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The Midland Journal
Favor County
Would Require Addition
al Two Cent Tax Levy
Plans to establish a county library
system thorughout Cecil County, to
furnish a supply of books and other
reading materials to all communities
in the county were discussed at a
meeting held in Elkton last week by
county commissioners.
Under the library law recently
passed by the Maryland Legislature,
county commissioners are empowered
to impose a levy of two cents per
hundred dollars of assessed valua
The *10,006 thus raised annua, v,
it was pointed out at the meeting,
must be used exclusively for operat
ing expenses and not for buildings,
and will be administered by a board
of seven trustees. Tne State Board of
Eu'dcation will then provide each
year a fund for the purchase of books
on the basis of eight cents per capita.
It was estimated at the meeting that
a fund of §2,500 would result for
this purpose.
More than 100 persons represent
ign various organizations i’l the
county were present at the meeting.
Miss Olive Reynolds, chairman of the
campaign committee, called for re
ports from district chairmen, all of I
whom fully endorsed the proposed
levy. No opposition to the levy was
raised at the meeting.
Decision on the county library
plan will be made by the commissi >n
ers prior to June 18, it was announ
ced. P. duPont Thompson of Fllkton,
is chairman of the Cecil County Li
brary Board.
. a
Roads Badly
Washed Again
Highway Engineer Jos. T. Rich
ards reports mutch damage doue *o
the roads in various sections of the
county by the heavy rain of Saturday
night. It rained practically all night,
literallv pouring at times.
Repair of the damage from the
severe storms of May 17 and 18 had
just been completed in various sec
tions of the county, when the rain of
Saturday night again tore out cul
verts, washed away topdressing, un
dermined concrete highways and
made sections of dirt roads practical
ly impassable. The frequent heavy
storms this Spring have brougli
many a headache to the road repair
Antique Bottle
Sells For $695
At the recent sale of antiques, held
in Elkton by Mrs. Grace Olewine am)
Robert E. Olewind, a steigel glass
bottle brought the remarkable price
of §695 Another article that brougli.
a remarkable price was a mirror that
sold for §275. Both purchasers were
from Wilmington. A large crowd of
buyers and dealers attenedd the sale.
Over 700 articles were disposed of.
Rector Granted
Leave Qf Absence
Under the advice af his physsicians
the Rev. Dr. J. Warren, Albinson, rec
tor of Hie Ceqjl County "Episcopal Co
operative Parish, who was stricken
with a hemorrhage of the left eye
some days ago, has been granted a
leave of absence until June 30 and,
accompanied by Mrs. Albinson, has
gone away for a complete rest. His
right eye was removed at Wills Hos
pital in Philadelphia in February.
Mr. and Mrs. Neal Smyth, of Elk
ton Road, announce the marriage of
their daughter, Miss Verna M. McAl
lister, to Mr. John H. McDowell, son
of Mr. and Mrs. Francis W. McDow
ell of New Castle, Del.
The wedding took place in the
Methodist parsonage on Saturday,
May 25, with Dr. Arthur J. Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. .McDowell will make
their home in Kirkwood, Del.
Four Boxes Of
Explosives Stolen
The theft of four 50-pound boxss
of high explosives from a fireworks
company near Elkton, was reported
to police by Henry Knocke, owner of
the plant, which is located on the
Newark road.
Mr. Knocke asserted someone
gained entrance to the plant by break
ing the latch on the front door. The
explosives of a type known by the
trade name of “Petrol,” are highly
Inflammable and extremely danger
pus U detonated. Mr. Knocke said.
Congressman Dudley G. Roe and
his two sons, who operate a gram
warehouse at Sudlersville, Md., were
victors in their price-ceiling contro
versy with the OPA, which had sued
them iu Federal Court for treble
damages amounting to §6,966.
A Federal Court jury deliberated
only a short time before rendering a
verdict in favor of the Roes, whose
partnership is known as W. D. Roe
i & Son. Federal Judge W. Calvin Ches
nut had left the decision to the jury.
He had declined the defendants’
request to instruct the jury that the
verdict would have to be for the de
fense, and he likewise had denied a
similar request by Government attor
neys that the jury must be in favor
of the OPA.
The Government suit was filed on
May 10, 1945. It concerned prices
charged for services in the handling
of Government-loan wheat. The OPA
contended that the proper ceiling
price was 3 cents a bushel and tha
the Roes ha mdiade a charge of that
amount during the 19 41-4 2 base per.
iod that controlled the price ceilings
On the other hand, Congressman
Hoe said the old prices had ranged
from 5 to 9 cents. It was admitted
that the charge made in handling
127,485 bushels of Government-loan
wheat in 1944 had been 5 cents a bu
shel, and the OPA contended that the
straight overcharge was §2,322.
Ball Player Sus
pended For 30 Days
As the aftermath of a clash on the
Elkton ball field between a Rising
Sun player and an umpire, President
Deiberi has suspended. James R
Yerkes of the Rising Sun team.
President Deibert made the follow
ing ruiing:
‘‘That the Susquehanna Baseball
League must protect the umpires of
ficiating at, and the players engaged
in, the playing of games in our
league, also the spectators who at
tend our games; it will not
tolerate any such aotion as displayed
by James R. Yerkes, catcher of the
Rising Siin Baseball Chub, during
the game played at the Elkton Bail
Park, Sunday afternoon, May 20,
1946, when Yerkes took exception to
a decision made at first base by the
field umpire, left his postition back or
the bat, rushed down to first base
and attacked the umpire. For this
act I am forced to suspend the offen
der, James R. Yerkes, for a period of
thirty (30) days, same to begin as
of Monday, May 27, 1946. During
that period of time Yerkes will not
be permitted to take part, in any
form, in any games played in our
league ”
Transferred To
Cpl. J. Stuart Landbeck, an effi
cient member of the Maryland State
Police Force, has been transferred
from Aberdeen to the Conowingo
barracks where it is understood fit
will be second in command.
For the past six years Cpl. Land
beck has been stationed in Aberdeen
and during that period has handled
a great many important cases in a
highly satisfactory manner.
College To Hold
Summer Session
The fitth summer session at the
State Teachers College at Salisbury
will begin on Monday, June 10, and
close with Commencement Exercises
on Friday, August 16, when members
of the second class under the three
year accelerated program will be
A special six weeks session for
teachers in service desiring certifi
cate renewal subjects will begin on
June 10 tnd close on July 19. In view
of the fact that no summer session
is contemplated during 1947, a large
number of teachers in service are ex
Offerings for the six and ten weeks
sessions include courses in Art, Chem
istry, Economics, Education, English,
Geography, Government, Library
Science, Mathematics, and Physics.
Transfer students, including Veter
ans, may enroll for beginning courses
in College Algebra, Composition,
Chemistry, English, Government,
Literature, and Physics. Courses in
the Conservation of Natural Resour
ces, Consumer Economics, and Li
brary Science will be offered for the
first time during a summer session
by Mr. A.” L. Fleming, head of Eco
nomics, and Mrs. Grace Strickland
Chaires, Librarian. Qther members
i of the summer sessison faculty are
i Mrs. Lucy Bennett, Englisjh Dr. T.
J. Caruthers, Education and Psycho
. logy; Mr. James F. Glenn Science;
and Mis# Henrietta S. Purnell, Art.
Over Two Hundred Graduates Receive Their
High School Diplomas
This is graduation week in our Ce
cil county schools, marking the end
of the scholastic year, the" granting of
high school diplomas, and the mov
ing up of a large number of elemen
tary pupils to their first year in high
The high schools in Cecil County
include Rising Sun, Calvert, Elkton,
North East, Perryville, Chesapeake
City, Cecilton and the colored high
school at Elkton.
Rev. J. R. Bicking delivered the
sermon to the graduating class of
Rising Sun High School in Janes
Methodist Church here, on Sunday
morning. The sermon was in three
parts, with texts taken from Romans
12th chapter, 17th verse; 14th, 7th;
12th, 10th. The topics touched on
were Honesty and Truthfulness.
Teamwork and Cooperation. Unsel
In addition to the regular order of
services the High School choir of 20
voices, under direction of Mrs. Isaac
Boyd, Instruictor in Music, rendered
in a beautiful manner, the anthems,
“Ave Maria,” by Bach-Gounod, and
“Praise and Adore,” by Bortniansky,
and Lois Fitzgerald, a member of the
class, sang a beautiful solo, “My
Task,” by Ashford. Miss Isabel Mc-
Coy was at the console of the pipe
The church was decorated with a
profusion of flowers and filled to ca
pacity by a large congrgeation, de
spite the rain and gloomy weather
conditions that prevailed.
On Thursday evening of this week
graduation exercises were held in the
auditorium of the high school here,
which was jammed by the parents,
relatives and friends of the graduates
numbering a class of 31.
Those to receive their diplomas
were: Joyce Louise Atkinson, Nelson
Bailiff Benjamin, Jacob Brite Carson,
Herbert Nelson Coulter, Madolyu
Louise Cox, Janet Marie Devonshire,
John Lewis Drew, Mary Alice Ed
mundson, Grace Waveline Galiimore,
I vat Lee Gambill, Edward Eugene
Gentry, Lillian Mae Goodie, Oleta
Frances Gough, John Carl Graybeal,
Granville Keetley Harris, Sarah Jane
Redding, Ray Rouse Hartsoe, Harold
Wilbur Hill, Donald David Jackson,
Donald Ray Johnson, Mary Sue John
son, Mary Pauline Jones, Vada Marie
Juigler, Betty Marie Lawson, George
W. McCullough 111, Ernest Paul Mc-
Glothlin, Betty Ann McVey, Lawson
Fred Narvell, Ruth Elizabeth Nesbitt,
Mrs. Ella Reese, Mrs. R. A. Gram
ling, Mr. and Mrs. David Reese, of
Philadelphia, were Memorial Day
visitors in Rising Sun. Miss M. Lidie
Stewart, who had been spending
some time in Manoa, Pa.., returned
to Rising Sum with them.
Quite a number of Rising Sun
friends enjoyed the reception given
Thursday evening by Dr. and Mrs. J.
Paul Siaybauigh, in honor of their
daughter, Eleanor Jane, and; four
friends from Skidmore College, Sara
nac, N. Y.
Miss Ann Harrison, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Peyton Harrison of
Elkton, has returned home after ser
ving twenty-one months in Europe
as a Rid Cross director. Miss Harri
son is a graduate of the University
of Delaware.
On Monday evening a variety
shower was held at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Norman J. Fell, near Cal
vert, in honor of Miss Melva E. Kin
caid, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Kincaid.
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Pugh of Ox
ford, Pa... announce the marriage of
their daughter, Mary Elizabeth, to
Robert J. Tice, son of Mr. and Mrs.
Robert Tice, of Rising Sun, on May
15, at Zion, Md.
Mrs. Charles Wagener and daugh
ter, Martha Jean, San Antonia,
Texas, were the guests last week of
Dr. and Mrs. S. J. Venable.
Mr. and Mrs. Chalmer C. Reynolds
and Mr. and Mrs. F. Clifford Kirk, of
Wilmington, Del., were Memorial
Day visitors in Rising Sun.
Mr. Roland Green and Florencce
, Burlin spent Friday evening with his
mother, Mrs. Mary Green.
I Mrs. Mary Green returned home
i after spending some time at Bain
s bridge.
Mr. and Mrs. Hayes Henry and son
Allen, Wilmington, Del,, were Sun
day guests of Mr. William Henry.
Josephine Florence Pogue, Robert
Curtis Ragan.
At Calvert the sermon to the grad
uates was given in Uosebank Metho
dist Church by the Rev. L. L. Powell
at eight o’clock Sunday evening.
Class night exercises were held in the
high school auditorium of that place
on Wednesday evening at eight
Theodore R. McKeldin, mayor of
Baltimore City, was the graduation
speaker at the exercises on Thursday
morning, June 6, at 10:30 o’clock, in
the school auditorium.
Reuben Reynolds, president of the
County Board of Education, present
ed the diplomas to the class of nine
teen graduates, who were: Edward
Willard Crothers, Charles Peterson
Rogers, Robert Clifford England,
David Meredith McDowell, Emily
Marie Brown, Frances May England,
Louis Lind Martindell, Edward Far
mer, William Edison Grubb, Harvey
Isaas Payne, Margaret Joanne Scar
borough, Melba Gay Waddell, Goldie
Maier Miller, Margaret Oline Dillon,
Anna Kissiah Shelley, Doris Irene
O’Brien. Jean Lorraine Montgomery,
Dori Montgomery, Jeanne Lorraine
The Elkton High School commence
ment exercises were held at the high
school auditorium Thursday morning,
June 6, at 10 A. M. (DST). The prin
cipal address was made by Bishop
Edwin H. Hughes of Washington,
U. C. Diplomas were awarded to a
class of sixty-two graduates.
Governor Herbert R. O’Conor de
livered the graduation address at the
exercises of the Perryville High
Scoohl held in the High School audi
torium at 8:00 p. m. on June 6.
There were twenty graduates in the
class who received their diplomas.
Senator George L. Itadcliffe will be
the speaker at the Chesapeake City
High School commencement exercises
which will be held Friday evening,
June 7, at 8 p. m. (DST). There are
nineteten in the graduating class.
Garduatioif'exercises for the Class
of 194 5, Cecilton High School, were
held in the school auditorium Thurs
day evening, Juue 6,’at 8 o’clock.
Rev. Evan W. Renne of Rock and
Christiana Churches, delivered the
address. There were nineteen gradu
ates in the class.
The graduation exercises at North
East High School were held Thurs
day evening, June 6, when a class of
27 received diplomas.
Lt. Harrison R. Fehr, USN, Rising
Sun, Md., received the gold wings of
a Navy pilot at the Naval Air Station,
Pensacola, Fla., Tuesday.
, Having completed primary and
basic flight training, he was designa
ted a naval aviator. Members of his
class who elect to remain in the
Navy will proceed to advanced train
Announcement has been made of
the mairiage of Miss Sharon R. Cline
daughter of Mrs. Sarah Cline oi
Louisville, Ky., to Mr. Ralph R. Ma
son. son of Mr. and Mrs. John Mason
of Chesapeake City. The newlyweds
will reside in North Manchester, ltd.
Among the graduates at the an
nual commencement at Western
Maryland College at Westminster on
Sunday was Miss Mary L. Crothers,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edmund
Crothers of Elkton. She graduated
with the Degree of Arts.
Rev. Harry Heermans, Windham,
Conn., spent a few days this week
with Mrs. Heermans and Harry, Jr.,
at the home of Mrs. Heermau’s par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin L. Haines.
Mrs. Matilda D. Knowles and
daughter Polly, Wilmington, Del.,
were guests last week of Mr. and
Mrs. Horace Duiyckinck.
Mr. and Mrs. Claude C. Buck spent
the week-end at Williamsport, Pa.,
their son Jack is a student at Dick
inson Junior College.
Mr. and Mrs. Norman S. Pyle, of
Philadelphia, spent Memorial Day
with the latter’s brother, Job W.
Kirk and wife.
Sunday guests of Mrs. Ann Little
were her sister, Grace and family,
and Mr. Arthur Burlin, all of Perry
Mrs. Thomas Wilson, Upper Dar
by, Pa.., was the guest last week of
Mr. and Mrs. Claude Buck.
Mrs. Ruth Hall and son David,
Pulaski, Va., spent several days last
week with Mrs, Emma Donsife.
AUTO } v
For failing to comply with the pro
visions of the State Financial Itespon
sibility Act, automobile licenses and
registrations of 868 motorists were
under suspension in Maryland at the
end of last month, W. Lee Elgin,
Commissioner of Motor Vehicles, an
Those under suspension as of May
31 included 651 Maryland drivers
and 217 out-of-State motorists who
had not posted secufity with the Mo
tor Veiicles Department to cover
injury and damages in accidents in
which ihey had been involved.
An additional 1,072 motorists were
deprived of their licenses when they
failed to post insurance certificate,
cash, bond or other form of security
within the 60-day period, but they
subsequently complied with the se
curity requirements and their orders
of suspension were rescinded.
Ten-day notices of suspension
which [recede the actual suspension
order, were mailed to 3,8 63 drivers
during the period covered by Mr. El
gin’s latest report on the workings
of the responsibility Act.
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond T. Seemans
of Wilmington, Del., announce the
marriage of their daughter, Miss
Jane I. Seemans to Leßoy H. Roof,
son of Mr. and Mrs. Marion B. Rock
of Oklahoma City, on Thursday, Muj
9, in Oklahoma.
The bride is a graduate of Elkton
■ High School, and received her bache-.
lor’s degree from the University of
Maryland at College Park in Juno,
1945. While at the University, Miss
Seema.is becc” ~ I, er of Alpha
L?TT]hflf> ’ *!.. S
hur -t /, and Phi Kit ipa Pb:
senior honorary society for Arts ami
Science students. In September, 1945
she received an assistantship in psy
chology from the University of Okla
homa, where she is now studying for
a master’s degree in clinical psycho
logy and working half-time in the
University Guidance Service.
Mr. Rook is a graduate of the
United States Military Academy at
West Point.*
Thu'couple plan to make the’’r
home in Norman, Oklahoma, for the
uext few years.
The wedding of Miss Barbara Mae
Guy of Wilmington, Del., daughter of
Mrs. Charles It. Guy and the late Mr.
Guy of Silver Beach, Va., and Mr.
Paul Alien Conway, son of Mrs. Allen
Conway and the late Mr. Conway of
Elkton, Md., took place at 3 o’clock
Saturday afternoon. The ceremony
was performed in the Mayfair Apart
ments by the Rev. J. Francis McDon
ough in the presence of the imme
diate families. The bride was given
iu marriage by her brother, Mr.
Charles L. Guy. She was attended by
her sister, Mrs. Herbert E. Latter,
and Mr J. Donald Conway, brother
of the bridegroom, was best man.
The bride is associated with the Cor
poration Trust Company. Mr. Con
way is with the Civil Service at Bain
bridge, Md. After a wedding trip the
couple will live in, Wilmington, Del.
Farewell Party
Miss Ruth Nesbitt delightfully en
tertained the Senior class at a fare
well party on Friday evening at her
home near Colora. The house was
decorated for the occasion in blue
and white which are the class colors.
After gathering at her home the
happy group enjoyed a straw ride.
Upon tiseir return delicious refresh
ments of homemade ice cream, cook
ies and potato chips were served to
members of the class and their spon
sor, Mr. Warren and his wife.
The party was in honor of Mr.
Warren, who has been their home
room teacher for four years. To show
their appreciation the class gave
him an identification bracelet. Each
student also gave him a small gift' to
show that they had not forgotten the
many things which he had done for
them and the manner in which he
did them. He received everything
from a corsage to bubble pipes, hair
curlers, bair pins and ribbons down
to paper dolls. All were present ex
cept two and a pleasant time was had
by everyone.
The class decided to meet five
years from now to see what has hap
pened to the members since their
graduation. Ruth has asked them to
meet with her again in five more
Held For Appear
ance. At Court
When the case of Harry Ellison of
■ Elkton, charged with willful assault
E on the Rev. R. J. Sturgill, was called
for trial before Trial Magistrate
James Weinroth, the defendant waiv
. ed a hearing and was held under
t §I,OOO bond for the September term
of Circuit Court.
dents In State
* During April
* Responsible For Death
1 Of 25; 643 Injuries
r '
s During the month o£ April there
) were 1,262 traffic accidents investiga
■ ted in Maryland by the various police
’ agencies in the State. These acci
i dents were responsible for 25 deaths
and 645 injuries. The Baltimore City
‘ Police Department reported 776 acci
dents with 5 deaths and 372 injuries
i —while the State, County, and Lo
cal Polilce Departments reported 486
accidents with 20 deaths and 273 in
Baltimore City, with 5 persons
killed in April, experienced a 50%
reduction'under April of 1945, when
10 persons were killed, while the
Counties, with 20 persons killed dur
ing the month experienced a 17% re
duction under April of 1945, when 24
persons were killed. The year’s total
tor fatalities is now 124 as compared
to 126 for the same period last year
—a reduction of 2 percent.
Fourteen of the twenty-three coun
ties experienced a fatality free month
—Allegany, Calvert, Caroline, Dor
chester, Frederick, Garrett, Howard,
Kent, Montgomery, Queen Anne,
Somerset, Talbot, Wicomico and
Pedestrians with 11 deaths ac
. counted for 44% of the total fatali
ties during the month. Baltimore
City experienced a 75% decrease in
ibis type of accident, while the Coun
ties experienced an 80% increase,
which indicates that the pedestrians
on The open roads are not taking the
proper precautions—when walking
the open roads two very good rules
to remember are: Always Walk Fac
ing Traffic, and At Night Wear Some
thing White—wearing a white hand
kerchief tied around ydur arm is a
very good safety habit to practice.
Motor vehicle with motor vehicle ac
cidents caused 10 deaths; followed
oy non-collision accidents 3 deaths,
and fixed object accidents 1 death.
Governor O’Conor, the Maryland
Traffic Safety Commission and coop
erating agencies and individuals in
terested in traffic safety are pleased
to note the reductcion in the number
of fatalities during the month—2s
persons killed is the lowest for any
one month since August, 1944, when
the same number of fatalities was re
ported.. .We hope this reduction was
brought about by the motorists and
pedestrians becoming more and
more safety conscious and not just
late. We would like to feel that the
citizens of Maryland are trying tU
understand and practice traffic safe
Attended Lions
Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Ewing and
daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cro
thers and son, Mrs. Moore, Mr. and
Mrs. Cuarlton Poist, Mrs. Dugan, Jo
seph Dugan, Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Ken
nard spent from Thursday to Sunday
last at Atlantic City, N. J., where
the gentlemen*members of the party
attended the session of Lions Inter
. national.
Elkton Town Election
1 With over 1700 voters registered
in Elkton, only 720 ballots were cast
! at the town election on May 27.
Henry Arthur Shaffer of Little Elk
and Dorie B. Foster of West High
Street were the winners. Shaffer re
-1 ceived 413 votes, and Foster 337.
Norwood M. Atkinson received 305
and Calvin M. Blake, who had serv
* ed two terms in the town council, re
; ceived 271 votes.
The holdover members of the
3 Board are Murray Bunce, Charles
1 Masemore and Mayor Henry H. Mit
* chell.
Md. Tuberculosis
Association Clinic
1 A clinic by the Md. Tuberculosis
' Association will be held on Wednes
* day, June 12, at the old Union Hos
pital Bldg., Elkton, at 10:00 o’clocs
s A. M.
> O.U.A.M. Celebrates
82nd Anniversary
Cherry Hill Council No. 19, O. U.
A. M., celebrated its 82nd anniver
sary on Monday evening, June 3, in
Red Men’s Hall, Cherry Hill.
f a
l Announces Candidacy
e Curtis O. Tyson, of Baltimore
- county, formerly of this section, is
r a candidate for Congress in the Sec
n ond Congressional district at
Democratic primaries.
NO. 49

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