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Exact Copy of Wrapper.
For Infants and Children.
Mothers Know That
Genuine Castoria
Sears the
Cooking makes things deli
cioustoasting the tobacco
has made the Lucky Strike
Cigarette famous.
Q/f Guaranteed ey
Bgxu-i in "ii
Easif to figure i
Where in Western Canada you can buy at from
$15 to $30 per acre good farm land that will raise
20 to 4 5 bushels to the acre of $2 wheat its
easy to figure the profits. Many Western Canadian
farmers (scores of them from the U. S.) have paid for their land from a
single crop. Such an opportunity for 100% profit on labor and investment
is worth investigation.
Canada extends to yon a hearty invitation to settle on her
Free Homestead Lands ef 160 Acres Each
cr "secure some of the low priced lands in Moba Saskatchewan or
Alberta. Think what yon can make with wheat at $ 2 a beseel and land so
easy to get. Wonderful yields also of Oats, Barley and
Fla.i. Mixed farming, and cattle raising.
The climate is healthful and agreeable railway fa
cilities excellent good schools and churches convenient
Write for literature and particulars as to reduced railway
rates to SspL Immigration. Ottawa. Canada, or to
311 Jacksea Street. S Peal, Mian.
Canadian GowmmtBt Agent
For Over
Thirty Years
TNS enmu* wmuiT, ficwvon*WTV.
IG, white, mealywith
butter melting on it.
Um-m-ml And you like
it because it is baked Same
with Lucky Strike Cigarette
Americans Are Asked To Do On
Pound and Half Per Person
Each Week, i
One-Eighth Barrel For City and One.
Quarter For Country Customers
Are DecreasedNew Food
Washington, March 26.That the
scant supplies available before the
next harvest may be stretched to
meet the demands of the army,
domestic, consumers and the allies
the food adminstration has asked
a further reduction in the consump
tion of wheat.
Every American is requested to cut
his average ration of wheat by 50
per cent, which would reduce the
total normal consumption of 42,
000,000 bushels a month to 21,000,000.
This gives a ration of not more
than iyz pounds of wheat products
weekly for each person. Fiour sales
will be cut to one-eighth of a barrel
for a town customer and one-quarter
for any country customer, that re
tailers' stocks may be illustrated
to as great a number as possible.
Statement Is Issued.
The Food administartion's state
ment says:
"If we, are to furnish the Allies
with the necessary proportion of
wheat to maintain their war bread
from now until the next harvest, and
this is a military necessity, we must
reduce our monthly consumption to
about 21,000,000 bushels a month as
against our normal consumption of
about 42,000,000 bushels, or 50 per
Cent our normal consumption. Re
serving a margin for distribution to
the army and for special cases,
leaves for general consumption ap
proximately one and one-half pounds
of wheat products weekly per per
Many of our consumers are depen
dent upon bakers' bread. Such bread
must be durable and therefore re
quires a larger proportion of- wheat
products then cereal breads baked in
the, household.
Potatoes Are Abundant.
'With improved transportation con
ditions we now have available a sur
plus of potatoes We have in the
spring months a surplus of milk and
we have ample corn and oats for
human consumption. The, drain on
rye and barley as substitutes has al
ready exhausted the supply of these
"To effect the needed saving of
wheat we are wholly dependent up
on the voluntary assistance of the
American people and we ask that the
following rules shall be observed:
Householders to use, not to exceed a
total of 1V2 pounds per week of
'wheat products per person. This
means not more than 1% pounds of
Victory bread containing the requir
ed percentage of substitutes and one
half pound of cooking flour, Macaroni,
crackers, pastry, pies, cakes wheat
breakfast cereals, all combined.
Wheatless Day. Continue
"Public eating places and clubs to
observe two wheatless days per week,
Monday and Wednesday, as at pres
ent. In addition thereto, not to serve
to any one guest at any one meal
an aggregate of breadstuff's, macaroni,
crackers, pastry, pies, cakes, or wheat
breakfast cereals containing a total
of more than two ounces of wheat
flour. No wheat products to be served
unless specially ordered. Public eat
ing establishments not to buy more
than six pounds of wheat products
for each 90 meals served, thus con
forming with the limitations request
ed of the, householders.
"Retailers to sell not more than
one-eighth of a barrel of flour to
any town customers at any one time
and not more than one-quarter of
a barrel to any country customer at
any one time and in no case to sell
wheat products without the sale of
an equal weight of other cereals.
Victory Bread Affected.
"We ask the baiters and grocers
to reduce the volume of Victory
bread sold, by delivery of the three
quarter pound loaf where one pound
was sold before and corresponding
proportions in other weights. We also
ask bakers not to increase the
amount of their wheat fiour pur
chases beyond 70 per cent of the
average monthly amount purchased in
the four months prior to March first.
"Manufacturers using wheat prod
ucts for non-food purposes should
2ease such use entirely. There is
ao limit on the use of other cereals,
Sours and meats, corn, barley, buck
wheat, potato flour, etc.
Raiders Fail to Reach Ptriz.
Pari3, March 25.A group of enemy
lirplanes have crossed the lines and
a. number of bombs were dropped on
Compiegnr and different towns in tnat
-egion. Several machines advanced
further to the south, but were forced
to turn back by the fire of French
artillery. The alarm was immediate
ly given in Paris and half an hour
later the "all clear" signal was sound
ed. Apparently the Germans had in
tended to raid Paris itself, but one
enemy machine succeeded in reaching
the capital.
At the cost of a small jar of ordinary
jold cream one can prepare a full quar
ter pint of the most wonderful lemon
skin softener and complexion beautifier,
by squeezing the Juice of two fresh
lemons into a bottle containing three
ounces of orchard white. Care should
be taken to strain the juice through a
fine cloth so no lemon pulp gets In,
then this lotion will keep fresh for
months. Every woman knows that lem
on juice is used to bleach and remove
such blemishes as freckles, sallowness
and tan and Is the Ideal skin softener,
smoothener and beautifier.
Just try It! Get three ounces of
orchard white at any pharmacy and
two lemons from the grocer and make
up a quarter pint of this sweetly frag
rant lemon lotion and massage It dally
Into the face, neck, arms and hands. It
should naturally help to whiten, soften,
freshen and bring out the roses and
beauty of any skin. It Is truly marvel
ous to sraoothen rough, red hands. Adv.
Pcrtabie Distillery.
A French perfume-manufacturing
company has constructed a portable
distillery to obtain extracts from
either wild or cultivated flowers in the
regions in which they grow.
has been a household remedy all over
the civilized world for more than half
a century for constipation, intestinal
troubles, torpid liver and the generally
depressed feeling that accompanies
such disorders. It is a most valuable
remedy for Indigestion or nervous dys
pepsia and liver trouble, bringing on
headache, coming up of food, palpita
tion of heart and many other symp
toms. A few doses of August Flower
will -immediately relieve you. It is a
gentle laxative. Ask your druggist.
Sold in all civilized countries.Adv.
A War Expression.
"When Artemus Ward spoke of 'the
bright Lexington of youth.' what did he
"The period just after the young
idea has learned to shootrl suppose."
How's This
We offer $100.00 for any case of catarrh
that cannot be cured by HALL'S
en Internally and acts through the Blood
on the Mucous Surfaces of the System.
Sold by drug-gists for over forty years.
Price 75c. Testimonials free.
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio.
This Funny World.
McJonesNotwithstanding the high
price of living, the things we really
like are not what cost the most
McSmithI thought of that myself
when I saw Newrlch accompany his
wife to the opera when he'd rather
have gone to the movies.People's
Home Journal.
Thousands and thousands of people, says
Peterson, are learning every week that one
30 cent box of Peterson's Ointment will
abolish Eczema and banish piles, and the
grateful letters I receive every day are
worth more to me than money.
I had Eczema for many years on my
head and could not get anything to do it
any good. I saw your ad and got one box
and I owe you many thanks for the good
it has done me. There isn't a blotch on
my head now, and I couldn't help but
thank Peterson, for the cure is great. Mrs.
Mary Hill, 420 Third Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa.
I have had" itching piles for 15 years and
Peterson's is the only ointment that re
lieves me, besides the piles seem to have
gone. A. B. Rugcr, 1127 Washington Ave
nue, Racine, Wis.
Use Peterson's Ointment for old sores,
salt rheum and all skin diseases. It ban
ishes pimples and blackh*vVi in less than
10 days and leaves the skin clean, clear and
pleasant to look upon. Druggists guaran
tee it. Adv.
Tfhe wise man can conceal his wis
dom, but the fool cannot hide his folly.
An honest man thinks that a pretty
woman Is also a noble work.
The Better Way.
"Ask the waiter what is good today."
"You're living in the past. Ask him
what's ali^nred."
Some men are Ilk knives In getting
shnrp they lose more or less of their
best mettle.
The kiss evoluted from the monkey's
22 Million Families
in the United States
If each family used 4 cups of flour less per week, the saving
would be 22 million pounds or 112,244 barrels ei ery week.
The greatest help housekeepers can give to win the war is to
make this saving and if can be done by using this recipe in
place of white flour bread.
Corn Meal Biscuits
cop scalded milk
1 cap corn meal
2 tablespoons shortening
American People
There is no foundation for the alieged
violations of law attributed to our Com
pany by agents of the Federal Trade
Commission and I want to say emphatic
ally that Swift & Company is not a party to
any conspiracy to defraud, the Govern
ment. Nor has Swift & Company been
guilty of improperly storing foods or of
making false entries or reports.
Conferences of packers, where prices
have been discussed, have been held at
the urgent request and in the presence
of representatives of either the Food
Administration or the Council of National
Defense. And yet the packers have been
accused of committing a felony by acting
in collusion on Government bids!
We have done our best, with ether
packers, large and small, to comply with
the directions of the United States Food
Administration in all particulars, including
the furnishing of food supplies for the U. S.
Army and Navy and the Allies, now be
ing handled through the Food Adminis
We will continue to do our utmoat,un
der Government direction, to increase our
production and assist the Food Adminis
tration. W consider that the opportunity
to co-operate whole-heartedly and to our
fullest powers with this branch of the
Government is our plain and most press
ing duty.
The Trade Commission Attorney has,
by false inference and misplaced empha
sis, given to disconnected portions of the
correspondence taken from our private
files and read into the Record, a false and
sinister meaning with the plain purpose
of creating antagonistic public opinion.
The services of the packers of the
United States are most urgently needed,
and I regret exceedingly that we should at
this time have to spend our efforts in
defending ourselves against unfounded,
unproved, and unfair assertions such as
are being daily made public.
JCCLJ. QrurtftT. President
Swift & Company,U.S.A.
You know that when yon sell or buy through the sale*
you have about one chance in fifty to escape SAI.K KTAHUB
DISTEMPER. "SPOHN'S" is your true protection, your
only safeguard, for as sure as you treat all your horses)'
with It, you will soon be rid of the disease. It acts as
sure preventive, no matter how they are "exposed.
60 cents and $1 a bottle $5 and $10 dozen bottles, at all
good druggists, horse goods- houses, or delivered by th
SPOHJtf MBDICAIJ CO.. Btaanfactarera, Goshen, fnd., U.S.A.
teaspoon salt
1 cup white floor
4 teaspoons Royal Baking Powder
Save cup of the measured flour for board. Poor milk over corn meal, add shortening and salt When
cold, add sifted flour and baking powder. Roll out lightly on floured board. Cut with biscuit cutter and
bake in greased pan fifteen to twenty minutes.
Our new Red, White and Blue booklet, "Best War Time Recipes," containing many other
recipes for making delicious and wholesome wheat saving foods, mailed freeaddress
ROYAL BAKING POWDER CO, Dept. W, 135 William Street, New York
Unless a girl hns unlimited failh in
her complexion she will not tolerate
a kiss on her check.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets arc th
original little liver pills put up 40 years
ago. They regulate liver and bowels. Ad.
Little fleas have smaller fleas to. bite
them. Don't Imagine you have all the
trouble there Is.

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