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Friday, April 17, 1942
! ■
Have you signed up with a nc-w set of driving habits for the
duration? Like defense bonds they pay interest, but it is in
terest many times compounded. You may only be thinking of
saving tires, but more careful operation of your car also means
less gas and oil used, less wear on mechanical parts, less likeli
hood of accidents, injuries and replacement of hard-to-get parts.
Here are some suggestions ?
that other experienced driv- -w,
ers have found effective:
'Depress the clutch pedal
while starting the engine.
Then the battery isn’t given the extra job of turning the trans
mission gears.
Don’t race the motor during the warm-up period. By taking
it easy at first you save gas and give the oil a chance to get
to work.
Use the hand choke (if you have one) sparingly. Improper
use wastes gas and may cause serious dilution of oil in the
Shift gears at the lowest practical speed. Low gear is needed
principally to overcome starting inertia. Shift to high between
15 and 25 miles an hour. Remember: you pay for a jack-rabbit
start in tire and clutch wear and extra gas used —and the fel
low you outdistance usually pulls up beside you at the next
traffic light.
Note: This is the second in a series of articles based on the
book, Automobile User’s Guide, published by the Customer
Research stuff of General Motors. Next article: More About
Snow Hill News
Mr. and Mrs. Handy Truitt and Mr.
Albert Laws spent Wednesday with
Miss Florence Laws in Baltimore.
Mrs. Montgomery Stagg visited
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Davis in Bal
timore, last week.
Mrs. Jesse Truitt is in Peninsula
General Hospital, Salisbury, for treat
Mrs. Allen Boyer and sons, of Cran
ford, N. J., and Mrs. Clifton Hope
and son, of Blacksburg, Va., have re
turned home after spending ten days
with Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Strick
Miss Emily Shocklye has returned
to Richmond after spending ten days
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wil
liam Shockley.
Miss Betty Sweeten has returned to
Wilmington after visiting Miss Mar
garet Wilson.
Charlotte Ann Truitt has returned
home from Peninsula General Hospi
tal, Salisbury.
Mr. and Mrs. William Sherkey
spent Sunday with Mrs. Mark T. Bal
lard at Willis Wharf.
Mr. Ernest Hargrove of Norfolk,
spent the week end with his family.
Mrs. Clarence Dukes of West Palm
Beach, Fla., was the guest of Misses
Sallie and Julia Parsons, last week.
Mrs. Harry C. Bradford, Jr., spent
several days in Baltimore, this week.
Mrs. Benjamin Harrington of Po
comoke visited friends here, last week.
Mrs. Edward H. Gray of Washing
ton was the guest of Mrs. Earl White,
this week.
Gail Parks of Exmore, Va., visited
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Sturgis, this
Mrs. Lucy Cobler of Baltimore
spent the week end with Dr. and Mrs.
James Cobler.
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Parks, of Ex
more, Va., visited relatives here, last
Mrs. Otho W. Wilson, Mrs. Earl
White, Mrs. William Sherkey, Jr., and
Mrs. Walter Hearthway entertained
the Home Makers Club on Friday af
ternoon at the home of Mrs. White.
Mrs. Lula Wilgus is visiting Mrs.
Roxy Dukes in Selbyville.
Mr. and Mrs. Percy Gordy and
children of New York, spent the
week end with Mr. and Mrs. Hoy D.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Waller of Sal
isbury were guests of Mrs. Charles
Jones during the week end.
Mr. Lester Atkinson of Baltimore
spent the week end with Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Atkinson.
Mrs. Laura Walker has returned
after spending several weeks with
relatives in Newport News, Va.
Mr. and Mrs. William Martin, Jr.,
and son, William 111, of Crisfield were
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Elwyn Cooper
on Sunday.
Mr. und Mrs. Ralph Truitt spent
the week end with Mr. and Mrs. Os
car Dennis, in Salisbury.
Mr. Harry Gravenor of Parksley,
spent Sunday with Mrs. William Stur
Mr. and Mrs. Riley P. Stevenson of
New York and Mrs. Riley P. Steven
son, Sr., of Pocomoke were guests of
Mr. and Mrs. Harris Corddry, this
Mr. and Mrs. William Z. Powell of
Newark spent Sunday with Mr. and
Mrs. Edward Cooper.
Private Joseph Sherkey will return
to Fort. Benning. Ga., this week end
after spending ten days with his
mother, Mrs. William Sherkey, Sr.
Capt. Lemuel Stevans of Philadel
phia, spent the week end at his home
here. Mrs. Stevans acocmpanied him
to Philadelphia, to spend sometime.
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Coffin and
son, Bobby, of Berlin, visited rela
tives here on Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Pusey and
Mrs. Clay Dennis will attend the
grand chapter of the Maryland order
lof the Eastern Star at the Lord Bal
timore Hotel, on April 26.
Mrs. John Winder, Mrs . Bessie
Bromley and Miss Louise Moore of
Chincoteague, were guests of Mr. and
j Mrs. Walter Twiner and Mrs. Rose
Bell on Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Fowler and
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Boroughrs at
tended the funeral of Mr. Edward
Fowler, in Laurel, Del., on Wednes
| day morning.
Mrs. Annie Denins of Pittsville, is
visiting Mr. and Mrs. Clay Dennis.
Mr. Joseph Godfrey, Jr., spent sev
eral days this week with Mr. and Mrs.
Marvin Trott, in Baltimore.
Miss Mary Nelson is visiting rela
! tives in Chester, Pa.
Mrs. Randolph Mount and son,
George Elton have returned after vis
| iting Mr. and Mrs. Meredith Brooks
in Norfolk, Va.
Mrs. Clarence Kensey, Sr., is visi
ting relatives in Fort Wayne, Ohio.
Mrs. Joseph Godfrey, Mrs. James
W. Hancock. Mrs. Otis Northam, Miss
Hattie Williams and Mr. Wheatley
Sturgis entertained the Whatcoat
[Circle on Tuesday evening.
Mrs. John Boston and Mrs. Marion
Lambertson of Pocomoke were guests
of Mr. and Mrs. Clemment Outten,
last week.
Mr. Clayton T. Richardson return
ed home from Johns Hopkins Hospi
tal. Baltimore on Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. David Johnson have
returned to Morrisville, Pa., after
| spending a week at their home here.
Mrs. Johnson expects to return to live
in her home here in the near future
for the duration of the war.
Miss Gladys Disharoon of Wilming
ton, spent the week end with her par
M |
s mif
vB Mm
>;-v mg mm
Again the distilling in
dustry in Maryland has
been called on to help
slake the thirst of the
Nation’s guns.
And about 275,000 gal
lons of high proof whiskies
for conversion into indus
trial alcohol will he added
to its normal war produc
tion this month as the
industry’s answer.
More industrial alcohol
j means more smokeless
powder . . . more plastics
for use in more planes . . .
more ships . . . more im
plements of war generally.
Association of
i i
. ! M.manlil. Trust ItM, ItuHliiion-, MU.
■ i
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Marion Disharoon.!
Miss Peggy S. Adkins entertained j
a number of friends at Brimers on
Saturday evening in honor of hen
fourteenth birthday. Hen- guests were
Misses Ellen Corddiy, Esther Harris,
Betty Grace Carmean, Irma Brimer,
Nadine Carmean, Betty Ann West,
William Stevans, Paul Jones. Ken
neth Parsons, William White, Wilbur
Parsons, Russell Dickerson, Samuel |
Shockley and Dicky Sherkey.
Mr. and Mrs. George Moore, Jr.,
entertained a number of relatives at
a dinner party on Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Morris and
daughter. Barbara, spent this week
end with relatives in Wilmington.
Mrs. Celeb Stabler has returned to
Philadelphia after spending a week :
with Mrs. T. Howard Colilns, Sr.
Private Willard Stevans of Fort
Bragg, N. C., is visiting his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Stevans.
Mr. and Mrs. Marion Harris have |
returned to Chicago. 111, after visiting
Mrs. Sadie Haris.
Mr. and Mrs. Vaughn Godfrey and
children of Nas.sawango. Mr. and
Mrs. Maurice Godfrey and daughter,
Patsy and Mr. Wililam Sirman, Jr.,
of Newark and Miss Lola Godfrey,
R. N., of Salisbury were guests ol'
Mrs. Cora Godfrey on Sunday.
Miss Phoebe Nock has returned to
Baltimore after spending ten days!
with her mother, Mrs. Jester Nock.
Mr. John Hales of Baltimore spent
■ several days here, last week.
Accomac News
Mrs. Herbert M. Arnold, Jr., of
Franktown spent the week end with
[ her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles L.
Rev. Charles L. Ledford has return-
I; ed from Norfolk General Hospital,
: where he has been receiving treat
- 11 ment. He is much improved, but not
. able to be out.
Mr. L. Ray Shield student at the
University of Virginia, Charlottes
ville, spent the week end with his par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Luther J. Shield.
Miss Elizabeth C. Lankford return
ed Tuesday from a visit to relatives
in Washington, D. C.
Mr. Joseph V. Clarke spent the
week end in Warsaw. Mrs. Clarke
' and son, Elic, accompanied him home,
. 1 after having spent several weeks in
Mr. Levin Nock Davis of Richmond
spent the week end at his home here.
Mr. Winfield Creighton, of Capron,
Va., spent the week end in the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Fred B. Mason. He
was accompanied home on Monday by
Mrs. Creighton and daughter, Mary
Mason, who had spent ten days with
| relatives here.
Mrs. Mabel Rew Hutton spent the
week end with relatives in Washing
ton, D. C.
Mrs. Richard Young and daughter,
Gloria Ann, returned Tuesday from
a visit to relatives in Wilmington,:
j Del.
■ • • ISm
! Ilf feature
i Wl
1 i/m
men used to come from
miles around for our over
ialls. Just as they do today 1”
NOW . . . Big )in< *
1 Cowboy model heavy (9-
ounce!) Sanforized denim *
copper-riveted; triple stitched
and bar-tacked; snap-fastened
waistband; reinforced crotch.
*Rcg. U. S. Pat. Off.
Sanforized means fabric ilirinka^c
v _
d .
IPPINES— Lieut. Gen. Jonathan
M. Wainwright, successor of Gen.
MacArthur in command of United
States troops in the Philippines.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Milliner are
spending some time with his mother, :
Mrs. L. Douglas Milliner.
Mr. Joseph L. White of Norfolk,
spent the week end with his family |
Mrs. James H. Fletcher and Mrs.
! Jennie F. Hall returned this week af
ter spending several months with rel
| atives in Salem, Va., and Charleston,
S. C.
Mrs. William F. Bond has return
ed after spending several weeks with
relatives in Washington, D. C.
Mr. Norman R. Wessells returned
Wednesday from Northampton, Ac
comack Memorial Hospital, Nassawa
dox, where he was operated on for
Mr. Marshall Grant spent the week
| end in Suffolk with Mr. and Mrs. Wil
lson S. Grant and Mr. John Grant, 111.
Cokesbury News
Mrs. W. A. Cottman and son, Mr.
Walter Cottman, Mrs. James Cott
man and Mr. H. C. Beachamp spent
; last Tuesday with Mr. and Mrs.
j Thomas Beachamp in Chester, Pa.
Mrs. Harry C. Bradford, Jr., of
| Snow Hill, Md., and Miss Pauline
i Long of this place spent part of the
| week in Baltimore, Md.
Mrs. Walter Long spent last Sun
day with her sister, Mrs. Alvin Dix
| on, at Cheriton, Va.
Mrs. H. C. Beachamp visited Mrs.
* j
New High in Ship Production s
iH®liii ; W jhri US
\ re::^/:fr^toflWMß^&&::;^
liberty ships being fitted our at a bethlehem yard preparatory to sea service, the yard is producing a continuous streak of vessels of this type. y
Bethlehem ship production this year will represent the greatest
all-round shipbuilding output by any company in the history of the
Speed, speed and more speed is the constant objective; and
always speed with quality, lor a jerry-built ship is virtually
useless in the grim tasks of maritime war.
The lirst Liberty ship which recently discharged supplies at
a Red Sea port was built in a yard that was virtually non
existent a year ago. A tanker was delivered in 100 days from
laying of keel. A battleship will be delivered 14 months ahead
of schedule.
Cargo ships arc being built in less than one-half the time
Ray Eader of Baltimore, Md.. and
Mrs. Harry Cottman of Washington.
D. C., this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Atkinson and
daughter, Norma Fay were visitors
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Gordy
Young, of near town, last Sunday.
Mrs. Bill Marriner flew to Valley’s,
California, last week to join her hus
band. who is back in the States for a
short stay. She will return by train
next week.
Mr. Albert Mason, of Mt. Vernon,
Restaurant Phone Pocomoke 429
Family Trade Specials
Tom Cove Live-Steamed Oysters
I All Popular Brands Beer And Ale
Formerly With Gov. Harrington Boat j
1 t • • •
The undersigned desires to notify the public that he has
| assumed charge of the TYDOL FILLING STATION located
north of the Pocomoke river bridge and can give quick and
efficient service at all times.
Gas - Oils - Grease - Washing
Parts - Batteries
Ice Cream - Candies - Soft Drinks
Oil Pit For Trucks
Md., spent the week end with Mr. ia
Bobby Long. j is
Master Jack Taylor spent Monday > H
night with his grandparents. Mr. and | m
Mrs. John Bloxom, of Pocomoke City.
Miss Gertrude Marriner, R. X. and
little Eliabeth Boyd, of Morristown, u;
X. .J., Mrs. Leßoy Marriner. Miss -
Pauline Marriner and Mr. Dean Davis
of Penyhawkin vicinity, spent last
Friday with Mrs. Edwin Martin.
Mrs. Carl Camp returned to her
home here last Thursday after being!
required in the first World War. Comparable speeding up has
been achieved on other types of ships and the schedule is being
constantly stepped-up.
Expanding old yards, building new ones, tripling employ
ment in a year’s time, training thousands of new men, putting
every effective facility to use, adopting pre-assembly and mass
production methods—all these spell tonnage and more tonnage,
a steadily-mounting output of ships from Bethlehem yards.
AH hands are doing their utmost for Victory, working to
achieve the maximum for the U. S. Navy and the U. S. Mari
time Commission, so that the “bridge of ships” shall be main
tained and steadily enlarged.
i patient in Salisbury Hospital, Sal
shury, Md., lor the past three weeks,
ler many friends are glad to see her
mproving so rapidly.
We do high class printing. Give
is a trial.
such perfect tailoring as we
find today in Town-Clads
was usually found only in
high-priced hand-tailored
suits. Styles were very dif-
Iferent, you can see!"
NOW ~. Men Come to
Penney ’* for
. W 2- 75
I|if| <m 1
I Fine all-wool fabrics; group ,
V stripings, contrasting cable
| stripes and two-tones; color-
I ful overplaids; rough herring
bones. Dorset: 3-button single
i breasted slack suit, and Kenley,
I double-breasted semi-drape.
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