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"Blue" and Worried?
"Blue," worried, half-sick people
should find out the cause of their trou
bles. Often it is merely faulty kidney
action, which allows the blood to get
loaded up with poisons that irritate the
nerves. Backache, headaches, dizziness
and annoying bladder troubles are add
ed proofs that the kidneys need help.
Use Doan's Kidney Pills. Thousands
thank them for relief from just such
A Minnesota Case
Mrs. C. C. Lob- "hoyrUmTdjuStay"
mann, 8. Main St.,
Zumbrota. Minn.,
pays: "The flrst
symptom of my kid
ney trouble was a.
pain through the
small of my back
before long, it ex
tended down into my
limbs. I had nerv
ous headaches and
often got so dizzy, I
couldn't see. I felt
languid and was all
worn out mornings.
Ddan's Kidney Pills
gave me quick relief
and after I had used
a few boxes, I was cured. I have had
no further trouble."
W. N. U., Minneapolis, No. 10-1918.
Present Blessings.
"Ef you's in de wilderness," said
Brother WHIiam, "now Is de time ter
stay dar, an* thank de Lawd dat you
got trees ter burn 1"Atlanta Consti
A man who brags of never mak
ing a' mistake never made anything
/J Guaranteed by
Quite Natural.
"What was all the racket about In
the convention hall last night?"
"The delegates were discussing par
ty harmony."
New tk* TUBS to Get Rid of These Ugly Ssoti
There's no longer the slightest need of
feeling ashamed of your freckles, as the pre
scription othinedouble strengthia guar
anteed to remove these homely spots.
Simply get an ounce of othinedouble
strengthfrom your druggist, and apply a
little of It night and morning and you should
soon see that even the worst freckles have
begun to disappear, while the lighter ones
have vanished entirely. It is seldom that
more than one ounce is needed to completely
clear the skin and gain a beautiful clear
Be sure to ask for the double strength oth
ine, as this Is sold under guarantee of money
back if it fails to remove freckles.Adv.
Hugh L. Frayne, labor representa
tive on the war Industries board, has
been intrusted with the duty of look
ing after the welfare of men and wom
en employed In war work.
Skin Troubles That Itch
Burn and disfigure quickly soothed
and healed by hot baths with Cutl
cura Soap and gentle anointings of Cu
ticura Ointment. For free samples,
address, "Cutlcura, Dept. X, Boston."
'Sold by druggists and by mail. Soap
25, Ointment 25 and 50.Adv.
In Zululand the women fill their
mouths with water to keep silent. The
theory is all right.
Philadelphia reports a shortage of
garbage collections.
Milwaukee permits sale of horse
flesh for human food.
And tobacco now tastes much
better toasted.
You'll know this when you
smoke the famous Lucky Strike
cigarette, the real Burley cigarette.
It's toasted to develop and seal
in the Burley tobacco flavor.
Win the War by Preparing the Land
Sowing theSeed and Producing Bigger Crops
Work in Joint Effort the Soil of the United States and Canada
The Food Controllers of the United States and Canada are asking for
greater food production. Scarcely 100,000,000 bushels of wheat are avail-
able to be sent to the allies overseas before the crop harvest. Upon the
efforts of the United States and Canada rests the burden of supply.
Evtry Available Tillable Acre Must Contribate Every Available
Farmer and Farm Head Must Assist
Western Canada has an enormous acreage to be seeded, but man power
It short, and an appeal to the United States allies is for more men for seed-
ing operation.
Canada's Wheat Preduetien Last Year was 226.000,000 Bushels the
Demand From Canada Alene fer 1918 le 400,000,000 Bushels
secure this she must have assistance. She has the land but needs
die men. The Government of the United-States wants every man who can
effectively help, to do farm work this year. It wants the land in the United
States developed first of course but it also wants to help Canada. When-
ever we find a man we can spare to Canada's fields.after ours are supplied,
we want to direct him there.
Apply to our Employment Service, and we will tell you where you can
best serve the combined interests.
Western Canada's help will be required not later than April 5th. Wages
to competent help, 50.00 a month and up, board and lodging
Those who respond to this appeal will get a warm welcome, good wages,
good board and find comfortable homes. They will get i rate of one cent
a mils from Canadian boundary points to destination and return.
Fc: particulars as to routes and places where employment may be had
Attorney General* of Minnesota
Passes Away.
Had Been Stricken With Paralysis,
and Never Regained Con
St. Paul, March 5.Lyndon A.
Smith, attorney general of Minnesota,
died at 1 a. m. Tuesday at his resi
dence at the Marlborough apartments,
St. Paul. He was 63 years old.
Mr. Smith suffered a stroke of par
alysis just a week ago and never re
gained complete consciousness. His
fatal illness came suddenly, following
several mouths of excellent health.
Lyndon A. Smith
He was stricken after he had reached
his home at the close of the day's
His death closes a life-long career
spent in public service, more than a
quarter of a century of which was
spent in Minnesota. Previous to that
he had been in the service of the fed
eral government.
Attorney-General Six Years.
Mr. Smith had been attorney-gener
al a little more than six years. Ha
was appointed to the office by Gov
ernor Eberhart, January 1, 1912, to
fill a vacancy caused by the resigna
tion of George T. Simpson. At that
time lie had been assistant attorney
general for three years.. Prom 1899
to 1903, he had served as lieutenant
governor of the state.
Mr. Smith's illness, at first regard
ed by his physicians as probably fa
tal, assumed a less serious aspect
later on, and the progress he seemed
to be making from day to day gave
rise to hopes that he would recover.
He appeared to improve up to Sunday
when he suffered a sudden relapse,
and it became evident that the end
was near.
Punishment Urged by Hennepin Judge
Draft Opponent Hit.
Minneapolis, March 5.Alien vot
ing in Minnesota elections must stop
and aliens who have exercised the
elective franchise must be punished,
according to the seriousness of their
offense as shown by evidence, Dis
trict Judge Daniel Fish has just told
the new Hennepin County grand jury
in his charge.
Judge Fish also told the grand jury
to put an effective stop to opposition
to the draft and to such attacks on
the government as will hinder the
prosecution of the war.
Minnesota aliens who have refused
to register as directed by the Minne
sota Public Safety commission should
be interned for the period of the war,
State Auditor J. A. O. Preus contends.
He already has the names of a num
ber said to have failed to register.
farmers Expected to Save $400,000
Despite Advance.
St. Paul, March 4.Minnesota state
prison binder twine prices of from 21
cents to 26 cents a pound, compared
with 13 to 15 cents last season, have
been fixed by the state board of con
trol at a conference with Warden C.
S. Reed. Despite the Increase in
prices it is estimated the prison twine
output of 18,800,000 pounds will mean
a 1918 saving of $400,000 to Minne
sota farmers on the basis of govern
ment fixed maximum prices.
Chairman Ralph W. Wheelock of
the board of control said prison twine
last season was sold at times at
prices 6 cents below the market quo
tations on raw material, and nearly
7 cents below prices of private man
Republicans Win Mayoralties.
Portland, Me., March 5.Republican
mayors were elected in seven of the
nine cities which voted in this state
Must Entertain Soldiers.
Washington, March
Live Miller of Minnesota, who visited
he battle fronts in France la3t year,
told the Houso that the United States
must make provision for the enter
tainment of its soldiers when on leave
from the trenches T^Yance and Great
Britain, he said, have recognized the
necessity of allowing their soldiers
to go home whenever requirements
will permit and added that because
Ihey can make frequent visits home
they are more contented than the
Canadians, Australians and others.
These War Times.
Traveler (in London hotel)I'd like
a room on the third floor.
ClerkUp or down, sir?Life.
Tricky Trixy.
Husband"My trick dog refuses to
drink water." Wife"That's auother
trick you have taught him."
will quiet your cough, soothe the in
flammation of a sore throat and lungs,
stop irritation in the bronchial tubes,
Insuring a good night's rest, free from
coughing and with easy expectoration
in the morning. Made and sold In
America for fifty-two years. ~A won
derful prescription, assisting Nature in
building up your general health and
throwing off the disease. Especially
useful in lung trouble, asthma, croup,
bronchitis, etc. For sale in all civil
ized countries.Adv.
"Would you call a girl who plays the
harp a harpy?"
"Depends on how she plays It."
Louisville Courier Journal.
Nut Stuff.
Percy"Oh, yes, she is quite fond of
me." Ethel"Indeed I I thought she
was a bird, not a squirrel."
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets are the
original little liver pills put up 40 yeara
ago. They regulate liver and bowels. Ad.
Indefinite Statement.
"The Germans say the English will
have to give up Gibraltar."
"Oh, that's a bluff."
If you want to hold your place you
must keep growing enough to keep It
tightly fitted.Ralph Parlette.
There's nothing in the world beats
the charity that has no sin to cover.
The Vernacular.
"My dear woman," asked the liter
ary slum visitor, "do you periodically
castigate your offspring?"
"I dunno," said the lady of the tene
ment, suspiciously.
"He means," translated the settle
ment-worker, "do you ever wnllop your
We are not simply to occupy space,
but to occupy It well.
An old toper says It's the drinking
between drinks that hurts a fellow.
cop ecrn BBSSl
Set ^nntftnrsl5PIuidDjact
Ex*a Copy of Wrapper.
-Proo that SomeWomen,
do Avoid Operations
Mrs. Etta Dorion, of Ogdensburg, Wit., says:
I suffered from female troubles which caused piercing pains
like a knife through my back and side. I finally lost all my
strength so I had to go to bed. The doctor adTised an operation
but I would not listeS to It I thought of what I had read about
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and tried It* The flrst
bottle brought great relief and six bottles have entirelycured me*
S i women who have female trouble of any kind should try
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound."
How Mrs. Boyd Avoided an Operation.
& Canton, Ohio."I sufferedfromafemale trouble which
cawed me much suffering, and two doctors decidedtjart
I would nave to go through an operation before I could
"My mother, who had been helped by LydiaE.Pink
ham'sVegetable Compound, advised me to try it be
fore submittingtoan operation. It relieved mefrom
my troubles sol can do my house work without any
difficulty, I advise any womanwho isafflictedwith i
female troublesto give LydiafWffat^m./
table Compound a trial and it will do as much ^f 7/y
for them/?-Mrs. MABIB BOYD. 1421 Bth St., f/f hij
N. E.. Canton, Ohio. y'i j/^
Every SickWoman Shd^
Before Submittinglb An Operation*
Little Girl (to aunt who is staying In
the house on a visit)Are you going
out, auntie? You've got a hole in
your veil.
AuntHave" I? I'm afraid I haven't
time to change it now.
Little GirlOh, well, It's not a very
big oneand, after all, I don't sup
pose anyone will know you're my
aunt.London Punch.
Less than one-flfth of Spain's coal
mines are officially recorded as pro
22 Millio Families
in the United States
EACH FAMILY saved one cup of wheat flour it would amount to
5,500,000 pounds, or more than 28,000 barrels. If this saving was made
three times a week, it would amount to 858,000,000 pounds, or 4,377,000
barrels in a year.
You can do your share in effecting this saving and really help to win'
the war by omitting white bread from one meal today and baking in its
place muffins or corn bread made according to this recipe:
Corn Meal Muffins
IV cops floor
J2 teaspoon salt
4 teaspoons Royal Baking Powdar
Sift dry ingredients together Into bowl add milk and meltad
Shortening and beat welL Bske In greased muffin tins in hot
oven about 20 minutes. Same batter may ba baked as com
bread in greased shallow pan.
Oar new Red, White and Blue booklet, "Best War Time Recipes," containing many other
recipes for making delicious and wholesome wheat saving foods mailed freeaddress
ROYAL BAKING POWDER CO, DEPT. W, 135 William St, New York
For Infants and Children,
Mothers Know That
Genuine Castoria
Bears the
For Over
Thirty Years
Severe Test.
"It may be true that kind words
never die," remarked the Observer o?
Events and Things, "but It must be ad
mltted that a sudden fall on an Ice*
covered pavement is apt to put sort
of a crimp In them."
A spring gun has been Invented for
casting fishing lines farther than caa
be done by hand.
During the past few years there
has been a falling off In the yield as?
the bnnnnn.
2 tablespoons aogar
No egt-
1 cop milk
2 tablespoon* shortening

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