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Spanish Influenza can
be prevented easier than
it can be cured.
At the first sign of a
shiver or sneeze, take
St.idard cold remedy for 20 year*la tablet
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Some people evidently believe that
war means the survival of the flittl
Thousands Have Kidney
Trouble and Never
Suspect It
Applicants for Insurance Often
Judging from reports from druggist
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the public, there is one preparation that
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these conditions. The mild and healing
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An examining physician for one of the
prominent Life Insurance Companies, in
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tonishing statement that one reason why
go many applicants for insurance are re
jected is because kidney trouble is so
common to the American people, and the
large majority of those whose applica
tions are declined do not even suspect
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However, if you wish first to test this
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Many a man who suddenly rose
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No difference whether your pain or
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stroyerit can not Injure.Adv.
Always speak to your barber when
you meet him on the street. It's about
the only time you can get in a word.
Catarrhal Deafness Cannot Be Cured
by local applications as they cannot reach
the diseased portion of the ear. There Is
only one way to cure Catarrhal Deafness,
and that is by a constitutional remedy.
through tho Blood on the Mucous Surfaces
of the System. Catarrhal Deafness la
caused by an inflamed condition of the
mucous lining of the Eustachian Tube.
When this tube Is inflamed you have a
rumbling sound or Imperfect hearing, and
when it is entirely closed, Deafness is the
result. Unless the inflammation can be re
duced and tilts' tube restored to its nor
mal condition, hearing may be destroyed
forever. Many cases of Deafness are
caused by Catarrh, which Is an inflamed
condition of tho Mucous Surfaces.
case of Catarrhal Deafness that cannot
be cured by HALL'S CATARRH
All Druggists 75c. Circulars free.
P. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio.
It's as hard for some people to keep
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To half p'nt of water add 1 oz. Bay Rum,
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It will gradually darken streaked, faded
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Peppery Pulchritude.
"Bob's wife is pretty, but she has
an awful temper." "Is that why they
say she's a raving beauty?"
AM That Is Necessary.
"So you think there will be no diffi
culty about modifying the daring die*
play in feminine evening attire."
"None whatever," answered Miss
Cayenne. "In order to dispose of ob
jectionable gowns all that Is neces
sary is for fashion to declare them un
Entirely too many tourists seem
bound fbr "Davy Jones' Locker."
A lot of us are never too busy to go
looking for trouble.
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sure to See, Bastand Wfcsi
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CreBcaKdv. No Smarting,
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Eye Co-
The Name
of Smith
(Copyright, 1919, by the McCluie News
paper Syndicate.)
For three hours Mona Moore had
been making her typewriter hum.
When she finished there was a pile of
completed copy before her that looked
as if it might have been turned out
by the whole staff of reporters, in
stead of by one. She gathered it up
with a sigh of relief. Thank good
ness, she had corrected it as she went
along and wouldn't have to read it
over, she thought.
"I've got ray page ready for Satur-
day," she called out to the city editor
"I've got an assignment for you."
the city editor said as he rummaged
through the papers on his desk. "Here
It is. Get the man's name and ad
dress from the business office. I un
derstand lie has received a number of
replies to this advertisement." He
handed her a sheet of copy paper on
which was pasted a cutting from the
classified advertising columns.
"Wife WantedBetween twenty-five
and thirty advertiser will give hi*
bride a wedding present of $5,000. Box
136, this office." Mona read it aloud.
"Do you mean to tell me that any
girl has been foolish enough to answer
an ad like this?" she asked.
"There have been dozens of replies
and the advertisement has only been
running two days to date," the city
editor replied. "What girl wouldn't
fall for a wedding present like tfcat?"
"I wouldn't," Mona flashed. "A real
woman never considers money, but un
happily all women are Judged by the
fickle money-grabbing members of their
sex. There is something besides
Looked at the Name and Gasped.
money in life. You want a story about
the replies and the girl that is ac
cepted, I suppose."
"That's it exactly," the city editor
announced as he kept right on with his
Extra assignments never bothered
Mona. No matter how arduous lie*
.day's work had been, she never grum
bled or asked to have the extra work
turned over to some one else. If the
men could work night and day, so
could she, she had told herself often,
and she rather gloried In her "stlck-
A few minutes before she had been
ready to go home for a re.st, and she
had felt the need of it, but now tho
prospect of working on a story that
might develop into something god*!,
made her feel as fresh as if the day
wore just beginning.
She was in too great a hurry to wait
for the elevator to take her down tho
four stories that separated the repor
torial rooms from the business office,
but started down the stairs, tackling
them as briskly as she had seen the
city editor take them .time and again.
When she arrived at the bottom she
didn't feel quite so spry, but she
wouldn't acknowledge it to herself.
The gfrl in the business office hand
ed her the usual filled-in card with the
address of the man who advertised as
"Box 136." Mona looked at the name
and gasped. She could feel her cheeks
redden and her hair seemed to be ris
ing from her scalp.
The name written on the card was
"Albert Smith," the name of her
fiance. It couldn't be her Albert, sho
thought, wildly, but the name of the
hotel that was given as his address
told her It was.
Albert had just taken a suite at that
hotel because the rest of his family
had gone South and their home had
been closed up for the winter. She
did not stop to look at the number ot
the suite, for she could feel that the
girl was staring at her but she knew
It without looking.
She was on her way to the hotel
before she realized It, but stoppcl
when she recollected where she was
going and what she was going for.
How would she have the nerve to in
terview Albert on such a subject? She
was sure he had just Inserted the ad
vertisement because they had quar
reled and she bad broken off their en
gagement. Albert had said she would
be sorry, and this was the way he was
going to make her sorry.
But she wouldn't be sorry and ake
would tell Him sue wouldn't. Sue imtl
as much right to her opinions and her
independence as he had to his. At
this point of her Inward rage she dis
covered she was standing still In the
middle of a very busy business block.
She started to walk again, but her in
dignation kept up, in a cooler form,
however. Her thoughts went bacs
over their quarrel of a week before.
It had all come about because she
had stood up for the independence of
women to earn their own living. Al
bert had been so stubborn In his dis
agreement with her views that she had
given him back his ring by way of
proclaiming her independence tor life.
"I can support myself and be happy
without any man to bother over," she
had told him.
Mona sat In the sitting room of the
hotel for a long time before she could
gain courage to call on Albert. She
mapped out the speech that she would
make to him in the most professional
tone possible. "I have come, Mr.
Smith, to interview you and to learn
of your bridethe one you secured
from your advertisement in our pa
"The whole cl^y Is waiting eagerly
to hear of your success. How many
society mothers with wall-flowoe
daughters sent Imploring letters to
you? And will you give me a picture
of the lucky young lady you have chos
en also a picture of yourself, to use
imour Saturday special edition?"
There Mona stopped. She had not
thought of that before. Of course she
would have to use Albert's picture and
his name to make the story worth
while. Nobody knows better than a
journalist how that kind of publicity
cheapens a person. It would ruin Al
bert's business career and cause his
family annoyance and unhappiness. It
would even cause her to be ridiculed.
Why hadn't Albert thought of these
things? Perhaps he had lost his senses
over her treatment of him. Oh, he
must have! It was all her fault. She
had been selfish, and was as bad as
the type of women she had condemned
that afternoon. It wasn't a woman's
place to be Independent or wealthy if
she wasn't first of all a woman. That
is what Albert had meant, and now
she realized it. She dashed for the
elevator, too exhausted to attempt the
"Sit down and calm yourself, my
dear," Albert said after she had fired
half a dozen questions at him In one
breath. "What is it all about?"
"It's about this advertisement,"
Mona explained breathlessly. "What
ever made you put such an advertise
ment In the paper? You shouldn't have
done it. I love you and I will marry
"That sounds sensible, if the rest
does not," he smiled. "What advertise
ment do you mean?"
Mona showed him the advertisement
in the copy of the paper she had with
"What makes you think it is I?" he
"They gave me your address at the
office. The mail for 'Box 136' comes
to you at this hotel."
"No, it doesn't," he laughed "but
some of my mall has been going to the
man that gets those letters. There Is
another Albert Smith here. His suite
is on the next floor. That is what
comes from having a' name like Smith.
I think I should copyright it."
"It wouldn't do any good," she
smiled "and if you did I wouldn't be
able to change mine to Smith."
And he told her that Smith would be
the best name in the world when it
became hers.
No People on Earth More Saving Than
the Tillers of the Land in
In America the passwords for Ihe
hint century have been opportunity
stretching out investing digging up
our stupendous resources spending
with lavish hand.
In France the situation is Ihe exact
reverse, Elizabeth Frazer writes in
Saturday Evening Post. There the
passwordsat least among those who
must earn their livelihoodare thrift,
conservation toil limitation of op
portunity or total negation building
up possessions,, stone by stone, with
atrocious toil.
We spend they save.
Now, there is some sense, some
idealism, in saving for a certain pur
pose^especially when the purpose Is
to buy land. Conceive how many years
it may take to save 100,000 sous, the
amount necessary to buy a single hec
tare and then conceive how the pens
ant hoards his sous In the rusty cop
per pot behind the bedpost and how
jealously he guards the pot! It le
not so much that he loves the money
though no man on earth has a finer,
more precise knowledge of the pur
chasing power of a souas that he
loves land.
He loves money because money buys
land. That Is the dominating note
his characterthe unconquerable
thirst for land. From that deep
sire he has evolved habits of toll,
frugality, saving, which to the aver
age American would s^m insane.
Necessity o:" Romance.
Romance is as necessary t every
day life as bread. To some it may ap
pear to be only that illusive thing
which goes to make for silver linings
or the superficialities. It may appeal
to others as a little side indulgence, to
be relished occasionally even by the
most matter-of-fact type of human be
ing. But no matter how commonplace
we may boast of being, we are obliged
to admit In the last analysis th:it it Is
the frosting of romance that kt rp?
life's cake from turning into donga.
Apply few drops then lift sore,
touchy corns off with
Doesn't hurt a bit I Drop a little
Freezone on an aching corn, Instantly
that corn stops hurting,m then you lift
it right out. Yes, magic I
A tiny bottle of Freezone costs but a
few cents at any drug store, but Is suffi
cient to remove every hard corn, soft
corn, or corn between the toes, and the
calluses, without soreness or irritation.
Freezone is the sensational discovery
of a Cincinnati genius. It is wonderful.
An Exception.
"Is It possible for a man to acquire
a reputation for wisdom by saying
"Not if he happens to be In charge
of nn Information bureau."Birming
ham Age-Herald.
The U. S. Railroad Administration has
assembled information regarding farm op
portunities in the several states, and will
furnish it to homeseekers free on request.
The work will be done through the newly
established homeseekers' bureau, head
quarters in Washington.
"We are receiving about 1,000 letters a
week from persons who wish to engage
farming," said J. L. Edwards, manager
of the Agricultural Section of the U. S
Railroad Administration. "The inquiries
come from every state, asking about agri
cultural advantages in undeveloped terri
tory. We furnish dependable data, and
through our service many investors have
been able to find just what they were
looking for.
"Our information is put out in form
of illustrated booklets, by states, sent to
those sufficiently interested to write and
tell us what kind of a farm project they
have in mind, and naming the state the
opportunities in which they desire to in
vestigate. Homeseekers can find in the
United States productive land at reason
able prices and on liberal terms, first-class
markets, excellent transportation facili
ties, a satisfactory climate, and ideal liv
ing conditions. Now that the war is over.
I look for a revival of farm development
beydnu that of any pre-war period. Cor
respondence from homeseekers is solicited.
Address, Room 2000, Homeseekers* Bureau,
U. S. Railroad Administration, Washing
ton, D. CAdv.
Judging From the Curves.
"That man's business Is flourishing."
"What line Is he In?"
"He teaches penmanship."Car
Why use ordinary cough remedies
when Boschce's Syrup has been used
so successfully for fifty-one years la
all parts of the United States for
coughs, bronchitis, colds settled In the
throat, especially lung troubles? It
gives the patient a good night's rest,
free from coughing, with easy expec
toration in the morning, gives nature
a chance to soothe the inflamed parts,
throw off the disease, helping the pa
tient to regain his health. Made In
America and sold for more than half
a century.Adv.
Increasing Likeness.
Wife"Don't you think bnby grows
more like me every day?" Hub"Yes,
dear, especially so since she began to
Farm lands'
,i. *t
Proof that SomeWomen
dg Avoid Operations
Mrs. Etta Dorion, of Ogdeiuburg, Witt, gays:
"I suffered from female troubles which caused piercing naina
like a knife through my back and side. I finally lost all my
strength so I had to go to bed. The doctor advised an operation
but I would not listen to it. I thought of what 1 had read about
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and tried it. The first
boftle brought great relief and six bottles hare entirely cured me.
All women who hare female trouble of any kind should try
Lydia Pinkham's Vegetable Compound."
How Mrs. Boyd Avoided an Operation.
Canton, Ohio."I suffered from a female trouble whichA
caused me much suffering, and two doctors decided that
I would hare togo through an operation before I could
get well.
my troubles sol can do myhouse work without any
difficulty. I advise anywomanwho is afflicted with,
female troubles to give Lydia. Pinkham'sVegi
table Compound
and it will
for them.,fMrs.aMul
If. E., Canton, Ohio.
BOYD, 1421o6thmuc,h8tsad
Every Sick Woman SI
Before Submitting lb An OperatiorTjl
When you're fifty, your body begins to
creak a little at the hinges. Motion is
more slow and deliberate. "Not so young
as I used to be" is a frequent and unwel
come thought. Certain -bodily functions
upon which good health and good spirits
so much depend, are impaired. The weak
spot is generally the bladder. Unpleasant
symptoms show themselves. Painful and
annoying complications in other organs
arise. This is particularly true with el
derly people. If you only know how, this
trouble can be obviated.
For over 200 years GOLD MEDAL
Haarlem Oil has been relieving the in
convenience and pain due to advancing
years. It is a standard, old-time home
remedy, and needs no introduction. It is
now put up in odorless, tasteless capsules.
These are easier and more pleasant to take
than the oil in bottles.
Each capsule contains about one dose of
five drops. Take them just like you would
any pill, with a small swallow of water.
They soak into the system and throw off
the poisons which are making you old be
fore your time. They will quickly relieve
those stiffened joints, that backache, rhea*
matism, lumbago, sciatica, gall stones,
gravel, "brick dust," etc. They are an
effective remedy for all diseases of the
bladder, kidney, liver, stomach and allied
GOLD MEDAL Haarlem Oil Capsules
cleanse the kidneys and purify the blood.
They frequently ward off attacks of the
dangerous and fatal diseases of the kid*
neys. They have a beneficial effect, and
often completely cure the diseases of the
bodily organs, allied with the bladder and
If you are troubled with soreness across
the loins or with "simple" aches and pains
in the back take warning, it may bet the
preliminary indications of some dreadful
malady which can be warded off or cured
if taken in time.
Go to your druggist today and get a box
of GOLD MEDAL Haarlem Oil Capsules.
Money refunded if they do not help you.
Three sizes. GOLD MEDAL are the pure*
original imported Haarlem Oil Capsules*
Accept No Substitutes.Adv.
Headache Neuralgia
Toothache Earache
Rheumatism Lumbago
"Out of Torment and Misery to Comfort"
"Proved safe by millions"
AdultsTake one or two "Bayer Tablets of Aspirin" vitH
water. If necessary, repeat dose three times a day, after meals,
Holds the Faith of Medical Leaders!
20 cent Bayer packagesalso larger Bayer packages.
Buy' Bayer packages onlyGet original package.
The'Bayer Cross"on Genuine Tablets
Aspirin Is the trade mark ef BarerIfsnuftcturs of Monoscetlcscldester of Sallcylictcld
"Horn Pleitbr
Colds Grippe
Stiff Neck
Joint Pains
tho worldthe same responsl*
tility ofproductionstill restsuponher.
While high prices for Grain, Cattle and Sheep
aresure to remain, price of landismuch belowits value.
Land capable off yielding 20 to 45 bush
ola off wheat to tho aero can ba had on
easy terms at from $15 to $30 par
acregood grazing land at much lea*.
Many farms paid for from single year's crop. Raising
cattle, sheep and hogs brings equal success. TheGovernment
encourages farming and stock raising. Railway and
LandCompaniesofferunusual Inducements to Home Seek*
era. arms may be stocked by loans at moderate interest.
Western Canada offers low taxation, apod markets and snip
ping free schools, churches and healthful climate.
For Mrtteaisra as to reduced railway rates, location of land, Oo
trstod literature, ate., apply to Sopt. of laamiff.. Ottawa. Cm., r
Canadian Government Agent

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