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Saturday, January 8, 1921
********** ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦►♦♦♦♦
!! Wonderfully Pretty And
Artistic Wall Papers
< >
< >
33 Did il ever occur to you the quickest and easiest
33 way to secure ideal home life is to make environments
13 artistic and attractive ?
< >
J; Visit our display of EXQUISITE NEW WALL
;! PAPERS and we will be pleased to work out for you a
II Decorative scheme that will impart an atmosphere of
31 character and distinction to your home.
Remember, we have Wall-Papers and Decorations
< > with Drapery Materials to match.
< >
John T. Smullin, Jr.
33 Wall Papers - Window Shades—Columbia Grafonolas and Records 1
£♦+ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦<
| To You Who Drive
|i Motor Cars
33 Send your cars to us fo. prompt service.
;| Every car gets our best attention.
< Rushed out as quickly as possible.
3! Very careful as to det; on all repairs.
I! In every respecl the b and the cheapest
;; Can we serve you and hbe satisfied?
< * Even you will agree th ,ve claim only what we give.
)| Have your car equipped with a Rayfield Carburetor. They
< assuie easy starting in cold weather.
31 Place your order for one today.
4 | ——■>>*. —i i !■-.- amruEMnni - ■rrwra.-a.wjqcMoavw’UHi
Poc#ffloki City Garage
< >
3! 1 Bridge Street Phone 102-M.
iiiiiiiiiiimii:;iiiii!!iiii!iiiiiiiiiinr iimiiiiimmiiiiiiiimimiiiniimiiiiiiiiiiiiimiij
= 307—303 Clarke Avenu Pocomoke City, Md. =
| Good Times! I
The pendulum swings back; Welcome, Good Times! |
5 The New Year clock says you are back again. E
Pocomoke and vicinity shoppers, stop in ir store and §
= note how the Big Bargains at regular Old Time Prices are =
| doing their part to back up the Good Old Times!
| ============= ~ • ■ \
Don’t miss this big opportunity. Come and shop at
■at m
mm a
| Fisher’s bargain Store !
| 307-309 Clarke Av~ Pocomoke City, Md. \
I Leaders Of Both Parties
:: *
Now Discussing Cadidates
For Offices Next November
< ►
< >
;; All Indications Point To Fact That They Will Be
! ! Many In Number From Both Sides, Says
!! Well Known Political Writer.
i > _
< >
< > •
> The opening of the New Year bid*
11 fair to mark the beinning of discu'i
!! sion of candidates and prospects in
;; both parties, for the State election in
■ > November. Not that there has been
!! no discussion in such matters before
J | this time, for there has been much
< > quiet talk on the subject among the
< I les-Jers, both Republican and Demo
! | cratic, but all has been disultory and
; | A random, intended as preliminary
• > 1J the real consideration of both pros
!! pe-ts and candidates soon after the
|1 opening 1921.
■ > And the indications are that candi
<! dates for all the offices to be filled
JI will be many in number for both par
' ties. Aside from the fact that there
!! is only one State office to be filled,
ramely Comptroller of the Stab?
• > Treasury to succeed Major Lee the
<> present incumbent, who has declined
JI to be a candidate in all the counties
J; there are local offices to be filled,
< i including members of the House of
! | Delegates, in all the counties and the
J J City, in the half of the counties State
i > Senators, in several of the counties
11 Clerks of Courts and Registers ot
J J Wills, in all of the counties Sheriffs
-ft and County Commissioners, besides
members of the State and County
Committees, and in Baltimore City,
(Jerks of Courts, Register of Wills,
< i one State Senator to succeed Senator
!! Sproesser, 24 members of the House
; J of Delegates, and both State and City
< > Committees in both parties. Togeth
i! er ,these candidates will make up a
J | long ticket, and will carry along the
< > control of the next General Assembly
JI and many of the most lucrative offi-
JI its in Maryland—in many respects,
> considering the chaotic conditions of
< > affairs, one of the most important
J [ elections ever held in the State. And
J | most important particularly to Gov
< i < rnor Ritchie and his administration.
JThe ablest leaders of the Demo
| cratic party are already considering
> the sort of men who are most likely
, ro be willing to become candidates
[ fer the General Assembly, as it is
; considered highly important to the
> Public Welfare to have as large a
! r umber of men of high character and
| ability as possible in both Houses. To
> this end, men in all parts of the State
are especially anxious to have Mr.
; Emory L. Coblentz, of Frederick Co.,
> who was Chairman of the Ways and
Means Committee in the last House
!of Delego. msent to become a can
| didate. What Mr. Coblentz will do,
i is at present unknown, but there is no
doubt that there is a general desire
| among the best citizens in all parts
' of Maryland to see him at the next
! House. No man in recent years has
| a better record as an intelligent, able.
• and conscientious public servant, than
t Mr. Coblentz. ILs record as a cHi
! :-en and business man, is second to
• that of no one in the whole State, and
ft he stands equally high among the
• members of both parties, both men
and women. With such men as Mr.
- Coblentz, Major Brooke Lee, and oth
ers of the same class in the General
II Assembly, the people of the State
E would feel assured that all matters
3 of Legislation affecting the public and
S private welfare of all classes of citi
-3 zens, would be in safe hands. At any
5 rate every effort will be made by
5 conservative citizens of all classes
both men and women to raise the
E standard of membership in the Gen
§ oral Assembly especially in the
E House of Delegates—and this move-
E nent will have its influence on the
3 nominations of Baltimorie city as
E well as throughout the Countiis.
3 Governor Ritchie is in thorough ac
s cord with this plan, ana all his influ-
E encc will be exerted to aid in its suc
= (CSS.
E In connection with the revival ot
= •
| Since 1657
| a friend to babes
| in need of
| health, and
| strength has been
Condensed Milk
i political discussion coincident with
- the opening of the New Year, has
i arisen considerably thought over the
i contest for the United States Senate.
l which will take place in 1922, over
‘ the succession to Senator Joseph Ir
i win France. Senator Smith’s friends
: say that he has no intentions of be
■ coming a candidate at that time, and
I very many people here in Baltimore
’ c.re openly talking in favor of Cong
• ressman Charles P. Coady, as the
' most available, as well as the most
capably man for the nomnation. Ml.
Coady’s record both in the State Sen
and in the House of Representa
tives at Washington, has proved that
: he is one of the best public servants
, f.iis state has ever had either at An
-1 rapolis or at Washington. He has
been on the job all the time, and m
man from Maryland has ever taken
higher rank for ability and capacity “
than he. He is an energetic, scholar
ly lawyer, is thoroughly acquainted
with the needs of the whole State at _
the National Capitol, and should l.e ~
make up his mind to become a cari-
I didate to succeed Senator France his
action will have the support of a
large number of the most influential
people n iall parts of the State.
The Weather Conditions
Changed Very Suddenly
For some weeks our people had i
been much elated over the fine weath-!
cr that was being experienced in this '■
section. In fact the weather during i
the Christmas holidays and the New;
Year season was the finest that has'
ever been witnessed here. The early
part of the week was like our regular
spring weather and no one would
have gone to the Southland for com
fort. A sudden change occurred,
however, on Wednesday afternoon
and before the midnight hour real
winter weather was on the program
And wit it all our people were very
much pleased for the conditions wer.
such as were bound to affect the good
health of any community. Winter
weather in winter and Summer
weather n isummer is the best pr
gram after all.
— ♦ m
Mokis Dance To Pro
pitiate God Of Rain
Continued from Page 2
tnem or tneir paint, un rne morrow
the pueblo feast takes place, and the
new green corn and melons are eaten
without stint.
Very naturally the question Is asked:
Are not the rattlesnakes used in the
Moki ceremonies drugged or deprived !
of their fangs? If not, why are not the j
half-nude snake dancers and priests j
bitten? White people who have seen 1
several Mokl snake dances say they '
have never known a Moki to confess
he was fanged, but every year specta
tors see snake dancers pull away from
their arms serpents that have fastened
there. Every year some of the reptiles
coll and strike at their captors. The i
best-posted scientists who have looked
upon Moki snake dances say that the
priests and dancers have a certain
manner of handling the creatures, and
tlmt the strange broth which the snake ,
handlers drink renders venom harm
less. At any rate it Is unique among
barharlc customs.
For a Persistent Cough
Some years ago H. P. Burbage, a
student at law in Greenville, S. C.,
had been troubled for a long while
with a persistent cough which he say 3
“greatly alarmed me, causing me to
fear that I was in the first stage of
consumption.” ’laving seen Cham
berlain’s Cough Remedy advertised
he concluded to try it. “I S' on felt a
remarkable change and after using
two bottles of the small size was •
permanently cured.”—Adv.
When You Are Billious. •
To promote a healthy action of the i
liver and correct the disorders caused ft
by billiousness Chamberlain’s Tablets Y
are excellent. Try them and see how *
quickly they give you a relish for ft
your food and banish that dull stu- X
pid feeling. —Adv. *
Not If As Rich As Cresus. X
If you were as rich as Cresus you •
could not buy a better remedy for X
constipation than Chamberlain’s Tab- ft
lets. They are easy and pleasant to T
take produce a mild and gentle effect, ft
They also strengthen the digestion.— ft
Adv. Y
Where Heat Is Acceptable. ft
We don’t mind a hot temper so much e
If It comes with a sunny disposition.
%e ManWhoWbrks
with mind or muscle,
needs that sturdy
blend of wheat and
malted barley—
Concentrated nour
ishment of pleasing
flavor at low cost
Madefy Postum Cereal Co. Inc., Battle Geek,Mich.
ceoft osccofta:ftcftoac3ftg
p—n—wiii— j——p—wwMi -^cczme
What They Do for Crops
Fertilizers are carriers of plant food in an
available and concentrated form. They contain
the three elements of plant food most needed
in crop production—nitrogen, usually referred
to as ammonia; phosphorus, known to the buyer
as available phosphoric acid, and potassium,
known as potash. Each of these elements per
forms definite functions in plant growth.
There is no mystery about the action of fer
tilizers in plant growth. Nitrogen, or ammonia,
causes quick and vigorous growth of stalk or
stem. Available phosphoric acid helps fill the
grain or fruit and hastens ripening. Potash
strengthens the straw or stalk and helps to
plump and fill the grain and font.
For the past 33 years Tilghman”s Fish Fer
tilizers have been the standard plant food in this
territory. When you use Tilghman’s Fish Ferti
lizers you are guaranteed high proportions of
these three vitally important plant foods: am
monia, phosphoric acid and potash. Take no
chances on the outcome of your crops by gam
bling with unknown brands of fertilizers when
you are guaranteed a high production fertilizer
when you use Tilghman’s.
Do not take a chance. Buy Tilghman’s Fish
Fertilizers and “B” guaranteed.
I Monuments and Tombs
[ In Marble and Granite
r C. K. Howard, Proprietor
l - Pocomoke City, Maryland
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