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The Goodhue volunteer. [volume] (Red Wing, Goodhue County, Minn.) 1861-1864, October 22, 1862, Image 3

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Kc* Wing October**" ISC4.
^_ Party Spirit*
We are accused by the last Rptircin of
enpadorii,g WM'^Vjrltf in\ihft«*hpiy
a W we are *rV»frfgcd ori Hie charge 'of cat!
4»nvonAirtn to jfttd^
ii *i «P."ve,,lWn pr iM:p»rpqili had
ad B^ISkd*^ *f tinRwAlAWibeit known*
i^ not made, ,wit h, »py sjpr-pi u.y jDfl he pert
of the nominal editor of that paper, but in
raahagerVW the 'Rp'bflc 'ifVsnvs
"«litt*Wi«ijpMWffHki Hton'e' i./
.4 ah«kturged all conservative men of all parties*'•e
orflO^t&Uor undor.ti,-^thHt thii next week we
lu.-r.ed a short corner, an\t called a Conveir
.^mmSSf (m bj^k^iwrtfy aiiT »vha al^lW a-^pfrVMt 'M^fh^aU'Vver shown
*i. Mtfwmis just, mUeh ^ilseliood Ui \M trpon^ itie'fd'rif stffifref of the( bbngfHt:upiioin
hainw.s^yi.aii I .'suupre^it'h^ ^tbc-r h«rf, if inaledi or..f the /icai noiWithfah(fing
m.iho haffoc^i) coveys a'-false impresi.»ti, ..«].«•? ^hevMaiispurency 'of t»ieT*l^eho».ddtd not
*oiit is ton^l-anoJitand out Ue.
nearly the fii the bte iii»rniij.rl'e/tit'or i*'ia*
„.j' Let..it.be horns in.miiii 1 ibit .ever"i'HI ct'
the WH'PJ'inilv/Ccl.H^ hivo urged 4hf ti.»
pe.sioij tjf.ai.l pbti''y opjwiwtions, and ouFae- before the people. «!-{tl &dJ
|j t.'ons lp:^' he.hotter unJjrst«-od.--nniu i-A-
On tlie liftb. of' Septenibef a call for a
Cvui^yi Convention appeared in: the Good
iJ*oe QfuvMyJipuUlc/jH signed by the County-
Committee. 'J'he Call,-Ma& headed Ke
pt*bli« aa County Cenvc'ation biit was in the
.'.t(|liiwjn4ijwhrjdfeoi,?•• The Republicans- of
Goi-dUUtt Countyj «nd oil ot.'* mw'.o kinr'4
so support.thi.. £d:aiuiitratun, M-M ilheet. inhave
have met \f\^ corjyention, ,$Wi.. »«««„W'tild.|desporati»n
havo beeiitnominatjjd, WH)I mtt rufeienco uul-.
uf the call had been, by,.-the hap/b) of, someKmeeis
r.M.».:.l invie
Kids "tiiir-i*« '. 'rr-'^-"- 1
hers'" Who
dVafy support th»» AJ.ninistra |»irti
'ttpWfe''ivith 'the..•«" We qu the abvo
only to show that at Out tim, ny nm.
we»'U after the call first a paired, the I.tte
In the"next issue of the Vot.i^TKfcR wc
ropir-.h'a»ed *tiy suSh' donVo Stc.'d e»mivro,
and mated it as our belief, ihu the rail wa
to not ftiado 4«y a sin-k. memberei
a I & W
rf^li fV,.l!'Vlun,,,«* h*»*W»«aittie«iii»«ilyl lie pan-en* and
,.|d»oii C'/uior," lor the wh W n.iiire and spirit|Whie.biWiU be proved when |he rand JuryW So^ISS
_uersuii or persons, clinnged. It was, noJ sum ibit of purchasing Count
.lon^r^v-alijor Oiolityal peop'eof iliac .uiv |.a i* tm\i that ie/jr.»n/4 ..
-^iMc• ffltiik JU, convention, but it wa*,.i»ro/' uttc'i vnLrt. -t T-Jw ^Statu'es
..,..... .al editor ..I" »h /,', ^^^WUo^^{^^^M $$& iv
'payment orders f»r a Usmntium than that
thai to- be a call for a »M', Cmventi
.W1M» tailed it, did wo? Ami yet he charges
,usW!h bemj: alone reppanillbetJbrniPJ»rty
Nm^iwirfnit»|ihia'C^UJBAy^ "V* imts
l^v $n*$mlN!
uiiy and
to call aJeon-. hemswh
nd if thtf'peo-
a*yKd a convention. Rut it is not irue
thatfedare life'aole author of: the Mass7
Convention. We did write, and publish the
^]J^^^-»dy'jcaiftdjBUctVa.ca!l,bitb through
tlie columns of the VOLUNTBKK and in pri
vate convti nation, but we cal'ed the coAtejv'
tion ut tie eg "eat of larg uumhr of" ciii
Now look ut the call itself and see what
•here.is that hiea hs the spirit of party jhere,
^.VH'tayal vuters of O.wiliid County are
requested ,|jo tneet in Coov^niioii,'' is the
language ueil!'\Vh:iVU iliere in that that
m&gi&M W W Mi3Bniti hkoY.i) agitation All were ii affurs of theCounty, they can easily kern.
W ..:. vked Many came. Men o. b„h p,li,ie.l it in debt! WH**
J$r$}«^$**M8 IWWitMk tfam&tWxMt ihefe, and agreed that in.lil Urn
political' chariet^r at the Candidates. If it
-parties except
fe^iiiveso!! )Hjtt an article as this, bat we have
1 dt&fgW^tner^hari t#« reply to thtt. W
'wish to -keep character,origin ana history
of both donventions, and or all the nominees
Conveudhn 'at alio Court Ilqu-i*, in 'Red |-cr:iite*t'wett8 noi known and hoped be
Wiiifr, im-VV'cdneaday, the lt day of f)cio 1 would by repentance and good deed, makealue
bor. lhGJ, for the purpose of nominating-aiueiids in the f^^ure, for his sii u» the past.
c$f))}ij^iffi.fVf. the do^owingtffjlicerft.". &c.-i*icVVaidid nouUiok'a piis-jble.that he could
_.Throwing jU^
AlHtfiui- nnre In Office. nUh
Last we«-.k we ex[v^ed the criminal con
duc& of-Fred JTos5, in speculating, in Co«jnty
orders against the, express, provision,of the
Statutes, while doing County business.—
We had ho idearwhen we wrote that article.
but. thiit iwfore tihis time Mr. Jt».ss would
.^kiilkedawrav to some pi ice where his
t.nie:of the |^il'/tii-olthjl^vei become so fiaidoi/ed, crime as tonominal1
..Q.^'V^vI^tlt^kiugiji at.i*(Ws»f'k^f' WAS asj'-liU persM »V ksepurg hi* na^ne before the
,. go'vl-afaJUftni A ju«MS CoyffatjtlO^SK could jpublw. ip CORWCU^O, with, an office of trust
•:weU be piade^.alt.djd not propose to bes ftill less did we suppose Out he would dare him to have the fact known, but, ceciaitdy'
•delegaie^pn^tion, nor a aai tiyi co»ve»tunv to nttempx a defence of his cour»e, ..•: no a bo.e to sta«ca simple fact, without'
nor a convention to nominate p%rty,cattli Hut we are mistaken. In.the last issue
.w**s :l ^W.cOnventiouA y.s such, of the R'p.b'in^^ that gentleman has the
iof^ftSn9Fy«^ ^Bn^i^e9^Vr894jl*-j fiu*^8T it «tf»'oniery to attempt to vin lie tte his course, hail'so' correct an appreciation of their"'t
Ktx. hu^ridred people o^,. he c.oii«»ty would He siys it shows pnr, uiahgrnty, and, the wort!h„as to. considerit air abti-e of
ownei to »tate the fact of ownership.
,,J»ay been n|)miiiatVd wnh-n rufeienc O^uc b•••$? and -Juhw\( means to create..
.. WW PHy^P? fl^'^SWItayifr'BrJI*' *,!f^H^!', P'yi^bfc ag4ioi»t ntiii whwse cbar*cjer a's
hH'/u!'!id^WM'rtl,.,., .|a pM^lip t.ffioer is M»iuipeac|iabJe. We deny
1» the vciv nexi issue o^f Ore Ri-judin'ti all iovjniaii.n» of m.ili^nityi
:«ta^' ^)'^e,,.:
pfpur,cyise, who^i we resort to
FiodJ ^s has been
a I
Uteu.daitW^pHW.v ^-«u»ial .p^iamtar. I j^airt j|!ir»ai
a tt»,|J* •«*, a a a ihfJ^Spjtjaj .tlto ittdtTaiM
pumVu OtS*'^ vr^vco tb*y aup^MSftl
uwlMK^ WV^d r«atdas bar h* ih« nurp^. «j axcusmg his
i/o**w*%.tH»W*-vf l^u». *»•¥.* '«.*»* *t*Wgni crime, d*»p«r*Uiy dismmest. W« will
forward or taagibie lan«uu^a4gy^ihf Jadal,^ a*uiM*irio*i^Mr»jice, Tr it:' require
i^m *»np»* --Hi our a a a a of atitkilily and a
.aiwmeMaafAv iaraimrt KuUertatfasawl a a
Jj emrenuia, not by a pany
any oar**n srhi hai a r.ght
la call W W »ur»Iiu»f cliqw af oScevcvk.
he adr.
S, iifnat
«w, it 1 ju**exteiiVono halfthe
{irisfactor. all p:ii ties, except 11(leirenormOus crimes/so fijfr
th fit^le «lii}ii«Hrho *eek hir office Uni con Ja^ Indian wiU go.. to expiateabe"nSei
iEveYy-™*rfRdtaraFthat 'fc^hun^red anjijffy.^ S
orders J'nr.,)
lo tho-loyu peopleo Oi» ui \,a hsap »t bm\ that tfiimmki jU.e, S A *if ^l"»ln^n^".^olliing
clearly and' if?^ i*td* •J**1»f'«!*c?ionfcthe A
thin 0/1'e of the llapubH^aii j.iiiy sh.'niUi b^tin W iHJwmbt. lvl^p* it mmht I* it we W *1!?^ ""'f y^ V^
ejooied, sj II he could nlv go into the 11 were partnei in,the crimi but we are not.«f^eai:^ftm .to«i
vei.tiou 10 woik with the ll^u il cms ihl-io. We bht .simply perform dun duty toihe^. 1ttXfel.,e,t'-r"phic reports wljic.h we ptib
o. pn tj Tims ill.. b,:is ed liUr.iiny of public wht-n we )eu unce any and all iucli
tlrat cull wa«i»U deiuaied.• and^'^asireilneed 'doings, as we over shall and we repeat '',l1 "u,JM'q',oa- aad»-more reliable reports
10 the ciiitiim p.ut in C'm'ventioii-. here, what we »ffi incd last week that a «*nder it almost cettain that he i».defeated.
ComajenfJng fhd next vVVVk on Ur re-J'1"" whowdl wilfully vioJ,ite'and set at de-,
OT ks in 'which we'V^.lors^-l the tJfll as it i*"* fawsin.otie respect/i^ not a safe 'vtffim S S
11-t apji^iifl: Vhe n.-mlnnT editor „f iho he^W i'r,,P *nj"* 10 trtist. If will do it itt*fj^^** Pl*r
/fi /.A "8 u-ed the following W.-W.ie ^The(»!,«,l»-'1f*ct,,he will do ii in another. u.d.daif!S ji'ndin almW very instance
6/liVcr,rf the VauryruKB otidtnh, »ndj O of the defence set up by Mr.OT^"f.V1^0" candidate was beTTu-e the
lm\id&2ftl, IHfrVktvp-'S lhec dl'fora Cotauv ''U'^ |Vhe*ier set foith in bis own ianicuaae ^S%
UoiivrOTRHi. Im* Ur!»nhl c^!i Cotuitv oin- "O we giveu as i*- ,, .,
initteefc»vefcfflolftIt -ilcn '«v'„/t- I ho Statute which th= VOU'STEEB ouotea ,-t,. .**»—*•
moment in arms against the other half.
The habit mil or the occasional disregard of
the public lawk. aWmld^'di&oun'tenaiiced
lri JJS
m0!i} eH»i^lwr4«r«w.
Hl,ji4i8r *J?
S fa*
,is a
represented on' .ltd" fata
1 htsdMc ace OMTS, fiir.. the purpose of
calling particular attention to 'the point
The nurnurVof ii s* jhiS'dSlrlcf, andm tISe future! if 'permitted!
Jospin his de-
Kpce.i .'
aoi}«T}i90i .,•« .'•.! S'm vhfan
%JWf» no^hina^t* say in M^wa^to that
,»rt of the d^epce ryfi^-iin^ up-m ourself'
Com |b„» we do say that it ia not d,tr toany
*umte#F*ito w»» drawn «,, by Clmih^ I.ipen-m tiat Abe Siatote we o,ted vaa ner
ii» vH^»uVMitf^P «t»oraee*iiisi asu firstjve,,«,l h*.i« its true meaning, ptber
ivUppbat^Hahab it wa.^u.e«c,ed by a j\&fa W W S per*aiion
otllce seekers, every om of wliom nw now ,,,
^Uer mtarpratation than
tlrni which we gave it. Suchis itspwitive,
^Ml Muva HWas btli|i^ true m*-aumg. W« fori btr'aayiuai the
..^Huhiiabed andohangetl wtthiuj. the knowl- jinie^r^re^on^i%eo to thai Statute by Mf.
cdjje,.CsMM:'»rr*«tca, or cuuscnt .tfjkm %m jjo^jiojustde.'aa.a. as above quoted, UIH*I
mnwe /^thi^day i^^&*h#^^*!^H*<
d.algc*. W« than take itfc»rKrantad inkt *!%, |4a ^mrtnaaa Mr. Josa a rrimmai
gf tkt offa..i
^^mvUr.ni of a
.No persoii
who i* guilty of such an offence should meet
especially when w** see on every hand the
a Wret eff^t^of a d^fiti^ysr fbe Uw^r°
.'This law* Was enacted to prevent officer*
ofthe[.county speculating in the county in
dehtedncss fpr if thej ar6 permitted tod'
so.'it S0|f^J^ .^^^nterjeti|. to keep the
County in dej/t..£gfthaving control of the
The Ihd RU War.
Supposed to le the most gu ityr have ,.b«[en
sent to Fort Si-elling. VVha^^jpo^jafn
difficult to predict, but one thing7s" cert*,
of ijeing a terror to the frontier, settlers.. I
rS,^(ev (P»fi thpjsubject
of many curses for his,.aDr^^)jf„dj|l'i!»ry
?MOv,eoients but events, have shown a hat
be 0 4 Jiis "..bwif ajjd ,we0th^ the
jions t« hjjn.for the.speedyj ,and thorough
ore of the most gigaatrc i'«-
dian wars on ec £&
yh^Jtt'PVilcin is severe on u^ for an a)
leged abiise of Colonel Hubbard. All the
we have offered to the Cojorel ssirice
he has been goni% is to stale ^hat ^ai the
owner' of Little FreddyJogs, and also of the
editor ,f Uie Reyykicam." V^e
know it bi hard to.iiuher the ownership of
a ch property, and it raayJba humiliat n'»-to
kny commeiit., We had no idea, however,
hat Little Freddy 'and' the nominal editor
'•'-.i t-
Electn u1-.
'The, fait elections show a considerable
Dtfrnocra'tic gai'i in the Stales o'f Peiinsyl
vapia, Onw,ana Indiarfa. This is bardU
W at
1^QUU4, ,*0**rry $$* •»at^iiereio1ore,'jne'niosf
pei-Mstent eWutla have nacf'to be resorted to
Vodthes as among the elected
is Wur
^»y *Q»Mnany of the strong
a ,ecolrd
F*« elected:
mmtil M^
Traitor PlHyei Owr. 1
Th1e ^oplenor ihc loVaVS.ate* will 1« re
fu.r^ i^ or«h?r^toT.tl.H-t upon a MnOehia'n i'***' «'^at tia the arch irajtb of thefa^&fWSh^
»nest Ndriii. VaLL^irtriiuM has been *e«^n S
f°^*'««Hft «i«^ tsik^his-trea.odm**m*mmmmmmi
isshows Ojat a tiaito will not be
intbe No'lh
^i.'fe of Congress. IU waS1 beaten by Gen- !»W»nWJA.W
aral Itobert who 4 2
an honor the Jlime^ by 1 272 majority- S I T^EVELA^D, Oct. 16.
The election tbfcuJLhis ^Mm^dMI
tk**te*aam a ttaitor will not be toier The'beniocrats dau¥ ^foip 10.000 to 15,
..'.T--:. .•-•.•I 'J .11,. l*.-v}-,
rariiut. I
WW•-!«»^^ re«re^ th^ j|f^B* of Mr^^lian. il Coppaja, ^,acra|f^ad^
Grow tor Cnngre^a^-Ue was enrinenUy tlfcfc^'^fe1"!*» .-- *..„-i J* 1
W*ndT,:a«ldi^^ tin real hare »f the]
^.dest. Comoanr i.w, fc^lU
Mndea Compan E ia'# liiljr siraaa"
Captain Sasawr' Qotaa,
a to at W I
0Uu.b0U.aulItos^sslirs'lKMtlm^ajr. f^, fcaaTTtt-tt^^amaTaASSw •rf1
Ww Caiab, Company kft lag.
bitihteen wards irivn Mayor Henry, the
fj: ion candidate, 681" rjiajority
county will I
ihe (Seventh- DisiTtot.»1wsn
Genera)• McUall. D^aocrat, is defeated in
fc^iWl.P^ct- -'.-• .', &
fe|er ^'?P*!C%S •n|j»,e the'-etect/bn'.of
J. t£: Morebead 'llepiitiiran, to CongVessin
the wenty Second Oi^fklt:'» Readihg goesand
for Jo I U...YVwtntr, forCongress.in the tkb
^tr,M. :„•„_ ,„ _,. .!,. ^.., .....,. ,.,
•-..,. REAppio, Qqf.. ]^,,
:The whole Democratic ticket is. electe I
b_. ab ut40J m-iju'ity in lkyks county«,
,l'iaL,ArjELPHi,i,, Oet. 16.
In the Twelfth Cougrtv-sional district G,a
lusha A Grow, the ujpiibji'cah candidate is
Iteuieii by C'biiles Dortniso'h, Deinocrafl'bv
ti »ri{y of about 1 OtKii^a DdWiiiCr*tic
gam of liKMit 3,0(J '. Lycoiuingcoiintviuives
12, »»J majoriiyfojJames Mail, Unhm
DeijiK'crat.and conservative Uepublicaii, 1013
tot raittj i!'-.:., fearu Luis tj
Thp elect'on ssed off very quietty. The
Demo^ats H§ve etlcftjj tlieir erttlre cobirty
ticket!' ^'bridleion.^DertoC^at, p.-eeiit
cuoibent froitt the first.district is. re elected
Long. Detnocfat, m. the .ecyni district
prohably.jbeats Gurley
Processions with bjnners »fe pafadlhg
the streets, jubilant over the democratic vie
tory. tmpaa N ..-.•••-.:'..
The entire democratic ticket is elected.
pHndleion has a large majority over Gros
beck, anil Gurley beats Long by a Small
inHp»ri»y. ':i
Gurtey ii«defeat»?d in the second district
DKXSIS A: MwtoSKt.'edltorof \hrDu4menaiidjkWodoubi.*lf »**&.[^mMttfod oppori^ity i* offere^to
T.fc*rMlfcVMt|tr^uw7 i*f**.* UttJlUint *.-SX» pajoiity,
•*--*a Ji
•ytaM.1an|ii H.M I toea.1
very quietly, Krom
half past eight o'otosir, ^-^mgfflEffiBSREZ2g£SS
Mhat Mayor HenrFihe Union candi- ?™f S S S S S ,V^?ir*
.. ,.. men claim a small majority.
'*)tl-',» Republican for Congress, is de- BUJJLISIOTON, Oct. 14.
iiWnuyoriiy. Ul JJ election to,day/4he judiwe*afe the elocti
liroomalr UnioMe^ected to Congress in baying pos^riea«ie cpuAiing of the vo
Ke.turn^in ,the eleetioii o' M. R. Thayer. ii Tiirt«,
Union inWFifYh tl^ K^ibticans clSlu S
again ofIbUrtaetabW*bfthe ^gf8^tu!reJn,
ITbiri,i?District, Leonard
Myjersih Union, ^oiirtht Drstrkt^.W.
tf^hfi^^a &M
,••.-.•• noiHerf1
liistiict.' ThefaU woirt^e'fec^.K ine.TDem
fcrfti,. for C*»ngve«s. jjt*rjMyers rv* 4ii7 ma
majordy hultqn county gives 250 Demo
•craVrc(majorlry.( »»6 a &
bun ,ff7, 11
A &

Tii t'hi* TiltofW'CtfrigteWionar Drstiict
if^lrii huiidred hiajor'liy.'
the Ninth E)fc[r1ea,'-iiSWv1mK,-Ite{inbli
eaa, carried Lmea^er.c^uuty. by nearly 4
/IhelJiiiiui ticket cams over 100 in this
cWy.niTA p4(ir, fjhidn victory has probably
been'Viiriea ihr(rtigmutt*/e Stale. *q!
A ttWir, rBaily, aoU Uokl\ er^.n
by vy mijonties. Genoralv McCall is
shewed. It is thoi«h,t^Jierc that we will
ca»y the Sutte, by AWp^najoiity.
!^jjHttddeusStevens Is 're'eJecCtd tb' Con
gress.by ov^r.S^Oimaj^tty. The voie foi
0»e. Union ttckNjL, ,i«"^f ]f»jrger, There-[is
great juicing here oye.rybe result.
Tbirty disiricLsg{veJ SfeVep,! for Congresst,
'3 0t)O majority-l-twe7lty ithree disSHeW'^o
hear from. These will increase his^oajor
ny V:fiyo.tbeft|aod.,,. 'l'iojSa«A ticket will
have a still large^.majorfcy,.,
.-/i., ,v ., PiT^SBL'RQHL, Oct. 14
The election
,|atf ,.qtu,eil,vfl though
with ciu^iderable spirit. PitVsburgb ves
Morchead 1.U43 over* flimilloii, Democrat,
for Congress. Alleglianey City gives Wil
listnsi UnioBi ilS/over^Zeigler, Democrat
ffvfehuhdtetl4.'5" i»"W Vif.-iVi ti
Weianiorehtnd county in six districts, in
cMittg Greeusbuitf.. gijftw a .Dein^alic
luajoriiy of 378 a gain ov.^r Foster of 1^5.
CABI.ISLE, Opt. 11.
Ra.ley. Unioojjii: Congress, has a ma
joi.it in Cumrerland.^MUfay estimated at
2.50U* Th Democratic Stare ticket wilf
have about o.OJO •jonty the county.
L»mT'isoal*e!#d .by 300 majofMy. IntthefSaturday n* a single anima» ot tKst'fcpwtes
I A 4
V.^U a7i.DiG**A4l' f*
N»rih can produce, now a nisoner in Fortj ol n^ml li|OfAVAfird^ Oct W. drnkry rtsLs, butf' in Fuch eases ihey take represents that the enemy etacuated Camp
t"»^y t!.e.for 'reason. an5 who \A the aula 1 Tippecanoe county giws th- .Union State •airai»rdi«a»y prott s. I Their recent move liobinson on Monday, and are in full
cions nnpudence to bi a Caudidaie for* Con a ticket and (rth,. for, Uoiigns^ abnit 400 mewajikaw been mom •uopeasful. nerbaiM. retreat
Eleventh Distnet—Shanks, union
until morning,^ ,nr
Hiram ^FrtceV
einancipation conven lion,. representing «Jhe tfi
Second eongreasionaVi District, which 'm4t
here to-day.
Later From Europe—A nival of the If
The steamship Hibernia, from Liverpool
2nd, via Londonderry ^rd, passed this point
Th English journals arefeammehtin on
for his vigor and energy in. routing the reb
els. -'M'.ltmil Vllu«j«1•',::bool«l alii till
Phe UuitodiStates steam frigate St. Lou
Liverpool breadstuffs' market quiet and
Provision^ very, dull. ..w
London Thursday Evening—Consols cloS*
ed at 93 [email protected])3 '7-8 for money.
"'.\'.'. •"., .„':". 'CAiPERACB, Oct:10.!
The Hibernian, from Liverpool 2d, and
Londonderry 3d.,passed this evening. Her
JNews of the recent'Teadrai victories had'
tcnch*d England-.i,' The prin.ipal journals
including thei 3P/»»^,*4iigWy cbtbpliment Mc
CltLan for his gorous and energetic move-
The Paris cjrresporidetit of the. 7'iuu.i
says it is report, in ^litical circles tha^^the
liiUis,^ government, is no longer adyeise to
the recognition of theSouiheih Coiifeae'i-acy
as h-retofote'.1' 'v ''.'•1r.n1
An address to President Lincoln,favoring
Grosbeck oveH could b„ found inibe wholeci y. Ko^bel
,..ir«i.„i 11 -... ^oaart^p^aiUuve:a««ous«. Their Uaaof
W |WWt mtteV a »«ura.' and act wftmiira? at
Tt*l lalj
i„ g£#fat iixcitcraent in Wall Sfrpef^
jW^ltWi /Mv*r witnissel, in an exper'^nce|j
nearlyfthirty jearsA in this city, such in.
tense excitement in tto'stock marke't/asTfas
exiWmdduri »g the wlii»ftf or khc paA*' w*e'k..
t.e transactions at the Bo.ird of Omkers
have been mipreced*nted in amount., jfauu
nine o'clock in tb* mof ns «,nt'' fire.o'cloclt
in the afternoon, the whole fraternity oT&ht
kefs and opeartors have been flyihg^aWut
buying anything and Overything that came
upon the market. Selfera »t. high prices
onu day, were buying at still higher prices
the next. The. liears—the few who darett
to appear—Were punished severely. Oln
is enatiaasl to
J» ftfaia^-Ojp^ »a»ga aaiwata af isWuay, an bag. it t» ba
Scott. IToion raw- h*rvd, t*asf will awpaot/ &u**
mriia*. Pamv. 4fMevlasara t^pilt^st, a#d a«t
'-Urw^'Biasaerae^^' ii aaa tar a
1*41 tfcajkwa to a UasJaaaTaoS
Wall atraac at that ilin, «i a
Fowrth a W a wttM.growlrwl
FtfJi Dtatricv-Jabaa, Uasoa, 'moat aay aasows.
Wall street soliat 1 7
It now sells at 59 cents—an advance of
The Norwegian,.fromQueb^qk, arjrivjed at "SO^^mtftl *r«s^obai stand- ofk c/oWrii-,
ii'verpbol on the 2nd. ', '". \$,tw^"-ve:rebe| flags—ei^ht cars—one hundVed
The Englisi^ournals arefeammehtini on IW&ktiNHl wm*$&hfc$n$$llfflW'SW
tjFf hundred and fifty per cent. Harlem
Kadroad stork sold at %%. It now sells at
The State ticket imfcM "ck«tJlJniow) 24 -.nearly two- htt!idred'perlcent"adv*nc»!
We mention these as samples of the enor
moux fluctuations in our stock market
the short period of fifteen months
-DAVEXPORT, Oct. 14. I
Congress,, has 4U2 majority in this township,
from• 7t»UtoiSOU in the county.
^it-FnaxKLiH, Oct.45.
the late federal victories, 'fhey pay--high —with any amonnt of baggage and camp
compliments to Major Crerieiral McCleilan 9
The'LondonIp^'admiMlnat fiira poat'ijon 'l¥*fi}l^ *J!&itWRh-tXi*ipii
of the confederates is not as good as it'was
at the begiu'iiig'of" September.'
A meeting of tho U.wer classes in Hyde
|rM( .,,,su,ypatUj 'mtofW^JmjW"^
111 nothing, in j^n* qujjpce of shouts in favor /." O W W
of the Pope
FIJA»CK.—TU. is, fully expected in Paris,
that by the .first of, November the city,of
Mexico will oe fn1' posessibnF('oi' the French
li is rumitre^HWrt!'England has pointed
oat to France (he: uecessHy! of evacuatin
Rome. .ooii'40*31 t»dt
Garibaldi's health is reported satisfactory
tt is asserted in "Paris'that Uie cim'federa'te
g»veininenr, tins no intention of recalling
»iason and SlidcH ,. tegv nit tiautfievo'!
.,i^jhfl ^'JM«« say»ibe.^hTe't|e*^e4j|»}tve»us
tallied no disastrous defeat in Marylao'1,—
their' a^rhVy'reireaited' inr good order. It
inea.^nrbil strength wuh McClcllaiKs, and
moralized.b successive .failure and retreats
has suddenly proved itself etjual and probab
ly siiperiur to I lie confederates. This li'u'd
den turn is doubtless ti aceublc to theliber
a ion of McCieUaii Irom restriction* hereto
loieiipfpn^o.upop him. Ue.^as now shuwii
itjhefhas really qualifications fb'r'a com
manaer, but tno niift'hern'ictius^s is" hot ad
vaucei a step bv their unexpected victory.
it a
market ha« afVaiMfft so rapid
*d' Vmt'l*n thua. haen aWa,
SW« Pw^ratkrbyj ^amajl^ainoant .d" money, to carry
saenfn a W
tee months hence? During those month..,
-hftrmwjdllb %»(^^r'i|probabijr
tytWAV ^AftfafFW wree^as.^ndays
gone by. Let, hnn that standeth take heed
lest he falfi ''WtwWo+V'ItilepmuljtL
*:IKM* NAsHViLiiB,:'0«^:12:
Special to Cincionarti T,me*.]-^+Wh9 na
Major General^^aderlpi^^^^^^n^^fif-'
teen m^e/^f^ftm this*.«A3i,jf W «4.
rTe rebe^umbered
whipped clean but of their boots* Our wraJf
lonels*.Tnrro captains, Mutenant
General Anderson escaped on a locomo
^iiWSSHW 9
8 0
'Fea^-al^oS^fefl^b"ljuifej and' wOundid
Dispatches.wfere.received here to-day fipm
Nashville—rebelst' 'tiyfp near that city' on
jthe' Hib, They vse^t a flag of'truce u^.
manding the surrender of the town Gen.
"1e*ley dechned—the 1e*er*f force was- fVil ly
nlpie for the defence' of' the city. G'eHeral
Harris, Major'General'J..R. Anderson-and
Brigadier General Forrest are in command
of the rebels.—
GferieV«lJ)iFrfe,m&nt -expects soon: te-'Ue^in
Washing*bfi1,1 ^elirainaf-y, td jih! assigomeht
to,an^.vu^or^aot ':coiamand in tho": South
The bar.ks refuse .to lend nion.cy or
he object being to'-prevent speculation
They have alst» refused a margin on sterliuj
subject.4)f! go|ij and ^^ks {^u^jj«ast prer
mature. 0 IMrftjWW'1* h'*s yetoeen \v\\\
^'f1 '1!,.l*a^MP
ularly as regards the "refusal o£. ^ans^on
g^d..^. .:-- :.,. ,.
^r Wrdtjpatchcs•tr^%^lrde^^^y
At therftock, exchange to day,j a motion
was,.m^e-tOI!fxpu,fgW.g(hl from the list
Tb^.piatvr .was referred ,tp a. .^yVWr^-fr"
This.is the foundation of somu,.o£ the stories
afloat to dayv ..'m.ntJs
ltis reportfed that Prince
•^^e-steamiir' IfaSlTiipn ^wberne.-fcas
4y, .exi»edi1 idn' under Lieutenant
Colonel Mahche^elrl^
et beaten. The (federal, army, de, W 4 Jii?1fe,,iWi ^""jtf S W Ji
.ity. in, Ounir^rlandtfCt^ty.esnuiated at muralMBd.hv successive failures and retreats ?umner, andothers, of the loth^SbfifrCaTr---' .,.n JU -^fi-BAILEY,
olina 'ii'giment. "The"fiiVmer has' been ac
tivetoraising conscripts for the'rebel army.
Sjacaoo Oct. 171
ijlks roturn.s f/p:n
ii:n ir'
^'ffP ^SfBt^Wf^f^mX afloat^eekip^
investment, togethei with the recent favor
able in eliigence from o'dr army, has inspir
[006 nVajdrttT on the Stat% ticket, and twelve]6,1•»•»'''W*»*M *nd ^nftdetic^rn all quer [hundred and ninety men were drafted in
C5o*igr»**aien. The Ualon mfc§vZm4&*™^^V&m$w*m>iafoHtomm.t*pdMf. ^*cofiE»1[H^rafH^*^'J'**,''•
a sldyv,' b.ui
DXjinocrats. acjji^owiedge, ihe. ejection.. .P^5
lie publican memb^rsr. OK Congress. 'Ttife
Democratic candidate in the third district
(Mahoney,) is baaton by3,U00 majority...
.'/'/\ Ni\t/ YORK, Oct. 17.
A set iouR^resistance inving l*een tnadw to
the enrollment for the draft among, fhir Irish
residents of Luzerne county, Pennsylvania,
it was necessary to cull out a military force
in the town of lilaliely, and fire upQit the
'hisurgenls four or five were killed, and for
cible opposition put down, jljj ... 'i
General Michael Corcoran publishes a
c^ifd this -morning, in rwHuwh he declin to
be a candidate for Congress General Cor
coran wilf accept no official position until
the rebellion L^ i»ut d,ewp,,
'VVASHINOTO^.' Oct. 17
(^eneraTrrentice was complimented
a serenade. He graphically describes the
scene^tiir^ugli.wbiyh he and his fellow sol
diers, taken prisoners at Shi'loh, had passed
lie said he had came to use harsh lan
guage when speaking of the mons of th.
^o«tp, whese jpondubt' towards our troops
was characterized with* murder nnd bar
'''t^ntruauno, 0ct17.
Governor Curtain has been permitted to
daredtallow the drafted iJiiliti* to become volun
teera during their term of service, from nine
months to threa years this will doubtless
result in the convereion .of many of the
drafted mililiaiifSfWoTtfintters for 3 yearn,
which volunteers
The draft passed
ClHCIifSATI, Oct. 1 1
ter, Thay escaped,
and topplie*. Bnell ia
in chise pnrsuit slid will certainly bring on
Bragg's army is a
nri pnsonera have airaaor been
captured atNParfysWl*^Papilla and Dick
fiire leavii« Dick BoWfl Tbey are falKnf^
J^^5^MSaMfei^J!«p« 5r
saictyraad.Jprcal marcnaa'wit
to escape froin 'Btjaft, who is frav»lioz w.th
out *£g*g*
sMbljr an?
5 S a a
*•"'T^ '^rfast s»aaHJ Evils' |^WIa aafaaxa
'with ailspeed.
A* adaaar has laat smaa DoawNst's
•may aaar Kiaa**
a natajf*. a ^aloafc that aaorsnaaj
a^ftAfk Ajaa^atfssaav
11 a
a a
JM*W* ••*•. fajjac
THIRD MitriuaoTA.—
owing ofilcars of the Third Minna
a been exchanged, and have arrived
Henry C. Lester Captain C.,C.
Andrews Lieutenant K. Baker: Cap
tain M. VT. Clay Captain R. W. FosMr\
Lieutenant 8. H. Jngman Captain J. B.
Preston Lieutenant Vanatrom
Lieutenant Devereux Lieutenant 0. F.
Gurnee Captain 3. 6. Hoyt Lieutenant
list, but it is probable that all of the Third
??*&&*& PstT* of
the first Cavalry ha*also been exchanged.—
2o'd as a depreciation of the government aa
P«r ^aKrfhotMdpecqHec*Ihmi 4hegov
ernment has paper out (tiie demandfpfea)
erbntent Uien_b«hk:issues, and canfined the
furnishingtofa qWtency to itself, and baseii
it on iw own creditor resources there would
have beep no such spama or difference in 0»«
currency olHAhe coui»trj ^-ififico|l,iee Smti-
AH his Killjea an4 woundea, number
!8 ». were lcflibn ihe~M&."
the,8th. of Segtembef,' JfSSU: a!dark tad
.. stfaVed to my farm/ i* thb ton»hip
of Featherstoae, and hat been thtre'eVe'r'kiaft.
a^d is now thertI: Said Co'wis aboai^ 4 Vajlrs
old, and ofa Vrpwni*h eolor. about the hean.
She hiidaahoft rope attached to her"haan whan
»he Was tb*Sn'tip'. •The owner' "eari *hav« ^Ra
have money:.
Bed Wing, Oct. 21,1862. nftvWa1
A a I a a W
""FromOince,-ovcr- C. McGlaahan's Store-.
:. ii.'j. ff :t
Lyon* House*
Cornor of Flam and TbiMf streets,
thin larjje 011a
... IIousS, and has erected *a I*rga
"fi^fd c'onvenisnt-'Sia'ble, and is now prepared to
those, who may favor him with ttiair pat
,Mfl'ira nil the e«iii*iorw aihoteeVwh]la(H#
^ing iu-'sheeiry.v-. JOiiN bxaitSMM
Kcd Vy -•..•:L?.!RU W •i.und'ro.Jffieter.
I ^ig, Sept 21, 1S6-.Y-,?! «-,iV/ WpVl/i
1 irgnftanrtt
havejttStlit/T SfV ,•
..."Il^m* t^tH^ri?*"*"*"d'oponed the Hick
^tt com^odate*r*ll!*Ifccfell#l»f» #'»*.c»n
We have juet buM*J^"avaling public.
tion of-tc »m*»v ft
^Wle^ House.
npiW miles ^-,
1-- svifle' rolfi^'" Ked Winjj.ou the Hantor-
1 nvS
Three doors nhovc the Hudson' llivcr It.
It- Ac pan
EX JF3' t«—ir.J» -F3E
I for busings men vi.siting Now V'ark. The
proprietor takes pifi.-tstire in announcing to th»
pabiic that lie has ritfceSllyl neJitttd Sn fura
ished his IIOIUH uml i^ pren^red,to give thoae*
wli» may favorliiin with their patronase the
comlbrts home, while »jjourning in th«
city. |^*Boar. $1,50 per day.
IRA A LIBBy Proprietor.
n7?a' _#*»«*! v«-a7:ly.
I I 1 .1 M'. ii I 0 S
Hay Cre ik House.
^tXmiiea from Red Winir. on the Zamb*rola«
-J road.. Goid.icejmmoilAdsnt for both man
andbeast«t| reasvnublo rates,..._ ^_
B0Bl3a, &c, *Lr
On the shortest notice and in the vmmfjSrk
manlike nianner. .. .-,. .lj„7{^T.
lio hut also ffiipectf dwith his«atabiishment a
where all wor^i pext^ivipg to that business will
be neatly and hromjifl/ done. All Wagons and
Curriagos made from the best of laatorn tisi
ber, and warrantedfortwo years. 7/
W in S r^ nolflyTly
11HIWW t* a. B. Ko4.
Reparing dona neatly and at modwrata
prices. In the Xew lirlck buildinx. cbroer
Alain nod Plum streets. Com9 and aaa us..
& "A
picked up. bat tUajr aitppiy aod amwuoition
train* apaaar to be aeveral miles in the lead,
ferby Kmilbis also rrlraatins c^a
I A a
H«:ia vtt..
»f *#i# wring.
nd8 .iT-b 1 laSti *vMai .ajlarfjil'j
DsMWW #s ^^^^^r'l.^P
tts .vOStfi
AHsM»,si«isT ImMw*
to order at a«r StaaaT |s|

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