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Saturday, January 15, 1921.
Public Service Corporations
Must Pay Own Expenses
New Ruling Of Public Service Commission Is Very
Drastic. —Justice Will Be Meted Out To Tax
payers and Corporations Alike.
The Public Service Commission in
many respects the most important to
the people of all the commissions
which have to do with the State Gov
ernment, is about to take certain
steps which should have been taken
long ago, and whose requirement
should really have bc-cn embodied in
the law which created the commission
f and deprived its power. It is about
to do what is done in several States,
that is make the Public Service Cor
porations pay in whole or in part, the
expenses incurred in compelling then
to comply with the law, and perform
their duties to the public at large, in
accordance with their charter privi
lege. Ever since there have been
•iu.h organizations as corporations,
they have been in a constant struggle
with the public to obtain as much
money as possible, and give as little
return as possible for that money.
From the time the first combination
ct men was formed to do anything
which was directly or indirectly paid
for by the people at large, these con
i.icting interests have been in a prac
tical state of war with each other,
and the war has continued down to
the present day. The rapacity of all
Public Service Corporations Railway
Companies, Gas and other Light Com
panies, Street Railway Companies,
Telegraph and Telephone Companies,
Water Companies, and other organi
zations of a similar character has
been proverbial and they have been
looked upon by the people as dishon
esi gougers and robbers. In several
States the chief political issues have
been how to curb the corporations
and this issue is probably as 'lively to
day as it ever was, and commissions
have been created in nearly all the
Slates whose chief duty is to protect
the people from the rapacity of th
public utilities companies, and force
them to deal fairly and honestly by
all. Maryland has one of these com
missions, and there is no doubt that
the gentlemen who make up the com
missions, are doing their utmost to
see that even handed justice is meted
o n, to all, and to overcome the many
and great difficulties in their way.
For they receive no help from the
corporations, but the contrary. The
corporations were opposed to the
creation of the Commission, they are
opposed to it now, and are unwilling
to do anything to aid in the perform
ance of its work.
The National Government requires
the banks to pay the expenses incur
red in their examination and regula
tion, and the States compel the pure
ly State banks to do the same. Sev
eral of the States require the corpo
rations to pay their proportional part
mi mu nun mi
| $12,800 to $15,000 |
= worth of Men’s and Roys’ Suits and Overcoats including the 5
5 well-known brands of IIAIIT SCHAFFNER & MARX and s
| FASHION PARK to be sold before taking inventory at
| off // off I
| Beginning Saturday, Jan. 8, and |
ending Saturday, Jan. 29
In addition to our -regular 15 per cent reduction on |
•>' jjj shoes we are putting in all our $12.00, $12.50, $13.00, $13.50, 5
| $14.00, $14.50, $15.00, $16.00 and SIB.OO shoes at
| $9:2! I
= z
All transactions cash—No approvals—No returns.
I H. W. Callahan!
E =
Pocomoke City, Hd.
ml inminuu
aj of the expenses incurred in keeping
J them within the bounds of the law,
s j and it is the determination of Gover
- ■ i or Ritchie to lift this expense of the
l Public Service Commission from the
i j ov -r burdened tax payers. If the Pub
t lie Service Corporation were careful,
ij conscientious, and just to the public
i ‘1 ere would be no necessity for these
t j expensive regulations and examina
, lions. They are responsible for the
-1 necessity of this commission. Let
' ’ R.em pay the bills. They will kick,
i! and squeal, and squirm, and howl, but
i in ,he end will be obliged to pay the
1 i vpenses and will get no sympathy.
- It will turn out to be one of the most
i popular moves ever made in the
.! State. It is required elsewhere, why
3 not here?
i Ex-Congressman Thomas A. Smith,
3 ;f Ridgeley, Caroline county, has re
• signed his place in the Internal Reve
' nue Service and will hereafter live in
' retirement at his home in Ridgely.
1 He has an honorable career in the po
- litioal and business affairs of the
■ State, and all his course has been an
, honor to the State and a credit to
> 1-. "nself. He has been a State Sena-
I tor, member of Congress, State Land
Commissioner and has held other po
• sjlions of honor and trust—and in all
i he has made good. He carries with
• him in his retirement the respect and
confidence of all with whom he has
> co. lie in contact, and the affectionate
1 esteem of his closest friends, who arc
many in number.
I Police Commissioner Gaither is
! rapidly cleaning up the dirty places
left in his department by his predc
■ cessors, and Governor Ritchie, who
; placed him there for that purpose, is
' much gratified at what General Gai
- thor has done and what he proposes
to do in the future.
In all his operations for the better
' laent of the police department, Ger
' rral Gaither has the active and hear
- 1/ cooperation of the Governor. Few
■'people realize the amount of work in
-1 tumbent on the Governor—lt is a day
I and night job, and Governor Ritchie
' is on the job day and night. He is lit
erally revolutionizing the whole sys
; tent. He is looking after all the de
-3 pertinents with a most careful scru
: tiny and, while he has been in office
3 hardly a year, he has changed the
' | whole face of things. He has gone
■ about the work without any blare of
tiumpets, but he has done wonders,
! and his strong hand is felt in every
• office, and in every corner of Mary
. land. “Is he making good?” was ask
ed a few days ago. “He has already
made good,” was the reply from all
those who know what he has done,
' ;i-d what he is doing.
And It Is No Wonder That Citizens
Are Troubled And Country
It is no wonder that this country
is troubled, tax-ridden and all-round
,- n a hell of a mess. Here are a few
“knots” that just now come to mind.
If I would take more time the l ! st
’ could be increased fourfold. A half
> dozen salaried revenue officers go 100
miles to bust up a .S2O outfit. A
tt “special” revenue agent comes around
5 to see about your privilege (as if yu
lad any privilege) taxes. An audi j
’ trr comes from Nashville, Memphis, 1
2 or Honolulu and “checks up” two o'- j
2 fleers at the court house and leaves
the others for the County Court to
2 I'. ok after. Another fellow “comes
1 down the pike” in his sedan to see if
’ the country merchant has six bottles
of vaseline and if he has six United
2 States stamps to put on ’em. An “a'-
• eohol and wine” man comes to the
druggist to see if he is 14 names
2 “short” on his registration. And ar.-
' other “narcotic man” comes along to
,iee about the paregoric. And another
’ one comes a few days later to “check
up” the morphine, opium, etc. And
the one-horse country merchant gets
1 a questionaire about his stock of pat
• ent medicines that it would puzzle a
Philadelphia (or Pulaski) lawyer *o
2 fill out. And so on ad infinitum, at.
1 nauseam and add nux vomica or any
’ other dam thing you care to, but it
i.- all so, and then some, and I repeat,
* in all sincerity, that it is no wond?v
that the “guvment”’ gets cussed out
* .*565 days (366 leap years) in the ca -
1 endar year from Cape Cod to Kalam
' azoo, and from Tadmer in the Wilder
’ ness to Yuba Dam, Arizona. —G’les
County (Tenncsee) Record.
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Adjacent to Pocomoke, Snow Hill and Princess Anne
13 City and Suburban Property 33
;► 8 room dwelling, water, bath and lights, hot water j;
♦ heat, desirable residential section, can be bought at a bar- 3 3
t gain. 3 3
8 room dwelling, on paved street, vapour heat, water, 3!
X bath and lights, on lot 75 x 150. A very desirable home. 31
6 room dwelling on paved street in centre of city, wat- ; ►
X er, bath, lights and pipeless heater, practically new, and can 31
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{Lee Bonneville Realty Co. i:
Pocomoke City, Maryland 33
Farms and Town Property for Sale
We have several Farms and Valuable Town Properties that will 3
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E road. Fine Oyster grounds.

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