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State Commission Announces
Such Action for Feb. 5 Unless
Legislature Acts.
8uggests Enactment if War Measures
Are to Be ContinuedStanding
Committees for Senate and
House Named.
St. Paul.All orders of the State
Public Safety commission will be re
scinded Feb. 5, unless the state legis
lature acts to continue the orders, it
was announced by the commission
when It referred to the legislature a
measure making its orders inopera
Legislative Enactment Suggested.
The reason fof^the action, the com
mission said, is the measures were of
wartime necessity, and the signing of
the armistice makes a renewal of hos
tilities practically impossible. It is
also suggested, should the legislature
desire to continue all or some of the
orders, it may do so by enactment.
Copies of the rescinding measure
were sent to the house, the senate and
to Governor J. A. A. Burnguist, with
the statement that the rescinding or
der would become effective Feb. 5 un
less the commission was otherwise in
structed at its meeting Feb. 4.
Nearly half of the orders of the
Public Safety commission still in
force have a bearing on the liquor
Home Guard Retention Sought.
Steps to continue the Minnesota
home guard as apart of the state mili
tary forces were taken by Adjutant
General W. F. Rhinow upon reports
that the order of the Safety commis
sion creating the home guard will be
made inoperative Feb. 5.
The horns guard was created by or
der No. 3 issued by the Public Safety
commission. General Rhinow plans to
interview members of the legislature
with a view to having the home guard
continue in existence by legislative
St. Paul.At a short evening ses
sion of the senate, Lieutenant-Gov
ernor Frankson named the standing
committees of the upper house as fol
Agriculture and HorticultureWard,
chairman Anderson, dimming. I lamer,
Johnson, Kuntz, Romberg, Schmechel,
Turnham and Wold.
Banks and BankingNolan, chair
man Benson, Gillam, Gooding, Hegnes,
Rank. Fowler, Harm.
Cities of the First ClassDenegre,
chairman Adams, Brooks, Callahan,
Conroy, Devoid, Dwyer, Brickson,
Fowler, Gnilford, Handlan, Jackson,
Orr, Palmer, Ribenack, Wallace, Van
Civil AdministrationCadey, chair
man Bessette, Bonniwell, Callahan,
Cashel, Hall, Jackson, Rockne, Sulli
Commerce, Manufactures and Trade
Boylan, chairman dimming, Kings
bury, Lee, Lindsley, Palmer, Bibenack,
Orr, Reed.
Corporations Palmer, chairman
Hegnes, Larson, Loonam, Naplln, Reed,
Conroy, Benson.
Dairy Products and Live StockBon
niwell. chairman Hamer, Handlan, Lee,
Lindsley. Loonam, Millet, Van Hoven,
DrainagePeterson, chairman Clira
Gumming, Nord, Putnam, Stepan, Ward,
Adams, Turnham.
EducationBenson, chairman dim
ming, Larson, Millet, Palmer, Sageng,
Ward, Rash, Carley, Gooding, Wold,
Lee, Guilford.
ElectionsSageng, chairman: Blom-
SXen, Gandrud, Larson, Putnam,
Brooks, Rockne, Sullivan, Lee.
FinanceRockne, chairman Bald
win, Benson, Bessette, Gandrud, Hopp,
Turnham, McGarry, Nolan, Nord, Orr,
Palmer. Peterson, Rask, Sageng, Sul
livan. Carley, Ward, Widell.
Ofcmc and FishTurnham, chair
man: Handlan, Hopp, Kingsbury,
Kuntz, McGarry, Van Hoven, Guilford,
General LegislationSullivan, chair
man Blomgren, Boylan, Cliff, Conroy,
Denegre, Gillam, Gjerset, Kingsbury,
Palmer, Peterson, Wold, Putnam.
Grain and WarehouseGillam, chair
man Anderson, Bonniwell, Brocks,
Johnson, Will cox, Loonam, Sageng,
InsuranceOrr, chairman: Blomgren,
Carley, Denegre, Guilford, Larson,
Lindsley, Madigan, Schmechel.
Judiciary Putnam, chairman
Adams, Baldwin, Benson, Bonniwell,
Brooks, Callahan, Carley, Cashel, Cliff,
Denegre,* Fowler, Gjerset, Guilford,
Hall. Hopp, Jackson, Madigan, Millet,
Naplln, Orr, Peterson, Rockne, Sullivan,
LaborCallahan, chairman Boylan,
Brooks, Denegre, Conroy, Devoid,
Dwyer, Johnson, Swanson.
Markets and MarketingGandrUd,
chairman: Hamer, Ribenack, Romberg,
Schmechel, Wlllcox, Wold.
Military AffairsRask. chairman
Kunts, Nolan, Putnam, Swanson, VI
bert, Wtdell.
Motor VehiclesHegnes, chairman
Boylan, Guilford, Reed, Romberg,
Turnham. Naplln, Wold.
Municipal AffairsMillet, chairman
Blcmgrcn. Cashel, Gillam, Johnson, Vi
bert, Rask, Gjerset.
Public Institutions and Buildings
Cliff, chairman Erickson, Lindsley,
Loonam. Wlllcox, Blomgren, Conroy,
Dwyer, Sageng.
Public DomainVibert, chairman
Bessette. Hamer, Hagnes, Nord, Peter
son, Wlllcox, Gjerset.
Public UtilitiesAdams, chairman
Callahan, Gandrud, Handlan, Kuntz,
Madigan. Millet. Naplln.
Public Welfare and HealthHand
lan, chairman Boylan, Hall, Lindsley,
Erickson, Reed, Ribenack, Schmechel,
Public HighwaysMcGarry, chair
man Adams, Baldwin, Brooks, Cashel,
Anderson, Cliff. Denegre, Gooding,
Madigan, Nolan, Nord, Schmechel,
Turnham, Widell.
RailroadsBaldwin, chairman Cum
Draft System Proven Sound.
Chicago, Jan. 14.Addressing ap
proximately 700 members of local draft
boards of the state, members of the
Illinois Selective Service association,
Maj. Gen. Enoch H. Crowder declared
that "after a year and a half of ex
perience it is now generally conceded
that the plan of the selective service
system was fundamentally sound.*'
"This war could never, have been won
by armies raised exclusively by the
volunteer system," he said during the
course of bis address.
mlg, Dwyer, Erickson. Romberg, Mil
let, Swanson, Fowler, Van Hoven.
Reconstruction and ReliefBessette,
chairman Devoid, Dwyer, Gandrud.
Jackson, Reed, Stepan, No*d.
RulesLarson, chairman Benson,
Sageng, Jackson. Nolan, Putnam, Rock
ne, Sullivan, Vibert.
State and County FairsHopp, chair
man BeBsette, Hall, Kuntz, Loonam,
Peterson, Widell, Conppy, Madigan.
State Development and Immigration
alord, chairman Baldwin, Gooding,
Hall, Hegnes, McGarry, Reed, Dwyer,
Soldiers' HomeVan Hoven, chair
man Bonniwell, Willcox, Cashel, De
void, Klng*bury, Hamer.
Taxes and Tax LawsGjerset, chair
man Adams. Anderson, Baldwin. Heg
nes, Hopp, Johnson, McGarry, Vibert,
Fowler, Widell, Nolan, Gillam, Nelson.
Towns and CountiesWidell, chair
man Anderson, Carley, Gillam, Hamer,
Kingslwy, Napliu, Gjerset, Larson,
Bask. ,__.
Temperance Blomgren, chairman,
Gooding, Lee. Ribenack, Romberg. Van
Hoven. Vibert, Ward, Peterson.
Workmen's CompensationJackson,
chairman Boylan. Cashel, Devoid, Er
ickson, Fowler, Orr, Rockne, Swanson.
MileageMadigan, chairman Clin,
House Committees.
Speaker Nolan has announced the
standing committees for thf house as
Agriculture and HorticultureGrant,
chairman Anderson, Arneson, Serve,
Cyrlson, C, De Lury, Gislason, J. B.
Green, H. M., Hornpe, Hulbert, John
son, Lagersen. Nett. Neuman, Rako,
Sciialeben, Welch, Wicklund.
Appropriations Christianson, T.,
chairman Adams, Bendixen, Bernard,
Boyd, Carlson, Christensen, A.. Corning,
Drweiler, Erickson, Frisch, Greene, T.
J., Hammer, Hompe, Howard, Jacob
son. Kingsley, Lagersen, McLaughlin,
MoPartlin, Murphy, Nordgren, Oren,
Pattison, Prince, Rako, Sliter, Swanson,
S. J., Swanson, O. A., Teigen, Trow
Banks and BankingBriggs, chair
man Adams, Baxter, Chirhart, Der
weller. Emmons, Frisch, Girling, Jacob
son, Pedersen, Shirley, Oberg, Sliter,
Swanson, S. J., Swenson.
Board of Control and Public Build-
ingsBernard, chairman Andersen,
Christianson, T., Fawcett, Lee, Levin,
Pedersen, Prince, Scherr, Smith, Wa
Cities of First ClassLevin, chair
man Bernard, Corning, Cullum, Len
non, A. L, Lennon, J. G., Miner. Nor
ton, Pittenger, Ryan, Smith, Solem,
Civil AdministrationTeigen, chair
man Christianson, T., De Lury, Gisla
son, Lee, Long, Moen, Nelson, C. N.,
Norton, Parker, Scherf, Sluke, Warner,
Wicklund, Wilkinson.
ClaimsMoen, chairman Arneson,
Burrows, Herrled, Oren, Smith, Spel
brink, So.lem, Thorkelson.
Commerce, Manufacture and Retail
TradeLennon, J. G., chairman Arens,
Galewski., Girling, Goodspeed, Herried,
Dilley, Johnson, Kelly, Lang. Levin,
McLoughlin, Rodenberg, Ryan, Scherf,
Shanks, Swanson, J., Trpwbrldge.
CorporationsErickson, D., chairs
man Moen, Chirhart, Darby, Gill, Le
vin, McGrath, Nelson, J. M., Oberg, Ro
denberg, Sigel. Stahlke, Strand, Swen
sen, Thorkelson.
Dairy Products and LivestockWil
kinson, chairman Burdorf, Carlson,
Curtis, Darby, Dilley, Flahaven, Qisla
son, C. M.. Hale, Manske, Nelson, Carl,
Olson, Pederson, Prince, Putnam, Ross.
Schaleben. Shanks, Silver, Swanson, S.
J., Swenson, O., Teigen, Urness, Welch,
DrainageNeuman, chairman Ben
dixen, Brophey, Burdorf, Burrows, Cur
tis, Enger, Emmons, Gislason, J. B.,
Greene, T. J., Grant, Harrison, McPart
lin, Manske. Rako, Schaleben, Shirley,
Sortedahl, Wicklund.
Education Haugland, chairman
Berve, De Lury, Galewski, Green, H. M.,
Hitchcock, Iverson, Moen, Oberg, Oren,
Stahlke, Swanson, 8. J., Leonard, War
ner, Waters, Wicker.
ElectionsWarner, chairman Adams,
Baxter, Carlson, Gleason, Haugland,
Hompe, Howard, Jacbbson, Kingsley,
McGiverrt, Nordgren, Norton, Parker,
Putnam, Shanks. Sudheimer, Trow
bridge, Wicker. _,
Enrollment and EngrossmentHale,
chairman Arneson, Johnson, Kelly,
Game and FishPraxel, chairman
Baxter, Christensen, A., Corning, Cur
tis, Enstrom, Fawcett, Frisch, Good
speed, Grant, Hammer, Herrled, Hinds,
Leonard, McLaughlin, Thorkelson,. Ro
General LegislationGirling, chair
man Brophey, Bouck, Cullum, Dilley,
GUI. Gislason, C. M., Gleason, Greene.
T. J., Grant, Jacobson, Lennon, A. L,
Lennon, J. G., Miner, Nlmocks, Nordlin,
Praxel, Swanson, John, Waters.
Grain and Warehouse Bendixen,
chairman Baxter, Corning, Cullum,
Dilley, Christensen, A., Hale, Howard,
Shanks, Lee, Nelson, Carl N., Nett,
Perry, Putnam, Ross, Gislason, C. M.,
Smith, Teigen, Welch.
InsuranceSolem, chairman Arne
son, Baxter. Berve, Bouck, Briggs,
Chirhart, Johnson. Kelly, Leonard,
Lennon, A. L, McGlvern, Shirley, Nlm
ocks, Pittenger, Rodebberg, Swensen,
JudiciaryParker, chairman Berve,
Boyd, Brophey, Christianson, T., De
Lury, Erickson, Gleason, Hammer,
Haugland, Howard, Levin, McGlvern,
McGrath, McPartlin, Moen, Murphy,
Nordlin, Norton. Oberg, Pattison, Pit
tenger, Praxel. Sigel, Solem, Sudheimer,
Swensen, E. Wilkinson.
LaborMcGrath, chairman Bernard,
Burrows, Fawcett. Galewski, Gill, Har
rison, Kingsley. Lennon, A. L, Long,
McPartlin, Nordlin, Prince, Ryan, Sigel,
Strand, Swanson, J., West.
Legislation Expense Pittenger,
chairman Neuman, Rako, Sortedahl,
Swanson, John.
Markets and MarketingNordgren,
chairman Bendixen, Carlson, Day, En
ger, Hinds, Howard, Lee, Perry, Prince,
Scherf, Serline. Sliter, .Sortedahl, Teig
en. Wicker, Wilkinson.
Military Affairs-^-Dllley, chairman
Bouck, Briggs, Christenson, A., Cullum,
Hompe, Hulbert, Kingsley, Leonard,
McLaughlin, Nordlin, Pattison, Praxel,
Trowbridge, Wicker.
Motor VehiclesCorning, chairman
Arens, Boydv Goodspeed, Darby, Fla
haven, Frisch, Gislason, C. M., Green,
H. M., Greene, T. J., Nlmocks. Oten,
Sluke, Strand, Welker.
Municipal AffairsPattison, chair
man: Boyd, Burrows, Emmons. Ga
lewski, Gill. Goodspeed, Green. H. M.,
Harrison. Hodapp, iverson. Long, Nett,
Serline. Sliter. Spelbrlnk, Swanson, S. J.
Penal and Correctional Institutions
Harrison, chairman .Arens, Flahaven,
Hinds, Hodapp. Iverson, Lee, Nett, OK
son, scherf, Smith.
Public DomainMurphy, chairman
Anderson, Brophey, Burrows, Enstrom?
Fawcett, Green, H. M., Hale, Hinds,
Hulbert, Legersen, Long, McPartlin,
Pedersen, Schaleben, Shirley, Skalem,
Sinke, Sortedahl.
Public Highways Swenson, O.,
chairman Bouck, Bendixen, Burrows,
Carlson, Chirhart, Curtis, De Lury,
Derweller, Enger. Emmons, Frisch,
Gislason, J. B.. Hale, Herried. Hinds.
Hitchcock, Hulbert, Kelly, McPartlin,
Manske. Nordgren, Oren, Perry, Rako,
Rose, Schaleben, Solem, Shirley, Sud
heimer. West.
Public Welfare and HealthHompe,
chairman Cullum, Day. Galewski,
Siegai, Lang, Milner. Nelson. J. M.,
Levin, Perry, Ryan, Stahlke, Swanson,
John, Trowbridge.
Public UtilitiesGleason, chairman
Adams, Chirhart, Darby, Enger. Erick
son, Gislason, J. R, Goodspeed, Lang,
Lennon, J. G., McGrath, Murphy, Nel
son, C. N.. Nelson, J. M., Nlmocks, Oren,
Briggs, Strand, Teigen, Thorkelson,
RailroadSwanson. S. J., chairman
Swenson, E.. Holmquist, Lennon, John
G., Long, Nelson, C. N., Nlmocks, Prax
John Hays Hammopd Sued.
Baltimore, Jan. 14.John Hays
Hammond, mining engineer and
financier, was sued here for specific
performance of an alleged agreement
made by him for the settlement of the
litigation over stock of the General
Cotton Securities company, which he
is charged with wrongfully obtaining
and converting to his own nse. The
suit was brought by Mrs. Effle F. Dore
mus, as administratrix of the estate
of her husband, Willard F. Doremus,
and Addison G. Du Bois.
el, Sigel, Sluke, Skalem, Urness, Wa
ters. Welch, West.
Reconstruction and Relief-rHltch
cock, chairman Briggs, Burdorf, Dar
by, Ericsson, Haugland, Holmquist,
Neuman, Oberg^Olson, Parker, Peder
son, Jacobson, Skaieftn, Warner.
RulesNorton, chairman Murphy,
Nordgren, Parker, Putnam, Warner,
State and County FairsSudheimer,
chairman Anderson, Arens, Bouck,
Corning, Enstrom, Frich, Girling,
Greene, T. J., Hale, Neuman, Serline,
Swenson, C. A., West, Wicklund.
State Development and Immigration
Bouck, chairman Boyd, Day, Der
weiler. Herried, Hinds, Rodenberg, Ser
line, Sortedahl.
State HospitalsMoen, chairman
Hammer, Lagersen, Lennon, A. L.,
Prince, Skaiem, Spelbrink, Stahlke.
Swenson, O. A., Swensen, Erling, Ur-
So'ldiers' Home Swanson, John,
chairman Arneson. Flahaven, Green,
H. M., Harrison, Hodapp, Holmquist,
Hompe, Kelly, Manske, SpelbrVnk.
TaxesAdams, chairman Bendixen,
Briggs, Cullum, Engstrom, Haugland,
Kingsley. Neuman, McGivern, Nlmocks,
Norlen, Perry, Pittengen, Ross, Serline,
Shirley, Sliter, Sudheimer, Warner,
Wicker, Wilkinson.
Temperance Putnam, chairman
Bernard, Girling, Grant, Hammer,
Lagersen, Leonard, McGiVjern, Moen,
Nordgren. Norton, Oberg, Pittenger,
Shanks, West.
Towns and CountiesRoss, chair
man Burdorf, Curtis, Darby, Enger.
Grant, Herrled, Hitchcock, Haugland.
Holmquist, Iverson, Kelly, Lee, Long,
Manske. Nelson, J. M., Olson, Serline,
Universities and State Schools
Hitcacock, chairman Boyd, Christen
sen, Andrew, Day, Derweiler, Hammer,
Hodapp. Kingsley, McLaughlin, Patti
son, Rako, Ryan, Urness.
Workmen's Compensation Nordlin,
chairman Brophey, Emmons, Fawcett,
Gleason, Hitchcock, Howard, Lang,
McGrath. Miner, Pattison, Smith, Solem,
Swensen Erling, Waters.
The following bills'have been Intro,
S. F. 2CarleyFor 2 per cent ton
nage tax on iron ore.
S. F. 3RaskTo establish a branch
agricultural college at Waseca.
S. F. 4CliffTo amend a law of
1013 relating to writs of error.
S. F. 6CliffRelating to proceed
ings beforo the Supreme court.
S. F. 6CliffProhibiting publica
tion of legal newspapers in any but
the English language.
S. F. 7CliffRegulating costs in
cases before the Supreme court.
S. F. 8SagengTo create a state
board of education.
S. F. 9GjersetTo amend highway
law of 1913.
S. F. 10BensonAppropriation for
state aid to schools.
S. F. 11DwyerFire and police
bond issue.
S. F. 12FowlerRelating to licens
ing of corporations.
S. F. 13FowlerAuthorizing the re
newal of period of corporations.
S. F. 14BessetteLegalizing munic
ipal appropriations for Tyler relief
S. F. 15BessetteAmending the tax
8. F. 16BessetteTo abolish Minne
sota Commission of Public Safety and
to repeal Chapter laws 261.
S. F. 17Johnson, Devoid, Conroy,
Naplln, Schmechel, Stepan, Loonam,
RombergTonnage tax on iron ore.
S. F. 18GandrudRelating to prop
erty exempt from taxation.
S. F. 19 Gandrud Prpposing an
amendment to section 1 of the con-,
S. F. 20F. H. PetersonDefining
gambling contracts.
S. F. 21F. H. PetersonA bill re
lating to selection of jurors.
S. F. 22F. H. PetersonJoint reso
lution favoring a league of nations.
S. F. 23DenegreDefining right to
membership in tire and police relief
S. F. 24DwyernA bill to repeal
chapter 105 of laws relating to civil
service In cities of the first class.
House. $
H. F. 32RodenbergAmendment re
lating to garnishment.
H. F. 33HitchcockAmendment re
lating to the licensing. of motor ve
hicles, and determining theip horse*
H. F. 34Boyd and Carlson, C. O.-
Act relating to salaries of county offi
cers in Polk county.
F. 35Boyd and Carlson, C. O.
Act to reimburse Company I, Third in
fantry, M. N. &, for expenses incurred,
in equipment fnd maintenance of na
tional guard armory at Crookston.
H. F.-36Act for the relief of P. L,
Wagner for loss of property near Du
luth during the forest fires on Octo
ber 12.
H. F. 37Act to extend protection tq
the civil rights of members of the mil
itary and naval forces of the United
States engaged In the present war.
H. F. 38PlttlngerAct for the re
lief of O. J. Oppland for loss of prop*
erty near Duluth during the forest fires
on October 12.
H. F. 39PittingerAct for the re
lief of C. E. Quade for loss of prop
erty near Duluth during the forest fires
on October 12.
H. F. 40-r-PlttlngerAct to pay Frank
G. Scribner for rescales of certain tim
ber while surveyor general of logs
and lumber of Minnesota.
H. F. 41Plttlnger Act fixing a
standard weight or measure for the
sale of articles of merchandise.
H. F. 42De Lury, DanielAct for
the improvement of highways.
H. F. 43The committee on taxes
and tax lawsAct to classify property
for taxation purposes.
H. F. 44McPartlinAmendment re
lating to -free tuition in state schools.
H. F. 45NlmocksAct authorizing
cities of the first class to regulate the
use of motor vehicles.
H. F. 46Nimuek*Amondment re
lating to the theft of motor vehicles.
H. F. 47 Nlmocks, Burrows, Mc
Partlin and Lennon, A. LAmendment
relating to boxing and sparring In the
state of Minnesota-
H. F. 48NlmocksAct^prohlblting
In certain cases, public officers from
being candidates for election to offices
other than those of which they are
H. F. 49NlmocksAct relating to
the sale of motor vehicles.
H. F. 60NlmocksAct to fix sal
aries of aldermen In certain cases.
H. F. 61NimocksAct regulating
the circulation of statements affect
ing candidates for office,
H. F. 52NimocksAct relating to
the election e* county surveyors.
H. F. 63NlmocksAct to fix the
salaries of certain city officers.
H. F. 64NlmocksAct relating to
the salaries of certain court officers
in counties having a population ot
350,000 or over.
H. F. 55 and 56NimocksConcur
rent resolution requesting the pur
chase by the state of 1,000,000 of Lib
erty bonds.
H. F. 57Nordgren, Ross and Neu
manAct- to regulate the manufacture
and sale of sleighs.
H. F. 58NordlinAct providing for
the restoration of civil rights of felons.
H. F. 69HitchcockAct to appro
priate money for the publication of
the proposed constitutional amend
ment In October, 1918.
H. F. 60WelcliAct to prohibit the
use of oleomargarine in state institu
H. F. 61Christianson, T.Concur
rent resolution to the United States
senate relating to the submission of
an amendment to the Federal constitu
H. F. 62Christianson, T.Act re
lating to the destruction of barbery
Medical Men'a Union Approved
London, Jan. 15.Satisfaction is ex
pressed by the Times in an editorial
commenting upon the ^foundations of
an "inter-Allied fellowship of medi
cine" which it says will unite more
closely American, British and other
Allied schools of medicine. Dr. Sir
William Osier is president of the or
ganisation and Dr. Sir Abutbnot Lane
is treasurer. Step* will be taken to
inaugurate in London post graduate
courses in medicine similar to those
already established at r*uri.
Frazeo.The H. W. Thompson store
has again changed hands, the present
owners being H. M. Hoel and father.
East Grand Forks.The state aid to
the East Gjand.Forks high school this
year amounts to $4,719, the largest
amount paid to any school in Polk
Mahnomen.A company of farmers
has been formed here for the purpose
of publishing the Mahnomen Free
Press, the company to be known as the
Mahnomen Publishing Company.
Eemidji.Pledge subscriptions for
the Red Cross chapter in the month of
December, amounted to $423.95, ac
cording to the report of Mrs. G. M.
Torrance, chairman of thefinancecom
AlpbayJohn D. T. Beck of Alpha
has been an active knitter during the
war. At the age of 75 he has knitted
134 pairs of socks, four sweaters, four
scarfs and several pairs of wristlets
for the RedpCross.
Stillwater.Mrs. Charles Gardner of
this city has received a telegram from
the war department at Washington
that her son, Bryant E. Gardner, is
seriously ill in one of the French war
hospitals at Metz.
Warroad.Isidore Sigel has re
turned from a fur buying trip on the
Lake of the Woods, and reports that
the "flu" epidemic has, about exter
minated the Indians in several villages
in the Crow Lake country.
Brainerd.Mrs.' Hilda Hill, charged
with manslaughter in the first degree,
was arrraigned in district court here
and pleaded not guilty. It is alleged
she shot end killed her husband at
their home in Manganese recently.
Minneapolis.Minneapolis is host
this week to 2,000 retail lumber deal
ers from all over the northwest. Tho
Northwestern Lumbermen's Assdcia
tion held its 29th annual meeting at
the West hotel, with a program of un
usual interest.
Wadena.C. W. Miller, chairman of
the Sixth Congressional district in the
national drive for funds for the relief
of 4,000,000 starving and destitute Ar
menians and Syrians, has already gone
actively into the work and is perfect
ing organizations in each of the ten
counties of the district.
Mora.James L. Jamieson narrow
ly escaped death while assisting in
operating a saw rig at his home in the
town of Ford, when he slipped and fell
over the saw frame, his clothing catch
ing, pulling the young man against
the saw, lacerating his right leg above
the knee and cutting it to the bone.
Red Lake Falls.Representative M.
O. Sortedahl is in St. Paul attonding
to his duties in the legislature. This
is Mr. Sortedahl's first term and to
gether With Walter Day of Baglay he
represents the Sixty-fifth district In
the lower house. Succeeding Senator
D. P. O'Neill in the upper house is
Oscar Naplln of Thief River Falls.
New York.Major O. J. Quane, of
the Eighth anti-aircraft sector, whose
home is in St. Peter,, Minn., was
among the 1,648 soldiers who
In New York on two transports. Ma,-
jor Quane, who is a Spanish-American
war veteran, saw service as observer
and was gassed twice, but, according
to brother officers, "did not bother the
doctor about it." He has nearly re
Grand Rapids.A creamery prod
ucts store is being opened up In the
McAjnlne building by the Itasca Co
operative creamery to handle the prod
ucts of the Itasca creamery, particu
larly with a view to placing before the
people in a downtown location prod
ucts of the creamery which are not
handled by the other stores, such as
buttermilk and cottage cheese, etc., as
well as milk, cream and butter.
Moorhead.C. A. Boynton, retired
farmer, died at a Fargo hospital. Mr.
Boynton suffered a stroke in the
morning and died shortly after he had
been taken to the hospital. Mr. Boyn
ton was the owner of a farm south of
Jdborhead, but had made his home in
the Twin Cities for several years. He
was a widower and is survived by one
sister, Miss Ella, Noble of Santa Bar
bara, Cal.
St. Paul.A net dry loss of 439
votes was reported up to noon Friday
in the recount of pink ballots In the
dry contest of the declared failure of
the proposed state prohibition amend
ment. This, Is exclusive of 343 ballots
disputed and referred to the court.
The recount in Kittson county resulted
In a dry loss of six votes and seven
disputed ballots ^being referred. Thir
ty-one counties have been recounted
and the inspectors are working on
Koochiching county ballots.
St. Paul.It cost Minnesota $1,-
650.90 to bring the members of the
house of representatives together for
the 41st annual session, according to
figures compiled by C. F. Serline,
chairman of the commltttee on mile
age. Louis Engstrom. representative
from Malung, whose mileage totaled
$123, gets the largest amount paid out
by the state for train fare. T. H.
Prince, legislator from South St. Paul,
Minn., had the lowest Amount, $1.50.
Each representative is allowed 15
cents per mile to cover all expenses.
St. Paul. State Treasurer Henry
Rlnes received a Mexican 20-peso bill
from H. C. Mathiasen, St Cloud, with
a request that good United States
money be sent him in return. Al
though the bill looked like regular
money and was issued by the state of
Chihuahua In 1915 by authority of
the Militare Directore, Treasurer
Rines decided to take no chances. Ac
cordingly he returned the bill to Mr.
Mathiasen with the explanation that
the state treasurer is not permitted to
conduct a foreign exchange money
business and anyway Mexican affairs
are somewhat upset
Warroad.A Are started under toe
floor in Joe Barth's blacksmith shop,
caused by a gasoline engine. The fire
was put out by a number of men who
happened to be on the street, without
the aid of the fife department.
Minneapolis.Work has begun on
the decorative scheme of the Exposi
tion building, Main and Bank streets
southeast, where the Northwestern
Automotive and Industrial Exposition
will be held the week of February 15-
Braham.The Conger store In Ma
ple Ridge burned to the ground recenf
ly, nothing being saved. How the fire
originated is not known, as there had
been no fire in the building this sea
son. The loss is partly covered by in
Minneapolis. Rev. Clement C.
Campbell, for seven years pastor of
Plymouth Congregational church, St.
Paul, died at his home in this city.
Death was due to cancer of the throat,
which forced his retirement from the
active ministry in February, 1916. He
was 67 years old.
Minneapolis.Work of clearing the
Overland building of the Air Service
Mechanics' schools' paraphernalia and
personnel is progressing rapidly as
the time for vacating the building ap
proaches. The number of men at the
school has dwindled to the neighbor
hood of 600, and officers and men are
leaving every day.
Crosby. Local fishermen report
pickerel as running and a number are
being speared In the lakes. Mike Heg
lund speared one which weighed eight
and one-half pounds and one is report
ed to have been speared at Little Rab
bit lake ,wnich went over fifteen
pounds. In this region it is very un
usual for fish to start running before
Bagley. County^ 'Commissioners
elect Ben T. Sorenson, District No. 1
of Bagley, and Ole 'E. Evenvold, Dis
trict No. 3 of Shevlin, and the Conntv\
Superintendent of Schools-elect Miss
Mae T. Barragy are the new Clear
water county officials who have taken
office. These were the only changes
which were made in the county offll
Minneapolis.Arguments for a new
trial itr the caseVof Meyer Ettenberg,
sentenced by District Judge C. S. Jel
ley to serve from one to seven years
In the state penitentiary for causing
the burning of his clothing store at
308 Nicollet avenue, June 23, will be
heard Feb. 1. Judge Jelley granted 'a
stay of execution until that time, at
the request of A. H. Hall, counsel for
St Paul.Sunday school usually
isn't a place of cheering, .but that's
what happens at the First Baptist
Sunday school when a member returns
from military service. And it's not
mild hand-clapping either, as the re
turned soldier is escorted to the front.
The custom has been inaugurated and
there Is a lot of cheering in prospect,
for the Sunday school has given 125
members to the service.
St Paul.Representatives of thirty
five fraternal societies doing business
in Minnesota met here at The Saint
Paul to discuss matters pertaining to
the form of life insurance which they
write. Officers elected are: President,
Schoonmaker of the United Or
der of Foresters vice president, J. D.
Murphy of the Yeomen second vice
president, Mrs. Lluella Ives of the
Royal Neighbors secretary-treasurer,
Mrs. Vivian Mitchell of the Woodman
"Minneapolis.Petitions for imme
diate improvement of Minnesota wa
terways have been forwarded to Gov
ernor J. A. A. Burnquist and the leg
islature, as the result of the two days'
convention of the Minnesota Real Es
tate Owners and Dealers Association
at the Radisson hotel. N. J. Upham,
of Duluth, was elected president of the
association. Other officers elected
were J. C. Ulland, Fergus Falls, sec
retary, and C. E. Southwick, Wells,
Minneapolis.Baptists of Minneso
ta will do their share in promoting a
nation-wide $6,000,000 victory cam
paign which the Baptist church is in
augurating to insure spiritual democ
racy at home and reconstruction work
abroad, it is announced by F. C. Nick
els, Minnesota member of the National
committee of Northern Baptist lay
men. The campaign in this state will
begin within a fortnight, Mr. Nickels
said. He has appointed a large com
mittee of laymen to cover all parts of
Minnesota and give all Baptists an
opportunity to contribute their share.
Worthlngton.Word has been re
ceived here that the Fourth. Liberty
Jxa managers of the Ninth Federal
Reserve district will allow the people
of Nobles county to name a ship in
Uncle Sam's new fleet. In the contest
conducted during the recent Liberty
Loan campaign, Nobles county had a
record of 46.1 in distribution of bonds,
entitling it to the naming of a war,
tank. Since the end of the war. Lib
erty Loan officials say, no more tanks
will be built and for that reason No
bles will name a battleship. The craft
will be named "Nobles," after Colonel
H. Nobles, of St. Paul, one of the pie-1
neers of the west. Pipestone county,
with its record of 69.9 in distribution
of the bonds, the highest figure
reached in the entire district, will
name its battleship "Pipestone."
St Paul.Girls sent to the Sauk
Center State Home School will not be
appeal from their commitments by
released from that institution pending
probate court, under a precedent es
tablished by an order issued by Judge
John A. Boeser in the Stearns county
district court, Holding that the state
school Is not a penal institution. Judge
Roeser refused to order the release of
a Freeborn county girl from the school
pending an appeal from her commit
ment stating that she might be re
turned to evil surroundings which con
tributed to her delinquency and the
Dunwse of the law would be defeated.
Told by Herself. Her Sin
cerity Should Con
vince Others.
Christopher, 11L"For four yean 1
offered from irregularities, weakness,
nervousness, and
was in a run down
condition. Two of
our best doctors
failed to do me any
good.fl heard so
much about what
Vegetable Com
pound had done for
others, I tried it
and was cored. I
am no longer ner
vous, am regular,
and in excellent
iealth. I believe the Compound win
cure any female trouble."Mrs. AxiCB
HELLER, Christopher, UL
Nervousness is often a symptom of
weakness or some functional derange
ment, which may be overcome by this:
famous root and herb remedy, Lydia
E. Pinkham'sVegetable Compound, as
thousands of women have found by
ft complications exist, write Lydia E.
PinkhamMedicineCo., Lynn, Mass., for
suggestions in regard to your ailment
The result of its long expenenca it
at your service.
Quite Pleasant
First Passenger (on Atlantic liner)
Pretty rough last'night, wasn't itl
Second PassengerNot on me, old
man! I was a little over 200 bucks ta
the good when the game ended 1
Cuticura Comforts Baby's Skin
When red, rough and itching with hot
baths of Cuticura Soap and touches of
Cuticura Ointment. Also make use
now and then of that exquisitely scent
ed dusting powder, Cuticura Talcum,
one of the indispensable Cuticura
Toilet Trio.Adv.
Cottage Cheese Made to Resemble
What Is Known as the Real Thing
in Breakfast Dishes.
As a result of the f611ow-up work
done by the' Massachusetts state cot
tage cheese demonstrator, who Is un
der the supervision of the Massachu
setts. State Agricultural college at Am
herst, and the department of agricul
ture, a Berkshire county farmer Is
selling cottage-cheese sausage.
The sausage, which resembles in fla
vor that made from pork, is made from
cottage cheese, bread crumbs and not
meats and is seasoned with herbs. Its
food value is nearly equal to pork
sausage. Another farmer Is planning
to furnish -a supply of the cottage
cheese sausage for the PittsQeld mar
ket This appetizing substitute for
meat was originated by the dairy divi
sion of the department of agriculture
to further the use of cottage cheese.
True Progress.
Correct errors when shown to be er
rors, and adopt new views as fast as
they shall appear to be true views.
Vbraham Lincoln.
Going back to work after the
Christmas vacation is almost as much
fun as having seven teeth extracted.
And a little kindness is a charitable
The Popular
People of culture
taste and refine
merit ere keen for
health, sunpliaty
and contentment
Thousands6f ihese
people choose the
cereal drink
as their table bev*
erage in place of
tea or coffee.

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