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^Eleven Persons Are Killed and
About Fifty Injured in'
Blast at Boston.
Two Million Gallons of Syrup Rush in
Mighty Stream Along Thorough.
fares and Turn Wreckage
Into Sticky Mass.
Boston, Jan. 17.In the explosion
a huge tank of molasses on the
water front off Commercial street, near
Kenny square, 11 persons are known
to have been killed and about 50 in
Eight bodies were removed from the
wreckage and three men died at the
Relief hospital. Most of those in
jured suffered only from bruises.
The cause of the explosion has not
been definitely determined. Walter L..
Wedger, explosion expert of the-state
police, said he was not prepared to
give a final opinion but that it seemed
probable to him thaf it resulted from
gas fumes generated by fermenting
molasses within the tank, which-was
not full. The molasses had been kept
warm by steam heat from a plant at
some distance from the tank.
The only bodies identified were
those of a fireman and two' residents
of tenements in the vicinity. A large
number of the injured were taken to
the Relief hospital.
The tank was owned by the Purity
Distilling company, a subsidiary of
the United States Industrial Alcohol
Little Warning Given.
A dull, muffled roar gave but an
instant's warning before the top of
the tank was blown into the air. The
{Circular wall broke into two great
segments of sheet iron which were
impelled in opposite directions. Two
million gallons of molasses rushed In
a mighty stream over the streets and
converted into a sticky mass, the
wreckage of several small buildings
which had been smashed by the force
of the explosion.
The tank was located a short dis
tance from the Charlestown bridge
where the Charles river empties into
the harbor.
The greatest mortality apparently
occurred in one of the city buildings
'nearby, where a score of municipal
employes were eating their lunch. The
building was demolished. The other
city building which had an office on
the ground floor and a tenement above
was similarly torn from its founda
tions and two women were severely
One of the sections of the tank wall
fell on a fire house, crushing it.
Three firemen, two of whom had been
engaged in a card game, were buried
In the ruins. One was killed and the
other two were injured.
Former Katser Said to Be on Verge
of Hopeless Lunacy.
Amsterdam, Jan. 15.William Hon
enzollern Is on the verge of becoming
a helpless lunatic, according to infor
mation brought here by a leading Hol
lander who just left Count Bentinck's
castle, where he was a guest. He de
clared the former emperor talks con
tinually. His conversation is rambling
and erratic. He cannot sleep at night.
Recently he announced his intention
of returning to Berlin and it was with
difficulty he was persuaded not to do
so. He also is determined at times to
surrender to the British.
Massachusetts Senator Only Speaker
& at Roosevelt Memorial.
Washington, Jan. 15. Senator
lodge of Massachusetts will deliver
tbe eulogy at the joint congressional
memorial service for Theodore Roose
srelt to be held in the house chamber
on Feb. 9. The Republican leader in
the senate, who for many years was
close personal friend of the former
president, was selected by unanimous
vote of the senate and house com
mittees appointed to arrange for the
services and he will' be the only
Italians and Austriana Anxious to
Settle in America.
Washington, Jan. 16.Thousands of
Italian and Austrian war prisoners are
planning to come to America as soon
MM possible, John B. Densmore, direc
tor of tbe federal employment ser
vice, told the House immigration com
mittee at the beginning of hearings
on bills to prohibit immigration.
Suffrage Backers Are Active.
Washington, Jam 17.Following
the Republican national committee's
reaffirmation of the party's devotion
to tbe woman suffrage cause, senate
suffrage advocates will try *o get a
.vote next week on the amendment.
Passage by the New Hampshire legis
lature of a resolution favoring suffrage
is expected to win the vote of Senator
Moses. Moses announced he would
support tbe amendment if instructed
to do so by the people of his state.
ifOae mors vote still is needed.
That of Harbor Men Only One
Left In Argentine.
One Thousand Killed and 6,000 Hurt
In Riots Attendant On
Buenos Aires, Jan. 17.Labor lead
ers, at a conference with President
Irogoyen, agreed to call off all strikes
in Argentine, except the one which
has virtually paralyzed shipping in the
Telegrams received from different
parts of the country indfeate condi
tions are much improved as a result
of orders sent to the various unions.
No Need for Martial Law.
President Irigoyen promised the la
bor representatives he would do every
thing possible to meet the demands of
the workmen, including, wage in
creases. He said he would study the
port strike with a view to arriving at
some solution which would be satis
factory to both sides. After the con
ference the president said he believed
there would be no necessity for the es
tablishment of martial law throughout
the 'country.
1,000 Killed In Rioting.
Recapitulation of the casualties in
flicted during the disorders of the last
week shows between $50 and 1,000 per
sons were killed and between 3,600 and
6,000 were wounded. The final figures
probably will be much higher, as many
of the killed and wounded were carried
away by the rioters.
Military Precautions Not Relaxed.
Reports from provinces have shown
the troubles did not have their origin
in holshevlsm but were due to conflicts
Incident to strikes. In this city, where
there was danger of a bolshevist up
rising, conditions are much Improved,
but military precautions against fur
ther outbreaks have not been relaxed.
Food supplies have been replenished
and meat is available for the first time
in nearly a week.
Colonel Edward A. Deeds of Signal
Corps Exonerated.
Washington, Jan. 17.After an ex
haustive Investigation into the facts,
the special War department commit
tee appointed to inquire into charges
made against Colonel Edward A.
Deeds, of the signal corps, in Charles
E. Hughes' report on aircraft produc
tion has recommended that no court
martial proceedings be Instituted
against the officer.
Secretary Baker made public the
board's findings together with a letter
he has written Chairman Dent of the
house military committee, announc
ing that they had been approved and
the case closed.
Senate Votes Unanimously In Favor
of Bill.
Washington, Jan. 17.The bill des
ignating the California giant redwood
district as "Roosevelt National Park"
was passed unanimously by the sen
ate and now goes to the house.
President Postpones Trip to Invaded
Regions of France.
Paris, Jan. 17. President Wilson
has indefinitely postponed his visit to
the invaded regions of France in-order
to keep in touch with the peace con
ference activities in Paris.
President-Elect Is Dead.
Rio Janeiro, Jan. 17.Dr. Rodrigues
Alves, president-elect of Brazil, is
Food Cargo Going to Poland,
Washington, Jan. 17.The first food
relief for Poland to go forward from
the United States in four and one-half
years will be taken soon from New
York by the American steamer West
ward Ho, which is loading a 7,000-ton
cargo costing $1,225,000 and paid for
by contributions from Polish and Jew
ish organizations in this country. One
third of the food will be condensed
milk, one-third animal fats and vege
table oils and the other third a va
riety of cereals.
The body of Colonel Roosevelt being conveyed from the church at Oyster Bay to the cemetery, mounted police
leading the wny.
Premier Orlando Busy Forming New
Rome, Jan. 17.The Italian cabinet
has resigned. Premier Orlando is at
work on the formation of a new cab
Conspiracy Trial of I. W. W.
Members at Sacramento
Ends in Verdict of Guilty.
Government Prosecutor Asserts Indus
trial Workers of the World Rec
ognize No Country snd
Insult the Flag.
Sacramento, Cal., Jan. 17.A Jury
In the United States district court
here found guilty all the 46 defendants
in the I. W. W. conspiracy case.
The verdict, "guilty as charged,"
was returned. Sentences will be im
posed by United States Judge Prank
H. Rudkin of Spokane.
Prosecutor Arraigns I. W. W.
The Jury retired after Robert Dun
can, government prosecutor, made the
concluding statement in whlcb he
"The I. W. W. recognizes no coun
try, no flag, no color line. They re
spect no flag but the red flag. They
would drag us all-down to the level
of the lowest man. They do not rec
ognize difference of ability in men,
but would give the unworthy the same
privileges for whlcb the worthy save
to strive so hard."
Duncan read at length from jour
nals of the organization Which were
alleged to have stated that "no peace
officer could be a member of the I.
W. W."
"The uniform of the United States
soldier is merely the livery of the
'scab'" and "Sabotage is a sign of
"It is a fine example of courage
when some I. W. W. throws a phos
phorus bomb into a haystack and then
arranges to be hundreds of miles away
before the bomb ignites," Duncan said
Long History Cited.
"They said that conscription was
challenge to the working class
their organization in 1905 they have
been an unlawful conspiracy in re
straint of the orderly and progressive
programs of this government. They
were asked to mark their claims for
exemption. St W. W., opposed to
war.' They sought to bring,out the
sort of government that exists in Rus
sia today. It is that sort of disorder
they would have us live under."
Miss Theodora Pollock, the only
woman defendant, was called by Dun
can as "Just as disloyal as Bill Hay
wood, the executive head of the or
"She could have cast her lot with
the United States when it was sadly
in. need of her talents," he said, "but
she chose to cast it witb this treason
able, disloyal outfit. She had money
to give this I. W. W. organization, hut
not one cent to give her government."
U. S. Animal Casualties 42,311.
Washington, Jan. 17.Animal
ualties overseas had reached a total
of 42,311 on Christmas day, at which
time the total American animal army
in France was 191,631, War depart
ment officials said.
British Colonies Hsvs Delegates.
Paris, Jan. 17.The representation
of the various countries in tbe inter
Allied conference is still the subject
of revision, but as outlined by tbe
council the allotment gives two dele
gates each to Canada, Australia, South
Africa and India and one each to New
Zealand and Newfoundland, in addi
tion to tbe allotment, as previously
announced, to the other countries tak
ing part in tbe war. -This is not con
sidered as giving preponderance to
Great Britain and her colonies.
President May Make Trip Over U.
S. on Return.
Would Inform Country of Peace Pro
ceedings snd Encqurage Support
of Hia Principles.
Paris, Jan. 16.A speaking tour of
the United States soon after be re
turns home is being planned.by Presi
dent Wilson. It is said this trip will
take him into many of the principal
cities and possibly to the Pacific coast.
His plans are not as yet matured.
With Congress out of the way early
In March, Mr. Wilson would have an
opportunity for such a tour before re
turning to Europe, should he follow
his original plan and if his return trip
before the convening of an extraordi
nary session of Congress should he
decide to call one.
No Extra Session Plans.
So far as known, Mr. Wilson has no
plans for an extra session, but he still
holds,to his idea of returning to tbe
peace congress, if it is felt his pres
ence is necessary to the success of the
league of nations.
The object of his proposed speaking
tour would be to inform the country
by personal contact of the proceedings
at Paris and at the same time sound
out and encourage public sentiment In
support of the peace principles he has
enunciated and which he feels have
been acclaimed by the masses in Eu
It is now regarded certain the peace
congress will still be working on its
problems during the summer. Mr. Wil
son's friends believe popular expres
sions in the United States might sup
port those of England, Prance and
Italy and have great influence on
European statesmen.
Said to Have Resigned as Democratic
Washington, Jan. 16.Vance C. Mc
cormick has resigned as chairman of
-the Democratic national committee. It
is understood he is under.considera
tion for appointment as American am
Since bassador to France to succeed William
Graves Sharp. Mr. Sharp's resigna
tion, it is said, is in the hands of the
President, but no announcement of
the fact has been made.
The fact that Mr. McCormick has
resigned became known here, although
there had been no suggestion of it
when he sailed for France two weeks
ago to assist with work in connection
witb the peace conference.
Princess Charlotte to Preside Over
Luxembourg Affairs.
Luxembourg, Jan. 16.Princess
Charlotte, sister of Grand Duchess
Marie, has been chosen as the latters
successor by the chamber of deputies,
which met immediately after the abdi
cation of the grand duchess was an
nounced. By a vote of 30 to 19 the
chamber decided immediately to ap
point a delegation to receive Princess
I Charlotte's oath of office. Princess
Charlotte will assume office at once.
Eleven Are Awarded Medals by Sec
retary Baker.
Washington, Jan. 16.Upon tbe rec
ommendation of General March, Sec
retary Baker has awarded tbe Ameri
can distinguished service medal to 11
officers of Allied armies for "excep
tionally meritorious and distinguished
service to tbe United States army"
during the war.
Duluth to Ocean Project.
Duluth, Jan. 17.Ths Lake-St. Law
rence-Tidewater association as tbe Du
luth to the ocean project is hereafter
to be known, will assume inter-state
importance in Washington Feb. 4
when delegates from Minnesota, Wis
consin, Illinois, Michigan, Iowa, Ohio,
North Dakota and probably other
states will meet to coordinate views
and develop plans for the project.
Senator Knute Nelson of Minnesota
and Senator I. L. Lenroot of Wiscon
sin, will back the project.
te Thirty-sixth State to Ratify
Prohibition Amendment to
National Constitution.
Saloons to Close Next July as War
Measure, May Remain Shut, Is
PossibilityCourt Action
Already Started.
Chicago, Jan. 17.The Nebraska
state legislature ratified the 18th
amendment to the federal Constitu
tion prohibiting the manufacture, sale,
transportation and importation of in
toxicating liquors for beverage pur
poses in the United States or any
of Its territories.
Nebraska was the 36th state to rati
fy the amendment, completing the roll
of three-fourths of all the states re
quired to change the constitution.
Missouri was the 37th state to com
plete ratification, acting only a few
minutes after Nebraska had registered
its will.
The eleven other states whose legis
latures have not yet voted on tbe
amendment are Minnesota, Wisconsin,
New Mexico, Nevada, New Jersey,
New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania,
Rhode Island, Vermont and Wyoming.
Effective in One Year.
The new amendment becomes effect
ive one year from its ratification. It
will take the first 36 states several
more days to certify their ratification
to the federal government. This means
the amendment will go into effect
late in January, 1920. Meanwhile con
gress and the states are.expected to
enact legislation providing for the en
forcement of the amendment and fix
ing penalties for its violation.
Drouth Starts July 1.
While the federal amendment does
not take effect until January, 1920, the
country will really go dry forever July
1, 1919, when the wartime prohibition
act becomes operative. This act in
all likelihood will remain in effect until
the permanent drouth begins in Jan
Plan Fight In Courts.
The sole hope of the wets lies in
court action. In this city Levy Mayer,
chief counsel for the distillers, an
nounced plans for contesting the va
lidity of the ratification in 22 states In
which state constitutions require a ref
erendum vote on proposed federal con
stitutional amendments. In response,
dry leaders in Washington quoted Ar
ticle of the federal constitution as
specifying that amendments must be
acted upon by either the state legisla
tures or state constitutional conven
tions. This, they contended, invali
dates the referendum requirement in
the 22 states cited by Mr. Mayer.
Ratified in 13 Months.
It took the drys 100 years to get the
national prohibitory amendment sub
mitted by congress to the several
Once it was submitted, It took ths
legislatures of the necessary 36 states
just,one year and one month lacking
one day, to ratify the amendment.
8enate Votes to Take No Action On
Disloyalty Charges.
Washington, Jan'. 17.The senate
adopted the resolution of its elections
committee recommending that no ac
tion be taken on the disloyalty
charges brought against Senator La
Follette of Wisconsin because of state
ments in his speech Sept. 20, 1917,
before the Nonpartisan league at St.
The vote was 50 to 21, 20 Democrats
and one Republican voting in the nega
Association in' California to Combat
National ProhiUtlon.
San Francisco, Jan. 17.Declaring
the federal dry amendment has not
been ratified by the necessary 36
states and will not be until the federal
government has been officially notified
of each state's action, Theodore Bell,
attorney for the California Wine Grow
ers' association announced permanent
injunctions will be sought in every
state where referendum laws exist-
Nebraska Executive Malls State's Ac
tion On Prohibition.
Lincoln, Neb., Jan. 17.To eliminate
any possibility that opponents of na
tion-wide prohibition might seek to en
join him from certifying to the state
department Nebraska's action approv
ing the federal prohibition amendment,
Gov. Samuel R. McKelvie dispatched
this state's approval of the amendment
tn a registered special delivery letter.
British Send Pood to Vienna.
Vienna, Jan. 17.British troops ar
rived here as the convoy of a train
load of foodstuffs, a present from ths
British army in Italy to the women
sad children of Vienna. The British
officer in command explained to the
burgomaster that the supplies were
sent in recognition that Austria had
treated her British prisoners with con
sideration in contrast with the i in
human- treatment given them by the
Germans. Three additional trainloads
are to follow. The burgomaster said,
the food arrived at an opportune Urns.
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