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The Prince George's enquirer and southern Maryland advertiser. (Upper Marlborough, Md.) 1882-1925, September 26, 1919, Image 4

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Experts or Theorists-
Which? l
The packing industry is intri
cate, complex—far more so than
the railroads or the telegraph.
Every day multiplying needs
of society increase its problems
and multiplying responsibilities J;
demand more of it.
Highly trained experts, spec
ialists of years’ experience,
thinkers and creative men, de
vote their lives, their energies,
their activities, to solving the
problems of the packing industry !
and meeting its widening duties. g
Swift & Company is not a few |
dozen packing plants, a few k
hundred branch houses, a few
thousand refrigerator cars, and
a few million dollars of capi- |.
tal, but an organization of such £
men. It is the experience, in- |
telligence, initiative and activity ■
which operates this physical
Can this intelligence, this ex
perience, this initiative and cre
ative effort which handles this
business at a profit of only a
fraction of a cent per pound from
all sources, be fostered through
the intervention of political
theorists, however pure their
purposes? Or be replaced by
legislation ? Does Congress really
think that it can ?
Let us send you a Swift “Dollar”. •
It will interest you.
Address Swift & Company,
Union Stock Yards, Chicago, HI.
Swift & Company, U. S. A.
? shows’*^
//*&' nLaX /f THE average dollar \
I_—//o UU 0 | I FROM THE SALE OF MEAT | ■■■■ 0
I1 to Of, */ / oeer °II I S CENTS IS PAID FOR THE I _
\\ 12-98 CENTS FOB LABOR //
\V^i Tojfoalaitfr // W expenses and freicht //
W.O.XS’ 02-04O 2-04 cents remains J7
'as profit
Mutual Mistake Nothing for Gentle
men to Worry About in These
Servantless Days.
The head of one house where war
conditions had left the place helpless
drove his daughter to a party.
The head of the house where the
party was held was perforce acting as
his own carriage man and door-opener.
Afterward, when they were formal
ly presented, one said:
“I certainly must beg your pardon
for something, sir.”
“What is it?”
“You know that night when you
drove your daughter to my daughter’s
“Well, when I came to open the door
I thought you were your chauffeur.”
“Cheer up! I thought you were your
butler!”—Farm Life, England.
Colonel Breckinridge of the Navy
League was talking to New York about
a stern father.
“He’s stern, entirely too stern,” he
said. “In fact, the old boy’s raving
now —raving mad against his son.
“He sent his son off to New York
last week yon know, and told him to
find an opening. Well ”
Colonel Breckinridge chuckled.
“The boy telephoned yesterday to
wire S2OO, as he was in a hole.”
“You cannot serve two masters.”
“I understand that you cannot serve
ichooners after now.”
If Worms or Tapeworm persist 1b your
system. It Is because you have not yet tried
the real Vermifuge, Dr. Peery’a ‘‘Dead Shot."
One dose does the work. Adv.
Friendship is a good deal like your
credit. The less used the better it is.
“No one can do better than his best.
Everyone can do as well as that.”
Buoyant, happy, healthy llfel Xgn
The whole bouse ringing with laughter jmKst
and filled with good times. Is your house one or these? yp
How many mothers reallre that THBIR OWN health Is the (HsSsljßr
fountain head of the health of the whole family? The mother 15*Wgjr
the center. Her health of mind and body is rejected In - - '■ ,
If yon are NOT well. If you are nervous, Irritable, can’t work, •• 7 A)
I can’t play, can’t eat with any appetite, tho chances are that //
your liver is out of order. J rt Cl I l3ly
Try LIVHRHABB. It Is a preparation resulting from long V-' rtthor _
! experiment and clinical practice by an eminent physician. If Jiiunik.l
you haye lirer trouble, Indigestion, constipation or the -bines,” it will 7 . „
quickly help you. Good for the Whole Family, including Dad. Bewelll XIQCIIIILIJ
Try LtVBRRASB! Send 1100 for a regular sire. It will act at oce. 7•/ 7 u
If not satisfied, we return your money. Address, QIIIICLVCTI,.
r 1-- -
The Reason.
“Not every one is successful in
motion-picture work.”
“Oh, that takes reel acting.”
Both Ways. -
“You backed the wrong horse.”
“Then I front ruin.” —Baltimore
One’s obstacles are usually of one’s
own making.
•mvmm ssassssts
Strong and Healthy. If
l hey Tire, Smart, Itch, or
WiinTvmCC Burn, if Sore, Irritated,
IvUK ELI IU Inflamed or Granulated,
use Murine often. Safe for Infant or Adult
At all Druggists. Write for Free Eye Book.
■Brine Eye Beaedy Company. Chicago, 0. S.L
“Did the detective discover who it
wos that stole your jewels?”
“I riither think he did. However, I
have another detective hunting for
him.” —Judge.
She’ll Tell About It
“Can a man have wealth untold,
“Not if he has a wife, my son.”—•
Chicago News.
Do not wait to see what will hap
pen ; take hold of things and make
them happen.
It is more important to be going In
the right direction than to be going
A holiday makes work easier.
You Do More Work,
You are more ambitious and you get more
enjoyment out of everything when youi
blood is in good condition. Impurities in
the blood have a very depressing effect on
the system, causing weakness, laziness,
nervousness and sickness.
restores Energy and Vitality by Purifying
and Enriching the Blood. When you feel
its strengthening, invigorating effect, see
how it brings color to the cheeks and how
it improves the appetite, you will then
appreciate its true tonic value.
is not a patent medicine, it is simply
IRON and QUININE suspended in Syrup.
So pleasant even children like It. The
blood needs Quinine to Purify it and IRON
to Enrich it. These reliable tonic prop
erties never fail to drive out impurities in
the blood.
The Strength-Creating Power of GROVE’S
TASTELESS Chill TONIC has made it
the favorite tonic in thousands of homes.
More than thirty-five years ago, folks
would ride a long distance to get GROVE'S
member of their family had Malaria or
needed a body-building, strength-giving
tonic. The formula is just the same to
day, and you can get it from any drug
store. 60c per bottle.
Skm Tortured
Mm! a^es Sleep
All druggists; Soap 25, Ointment 25and 50, Talcum 25.
Sample each free of "Cuticura. Dept. E, BoPton.”
P JS A toilet preparation of merit,
vjffl Helps to eradicate dandruff.
JA); V -S®v £n| For Restoring Color and
Beauty to Gray and Faded Hair.
SS'\ 5 and SU-0 r t dnurtrirs.
HIM OC.R O O M S Romovpp Corns, Cal
louses, etc., stops all pain, ensures comfort to the
feet, makes walking’ ©My. 1 Sf, bv mall or at bnup-
Jiiscox Chemical Works, Fatchocrue. K. Y.
CLEAR. Beauty easily obtained Formula.
26c. Culver. 66 New St., East Orange. N. J
W, N. U., BALTIMORE. NO. 38-1919
After Being Relieved of Or
ganic Trouble by Lydia E.
Pinkham’s Vegetable
Oregon, 111. —“ I took Lydia E. Pink
ham’s Vegetable Compound for an or-
ganic trouble which
1 P u H e d me down un
j til I could not put my
(iplrij foot to the floor and
I, ; ■ ** could scarcely do my
work, and as I live
W ' i on a small farm and
ij 'nils raise six hundred
ill 'HL i chickens every year
U I ‘ W it made it very bard
for me.
smtzt' - “I saw the Com
pound advertised in
our paper, and tried
, —-"■’’it. It has restored
my health o I can do all my work and
I am so grateful that I am recommend
ing it to my friends.” —Mrs. D. M.
Alters, R. R. 4, Oregon, 111.
Only women whohave suffered the tor
tures of such troubles and have dragged
along from day to day can realize the
relief which this famous root and herb
remedy, Lydia E. "inkham’s Vegetable
Compound, brought to Mrs. Alters.
Tomen everywhere in Mrs. Alters*
co..Jition should profit by her recom
mendation, and if there are any com
plications write Lydia E. Pinkham’e-
Medicine Co., Lynn, Mass., for advice.
The result of their 40 years experience
Is at your service.
Thrive, Too.
Joseph Hergesheiraer was talking at
the Authors’ club in New York about
the copyright law, which deprives a
writer and his heirs of any remunera
tion from his work 58 years after its
“We authors,” said Mr. Hergeshei
mer, “have little to fear from the bol
sheviks. Our work has always been
treated as under bolshevik regime.
“But, then, literary artists,” added
the talented writer whimsically, “have
the consolation that their work lives
after them. Look at Rubens! He
painted a thousand pictures, yet there
• are something like four thousand in
existence today!”
Somewhat Slighted.
"After a!!,” remarked Methuselah,
“my long life has been a good deal of
a failure.”
“Merely because you kept out of
“No. But It does seem to me that
I’ve been at least entitled to an occa
sional interview as to whether or not
I attribute my longevity to abstinence
from strong drink and tobacco.”
The Cuticura Toilet Trio
Having cleared your skin keep it clear
by making Cuticura your every-day
toilet preparations. The soap to cleanse
and pnrify, the Ointment to soothe and
heal, the Talcum to powder and per
fume. No toilet table is complete
Without them. 25c everywhere.—Adv,
Trace of Independence.
“There’s one thing I’ve got to saj
for the prodigal son,” remarked Farm
er Corntossel.
“What’s that?”
“He had the grit to-walk back home
Instead of telegraphin’ for money.”
No Worm* In a Healthy Child
All children troubled with worms have an
Unhealthy color, which indicates poor blood,
and as a rule, there is more or less stomach
disturbance. Grove's tasteless chill tonic
given regularly for two or three weeks will
enrich the blood, improve the digestion, and
act as a Genera! Strengthening Tonic to the
whole system. Nature will then throw off or
dispel the worms, and the Child will be in per
fect health. Pleasant to take. 60c per bottle.
Burmese Progressing.
Among the successful candidates for
a degree in 1918 appears the name of
Ina Thein, the first Burmese lady to
obtain the distinction.
Cere Eyes, Blood-Shot Eyes, Watery Eyes,
Sticky Byes, all healed promptly with night
ly applications of Roman Eye Balsam. Adv.
The kind of satisfaction that does
not sweeten people and keep their
that way i.“ not the right kind.
Back Given Out?
Housework is too Laid for a woman
who is half sick, nervous and always
tired. But it keeps piling up, and gives
weak kidneys no time to recover. If
your back is lame and achy and your
kidneys irregular; if you nave “blue
spells,” sick headaches, nervousness,
dizziness and rheumatic pains, use
Doan's Kidney Pills. They have done
wonders for thousands of worn out
A Virginia Case
Mrs. E. R. Shipley,
529 Moore St., Bristol, aSh ’blha
Va., gave the follow- j£ Stary"
ing statement March C
25, 1915: “I had a lot V/?-
of trouble with my
kidneys; they were ■ A
weak and greatly If j jIN 'A
annoyed me. Mv Miff}- w
back was weak and W I V vvg
sore and ached near- gf I '
ly all the time. I felt BA\*s \!tr
drowsy and languid
and mornings I could MsS '
hardly straighten., I liSm vlf
used Doan’s Kidney cSsE \g
Pills, getting them WBB
at Bunting & Son’s
Drug Store, and they cured me of the
On April 27, 1918, Mrs. Shipley said:
“My faith in Doan’s Kidney Pills is as
strong as ever. I have had no need of
them since they cured me in 1516.”
Get Doan'* at Any Store, 60c a Box
Often Caused by
How can anyone with a sour, gasoy
stomach, who Is constantly belching, ha*
heartburn and suffers from indigestion have
anything but a bad breath? All of these
stomach disorders mean just one thing—
A oid-Stomach.
EATONIC, the wonderful new stomach
remedy in pleasant tasting tablet fo.m that
you eat like a bit of candy, brings quick
relief from these stomach miseries. EATON
IC sweetens the breath because it makes tne
stomach sweet, cool and comfortable. Try it
for that nasty taste, congested throat and
“heady feeling" after too much smoking.
If neglected. Acid-Stomach may cause you
a lot of serious trouble. It leads to ner
vousness, headaches, insomnia, melancholia,
rheumatism, sciatica, heart trouble, ulcer
and cancer of the stomach. It makes Its
millions of victims weak and miserable,
llsUeas, lacking In energy, all tired out. It
often brings about chronic Invalidism, pre
mature old age, a shortening of one’s days.
You need the help that EATONIC can give
you If you are not feeling as strong and
well as you should. You will be surprised
to see how much better you will feel just as
■oon as you begin taking this wonderful
stomach remedy. Get a big 50 cent box
from your druggist today. Ife will return
jrour money If you are not satisfied.
Auto-Wash Cake
It cleans, brightens, is harmless to paint
and varnish. Economical and efficient. One
cake will wash your car twelve to fifteen
times. Keep it looking new and clean. Used
by some of the hugest garages in New York
City, i>ent direct xroxn our factory to you
Price 50 cents, postpaid. AUTO-WASB
CO- 200 Pacific Street# Brooklyn. N. Y
j?ca package
v before the war
5c a package
during the war
5c a package
Profiteer Picked Out Wrong Man to
Boast About Picture He Had
“Picked Up.”
A Kansas City profiteer moved into
his gaudy new home last week, and
last night was piloting a salaried
friend around through the new rugs
and furniture. As they entered the
“library,” the profiteer pointed with
great pride to a lurid picture 6 by 9,
on the east wall and said:
“How d’ye like that for art? I’m
ashamed to tell you how cheap I got
that down at the art shop the other
day. See that torn place in the cor
ner? ,That was made, the dealer said,
by one o’ them German looters in the
Thirty-Tear war.”,
“The dealer was mistaken,” observed
the salaried friend. “It was another
war It was made by a beer bottle I
threw myself. I never could stand that
picture, especially when I was lit up.
Grogan’s bartender kicked me clear
across the sidewalk the night I heaved
that bottle. So Grogan’s selling off his
pictures, is he?” —Kansas City Star.
Personal Question.
“Person” in the dictionaries Is de
scribed as “an individual human be
ing.” But it is not so in England from
a legal standpoint, as women do not
come within the class. This was re
vealed recently when the Royal As
tronomical society of London decided
to admit women as fellows of the coun
cil. The plan was found to be impos
sible until the society had its charter
Eligibles for election in the society’s
by-laws were described as “persons”
and when legal opinion was obtained
it was decided that a “person” was
strictly of the masculine sex. The
change was made in the charter and
the clever women who had distin
guished themselves in star gazing
were admitted to the society.
Dene to a Crisp.
A few friends of mine were over to
spend the afternoon. I had a cake in
the oven baking, as I was keeping
house while mother was out of town.
During the conversation I told them
what a good cook I made, and how I |
had never wasted or burnt anything.
We were busily talking one-Malf an
hour later when one guest exclaimed:
“I smell your cake!” Needless to say,
it was burned to a crisp.—Exchange.
Every man ought to have a good-na
tured wife to grumble at occasionally.
I At the Beginning I
118I 18 and the End I
of the Day J
I There’s health and comfort
in the truly All-American
table beverage—
The Original
I Postum Cereal j
Bid your coffee troubles
I good-bye by joining the
I 5 great army who now drink
Postum instead of coffee.
Two sizes, usually sold at 15c and 25c. |
Everywhere at Grocers.
This Father About as Sensible as Many
Who Expect Wonders From Cor
respondence School.
Henry P. Davison was talking about
the numerous correspondence courses
in five lessons —each lesson to be mas
tered in one evening over the after
dinner cigar—which teach a man how
to become a Napoleon of finance.
“You can’t learn to be a Napoleon
of finance or anything else so easily,”
he said. “These courses remind me of
the man who brought his son to the
school of mines and growled:
“ T want you to learn this here boy
to be an expert minin’ engineer, but
look a-here —I don’t want him to waste
his time over a lot of book nonsense
about strata and denudations, and
don't bother him wdth mlnerology and
crystals, neither. What I want him to
learn is how to find gold and silver and
copper in payin’ quantities—payin’
quantities, mind you—and I’ll call for
him and put him in to work Monday a
week.’ ”
Nothing Doing There.
Noiselessly, but with all his might,
the burglar tugged away at the dress
ing table drawer.
In vain. It refused to open. He
tugged again.
“Give it another jerk,” said a voice
behind him.
The burglar turned. The owner of
the house was sitting up in bed and
looking at him with an expression of
the deepest interest on his face.
“Jerk it again. There’s a lot of
valuable property in that drawer, but
we haven’t been able to open It since
the damp weather began. If you can
pull it out I’ll give you a handsome
royalty on everything that’s—”
But the burglar had disappeared
through the window, taking part of
the sash with him. —Pearson’s Weekly.
Getting Posted.
Lord Nocoyne—l say, old dear, what
is the usual procedure in catching an
American heiress?
Reggie—lt’s very simple, old chap.
You tell the girl how much you love
her, and her father how much you
: owe.
One for Pa.
Willie—“Pa, is a tongue called an or
gan?” Pa —“Well, if it is, your mother
is the finest player in the world.”
Early and provident fear Is the moth
er of safety.—Edmund Burke.
r ■ ■ —————
Lift off Corns!
Doesn’t hurt a bit and Freezone
costs onlf a few cents.
With your fingers! You can lift oft
any hard corn, soft corn, or corn be
tween the toes, arid the hard skin cal
luses from bottom of feet.
A tiny bottle of “Freezone” costs
little at any drug store; apply a few
drops upon the corn or callus. In
stantly it stops hurting, then shortly
you lift that bothersome corn or callus
right off, root and all, without one bit
of pain or soreness. Truly! No hum
bug I —Adv.
“Roughing It."
Hostess —Now, everybody, you’ll
have to drink your champagne out of
Bui’gundy glasses, and the caviar
hasn’t come, but I know you don’t
mind roughing it. —Life.
How’s This ?
We offer 1100.00 for any case of catarrh
that cannot be cured by HALL’S
en internally and acts through the Blood
on the Mucous Surfaces of the System.
Sold by druggists for over forty years.
Price 75c. Testimonials tree.
F. J. Cheney & Co.. Toledo, Ohio.
Making promises is one thing, but
“making good” Is something else
I Children Cry For
Castoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Paregoric, Drops
and Soothing Syrups. It is pleasant. It contains neither Opium,
Morphine nor other narcotic substance. Its age is its guarantee.
For more than thirty years it has been in constant use for the
relief of Constipation, Flatulency, Wind Colic and Diarrhoea;
allaying Feverishness arising therefrom, and by regulating the
Stomach and Bowels, aids the assimilation of Food; giving
healthy and natural sleep. The Children’s Panacea —The
Mother’s Friend.
In Use For Over 30 Years
The Kind You Have Always Bought
An Irish Opinion.
During March. 1918, we were camped
In northern France. It was the rainy
season, and our clothes were always
damp. One morning a big Irishman,
*s he thumped the w r ater from his hob
nails, said in a husky voice: “If a guy
don’t get pneumonia here there is
something the matter with his lungs!”
—Everybody’s Magazine.
Find Coal in Argentina.
Coal deposits have been discovered
in the Andean foothills of Argentina.
—Consular Report.
.-■—■ ■ ■
Q Guaranteed by
Knew Her Letters.
Ann! Grace came into the room
where her three-year-old niece was
cutting up her grandmother’s new
magazine. Grandmother was making
feeble remonstrances but the small
youngster continued placidly with her
cutting. Aunt Grace turned to her
mother. “It seems to me,” she said,
“Ruth Marie is getting to be b-a-d
(spelling the word).”
But Ruth Marie had not been play
ing with the school children in the
neighborhood for nothing. She knew
the word from the sound of its letters
and promptly retorted to Aunt Grace,
“Well, you aren’t so better yourself.”
Disappearing Service.
‘‘No,” said the commuter. “I’m not
making any complaints about the
“Then you are satisfied?”
“I won’t say that. But the last time
I complained about my trip they took
that train off the next day.”
A Souvenir Fiend.
Windsor Magazine—“ She held out
her hand and the young man took it
and departed.”—Boston Transcript.
Most people spend so much time
earning a living that they have no
time to live.
Science nays that old age begins with
weakened kidneys and digestive organs.
This being true, it is easy to believe
that by keeping the kidneys and diges
tive organs cleansed and in proper work
ing order old age can be deferred and
life prolonged far beyond that enjoyed
1 by the average person. vsy ‘
For over 200 years GOLD HE DAL
I Haarlem Oil has been relieving the
weaknesses and disability due to advanc
ing years. It is a standard old-time
home remedy and deeds no introduction.
GOLD MEDAL Haarlem Oil Is inclosed
in odorless, tasteless capsules contain
ing about 5 drops each. Take them as
you would a pill, with a swallow of
water, - The oil stimulates the kidney
Infallible Sign.
“There goes another married man!”
said a girl la charge of a candy coun
“How do you know ?” asked the cash
“He used to buy a three-pound box
of candy twice a week, and now he
buys a half-pound once a month.”
A lot of good liars got their training
by making excuses.
It Is no crime to be poor unless the
word is applied to singers.
In Use Over 30 Years
take no' Substitute
Price IS Cents everywhere
General Stores
Kohler Mfg. Go., Baltimore, Md.
si gflftpP
Vjw/orr A/VP ** AT DRUG
\ Mystic Cream
I—that’s the stuff! Takes the
I bum out of sunburn. At youi
Y druggist’s or by mail 32c a jar.
7/ RYSTIC CREAM CO., Hiddletmn. H.T.
action and enables the organs to throw
off the poisons which cause prematura
old age. New life and strength increase
as you continue the treatment. Wbca
completely restored continue taking a
capsule or two each day. GOLD MED I *
AL Haarlem Oil Capsules will keep you
in health and vigor and prevent a return
of the disease.
Do not wait until old age or disease
have settled down for good. AIT the first
sign that your kidneys are not working
properly, go to your druggist and get a
box of GOLD MEDAL Haarlem Oil
Capsules. Money refunded if they do
not help you. Three sizes. But re
member to ask for the original imported
GOLD MEDAL brand. In sealed pack
Objected to “Parking."
My laundress’ young son brings my
laundry home In his little wagon,*
writes a correspondent. The other
evening he had his little baby sister
along, and left her sitting In the wag
on while he brought the basket in the
The baby started to cry and I said:
“What’s the matter with her?”
“Oh, she wants to come with me;
she never does stand for being
parked,” he replied.
Hobbles, like all horses, need bridles.
' <£

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