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Snow Hill News
Mrs. Victor Dickerson and daugh
ter, Lois visited relatives in Cris
field, on Friday.
The St. Margaret’s Guild entertain
ed at a covered dish supper on Wed
nesday evening at Firemen’s Hall.
Mrs. Arthur C. Humphreys, Jr.,
and Miss Mazelle Paste, of Kinston,
N. C., were the week-end guests of
Mr. and Mrs. C. Norwood Shockley.
Mr. George W. Truitt, of East
Orange, N. J., will spend this week
end with his mother, Mrs. George W.
Truitt, Sr. Mrs. Truitt will accom
pany him home for a visit.
Mr. and Mrs. Leßoy Cherrix enter-,
tained three tables at five hundred on
Monday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Carson F. Chandler,
Jr., of Steelton, N. J., will spend this
week-end with Mr. and Mrs. Carson
F. Chandler, Sr. They will be ac
companied home by their son, Carson!
F. Chandler, 111, who has been spend
ing two weeks here.
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Moore,
Jr., and son, William 111, of Cam
bridge, spent the week-end with Mr. |
and Mrs. William S. Evans.
Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Lee moved here!
from Rockville Center, N. Y., this
Mrs. Hurley J. Esham is visiting
friends in Cape Charles.
Mr. and Mrs. Byron Bundick and
sons, Dicky and Robert, of Pocomoke,
visited Mr. and Mrs. Carson Richard
son, last week.
Mr. Robert T. Grant spent the week
end with relatives in Sunbury, Pa.
He was accompanied home by his
father, Mr. George A. Grant, who
will spend some time here.
Mr. and Mrs. Everette Shockley
and son, of Baltimore, spent the week
end with Mr. and Mrs. Paul Wim
Mrs. Frederick Waesche, of Sykes
ville, spent the week-end with Dr. and
Mrs. F. S. Waesche.
Mrs. Elliott Richardson and daugh
ters, Misses Mary and Catherine Rich
ardson, of Crisfield, were guests of
Mr. and Mrs. Carson Richardson, on
Mr. Alton Stagg, of Wilmington,
spent the week-end with his mother,
Mrs. Robert N. Stagg.
Mrs. Annie Dennis, of Pittsville,
spent the week-end with Mr. and
Mrs. Clay Dennis.
Mr. Wilson Baker, of Fort Meade,
spent the week-end with his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. John Baker.
Mrs. James B. Whaley and daugh-
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ter, Priscilla, of Ocean City visited
Mrs. Harry Covington and Miss
Louise A. Covington, this week.
Miss Ethel Northam, of Baltimore,
spent the week-end with Mr. and Mrs.
Otis Northam and Miss Margie Nor
Mrs. Myra Shockley and daughters,
Misses Grace and Elma Shockley, of;
Oaklyn, N. J., spent the week-end
with relatives and friends.
Mr. and Mrs. George Ashton, of;
Philadelphia, spent the week-end with!
Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Mason.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hill and Mrs.
Jennie Tilghman, spent the week-end,
with Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Eisengoffl
in Baltimore.
Mr. and Mrs. Byron Dill and two
sons, Byron, Jr., and Jack, spent the
week-end with Miss Margaret Rich
ardson in Philadelphia.
Mr. A. P. Townsend and daugh
ters, of Georgetown, visited relatives
here on Sunday.
Miss Grace Higgins, of Philadel
phia, spent the week-end with her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. Russell Hig
Mr. and Mrs. Horace McKissick,
Miss Marian McKissick and Horace,
Jr., of Yeadon, Pa., spent the first
of the week with Mrs. Jennie Cot
Mr. Earl White of New York spent
the week-end with his family.
Commander and Mrs. E. James Es
tess, of Norfolk, spent the week-end
at their home here.
Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Dickerson en
tertained at a dinner party on Sat-
urday. Their guests were Mrs. Wil
liam Jones and son, Vernon, Mrs.
Julian LaCompte, of Baltimore, Mr.
and Mrs. Elwood Truitt, Mrs. George
Moore, and Mr. and Mrs. Thomas
Moore and daughter, Eileen.
Sergt. and Mrs. Edward Grey, Mrs.'
Emma Grey of Middletown, Pa., spent
the week-end with Mr. and Mrs. W.
M. Sturgis.
Mrs. Walter Onley, Jr., entertained
at a linen shower in honor of Miss
Francis Scarborough on Thursday
Mrs. Bruce Blynn entertained the
Mollie A. Townsend Circle on Tues
day afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. David Bradford, Jr.,
Mrs. David Bradford, Sr., Mrs. Jennie
Ellis and Miss Ruth Bradford, of
Washington, guests of Mrs.
Daniel H. Bradford on Saturday.
Mr. Robert Corddry, of Washing
ton College, Chestertown, spent the
week-end with his mother, Mrs. New
all Corddry.
Mr. and Mrs. George Richards, of
Middletown, Del., and Mr. and Mrs.
Wallace Watson and daughter, Linda,
of Wilmington spent the week-end
with Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Watson, Sr.
Miss Catherine Bishop, of Wash
ington, Miss Helen Harner and Mr.
Tilghman Bishop, of Queens Anne
County, spent the week-end with Mr.
and Mrs. V. B. Bishop.
Mrs. Harry Hammond has return
ed to Milford, after visiting her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. George Richard
son, Sr.
Miss Ellen Hancock, of Wilson Col
lege, Chambersburg, Pa., and Mrs.
James Hancock, of Hagerstown, Md.,
spent the week-end with their moth
er, Mrs. Jennie W. Hancock.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Dickerson en
tertained at a dinner party on Sun
day. Their guests were Mr. and Mrs.
W. O. Dickerson, Mrs. Sarah E. Par
sons, Miss Mildred Parsons and Mr.
Glenmore Cropper.
Mr. and Mrs. William Rose and
daughter, Joyace, of Millsboro, Del.,
spent Sunday with Miss Grace Dick
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bratten and
son, Billy, of Philadelphia, spent the
week-end with Mr. William E. Brat
Mrs. Douglas Childs spent the week
end with Mr. Childs at Fort Eustis,
Mr. Irving West, of Baltimore,
spent the week-end with his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest West.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pusey are re
ceiving congratulations on the birth
of a son on Thursday, April 10.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bowen and
daughter, Charlotte, of Salisbury,
spent Sunday with Capt. and Mrs.
Fred Hales.
Mrs. Julian LaCompte and Mrs.
William Jones, of Baltimore, spent
the week-end with Mr. and Mrs. El
wood Truitt.
Dr. and Mrs. R. B. Mathews visited
Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Rowens in Bal
timore, recently.
Mr. Ralph Brown of New York
visited his family here recently.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hales and son,
William Thomas of Salisbury spent
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. William
•Mr. and Mrs. Harris S. Corddry
and Mr. and Mrs. William G. Kerbin,
Jr., entertained a number of friends
before the Cotillion Dance on Mon
day evening.
Miss Eleanor Clarke of Hood Col
lege, Frederick, spent the week end
with her father, Mr. Charles A.
Clarke and Mrs. Clarke.
Mrs. Earl Reynolds of Parksley
visited Rev. and Mrs. Elmer Shields
last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Outten and
Mrs. Daniel H. Bradford visited Mrs.
Sadie Collins in Powellville, last
Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Godfrey and
daughter Patrica Grace of Newark
were guests of Mrs. Cora Godfray
on Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Watson, Jr.,
spent the week end with Mr. and Mrs.
W. E. Coffin in Berlin.
Mr. and Mrs. William Moore of
Passadena, Md., spent the week end
with Mr. and Mrs. Putman Dryden.
Miss Sue Walters of Baltimore and
Mr. Lynn Walters of State Teachers
College, Sjalisbury spent the week
end with Miss Lucy Walters.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Brannan of
Baltimore spent the week end with
Mr. and Mr. B. Herman Adkins.
Mr. W. S. Godfrey is on the sick
list this week.
Mr. Lorraine Morris of Wilmington
spent the week end with his parents
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Morris.
Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Smack and
son Paul spent the week end with
Mr. and Mrs. Duvall Sherwood in
Federalsburg, Md.
Miss Marjorie Godfrey spent the
week with Mr. and Mrs. Manly
Nettles in Hampton, Va.
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Richard
son have returned to their home in
Sanantino, Texas, after visiting Mr.
and Mrs. Howard S. Rodgers and
Miss Bertie Richardson.
Mrs. Charles N. Butler, Jr., spent
the week end in Washington.
Miss Florence Dennis and Mr. M.
R. Dennis have returned to Con
neant Lake, Pa., after visiting Mr.
and Mrs. William L. Dennis.
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Quillen and
daughter, Joan of Ocean City spent
the week end with Mr. and Mrs. Wal
ter Hearthway.
Mrs. Ralph Benthal of Phoebus,
Va., and Miss Mildred Kelley of
Hampton, Va., spent the week end
with Rev. and Mrs. George E. Sterl
Miss Francis Ballard of Exmore,
Va., visited friends here last week.
Miss Marian Humphreys spent the
week end with friends in Baltimore.
Mrs. Harry F. Covington and Miss
Louise A. Covington who have been
spending the winter in Baltimore
have returned to their home here.
Miss Rebecca Bennett spent the
week end with relatives in Cambridge
and Salisbury.
Rev. and Mrs. George E. Sterling
visited relatives in Phoebus, Va.,
this week.
Miss Sarah Moore Hayward spent
the week end with Lieut, and Mrs.
Kenneth Mason in Baltimore.
The Senior Class play will be held
in the auditorium of the Snow Hill
Highi School on Thursday evening
April 24.
Miss Beatrice Wyman, Miss Mar
ian Mettes, Mr. John Trowbridge and
Mr. Charles W. Corddry, Jr., students
of American University, Washington
spent Monday with Mr. Corddry’s'
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles W.
Mrs. C. Norwood Shockley enter
tained three tables at bridge on Sat
urday afternoon in honor of Mrs. Ar-|
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thur C. Humphreys, Jr., of Kinston,
N. C. Her guests were, Mrs. J.
Hodgson Clift of Philadelphia, Miss
Mazelle Paste of Kinston, N. C., Miss
Louise Clift of Washington, Mrs.
Baldwin Passano, of Baltimore, Mrs.
William H. Moore, Jr., of Cambridge,
Mrs. William Boone, Mrs. Joseph
Brimer, Mrs. Edw’ard Brimer, Mrs.
Walter W. Price, Mrs. William G.
Kerbin, Jr., Mrs. Otho Aydelotte,
% Jl■l Ivj ii
123 Main St., Salisbury Phone 833
Friday, April 18, 1941
Mrs. Zodak Sherrix and Miss Evelyn
(Continued on page It)
| Tombstones And
J If we of today leave no
£ record to show that those
j* we loved have lived, what
£ is to be expected of tomor
£ row's generations who wiD
j not know—nor care.
\ Pocomoke Marble
\ C. K. HOWARD, Prop.
Pocomoke City, Md.

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