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1,000 T 01,500 DIE
Two Thousand Others Injured in
Dye Work’s Wreck and Town
of Oppau Almost Destroyed.
Bodische Company Officials Believs
Qas Generator Burst in Room
Where 800 Worked French
Physicians Go to Ruscue.
Mayence, Germany. A great ex
plosion at the chemlcnl products plant
of the Bodische Anillnfabrik Company
at Oppau, on the Rhine wrecked the
town and spread death and destruction
on every hand. The number of killed
Is variously estimated at from one
thousand to fifteen hundred and the
Injured close to two thousand. One
report says that there were three thou
sand men on the spot at the moment
of the explosion, and it is believed
that about half of these were killed.
The town of Oppau is a scene cf
utter destruction, more than a third
of the houses having been completely
destroyed, while the roofs of the oth
ers were swept off as If by a whirl
wind. Here also many were killed or
The explosion Is attributed by some
to excess pressure In two adjoining
gasometers, the whole of thi? part of
the works being literally pulverized.
Where the gasometers stood is now a
funnel-shaped hole 130 yards wide and
forty-five yards deep,- while twisted
girders and debris of every description
lie scattered about. For a distance of
several hundred yards not a wall is
left standing.
The directorate of the company Is
quoted ns saying that the explosion
occurred in a storehouse containing
4,000 tons of nitrous sulphates, which
had previously been examined and
were believed to be free from danger
of explosion.
All the workmen's dwellings In the
vicinity were razed.
At Mannheim, on the opposite bank
of the river, thirty-five persons were
seriously Injured and two hundred or
more slightly injured. Ludwigschafen
reports say that three workmen’s
trains were buried under the wreckage
and many children on their way to
school in that town were Injured.
Heartrending scenes were witnessed
on all sides. At the little cemetery
on (he outskirts of Oppau there are
already more than 200 bodies laid out
on the grass. Numerous tombstones
were lifted and hurled in various di
rections by the force of the explosion.
There was not a door or window left
Intact for a radius of three miles.
French medical units are aiding in
the rescue work. Assistance also has
been rushed from all the neighboring
towns and all public and private mo
tor cars and vehicles have been re
The roads lending to Oppau were
soon crowded with people making
their way to the scene of the disaster.
The explosion occurred just as shifts
were being changed at 7:45 o’clock In
the morning.
The first explosion came in labora
tory No. 53 of the old plant, which was
lifted bodily by the force of the blast
and then dropped back to earth, killing
the SOO men employed In the building
at that time. Not a single worker
there escaped death, according to one
report. Other explosions followed in
quick succession, rendering assistance
to the first victims impossible.
The concussions were so terrific that
they were felt in this city, some thirty
five miles from the scene, while at
Mannheim, thirteen miles distant, al
most every window was shattered.
Many roofs were blown off houses
and all the windows in the town were
broken at Worms, jl’he shock was felt
as far ns Frankfort, more than forty
miles away, and many windows were
broken there.
The whole district was enveloped in
thick smoke, which, together with the
cutting of telegraph and telephone
communication with neighboring
towns, hampered the efforts at assist
All the available fire brigades were
rushed to the spot, but the work of
rescue was found by the relief parties
to be exceedingly difficult.
A regiment of Colonial infantry and
the First Madagascar Regiment from
Ludwigshafen Immediately proceeded
to Oppau to preserve order and aid in
the work of rescue.
A dispatch says that all the mem-1
bers of a party of French soldiers on
guard duty at the Oppau works were j
killed and that a number of French
soldiers aboard a French transport un
loading in Mannheim harbor were in
The dispatch adds that the old pal
ace in Mannheim was badly damaged
and that the National Theater was
rendered unsafe.
A Remarkable Record
Chamberlain’s Cough Remedy has
a remarkable record. It has been in
use for colds, croup and whooping
cough for almost half a century and
has constantly grown in favor and
popularity as its good qualities be
came better known. It is the stan
dard and main reliance for these dis
eases in thousands of homes. The
facts that it can always be depend'd
epon and is safe and pleasant to take
t.re greatly in its favor when it is
wanted for children.—Advertisement.
j', i j
Has Charge of American
■ Relief to Russian Starving.
W ******#rcrj#r*##w^w#****T
Col. William N. Haskell, appointed
to supervise American relief adminis
, nation work in Russia under the
agreement with the Soviet authorities.
Colonel Haskell directed relief in Ar
’ menia and lias recently been on spe
cial duly in the war department at
; Solemnly Atones tor Sinking
: Ships of Neutral Nation
i During World War.
■ *
, Kiel. —In a solemn art. of atone
ment Germany gave satisfaction to Ar
: gentlna for the 'oss id' tlie steamers
! Monne l’rotegido and Torn,
: Dr. Luis IV Molina, Minister for Ar
-11 gentilui, and ids staff were ceremon
- 11 iously received on hoard the battleship
J j Hanover. Afterward the Argentine
llag was -hoisted and flown from the
.{mainmast of the battleship, and Inler
r j the Argentine (lelegation and the Oer
j man officials had luncheon together.
Minister Molina and Ids party left
i i the warship at 1.45 o’clock in the af
! teriuKin, being sainted by To guns,
while tlie Argentine llag was run up
' ‘ to tlie foretop of the Hanover.
' j Both the Toro and the Monte I’fo
( j tegido were sunk in I!U7 by 'florin.'in
! submarines. The seedin';!! to the hot
, torn of the two Vessels created great
’lndignation in Argentina. Germany
[; paid indemnities i r the sinkings.
A representative of tlie German gov
, j eminent, addressing Dr. Molina on
* i board the battleship, recalled that Oer
’ j many, at the time of the sinkings, had
‘ | Informed Argentina that the “mis-
imps" had occurred through no lack
I j of respect for the (lag of a friendly
I country which all Germans honored.
! The first opportunity, lie added, now
was being taken to salute the Argen
[ tine ting, and the obligation was being
{ discharged with all the more pleasure,
[ since it gave satisfaction to a na-
I lion which, until the end of tlie war,
| ilid not swerve in maintaining full neu-
I I trnlity.
| I LONDON.—Mrs. Wintringham was
1 elected to fill her late husband's sent
: in Parliament.
' I
expressed here by Unionists officials
i over the remarkable growth of Sinn
| Fein camps in Ulster. Republican
[ preparations for civil war were seen in
| the activities at Seaford camp, where
300 troops of the I. it. A., with arms
and ammunition, have been mobilized.
PARIS.—The value of the ships sur
rendered by Germany is fixed at 745,-
000,000 gold marks in an official coni
| nainleation issued by tlie Reparations
i Commission.
ATLANTIC ClTY.—Vigorous oppo
sition to the senate proposal to in
! crease the tax on corporate earnings
j from 10 to 15 per cent was voiced by
I the hoard of directors of tlie National
! Association of Credit Men.
j CHARLOTTE, N. C.—'"The process
of readjustment has not yet been com
pleted but evidences are multiplying
that the corner lias been turned and
that tlie country has passed the most
acute stage of the readjustment pe
riod,” said W. I*. G. Harding, gover
nor of the Federal Reserve Board at
the “Made-in-Carolinas” Exposition
VlENNA.—Serious disorders occur
red in this city following the closing
of the bourse.
HAVRE.—General John J. Pershing
arrived in Frunce. Tlie Paris, on
which he crossed the Atlantic, was es
corted into port by the French battle
cruisers Strasbourg and Metz, ten tor
pedo boats and ten destroyers.
ST. LOUIS, MO.—The Ku Klux Klan
was denounced as destructive of free
government, peace and harmony bj
William F. Johnson, grand master of
the Centennial Grand Lodge of Mis
sourl, Ancient Free and Accepted Ma
The “Parkway”
THE manner in which Flor
sheim Shoes retain their
stylish, new appearance
month after month is evidence
of their economy —economy that
is based on substantial workman
ship and excellent materials.
Florsheim prices are surprisingly
low for the service rendered.
Terms—s per cent off for
cash; strictly net in CO days.
Mis.- Gasoline
Makes a Motor Hit or Miss
(New Jersey)
THE problem of obtaining
uniform quality is one of
the difficulties that the suc
cessful gasoline producer has
had to solve. The matter of
varying quality is one of the
greatest annoyances to the gir i -
olinc user.
It was easy to get a standard
produet when practically aii
the gasoline came from one or
two types of crude petroleum.
Comparatively little gasoline
was used then. Today, the
demand is so great that all
parts of the globe have been
explored for petroleum, which
accounts for the great range
of “crudes” on the market.
Gasoline must he uniform not
only in one or two or three re
spects, hut in every ivay that
affects motor operation. Al
most every property of the gaso
"Oh, I’m so glad we used
Mellotone on our Walls”
People who are tired of made in a variety of tints ■
[ wall paper and painted that match nature’s wild
walls that look “painty,” flo "' er colorings. Is wash
-1 appreciate the soft, rich, ab!e > , sa " tar >'’ and ha 3 !
5 great lastingness.
[ velvety finish produced by
> Lowe Brothers Mellotone. Coaie in and Re , e tba
sample panels and ask
b It’s a flat oil paint, for interesting literature.
line you use influences in some
way the performance of your
The Standard Oil Company
(New Jersey) has never been
content to have “Standard”
Motor Gasoline exceptionally
pood in any one respeet to the
detriment of other properties.
The ideal would he to have
every drop of gasoline as uni
form in all its qualities as the
chemicals and drugs which
your pharmacist uses in a pre
scription. As it result of the
co-operation of our Develop
ment and Manufacturing De
partments, “Standard” Motor
Gasoline is positively the best
balanced and the highest in
quality that you fan buy. It
is the same whether you get
it in one corner of the state
or another.
Saturday, October 1,1921

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