * -I August, A. It.,
1 1887, warning all persons interested in tin*
1 said pro]silly to be and appear in this Court
j on or before the said 27th day of August, to
show cause, if any they have, win said sale
should not be rati tied and continued.
Ti ne copy —Test :
JOHN W. BELT, Cleik.
j C, ! for P. 11. < 0.. Md.
July 2H -Jw.
i f|MIK UNDERSIGNED, Trustee, duly ap
| JL pointed to complete the collection ot
| taxes remaining uncollected by John <l. Hall
I deceased, late Collector of State and County
1 Taxes for Prince (leorge’s County, will sell at
! public sale to the highest bidder, for cash, at
i the Court House door, in the Town of Upper
i Marlboro’, on
! SATURDAY, the 20th Day of Aug., 1887
at 12 JO o’clock P. M ,
j A HOUSE AND LOT, situated in Oxou Hill
! District of Prince (leorge’s County, adjoining
] the lands of James A. (Iregory. Lloyd Mushier
I and others, and assessed in the tiaige of Annie
j Pignut t to satisfy the following State and
I County Taxes, to will
! state Taxes 1881 *
County “ 1881 2 1.1
Stale “ 18S2
Countv “ 1882 -* ill
Stale ‘ “ 188:1 of*
County ** 188:1 2 .11
i Slate “ 188 J 5(1
j County “ 1881 2 ill
I Stale “ 188.7, of>
j County “ 188.7.... 1, 240
With interest to day of sale and all costs
! that 1 ave accrued or wav accrue.
July 29, ISB7—ts. Trustee*
The UNDERSIGNED, Trustee, duly ajr
pointed to complete the collection of taxes
remaining uncollected hy John (1. Hall, de
ceased, late Collector of State and Comity
Taxes for Prince t leorge’s County, will sell at
public sale to the highest bidder, for cash, at
the Court House Door, in the Tow n of Upper
Marlboro,’ on
SATURDAY, the 20th Day of Aug., 1887,
at 12 1.7 o'clock P. M.,
A TRACT OF LAND called “Bryan’s Point
Landing,” situated in Pisealaway district of
j Prince (leorge’s
j of land more or less, assessed in the name of
j Conrad Fan nee, and adjoining the land of J.
J. Bryan, 111 ike M.ixnn and others, (the
said property is usi d as a fishing shore) to sat
isfy Hie follow ing State and County Taxes, to
Slate Taxes 18,sd $ It 81
County •• 1880 4.7 til
Siale *• l>Bg ( J !>4
County *• ISSg lo st
Stale *• 1 sS-’l 094
Count v •• 188:1 40 81
Stale •• Iss 1 !t 94
County *■ l - s s I 40 SI
With interest to day of sale and all costs
that have acmivd or may accrue.
July 29, 1887—ts. Trustee.
Order of Ratilication.
JACOB AM MEN. Mortgagee,
In Ihi < irn’it I'uni-1/nr /Voire (,Vn i-i/i 'x
< uiu,li/ oi Equity
HmVJ lUinily.
ORDERED tliis 11th day ol July. 1887,
that the sale made and rejiorted by Jacob
Aiiiiii**ii. Mortgagee ol Ibe real estate in these
proceedings mentioned, l.e ratified and i‘oii
tinned unless cause to the contrary theieol be
shown on or before the lllli day ol August,
I s>7 ; piovided a copy of this order be insert
ed in some newspaper published in Prince
George's county, once in each ol three succes
sive weeks before the said fill day ot August,
The report stales the amount of sales to he
i *2,.7,Mb
JOHN W. BELT, Clerk.
True copy l est :
’ JOHN W. BEI/l, Clerk
C, C. lor P. ti. ' 0., Md.
July 17th —4>v.
•A 'etc Advertisements.
Order of Publication.
Samuel Uron & Clara Uron his wile,
George Seltzer, Mary Seltzer, Mary
Seltzer, widow, ct al.
Susan Seltzer (widow of Daniel Seltzer
deceased,) William Seltzer and Emma
Seltzer liis wife, .John M. Seltzer and
Mary Seltzer his wile, Itcubeu Seltzer
and Mary Seltzer his wife, Daniel Sel
tzer, Kale Khy and Jacob Khy her
Husband, Anne Grolt and Levi Grub
her Husband.
hi Ihr I'lrniH Court- /or I‘riuce George's
( 'auuli/, in Kquity,
\o I(i6!t Equity.
milK OBJECT of this suit is to procure a
I I>eeree lor the sale of certain lti“al Estate
situate lying and being in Prince George's
(’ottnly, Slate of Maryland, of which Daniel
Sell/er late of said County anil .Stale, died
seized and possessed, Said laml being compos
ed of two portions of a tract of land known as
‘•Upper Nolley UalP’ the first p-.rtion con
taining two hundred and forty-six acres more
or less, and the other portion containing ten
acres. The hill in substance states that the
said Daniel Seltzer being so seized and pos
sessed in tli month of Januaiy, Ksfe7,
departed this life intestate, leaving the De
fendant Susan Seltzer, Ids widow, and the fol
lowing named persons Ids only heirs at law
namely, William Seltzer bis son and Emma
Seltzer Ids wife, John Seltzer and Maty
Seltzer Ids wife, BeubenSeltzer and Mary Ids
wife, Daniel Seltzer who Is unmarried, Kale
Kby wife of Jacob Khy, Clara Cron wife of
Samuel T. Uron, Anne Drub, wife of Levi
Uroli, Mary Sell/.or, widow of George Seltzer,
a deceased son, and mother of the Plaintiffs,
George Seltzer, Mary Se 11 z er,Leonoia Seltzer,
and Luther Seltzer, who are grand grand
children of the said Daniel Seltzer, and only
heirs al law of George Seltzer, deceased, the
last two named being infants under the age of
twenty-one years.
That the said Susan Seltzer, William Selt
zer, amt Emma Ids wife, Ueulien Seltzer and
Mary Ids wife, Daniel Seltzer (-ingle) Kate
U.by and Jacob Eby her husband, Anne Grab,
and l-cvi Grub her husband are non-residents
of the State of Maryland and do not reside
That the said teal estate is not susceptible
of partition without lest and inju y; that in or
der to make a division amongst them entitlor,
it will be in cessary to have the said real es
tate sold, ami the proceeds thereof divided
amongst, the parlies according to their respec
tive interests etc., and prays for a decree for
It is thereupon this 10th day of July, ISS7,
adjudged ami ordered that the complainants
by causing a copy of Ibis older to be inserted
in some newspa|>er published ill Prince
George's Count y, once in each of four succes
sive weeks, before the -Dili day ot August,
ISS7. civ. l notice to the said absent delendants
of the object and substance of this hill ; and
warn them to appear in this Court, in person or
by Solicitor, on or before the 21st day ol No
vemlier next to answer the premises and show
cause if any they have why a decree ought not
to pass as prayed.
joMX W.JIi'LT- Clerk,
C. C. for P. G. Co., Md.
True iopv- -Test:
C. C. Ibr P. G. Co., Md.
July 22, I'JsT—lw.
Order of Ratification.
hi Hie m.(ller of 111. Tax Sale of a Iraet of
land assessed in the name of the heirs of
liiehard G. Cross, situated in the Ulh Elec
tion district of Prince George's County, Md,
adjoining farms of George Simpson, Charles
Duvall and others.
In Ihi ('irniil Court for j'rmrt (.*oiyihi
No I Trials —October Trim, lst>7.
IMIK OBJECT of this proceeding is to pro
. erne the ratilicalion ami continuation of
a sale of the above mentioned real estate made
on the sixteenth day of April, ISS7, by James
T. Perkins, Tinstee (appoints! liy (be Circuit
Com I for I rim e George’s, in Eijnity, to com
plete tlie collection of all state .and comity
taxes for Prineti (Jeorgo's remaining uncollect
ed by John G. Hall, deceased, late treasurer
and collector of Ihe same), said sale having
been made to satisfy slate and county taxes
for Prince County duly assessed on
saitl real estate and remaining unpaid for the
years ISI'J, isso, 11, issj, 1 ss;{, lst>4, 185.7.
The said Trustee liaving made a report to
this Court of said sale, together with all the
proceedings bad in relaliot) thereto, and the
said proceedidgs (having been examined by
the Court, and the same appeai iugSto be reg
ular, and the provisions of the law in relation
thereto appearing to have been complied witli
. —it is thereupon, this 2‘ith day of July, A. D.
ISS7, by the Circuit Court for Prince George.’s
County, adjudged and ordered that notice be
1 given by the insertion of a copy of this order
, in the Pkini k Gkokok's Exip itiFij, a week
ly ie wspa|ier published in Prince George’s
County, Maryland, once a week for four sne
-1 cessive weeks before the said 271 h day of Au
gust, A. D. ISB7, warning all persons interest
ed in said property to be and appear in this
Court on or before the said 271 h day of Au
gust. ISS7, to show cause if any they liave,
why said sale should not he rut died and con
JOHN I!. Bitot IKK, A. .1.
Ti ne I 'opv—Test :
’ JOHN W BELT, Cleik
of Hie C. C. f..r I'. G. Co., Mil.
J July i-‘J--4w.
Order of Ratification.
In the Mailer of the 'l ax Sale of a tract of
land assessed in the name of John E. Cook
A 11. K. Collins, call, d “Brosbear’s Neck”
situated in the 14th Election district of
Prince George's county, Mar) land, contain
ing l”> acres more or less.
hi tht Chnii! Court for J'riure
No 3 Trials--October Term, 1887.
rftllE OB.IECT of lliis proceeding is topro-
X cure tlie ratification and continuation of a
' sale of the above mentioned real estate
made on the 2lilli day of May, ISS7, by
. James T. Pci kins. Trustee (ap)Miinted by the
Circuit Court for Pi i nee Gem go’s in Equity,
.. to complete the cnllecliuti ol all Stale and
! County faxes for Prince George’s County re
’ niaining tnieollecled by John G. Hall, deceas
ed, lute Treasurer anil Collector ol the same),
said sale liaving been made to satisfy slate and
’ and county taxes .' >r Prince George’s County,
Maryland, duly assessed on said real estate,
and remaining unpaid for the years ISS2,
, ISSi,
The said Trustee having made a report to
i this Court of said sale, together with all the
proceedings had in relation I hereto, and Hie
sail! proceedings having been examined by
tile Court, and Hie same ap|iearing to lie reg
ular and tin- provisions of the law in relation
* thereto appearing to have been reguhu, and
Hie provisions of tlie law in relation thereto
appearing to have been complied with —it is
thereupon, this 2**Hi day ol July, A. I)., I''*,,
by the Circuit Court for Prince George’s
County, adjudged and ordered that notice lie
•dvcu by the insertion of a copy of this order
hi the Pmm i; Gkoki.k’s Exiyt ii:i:k, a week
ly n ewspaper pnlilishcd in Piinee George’s
Comity. Maryland, once a week for four suc
cessive weeks before Hie - J7Hi day of August,
\ D . 1-S7. warning all persons interested in
■ the said property to in' and appear in this
j Court on or before the said 2711 i day of An
! eiisl VI) , I>s7, to show cause, if any they
l have, why said sale should not be ratified and
I continued.
True (’opv—Test •
JOHN W. BELT, Clerk,
t C. for P. G. Co., Md.
j duly 2!) Iw.
•Simple, Most Durable, Economical and Per
j feet in use. Wastes no Grain ; Cleans it ready
for Market.
Threshing Engines and Horse Powers
Saw Mills and Standard Implements General
ly. Send for illustrated catalogue.
A. I* Fißqi IIAR,
Pennsylvania Agricultural Works, York, Pa.
i June 21, lui-
If oodirard S-Loth ro/>.
Huy Your Dry Goods
Woodward and Lothrop,
One Price Only.
goods are Brought lo the lady shopper;
she does not go out of her house to make her
purchases. To some extent, through the op
eration of the parcels post the lady shoppers
in our country are served pretty much in the
Cuban style. They get samples of what they
want, make their selections, and the packages
are forwarded By mail. The trade is growing
lo great dimensions”
Our catalogue of stock (sent free) places the
stoic Before you, a selection is made, and you
write ns the ordei. We fill, and send it the
same day received. .Should the goods not come
up to expectations they can lie returned to ns,
and the money will he refunded. Send a tri
al order.
Grand Midsummer Sale of Linens and
Housekeeping Goods. After ample prepara
tions and extensive purchases, we are now
ready with the largest and Best stock of the
above named goods it was ever our pleasure to
call your attention to, and have concluded lo
inaugurate a
during which period we propose to offer the
Best intrinsic value yet shown in any city.
We cannot do justice to the slock iu this 1
small space, so are obliged to coniine our
selves to the following few special Bargains:
s<> pieces C4-iueli Cream German Linen
Table Damask, excellent patterns. Only -Jsc
per yard
(11 inch Cream liish Linen Table Damask,
splendid iptalily. Only .Vie per yard.
tel inch Cream Red Bordered Linen Table
Damask, extra value. (inly 58e per yard.
50 inch Bleached German Linen Table
Damask, excellent quality. Only 50e per
00 inch Genuine Turkey Red (oil ladled)
Table Damask, excellent quality, colors war
ranted, white and Black Bordet's- Only 75c
per yard.
Lange covering almost the entire
range of sizes and iptalilies manufactured.
100 dozen S Bleached German Linen Dam
ask Napkins. Only $1 per dozen.
InO dozen 0 S Bleached German Linen
Damask Napkins, excellent quality, hand
some patterns. Only $2.25 per dozen.
125 dozen Flue Bleached German Linen
Damask Napkins, splendid value, Only $2
l>er dozen.
Preparatory to the transacting of a large
business in ’) owels, as usual with us at this
season of the year, we have purchased vety
extensively and are now offering the greatest
bargains we have yet shown.
200 dozens size 18x:li>, white all Linen
Towels, extraordinary value. Only 10c each.
250 do/., ISx-iti Bleached and Unbleached
Huck Towels, Warranted pure linen, grass
bleached, extra durable and soft (hushed,
usually sold at 15e, only 121e each.
150 doz, 18x00 Fine Birdeye Figure and
Damask Towels, knotted fringe, fancy hol
ders, excellent assortment of styles, usually
sold at 22c, only 18c each, $2 per doz.
100 doz, Rl.xdS Single and Double Hmk
Towels, blue and cardinal borders, good qual
ity of pure linen, usually sold at 25c, only 20c
each ; $2-26 per doz.
125 doz, 22x12 Bleached All-Linen Iluek
Towels, extra strong and durable, softwater
bleach, fancy borders, usually sold at 25c,
only 22c each ; $2 50 per doz.
.'IOO doz. Towels at $1 per doz, and not a
single style that is not a bargain at the price
The variety includes 21x12 bleached Huck
Knotted Fringe Towels, 20x10 Bleached Dam
ask Knotted Fringe Towels, 24x11 Double
Huck Towels, 22x15 Bream Damask Towels.
Anticipating that lie l warm weather creates
a large demand for Handkerchiefs, we have
made extensive purchases, and are now pre
pared with the largest slock, the linest variety
and the best Bargains ever our pleasure lo
show. At the popular price of I2jc each we
have, we are positive, the best line of tallies
Handkerchiefs ever ofleied at any period.
’ Never was the quality so good, the variety so
large,or the styles so neat and pretty. At
1 this price (125.) we show all white, white w ith
f fancy borders, and white with neat black bor
For men we tiler 125 dozen. All Linen
Colored Bordered Hemstitched llandkt rehiefs,
i in a large variety of sltlcs. Only I2ie each.
Also 75 dozen Men’s Extra Fine All Purest
Linen Colored Bordered Hemstitched Hand
kerchiefs, varied assortment of handsome
styles. Only 25c each.
, We are tillering the following extra good
bargains: 50 doz Fine Striped seersucker
Walking Skirls, plaited rnllle, with two folds
above, pqied in colors’ Only 50e each. 50
doz Slri|M'd Walking Skirls, box plated, rnllle
uitli bias fold above, trimmed with braid.
Only 75e each, 25 doz Colored Walking
Skirls, made from a tine grade ot French skill
ing, two box plaited rutiles, with folds above.
Oiqv $1 each.
This Department is offering the following
seasonable goods at. most reasonable prices.
We quote: 100 dozen Children's Fine Mull
Caps, only 25e each. 50 dozen Children's
Fine Mother Hubbard Aprons, only 25c each.
25 doz Children’s Fine Night Drawers, only
title (ier pair. Superb stock of Children's
Gamps, in a large variety of choice styles, 1
to 10 years, 87ie to $2.75. 1 lines of Chil
dren's tine Turkey Red Dresses, handsomely
embroidered in white ; the coolest, most ser
viceable and most dressy suits math' for the
money: $1.05, $2.25, $2.87i and s3.2ti each.
Children’s “Cute” Kale Greenaway Aprons,
$1 anti $l5O each. Elegant line of Children's
Tam O’Shanter Caps, in mull, pique and all
over embioidery, $1.50, $1,(12.* and $2 each.
Full lint 1 of Children's Fine Mull Caps, Nor
mandy crown, very sty lish and pretty, 50e lo
$2.50 each.
Woodward & Lothrop,
Jiuy r.i\— ID. O.
Welcome News
To the Mid!
Bargains Extraordinary.
W c take pleasure in announcing that w e have been successful in clearing the entire
slacks ot two of the largest straw manufacturer at prices that will be an agreeable surprise to
all in search of
Stylish Straw Hats and Bonnets.
LOT 1 comprises ]JO dozen lovely Straw Bonnets, in dillerent braids and all colors, worth
from 50c to sl, which we oiler at •
3!{ct! only.
LOT 2 comprises -12 dozen of the Cabinet Shapes -Lamar, Manning. Bayard Whitney
and Vilas, in hue straws ; sold formerly at sl.:>7; are now
LOT —IOO dozen I'.u.dys, Toboggans, Vision, Norma and Elite at
23d* only
100 dozen ol ditleient Straw?, in all colors, .such as Allanda, Maplewood, Orile, Glemlon,
Kosedale, Saucy, Tuxedo and hundreds of other shapes ; and formerly at 75c to sl*Js ; are
now ottered at
io anil 73f(s only
Our entire Slock of line English Mi lans ; sold formerly at $2.2d and $2.50 ; w ill be
slaughtered at
?5c $1 & sl>s only.
( hone stales t I 1 rinttiicil ami 1 ntrimmeil Children's 11. its at a tremendous reduction.
\V e ate overstock, don Flowers. They have lo lie sold. Price no object. Also ons Tips,
Plumes, Uibboiis, Surah Silks, (iauzes, \'.-lvets, Ornaments, Sun Umbrellas and Parasols
come in for the same reduction
814 Seventh Street, Washington, D. C.
Trade supplied, ami orders by njail promptly al(ended. Seventh Street Cars pass the
dr or r very two minutes. May lil-lf.
Sing of Spring Time, Gentle Annie !
AVI ten in "Washington!
Their variety in Gentlemen s Furnishings and Hats for
the season is an paralleled.
. | Latest designs in Neckwear at 50c
VjL Fine Soft and Stiff Hats ranging
The largest assortment in color-
cd Shirts, plain and plaided
bosoms, with ’3 Collars and
tw' 1 pair of Cults each, $1 to $1.50
One Price Only.
TRADE >0 WAftZ <*■
J 1 „ - orders solicited.
623 PENNA. AVE.. Money refunded if purchase
not satisfactory.
jj q May 20—If.
The Boys Are Marching !
409 7th Street, N. W.,
dent’s Kangaroo Shoes from S 3 00 to $(5.00
“ Good Wearing Shoes for •• 83.00
“ Low Shoes from to $5.00
“ Patent l.eather Shoes lor 85.00
Ladies’ Fine Hand Made Shoos for 83.50
“ Good Wearing Shoes for 83.00
Children’s Shoes, that hardly ever wear out, sizes 8 to 10 5, for 81.50
Hoys’and Youth’s GOOD Shoes from 81.50 to 82.50
| IOR SEVENTH ST , * W. Washington, . C.
1 May 20—-X

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