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Important News Events
of the World
The naval appropriation bill, carry
ing approximately $1,400,000,000, was
ipassed by the house In record time*
[Waiving long "general debate," the
(house pnt the bill through in two days.
Under the classification of men, for
selective draft service, Provost Mar
shal General Crowder has advised the
(senate military committee, approxi
mately 2,000,000, which will be placed
In class 1from which, it Is expected,
iall future calls will be taken.
Friday April 26, will -be Liberty
day throughout the United States, un
ider a proclamation issued on Thursday
inight by President Wilson calling on
'citizens of every community to hold
Liberty loan rallies and "liberally
pledge anew their financial support, to
sustain the nation's cause." Patriotic
demonstrations similar to those on
the opening day of the campaign will
be held on April 26 and the day de
moted to giving the race toward the
$3,000,000,000 war credit goal a new
Impetus for the final week.
President Wilsdh participated in an
impromptu Liberty loan demonstration
Sin a British battle tank by riding
through the White House grounds in
[the great machine He burned his
lhand severely on an exhaust pipe while
trying to climb on top in thte presence
of a great throng (#the
Representative Kahn of California, a
member of the house military affairs
(committee, reiterated his conviction
that America must put 8,000,000 men
on the battle front if Germany is to be
President Wilson won his fight
against $2.50-a-bushel wheat in the
house when the senate proposal was
rejected and the agricultural appro
priation bill sent back to conference
with house conferees instructed to
istand against the increase in the ex
isting government maximum of $2.
The conference will meet early next
week to consider their course.
The administration silver bill, pro
viding for the withdrawal from the
treasury of $50,000,000 in silver dol
lars, to be melted Into bullion to meet
iforeign trade balances, was passed by
the senate. The bill goes to the house.
Charles J. McCarthy of Honolulu
was nominated to be governor of Ha
waii. George F. Crutchley of Nor
borne, Mo., was nominated collector of
Internal revenue for the Sixth district
Of Missouri.
Minister Ira Nelson Morris at Stock
holm reported to the state department
khat as a result of a protest made by
him the Finnish legation in Stockholm
had expressed Its regrets over the pub
lic Insult offered Lieut. C. H. Thorllng,
}the--rtmerican attache at Vasa, Fin
land. The Finnish officer involved in
the incident has been punished.
The senate resolution for registra
tion of men who have reached twenty
one years of age since June 5, 1917,
was ordered favorably reported to the
house. The registration date would
he fixed by presidential proclamation.
All of southern California and a
portion of western Arizona and Utah
were shaken at 3:32 p. ra. Sunday by
jan earthquake which wrecked virtual
ly all buildings arid residences in He
anet and San Jacinto, two inland
towns 45 miles southeast of Riverside,
Cal., and caused minor property dam
age in practically every town and city.
One man, Frank E. Darnell of Los An
feeles, was killed in a panic at Santa
Approximately 75.000 club members
In New York have approved the action
of their governing boards in ruling
that after next Thursday no wheat
foods shall be served In their clubs
tlntil the arrival of the new crops.
Henry Rheimer, suspected of disloy
alty, was hanged by a crowd of 50
men at Collinsville. Ok!n., but after
toe had swung until he had become
Semi-conscious the police persuaded
[the would-be executioners to cut him
What Is claimed as a -record for
rooden ship construction51 days
after* the laying of the keelwas
achieved In Portland. Ore., when th
!eteamer Waken entered the Willamette
river. i
The federal government has taken
[/yver the big plants of the Bosch Mag
fneto company at Springfield. Mass..
and Plainfiejd, N. J., and directors will
|be named by A. M. Palmer, alien" prop
ierty custodian, to conduct their oper
ation. Investigation showed, it was
afinonnced. that the company is entire
ly enemy owned.
About sixty clubs, hotels and res
taurants in Chicago are now on a
iMKaffeas program, according to a tele
'grani received 'by the United States
food administration, i
The uniform wage scale now in ef
fect in Atlantic coast and gut ship
yards, was made effective for Great
Lakes yards, retroactive to April
The decision prescribes eight hours as
the working day.
Differences between the Bethlehem
Steel company and its employees have
been adjusted, it was announced
Bethlehem, Pa.
Emil Herman, state secretary of the
Socialist party, was, arrested at Ev
erett, Wash., on a charge of violating
the espionage act. Herman testified
that he gave out "anti-militarism"
A new scale of wages for civilians
working in Atlantic coast navy yards
will be put into effect May 1, the navy
department announced. It grants 18
20 per cent pay increases and
makes the navy yard#and pay com
form with wages paid in shipyards.
Lucien -Muratore. opera singei,
thrills 10,000 persons In New York
after singing the "Marseillaise," when
he whipped to the breeze a large
American flag and cried: "Vive
l'Amerique! Vive la France."
European War News
British casualties reported at Lon
don during the week that ended Sat
urday totaled 12,368, divided as fol
lows Killed or died of wounds, offi
cers, 575 men, 1,639. Wounded or
missing, officers, 2,173 men, 7,981.
British and German light forces
clashed in the waters east of Heligo
land, the British admiralty announced
at London. After an exchange of a
few shots the German warships took
refuge behind their mine field.
Maj. Gen. Frederick Maurice, chief
director of military operations at the
London war office, has been promoted
to duties in the field. He will be as
signed to work in relation to Apierican
and French armies.
Finland has definitely entered the
ranks of our enemies, says a dispatch
from Stockholm. Finnish government
troops, accompanied by Germans,
crossed the northeastern frontier Into
Russia, where they have already in
flicted casualties on the Ruslsan ad
vance guard detachments deployed in
the railway zone.
A dispatch to Amsterdam from Elnd
haven says that another mutiny broke
out at Beyerloo camp, in the province
of Limboiirg, Belgium, among the Ger
man troops when ordered to the Brit
ish,front in France. A number of the
mutineers were shot, the dispatch
adds, but the resistance continued.
The capture by the Turks of the city
of Batum is announced in an offieial
statement issued at Constantinople.
The city was held by the Armenians.
A telegram received nt Amsterdam
from Berlin says that $3,637,500,000
has been subscribed, to Germany's
eighth war loan, with many small
amounts still to be recorded."
The conference of Irish Nationalists.
Sinn Feiners, O'Brienltes and lnbor
Ites held In Dublin under the chair
manship of the" lord mayor, unani
mously passed a resolution declaring
their determination to resist conscrip
All the remaining stages of the Brit
ish man-power bill have been conclud
ed by both the house of commons and
the peers, and the royal assent was
given the measure'. The bill includes:
Conscription for Ireland elevation of
the army age to Jfty years and In
some cases to flffy^flve combing out
of industries to secure men, hereto
fore exempt, for war service. Con
scription of Ireland is expected to
add 161,000 men to the fighting forces.
The Amsterdam Telegraaf reports
that the German Socialist party In
Austria has decided that work shall be
stopped May 1 throughout the coun
try and that demonstrations in favor
of peace shall
b* held* 1 U. 5.Teutonic War News
The loss of two American ships,
from which 86 men are missing, was
announced by the naty department.
The Lake Moor was sunk by an en
emy submarine in European waters.
Five officers and "43 men are missing.
The Florence H. was blown up in a
French port by an Internal explosion.
Thirty-four of the crew of approxi
mately 75 were rescued.
Thirty American Infantrymen, with
the same number of French troops,
raided the German line on the right
bank of the Meuse, inflicting a number
of casualties on the enemy.
Acceleration of organization of the
National army tank corps was ordered
by the war department Announce
ment was made of the appointment of
157 second lieutenants for the corps.
"We will do our part: you do yours,'*
Is the message from the Amerin
army in France to the American peo
ple that Seeretary Baker delivered In
Washington at a Liberty loan rally in
ihs first public address since his re
turn from Europe.
Increase of the marine corps*
strength to 75,500 men was voted by
the house to enable the navy to put
an entire division of the sea soldiers
at the front with Pershing's expedi
tionary force.
Condensed for Busy Folks
Mankato.J B. Johnson, a veteran
shoemaker of this city, committed sui
cide by hanging.
CloquetThe largest class in the
history of the, local high school, forty
glx will b graduated this year.
Minneapolis.Special radio classes
for drafted men who have not yet
been called out will be continued at
Dunwoody institute throughout the
Roseau.A Red Cross auction here
netted $2,660 and then the citizens, to
show their hearts are in the war,
oversubscribed their Liberty Loan al
lotment the first day.
East Grand Forks.One thousand
surgibal dressings were turned out of
the men's surgfiical dressing class,
which was held in the local Masonic
hall one evening recently.
Fairmont.Martin comity oversub
scribed its third Liberty Loan quota
of $570,000 by $330,000 the first two
days, according to final figures given
out by the Liberty Loan committee.
MoorheadEvery township and
village in Clay county oversubscrib
ed its allotment in the third Liberty
Loan on Monday, the first day of the
drive, A. H. Costain, chairman of the
county campaign committee, an
International Falls.The county
commissioners appointed John S.
Gavin, principal of the Northome
schools, to complete the unexpired
term of D. B. Jewell, who resigned,
as superintendent of the schools of
the county.
St. Cloud.Casper Schoener, age
94 years, father of Sheriff B. E. and
Herman Schoener of this city, died
In Freeport, Stearns county. He had
been a resident of that village for 58
years, ever since he canie^ to this
country from Bavaria.
St. Cloud.August Slelzer, indicted
last week, pleaded guilty and was
sentenced to 90 days in the work
house. He la charged' with saying
that it was a "damn good thing" and
"that any man who would wear a
United States uniform should be sunk
With the boats."
New Ulm.New Ulm and Brown
county have gone over the top with a
roar. The quota for New Ulm was
$250,000. Reports compiled up to
thfe forenoon showed an oversub
scription of $62,000. The county
quota of $850,000 has been oversub
scribed by $475,000.
St. Paul.Local .board allotments
under the latest draft call for 1,925
Minnesota registrants to entrain dur
ing the. five day period, beginning
May 1, for Columbus Barracks, Ohio,
were announced by Major John P.
Snyder, chief draft aid to Adjutant
General W. F. Rhinow.
St. PaulMinnesota Home Guard
lias a strength of 7,501 men, including
370 officers and 7,131 enlisted men.
It is organized in 18 battalions, com
prising 92 companies in 58 Minnesota
towns. This ssummary of Home Guard
strength was announced by Major W.
A. Curtis, chief of Adjutant General
W. R. Rhinow's staff.
Crookston.Word from Perham,
Minn., today told of an alleged Ger
man sympathizer being made to kiss
the flag publicly. It is alleged that
Barney Kluber of Perham made
Blighting remarks about a service
flag dedicated to the boys who have
joined the colors from that commun-
ity.* Kluber was dragged from his
home to the town square, where he
was farced to kneel and kiss the
national emblem.
Thief River Falls.Violence was
feared when it became known that
Joseph Schmoster of this city declared
that he wished Germany would win
the war when asked to subscribe to
the Liberty Loan, according to offi
cials of the loan committee. An ap
peal has been sent to United States
Marshal Joseph Wessell of St. Paul
for deputies to protect Schmoster.
Schmoster owns a home here and is
well off, it is understood. Action will
probably be taken to have him re
moved from the community as a "dan
gerous alien."
St. Paul.The Federal Food Admin
istration requires that everyone who
has more than 30 days supply of
wheat flour to return the flour at
once to the dealer or miller from
whom it was purchased or report to
his county food administrator. This
order applies to everyone' no matter
when or how the flour was obtained.
Thirty days' supply is determined on
the basis of six pounds for each mem
ber of the household. A family of
four may have 24% pounds of wheat
flour apd a family of eight, 49 pounds.
Anyone who insists on keeping more
than one month's supply or Is using
more than six pounds per person per
month is considered a hoarder and
will be dealt with accordingly. Hoard
ing of necessary foods is punishable
by* a fine of $5,000, or imprisonment
for two years, or both.
New Ulm.There is every indica
tion that Brown county will oversub
scribe its quota In the third Liberty
Loan campaign. C. H. Beecher, chair
man of the loan committee, says:
"The allotment for this county is
$850,000 and at least one-half o.' that
lias been subscribed."
St. Paul.Disloyalty cases against
Carl F. Grosenick and George W.
Freerks, both of Ortonville, indicted
on charges of orally advocating that
citizens should not aid the govern
ment in the prosecution of war, today
were set for argument June is the
state supreme court.
Winona.Elvora Graff, 8 years old
is dead as the result of burns recelvet
while playing about a bonfire neai
her home at Wabasha.
Mankato.E. A. Duemeland of St.
Clair, general merchant, recently con
victed of using seditious language in
the presence of a drafted man, was
sentenced to pay a fine of $500, which
he did.
St. Paul.Minnesota, with 480,535
members of the Catholic church, in
a total of 17,416,303 for the United
States, ranks 13th among the states,
it was shown in the Official Catholic
MadeliaMadelia's third Liberty
Loan assessment was $40,000 and at
the close of the first day the amount
subscribed was $66,650. Watonwan
county will exceed its quota more
than $100,000.
Winona.With snow melted and
streams down to normal and as clear
as in midsummer, the trout season
opened yesterday in the southern
zone of Minnesota, the most promis
ing in years.
Virginia.Mrs. *ohn Lonne, 35,
swallowed some lysol and cut her
throat at her home and was hurried
to a hospital, where it is reported her
condition is critical. Ill health is the
caused asigned.
Waseca.Henry Baker, Sr., hanged
himself in the barn while his wife
was in tqwn shopping. As his wife
went away, he said, "Goodby until we
meet again." He left a note in the
house saying where his body would
be found. He was 79.
Hutchinson.Every town and vil
lage in McLeod county oversubscrib
ed its Liberty Loan quota from $10,-
000 to $40,000. Reports show the
farmers heavy purchases and the sell
ing brisk in German districts.
St. Cloud.Judge Roeser in the
Biessner-Gross case, a contest be
tween the heirs of Nicholas Hentges
for the possession of an estate of
$9,000, ruled that the property be sold
and evenly divided among the heirs.
Willow River.Miss Rose Dunn is
being treated by a physician for an
injury she* sustained when an auto,
owned by Nels Nyrau of this place
and driven by William Fournier,
turned turtle on the Sturgeon Lako
Paynesville.Dr. Arndt of Paynes
vllle received a telegram from Wash
ington ordering him to report for
service in the medical corps on April
25. His enlistment in the medical
corps carries with It a commission aB
first lieutenant.
Chisholm.All persons without vis
ible means of support or persons who
are living in idleness as well as gam
biers and loafcrB, will be ordered to
leave the city in a general cleanup
campaign to be started by the polico
department next week.
St. Cloud.The park board has do
cided to accept the plans submitted
by Phelps Wyman,. land architect of
Minneapolis, for the beautifying of
the city and its surroundings. Tlia
plans include detailed specifications
regarding all city parks.
Brainerd."Cutting" across lots to
make short cuts instead of following
streets, all to the damage of lawns
and green grass, has been banned by
the city council, which passed an
ordinance making provision against
the practice by providing penalties.
No aldermen voted against it.
Waseca.John Jeddeloh, a farmer
of Vivian township, this county, who
has a son in the service at Camp
Dodge, has entered a plea of guilty
before Judge Childress in the dis
trict court to a charge of using Ian.
guage tending to prevent enlistments.
He was sentenced to serve six months
in the county jail.
St. Peter.Gustave Krueger, who
is reported to be the only person in
the village of Courtland who refused
to purchase a Liberty Bond, was se
verely beaten by citizens of that vil
lage. Krueger, who is rated at $25,-
000, was allotted $200. It it reported
he did not subscribe to either of the
other bond issues.
Cass Lake.Masonic funeral rites
were conducted here tomorrow over
the body of Frank Ives. Burial was
in the Evergreen cemetery. Judge
Ives was 86 years old and was ack
nowledged the oldest editor in Min
nesota. He established the Cass
Lake Times 20 years ago. In 1916
he retired from active newspaper
work. During his residence of 56
years in Minnesota, Judge Ives lived
in Red Wing, Crookston and Cass
St. Paul.Minnesota agencies are
In Washington endeavoring to save
the farmers of Minnesota a sum of
money ranging from $500,000 to $800,-
000. The question at issue is the re
consignment order issued by the In
terstate Commerce commission, which
takes effect May 1. This order calls
for the payment of $2 upon the re
consignment of each car of grain at
the terminals. It is so framed that
if a car is consigned to* a commission
agent and is then turned over to
some flour milling concern, for exam
ple, the transaction is regarded as a
reconsignment and the $2 charge ap
Brainerd.Judge W. 8. McClenaliaa
of the district court heard in cham
bers the case involving an account
ing asked for by the Akeley estate
from T. B. Walker of Minneapolis in
a partnership deal involving mucfc
testimony, and which was on trial for
five weeks in Minneapolis last year.
Detroit.Charged with selling In
toxicants to an Indian, AJbert Fill
man and Edward Johnson, saloon
men of Plummer, were held to the
May term of Federal court at Fergus
Falls. Judge Winje placed the bond
of each at $1.0C0, which was fur
I Guarantee My Ointment, Says Peter
son. Stops Itching Instantly.
"If vou are responsible for the health of
your familv," savs Peterson. "I want you
to get a large 30 cent box of Peterson's
Ointment today.
"Remember, I stand back of every box.
Every druggist guarantees to refund the
purchase price if Peterson's Ointment
doesn't do all I claim.
"I guarantee it for eczema, old sores,
running sores, salt rheum, ulcers, sore
nipples, broken breasts, itching skin, pim
les, skin diseases, blind,
and itching piles as well as for
burns, scalds, cuts, bruises and sunburn.
"I had 30 running: sores on my leg tor
II years. Was In three different hospitals.
Amputation was advised. Skin grafting
waa tried. I was cured by using Peterson
Ointment."Mrs. F. E. Bootv 287 Michi
gan St., Buffalo. N. T. ,_.
Mall orders tilled, charges prepaid by
Peterson Bros., Buffalo, N. T. Adv.
Among Girls.
FlorenceOh, yes, he's all right, but
so old-fashioned. Why he still refers
to his mustache as a soup strainer.
"Are you studying German?" 'Tes,
I don't want any alien enemy to be able
to say things I can't understand."
With Many Others.
"I say, old boy, do you happen to
have nn iibout, you?"
"Sir, an is uu unknown quantity
with me."
When your shoes pinch or your corns and bun
ions ache getAllen's Foot-Ease, the antiseptic
powder to be shaken into shoesand sprinkled in
the foot-bath. Gives instant relief toTired,Ach
ing, Swollen,Tender feet. Over 100,000 packages
are being used by the troops at the front. Bold
everywhere,25c. Don't tucttt mnr tu6tt(tmt*.Adf.
It doesn't pay to stick your nose
Into other people's businessunless
you get a fee for so doing.
The needle you must hunt for In
the haystack never pricks your fingers.
Back Lanw and Achy?
There's little peace when your kid
neys are weak and while at first there
mav be nothing more serious .than dull
backache, sharp, stabbing pains, head
aches, dizzy spells and kidney irregu
larities, you must act quickly to avoid
the more serious trouble, dropsy, gravel.
heart disease, Bright's disease. Use
Doan's Kidney Pills, the remedy that
is so warmly recommended everywhere
by grateful users.
A Minnesota Case
H. De Voice,
Marshall St.*
Springfield, Minn.,,
says: "For yearns
I had a constant,
dull pain In my
back and kidneys.
The attacks were
so severe that It
seemed as If a,
sharp Instrument
was piercing my
kidneys, first on
one side and then
the other. Four
boxes of Doan'e
Kidney Pllll
cured me and
since then I have bad no further trou-
Get Doan'sat Any Store,
DOAN'S vas.**xBeeM
W. N. U., Minneapolis, No. 17-1918.
Win the War by Preparing the Land
Sowing the Seed and Producing Bigger Crops
Work In Joint Effort the Soil of the United States and Canada
Th Food Controllers of the United States and Canada are asking for
greater food production. Scarcely 100,000,000 bushels of wheat are avail-
able to be sent to the allies overseas before the crop harvest. Upon the
efforts of the United States and Canada rests the burden of supply.
Every Available Tillable Aore Must Contribute! Every Available
Farmer and Farm Hand Must Assist
Western Canada has an enormous acreage to be seeded, but man power
is short, and an appeal to the United States allies is for more men for seed-
ing operation.
Canada's Wheat Production Last Tsar was 226,000,000 Bushels the
Demand From Canada Alone for 1918 Is 400,000,000 Bushsls
secure this she must have assistance. She has the land but needs
die men. The Government of the United States wants every man who can
effectively help, to do farm work this year. It wants the land in the United'
States developed first of course but it also wants to help Canada. When-
ever we find a man we can spare to Canada's fields after ours are supplied,
we want to direct him there.
Apply to our Employment Service, and we will tell you where you can best serve-
the combined interests.
Western Canada's help will be required not later than May 5th. Wages to com-
petent help, #50.00 a month and up, board and lodging.
Those who respond to this appeal will get a warm welcome, good wages, good'
board and find comfortable homes. They will get a rate of one cent a mile from Canadian
boundary points to destination and return.
Por particulars as to routes and places where employment may be had apply tot
Tou enn prevent this loathsome disease from running
through your stable and cur all the colts suffering with
It when you begin the treatment. No matter how young.
BPOHN'S is safe to use on any colt. It is wonderful how
it prevents all distempers, no matter how colts or horeee
at any*age are "exposed.*' All good druggists and turf
goods houses and manufacturers sell SPOHN'S at CO cents
and $1 a bottle $5 and $10 a dozen.
SPOHHf MEDICAL, CO., Mir*., Cashes, lad., V. S. A.
To Release Grain in Case of Fire.
An excellent suggestion for saving
wheat and other grain In country ele
vators in the event of fire has been
made by a South Dakota builder. The)
idea is simple. Each bin for grain is
provided with a trapdoor in the outer
wall of the building, so arranged that
in case of fire the door could be pulled
open and the grain allowed to run oat
on the ground.Scientific American.
Did It ever occur to you that sum
mer girls nnd peaches disappear t*i
There Is always something coming
to us that we should like to see sldi**
and other land at very low prices. Thousands of
farmers from the U. S. or then* sons are yearly taking
advantage of this great opportunity. Wonderful yields
also of Oats, Barley and Rax. fated Farming is
fulh/ as profitable an industry as grain raising. Good
schools markets convenient climate excellent.
Write for literature and particulars as to reduced
railway rates to Supt Immigration, Ottawa,
Canada, or to
Sit Jacksea Street, Sf. Peal, Mae.
Canadian Government Agent
"Actions speak louder than
words-Act Dont Talk -Buy Now
of Gold
coning to farmer* from the rich wheat fields of
Western Canada, Where you can lay gaad farm land
at SIS fa SM par acre and raise from ta 45 bushels
of S3 wheat to the acta it's easy to make money. Canada
offers in her provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta
160 en Homesteads Free to Settlers

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