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cgyy is
With savind
the j . 7,
cream 000(1
Pianos And
Tuned and Repaired
We now have m our em
ploy a most reliable and ef
ficient Piano Tuner who
has had 20 years exper
ience with some of the
most reliable city stores.
Write us or see us at
once if your piano need"!
Two Big Stores
TJhe new rugged
Designed especially for
Here is the battery you
have been hoping for.
Front Street
Pocomoke City, Md.
Let us know your
wants for Abdom
inal Supporters &
W. H. Clarke & Co.
Pocomoke City, Maryland.
Chamberlain’s Tablets Have Done
Her a World of Good.
“Chamberlan’s Tablets have done
me a world of good,” writes Mrs. Ki
ll L. Button, ICirkville, N. Y. “I have
recommended them to a number of
n y friends and all who have used
them praise them highly.” When
troubled with indigestion or constipa
tion, give them a trial and realize fori
yourself what an excellent medicine
it is.—Advertisement.
Aalc your Druffglht for /j\
£ P-SA Ohl-clioa.tcr-a IMumond llrnnd/VVx
I*ll If* in Red and Hold metallic
boxes, sealed with Blue Ribbon.
M T'uke no other. Ruy of your V
A V Jw years known as Best, Safest, Always Reliable
M! ■■ '
Southern Baptists Wage Vigorous Warfare
Against Tuberculosis In This Section
Vt s-' ' , ■ , 71 I ■ = -
—— i ..... . i ——————————————————
In or.e of the mo3t extensive fights
that has ever been made by any re
ligious body in America for the eradi
cation of disease, Southern Baptists,
through their Home Mission Board,
have undertaken the task of combat
ing tuberculosis in the 18 states com
prising the territory of the Southern
Baptist Convention. The first step in
this direction was the recent estab
lishment on a tract of 143 acres at El
Paso, Texas, of the Southern Bap
tist Sanatorium, where $500,000 from
the 75 Million Campaign has been in
vested and where $500,000 more will
be placed by the end of the Campaign
period. The institution is located at
an altitude of 4,500 feet on the side of
Mt. Franklin and commands an excel
lent view of the mountains of New
Mexico, Western Texas and Old
Mexico, whose border is only six miles
distant. Dr. H. F. Vermillion is super
lnt endent.
Included in this plant at present are
the administration building, the newly
completed women’s infirmary and
men’s infirmary, a heating and re
frigerating plant and the superintend
ent’s quarters. Provided for in the
building plans for the future are a
medical and educational building,
nurses’ home. children's building,
dormitories for convalescent patients,
an occupational and vocational therapy
building, chapel, laundry and minor
150 People Die Dally.
Indicating the need of additional ef
fort looking to the elimination of tu
berculosis in the South, reliable fig
ures gatiier.ed by the public health
agencies of the South and the Nation
show that thero are 150 deaths daily
from tubercuk)sis in the 1* states
comprising the territory of the South
ern Baptist Convention, making the
annual death toil of the white plague
m this section of the country alone
Transport Agent Grasps Beast’s
Tongue During Battle, But Is
Eventually Killed.
One Explains Simple Method of
Making Animals Sneeze Themselves
to Death—Story About the
Roosevelt Expedition.
London.—From Nairobi, East Africa,
says u writer in the London Dally
j Mall, conies a thrilling story of the
| death of a transport agent named
■ Klopper, who, pinned down by a
lioness lie hud wounded, made a
desperate bid for victory by putting
both hands into the animal’s mouth
and gripping its tongue.
Africa Is a paradise for the lion
hunter and the literuture of the chase
iis almost endless. Not all lion
hunters are strictly truthful, however.
“For instance, in a remote African
village,” says the writer, “I once came
across a deeply tanned prospector
hunter, who swore that his favorite
method of hunting lions was to get the
animals to sneeze themselves to death.
“'lt Is quite simple,’ lie said. ‘ln
lion country you build a little arch of
stone, Just big enough to allow the
lion to enter with comfort. But you
must take care to build It of jagged
stones and to see that the center stone
of the arch Is a particularly Jagged
ti. _ zl
■r ecreationsX^- ny
men's and woman 'Seyfal I
f’.-n-PAHCe TO
57,782. The death rate from tuber
culosis is 14.2% higher in the South
than in the Nation as a whole. One
reason for the exceedingly high death
rate in the South is the great preva
lence of the plague among the negroes
v:ho are especially susceptible to tuber
culosis, tho death rate among them
being three and one-half times that
among the whites. But inasmuch as
the negroes will doubtless continue to
be intimately associated with the
. whites In domestic and other work in
, the future, the whites will never be
safe from infection until the negroes,
• as well as the whites, have been freed
| from the plague.
| It has been estimated that the to
tal economic loss from the ravages
I of tuberculosis in the South is $175,-
j 000,000 a year, and in projecting their
| warfare against the plague the Bap
-1 ! tlsts hope to greatly reduce this loss,
1 ; as well as to save the life and promote
the health and general efficiency of
the whole people.
; Would Educate th People.
* In addition to providing treatment
! for persons who have already oon-
" ‘Then you go out and shoot n zebra
or some other toothsome ereature from
the lion's point of view. You drag the
corpse under the arch, pepper It
heavily and then retire to your tent
to sleep.
Sneezes Self to Death.
“ ‘la the night the Hon comes,
creeps under the arch to his feast, gets
his nose filled with pepper, and has an
overpowering inclination to sneeze. He
sneezes, and in the act throws up his
head and dashes his brains out on the
center Jagged stone of your arch.’
‘‘l do not vouch for the truth of
that story."
A party of men trekking in Rhodesia
In an ox wagon heard a commotion
one night among their tethered oxen,
and rushing toward the spot pumped
about a dozen shots Into the heaving
mass from a distance of, say, forty
The mass diminished, and they ad
vanced to find one of their' oxen hor
ribly mauled by lions.
They “dosed” the corpse with strych
nine and retired to their camp. They
heard the lions busy nt the carcass
all night, and In the morning they
found that the dead ox had practically
disappeared, hut lying near the spot
were five full grown ilons —two males
and three females —ull poisoned.
That was a very considerable bag
got by Illegitimate means, but here
is the true story of a better bag got
legitimately. Incidentally, it is a very
interesting example of sportsmen's
When the late President Roosevelt
and his son ICermlt went to British
Bast Africa, in 1909, they were ac
companied on their hunting trip by
the late F. C. Selous, one of the
greatest hunters that ever lived.
Roosevelt’s Luck.
Selous was particularly anxious to
secure a specimen of the East African
black-maned lion, but on the whole
trip he never even got a shot at 6ne.
Put Theodore Roosevelt got three and
traded tuberculosis, the sanatorium Is ■
carrying on an educational work that
seeks- to inform the public at large
through the printed page, as to the
danger of tuberculosis, how it can be
avoided and how, once it is con-
I traded, its progress can be arrested
through proper sanitary measures at
home. Other phases of the educa
tional program include the training
of workers inside the sanatorium and
occupational and vocational work for
patients. The extension department
is widely disseminating literature on
how to combat tuberculosis. An en
dowment fund that is being created
• for the institution will make possible
a much larger circulation of literature
and also enable the institution to
take care of indigent patients.
The sanatorium is at present seek
ing to devise special plans whereby
i it can serve the negroes of the South
in combating tuberculosis. It is felt
, that the negroes' inability to help
themselves in the matter entitles them
i to this conside&rtkm and that this
assistance should bo given, further
. more, as a means of self-protection on
the part of the whites.
Other Phases of Baptist Work.
In addition to the Tuberculosis
i Sanatorium, Southern Baptists have a
string of seventeen regular hospitals
, in operation and seven others under
course of construction. This hospital
property is valued at approximately
| $7,000,000 and those institutions last
. year t rooted 46,000 patients many of
them boing charity cases. Southern Bap
tists also operate 19 orphanages in
which approximately 5,000 orphan boys
t and girls are cared for, educated and
- trained for Christian citizenship
Kermit Roosevelt eight—and neither
of them had ever been on an African
| game hunting expedition before !
“ Some years ago a party of Greeks
' trekking through Portuguese Zninhesia
were followed for days by a gunnt old
lion, who took one of their donkeys
each night until only one of the whole
■ team was left.
1 This donkey the terrified Greeks
1 were determined to retain at all costs.
' When they made their cainp that
1 night they built around it a great
1 stockade of bushes and thorns, and In
the center of It they tethered the sole
surviving donkey to their tent pole.
But notwithstanding these precau
-1 tlons, that night the pertinacious old
1 lion got the last donkey.
! Has Late Fish Story.
\ Suva, FIJI. —Frank Clarke has re
turned from a fishing trip on which
he says he caught a strange fish. It
was phosphorescent, light brown, heav
ily built and with three gold bands
across Its back near the head.
8,500,000 Hens Needed.
London. —England needs 8,500,000
more hens In order to get back to the
estimated consumption for 1913 of 120
eggs per person, asserts Edward
Brown, secretary of the national poul
try council.
i \ in i ■ ■ - " •
Ring Caught in Fence
Pulled Off Boy’s Finger
A ring which he was wearing
cost Robert Friedman of Phila
delphia his finger when Fried
man was trying to vault a fence
to obtain shelter from a show
er. As he swung over the fence,
the ring, which was rather loose,
caught in an Iron picket and
twisted the finger off.
-- : , ’■-■gs. ■ =~t
This little bit of advice may help
you regain your Health,
Strength and Vitality
Thousands of people suffer from nervous
ness. They are run down and miserable without
knowing the reason why.
They do not stop to think that much of their
trouble may be caused by drinking tea and coffee
which contain the drugs, thein and caffeine. When
you over-stimulate the system for any period of
time, the result may be nervousness with its
many accompanying ills. You may fail to sleep
properly and your sleep does not refresh you as
it should.
Postum, made from scientifically roasted
cereals, will help you to overcome all these
conditions. For it contains only healthful sub
stances, instead of drugs, as are found in tea
and coffee.
Postum helps build sound nerve structure,
by letting you get sound, restful sleep.
In flavor, Postum is much like high-grade
coffee. In fact there are many people who pre
fer Postum for its savory flavor alone.
Order Postum from your grocer today.
Serve this rich, fragrant beverage for the family.
See how the children will like it, and how much
better everybody will sleep at night.
Postum comes in two forms: Instant Postum (in tins)
made instantly in the cup by the addition of boiling water.
Postum Cereal (in packages of larger bulk, for those who
prefer to make the drink while the meal is being prepared)
made by boiling for 20 minutes.
Postum for Health
“There’s a Reason”
_ |imr ii—,,, -
ill-fF % Regular
Get* about*
'T'HE Ford runabout is just what its name
A implies —it’s a regular “get-about.”
There is no other car that will take you
there and back again, quicker, safer and
more economically.
It’s the car for the man of action —the
farmer, the merchant, the doctor, the
contractor, the collector—the car that is
useful every day of the year.
Low in the cost of maintenance, with all
of the sturdy strength, dependability and
reliability for which Ford cars are noted.
On account of the unusual demand we urge that
your orders be placed as early as possible.
All Weak Women Should Take
give tone and strength, steady
the heart, stimulate the kid
neys, cure Leucorhoea, gleet,
etc. One 3 times a day.
50 Pills—so Cents
at the Drug stores or from the
Pocomoke City, Maryland.
Goming-The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Saturday, November 12, 1921.
There Is more Catarrh In this section
of the country than all other diseases
put together, and for years It was sup
posed to be incurable. Doctors prescribed
local remedies, and by constantly failing
to cure with local treatment, pronounced
it Incurable. Catarrh is a local disease,
greatly Influenced by constitutional con
ditions and therefore requires constitu
tional treatment. Hall’s Catarrh Medi
cine. manufactured by F. J. Cheney &
Co.. Toledo, Ohio, Is a constitutional
remedy, is taken Internally and acts
thru the Blood on the Mucous Surfaces
of the System. One Hundred Dollars re
ward Is offered for any case that Hall's
Catarrh Medicine fails to cure. Send for
circulars and testimonials.
F. J. CHENEY & CO.. Toledo. Ohio.
Sold by Druggists, 75c.
Hall's Family Fills lor constipation.

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