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British and Franco American
Lines Before Amiens With
stand Foe's Assaults.
After Changing Hands Many Timet
Village of Hangard Is Taken
By GermansBritish Lose
London, April 27.In Flanders
the Allies .have suffered a reverse
but in Picardy they snatched vic
tory out of the jaws of defeat.
That sums up the results of the
fiercest fighting the spring cam
paign has yet seen.
Incidentally, tank met tank in
the Somme battle. It wa.s the
first time the Briish monsters
have clashed with their German
imitations. Both sides ascribe
successes to the land dread
Villers-Bretonntux, the village
nine miles due east of Amiens is
aagin in the possession of the
British. Australians and English
In a brilliant charge, recaptured
the city and took 600 prisoners.
London, April 27. American,
French and British troops are now
standing their ground firmly against
desperate continuing assaults of the
Teutons. Renewal of the drive in
the great battle, south of the Somme
resulted in the lines yielding slightly
at the first shock of tho enemy as
On the ten-mile front couth of the
Somme where the. intensive force of
the blow has been concentrated the
British have lost Villers-OBretonneux
and the French the village of Han
gard-en-Santerre. Already Field Mar
shal Haig's forces have begun to re
act strongly in the vicinity of the
former place and they have regained
ground around it, and considerably
Improved their general position.
French Solidly in Way.
Hangard" has once before been in
German possession during the Somme
battle and it changed hands twice in
the present fighting before the. French
drew out of it and established them
selves firmly on Its western edge. The
Germans have made repeated at
tempts to debouch from the place,
but each time the French were solid
ly in the way.
Decision Still in Doubt.
The fighting is continuing with the
Germans desperately struggling to
make considerable headway. They
must, if they are to gain anything
but relatively valueless local advan
tages. Thus the decision in the
newal of the battle is by no means
yet with either side. The meagre
gains of the enemy, however, after a
pause long enough for him to bring
up his heaviest artillery and when
he must have been at the pinnacle of
his strength, may well be compared
with the sweeping successes of the
beginning of the battle last month
when he won miles of ground a day
and captured tens of thousands of
Centering Blows on Kemmel.
Meanwhile the Germans have not
Abandoned even temporarily their ef
forts on the Flanders battle front. Ap
parently they are centering their
blows on the sector dominated by
Mount Kemmel, with the object of
forcing the defenders from this bul
BUT TV. 8. R.
Notable One Days' Feat of Major
William Thaw.
1 Washington, April 26.Major Wil-
liam Thaw, commander of the Lafay
ette squadron, brought down two Ger
man airplanes April 20, a dispatch
from Paris announced.
The dispatch, which relates other
American air exploits, is as follows:
"Maj. William Thaw, commander of
the Lafayette rouadron on April 2ft
scored a splendid double victory,
bringing down in turn a Drachen and
a monoplane. These two victories
Hermit him to be enrolled among the
prize aviators. Since he assumed
command of the glorious unit he
seems to have particularly distin
guished himself. Since the 27th of
March he has already triumphed over
tls third adversary."
BUY W. S. S.
Austrian Archdukes Will Confer.
Zurich, April 26.Archduke Eugene
has summoned all the Austrian arch
dukes to Vjenna for a conference on
"urgent questions," Prague newspa
pers ueclare.
BUT W. R. S.
Treasury Opposes Tax Plan.
Washington, April 26.Hopes of
business interests that the treasury
Might indorse pending legislation pro
viding for instalment payments of in
otne and excess profits taxes were
dimmed by an announcement that the
government's finances will not permit
Instalment payments on both taxes
and Liberty Loan bonds. The treas
ry department calls attention to the
flhet that potential Liberty Bond suh
cribers hampered for cash by taxa
requirements, may purchase
is on the instalment, plan.
All Stocks Will Be Bought By
..arge Part of Material Will Be Used
for the Manufacture of
Washington, April 26.All raw
i7ool now held in warehouses will
be taken over by the government at
the prices prevailing on July 30 1917.
Should holders decline to sell at that
figure the wool will be commandeered.
Wool that is now being clipped in
the West will also be taken.
The government will use a large
part of the wool for uniforms and
will distribute the remainder among
dealers for civilian needs.
The. country's looms, 40 per cent of
whose facilities now are engaged on
government work, will be required to
give O per cent of their output to
the government. Civilian consumers
will got the remainder at government
fixed prices.
BUY W. a. R.
Northwestern Representatives Ap
pear Before House Committee.
Washington, April 26.The North
west's vigorous opposition to the pres
ent grain grading system was heart
ily voiced by representatives of that
section in a hearing before the Agri
cultural committee of the House.
The hearing had been arranged by
Representative Sydney Anderson and
in support of the bill which had
been introduced some time ago at the
instance of the Northwestern dele
gates to Washington. It provides for
the representation of the grain grow
ing states on a committee to co-oper
ate with the Bureau of Markets in
the promulgation of grain grades.
It is estimated that under the pres
ent system thefarmer of the North
west lose anywhere from 6 to 7 cents
a bushel on their wheat, which, on
a crop of 100,000,000 bushels, would
Amount in a year to something like
BUT W. S. 8.
$120,000,000 NEEDED DAILY
Required to Assure $3,000,000,000 In
Liberty Loan Drive.
Washington, April 26.Dally sub
scriptions for the nation must aver
age, $120,000,000 to the close of the
campaign to assure a $3,000,000,000
record according to information from0
national headquarters. To reach a
$5,000,000,000 record, the subscription
ivyiat average $320,000,000 daily.
Officials in Washington believe the
campaign will close with a slight
oversubscription. Secretary McAdoo
asked that every community continue
the campaign to the close with the
same spirit with which it was opened.
BUY W. S. S.
Japanese Minster of Foreign Affairs
Quits Post.
London, April 25.Viscount Motono
the Japanese minister for foreign af
fairs, has resigned, according to a
Reuter dispatch from Tokio.
The question of Japanese interven
tion in Siberia probably led to the
withdrawal of Viscount- Ichiro Moto
no from the foreign ministry.
Viscount Motono, Who was given
the present title in July. 1916, was
Japanese ambassador to Rassia pre
vious to his elevatioa to the foreign
BUT W. 8. 3.
Norwegian Ships Chartered.
Washington, April 25.The ship
ping board has chartered 400.000 tons
of Norwegian sailing ships. They will
be put into nonhasafdous trades,
principally with South America, re
leasing ships for war trades. The
saiflng vessels will supplant about
one-third as much steam tonnage, the
difference being due to slower speed.
Some of the chartered ships are as
large as 5,000 tons capacity and all
of them are of steel. The ships will
be allowed to fulfill existing contracts,
most of which expire soon.
The nucleus of the big fleet of seaplanes that Uncle Sam is going to have is shown here.
15 planes are shown arriving or on the beach.
Diplomatic Break Between Hol
land and Germany Indicated
By Reported Action.
Washington Without Official Informa
tion To Throw Light on Situation
Believed Result of German Ul
timatum to Ho,lland.
The Hague, April 26.German
cavalry has appeared along the
Westphalian border, hitherto
guarded only by landsturm. A
strong German note, demanding
a quiok reply, has arrived. The
main demand is for free transpor
tation of material through Hol
land to Belgium.
Speaking in the Netherlands
parliament on the sand and grav
el question with Germany, the
Dutch foreign minister declared'
he could not and must not conceal
from the chamber the fact that
the question was a very serious
one. He said he could not say
more about it.
Amsterdam, April 26.The German
minister to the Netherlands has left
The Hague for Berlin and the Dutch
minister to Germany Is on his way
from Berlin to The Hague, according
to an announcement in the Hetvolk.
Washington, April 25.Washington
was without any official information
tonight to throw light on the situa
tion between Germany and Holland,
and officials and diplomats could only
speculate on reports that Germany
had delivered an ultimatum to The
Netherlands government demanding
the movement of war supplies through
Dutch territory.
BUY W. 8. S.
Three Fires Destroy Railway Shops
n\ Lima, UntO. jy
Lima, Ohio, April ,25.Three fires,
practically wiped out the $5,000,00,
Brilliant Inflicts
Feat By British
Heavy Damage.
London, April 26.A break 20 yards
wide was blown Into the Inner end of
the great Zeebrugge mole by the
British naval raiders, the admiralty
announces. This important result of
the brilliant feat was definitely de
termined by aerial observers.
The blocking of a great part of the
fairway at Ostend removes the last
doubt of the efficiency of the British
attack on that base, the exact results
there having been obscured up to the
Issuance of the British admiralty's
BUT xv. 8. S.
Many Deaths From Pneumonia.
Camp Dodge, April 26.Ninety-one
At this aviation station
Record 'Breaking Draft Order Is
Planned by United States.
More Men to Be Called in May and
June Than in Any Previous
Washington, April 26.It is learned
that record breaking calls for draft
men during May and June have been
decided on. The army general staff,
Jt is understood at the war depart
ment, already has transmitted to Pro
vost Marshall General Crowder an or
der to induct into service next month
a number of men which exceeds by
far any monthly quota previously
called. Other big calls will follow in
rapid order.
Trained troops are being moved"
overseas at a surprising rate, and
new troops will be sent to camps as
fast as space"" is provided by with
General Goethals, in presenting the
needs of the army to the shipping
board, outlined a program which has
staggered the board by its immensity.
It is regarded as indicating the inten
tion of the United States to throw
every available man into the Euro
pean situation and to raiie at once,
a much larger army. The require
ment asked by General Goethals are
not for next year, but for the present
season, indicating that a million men
may be in Fiance by fall and possibly i
more. It is America's answer to the cans.
Hindenburg drive.
BUY W. S. 8./
Copper Magnate Appointed Director
of Production Program.
Washington, April 26.Direction
of the army's great aircraft produc
tion program has been placed in the
hands of a civilian, John D. Ryan,
railroad man and financier.
Secretary Baker announced the
step, disclosing at the same time a
reorganization of the^ signal corps un
der which the aviation section virtu
ally is divorced from the corps prop
er, heretofore supreme on all ques
tions. With actual production'turned
over to a civilian division, headed by
Mr. Ryan, Brig. Gen. William L.. Ken
ly iS made chief oif a ne"w...
1 luaue cmci
breaking out simultaneously in the i training of aviators and military use
bake Erie and Western shops here,!
aeronautics to_ control
Maj Gen
Water pressure has been cut at
some- unknown point, while federal
agents report hose was cut in tworetires
places with a knife. One man is be
ing held by the police.
Ten to fourteen locomotives urgent
ly needed in war work, a new train
of troop coaches, just completed in the
shops and many other coaches, as
well as a score or more of box cars,
were destroyed.
BUY w. s. S.
squier, chief signal offi
cer, will confine his activities in the
future to the signal branch. Howard
Coffin, chairman of the aircraft board,
in favor of Mr. Ryan. The
aircraft board itself, created by con
gress, will continue as an advisory
BUY w. 8. s.
Weekly Announcements of Shipping
Losses To Be Discontinued.
London,. April 26.The admiralty
has announced the cessation of the
weekly retupi of shipping losses and
the substitution of a monthly report
on the Thursday following the twenty
first of each month.
The monthly ,-Btatement will give
the gross tonnage lost and the ton
nage of sailings to and from ports
in the United Kingdom.
BUY a. s.
D. A. R. War Fund $9,416,022.
New York, April 16.The sum of
19,416,022.90 is the total figured by the
war relief service committee of the
national society of the Daughters of
the American Revolution as Its actual
cash expenditure for war relief since
the beginning of the war.
BUY W. s. s.
Lion Mangles Film Actor.
New York, April 26. While
persons have died from pneumonia movie" company at Fort Lee was000,000
at this cantonment since April 1, It
was announced at the base hospital.
The two most recent deaths occurred
Tuesday night. The disease is of an
exceptionally virulent type, and stren
uous efforts are being made by the
medical department to curb its spread.
Major D. J. Glomset. now in charge of
the hospital laboratories here, is de- penter, seized au ax. entered the cage
voting virtually all hK time to an and drove the lion away from Cahill.
effort to-develop a
repel the disease.
filming "Gismonde," John A. Cahill, an
actor, entered a lion's cage. Instant
ly the beast sprang at him, knocked
him down and ripped strips of flesh
from his back. Cahill arose and
grasped the beast's throat, but wasin
thrown again and bitten through both
cheeks. John C. Abbott, a stage car-
crura that will He hit the bea^* three times on the
head, then dragged Cahill ont
Wounded Arriving at Rear From
Big Battle Line Include
Some Americans.
Details of Recent Fighting Near
Seicheprey Show That Yankees
Were Outnumbered in Some In
stances About Eight to One.
Paris, April 27.From units en
gaged in fighting side,by side with
French and British troops in stem
ming the German advance, American
soldiers wounded in the great battle
now be^ng waged, are arriving at the
rear. American wounded and sick to
the number of 128 have reached Hos
pital 3.
Hospital 25 is one. of, the new insti
tutions established behind the line as
it stood after the Allies stopped the
recent German drive in Picardy. Few
of the Americans remained at the
hospital very long, being taken furth
er to the rear.
Sixteen girl students from Smith
college are working in day and night
shifts at this point, and are operating
a well-arranged canteen at the rail
road c-tation for the soldiers coming
through on the hospital trains.
.Eight Germans to One Yankee.
With the American Army In France,
April 27.Further details received
at headquarters of the engagement
around Seicheprey show that the
American troops were outnumbered
in some instances eight to one.
More of the. American wounded
have been found, one of whom was
buried alive for three days and had
been trampled over by the enemy
when he had crawled to the surface
in the belief that he was dead. The
A*merican casualties are considerably
less than.the first estimates.
Foe Artjllery Fire Increases.
German artillery fire Is increasing
in the American sectors in this re
Reports show that the recent Ger
man attacks against American posi
tions here were* launched by "travel
ing circus troops" who are moving
continually, carrying their own
special "frightfulness" equipment and
aviation service.
This type of enemy troops is be
lieved to constitute a permanent mo
bile organization for testing the
strength of th.e Allied. lilies, partlcu
ar i those portions hfeld by A.meri
BUY W. 8. S.
Greatest Artillery Engine of Destruc
tion Ready For -Action.
Philadelphia, April 25."The great
est engine of destruction that has yet
been produced In* artillery by the
great war will move, out of one of
the munitions factories on the Dela
ware river at once.
This statement was made by Sam
uel M. Vauclain, vice president and
general manager of the Baldwin Loco
motive Works, who has won the so
briquet of "gunsmith of America."
Vauclain, who is chairman of the
subcommittee of the council of na
tional defense, added "that the entire
engine of destruction was planned, de
signed, constructed and completed
within 10 weeks."
BUY W. S. S.
u. s.
To Be Governed By
Opinion of Dutch.
Washington, April,25.The United
States is prepared to withdraw ifs
recent offer of three ships to expedite
grain to Holland If the harsh and un
fair comment of Dutch newspapers,
accusing the iWted States of duplic
ity in the condition that equal ton
nage should leave Dutch harbors for
America, is to be taken as indicative
of the feeling of The Netherlands
government and people.
BUY W. 8. S.
New Motor Service Created.
Washington, April 26.A motor
transport service has been created by
the war department, to take the place
of the motor division rf the quarter
master corps. The service will be
headed by a general officer as yet
unnamed, who will serve as an aschard
sistant to the quartermaster general.
BUY w. s. S.
First Alaska Draft Call May 1.
Juneau, Alaska, April 26.Alaska's
first draft will be called May 1. in
stead of June 30, as originally
planned, it was announced here. The
plen probably will go to Camp Lewis,
Allies Obtaining More Men.
London, April 25.More than 1,-
soldiers in addition to those
who would otherwise be in the field
against Germany have been gained by
the Allies in consequence of the Ger
man offensive, Winston Spencer
Churchill, minister of munitions, said
an address to the American labor
delegation in England. "So far as
moral effect are concerned," he said,
''all that the Germans have achieved
uy the battle has been an increase
In and closer consolidation of the
fCrces fighting agianst them."
Don't hurt a bit! Drop a little
freezone on an aching corn. Instantly
that corn stops hurting, then you lift
It right out. Yes, magic!
A tiny bottle of freezone costs but a
few cents at any drug store, hut la
sufficient, to remove every hard corn,,
soft corn, or corn between the toes,
and the callouses, without soreness or
Freezone is the sensational discov
ery of a Cincinnati genius. It is won*
Cause for It.
"Are you going to ask damages from
your tailor for not having your trous
ers- sent at the time he said they
would be ready?"
"Yes I am going to sue him for
breeches of promise."
Since the day of the caveman, who
liked his meat raw, civilization has
learned a lot about the scientific treat
ment of the things we eat
Naturally none of us would now
prefer to have our meat raw, our po
tatoes as they come from the ground,
our coffee unrOastcd.
And naturally follows the great dis
covery recently made by The Ameri
can Tobacco Co.that tobacco tastes
better TOASTED!
This wonderful new ideasimple
like ail great inventionswas first
used in producing the famous LUCKY
STRIKE Cigarettemade of toasted
Burley tobacco.
Burleyhas a mellow flavor, entirely
different from the tobacco usually
used for cigarettes. It is a pipe to-
baccoandLUCKY STRIKE Cigarettes
taste like a pipe. Adv.
Up to Date.
TeacherName the five zones.
I PupilTemperate, Intemperate, was
postal and p.
$100 Reward, $100
Catarrh is a local disease greatly Influ
enced by constitutional conditions. It
therefore requires constitutional treat
Is taken Internally and acts through the.
Blood on the Mucous Surfaces of theSys
destroys the foundation of the disease.
the patient strength by improving
general health and assists nature to
doing its work. tlj.X for any casejA
Catarrh that BALL'S CATARRH
MEDICINE) falls to cure.
Druggists 75c Testimonials free.
F. J. Cheney Co., Toledo, Ohio.
She Doped It Out.
"Daughter, It's time you were think
ing about marriage." "I have, father
that is why I'm still single."
Juice of Lemons!
HowtoMake Skin
White*and Beautiful
iiiiiini' i it
At the cost of a small Jar of ordi
nary cold cream one can prepare a full
quarter pint of the most wonderful
lemon skin softener and complexion
beautlfler, by squeezing the Juice of
two fresh lemons into bottle contain
ing three ounces of orchard white. Gore
should be taken to strain the Juice
through a fine cloth so no lemon pulp
gets in, then this lotion will keep fresh
for months. Every woman knows that
lemon Juice Is used to bleach and re
move such blemishes as sallowness,
freckles and tan and is the Ideal skin
softener, smoothener and beautlfler.
Just try it I Get three ounces of or
white at any pharmacy and two
lemons from the grocer and make up a
quarter pint of this sweetly fragrant
lemon lotion and massage it dally Into
the face, neck, arms and hands. It
naturally should help to soften, fresh
en, bleach and bring out the roses and
beauty of any skin. It Is wonderful to
smoothen rough, red hands. Adv.
A New Definition.
"And so you think I'm a coquette 7"
she smiled sweetly. "Why, Frank, 1
don't believe you know what a co
quette is!"
"A coquette \s a woman who syndi
cates her affections," he returned, bit
Precious to Herself.
"Why Is she always saying, *Dear
me?'" That's the way she thinks of
Money is like the parrotIt seldom
talks at the right time.
J| -ifr^

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