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To the poor women without
homes, to the little toilers who
should be in the schools and play
grounds, to the white slaves in
their tragic bondage, and to the
children who die, these pages are
dedicated! May every woman who
is not too idle to have a thought, or
too vain to have a soul, or too rich
in gold to have a heart, join in the
great struggle for women’s free
Purity, Liberty, Justice these
we must work for!
•The Lamp of Sacrifice burns
brightly in the suffrage camp, and
its radiance is not as of the shining
of gold, but as of the purer light of
human love and fellowship. Its
beams reach out too far for those
who are givers to follow with their
eyes, but at the end of the rain
bow they will some day find, not a
pot of idle gold, but happiness in
some human heart. Not a penny
wasted, not a dollar lost, the givers
whose names are gratefully in
scribed below will some day know
that they have given wisely, and
that their gifts have been trans
formed in the simplest and most
effective way into their true desires
for a happier humanity and a better
We hereby wish to acknowledge
the following contributions that
have this week been received by the
Just Government League of Mary
land :
Justice $.lO
Ready to Vote io
E. R. S 05
Widow’s Mite 05
Suffragist 10
A. B. C 05
X 15
Violet 05
Harlem Square 10
Cash 05
Cash 05
Suffragette 10
Only a Dime 10
Anxious to Vote 10
The Little Minister 10
Nurse 10
Cash 15
Brother Jonathan 10
Sincere 10
A. C. R 05
K. M. C 05
Baltimore —N. T 05
Teddy 10
Maryland Woman 20
Semper Fidelis 10
Cash 10
Cash 05
Tiny Tim 05
Cash 05
Working Girl 10
Eastern Sho’ 10
Suffragist 10
Medico 10
Goucher Student 10
L. L. Y 05
By special arrangement the
Woman’s Journal with the Mary
land Supplement is being sent
from the Baltimore and not from
the Boston office.
All changes of address, com
plaints and money for renewals
and new subscriptions should be
sent direct to the business mana
ger. This will save complications
and delays.
1516 Mt. Royal Avenue.
Woodrow Wilson’s Position on Suffrage
The East isthe East
Aff d the West i 5 tKeVVest-—^
Annual Meeting Just Government League of Maryland
Wednesday, April 17, 1912.
Thursday, April 18, 1912.
Wednesday, April 17.
1. Reception at Dr. and Mrs.
Donald R. Hooker’s residence,
Cedar Lawn, Govans, Md., from 4
to 6, to afford an opportunity for
visiting Delegates to meet the mem
bers of the Board. (Take Towson
car to Beaumont avenue, Govans.)
2. Annual Meeting of the Mary
land Society of Social Hygiene. In
view of the fact that the Annual
Meeting of the Maryland Society of
Social Hygiene will be held on the
evening of April 17 at the Medical
and Chirurgical Building, 1211
Cathedral street, Baltimore, it has
been decided to urge all members of
the League to attend this meeting in
stead of holding a special Suffrage
meeting. The work is so closely
affiliated with the Suffrage work
that it is important that the members
of the League should be present.
Thursday, April 18.
3. Business Meeting at the Col
lege Club, 821 N. Charles street,
from 10.30 to 1.
a. Two changes in the Constitu
tion will be voted upon at this meet
ing. First, to abolish membership
dues and substitute instead an initia
tion fee of 25 cents. Second, to en-
The following table shows how
each member of the House voted
on the hill to submit woman suffrage
to the Maryland electorate at the
fall election:
{'Wards 1, 2. 3,4, 5 and 6.)
D. John H. Bouse, 317 S. Ann St. (No.)
D. Chas. R. Cadden, 2002 E. Baltimore St.
D. Chas. D. Courtney, 309 S. Central Ave.
D. .Tas. A. McQuade. 223 N. Front St. (No.)
D. ('has. Newman. 326 W. Pratt St. (No.)
D. John W. Williams, 502 Kenwood Ave.
(Wards 7,8, 9, 12. 13 and 15.)
D. Geo. M. Fink. 811 N. Wolfe St. (Ao.)
D. Chas. G. Gordon, 2301 Madison Ave. (No.)
R. D. L. Harrison, 1513 N. Fulton Ave. (Ao.)
I). Archer W. Jarrett, 2440 N. Charles St.
R. Wpi. 11. Maltbie, 2730 N. Charles St.
D. John G. Scott, 1623 N. Broadway. (Ao.)
(Wards 10, 11, 14. 16. 19 and 20.)
R. Allen IV. Beam, 1719 Harlem Ave. (Ao.)
D. Fred IV. Brunier. 88 Garrison Lane. (A o.)
R. .1. Booker Clift. 1519 Mt. Royal Ave. (Yes.)
D. Jas. A. Dawkins, 1220 W. Lafayette Ave.
D. James Q. Farmer, 838 Aisquith St. (No.)
D. James McC. Trippe, 1522 Eutaw Place.
large the Board of Governors of the
Just Government League of Mary
land from 13 to 25 members.
b. The election of officers.
c. Reports of the officers of the
affiliated leagues.
d. Reports of standing commit
e. Annual address by the presi
(The number of delegates allowed
each affiliated league will be deter
mined by the membership of the
league, one delegate to represent
every io members. The president
of the league will be an ex-officio
delegate, with power to vote in the
proceedings with the other dele
gates. Visiting members from the
county leagues will be welcomed at
all sessions, but will not have power
to vote unless delegated from their
4. Luncheon at the College Club
at 1 P. M.
The business meeting will be fol
lowed by a luncheon at the College
Club at 1 o’clock. Tickets, 50 cents
apiece, may be secured from Mrs.
Frank Ramey, 1318 Linden avenue,
5. Don’t Miss the Stereopticon
These slides will show the real
need of Votes for Women more ef
fectively than any amount of print
(Wards 17, 18, 21. 22. 23 and 24.)
R. Geo. F. Cooper, 1208 Light St. (No.)
R. John R. Fisher, 827 W. Cross St. (Ao.)
R. John G. Jeffers, 413 N. Carrollton Ave.
R. W. Harry Pairo, 1208 Pennsylvania Ave.
R. Thos. L. Parks, 104 E. Fort Ave. (No.)
R. Harry G. Shakespeare, 5 E. Montgomery
St. (Ao.)
I!. Simeon Duckworth, Lonaconing. (No.)
11. Walter R. Wittig, Frostburg. (Absent.)
R. Garfield Metzger, Frostburg. (AMT)
R. John O. J. Green, Westernport. (Yes.)
R. William A. Iluster, Cumberland. (Yes.)
R. Conrad Herpick, Cumberland. (Absent.)
D. Frank Hancock. Solley. (Ao.)
I). J. M. Stewart, Severn. (Ao.)
D. Ben.j. Watkins, Jr., Chesterfield. (No.)
1). J. M. Wilkinson, Brooklyn. (Ao.)
D. .Tosiah S. Bowen, Mt. Washington. (Ao.)
I). Thos. G. Campbell, Owings Mills. (Yes.)
D. Elmer J. Cook, Towson. (AM.)
D. Benj. Wesley Gatch, Raspeburg. (Ao.)
D. Abram T. Street. Glen Arm. (Ao.)
D. John T. Wiley, White Hall. (Ao.)
R. Edw. 11. .Tones, Solomon’s Island. (A T o.)
R. Jos. S. Sunderland, Chaneyville. (AM.)
D. Nelson Fooks, Preston. (No.)
D. G. 11. Wilson, Henderson. (No.)
R. Calvin R. Chew, Patapsco, (Yes.)
R. Edward F. Ely, Sykesville. (No.)
R. Melvin W. Routson, Westminster. (Yes.)
R. Herbert R. Wooden, Hampstead. (Yes.)
can do. All suffragists should see
them, and it would be a good plan
also to bring as many antis as pos
sible to the meeting. The exhibit
takes place at 4 o’clock in the after
noon in the Medical and Chirurgical
Faculty Building. Suffragists and
visiting delegates are urged not to
miss it, even if, in doing so, they
have to absent themselves from
some of the other meetings.
6 Beatrice Forbcs-Robertson.
It is hardly necessary to say any
thing- in praise of this charming
Englishwoman, who has recently
become an American by marriage.
Baltimore Suffragists who have
heard her speak in behalf of votes
for women agree that she is one of
the most brilliant supporters of the
cause to be found anywhere. She
is the niece of James Forbes-Robert
son, the noted Shakespearean inter
preter, and was herself an actress
before her marriage. She will
speak at 8 o'clock in the Medical and
Chirurgical Faculty Building. Tick
ets for this meeting will be 25 cents,
but members of the League will re
ceive theirs free of charge. As this
will mark the close of the annual
meeting, it is hoped that all delegates
and visiting members will make a
special effort to attend, in order that
it may be a strong climax to every
thing- that has preceded it.
D. D. F. Olenclpnin, folora. (A T o.)
D. Walter I. Smith, Childs. (AM.)
R. Wm. T. Warburton, Elkton. (Ao.)
R. .John Francis Mudd, Bryantown. (Yes.)
R. Frederick Stone Posey, La Plata. (Ao.)
D. Geo. H. Dawson, Jr., Cambridge. (Ao.)
D. J. Frank Hearn. Bishophead. (Ao.)
D. Wm. A. Percy. Vienna. (AM.)
D. Fred H. Wright, East New Market. (AM.)
R. Peter L. Hargett, Frederick. (Yes.)
R. Howard D. Kefauver, Burkittsville. (Yes.)
R. R. G. Alolesworth. Mt. Airy. (Ao.)
R. E. C. Itemsburg, Buckeystown. (No.)
R. W. O. AYertenbaker, Graceham. (Ao.)
R. Samuel Lawton. Oakland. (Yes.)
It. John A. Long, Ivitzmiller. (AM.)
D. E. A. Weimer, Oakland. (Yes.)
R. Chas. W. Famous. Street. (Yes.)
D. Thos. C. Hopkins, Havre de Grave. (No.)
D. Henry A. Osborn, Jr., Aberdeen. (Yes.)
D. Edw. B. Lowndes, Relay. (No.)
D. Augustus Howard, Ellicott City. (Ao.)
D. James G. Harris, Worton. (AM.)
D. C. L. Aliller, Rock Hall. (Ao.)
(Continued on page 3, column 1.)
When Miss Shaw was in Mary
land a few weeks ago she declared
that, in her opinion, parlor meetings
were the best kind of meetings for
really converting people. She said
that in a small meeting, where you
can talk more or less personally with
the individuals, it is possible to get
at their arguments against suffrage
and clear them up.
111 Maryland it has been found
that more converts have been made
at parlor meetings than at the big
public meetings. Everybody who
has a parlor and is a Suffragist
ought to hold at least four parlor
meetings before the next primary
election. When the Delegates tell us
that they will vote for the Suffrage
Bill when the women want it, they
are talking with a great deal of sa
gacity. We must have a large pro
portion of the women in Maryland
hotly in favor of Votes for Women
before we can hope for success. It
is almost impossible to handle the
subject of the relation of Woman
Suffrage to morals at a large meet
ing, and this is the argument which
makes more converts than any other,
so plan a parlor meeting as soon as
possible before the weather is too
hot, and send in word to headquar
ters that you want a speaker.
Speakers can be sent to any point
in the State to address a parlor meet
ing. It is not necessary to have a
large crowd. It is worth while for
the League to send a speaker from
Baltimore to Garrett county to make
eight or ten good converts there. In
the end they will pay for her travel
ing expenses. All that is necessary
in order to work up a successful par
lor meeting is to send personal invi
tations to your own friends, stating
the date and hour of the meeting
and the name of the speaker, and
urging them to come and hear the
pros and cons of Woman Suffrage.
It is very attractive to serve tea after
the meetings, but it is not at all
necessary if it seems at all burden
April and May are the best
months in the year for county work,
and all of our county members
ought to arrange parlor meetings
this spring. A list of our speakers
Miss M. E. Lent.
Dr. Mary Sherwood.
Dr. Lilian Welsh.
Miss E. A. Beveridge.
Miss Louise Frazee.
Dr. W. H. Lewis.
Mrs. R. T. Foster.
Dr. F. R. Sabin.
Mrs. Nannie Melvin.
Dr. D. R. Hooker.
Miss Ellen La Motte.
Miss J. R. Rogers.
Miss Edith Hamilton.
Mrs. C. N. Gabriel.
Mr. Frank Ramey.
Mrs. C. J. Keller.’
Miss E. G. Taylor.
Mrs. John G. Wilson.
Mrs. D. R. Hooker.
If women vote, are they com
pelled to serve on jury?
No. In Utah jury duty is op
tional, but any defendant may ask
that women be summoned on the

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