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i W
Frank D. Beaulieu.
Willi Earth, Minn.
Notary Public Telephone 175.
Offici Ow Sicintj Stall Ban
Detroit, Minnesota.
Frazee, Minn.
Denninson Wheelok,
Solicits ii Chancery
Interior Department Practice.
Indian Law a Speciality.
511 Mineham big., Green Bay.W/s
Notary Public
pwrs iriwa Ifr ciovijiif ntimti ii lands
AdVertise in THE TOMAHAWK.
it brines results.
Finest line of
Wage's Stationery Store.
White Earth, Minn.
Advertise in The Tomahawk
it brings results.
Asks That Appropriations From
Chippewa Tribal Funds be
(Continued from 1st Page.)
ures that we can get anything
fromappropriation bills, reports
of the bureau* and every hearing
from 1889 down to this daythere
is nothing to show anything
Mr. SMJTH, of Michigan. Mr.
Chairman, will the gentleman yield
for a question?
not yield. There is nothing to show
anything except the bare statement
by Mr. Merritt, the Assitant In
dian Commissioner. And this is
what Mr. Merritt says, after 30
pages were consumed in trying to
get him to say what, if any, of this
$160,000 which is now in the bill
at $100,000, because the commiitee
could not conscientiously leave it
at $160,000
Mr. Merritt says in reply to a
question by Mr. Hastings of
much of this was spent for schools:
"We are maintaining a number of
agencies in the Chippewa country,
among which is the White Earth.
Under under each one of those
superintendencies there is a system
of schools"
Under the superintendents, like
schools under a school board in a
country or little village supervised
by an agentthat is, he is over it
in authority 'There is 4 system of schools, and
we maintain that agency organiza
tion out of this appropriation of
$160,000 that we are now request
Maintain the schools? Oh, no
they maintain the agency organi
zation. This is all Mr. Merritt
would say. He continues:
"And with that appropriation
wiped off the statute books we
would be absolutely powerless to
continue that organization in the
Chippewa country, and the Chip
pewa Indians themselves would be
the first people who would suffer
as the result of the discontinuance
of this appropriation."
Powerless to continue thelschools?
No the organization.
I wish I had a little more time,
There Is mora Catarrh In this section
of the country than all other diseases
put together, and for years it was sup
posed to be incurable. Doctors prescribed
local remedies, and by constantly failing
to cure with local treatment, pronounced
It incurable. Catarrh Is a local disease,
greatly influenced by constitutional con
ditions and therefore requires constitu
tional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Medi
cine, manufactured by F. J. Cheney A
Co., Toledo, Ohio, is a constitutional
remedy, is taken Internally and acts
thru the Blood on the Mucous Surfaces
of the System. One Hundred Dollars re
ward is offered for any case that Hall's'
Catarrh Medicine falls to cure.. Send for
circulars and testimonials.
P. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, Ohio.
Sold by Druggists, 76c.
Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
Help Save A Life.
They Have Been Fed by Relief Workers tad are Soon to Have Clean Clothing and Real Beds,
due to the help of the American Committee for relief in the Near East, supported by charitable do-
nations, for which they are making a nation-wide campaign. For this support the citizens of White
Earth Township are requested to raise a certain amount, and it is hoped that all those able will con-
tribute liberally toward this noble cause when the solicitor calls. The allotment for Becker county
to raise in this drive (Feb. 67) is $6,300.00. O. W. DUMMERT,
Chairman, sub Committee for White Earth Twp.
but all I can say is this: The Chip
pewa Indians, of which there are
two factionsand they do not
agree on many other thingswai
this item stricken from the bill.
Mr. Merritt suggested that Mr.
Coffey, representing a contesting
faction on which the bureau has
relied for support might have
something to say following the
statements of Mr. Carl and Mr.
Beauiieu, of the regular legislative
committee of the general council
who, with Mr. Fairbanks and
others, ask for the elimination of
this provision, and Mr. Hastings,
the committee, inquired:.
The main thing that I want to
know is just what I asked you.
He bad asked him whether they
wanted it appropriated. Mr. Coffey
Well, it is the sentiment of the
Indians that Congress ought not to
appropriate this money.
These men do not want Congress
to appropriate this money. They
have been here every year for 10
years fighting it, and every man,
and red, outside of bureau
and agency employees and their
immediate supporters, in that
country is against this appropria
tion, and will fight it here from
now on until it is put out of 'thegive
bill, and will try to keep it out.
And every single Member of the
House of Representatives from this
State who understands the situa
tion, and the men who are theback
county officials and bar associations
in counties within the reservation
confines and the principal associa
tions in these counties and the
members of the tribe are against
this appropriation being made.
I have in my hand a petition
signed by hundreds of the mem
bers of the tribe, and among the
names are the names of 72 menwere
who fought at Chateau Thierry and
in the Argonne Forest' and
Sedan for world democracy,1
they do not want it. No one will
sufferand I make this statement
with a willingness to accept full
responsibilityif you take every
cent of this appropriation and
wipe it out* and it will not cause a
single bit of contention or dissatis
faction among any citizens or In seeking
dians, white or red, but will be the
commencement of the elimination
of a bureaucratic control, and a
gigantic step toward the reestab
lishment of anew self-respect and
independent spirit among the race,
and we here may feel that we are
fulfilling our promises of free
government to our own as well as
to the oppressed/ people of other
lands. [Applause.]
52 issue
Pernicious Propaganda.
In connectio'n with the Linnen
report on White Earth agency
affairs a considerable portion of
which is devoted to scandelous,
vile, and untruthful attacks upon
the character and reputation of
certain members of the reservation
who dared to tell the truth concern
ing the deplorable managementand
condition of Chippewa affairs in
the hope that Congress would in
vestigate the Chippewa affairs
thoroughly, a concerted propa
ganda is being fostered by the In
dian Bureau to destroy theN
ness of the General Council and to
villify the members of its legisla
tive committee in an attempt to
destroy their good standing with
members of Congress. This pro
paganda is being carried on both
at Washington and at several of
the agencies in Minnesota and the
latest attempt in line with this
pernicious propaganda that has
come to light, was the attempt of
John H. Hinton, superintendent,
to induce a certain young married
woman of this reservation to go to
Minneapolis and appear before the
Hennepin County Grand Jury to
testimony against one of the
members of the members of the
legislative committee who is now
in Washington in an endeavor that
he might be arrested and brought
from Washington so stand
trial. The young woman positively
refused to have anything to do
with such a proceeding, whereupon
the said Hinton caused a subpoena
to be served upon the young wom
an ordering her to appear before
the Hennepin County Grand Jury.
After the County Attorney and
grand jury of Hennepin county
advised of this proceeding
and the animous behind the at
tempted prosecution, they prompt
ly refused to entertain the subject
or to find an indictment, thus
again exposing the sinister, feeble
and malicious attempts of tjie In
dian bureau and some of its in
competent officials in a vain en
deavor to decry the honest efforts
of the progressive Chippewas in
what they believe to be
just and honorable in the admisis
tration of their affairs.
This insidious propaganda is be
ing conducted for a purpose, and
that purpose is to destroy, if pos
sible, the personal character of
every person who dares to make a
complaint agains^ the demoralizing
conditions existing in the Indian
Service to the end that their use
fulness might be destroyed and, as
a notice to others of what they
might expect if they ever dared to
complain against an employee or
official of the Indian Bureau, no
matter how just their cause for
complaint might be. The Indians
realize this. What hope is there of
such methods civilizing them! Is
this the sort of civilization they
should be taught? What redress
have they and what kind of loyalty
does it breed, and what grade of
citizenship does it promote?
Geo. A. Morrison, of Ogema,
was an agency caller during the
I PAY your subscription.
Louie Uran was doing business
in the village on Tuesday and did
n*t forget to renew his subscrip
Louis Jackson arrived home last
Thursday, having received an
honorable discharge form military
Mr. McTier, of Minneapolis, ar
rived here the first of the week for
a short visit with his wife who is
employed at the boarding school.
Don't forget to attend the recep
tion for the returned soldier boys
at the boarding school tomorrow
Caroline Morrison-Grandelmyer,
a pioneer Minnesota woman and
member of this reservation, died
at Brainerd on Jan. 25th, from
Boots and Shoes
Our Aim Is to Please
Dealers in......
Fine Confections, Cigars and
Fancy Groceries
White Earth, Minn.
Dry Goods, dotting?
I ii
General Merchants
We Carry a Full Line of Staple and Fancy
Cash Paid for Hides.
White Earh, Minn.
If you are interested in the welfare of your race, you
can assist the cause to a great extent by subscribing for
The Tomahawk,
The only strictly Indian newspaper in American.
One Year $1.50 Six Months 75.
All Subscriptions Most Be Paid In Advance.
Versatile Windmill.
A windmill In Europe grinds grain
to floor for baker and then aslxes
and knwlh it Into dough.
Hald Up Yaur Head.
A pig's nose Is nearly always la
A Slam.
Mrs. Noel"My husband baa bad
lyspepsia dreadfully lately." lira.
Node**I am so sorry, but I had ao
Idea you were without a cook."
lames It on Teeth.
According to a Paris physician, pre
aature baldness Is due to some
olth the teeth.

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