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Published Weekly by the
817 N. Charles Street
Svbscription: $2.00 per year.
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Make checks payable to Dora G. Ogle, Business Manager.
To the poor women without homes, to the little toilers who
should be in the schools and playgrounds, to the white slaves in
their tragic bondage, and to the children who die, these pages
are dedicated! May every woman who is not too idle to have a
thought, or too vain to have a soul, or too rich in gold to have a
heart, join in the great struggle for women's freedom!
Purity, Liberty, Justice—these we must work for!
IF it were not so serious a matter it would be highly entertaining to
observe the way in which a certain Eastern Sho’ gum-shoe politician
is using a transformation to win himself votes. With an artificial halo
’round his head, eyes turned aloft and a bottle of grape juice handy at
his elbow, Senator Smith poses before the W. C. T. U. and the Anti
Saloon League as the dryest of the dry, but hearken to what “King Bill”
Garland, his old and firm friend, says of him. “King Bill” is incidentally
at the head of the Third Ward Democratic Organization Club, which
issued the dance programs containing the advertisements of disorderly
houses mentioned in last week’s issue.
On September 6, 1920, the Third Ward Democratic Club re-endorsed
Senator Smith’s candidacy for the United States Senate, and “King Bill”
is reported by the Baltimore News as speaking to the resolution as fol
lows :
“ ‘I am wet, wet as the ocean,’ he declaimed, and no statement could
have been less equivocal. ‘And Senator Smith,’ the orator continued, ‘is
as wet as I.’ ”
The Baltimore News runs on: “Luckily, there were no members of
the Anti-Saloon League present when ‘King Bill’ referred to Senator
Smith as the ultimate in ‘wetness,’ no gentle members of the W. C. T. U.
to behold their Senatorial paragon thus invested with feet of clay.”
“King Bill” and his club know Senator Smith through his actions, not
through his words, and for long years they have seen him as Mr. Hyde
with his sanctimonious mask laid aside.
The Third Ward Democratic Club is not supporting Mr. Smith for
altruistic motives. Its members know full well that his re-election would
mean grist for their mill.
The women of Maryland desire the strict enforcement of the prohibi
tion law; they wish to break the power of the corrupt political machine
which protects and encourages vice and draws a revenue from debauch
ery, and for that reason they will refuse to support the man who is allied
with “King Bill” Garland and his followers.
I WANT to congratulate the Sunpaper on the magnificent silence with
which it has greeted each explosion of all its pet theories.
Exploded Theory No. I—“ Women1 —“Women will shrink from the polls”—Bang!
Blown to a thousand bits.
One election official asked me for the Lord’s sake and his sake to
spare a little time to sit in the polling place in my precinct to keep the
Mention the Maryland Suffrage New* When Patronizing Our Advertiser*.
women quiet. He said: “Miss McFlimsey, it sounds like Lexington
Market; I can’t hear myself think.”
Exploded Theory No. 2 —“ Women will vote as their husbands do—
Whiz, bang!
As I stood in line waiting to register I was thrilled to the core to hear
husband after husband affiliate as a Democrat or a Republican, and wifey
in a loud voice declined to be tied up with either party.
No wonder people have lost confidence in those who have been on
the wrong side every time and have shown constantly that they have no
We suffragists can forgive most anything, even pussyfooting, but we
cannot forgive stupidity and lack of vision. While we are on this subject
I am reminded of Carville Benson. I saw him the other day, and we had
it hot and heavy. It reminded me of those dear old times ten years ago
when he was hissed from the gallery upon making some outrageous state
ment absolutely false. But, no matter what one has against Carville, it
can never be said he is a coward and that he does not fight openly. He is
an able man, too, but he was brought up wrong, politically. Poor dear!
Isn’t it a shame Charlie Linthicum is a Democrat? He is in such
danger. He is apt to be swept off the face of the earth with his party
by the tidal wave of popular indignation. Let us hope a modern Mrs.
Noah saves him from the deluge, and when the dove leaves the Ark on
November 3 the message will be “Charlie’s safe!”'
What do those Democrats think women are, anyhow? No wonder
they tried to keep them from voting. They are sending out women speak
ers to appeal to our emotions, like the antis used to do, and are picking
out handsome, magnetic Irish gentlemen speakers to throw dust in our
mental eyes by glittering generalities and sophistries handed out as only
the Irish can.
First came Mrs. Fuller, well paid by Jon Walter to make us weep, and
then came the Rev. Jonathan Day to fascinate us with his personality.
But it didn’t work. Boys, try again !
I saw Jack Hanson the other day in a Ford. Think of it! Handsome
Jack in a Ford! The Mayor ought to be ashamed of himself not to pro
vide a conveyance worthy of such a distinguished personage. In the first
place, a Ford cannot accommodate the gentleman’s legs, much less his
Harding-like countenance. I was mortified, especially as he asked me,
like a Chesterfield, if he could give me a lift, and I had to refuse. Lack
of space forbade.
I’ll put in a resolution to the Board of Estimates which will read some
thing like the C. &D. Canal one: “ Resolved , That Jack Flanson is to have
the largest motor car afloat, etc.”
I hear Bert Ritchie got the hinky-dink at the League of Women
Voters’ luncheon the other day. A friend of mine who was there said
there was an ominous sound all during his partisan speech like the roar
of the angry populace in a melodrama. I have heard chuckles in antag
onistic women audiences that made cold shivers run up and down my
spine, and let me warn the politicians to beware of that chuckle. It
means anything and everything. The Democrats are certainly in bad.
They say —
That Jonwalter believes in self-determination for small nations. How
about self-determination for Maryland women?
They say —
Some folks really think this election is a referendum on the League
of Nations! Sort of complicated referendum, eh?
They say—
Queen Anne Democrats are going strong on revision these days, only
it’s terribly one-sided.
They say—
Schoenewolf is “the ghost that walks by night” in the Democratic
Madame Grundy.
[October 23, 1920.]

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